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Vol. 1327 Tuesday May 15, 2012 Compiled & edited by volunteers for the Tamborine Mountain Community

New councillors for the Mountain: Nigel Waistell, Div.1, and Nadia O’Carroll, Div. 2

Girl Guides on track to raise big bickies

New faces in Council



HE Local Government elections are over. In the Scenic Rim Regional Council only two councillors from the old council were returned. These are Mayor John Brent and Councillor for Division 3, Virginia West. After the final count and including the distribution of preferences, the proportion of votes received was as follows: MAYOR: John Brent 53% (Derek Swanborough 46.8%) COUNCILLORS: Division 1: Nigel Waistell 61.87% Division 2: Nadia O’Carroll 53.25% Division 3: Virginia West 65.98% Division 4: Jennifer Sanders 64.65% Division 5: Rick Stanfield 59.17% Division 6: Duncan McInness 70.08% Of the new faces, Rick Stanfield from Boonah has previously served

four terms – 13 years – in the old Boonah Shire Council. At the 2008 Local Government election Cr Stanfield tied with Kathy Bensted. Cr Stanfield has told the News that in 2008 there were three shires in Queensland where candidates tied and the names were drawn out of a hat – a practice that would not be tolerated at State or Federal level. On Wednesday 9th May a ‘Meet and Greet’ session was held at the Beaudesert Council Chambers; on Monday 14th a post-election meeting was scheduled for the declaration of office, the appointment of a Deputy Mayor and a review of the committee system. There was also to be an address by the Mayor, a report from the Local Government Association executive and a meeting with Council’s management team. The first full meeting of Council will be held on Tuesday, 22nd May.

amborine Mountain Girl Guides are out to raise big bickies to attend an international jamboree next year – with sales of the popular Guide Biscuits just one of many fundraisers in months ahead. The Tamborine guides hope to send eight girls aged 10 and over to the FanTAStic jamboree in Tasmania in January 2013 at a cost of $1500 each for the week. A major money-spinner will be a trivia night at the Zamia Theatre on Saturday, May 19, starting at 7pm. Tickets, at $20 each, are available from the Last Tango boutique on Main Street, and include raffle tickets for a wide range of prizes. Primary school children will have the chance to do their bit to help the guides by supporting a fundraising disco at the Zamia Theatre on September 21. Keep an eye out for the girls who will be selling boxes of Guides Biscuits outside the IGA supermarket in coming weeks. The FanTAStic jamboree will have an environmental focus and will allow the Tamborine guides to mix with other guides and girl scouts from around Australia and abroad. Lisa Stubbs

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Letters to the Editor

Readers are reminded that letters to the editor must show full name of writer for publication. Dear Editor, As we celebrate both World Red Cross Day and International Volunteers Week this month I would like to thank in particular the young humanitarians in our community for constantly finding new ways to support our work. Over half of the world's population is today under 25 years old which means we have the largest ever generation of young people in human history. It is obvious that they will be integral to ensuring humanitarian organisations like Red Cross remain relevant and effective into the future. We value the skills, experience, passion and commitment of young people. They bring a thirst for change, innovation, creativity and a fresh approach to the way Red Cross engages with all communities most notably through social media such as Facebook and Twitter. This year we’re inviting people on Facebook and Twitter to share what Red Cross means to them. Our Facebook page already has over 27,000 likes and we have 5,500 followers on Twitter.

In addition to celebrating young people on World Red Cross Day, Australian Red Cross is also focusing on voluntary service and the everyday work we do to help vulnerable people. In a historic event this month, over 80 politicians including the Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott, National Party Leader Warren Truss and the Leader of the Australian Greens Senator Christine Milne all signed an historic record recognising the support of all political parties for the work of Red Cross. The strong support given to Australian Red Cross by our parliamentary friends shows that support for the Red Cross Movement comes from people of all ages and political persuasions. I now invite everyone to tell us what Red Cross means to you. Please go to our Facebook page at or Twitter at or our website at and tell us what you think. Robert Tickner CEO, Australian Red Cross

Dear Editor, The Queensland Herb Society is again preparing for its Annual Herb Awareness Day, to be held on Sunday 27 May at the Albion Peace Hall. Our guest speaker this year is Costa, the gardener with zest for life form Costa’s Garden Odyssey. The interest in herbs is growing, and this is

an opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of free demonstrations, talks and workshops. As well as herbs and herbal products for sale there will be medicinal and culinary herbs, herbal skincare, bush foods at the wide variety of herbal stores Cheryl Hart, Queensland Herb Society, Inc.

Dear Editor Another four years of John Brent, how did that happen? If you spread enough lies, myths and innuendo you will always convince people that these must be fact. Are we really this stupid? Unfortunately the answer is, maybe we are. We had the best opportunity to change for the better by electing an honest and passionate man in Derek Swanborough as mayor but sadly this didn’t happen. Derek was a real champion for our Mountain and will be sorely missed. Now a message for John Brent, change your dictatorial ‘not on my

watch’ attitude and start serving our Mountain community the way any decent mayor must do. Now that we have a number of new councillors, I ask you to also treat all of them with respect and listen to their concerns and needs for the community they represent. I can only hope these next four years are a great improvement on what we’ve had in the previous four years. And I am not afraid to put my name to this letter, unlike the writers who are anonymous, use initials, or a fake name to spread their propaganda. Phil Fry

Dear Editor, Post the Council Election we are still in the Age of the Brentosauros but it’s great to have Nadia and Nigel as two independently-minded and persuasive councillors representing us on the

Mountain. It is said that the councillor for Boonah is of like quality. We won't get our own way all the time – nor should we – but good things may happen! John Robertson

Readers are reminded that letters to the editor must bear a full name, address and signature and should preferably be typed. The views expressed in Letters to the Editor and non editorial copy carrying the author’s name, are not necessarily those of the Tamborine Mountain News nor is responsibility accepted for accuracy of information therein. Inclusion of an advertisement for a product or service should not be seen as an endorsement by Tamborine Mountain News. ERRORS & OMISSIONS – While every care is taken with the copy and advertisements, the Tamborine Mountain News cannot be held responsible for errors or their effect. Positioning of classified and display advertisements cannot be guaranteed. The Tamborine Mountain News reserves the right to alter, abbreviate, omit or re-classify advertisements for any reason. The Editors at all times reserve the right to edit or omit news copy or letters submitted for publication.



A FINAL MESSAGE from Derek Swanborough


want to thank all the voters and especially those who helped me and supported my campaign. I’ve enjoyed my time in Council, made heaps of new friends across the region, learnt a lot about myself, worked as hard and as smart as I could and believe I’ve started the change process. I would not have done things any differently. Now it’s time to start a new venture. We have a great region and I wish the new Council well in its next 4 years. I want to particularly thank the voters of the Mountain and my own Division 1, who, with a 70% primary vote, overwhelmingly endorsed my performance and hard work. It was a privilege and honour to work for you. My firm view is that, if you are critical, outspoken and think you can do better as I have been, you should be prepared to put up or shut up. I gave up my safe Division 1 council spot because of my convictions and desire to get a better deal for all ratepayers. There was so much to do, and I was prepared to run for mayor simply because I didn’t think any other mayoral candidates would have had the skills and experience to take on the bureaucracy and do what was necessary. In four years, I would have implemented transformational change and led a new Council with lower rates, a smaller bureaucracy and better services. Interestingly by the primary vote, 48% of voters wanted change, 41% wanted more of the same and 11% voted for Joy! In the final analysis after preferences were distributed I lost by just 1,465 votes. It is extraordinary that approximately 20% of voters on the electoral roll just failed to vote. Maybe it was the appalling weather on polling day. People are asking me about the result. I’m comfortable with the outcome. That’s democracy. I worked as hard as I could and feel I did everything possible to do justice to those who believed I would be a good mayor. The final result didn’t include success for me, however I believe the campaign assisted a new group of candidates who are ready to continue to work for the same things I've been fighting for, for 4 years, as a lone voice. You are unlikely to see another situation where one councillor can be bullied and harassed like me in the last 4 years, for giving the people a real voice in a Council where ratepayers were unreasonably slugged and services and standards fell. The campaign venom was a surprise to me but not unpredicted. Let me say that all the anonymous letters and accusation were fanciful and sheer desperation in my view, and said more about the writers than about me; none were true and I wasn’t going to be distracted refuting such nonsense. For example, one story close to home was that I

regularly seek out and kick the neighbour’s dog or jump out in front of cars at Tamborine and there were a lot worse, I can assure you, that personally attacked our family. Some people even believed these lies and there were scores we heard, but they were being generated by a minority of opposition supporters. I always knew it would be a close race. We made a conscious decision to run a clean mayoral race based on full disclosure, lots of information to focus on issues and not personalities and to provide a blueprint for change in the next 4 years. We never commented on our opposition at all or the sad rumour, and no wonder some wanted to be anonymous. Across the whole Shire we copped a lot of whispers, smears and innuendo, it was literally everywhere, and even my older brother copped a megadose at Roadvale polling booth from the Mayor himself, who didn’t know who he was. We chose to keep our campaign one of honesty and integrity. We didn’t try to be victims, even though over 100 of our signs were stolen. I was not prepared to lower my standards to win, and wouldn’t have wanted the job if that was what it took. Because I was a lone dissenting voice in the last Council I have been asked if I am concerned about the future of the Council without me in it. My answer is yes and no. My first 100 days in office blueprint and long term policies to cut costs, return democracy, reduce rates and shake up the administration is going to be a tough ask if not driven by a Mayor. I’m encouraged by the calibre of some of the new councillors. If my summation of the likely council voting blocs is correct there could be a 4/3 split in ideology, then change is almost certain in my view. I will be watching things closely. I think that being Mayor is one of the more difficult jobs around and the next four years will be more difficult than the last term, with a clear majority of ratepayers now expecting their Council, Mayor and bureaucracy to perform better. With inflation falling and council labour costs soon to rise by more than double or triple projected CPI, rates will go up unless there is drastic reform. Don’t cop the predicted excuse that rises are because of the carbon tax, you should be aware of the real reasons. Once again thank you to all the Mountain, I look forward to Nigel and Nadia, two very hardworking, good and capable candidates, representing us now and I will always be available for advice should they ask for it. Sincerely, Derek Swanborough

Member of AACMA

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Too much information

Tamborine Mountain Dental


Dear Geoff, As I listen to and watch the media, read books, magazines, newspapers and even contribute a drop to the thundering cascade of information, I am reminded of how difficult it must be to arrive at any opinion which can be trusted enough to act on. If you listen long enough to experts you will hear pronouncements on the same subject which can’t all be true. Often we simply settle for the one we agree with, close the subject off and hurry off in another direction. A few moments of reflection may just add to the uncertainty. But we are also encouraged to be passionate about the things we believe in. I hear this word almost every day. It’s as if being passionate about something makes it authentic, real and true. So if you are not sure about something you believe it seems like being passionate about it makes it ok. Then a couple of days ago I heard a radio program that described young criminal offenders who were passionate about their excuses for doing their crimes. Some didn’t think it was wrong. Some thought their circumstances forced them to it. But the thing that stuck in the criminologist’s mind who was researching them was the passion with which they embraced their beliefs. These young people lacked a standard of right and wrong and a morally informed conscience. The bible gives us both. And it gives us both in such a way that they are not subject to the shifts and change of a culture that is cut loose (mistaken for freedom) from its anchor. The ethical information in the bible is anchored in the creation, which is itself an expression of the character of God. You shall not steal, is not just a suggestion or invention for a culture that likes its property. It is a fundamental recognition of the dignity of people who have been created in the image of God. Same with murder. You shall not murder is a universal human prohibition. It has to do with the nature of God who gives life and the requirement for humans to honour that life in others that they have also been given. The bible connects to the Creator of the world. It expresses the mind of God, not exhaustively but truly. It does not reveal every mystery and secret of the universe, (some of this discovering is humankind’s job). But it does give us clearly what we are to believe about God, ourselves and the world. It is a clear word of truth, encouragement and hope in our data congested culture. Your Brother, Kim Advertisement. The views expressed in the letter are Kim Dale’s. Replies may be sent to – PO Box 5, Nth Tamborine 4272.

Tamborine Mountain Rainfall April 2012 FAMILY AND COSMETIC DENTISTRY ‘ZOOM’ WHITENING ALLAMANDA HOSPITAL • Wisdom Teeth • Conservative Dentistry • Childrens Dentistry


PRIL may have been the culmination of two years of La Nina weather. During the month the SOI value became negative. This doesn't, of course, immediately turn off the deluge and rainfall for April remained high. By the end of the month a number of people had recorded over 1300mm for the year already. At Fern St. they received 189mm and the expected rain for April is 82mm and the average is 131mm. The map shows the Eagle Heights area being a little wetter than Mt. Tamborine and the usual drop off to the west. I'd like to acknowledge the excellent recordings of Kob Freeman over the years. Kob and Jan have moved so this was their last recording. We wish them all the best in their move. Mike Russell, 5545 3601



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A blast from the past


AMBORINE Mountain State School students travelled back in time to Queensland’s colonial days with an excursion to St Helena Island recently. The Year 5 students boarded the Cat O’ Nine Tails at Manly for a trip across Moreton Bay and back to the time when St Helena was an island prison and floggings

were commonplace. The children spent the day exploring the prison museum, ruins of the cell blocks and cemeteries. Tour guides who acted their parts as convicts and a prison guard provided the students with an insight into life during the dark days of St Helena’s history. L. Stubbs

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Mark your Calendars: HAVE A HEART CONCERT – FRIDAY 7 DECEMBER 2012. Kathleen Proctor-Moore will head a line-up that includes Charles Cooper, Alison Ahern and Chris Harvie. Tickets $35. Proceeds will go to Tamborine Mountain Community Care.

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Arts Collective says “thank-you!!”



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MAC (Tamborine Mountain Arts Collective) has received an RADF grant for $9039 to be used for a feasibility study to determine the merits of an Arts Hub on the mountain. We extend a big, warm, public THANK YOU to Andrew Wright, Artistic Director, Goat Track Theatre Company who is auspicing the grant, and to each of the community organizations, local businesses and individuals who gave letters of support and personal support to the application by TMAC. The feasibility study, which will begin in June, is to be done by Sally McKinnon from the Ethos Foundation. It will involve extensive community consultation and lots of time volunteered by the members of TMAC. With a membership of 40 plus, a solid and committed core group and strong business and community support we are confident of a positive conclusion to this

Making a cuppa to make a difference


HE kettle is on, tasty treats are baking and all that’s needed is you! Members of the Tamborine Mountain Creative Arts group are currently busy preparing to host an Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea this May, and they are inviting the entire community to join in, to help tip the balance in the fight against cancer. The morning tea fundraiser will be held at the Tamborine Mountain Creative Arts centre (53 Wongawallen Road, Eagle Heights) on Wednesday, May 23 from 9.30am to noon. It will feature a mystery auction, tasty homemade treats, plenty of tantalising tea and coffee, plus a best apron competition with various categories. “Our artists are very creative so I expect to see some really crafty things from them in the best apron competition,” vice president Sue Morris said. “Apron or not, everyone is welcome to join in and have a cuppa for a cure. “It’s always a great morning. We have lots of fun while raising vital funds for a good cause.” Entry to the event is $3, with all funds donated directly to Cancer Council Queensland’s lifesaving cancer research, education and support services. Cancer Council Queensland Regional Fundraising Coordinator Shannan Walker said anyone could help tip the balance in the fight against cancer, with May officially Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea time across the country. “There’s never been a better excuse to put the kettle on, take some time out with friends, family and workmates and help in the fight against cancer,” she said. “Whether it’s a simple morning tea with


study. This study includes both business and creative research to ensure a win/win for both artists and the community. There will be a series of events in the coming months to create awareness of TMAC, its vision and mission. We want you, the people in our community, to know who we are and how together we can promote the skills of local artists to benefit everyone. Partnership is a current buzzword and partnership gets the job done by sharing both the responsibility and the rewards. The artists who met and wrote the application did so in partnership and gave willingly of their time and knowledge. We listened and learned and found great value in the collective effort and look forward to tangible results. Stay tuned for more news and dates. TMAC monthly meetings are on first Wednesday of each month, 7pm at St Bernards Hotel. Annual membership is $25 due 1 July Email: tmtnarts@gmail Facebook: Tmartscollective Tmac workmates, high tea with friends or a school cake day, you’ll be helping the one in two Queenslanders who will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85.” Thursday, May 24 is the official tea party date, but anyone can host a morning tea any time during May or early June. Visit or call 1300 65 65 85 to register or find out more. Cancer Council Queensland hopes to raise more than $2.15 million through the Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea in 2012, with more than 6000 morning tea hosts expected to take part in the event throughout Queensland. Cancer Council Queensland is an independent, community-based charity, the achievements of which are made possible by the generosity of Queenslanders. ***

EXCURSION TO CRAFT STORES Tamborine Mountain Creative Arts is conducting a bus trip to several craft stores in the Brisbane area on 30 May 2012. It will be a full day with visits to stores in Salisbury, Mt Gravatt and Cleveland. There will be plenty of time to wander at each store so this is a great opportunity to see the latest products, stock up on supplies, get creative with ideas and maybe discover those difficult items that you just can’t find elsewhere. The bus will depart the Creative Arts Centre in Wongawallen Road Eagle Heights at 8.00am and arrive back at 4.30pm. Time out for lunch will be made at Cleveland and the bus will call in at the Yatala Pie Shop on the way home. Cost is $15 for members and $20 for nonmembers. Lunch will be at your own cost. Start preparing your shopping list now and book your seat by either calling into the Centre or phoning 5545 3221 on Wednesday mornings.



n many old B grade adventure movies, a substantial number of baddies perished by stumbling into quicksand where they became trapped before quickly submerging below the surface to drown in the sand. Is this really possible? When we stand on the surface of dry sand or soil, it supports our weight because the grains are tightly packed and the friction between the grain particles creates a force chain. If sand or soil becomes moist, the water creates a capillary attraction between grains that allows the grains to clump more closely together. When we stand on moist sand or soil, our weight pushes out the water between the grains and we sink until we reach the depth where the grains are tightly enough packed to support our weight. Quicksand is saturated sand or soil and it may occur where there is abundant water such as shorelines, swamps, river banks, beaches and above underground springs. When sufficient water flows upward through the sand or soil, the water is trapped and forces the grains apart, reduces the friction between grains which creates a suspension of grains floating in water. This soupy mixture may appear solid, but it behaves like a liquid and is unstable when disturbed. If a person stands on quicksand its structure collapses, the grains sink to the bottom and the water floats to the top, the person’s weight cannot be supported and they sink until they reach a level where their weight equals the weight of the sand and water mix that they have displaced. Fortunately

humans are only half as dense as quicksand so are only likely to sink to their waist rather than disappearing into the depths. The vacuum forces of quicksand are very powerful and the best way to escape is to move legs around slowly to allow water to re enter and reduce the viscosity of the sand. Earthquakes can also liquefy soil. Liquefaction occurs when wet ground is shaken violently causing the soil particles to rearrange into more dense and compact clumps; eventually the water pressure becomes greater than the forces holding the particles of soil together. When this happens the soil loses its strength and structure and behaves like a liquid, hence the term liquefaction. The result is a layer of thick, silty liquid sludge covering the ground. Liquefaction causes extensive damage, it may result in landslides and fissures. The loss of soil strength means that buildings and structures lose their support, underground pipes become buoyant and float and a thick layer of silt spreads over the ground surface. Liquefied soil can also act as a quicksand trap, a recently discovered fossil site containing numerous preserved bones of mammoths, mastodons and bison occurred when an earthquake liquefied sediment in a shallow lake, trapping all the unfortunate animals standing in the lake at the time. Next Birdwalk 16 May – Away walk Next Bushwalk 26 May – Venman Bushland and Daisy Hill Cr Nadia O’Carroll Division 2

TRAVELLING PLACES with Gina I have been booking APT river cruising for a number of years and have had clients call me from the deck to tell me “Best holiday I have ever had” – that is saying something. I have had clients who have enjoyed the experience so much that they have subsequently travelled on one of the other APT river cruises. The new APT 2013 brochure has been released and there are new ships and new itineraries. There are also Free and discounted Airfare deals if you book and deposit soon. With 13 ships in 2013, APT has been able to further enhance its range of cruising itineraries. The service on board is excellent, 3 wonderful meals a day and wine with lunch and dinner all reflecting the region that you are cruising through are included. Also enjoy delightful evening entertainment and a wide range of sightseeing which is included. There are a range of cabins, choose from large picture windows, French balconies and more spacious cabins with balconies to sit on. With up to 30% more space per guest in public areas the new APT ships are spacious and comfortable. Cruise the Rhine, Main and Danube rivers. In Portugal, meander down the Douro River. In France travellers can now enjoy a new seven-night Seine River cruise discovering the Parisian waterfront and the Normandy countryside. The ever-popular 15-day Magnificent Europe cruise continues to delight guests as it glides through five countries between Amsterdam and Budapest. The 15-day Rhine, Rhone & Moselle Treasures cruise will continue to showcase the beauty of western Germany, the Swiss Alps and Provençal France. APT’s Europe River Cruising 2013 brochure details more than 120 itineraries that cover some 30 different countries and countless once-in-a-lifetime moments, ensuring there’s a holiday that will capture the imagination of the most seasoned traveller. For 85 years, APT has been a proudly Australian-owned and run company that’s consistently recognised for challenging conventions and creating truly life-enriching holiday experiences. These cruises sell out each year so I would encourage you to talk to us soon about securing your trip of a life time. BELOW: *Conditions apply. Prices are correct as at 8 May 2012. Offers are not combinable, available on new bookings only and subject to availability. Price based on 9 Nov. 2012 (Cat.E) departure. Book by 30 Sept 2012. Fly Free offer subject to availability of airline and booking class. Flights are in economy class with Singapore Airlines (or an airline of APT's choosing). Once class sold out surcharges apply. Flights must be booked by APT. FLY FREE TO EUROPE: offer valid on a selection of cruise/tours departing in 2013. Avail. all year round on suite (Cat.E & D); avail. in Mar. and from Oct. 16 Dec. on all other suite categories. Incl. air taxes to the value of $800 per person. Australian Pacific Touring P/L ABN 44 004 684 619 Lic.No. 30112 MKT10414.



Is Commercial Groundwater Extraction an ‘Extractive Industry’?


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HAT was the question deliberated by Justice Richard Jones in the Planning and Environment Court recently. In assessing the application of Gillion Pty Ltd for a Material Change of Use to allow Groundwater Extraction at 22 Power Parade, the developer’s town planning agents and SRRC town planners considered that Groundwater Extraction was not an Extractive Industry because in the Beaudesert Planning Scheme they are treated separately. As a consequence the application was not referred to the Department for Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) for any conditions DTMR might impose on an approval. In their Joint Experts’ Report for Gillion’s appeal against SRRC’s refusal of its application, the Town Planners engaged by local residents raised the question but acknowledged they did not have the legal standing to decide whether a section of the State’s Sustainable Planning Act applied. To the residents, unskilled in legal matters, it seemed a no-brainer but.... It took a preliminary hearing consisting of a morning in court as the barristers put forward opposing arguments and a month for the judge to write up his 10 page decision but then common sense won out, supported, of course, by legal argument! The judgement can be read in full at 033 but the main points are: “1. The proposed development is an extractive industry for the purposes of Schedule 11 of the Sustainable Planning Regulation 2009. 2. The subject development application was required to be referred to the Chief

Executive, Department of Transport and Main Roads.” In this instance the triggering requirement for a referral to DTMR was that over 10,000 tonnes of extracted product would be carried on statecontrolled roads per annum. It was suggested that water was exempt because extractive industries referred to products such as coal and gravel and also that quantities of water are measured in litres not tonnes. The application indicated nearly 30,000 tonnes per annum would be carried. This hearing has cost the residents thousands of extra dollars and has delayed the appeal process but the result is quite significant, not for Tamborine Mountain residents alone, as it redefines the applications which should be referred to and considered by DTMR under the Sustainable Planning Act. It gives DTMR the opportunity to impose conditions on developers which would recognise that the use of Main Roads for this type of heavy haulage damages roads and costs taxpayers for repairs. The residents acting as co-respondents to the appeal need the financial support of the community to play their part. The on-theground knowledge residents have of the situation and its impacts enables factors to be presented to the court which would otherwise be overlooked. The benefits of legal support are apparent in the above decision but it is a costly process. Even if you have already made a donation, please consider making an additional one. It all counts! Jennifer Peat

Compost bin rebate offer for residents


CENIC Rim Regional Council will provide a 50% rebate on the purchase of selected compost bins as part of its continuing support for International Composting Awareness Week (7-12 May). The offer will commence on 14 May and continue until rebate funding is exhausted. The rebate will be available to residents of the region (limit one per property) for selected compost bins purchased at participating ‘Mitre 10’ retailers located in Beaudesert, Boonah, Tamborine Mountain and Kalbar. The rebate will consist of 50% (maximum $25), off the total price of a “Gardenwise” square compost bin valued at $50, or alternatively $25 off any other selected compost bin stocked by the retailer. A council spokesperson said the Compost Bin Rebate Program is a great opportunity to start composting and take an


active role in sustainable living. “We are encouraging residents to take up the offer and help limit the amount of biodegradable material that ends up as landfill.” To be eligible for the rebate, residents must phone Council or apply via Council’s website to receive a voucher in the mail. Vouchers must be presented and surrendered upon purchase of the compost bin to obtain the discount. Remember to get in quickly as the rebate is limited to funding availability. Please note that compost bin stocks will vary from store to store, and a waiting period may apply for orders. For more information or to obtain your compost bin voucher, please contact Council’s Waste Department on (07) 5540 5433, or apply through Council’s website.

Evacuation plans help to create a Safehome this winter


HE Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) is urging all Queenslanders to make their homes safe by booking a free Safehome visit to help develop an emergency evacuation plan and reduce fire risks in and around your home. QFRS Assistant Commissioner South Eastern Region Peter Beauchamp said house fires were more likely to occur throughout the winter months and advised residents to develop and practice an emergency evacuation plan now. Last year, 544 house fires occurred in Queensland during the months of June, July and August. Help reduce the risk of fires by booking a free Safehome visit through the QFRS Safehome program, sponsored by NRMA Insurance. “A Safehome visit is conducted by trained fire fighters and provides residents with a checklist to help them make their home fire safe and assists in making a fire evacuation plan,” Mr Beauchamp said. “Most people have fire risks in their homes and a typical 45-minute Safehome visit can identify potential hazards that put lives at risk.” Mr Beauchamp said it was important to sit down with your household and plan how to get out of the house quickly in an emergency. “A house can become well involved

within minutes and every second counts when exiting the home at the first sign of fire,” he said. “Create a plan identifying all possible exit routes, making sure you cater for all members of the household, including the young, elderly and disabled. “An emergency evacuation plan also needs to detail a safe assembly point outside of the home where all members of the household will meet after evacuating.” Mr Beauchamp said it was important for all members of the household to practise the plan to make sure there are no shortfalls or obstacles and for children to have the plan explained to them clearly. For more information on how to plan an evacuation see y/home/evacuation.asp. If a house fire does occur, residents are urged to leave immediately and call Triple Zero (000) from a safe place.

Stay safe while cooking up a storm


ITH more house fires starting in the kitchen than any other room, the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) is reminding residents to be extra careful when cooking this winter. QFRS Assistant Commissioner South Eastern Region Peter Beauchamp said kitchen fires were dangerous because they could start very quickly and spread to the rest of the house in just minutes.

“Last winter, around 30 per cent of house fires originated in the kitchen, with the most common cause being cooking equipment left unattended or misused.” “Kitchen fires can have devastating consequences and can start from seemingly harmless everyday appliances like toasters, microwaves and stoves,” Mr Beauchamp said. “To help avoid a disaster, everyone should have a fire extinguisher and fire blanket accessible in the kitchen and know how to use it. Mr Beauchamp said there were plenty of ways to prevent a dangerous situation while cooking up a storm in the kitchen. “Don’t ever leave cooking unattended and always supervise children in the kitchen,” Mr Beauchamp said. “Always clear away food crumbs and scraps from cooking appliances after use and keep electrical appliances away from water and open flames. “Residents should also check their smoke alarms are in good working order by testing and cleaning them every month.” If a kitchen fire does occur and can not be safely put out, residents are urged to switch off the appliance, leave immediately and call Triple Zero (000) from a safe place. The QFRS offers a free home fire safety audit service to all residents. To book your Safehome visit, call 13 QGOV (13 74 68) or visit

If you are counting on us in the appeal against Commercial Groundwater Extraction

– WE are counting on YOU! ...FOR DONATIONS TO HELP US PUT THE BEST CASE WE CAN. NAB: Rip-Power Parade Water Fighting Fund BSB: 084263 ACC: 12 509 8160 TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN NEWS VOL. 1327, MAY 15, 2012 – 9

POLICE NEWS by Constable Pete Blundell, North Tamborine Police

Marks & Gardner Gallery & Bookshop

Café & Contemporary Art Open Wed-Sun 9am-4pm PH 5545 4992 69 Main Western Rd, North Tamborine

The Mountaintop Hair Shoppe


OW busy was last weekend, with the Garterbelts and Gasoline Festival, hang glider launches, Gallery Walk in full swing and the beaut weather?! I must congratulate most drivers and the general public on being on their best behaviour as there were few calls for police assistance over last weekend; many thanks. On Thursday Senior Constable Guerin and I undertook an early morning patrol of the parking situation in Curtis Road adjacent to the Tamborine Mountain State School before the start of school. To most of the parents dropping off their children at school and using the drop off and pick up and parking areas correctly, I thank you. There are however a few drivers who are still not doing the right thing and it is causing traffic snarls and concerns to Police. Please do not park or stop in the bus zone between the nominated times and DO NOT PARK in the 3 minute set-down and pick-up zone. The 3 minute zone is a NO PARKING area. It means you can stop your car, have the kids alight or enter the vehicle and then you leave. If you need to escort your child into school or collect them, then the 3 minute pick-up/dropoff zone is not for you. We are currently solving or have solved a number of offences with the help of CCTV (closed circuit televisions) which are situated at numerous locations about the Mountain.

So if you have committed an offence recently and think you got away with it, then you may be in for a surprise or you may have already been surprised by Police knocking on your door and wishing to talk to you about that offence. I am sure I have mentioned Drink Driving in every news article since I took over from Sgt Jones. Please, I implore all drivers to think before you do so. To friends and family – if you suspect someone dear to you is about to drink and drive or get into a vehicle with a drink-driver then stop them. Just to round things off, a little write-up from our new Constable, Bridie Manson, who will be rostered at North Tamborine for a short, but no doubt worthwhile, stay; I would just like to introduce myself; my name as mentioned above is Constable Bridie Manson. I’m currently in my first year of service and conducting rotations through Coomera District. I would like to mention a big thankyou to all the lovely Tamborine locals who have made me feel very welcome and wave every time they see me in the Police vehicle (not used to that at all). This is a lovely community and I have been made very welcome not only by the Officers at North Tamborine Station, but also everyone I have spoken to so far. I look forward to the rest of my rotation at Tamborine and meeting more of the community.

BLUE LIGHT DISCO Phone: 5545 1491 Main St., North Tamborine Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri 9am–4pm Tues & Sat 9am–12 noon

FRIDAY 8TH JUNE at the Vonda Youngman Community Centre Knoll Road, North Tamborine

6.30pm – 9.30pm ~ Ages 5-17yo ~ $5 MAJOR DOOR PRIZE: FAMILY PASS TO BRONCOS HOME GAME Also Family passes to drive-in movies & tenpin bowling.


Plenty of Hot Food – Drinks – Sweets The bus service will be running to take kids home at 10pm – please direct all enquiries to Tamborine Mountain Coaches on 5545 1298 for info. All other children must be collected from inside the hall by their parents/guardian. This is a no passouts - no alcohol - no smoking event. PHONE NORTH TAMBORINE POLICE 5545 3473 IF YOU HAVE ANY QUERIES OR IF YOU’RE ABLE TO ASSIST. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR CANTEEN, SETUP AND CLEANUP.


Councillor’s Comment NIGEL WAISTELL – DIVISION 1


am very humbled to be elected as Councillor for Division 1 and I thank the community for the trust they have placed in me. Not all members of the community voted for me but I will work hard to earn the respect of all the community. I would like to congratulate Cath Buckley and Tony Lambert on their campaigns and I look forward to working with them on the local issues which were highlighted. I nominated to stand on the platform of governance change in order to create a “Council for the People”. Whether or not that change can be achieved depends on the attitude of other Councillors. I will be working hard to persuade them that the changes I advocate are not a threat but an opportunity. At the first Council meeting, currently planned for Tuesday 22 May, I will be proposing a number of motions which, if adopted, will deliver the governance changes I desire. In addition, I want the community to gain confidence and trust in the Council so that, if you have a problem, you will communicate with Council in the knowledge that your communication will be actioned with empathy and in a timely manner. I want to ensure that Council has a process whereby your letters or email requesting information or registering a complaint are logged and a Council Officer is appointed to action it. The Council Officer should be responsible for updating the log as your correspondence is progressed through the system. Just as importantly, I, as your Councillor, should have access to the log so that I can monitor the progress. In order for this process to be tested, I request that you submit your correspondence to Council in writing, with a copy to me. If you have an emergency though, then you should call the Council’s all hours number, 5545 5111. COMMUNITY FORUM Nadia O’Carroll, Councillor Division 2 and I will be holding our first Community Forum on Sunday 27 May at 2pm in the Vonda Youngman Community Centre. This will be an opportunity for us to outline the way forward from our perspective and for you to provide feedback and your desires. OTHER CONSULTATION I will continue Derek Swanborough’s practice of providing consultation time in the library on the second Wednesday of the month, 4pm – 6pm. The first session will be on Wed 13 Jun. However for May, I will be available on Wed 23 May. I am also available for one on one meetings at your convenience. My contact details are: • Home: 07 5545 0223; • Mobile: 0423 931 075; • Email:; and • Facebook:

WELCOMING NEWCOMERS TO TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN Come along and meet members and representatives of your community and see what the Mountain has to offer! Light Supper Provided Thursday 31 May 2012 - 6.30pm-8.30pm To register your attendance please phone or call at the TM Library, phone 5540 5473.


PHARMACY Friendly Professional Service OPEN: MON-FRI 8.15am–6pm SAT 8.15am–12.30pm

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20% OFF Selected Vitamins 20% OFF all discountable Blackmores and Ethical Nutrients Vitamins for the month of May 2012. Tel: 5545 1450 • Fax: 5545 2277 2/12 Main Western Rd, Nth Tamborine Advertisement

(next to the Newsagent, near the Vet)

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$1.99 A DOZEN ❥ CHICKEN FEED AND BIRD SEEDS AVAILABLE ❥ Lunch box sized apples – 5 for $2 ❥ $1 Cans of soft drink & fruit juice TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN NEWS VOL. 1327, MAY 15, 2012 – 11


5545 3390 U-Drive Dingo Hire with Attachments Large blocks for retaining walls or heavy-duty control solutions

bagged fertiliser bagged mulches crusher dust drainage gravels P.U. roadbase O decorative gravels DEL R sandstones IVER soils or Y tf n treated logs ou ds mulches isc 3 loa D concrete blend rocks 6m sleepers to 4.8m stepping stones sands, barks railway sleepers



Hartley Road, Nth Tamborine




Phone: 5545 1938 Mobile: 0417 001 536 Email: Web:



ITH only two of the previous seven Councillors returning to Council, it will be very interesting indeed to see how our new Council administers its responsibilities. An editorial in the Beaudesert Times said it well: “The incoming mayor must work hard to ensure the second term of the Scenic Rim Regional Council does not leave the same bad taste in voters’ mouths as the first did.” Much will obviously depend on John Brent who is returned as Mayor with a not too convincing primary vote of about 40%. Unfortunately, some of his pronouncements since the election are questionable and it is to be hoped that, on more mature reflection, he will change his approach. However, they can’t be permitted to pass without comment. John Brent states that there are deep divisions in the Tamborine Mtn community. However, the primary votes in the election show that, while there are naturally differences of opinion on the Mountain, compared to the other Divisions we are much less divided in our views. In the Mayoral election, the percentage results after distribution of preferences (except Division 3) were approximately as below. The Division 3 results as published were incomplete and the percentages shown are an approximation. In a Division where everybody votes the same, the outcome would be 100:0. On the other hand, if the voters are split equally, the result be 50:50 (ie deepest division). Div. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Brent 17 47 (61) 67 61 69 Swanb. 83 53 (39) 33 39 31 Division 1 is the only Division to be entirely on Tamborine Mountain and just look at the result - the least community disagreement of all! If there are John Brent’s “deep divisions” on Tamborine Mountain, the other Divisions have real problems. Then John Brent keeps saying that we must not go back to the situation where Cr Swanborough drove a wedge between Tamborine Mountain and the rest of the Scenic Rim. That is simply wrong. A wedge was driven but it was by John Brent with the support of other Councillors. It started at the first meeting of Council with lack of a seconder for Derek Swanborough’s request for further information re cost and scope before confirming the Boonah Office as a service and administrative centre. Then there were quick complaints to the Department of Local Government and, I think, the CMC about Cr Swanborough’s actions. Other Councillors were apparently equally guilty



Phil Giffard

of breaches of the Code of Conduct but there were no Councillor complaints. Complaints by myself and others about such breaches by other Councillors were suppressed by the CEO as “frivolous and vexatious”. A serious Code of Conduct complaint by myself against Cr Brent in mid-October was assessed by the CEO as justifying following up but has not been heard. There is another public statement by John Brent which concerns me greatly: “It’s important for each person to express what they see as their vision for the future, and we then arrive at a common vision and work together as part of a Council team.” That sounds innocuous – however: Many would remember John Brent’s “Not on my Watch” pronouncement not long after he began his first term as Mayor of the Scenic Rim. He proclaimed his intention to have a rule that Councillors not be permitted to criticise a resolution once it had been passed by Council. John Brent has previously tried to justify his stance on the basis of cabinet solidarity. However, that situation is completely different. Cabinet in Government is more like a committee making recommendations. It cannot pass a resolution binding on Government. Think what could happen here. If the Mayor is supported by only three of the other Councillors with the other three violently disagreeing, a controversial resolution could be passed through Council. It would be totally unacceptable for the opposing Councillors to be forced to subsequently support the resolution and remain silent about their disagreement. Their ability to defend the interests of the residents would be severely prejudiced. Incidentally, the Mayor has a casting vote and if one Councillor cannot vote, the Mayor would only need the support of two Councillors. My concern is that John Brent’s present statement could lead down the same road. A further public statement that I have got it all wrong and there would never be such an intention would be a good start. Then there are another couple of areas in which it has become obvious there was dissatisfaction with our previous Council. Firstly, they should not take the easy way out and just be a Board of Directors. Under the Local Government Act, they have a particular responsibility to represent the interests of all residents. The wholesale delegation of responsibilities to the CEO and his staff would seem to conflict. Also, if Councillors are going to do their job properly, they must demand better access to Council Directors and other staff as necessary to acquire the information needed to carry out their responsibilities.>>

TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN PROGRESS ASSOCIATION UPDATE LECTIONS are thankfully behind us and there remain several observations. Most striking was the overwhelming support for Tamborine Mountain’s previous Division 1 Councillor, Derek Swanborough. This contradicts the slur being cast about that this is a divided community. Derek ran a straight clean campaign on policies only and our “intellectually advantaged” community was able to distinguish this from the inaccurate personal material being spread around. At least two off-mountain candidates resorted to smear campaigns of a defamatory and personal nature against other candidates. One person achieved this by using seven different aliases. Although apologies were given, the difficulty now is how to treat that elected councillor with any level of respect. Nearly all this activity was generated by off-mountain people. Even the attack on the audience at TMPA’s Meet the Candidates Meeting on 15th April indicated that the anonymous letter (Tamborine Times) came from off the mountain. TMPA services the whole mountain community and regularly organizes these pre-election meetings. Widely publicized, nearly all the people who attended were not TMPA members as the letter-writer mistakenly thought. THE HYACINTH MATTER: Enough publicity on the Mountain has given residents detailed information regarding this sorry saga. In anti-Swanborough literature from Kalbar (Tamb. Times), assertions regarding this case reflect Mayor Brent’s statements that the outcome could have been, or still may be, much worse than the illegal final blown-out version of the original 1990 development. What it does not state is that the original approval was allowed to be radically altered by Council using means that a Court found to be illegal. A funny way to do business. Under today’s legislation, anyone can apply for anything, anywhere. It remains to be seen if a new development application of such an immense density as threatened by the Mayor could satisfy the many requirements of the Rural Character

Precinct or be acceptable to the community. AMENITY: This is a word missing from Council planners’ lexicon. Planners, by selecting personally preferred codes in the planning scheme, can approve practically anything – a giant Hyacinth development, commercial water extraction in a quiet suburban street, a quarry and helicopter pad amongst small rural properties, a huge shed in a suburban backyard, or even suggest a large supermarket outside the CBD. The residents are then left to fight the matter out in court. This is the consequence of the current “corporate governance” style of leadership by Mayor Brent. People and their lifestyles are left out of the equation. For four years Council’s primary objective has been to present a sanitized outer shell, not sullied by disputes with cashed up aggressive developers. Forget the little people. TMPA supported Derek Swanborough’s clear view of representative democracy in local government. As a community organization, TMPA facilitates input from residents into the council decision making process. When this voice of the people, particularly at local government level, is conveniently ignored, we have lost a privilege fought for by generations of Australians, and one that is sadly lacking in other countries. But there is now a small improvement in the Council makeup. In the previous council only one councillor was prepared to regularly offer different views and not simply parrot the official council line. His motions were not seconded and therefore never discussed. We now have several councillors who are prepared to second each other motions so at least other opinions can be discussed. TMPA thanks ex-Councillor Swanborough for his unwavering stance in supporting his community and wishes our two new Tamborine Mountain representatives, Nadia O’Carroll and Nigel Waistell, a fruitful and rewarding experience in the new Scenic Rim Regional Council. Jeanette Lockey, President, TMPA

<< Other Councils do it – why not Scenic Rim? The way Council conducts its affairs has the chance of a fresh start. We need an environment where the community can confidently support a Council which would no longer treat one of their own like the proverbial shag on the proverbial rock just because he dared to voice different opinions. I congratulate our Councillors on their election and the range of skills they bring to Council. I look forward to having happier days to report.

A further quote from the Beaudesert Times editorial should be permanently displayed in letters of fire in the Council Chambers: “Leadership is not about attacking those who present an alternative point of view, ask a tough question or engage in rigorous debate of an issue. As long as those taking part in the debate are well informed, do not fudge the facts and have honourable intentions, their voice deserves to be heard and their points considered.”



MEDICAL PRACTICE 14 Main Western Road North Tamborine and Shop 1/17 Southport Avenue Eagle Heights

Phone 07 5545 1222 online booking service available at this website

40 years of continuous service to the Tamborine Mountain community Affiliated with three universities

COMPREHENSIVE HEALTH CARE SERVICE Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs 8.30am - 7pm Friday 8.30am - 5pm Saturday 8.30am - 12noon Sunday 8.30am - 10.30am

Dr Ann Bennett Dr Jan Zomerdijk Dr Leeann Carr-Brown Dr Sanne Kreijkamp-Kaspers Dr Henri Coombs Dr John Purton Dr Wendy Tsui Dr Nimmi Chand

Nationally Accredited


Say ‘I Can for Cancer’ in 2012


ANCER Council Queensland is calling on Queenslanders to say ‘I Can for Cancer’ and do what they do best to help beat cancer. More than 600 community-minded Queenslanders are expected to say ‘I Can for Cancer’ and take part in CCQ’s new state-wide fundraising campaign launched this month. You can support I Can for Cancer anytime during the year simply by adding a fundraising element to your favourite activities and doing what you can, whenever you can. I Can for Cancer Coordinator Marissa Batty called on locals to seize the day and become an I Can champion. “Sadly, one in two Queenslanders will be diagnosed with cancer before the age of 85,” she said. “A cancer diagnosis of a friend or loved one leaves many of us asking ‘what can I do to help?’ “I Can for Cancer gives people an opportunity to raise funds to help support all Queenslanders affected by this devastating disease and help us to beat cancer. “So what can you do for cancer? No matter how big or small, you can help create hope for a cancer free future. “If you have a hobby, if you want to learn a new skill or if you just want to make something you do every day count, do what makes you happy and say ‘I Can for Cancer’.” Some of the ways you can support I Can for Cancer include holding a charity sports day, hosting a bake sale in the office or simply doing what you do best and making it count. Other ways you Can for Cancer include: • I Can Bowl: You Can have plenty of fun during a day on the green, so whether you're a seasoned bowler or just play for a bit of fun, bowl your friends over with a great day out for a good cause. • I Can Golf: You Can organise a golf day at your local golf course, mini golf complex or golfing range and help us score a hole-in-one to beat cancer. • I Can Get Active: You Can run, hop, swim, cycle, dance and walk your way to a cancer free future. • I Can Quit: You Can quit your bad habits for good, or just for a little while, when you quit for cancer. • I Can Go Blue: You Can help us to raise awareness and funds for the fight against men’s cancers by going blue, hosting a barbeque for the blokes or daring your mates to take you on at your favourite video game. • I Can Cook: You Can challenge your family and friends to a cook-off, or just invite them around for a fabulous dinner party. >>

Charles Victor Rufus August 7th 1945 – April 26th 2012


HARLES Rufus was born in Brisbane in August, 1945 to Charles and Edna Rufus. He was an only child and the family lived firstly at Brookfield, then St Lucia, Cedar Creek and Rochedale. He was a very bright student and attended Brisbane Boys College but his Dad took him out of school to manage the family farm at Cedar Creek thus preventing him from completing his final year of schooling. With no brothers or sisters, as a boy he spent a lot of time with his cousins. In 1970, Charlie and Libby Curtis met in Brisbane and they were married at North Tamborine in 1971. Andrew was born in April, 1973 and Lisa in March, 1976. Both Andrew and Lisa have had career changes over the past few years and Charlie was very proud to see them grow into mature adults. During the1960s Charlie spent time in Western Queensland and the Northern Territory sinking Turkey Moulds (large dams on outback properties). He then came back to Brisbane to work with his father in the family business, Charles Rufus Diamond Merchant in Queen Street. Charlie found it hard to settle to city life after working in the country, and after the death of his father, sold the business to brother-in-law Callum Curtis. He went on to create many Internet Websites and programs, including one which predicted share prices for the Indian stock market; he designed and created websites for many friends and organisations including one for Krishnamurti Australia. He was fascinated with the teachings of Krishnamurti and made many very close friends, through the organisation. Charlie was a proud supporter of Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, loved reading Green’s Leader, Christine Milne’s gardening blog and embraced the writings of Eastern Philosophers. He liked camping at Mount Barney,

<< I Can Do Anything For Cancer: You can do anything for cancer! If you can dream of it, you can do it! You can make a difference by registering online at or


hiking in the National Parks, and walking to the Stinson wreck in the Lamington National Park. Charlie was an amateur radio enthusiast - the family would go to many conventions on the Gold Coast; he built a massive radio tower in the back yard so he could talk to people from far away; he had many friends over to help build these projects His interests, in Charlie’s own words taken from his blog, growing organic veggies, watching nature, philosophy, meditation, interesting conversations with friends, peaceful silence, the spirituality of daily life ... He was a keen gardener and only needed a good cup of coffee and a nice view to make him happy. He would regularly tell Lisa of new coffee shops opening up on the Mountain and he’d try out each one. His favourite, was The Spice of Life at the North End. Charlie cared for his mother Nan in the family home at Coomera Gorge Drive, until her frailty necessitated a move to Roslyn Lodge. Nan died less than two years ago. Charlie had none of the wanderlust that characterised his father and grandfather – his much travelled grandfather took part in the Howard Carter expedition that opened Tutankamen’s tomb. He loved the Mountain and the family knew when he wanted to go home – “Let’s head for the hills,” he would say. He also loved these lines from Krishnamurti: “You are on this earth to live fully, happily with your whole being, free of ambition, greed and fear. If you are greedy or ambitious, you cannot live fully, because greed and ambition dissipate your energy ... As you would be a free human being it would, therefore, be possible to live in this world richly, whether you have little or much and in that very active living you would beautify the earth.”

calling 1300 65 65 85. Cancer Council Queensland is an independent, community-based charity, the achievements of which are made possible by the generosity of Queenslanders.

Free stroke, heart and diabetes risk checks in pharmacies


HE National Stroke Foundation and The Pharmacy Guild of Australia are urging residents of Queensland’s Mount Tamborine community to reduce their risk of stroke and type-2 diabetes by getting a free health check in participating Queensland pharmacies. The ‘Know your numbers’ campaign is an important prevention program of the National Stroke Foundation that aims to increase individual awareness and detection of cardiovascular disease and type-2 diabetes risk though opportunistic health checks in pharmacy and other community settings. By checking blood pressure and completing a simple questionnaire, pharmacists are able to help identify customers who may be at risk of cardiovascular disease and type-2 diabetes and refer them to their doctor for advice on how to lower their risk and to stay healthy. During May, 600 selected pharmacies and health centres will be available to help identify people at risk of stroke and type-2 diabetes. A new National Stroke Foundation online health check location finder will make it easier than ever to find a local pharmacy offering these health checks which can be accessed via the stroke foundation website. ‘Know your numbers’ is supported by Queensland Health and The Pharmacy Guild of Australia (Queensland Branch). Eagle Heights Pharmacy will run a Know your numbers health check station, during May, offering free blood pressure and diabetes risk assessment checks at Eagle Heights Pharmacy to community members. The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Queensland Branch Director Robyn Ede encouraged all Queenslanders to take up this opportunity for free risk assessment checks. “More than 100,000 Queenslanders have visited health check stations since ‘Know your numbers’ began. In 2011, the ‘Know your numbers’ program found close to half of those checked had high blood pressure readings (>140/90mmHg) and a quarter were referred to their doctor,” Ms Ede said. National Stroke Foundation CEO Dr Erin Lalor said high blood pressure is often called the silent killer because there may be no symptoms. “The only way to know your blood pressure is to have it checked,” Dr Lalor said. Nearly four million Australians over 25 have high blood pressure, the most significant risk factor for stroke, but many do not know their blood pressure numbers. Approximately one million Australians have been diagnosed with diabetes, and it is estimated for every one person diagnosed another person goes undiagnosed. Stroke is Australia’s second biggest killer and a leading cause of disability. This year Australians will suffer 60,000 new and recurrent strokes - that’s one stroke every 10 minutes. For more information and health check station locations visit: For more information on the health check station at Eagle Heights Pharmacy contact them on 5545 1441.

Eagle Heights Medical Centre

100% BULK BILLING Female Doctor .......................Dr Himali Jayasekera Male Doctors .........................Dr Mariusz Zielinski .................................................Dr Pujitha De Silva Psychologist ...........................Jacobus Kleynhans (MAPS) Dietitian/ Exercise Physiologist.............Lisa Spencer HEARING AUSTRALIA .....Onsite

WE HAVE “OPEN BOOKS” WELCOME ALL NEW PATIENTS SAME-DAY APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE General Family Medicine ~ Womens’ Health Shared Antenatal Care ~ Child Health & Immunisation Pre-employment, Drivers’ & Insurance Medicals Work Cover ~ Counselling


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Does one side of the face droop? Is one arm weak or numb? Ask the person to raise both arms. Does one arm drift downward? Is speech slurred? Ask the person to repeat a simple sentence. Is the sentence repeated correctly? If the person shows any of these symptoms, CALL 000, or get them to the nearest emergency room immediately. TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN NEWS VOL. 1327, MAY 15, 2012 – 15

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FOR RENT The properties listed below are available for rent, though some may still be tenanted.

96 CONTOUR RD $450pw 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 3 levels, great views and double carport 14 MONTE RD $395pw 4 bedroom, 1 bathroom, open plan living, extra family room and great deck, walking


distance to the shops. 5b KNOLL RD $425pw 3 Bedroom, 1 newly renovated bathroom, open plan kitchen/family room, separate lounge/dining with air conditioner, lock-up garage

SES Call 132 500

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VALE, HARMON PRICE THE At rear of Presbyterian Church He and Adele moved from the mountain EMBERS of the Tamborine Mountain to Ormiston in early 1999 and in February M Historical Society were saddened to BARGAIN of that year he was awarded the McGregor hear of the recent death of long serving $ AVE Medal by the Royal Historical Society of member of the Society, Harmon Price CENTRE Queensland, which was presented by the (above left), who did much to create the • Secondhand Furniture • Soft Furnishings • Kitchenware • Books • Toys • Accessories & Costume Jewellery • Ladies, Men’s & Children’s Clothing OPEN: Wednesday to Saturday 8.30am – 12noon Other times by appointment

present Heritage Centre. Harmon joined the Society shortly after he and his wife Adele retired and settled in Eagle Heights in the early 1980s, not long after the Historical Society was formed. He brought his many talents to the group and oversaw much of the planning of the new Centre including the construction of the many dioramas of the Mountain’s history, including the Curtis Waterwheel Sawmill.


State Governor. This was in recognition of his work in local history and in particular with the Tamborine Mountain Historical Society. He was also a founding member of Tamborine Mountain Probus in 1983 and was the clubs first president. He is sadly missed and fondly remembered by members and friends for his friendliness and sense of humour.


Pasta Master Event


N the 28 April a little bit of Italy came to the Tamborine Mountain Show Ground pavilion. A group of 17 very rowdy pretend to be Italians endeavored to make an authentic Italian 3 course dinner. People laughed, sang and danced the night away while attempting to make ravioli, spaghetti and panna cotta. We all learned something new, like pasta will stick to the bench if not dusted with flour, you shouldn’t pick food off the floor and drunken pears are fruit soaked in wine and not a nameless couple. Tables and food looked authentic but the Aussie accents gave us away. The rains came and the gas ran out, there were pauses in the music but the laughter continued. The evening was a great success and a wonderful initiation for our new members and friends. Thanks to all who contributed. If you would to know more about being a member of Slow Food Tamborine Mountain please contact Steve on 5545 0161.


RACQ - wouldn’t be without them.

Be sure your car is safe for all weathers. 41 Main Street, North Tamborine Ph 5545 1214 • A/H 131 111

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Mon-Fri 6am to 5.30pm Sat, Sunday 6am to 4pm

FRESH BREAD BAKED DAILY, FREE OF PRESERVATIVES White, Wholemeal, Grain, Sour Dough, Cape Seed, German Black Bread, Turkish and a Range of Fancy Cobbs.

PLUS Country-style quilt for bush ministry


country-style quilt handcrafted by Michelle Hancock of St George’s Church will help raise funds to support the work of the Anglican Bush Ministry for farming families and floodaffected Queenslanders in rural and remote areas. Tickets are $1 each or four for $3 and are available from Joseph the Greengrocer on Main Street, North Tamborine. The winning ticket will be drawn in July. L. Stubbs

Salad Rolls & Sandwiches, Pies, Sausage Rolls, Pasties. Vegetarian Spinach Pasties & Vegetable Pasties. Quiches Large & Small. Main St North Tamborine Ph 5545 1261


Meals on Wheels Roster

MAY 2012 Wed 2 ......................... Linda & Harvey Ruglen Fri 4..........Sallyanne Brennan & Vicki Kelloway Mon 7 ..................... Labour Day (No Delivery) Wed 9.......................................... Anne Harrip Fri 11........................ Athol & James Mcdonald Mon 14 ................................ Madelaine Jantos Wed 16..................................... Ian Woodward Fri 18 ........................ Elizabeth & Mike Russell Mon 21............................................ Nola Pink Wed 23...............Lenore Theile & David Jeffrey Fri 25 ............................................Julie Eötvös Mon 28 ...................................... Denise Wyllie Wed 30 ................... Robyn & David Carseldine

Come and browse our wide range of inexpensive goods! 40 Main Street North Tamborine Ph: 5545 3988 Mon to Fri 9:30am - 4pm Saturday 9am -12pm

Tennis AGM – a fizzling anti-climax – but…


ARLY May is a time when crowd control in sport is on the lips of authorities around the world. Rival fans must be kept apart during the cup final in England, attending an Indian 20-20 cricket match will likely see you hit in the ear by a badly thrown firework and the ever present danger of the Tamborine Mountain Tennis Club AGM becoming a brawl and spilling out on to Beacon Road has the SES training for weeks beforehand. Who can forget last year’s AGM. The impassioned speeches, the tears and the joy of two potential presidents separated by one vote and the motorcade down Main Street and through the IGA car-park the following Sunday. I was certainly looking forward to a repeat performance this year. There have been a lot of elections lately and one wonders if the populace have election overload. Was it the sea of potential councillors faces grinning from posters strewn along the main roads of our mountain that put off potential tennis club candidates or that the members had channelled too much competitive spirit into their tennis this year to bother with governance. I don’t know. Either way, the president was elected without opposition. The vice-president and secretary were elected without as much as an arm-wrestle to decide the winner and the usually much sought after treasurer’s position drew but two candidates. Even now there were no speeches, no flag waving, no mumbled sledging from the assembled members.

One candidate had collected enough proxy votes to cross the line without raising sweat and the competition was over. Even the prospect of three candidates wanting to fill the two remaining committee positions afforded little excitement. A technicality on the way one candidate had filled in her form eliminated one of the three and we had another no contest. I had thought this anti-climax might indicate the Tennis Club had lost its Mojo heralding the end of excitement at 88 Beacon Road but I was wrong. The election (rumour has it) was but the climax of months of number crunching by factions at the Club. A victorious committee surged to the table following the AGM and started straightway outlining heady plans for family days, and social nights at licensed premises. Sponsored advertising and fundraising ideas flowed from the floor. The membership, dizzy and euphoric from this sudden surge of enthusiasm from the new committee then heard news that the prohibitive cost of TQ membership may be lifted next year. The members began to dance. I started to feel the way I did when I watched 2001 a space Odyssey. As the excited members rose from their seats and surged towards Beacon Road the SES tightened their belts ready for action. It looked as if we were witnessing the dawn of a new age of tennis on Tamborine Mountain: one where every resident is joyfully playing tennis five nights a week. I certainly hope so. Mike Davis

One small place on earth Yellow Carabeen – Slonea woollsii – Palm Grove National Park

New Maui Readers Maui Jim Sunglasses with a hidden reader!

IN STORE NOW! Olle Bakker gives scale to the impressive plank buttress in front of which he is standing. Its top is shown by the red dot. The tree is located in a part of the park which could be called Yellow Carabeen Grove, because, as far as I know, there are more large examples of these mighty trees growing there than anywhere else on the mountain. MacDonald National Park has a number of the trees, with the roots of one specimen comparable to those of the tree illustrated here. Frames from video footage celebrating Tamborine Mountain’s biodiversity.

Peter Kuttner 18 – TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN NEWS VOL. 1327, MAY 15, 2012

qwtyusqwtyus Tamborine Mountain Runners and Walkers


HE Tamborine Mountain Runners and Walkers group has been established and will commence activities at the Tamborine Mountain Sports Centre on Long road on Wednesday 23 May at 7am. Runners and Walkers of all abilities are welcome to attend. The group has been established by Brian Cooke and Jared Skapin, both mountain residents who have a passion for physical activity and would like to see members of the mountain community out and enjoying the beautiful environment whilst getting a little fitter and healthier. It is also an opportunity to build a bit of running fitness before taking on the Tour de Tamborine in November. The sessions will be conducted by Brian Cooke (experienced running coach and exercise physiologist) on Wednesday and Sunday mornings from 7 till 8am. The group is run as a “not for profit” community activity and the first two sessions will be free to encourage as many starters as possible. The sessions will emphasise “fun and participation” and provide support, company and encouragement for all who attend. IF you would like to know more prior to committing, please call Brian on 0416 051 380. In order to assist in planning for the sessions, please text an expression of interest to Brian on 0416 051 380.

Golf Results: TMGC 9 Hole Event Thursday 26th April Yestrday's headlines tomorrow's fish and chips wrappings. (well they used to be) Just ask Shane McMillan, what happened Shane? 14 points? Artistic talent is not all that Dean Vella has and he showed that in this weeks event. Dean won the event clearly on 24 points, nice round! Doug Lowrie took second on a countback with 22 points, from Mr. Consistent Darryl Franklin. I believe Shane McMillan took a 30cm divot deep in the trees on the third hole, bounced off two branches then hit a sprinkler head and amazingly claimed the approach. Err well done Shane! Martin Haynes the walking Golf Encyclopedia made a nice shot on 5 and won nearest the pin, without letting go of the club, well done Marty. 18 Hole Stableford Event 26th April After seeing Diane Lilley swing the club a few weeks ago you could see that she is some golfer. But I heard a whisper that she had a secret lesson with our our pro Andy Koureas, I don't know what he told or showed her but man what a score 42 points to blitz the field from Darryl Franklin a distant 2nd on 37. Just shows you that we all need a tune up now and again. The man with the fooonny accent, Jimmy McDougal McDunn again took out the approach on 16. The man with no money left, after his daughter's wedding last Saturday, Rod Schulte got a consolation prize with nearest the pin on 6. 9 Hole Twilight Event 3rd May Kim Hart took home the bacon (as well as other assorted meats in a very large tray) with a great round of 26 points. Kim has been fighting with his game for some months, and, we all know how



far he can lean on the ball when wants it just wasn't going in the right direction. Let's hope he has found the key. The ever present Glen Antill just got pipped at the post with 25 points (he also took home a rather giant size meat tray) Smithy ran third on 24 from Johno Johnstone on a countback, while George Jones took out the approach on the 3rd and Craig Howes Nearest the pin on 5. 18 Hole Stableford Event 3rd May The old South African, Fred Erickson-Miller put on a good show with 38 points to carve his first win for a few months on the Thursday comp. However Fred has been showing fine form on the Saturday's competition and has a few wins under his belt this year. Glen Antill 2nd (again) on a countback from George Jones both on 37. Good scoring as the rough is still quite harsh and not a lot of roll. George Jones is the man to beat out there at the moment I don't know what he has done to the swing but he's hitting it a mile. The field a little bit down this week, they must have looked at the clouds, but lo and behold, dry as a bone. See you all next week. The Chipper

Ladies Golf TUESDAY 1 MAY: MONTHLY MEDAL At last a beautiful golf day with sun shining and mown course. RESULTS Div 1 winner Annie Hay c/b from Liz Howard. Div 11 Lesley Brady. Cathy Achterberg won the putting with 29 putts also on a c/b. Greens must be improving after all the weather and rejuvenation. BRD Liz Howard, Katherine Lim, Christine Youngman. App No 8 Jan Ide App No 8 Liz Turkey’s Nest Glenyce Lynch Looking forward to next week, fine weather, and a celebration of a 60th birthday for one of our girls. Happy golfing days ahead. TUESDAY 8 MAY: Another perfect day on the course. Beautiful autumn colours and clear blue sky. RESULTS Winner Jenny Reed BRD Lesley Brady, Jill McGhie, Claire Attree NTP No 5 Lesley Brady, App. No 8 Jenny Reed Raffle Jill McGhie. We also had the privilege of celebrating Liz Howards 60th Birthday with Champagne and Cake. Congratulation Liz. Another reminder for our Open Day on 29 May.

BRIDGE LESSONS for players who wish to learn bridge, or players who have played before and would like to refresh their bridge skills. WHERE: Tamborine Mountain Bridge Club room in Roslyn Lodge, North Tamborine. WHEN: Tuesday nights 7 – 9 pm COST: $60 per person, includes 12 months club membership.

Veterans Golf 9/5/2012 36 Members & Visitors for Single Stroke Monthly Medal for May. Weather was perfect for golf – sunny with light breeze. RESULTS Overall Winner – Tony Cole 61 A Grade Winner/Runner Up: Vern Page 63 Gerry Lynch 67 B Grade Winner/Runner Up: Tony Cole 61 Ken Dew 69 C Grade Winner/Runner Up: Kevin Arnold 66 Kevin Attwater 70 Best Putts – Barry Roberts Maurie Payne Peter Clark Ted Ashe 26 Best Gross – Barry Roberts 75 Nearest the Pin and Approaches NTP: Andrew Curtis, Kevin Arnold Appr: Peter Clark, Terry Austin, Kevin Arnold Ball Run Down • Barry Roberts 67 • Ian Miller, Tony Lynch, Ian Grimsey 69 • Mike Buck 70 • Terry O’Donnell 71

TM Bridge Club MONDAY 30TH APRIL 2012 AT 6.45 PM 8 TABLE MITCHELL North-South 1st D Donaldson & H Edrich 61.9% 2nd A Anderson & D Anderson 60.4% 3rd D Santer & E Santer 56.3% East-West 1st S Irvine-Brown & S Pollock 64.9% 2nd G Ilett & K Ilett 63.1% 3rd S Leahy & N McCowan 56.9% TUESDAY 1ST MAY 2012 AT 12.45 PM 9 PAIR HOWELL 1st D Cowls & J Salter 68.8% 2nd R Noble & R Rushbrooke 54.2% 3rd M Franklin & K Mulders 53.5% THURSDAY 3RD MAY 2012 AT 12.45 PM 10 TABLE MITCHELL North-South 1st D Goodrick & S Pollock 60.2% 2nd D Cowls & J Salter 56.4% 3rd B Wales & W Wales 53.7% East-West 1st R Feige & S Feige 63.5% 2nd C Bowman & K Bowman 54.6% 3rd J Eveleigh & M Smith 54.3% STARTING : Tuesday 5th June 2012 DURATION OF LESSONS : 12 weeks Come along and join the very friendly Tamborine Mountain Bridge Club. The Club plays Monday 7:00 - 10:30 pm, Tuesday 1:00 - 4:30 pm and Thursday 1:00 - 4:30 pm CONTACT : Keith and Carole Bowman. Phone : 5533 2080 Email :





Peter Dietzel


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STEPHEN HALL & ASSOC. P/L Accounting on the Mountain • Taxation/BAS Returns • Business Advice • Bookkeeping

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• Business Advice • Tax Planning • Payroll Services

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TAMBORINE TV & ANTENNA TV & VCR Tune-ins, Digital Decoders & Antennas, Extra TV Points Supplied & Installed Peter Newman (Reg’d T.E.S.A Member) FREE QUOTES Ph

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Pty Ltd

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Call Colin & Jenny for the “best local service by a county mile”

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Yes, you can. Hire your building equipment from MITRE 10 North Tamborine

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HEALTH FUND REBATES • Helen, 0413 919 212

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Aching/burning feet, bunion pain, sore legs, sciatica, headaches, tension, general pain, women’s health (RAA, ATMS, ICR, FNTT) – Mountain Resident

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Is your garden ready for spring & summer entertaining? Would you like to attract wildlife? Do you want envious friends & neighbours?

Local horticulturalist & lic’d structural landscaper • Design • Water features • Stonework • Planting • Paving & retaining walls Contemporary, native & formal gardens • MOB: 0411 805 589 – AH: 5545 3360


Ladies & Men’s Hairdressing

Premium Blue Couch, Greenlees Park and Kikuya Turf.

Shop 4, Southport Ave, Eagle Heights

• Farm pick-up or delivered • Weekend pick-ups must be ordered by Friday • Inspection Invited.

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TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN NURSERY Let us price your landscape plant needs. Buy direct from the producer. Quote comparison welcome. OPEN 7 DAYS. 176 Long Rd, Eagle Heights • 5545 4999

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domestic/commercial paint finishes • colour consulting Phone Derek 0414 478 787 tel/fax: 5545 4726 Major Credit Cards Accepted

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Mobile Pool Servicing, Equipment Repairs & Troubleshooting. Pool training & rental property pools.

PH: 5545 2319 Private and insurance work Total Car Care FREE QUOTES PICK UP DELIVERY

Contact Julie Bowdery NSPI Accredited Phone 0447 665 111


VALUER VALUER – MALCOLM BISHOPP Independent Property Valuer, all purposes. Assessments market value, compensation, property settlement, stamp duty, GST. Registered Valuer Queensland No. 734. Member Australian Property Institute (Valuers)


PLASTERER Gyprock, ornate & suspended ceilings, fancy cornices, ceiling roses. All Aspects of Trade Phone BRETT CLEARY

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Rock and Timber Retaining Walls

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Specialising in:• Maintenance • Plumbing • Draining • Roofing • Gasfitting Ph: Dave Angel at Nth Tamborine Ph: 5545 2369 all hours Mobile No: 0419 677 008

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Established on the Mountain since 1990 Andrew Paxton-Hall BVSc. Chris Corcoran BVSc. (Hons) Small & Large Mon - Fri 8am - 6pm Animal Practice Saturday 8am - 1pm A fully equipped veterinary hospital right here on the Mountain providing quality service including home visits, x-ray, ultrasound, in-house blood tests, surgery, pet grooming, hydrobath and a full range of pet food supplies. 2 Main St, Nth Tamborine

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Septic ~ Treatment Plants ~ Grease traps Holding tanks ~ Sullage Tanks ~ Sullage Pumps 24/7 SERVICE – Tamborine Mountain resident PHONE: 5545 2692


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PURIFICATION SOLUTIONS • Water Treatment • Waste Water Treatment • Sewerage Plant Maintenance • Pump Sales/Repairs • Designs & Modifications

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CLASSIFIEDS Rates: $6 for first 10 words, then 10 cents for each additional word. Classifieds may be left in the boxes at NORTH TAMBORINE NEWSAGENCY. Place your ad & money in an envelope & drop in box. UNPARALLELLED OPPORTUNITY WORKING FROM HOME ~ PART OR FULL TIME ~ ABSOLUTELY NO RISK ~ GENUINE OPPORTUNITY SELDOM KNOCKS TWICE! FREE TRAINING & SUPPORT. CALL 0409 771 885. ATTENTION!! What’s on the bottom of your water tank? Dead rats, snakes, toads or worse. Minimum water loss extraction cleaning system now available by The Tank Doctor 0407 649 659 or 5545 3693. AUTO AIRCONDITIONING, Regos, diagnostics and service. Phone Dave 0423 334 336 BOOKS AND MAGAZINES FOR SALE second hand and new local authors. Piccabeen Bookshop/ Landcare office below Joseph the Greengrocer, Main St. CHIBALL CLASSES now at a new venue at the Tamborine Mountain Showground Hall, every Wednesday morning at 9am. Move with the Seasons! ChiBall integrates the philosophy of traditional chinese medicine with modified movements of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Dance, Yoga, Pilates, Feldenkrais muscle release and deep relaxation, using a small scented coloured soft ball. You will experience a thoroughly rejuvenating exercise to music class for harmony, balance and wellbeing. For information contact: Dagmar mobile 0434 547 184 or email: or just show up! Bring a Yoga Mat and a bottle of water, and wear comfy clothes. CHOOKMOBILE is a fully-equipped chook pen, completely fox-proof and with a superb mobility system. Models for 4 or 7 hens. Come and check them out. Phone 0418 758 925 or 5545 2206. FEEL ALIVE – DISCOVER NIA! The Nia Technique is a holistic dance movement practice for fitness and JOY. Now at Tamborine Memorial Hall, Mondays 9.30am call Jodie on 0401 664 791 or see MOBILE MASSAGE: Qualified Therapist. Maintain the health of your body with a regular therapeutic massage. Service also avail. to some offMountain areas. Anja Cameron 0405 347 900 MOUNTAIN-WIDE PAMPHLETS Distribution service. Advertise your business. Ph 0438 452 587.

The only purely 100% Australian Funeral Company and Crematorium Winner Qld Seniors Excellence Award Enquiries Welcome

5593 4777

MULCH: Excellent quality. Aged, clean mulch. $25/metre delivered. Ph: 5545 0467. NATUROPATH, Nutrition advice, herbalist, 0417 630 615 TRADITIONAL REIKI CLASSES Reiki, massage, iridology by appointment. Change your life for the better. Phone Jan 0418 281 227. 20 years experience. VOLVO MECHANIC, Volvo service/parts and genuine diagnostics. Ph Volvo Dave 0423 334 336

EMERGENCY NUMBERS Alcoholics Anonymous..............5545 3331 ..........................................or 0416 155 456 Energex .........................................13 62 62 Fire (ask for Southport Control) ........000 Fire (T.M. Rural F.B.) ..........0407 747 999 Fire Permits ..........................0408 199 271 Police ..........................................5545 3473 Ambulance ............................................000 Ambulance (non-urgent) .............13 12 33 Domestic Violence (24 hrs)...1800 811 811 Child Protection (24 hrs) .....1800 177 135 Lifeline ............................................13 1114 13 HEALTH ............................13 43 25 84 S.E.S. .............................................132 500 Local SES Controller Brendan Guy ...............................5540 5131 T.M. Community Care Service: Home Care and Transport needs. Ring.........5545 4968 Blue Nursing Service ..........(07) 3287 2041 Roslyn Lodge ..............................5545 7822 T.M. Medical Practice.................5545 1222 QML Pathology Nth Tamborine .5545 3873 Chemists: North Tamborine.........5545 1450 Eagle Heights..............5545 1441 Tamborine Mtn Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic ...............................5545 0500 Tamborine Mountain Optometrist Nicky Carr..................................5545 0277 Dentists: Dr Don Harvey .........................5545 2788 Dr Claudia Rodriguez................5545 2522 Podiatrist: ..........5545 3311 or 0418 963 969 Veterinary Surgery ......................5545 2422 Beenleigh Comm. Health ....(07) 3827 9811 Beaudesert Hospital.....................5541 9111 LIBRARY HOURS Monday – Friday 9.00am–5.30pm. Saturday 9am–12noon. Phone: 5540 5473. T.M. RURAL FIRE BRIGADE For burnoff notifications, membership and general enquiries .......................................Phone: 0407 747 999 For Fires and Emergencies ...........Phone: 000 Training Meetings are held at 7.00pm each Wednesday at the Rural Fire Station, Knoll Rd. Tamborine Mountain News is published fortnightly. The paper is compiled by voluntary workers and printed by the Beaudesert Times.

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