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pulse 28 ISSUE 01 2017

…exploring the pulse of exciting clubs in Area 28, Div E, Dist 20

Fellow Toastmasters, A newsletter is the perfect platform to share relevant information of a forum and its members. It also reflects the ‘pulse of the people’ factor. Clubs under Area 28 are known to comprise of members who constantly do something different, relevant and interesting not just to keep the meetings at a high standard, but to motivate members (aspirants as well as veterans) to share, learn and grow together as better communicators and leaders. And human beings. Going through the pages of this issue you shall find information about the four clubs in Area 28 viz. Doha Toastmasters, Dakes, QDC and Oryx Communicators all distinguished in their own right. You shall also find how Toastmasters movement impacted the life of many a seasoned toastmaster in Qatar. And not to miss out on the not so trivial trivia about this great movement. Let me express my gratitude to the leaders who responded promptly with their messages. A huge thank you to TM Thameem Kunhalil and the editorial board for helping compile this newsletter with a professional touch. Happy reading pulse 28 and do send in your suggestions and feedback to Yours truly, Jayakumar Menon Area 28 Director Div E, Dist 20 (2016-2017)

Area 28 - Excom(2016-2017) Area Director

TM Jayakumar Menon


TM Jasil Abdulla


MTM Sabeena

Area Finance Director

TM Sunil Kumar Menon

Area Admin Manager

MTM Jayanthi Raajeswar

In this issue: Clubs in Area 28—Pg 2 Area 28 Council members—Pg 3

Messages f rom Dist Trio—Pgs 4,5,6 Message from Dist Fin Mgr—Pg 7 Message from Div E Dir— Pg 8 Quotes from leaders—Pg 9 Dr. Charlie’s Escapades—Pgs 10-12 Fraternity Facts—Pg13-15

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Ex.Com of Area 28 Clubs, Div E, Dist 20 (2016-2017) Doha Club : Club No 7148 President VP Education VP Membership VP Public Relations Secretary Treasurer Sergeant at Arms


Abdul Nassar P. Sandeep Kinge Chandrashekar Dudhe Niloufer Samal Ahsan Syed Afzal Ahamad Nagaraja Sekar

Oryx Communicators: Club No 01498197_ President VP Education VP Membership VP Public Relations Secretary Treasurer Sergeant at Arms

TM Grazyna Anna Zych TM Alexander Chetan Gill TM Navaneetha Krishnan Raghavan TM John Philip TM Nerieza Suyom Dimalao, ACB TM Anoma Cooray TM Dinesh Chettithodi

DAKES Club: Club No 04320684 President VP Education VP Membership VP Public Relations Secretary Treasurer Sergeant at Arms

TM Sabeena M K TM Jayanthi Rajeshwar TM Arun Kumar TM Thameem Kunhalil TM Sakey Jaleel TM Jasim TM Faisal

QDC Toastmasters: Club No 01046263 President VP Education VP Membership VP Public Relations Secretary Treasurer Sergeant at Arms

TM Teny Mathew TM Geetha Rajeswar TM Nithin Sathyasheelan TM Ilayaraja TM Mythili Krishnan TM Seethel Benny TM Tesu Thomas

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Members of Area 28 Council, Div E, Dist 20 (2016-2017) Doha Club : Club No 7148 TM Abdul Nassar P. TM Sandeep Kinge TM Chandrashekar Dudhe

President VP Education VP Membership

Oryx Communicators: Club No 01498197_ President VP Education VP Membership

TM Grazyna Anna Zych TM Alexander Chetan Gill TM Navaneetha Krishnan Raghavan

DAKES Club: Club No 04320684 President VP Education VP Membership

TM Sabeena M K TM Jayanthi Rajeshwar TM Arun Kumar

QDC Toastmasters: Club No 01046263 President VP Education VP Membership

TM Teny Mathew TM Geetha Rajeswar TM Nithin Sathyasheelan

pulse 28 3

Message from Ali Shahbaz Ali, DTM District Director, District 20, Toastmasters International

Greetings Area 28 Director and Members!!! “When I learn something new and it happens every day, I feel a little more at home in this universe, a little more comfortable in the nest”- Bill Moyers Until a member learns and enjoys the environment in the club, it’s their comfort zone, But Toastmasters International program is design so well, Someday this individual has to explore beyond the club. The first step comes in the fraternity is the Area. One of the elements of Success, When we adapt ourselves very well in the club and next in the Area Level, Then we are sure to grow as a leader. The playground or the lab to wonderfully experiment and stretch our capabilities keeps growing from there on.

We can only measure a club success by observing the meeting environment and work done on the “Club Success Plan”. When all Clubs are successful in term of quality and organic growth, we have a collection of family members which is a Successful Area. A Successful Area indicates merely success of the clubs. Let’s make our clubs a great learning nest for members, so they fly high to serve other clubs in the Area. Additionally, Contribute to yearly Area Events and the Area Success Plan. Ali Shahbaz Ali

Make clubs a learning playground / lab; Adapt well to club environment; Stretch your capabilities; Boost club environment; Contribute to club and area events

District 20 Director

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Message from Mohamed Makhlouf, DTM District PQD, Ditrict 20, Toastmasters International

Dear AD JayaKumar and fellow Toastmasters,

When I first heard about Toastmasters, I thought to myself: ‘Why is it so hidden? Why isn't this organisation as popular as others?’. Later on, as I dove deep in Toastmasters and met phenomenal speakers from every corner of the globe, I realised that it’s a hidden gem. The outstanding quality that each club thrives to achieve along with the constant hard-work of the members and leaders makes it a one-of-a-kind experience. John C. Maxwell explained leadership perfectly when he said: ‘A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.’ - and this is exactly what Toastmasters is about! Dr. Mohomed Makhlouf, DTM

Make Toastmasters popular; Constant hard work necessary; “A perfect leader knows the way, goes the way and shows the way”.

pulse 28 5

Message from Mohammad Salim, DTM District CGD, Ditrict 20, Toastmasters International

“ You can profit by the wisdom of others, and give them full credit” Dr.Ralph C. Smedley

I congratulate Area 28 Director, Division E ,Distt.20 TM Jayakumar Menon for taking positive step to spread the knowledge among toastmasters through this newsletter. It is indeed a great service to cross level of community, especially to toastmasters of all walk of life who can be benefitted by sharing the experience of senior toastmasters who contribute in this newsletter.

My heartiest congratulation to all team members of Area 28 for doing such a splendid job. I believe that without their time devotion and hard work, it would have not been possible to release such an informative and beautiful newsletter. On behalf of District 20 team, I welcome you all in this journey of learning. Keep it up you are simply amazing toastmasters.

Share your experiences; Let all benefit from this movement;

You are all just amazing toastmasters;

Mohammad Salim, DTM Club

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Message from Rajeswar Sundaresan DTM Dist Fin Manager, Ditrict 20, Toastmasters International

Speech contests are a Toastmasters tradition. The world championship’s speeches are shifting to a new competitive landscape that requires us to reengineer our minds. There is cultural confluence rather than clash, global topics to reinforce global citizen and future living environment more about happiness than materialism and so on. Contest speeches thus reflect new values or redefinition of values. In the contests unexpected new players often steal the limelight indicating high level playing field. If you are an avid observer, there will be opportunities to “learn how to learn” The World Championship 2nd runner up TM Josephine Lee and her mentor TM Munjen Ng recently visited Qatar for a training event. Ms. Lees keynote was all about lessons from her personal life to professional life with flexibility to meet change. The speech focused on values, anytime anywhere type reach and sacrifice centric. TM Munjen shared his intrinsic knowledge of grooming his mentor not merely on creating and delivering a speech but it was all about enhancement, integration and transformation. As we got feedback from audience, there were different perspectives. There is no quick fix to learn. It demands skills and competencies such as public speaking, interpersonal communication, strategic leadership and management. Speech contests in toastmasters are more about unique experience that foster living our life better. Don’t miss any opportunity to foresee the change, adapt to change and help and guide others to change. DTM Rajeswar Sundaresan 7

Contest speeches reflect new values or rendition of values There is no quick way to learn Adapt to change, help and guide others to change

pulse 28

Message from Virendranath, DTM Div E Director, Ditrict 20, Toastmasters International

Dear amazing toastmasters of Div E, It gives me great pleasure to know that Area 28 under my Division E is coming out with a newsletter specific to the Area 28.

I am sure it will go a long way to promote the clubs that belong to Area 28 and motivate the members achieve more for themselves as well as for the clubs they owe allegiance to. Div E conducted two workshops: Move Ahead in Leadership , Move Ahead in Life hosting the Past President of Toastmasters International, Lt Col Mohammad Murad, DTM and the reigning district champion of humorous speech Dr. Katrak, DTM, on Nov 4, 2016  3 in 1 workshop on Jan 22, 2017 on Parliamentary procedures, Branding and Club constitution and Bye laws. Div E has chartered three new clubs so far and two more are on the anvil.

With all best wishes,

Promote clubs, promote members; Motivate members to achieve more;

Move Ahead in Leadership, Move Ahead in Life;

Virendranath, DTM

pulse 28 8

Are quotes just that—quotes to drop! Here are some toastmasters who stand by the quotes that they strongly believe in, to have impacted their lives as toastmasters as well as human beings:

“Dream it; Believe it; Do it.” NV Raghavan DTM

"Live in "No-Option" Zone-as when we have options, our choice may get wrong but when "no-option"-whatever it takes but we make that Right! Mehboob Shrivastava DTM "If you want to know your past, look at your present conditions. If you want to know your future, look in to your present actions". Nisamudheen SA " Do not underestimate the power of Toastmasters to inspire positivity and instill leadership qualities”

Tonse Satish Rao " All that a perfect speech requires is perfect intent, perfect content and perfect shipment” Jayakumar Menon

pulse 28 9

Dr Charlie’s Escapades

TM Girish Jain First of all, let me congratulate Area 28 Director Jayakumar on the release of Area 28 newsletter. Its my pleasure and privilege to share some of my close encounters with my dear friend Dr. Charlie. A famous philosopher once said, If you want to respect – respect wife If you want to take care of someone – take care of wife If you want to love – love wife But unfortunately, he forgot to mention whose wife?? You guessed it correctly, yes this philosopher is none other than Dr. Charlie.

Long back when we both were looking for right girl for marriage, Dr. Charlie called me and said, I have good news - me and my girlfriend are getting married. I said, oh congrats, when is the marriage, he said, I am marrying on 1st Dec and my girlfriend is marring on 10th Dec. After he finished his MBBS studies, Dr. Charlie went in for his very first operation on one of his patients. The patient died immediately after the operation. Dr. Charlie closed his eyes and said with folded hands, Oh God, please accept my first gift……!! During those days only, Dr. Charlie called me one day, Girish I recently met the woman of my dreams. Now what should I do? I said, "well, I suggest send her some flowers, and invite her home for home-cooked meal." Dr. Charlie liked the idea, so he invited this girl. I called him few days later and asked what happened. He said, "It was a flop idea." Why, "Didn't she come to your house?" He said, “Yes, She did come, but refused to cook!"

pulse 28 10

I recently met Dr. Charlie and told him, Dr. for last few days my wife has stopped talking to me. Can you suggest some treatment? Dr. Charlie replied, Girish, if that’s the case, no need for any treatment, go home and say thanks to God, You are a lucky husband.! One day, Dr. Charlie told me that whatever comes in his wife’s mind once, stays there always. Actually, he had told her long back immediately after their marriage, “I am your servant” and she still believe that’s true. I remember when I asked Dr. Charlie his thoughts about foreign affairs, he replied, "I don't know. I never had one." One day on corniche, when I was walking with Dr. Charlie, he said, "you know Girish, I'm a walking economy." I asked, "How come?" "You can very well see, my hair line is in recession, my stomach is a victim of inflation, and both of these together are putting me into a deep depression!" I was speechless! A teacher asked Dr. Charlie’s son in the class, 'What's the capital of USA?' He replied, 'Washington DC'

Teacher was very happy nd said, Good, now tell me what is 'DC' stands for Son- 'Dot com!' Secret of successful married life shared by Dr. Charlie Successful marriage is based on give and take. Husband gives money, gifts, dresses etc and wife takes it. Wife gives advices, lectures, tensions and husband takes it. Enjoy happy married life!! One day, Dr. Charlie asked his wife, how many boyfriends you had before marriage, His wife remained silent, He asked her again, Still she was silent He became furious and said, what should I make out of your silence? She coolly replied, come on Dr. give me some time, I am still counting!

pulse 28 11

The other day I saw wife of my friend Dr. Charlie was beating him. I asked her what happened. She said, Dr. Charlie is having an affair and I want to know who that lady is. So I asked her – how do you know that? She said - whenever I call his mobile, a lady picks up the phone and says, the person you are trying to reach is busy, please try later. Last but not the least, a negative person sees a half filled glass of water and says its half empty, a positive person says its half full and Dr. Charlie adds little scotch in the same glass and says ‘Cheers’. Regards, By TM Girish Jain, Assistant Division E Director, Program & Quality

Toastmasters International Values 





pulse 28 12



When was Ralph C. Smedley born?


February 22, 1878


What is Ralph Smedley’s middle name?




What date marks the official anniversary of Toastmasters International?


October 22, 1924


Where was the first meeting of a still-existing Toastmasters club held?


The first meeting was held in a YMCA building in Santa Ana, California, in October 1924


Where did the second official club charter?


Anaheim, California


What was the name of the first two-page newsletter started in 1930?


The Gavel


In which year did Toastmasters International begin publishing the Toastmaster magazine?


The Toastmaster magazine was first published in 1933


In which year was the first high school speech contest sponsored by Toastmasters?




When did Toastmasters International incorporate?


In 1932


Who was the first president of Toastmasters International?


J. Clark Chamberlain


Where was the first non-California club organized?


In Seattle, Washington (in 1933)


When was the first district organized?


In 1934

pulse 28 13


When the first district was organized, which states did it include?


California and Arizona


Where was the first non-North America club organized?


In Southport, England


In which California city did a club first try meeting at the noon hour?


In Los Angeles, California (the Noonday Toastmasters club)

Q: Up until the 1936 Convention in Santa Barbara, what was the cost of annual member dues in U.S. dollars? A:



In which year did the 100th club charter?




In how many countries besides the United States were clubs located at the end of 1958?


In 30 countries outside the United States


When and where was the first inter-club speech contest held?


At the 1938 Convention in Tucson, Arizona


When was the first annual Toastmistress Convention held?


In 1939, parallel to the Toastmasters Convention in San Jose of the same year

Q: At the 1940 Convention in San Diego, why was a moratorium declared on dues from clubs in England, Scotland and Canada? A:

A moratorium was declared because of the effects of World War II


When was the first Certificate of Merit awarded?


In 1946


When was the Basic Training manual available to members?


In 1942


When did the Toastmaster magazine begin releasing monthly issues?

A: In 1946



Where was the first complete district outside of the United States organized?


Scotland (District 18, organized in July 1946)


What was the name of the first manual (released in 1928)?


Manual of Instructions


In 1962, the Basic Training manual was translated into which two languages?


Spanish and French (it was also translated into Braille)

pulse 28


Who was the 1969 Golden Gavel recipient?


Legendary newsman Walter Cronkite


In which year was membership opened to women?




Who was the first female International President?


Helen Blanchard


In which year was the DTM award introduced?




Who was the first Executive Director of Toastmasters International?


Ted Blanding (from 1943–1958)


In which year did Toastmasters International first offer the Accredited Speaker program?




Where is Toastmasters International currently headquartered?


Rancho Santa Margarita, California


Where was the first official Toastmasters convention held?


In Anaheim, California (in 1930)


In which year was the Toastmasters International website launched?




Who is the current International President of Toastmasters International?


Mike Storkey, DTM, of North Queensland, Australia

Q: Name the first Arab Toastmaster to hold the prestigious post of International President of Toastmasters International. A:

Lt. Colonel Muhammad Murad, DTM, an Emirati, was the first Arab Toastmaster to become the Internathe year 2014-2015

Sources: The Story of Toastmasters: Vol. 1 The Story of Toastmasters: Vol. 2

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PULSE - The first Newsletter of Area 28, Division E, District 20


PULSE - The first Newsletter of Area 28, Division E, District 20