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Vol. 1312 Tuesday Sept 20, 2011 Compiled & edited by volunteers for the Tamborine Mountain Community

Purchase secures two vital wildlife corridors OLD Coast City Council’s latest open space purchase, at the base of Tamborine Mountain, has linked two State recognised wildlife corridors, providing refuge for vulnerable species including the koala. Council’s acquisition of the 116 hectare bushland property in Cedar Creek brings to 45 the number of properties purchased under its Open Space Preservation Levy Acquisition Program. Divisional Councillor, Donna Gates, said the negotiated purchase was a strategic acquisition for the community. “The property, in Rowe Lane, adjoins the State Government-owned Howard Creek Reserve and two Council-managed parks,” Cr Gates said. “It also sits at the junction of two important wildlife corridors – Council’s Moreton Bay to Wongawallan Corridor and the Hinterland Critical Corridor. “While the property itself is home to many important flora and fauna species, the site is also significant because it links larger areas of protected land and acts as a significant wildlife corridor,” Cr Gates said. Predominantly covered in remnant vegetation, the property provides protection for Cedar Creek which forms its western boundary.


The area in which the new acquisition is sited. Picture courtesy of Google Maps.

The property contains nine different vegetation types and a wide variety of fauna. Regionally vulnerable koalas and near-threatened grey goshawks have been recorded in the area. Council will now undertake detailed flora and fauna surveys on site to assist with development of a management plan.

Cr Gates said that since 1999 Council had purchased almost 4100 hectares of conservation land across the city, representing an investment of more than $37 million. “Together these purchases form 12 clusters of natural areas, reserves and wetlands.”



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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, For three and a half years I have chosen not to respond in writing to any of the public criticisms of my husband Cr Derek Swanborough, made by Mayor John Brent, Councillors of SRRC or members of the public for many reasons including my belief in the rights of individuals to express their opinions. Tamborine Mountain is indeed a community where strong opinions are expressed about issues of concern, and rightly so. If we value our community we should speak out on such issues. However some more recent criticisms of my husband have become more about attacking his character than about criticising his opinions or arguments, so I have finally decided to speak out. Firstly in response to Jaap Vogel’s parting comments in the TM News of 6th September – “Self-glorification is the worst feature for anybody seeking a relevant position in local government” I couldn’t agree more. There is not a hint of such in Derek’s behaviour. He has spoken up on issues of importance to the region solely because he seeks to serve this region in the best possible manner by listening to residents’ issues and also based on his expertise and experience of over 30 years in local government, and his local knowledge and understanding of the region. Mr Vogel goes on to say that the Mountain is “A nature-based, inspired, caring, positive and cultural community, with respect for different opinions” and “the challenge is to work together and get the best outcomes.” Yes it is a wonderful community with diverse opinions and that is exactly why Derek has chosen to speak out on a range of issues, to help preserve what our communities value. He has worked tirelessly, and gone into bat for many other communities and individuals and businesses in our region. Secondly, in response to Richard Adams’

comments in his column (Tamborine Times 8th September), “It is a better outcome for the community that I sublimate my ego for the common good.” (when commenting on councillor comments in the newspapers). I agree there is no place for ego to come before the good of the people of our region. From one who knows Derek’s personality and disposition best, I assure all residents that ego plays no part in my husband’s conduct as a Councillor or in fact as a husband, or father or friend. Thirdly in response to the mantra, that “all councillors except for one are working together in unity for the betterment of the region” (Mayor John Brent, Beaudesert Times, 7 September), and that this one councillor is “acting against the interests of good governance in the region” (Greg Hoffman Acting CEO Local Government Association of Queensland, Beaudesert Times, 7 September) – sound the same? What nonsense! There is no self-interest involved in any of Derek’s actions. My husband believes that the residents of this region are the priority, not the bureaucracy, and he will continue to stand up and be counted for the good of this region. It is a much easier option to just maintain the status quo and follow the herd. Interesting isn’t it, that this mantra has surfaced since Derek announced he was running for Mayor on the platform of “A Council for the People, A Change for the Better” and with policy pillars including transparent decision making, genuine community consultation and fairer, lower rate rises. That really sounds like “acting against the interests of the region”, doesn’t it? Derek has demonstrated time and time again that, at the risk of his own popularity with the bureaucracy and Councillor colleagues, he will represent residents without fear or favour. Sue Swanborough (Mrs Swany)

Dear Editor, TM BOWLS CLUB 60th ANNIVERSARY, PAST & PRESENT MEMBERS & GREENS NAMING DAY – 22 OCT 2011 The members ofTamborine Mountain Bowls Club cordially invite all past and present members to attend our 60th anniversary bowls afternoon and the official naming of our two bowls greens. which events coincide with our Past and Present Members' Day, on 22 October 2011, commencing at l2.30pm.

We would be very pleased to see all past and present members on the day, whether you are able to join us in a game afterwards or not. We look forward to hearing from you if you are able to attend, so please call Lance Cordingley during office hours on 5545 1210 on or before 7 October 2011, and also advise if you intend joining us on the green for a gamc. We look forward to sccing you there. Lance Cordingley Secretary, TMBC

Dear Editor, The schemozzle of the new road layout at the medical centre I discussed the situation identified above and as described by Nigel Waistell in the recent local publications with one of the very frustrated contractors who was involved with producing the mess. He, the contractor, indicated that there were up to three official organizations, Scenic Rim Council, Main Roads and an Environmental Group who all had an input into the disastrous design of the road layout. The contractor said that the whole situation could have been made so much easier

with the installation of a round-about at the intersection of Beacon and Main Western Roads, with one exit leading to the new car park below the medical centre. What a waste of time, money and inconvenience to vehicle owners, shop owners and pedestrians. I am not a serial complainer but I object strongly to the apparent waste of money and resources that have gone into the capital work, and ask that someone with just a tad of commonsense argues the case against the present situation. David Bird Letters continue pages 4, 5 & 6


“I’m just doing my job,” says Cr Swanborough


CENIC Rim Regional Councillor Derek Swanborough said he was doing what he was elected to do. “I am simply doing my job - the same job I have been doing now for nearly four years - no more, no less – and that is representing to the best of my ability the interests of all ratepayers to whom I am responsible as their elected representative in the Scenic Rim Regional Council, and I make no apology for this,” he said. Cr Swanborough was responding to a report in the Beaudesert Times that quoted Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) Acting CEO Greg Hoffman as saying that the association feared he was “acting against the interests of good governance” in the Scenic Rim. “My crime, it appears, is that I ask too many questions and have too much to say in keeping the community informed about the decisions and workings of their council.” Cr Swanborough said freedom of speech and the right to ask questions and participate in debate have been identified as important characteristics of democracy since ancient times and he woud not be bullied into silence by either Mr Hoffman or Mayor Brent. “Mr Hoffman alludes to findings of inappropriate conduct against me. Well, what are these examples of inappropriate conduct, all of which have been initiated by Crs West, Cockburn and Benstead, and judged by Mayor Brent with no right of appeal. I contend all are petty and are politically motivated. I’ll tell you what they are: 1. Complaint from Cr Cockburn. I said in the Beaudesert Times “New Library spend is Reckless”– I left off the words “I respect the democratic process” required by Council Code of Conduct. Found guilty by Mayor Brent. 2. Complaint from Cr Cockburn. I said in the Tamborine Mountain News – “... and make us pay 13 million dollars over 20 years. It was never a good idea, could never be justified, and won’t be a good idea after the next election either.” – I left off the words “I respect the democratic process” required by Councils code of conduct. Found guilty by Mayor Brent. 3. Complaint from Cr Cockburn – I lied by saying to Bevan Pressler that I knew nothing about an aboriginal cultural centre being planned for the new Library building. Found innocent by Mayor Brent. 4. Cr West Complaint – I should not have said in the TM News, of the Canungra Supermarket decision, “This is economic and community development madness”. Found guilty by Mayor Brent. 5. Complaint from Cr Kathy Benstead, Fassifern Guardian that I told Bevan Pressler that by chance I had discovered there were 167 written submissions against the Beaudesert library sitting on a Council file which nobody knew about except Cr Benstead. Found guilty by Mayor Brent. 6. Complaint from Cr Cockburn, on website it says decision to appoint internal auditor to look at probity issues for $1000/day PR consultant with LNP links is not an independent process because his contract is up for renewal. Referred as

misconduct by CEO Barke to Director General. Decision pending. 7. Complaint from Cr Kathy Benstead, reference to website article saying why he didn’t accept helicopter ride because “he thought that councillors and staff accepting helicopter rides from an applicant would find it hard to look them in the eye and vote against it” – referred as misconduct by CEO Craig Barke to Director General. Decision pending. 8. Staff complaint that when asking the staff member “did someone decide to leave off my business qualifications from my new business cards or was it a mistake?” that I had committed bullying, harassment and intimidation. Referred to the Mayor as inappropriate conduct. Decision pending. The LGAQ and Mayor Brent are quick to bandy around the words “guilty of inappropriate conduct” without advising residents that these are the Mayor’s judgements, and are minor matters, which, by not providing full details, they hope others will deem more serious. I maintain they are without substance and I am innocent of all of them. The decisions are just politically motivated, to try and discredit me. “As to the sensitivities of the Mayor and some of my fellow Councillors, local government is a robust business and as former American President Harry Truman once said: ‘if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen’. With respect to the unreasonable demands I am alleged to be making on the CEO and his team of directors and senior managers, let us not forget that they are among the best paid senior bureaucrats in SEQ and it is not unreasonable to expect a lot of them. I ask no more of them than is regularly asked of most other councils throughout Queensland, and I have worked in executive management roles in many of the largest ones in SEQ. It is true that I have many concerns with the way Council currently functions. Like many in our community I believe it could operate more efficiently and be more sensitive to the needs of its ratepayers, many of whom are doing it tough financially. It's on their behalf that I ask my questions – many of them over and over – because the answers are simply never provided. What are they frightened of and what do they have to hide? Do you know that ordinary citizens have greater access to our managers and officers than I do? I'm sure most reasonable ratepayers will be appalled to know that I have been instructed by our CEO that I cannot ask questions of staff that you as a ratepayer can. This is an intolerable situation. It is certainly not the case in the neighbouring Gold Coast City Council, Ipswich City or Logan City Council’s to name just a few, where Councillors have access to the CEO, directors and a wide range of managers and officers. I question the motives of the LGAQ in attacking me and say to them they would be better served focussing on the increasingly undemocratic practices of a council which shackle legitimate questions and debate. It is because of the deluge of complaints about our Council, the thousands of ignored signatures on petitions, the ignored town


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NEXT DEADLINE: 10am Fri 30 SEPT planning submissions all over the region that prompted my decision to run for Mayor next March. I believe our ratepayers deserve better and I can promise them that I will not retreat from my efforts to extract appropriate information that is in the public interest and to champion those causes that are so important to them.” Cr Swanborough said that he intended to seek a meeting with Deputy Premier Paul Lucas over the comments by Mr Hoffman and the reported intentions of the LGAQ. He has sought a dialogue with LGAQ Executive Director Paul Bell, but to date none has been offered. Information Release received from Cr Swanborough


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Dear Editor, In response to Ian Langdon’s letter (Tamborine Times 15th Sept. 2011) I have this to say. Look around, remove the blinkers, open your eyes and see things in the Scenic Rim as they ARE. I would add that his praise for Ian Buckberry’s previous article is misplaced. Mr Langdon says in part that Mr Buckberry “guided the reader away from a preoccupation with negativity”. This unfairly equates negativity with legitimate concern. I would say both Ians mislead readers into a false sense of well-being. Mr Langdon then writes about the Scenic Rim’s “very much improved economic base”. He makes no mention of the millions of flood relief dollars being the reason for the so-called improvement that goes nowhere to fix all the other budgetary shortfalls and over-spending. Mr Langdon then says, “Whoever is elected to the next council will inherit this strong financial base”! This is absolute rubbish. Any financial analysist would consider that statement way off the mark. In reality whoever is elected to the next Council will have to be very well qualified economically to get us all out of the mess the incumbents have created. I draw attention to a few of the current Council’s “achievements”: • It has had four years to fix the green waste and rubbish collection at the Knoll, and it has done absolutely nothing while the adjacent National Park continues to be degraded and the nearby residents victimised. • The debacle that is the Hyacinth project on Long Road opposite the primary school, on which Council needlessly spent some $280,000 of public money, drew the

comment that Council’s actions were “inexplicable and incomprehensible” from the presiding Judge when he decided against Council in three out of four of the matters considered. • The $6 million and counting fiasco that is the Beaudesert Library revitalisation project where no community input was sought till after the event when almost 5000 ratepayer petitions were ignored. • The proposed basalt quarry at peaceful little Kerry that will involve 24-hour operations, including blasting to extract the rock. Planning precinct requirements ignored. • The alarming approval for development at Canungra (also against planning scheme requirements) that would more than double the population. Fire and escarpment slippage requirements also ignored and the sometimes drought prone Canungra Creek water supply (the only source) not even considered! These are just the tip of the iceberg, a few examples of the current Council’s dereliction of duty towards its voting ratepayers. The list goes on and on and inane praise of what has been a disastrous local government makes one wonder whose interests are being served. The Mayor and his extensive PR machine continue to churn out platitudes and motherhood statements (at ratepayers expense) that mean absolutely nothing. The next Council MUST be made up of a Mayor and Councillors with the qualifications to understand and FIX our current situation and create a shire that truly represents the aspirations of its people. Roland Lindenmayer

Dear Editor, Following Chris Parker's excellent article, “The Truth, the Truth, and Nothing like the Truth”, I am setting down just a few of the facts to be found on the website she gave. 1. Some people arrive in Australia by plane with a valid visa and later apply for asylum. Of these only around 23% are found to be genuine refugees. Of those arriving by boat without a visa, up to 97% have been found, eventually, to be genuine refugees. 2. If you think most asylum seekers are heading for Australia, compare these figures: Asylum claims in Europe over three years: 250,000 to 286,000 p.a. Boat arrivals in Australia in 2010: 6,800. And while in 2009 the U.S.A. had 49,000 claims, France 42,000, Canada 33,300; Australia and New Zealand together had only 6,500. 3. Asylum seekers and refugees are NOT found mainly in the richer countries. Pakistan hosts the largest number relative to

its economic base, followed by the Congo and Zimbabwe. 4. Financial assistance provided by the Immigration Department to asylum seekers living in the community or in community detention, does not exceed 89% of the Centrelink Special Benefit. And in fact some people on Bridging Visa E, awaiting a decision, get absolutely nothing, are not allowed to work, and have no access to Medicare. One wonders how the Government justifies that. Mandatory detention is another issue, and you will have heard recent statements, e.g. from the Australian Medical Association, describing the harm it does to already traumatised people, not to mention the huge expense to Australia, particularly if done off-shore. As for reintroducing the Temporary Protection Visa, which Labor in Opposition strongly criticised, with very good reason, let's hope the Minister thinks again, when he gets over the High Court's decision on Malaysia. Pam Green

Dear Editor, Nature scientists, keepers and animal lovers must understand that sometimes it is not good practice and common sense to release all captured and looked-after animals into the wild. Especially single penguins who have adapted to captivity and interact with mankind so well. "Happy Feet" had no parental teaching of

navigation. was frightened of the world of the Southern Ocean and judging from the TV scenes when being pushed down the slippery slope, wanted to stay with its human friends. I have seen TV filming of penguins being rounded up by Orcas. One swam away and jumped on to the bridge of the TV boat filming the scene. "Happy Feet" had no such luck. Ian R. Milton


Dear Editor, I have a couple of comments about the ludicrously impractical arrangements to access parking at the new medical centre while simultaneously degrading what was there before on Main Western Road. For example, coming from the south end I don’t really want to have to go up into Main Street to do a Uturn with all the difficulties this involves. To go north when leaving seems to assume that the proposed shopping centre roundabout in front of Roslyn Lodge already exists. I have been able to confirm it is a design by the Main Roads Department. I wonder how quickly they can climb out of this mess. I also remember clearly that during the Court hearing about the shopping centre application, the Department absolutely refused

to commit to developing an overall traffic plan for the area even though it is obviously so badly needed. I suspect that, if the Department developed such a plan, there was concern that they might have to pay to have it implemented. The other matter of concern at the hearing was that the Department demanded sole right to determine the final design of the roundabout. They insisted that normal roundabout lighting be included rather than lights with limited spill, so desirable in our environment. Also, preservation of trees and other vegetation seemed low on the list of priorities. Am I being paranoid with my concern? Phil Giffard

Dear Editor, Mr. Mayor – We Have a Democratic Right to be Heard It seems to me that since the 2008 elections the Scenic Rim Council has a lot to answer for I am appalled and dismayed at Mayor Brent's letter (Tamborine Times 9/2011) of his criticism of the general public for speaking out. The Mayor needs to understand that we in Australia value democracy and respect the democratic right to be heard and THAT WE SHALL be heard. As he also has the right of reply to the following: It seems to me that since the 2008 elections the Scenic Rim Council has a lot to answer for. Secrecy, planning stuff ups and soaring rates to name just a few. To concentrate on only one matter (rates) with the amalgamation leaving this with an increased area and a decrease in population, you could be excused for thinking that very careful budgeting would be called for. But no, the council seems to have been spending like a drunken sailor and that it does not have a mandate to do. What about: The Beaudesert Library scheme costing millions of ratepayers' dollars for years to come. Something nobody outside Beaudesert will ever use. What's wrong with upgrading the existing library? The Beaudesert centre by-pass road plan that will cost ratepayers millions more for years and years. Is it necessary to commit funds now when times are really tough and who knows

when general prosperity will return? The land opposite the Tamborine Mountain State School commonly called the Hyacinth project. Council spent something like $280,000 of ratepayers' money fighting ratepayers in court. No cost at all would have been incurred if council had listened to mountain residents in the first place when obvious faults in the project were pointed out. The CEO has been given a free hand to spend a million dollars at a time of ratepayers’ money without reference to the elected Councillors. Shouldn’t they have a big say in this kind of spending? The Council Public Relations department churns out expensive glossy brochures with regular monotony and uses newspaper advertisements with gay abandon to make Council look good. All at ratepayers’ expense. This is so wrong. These matters are what people are talking about, but I reckon they are probably only the tip of the iceberg. At the same time however small meaningless cuts to costs are made that have me scratching my head. For instance after a hyped-up visit to the Tamborine Mountain State School by the Mayor and his entourage to support recycling what did Council do? It sent only one yellowtop recycle bin for approx 500 children! to be collected fortnightly! :-( Absolutely useless. I look forward to the Council elections next year. Sam Wild

Dear Editor Re: Knoll Road Refuse Tip I have just returned from a trip to the Knoll Road Refuse Tip to update myself on what is going on there. This was my first trip for many months as I generally use the Canungra Tip because of where I live. I met with two contractors. Firstly, may I congratulate Council on the Weed Eradication and Native Planting program which is being implemented. The young contractor was very enthusiastic about his work and I am sure that the end result will be worthwhile. Cr John Brent announced, in the Tamborine Times of 1 Sep, that Council, after an involved decision making process, had decided that the current green waste site will be maintained. I

gather that nine options were considered. I am yet to meet anyone from the community who knows what the nine options were. In addition, in my discussions with the contractors, I gather that Council may have additional plans for the refuse tip as a whole. I would like to recommend to Council that, in the interests of transparency and good community consultation, they arrange a Community Consultation session at which the Community can be advised and consulted on future plans for the refuse tip. Lastly, may I ask motorists, using the Knoll Road, to keep to or even below the speed limit. Stay Safe. Nigel Waistell Candidate for Division One

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ORECASTS of very high fire danger across large parts of Queensland over the coming days have prompted the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) to ask residents to be cautious and vigilant. QFRS Acting Assistant Commissioner for Rural Operations Paul Adcock said firefighters were kept busy responding to wildfires yesterday and similar weather conditions were set to continue over the coming days. “Just yesterday firefighters responded to more than 180 vegetation fires across Queensland,” he said. “There is no doubt that weather conditions of high temperatures, north to north westerly winds and low humidity, which we are experiencing now, are perfect conditions for fire.” Mr Adcock said this mix of weather conditions prompted QFRS to ask all Queenslanders to be particularly careful. “We have already postponed a number of permit burns across the state but if you have a valid permit, please rethink the need to light up over the coming days.” he said. “Landowners who have conducted hazard reduction burns recently are strongly encouraged to take immediate steps to ensure that their fire has been properly extinguished or to make sure the residual fire is contained so that it will not escape.” Mr Adcock reminded residents of the declaration of a Fire Danger Period for the State. “Except for a fire for cooking or warmth,

residents are not allowed to light a fire regardless of size without a permit since midnight Sunday 4 September to midnight on Sunday 1 January, 2012,” he said. “This is not to be confused with a Fire Ban under which permits would not be issued and existing permits would be cancelled. This measure has been put in place to assist the rural fire service to monitor the issuing of permits and ensure appropriate safeguards are in place to prevent fire escapes. “Permits can be obtained free of charge from the Local Fire Wardens.” Obtaining a permit to burn from your local fire warden is a simple process and ensures appropriate safeguards are in place to prevent escapes “We are also asking people to ensure they are not throwing cigarette butts out of car windows and to be careful when operating machinery in grassed areas,” Mr Adcock said. “A number of fires have recently been started by slashers, mowers, graders and welders. One spark can result in a fire that can end up threatening properties and lives. “People operating these types of machinery should have some equipment with them to be able to extinguish these small fires before they get out of control.” More information about permits to light fire and how to prepare for bushfire season can be found at

Dear Editor, On trawling through the Scenic Rim Council website I noticed the Councillor Complaints Register and I congratulate council on displaying this register for public scrutiny. However, I would request a column be added to the table indicating the number of individual complaints made under each allegation i.e. the number of people making the same allegation regarding a councillor. This is covered under the Local Government Act, 2009 s177:

(11) The chief executive officer must keep a record of – (a) all written complaints received by the chief executive officer and (12) The chief executive officer must ensure that the public may inspect the record – etc. I’m confident that this extra information would provide a different perspective on these complaints and assist in keeping the voting public well informed i.e. transparency etc. David Henderson

Dear Editor, Re: New Parking Arrangements outside the Nth Tamborine Medical Centre Thur 8 Sept. I have just returned from discussing, with the contractors, the final layout of the new parking lot outside the Nth Tamborine Medical Centre and they are as puzzled as I am with the design. Did the Main Roads planners ever visit the site before putting pen to paper? It does not look like they did. Not only is there a no right turn as you come out from the new parking area at the back of the Medical Centre, there is only one entry and one exit point to the re-

designed parking area at the front. So, approaching the Medical Centre from the Mt Tamborine area, you will no longer be able to turn right into the Medical Centre. You will have to go down Main Street or Beacon Rd, do a U turn and return. In addition, the school buses now have difficulty turning right out of Beacon Rd. My recommendation? Rip it up and start again. I have asked Derek Swanborough to discuss the design with the District Director, Main Roads when he sees him next week. Nigel Waistell Candidate for Division One

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Ancient Marine Reptiles in Queensland


UEENSLAND is home to the world’s largest marine reptile, the Estuarine or Saltwater Crocodile, also known as the IndoPacific Crocodile. Male “Salties” may grow over 6 metres in length and weigh over 1,300 kilograms. Recently an Indo-Pacific crocodile measuring 6.4 metres and weighing 1075 kilograms was captured in the Philippines. It is thought that even larger specimens may exist. In the modern world, Saltwater Crocodiles are apex predators, however they would only be considered minor predators if they lived among the array of large carnivorous marine reptiles which hunted the inland seas of Queensland during the early Cretaceous Period. At this time, there was a great inland sea which stretched from South Australia into northern NSW and southern and central Queensland. We know about the marine life of this region because the bones of many sea creatures fell to the sea floor, where they eventually became fossilised and formed layers of what was to become the Great Artesian Basin. The ancient marine reptiles evolved from land animals that returned to the sea as they developed the ability to swim. The reptiles retained lungs and had to surface to breathe air and over millions of years evolved a variety of body shapes, swimming and hunting techniques. The major types of ancient marine reptiles in Queensland were: Turtles – were the most common marine reptile in the inland sea. There were a number of species which resembled modern green turtles. An extinct giant sea turtle, Cratochelone, was thought to be 4 metres long; however this estimate is based on incomplete fossil records.

Ichthyosaurs – or “fish lizards” were quick, agile swimmers, with a streamlined shape that resembled dolphins. They used the same swimming technique as fish; they powered forward by moving their tail laterally and steered with fin like paddles. Young were born alive at sea, ready to swim from birth. Large ichthyosaurs such as Platypterygius grew to 7 metres. Plesiosaurs – these sleek animals swam with their paddles and steered with their tail and head. They had four paddles, long necks, fine teeth and small heads. It is likely that they fed on fish, squid, bivalves and small prey. It is believed that they may have left the water to lay their eggs on land. Pliosaurs – used the same swimming techniques as the plesiosaurs but had a different body shape, usually big heads and short necks. They were probably fierce opportunistic predators that hunted fish, giant squid and other marine reptiles. The largest was Kronosaurus queenslandicus, a skeleton of this species was 12.5 metres in length, 1.5 metres in diameter and had 15 cm teeth, some Kronosaurus teeth measuring 30 cm have also been found. This species had four incredibly strong paddles which were able to push its streamlined body through the water at high speed in a straight line. Next Bushwalk Saturday 24 September, Numinbah Valley, Apple Tree Park Next Birdwalk Saturday 15 October, Springbrook Nadia O’Carroll (Candidate for Division 2)

With something for everyone...

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Spiritual Transformation

Realtalk By John Breckon-Thomas

We are never given a chance to choose a family. Family, is essentially, made of those people who look after, who play a crucial role in our upbringing and who teach us those lessons in life, which can never be learned through any school or text book. We assimilate the basics of discipline and responsibilities from our family relationships Family values are governed by social beliefs and are also guidelines that decide what is right and wrong. There sometimes can be friction between members of a family but it is this friction that can give us the scope for reasoning, understanding, patience, tolerance and growth. However the meaning of family is not just limited to an immediate family we are born with but can be ‘the family’ we feel we belong to, lovingly connected to, and in times of need that comfort us and help us overcome, survive, endure and triumph. ‘A family is a link to our past and a bridge to our future ’

Dear Geoff, In my last letter I looked briefly at the biblical understanding that being a Christian is not firstly about me (us) doing good things, but about God doing something immeasurably good for me (us). This can be seen in many places in the New Testament. One that comes to mind is Jesus telling Peter that he (Jesus) must wash Peter’s feet. Peter objects and Jesus responds with a rather blunt, ‘Unless I wash you, you have no part with me.’ Jesus is demonstrating that God must make us clean. He must rescue us from the wages of sin which ultimately earn us death. This human need for God’s salvation is not a novel idea invented to explain Jesus’ life and death. King David sang about it in the Psalms he wrote: He lifted me out of the slimy pit, / out of the mud and mire; / he set my feet on a rock / and gave me a firm place to stand. Psalm 40:2 It is from this vantage point, standing on this rock, (a metaphor for Christ), that we are able to see God’s mercy so clearly. Then, out of a heart of thankfulness, we commit ourselves to living in a way that is pleasing to God and consistent with what we have come to believe. Paul expresses this powerful motivation for spiritual transformation in his letter to the church at Rome. “Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God—this is your spiritual act of worship. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Romans 12:1-2 The mercy we have received in Christ demonstrates clearly that salvation is the work of God not of man. Again, referring to this salvation, Paul says, “It does not, therefore, depend on man’s desire or effort, but on God’s mercy.” Romans 9:16 So, the dynamic of spiritual transformation begins with the work of God. It does not begin with me. I am active in this process because God has renewed me. Paul urges us to offer ourselves to God because of what he has done for us. As an older man, Private Ryan (Saving Private Ryan), asked his wife for assurance that he had lived as a good man. Men had died to save his life and he had given his assurance that their sacrifice would not be in vain. He would not squander his life that had been bought with the blood of his fellow soldiers. Christians have been bought with the blood (death) of God’s Son, how much more should we offer ourselves ‘as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God’. Your brother, Kim. Advertisement. The views expressed in the letter are Kim Dale’s. Replies may be sent to – PO Box 5, Nth Tamborine 4272.

QUICK QUIZ Compiled by John Breckon-Thomas. Answers p.23

1 In which country was ex-England cricket captain Tony Greig born?

Tamborine Mountain Rainfall for August, 2011 The expected rain for August at Fern St. is 42mm and the long term average is 56mm. It was a dry month until the 20th when troughs extending into the upper atmosphere produced a very wet spell to the end of the month. This was a rather similar pattern to August, 2006. The map shows it was wetter on the east of the Mountain – a typical SE pattern. Mike Russell, 5545 3601

2 What flavour is the liqueur cassis? 3 What was Tom Jones' first UK number one single? 4 Who wrote the novel, Treasure Island? 5 What is calcium carbonate normally known as? 6 Who commanded the Allied forces, which invaded Europe on D-Day? 7 Which chemical element has the shortest name - 3 letters? 8 What's the largest Scandinavian country? 9 Which composer wrote The Water Music? 10 What colour does acid turn Litmus paper?

Quote of the week: ‘Whoever coined the phrase "Quiet as a mouse" has never stepped on one.’

fRETfEST Zamia Theatre Sat 24 September from 7pm; excellent lineup of young musicians, including local lad, Mitchell King. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PHONE: 0438 386 237




N my previous Council Watch I reported conflicting statements about whether the CEO was absent from a Council meeting due to being ill, on stress leave or neither. I was right in suspecting an unpleasant whiff of something well past its use-by date surrounding the roles of the Scenic Rim Regional Council and the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ). Following a subsequent well-publicised submission to the State Government concerning intolerable turmoil within the Council, serious questions deserve serious answers. In summary, the sequence of events included: a) At the Council Meeting of 30 August, the Mayor tendered an apology on behalf of the CEO for his absence due to illness. b) The following day, the Courier Mail reported the LGAQ executive director as stating that he had formally asked the State Govt. to intervene after the Council CEO had taken stress leave because of rising tensions between Councillors becoming intolerable. c) The CEO then emailed all Councillors and staff stating that he was not on stress leave, the article was written without consulting him, he was not sure of its source and he was absent (from the meeting) due to a long standing commitment. Q 1: Someone was seriously wrong. Who? Q 2: How had the LGAQ become involved? Q 3: Who was spilling tainted beans to the Courier Mail? d) The Beaudesert Times of 7 September contained admission by the Mayor and Council that the ‘CEO stress leave’ report was inaccurate. Q 4: Why no blame or apology for the inaccurate report? e) The Mayor also stated that “Scenic Rim Council has not requested and has no involvement in any submission by the LGAQ to Government.” This being the case, it seems that Council did not see the action as justified. f) There was no statement by the Mayor clarifying whether he had any personal, as opposed to Council delegated, involvement. Such


Phil Giffard

clarification is necessary taking account of the years of presence of the Mayor as a delegate to the LGAQ and his being an LGAQ office bearer. Q 5: With no request or involvement by Council, why has the LGAQ continued to be involved? Q 6: Will the Mayor confirm that he had no personal involvement in the initiation of action by the LGAQ? g) As then reported in the Beaudesert Times, the LGAQ has stated that its submission will detail concerns surrounding Cr Swanborough “who has had numerous findings of inappropriate conduct against him (confirmed by the Mayor to be five with more pending) and regularly and publicly condemns Council decisions.” Q 7: Who has briefed the LGAQ? Q 8: Has Cr Swanborough had any opportunity to put his point of view to the LGAQ? Q 9: Isn’t it true that the complaints of inappropriate behaviour have never been published, that the outcomes were decided by the Mayor, that no appeal is permitted and that the outcomes have never appeared in Council reports? Q 10: Isn’t it true that Council adopted a draconian Code of Conduct for Councillors proposed by the LGAQ to complement the Local Government Act even though the Act makes it clear that additional powers are not necessary? Q 11: How can there be any justification for Council or the LGAQ trying to prevent a Councillor exercising his democratic right to condemn Council decisions while exercising his responsibility to represent his constituents? The final and over-riding Question: Just what is going on? However, thanks to an investigation by the Fassifern Guardian, even more blatant intrusion by the LGAQ into community affairs via reelection of Councillors has come to light. The LGAQ was formed to give Local Government and Regional Councils a united voice. It is funded, millions per year, about one third from Councils and the rest from Government grants and its own business interests. Fair enough, but

it is obvious that the very basis for its existence must ultimately be to represent the interests of ratepayers, not sitting Councillors. Think about this extract from a recent Fassifern Guardian editorial: "Some 36% of the business sessions at the 115th annual conference on the Gold Coast next month will be devoted to talks on campaigning for the (next) elections including top level advice from experts in media, public relations, communications and polling. Promoting the rights and entitlements and efficient performance of local authorities in Queensland is one thing - but that cannot in any way be rightly linked to promoting the election prospects of hundreds of Councillors." I am sure that I am not alone in objecting to rates payments being diverted towards the re-election of sitting Councillors. I applaud the headline of the Guardian editorial: THE PEAK OF INAPPROPRIATE CONDUCT. The LGAQ is way, way out of line. I have had an interesting thought. I commented positively on a successful Council motion that election stickers are not to be attached to Council property by election candidates. I also commented that this should have been extended to cover staff and the inclusion of election propaganda in Council Media Releases. Is it too much to hope that Council will not only correct that omission but also publicly condemn the LGAQ for its blatant electioneering on behalf of sitting Councillors? On another matter: a green waste dump with onsite mulching and recycling is a very successful environmental concept for Tamborine Mountain. Although Council moans about its cost, I suspect that it is also a very economical solution compared with the alternatives. Carting the green waste off the Mountain for disposal in land fill would be the ultimate nonsense. It is only with no time left that Council has come up with an arrangement to stay on the present flawed site. The Council Report shows that nine possibilities were reviewed, some being obvious non-starters. The notable omission was lack of consideration of any alternative site on the plateau other than the Council land adjacent to the Sports Ground. Oddly, one of the reasons against that is that it would take Council about 18 months to prepare and assess its application.

Acreage Mowing Extra Wide Cut Competitive Price TAMBORINE MOWER REPAIRS

5545 1892 Mobile: 0428 451 892 TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN NEWS VOL. 1312, SEPTEMBER 20, 2011 – 9

COUNCILLOR COMMENTS Derek Swanborough, Division 1

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bagged fertiliser bagged mulches crusher dust drainage gravels P .U. O decorative gravels roadbase R sandstones DELIVER soils or Y tf n treated logs ou s mulches sc 3 load i D concrete blend rocks 6m sleepers to 4.8m stepping stones sands, barks railway sleepers



Hartley Road, Nth Tamborine


I am required by Scenic Rim Regional Council policy to make the following statements: • These are my personal views. • When a Council votes on a decision, they count up the votes and the decision is made based on the side that gets the most votes. Roadworks in front of Pharmacy/Delvino’s /Medical Centre Like you I am dismayed at what is happening to the roadworks in front of the new Medical Centre. I was not consulted on the design. It is absolutely nonsensical. I can tell everyone also that the developer, owner and builder was told what he had to do by Main Roads and had no other option, so it wasn’t his preferred design either. You don’t have to be a registered professional engineer to know it’s a big mistake. It is costing triple what it should and I suspect will have to be redone. What are the issues? 1. You can’t turn right into the new shopping centre like you could before. This means that vehicles travelling north can’t access this centre directly. 2. This is impacting on the viability of the centre, with staff already being cut back and turnover down. 3. There is no place to turn around to get to it if travelling north so that other problems are created with people U turning in front of the Shell service station, or driving up past the War Memorial and coming back doubling the traffic on what is already a bad intersection, or driving up Griffith Street to double back on Beacon Road. 4. The Ambulance has trouble maneuvering to get into the Medical Centre. 5. The number of parks has been reduced by six and it is more awkward to park. 6. Disabled persons have no way of getting across the main roads safely or into the new centre. I set up a meeting with shop owners, Acting District Director Main Roads and staff and Aidan McLindon, State Member for Beaudesert, on Friday to try and resolve the issue. Main Roads at that meeting were presented with a petition taken up in just a short time from shop customers with over 300 signatures protesting the damage that has been done to our shopping centre. Let’s hope that this is sorted out real quick and some compensation is paid to those who have been impacted financially. On other Main Roads issues I was able to resolve that a guard rail is to be built on the corner of Curtis Falls, and that the poor road rehabilitation work that is corrugated and substandard above Thunderbird Park is to be fixed. I had a robust debate about the guard


rails that popped up everywhere else and was not convinced of their necessity, and am further convinced that all the issues were not considered before they were erected. On Main Western Road particularly pedestrians are now at greater risk of death or injury and we agreed on that. I will await the new Regional Director’s views on this. I also went to the site of the new supermarket roundabout to discuss Main Roads Minister Craig Wallace’s instruction to the Regional Engineer to be cognizant of the vegetation and lighting issues before approving any roundabout. Schools Debate Another fabulous debate between Grade 7 St Bernards State School and Grade 8 Tamborine Mountain High School. This is the fifth year of this competition. Terrific talent for students so young. Well done to organising teacher Colette Weeden who can be proud of the processes and structure around this competition and the positive skills and learnings so clearly demonstrated by the students. It was a pleasure to adjudicate again this year. Consultation in Library Just a reminder that I meet with residents at the Tamborine Mountain Library on the second Wednesday of the month from 4:00 to 6:00pm. I will be there next on Wednesday 12th October 2011. Please call me or leave a text message if you require an appointment or simply drop in. My mobile number is 0447 206 006. I am always available for onsite meetings to address resident’s issues as required. The best email address to make a personal appointment is at You can also join me on Facebook at Derek.Swanborough, or visit my website at


ET amidst grand Maples and Magnolias, Harmony Gardens in Ben Nevis Street is sure to impress any visitor at the “Springtime on the Mountain – Open Gardens Trail on Tamborine Mountain. Joan & Leon Hughes have been busy in past weeks putting finishing touches to their garden and are looking forward to welcoming visitors. From the moment you walk down the gravel drive framed by a border of cliveas and agapanthus you will step into a kaleidoscope of colour. Harmony Gardens covers 2 acres and was commenced in 1975. It features outstanding bromeliads, shrubs, perennials, camellias and roses. Joan’s dream was to ensure that every window of the house enjoyed a view of the garden with all year round colour. It began as a small manageable garden but has increased over the years to bring much pleasure to family and friends. Joan is dwarfed by her wonderful Bromeliads and Leon has spent considerable time and covered a lot of country to purchase and bring back these beauties to adorn their garden. For a literal taste of country hospitality, stop in at the Garden Club Cafe and treat yourself to homemade fare for morning/afternoon teas or lunch at very reasonable prices. The Trail will run from Friday 30th September to Sun 2nd October 2011 and tickets will be available at each garden as well as the Tamborine Mountain Botanic Gardens, Forsythia Drive, Eagle Heights. At a cost of $15pp for 6 Open Gardens you will definitely be delighted to amble thru this garden and enjoy the other 5 with their colour and foliage that only Mount Tamborine can offer. Truly Tamborine Mountain is the Emerald of the Scenic Rim.

Craft Extravaganza

NURSERY CLOSING DOWN SALE 60,000 Plants Must Go! Open 7 Days 9am-4pm Until Sold Out 69 Currey Road Wongawallan

6-9 October 2011

EFTPOS Available




PHARMACY Friendly Professional Service OPEN: MON-FRI 8.15am–6pm SAT 8.15am–12.30pm It's Spring and the pollens are about. If you're sneezing, have itchy eyes & a runny nose, why not call into Mt Tamborine Pharmacy to see the lovely staff and ask them for HELP!! We even have tissues on special!

19th Annual General Meeting of Tamborine Mtn Community Care


HE 19th AGM of TMCCA was held this year on 9th September 2011 at the offices of TMCCA in Southport Ave, Eagle Heights. All office bearers of the existing committee re-nominated for election to the vacant positions with the exception of Mr. Tony Smallwood who has stepped down after serving for many years on the committee. The work that Tony has contributed over the years was acknowledged by the President, Dr John Youngman. Office bearers for the next twelve months are, President - Dr John Youngman, Vice president – Lance Cordingley, Secretary – Suzi Leahy, Treasurer – Hank Van Lieshout, Committee Members – Denise Merrin, Joanne Hipkiss, Neville Goodrick and Iain Tait. Minutes of the 18th AGM, reports from the President, Manager and Treasurer and the FY 2010/2011 audited accounts were presented at the meeting. The Manager, Geoff Marshall, acknowledged the wonderful staff of TMCCA for their support in his first year in the role of Manager, they are a very professional and dedicated team. Each staff member has an important and integral role to play within the organisation and they are often called upon to complete tasks beyond their defined roles and without any hesitation, are always willing to help at a moment’s notice. Thanks were extended to the elected members of the TMCCA Management Committee. Committee work is voluntary, and it carries significant responsibilities, which is deserving of acknowledgement. Thanks were also extended to the Community Care volunteers who give so generously of their time, without their generosity delivery of programs would surely be compromised.

“Belonging to Country”: Indigenous Knowledge Workshop Tel: 5545 1450 • Fax: 5545 2277 2/12 Main Western Rd, Nth Tamborine


Y request, Mary Graham and Lilla Watson will be presenting a third Indigenous “Belonging to Country” seminar on Saturday October 22nd on Tamborine Mountain. Mary Graham, a Kombumerri elder, is an Aboriginal philosopher, a community governance and policy consultant on Indigenous issues, and one of the founding members of the Reconciliation Council. Lilla Watson, a Burrigubba elder, is an artist and a highly regarded Aboriginal teacher, especially in the fields of women’s issues and Aboriginal knowledge. The program this year features four sessions. In the morning, the two sessions are The Land is the Law and Journey into Country, and in the afternoon, the sessions are Belonging to Country and Spirit and Protocols. Responding to past participants’ suggestions, we have designed the program with a lot more time for discussion and reflection – for what Lilla and Mary call “deep learning”. The seminar will be held at St. John the Baptist Church hall on Beacon Road, North Tamborine, from 9:15 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. The cost is $95 which includes lunch, morning and afternoon tea, and workshop materials. We are limiting the number of participants, so we encourage those who would like to attend to register soon. For further information, call Sandra on 5545 1058 or email

Red Line Driving School changes hands


FTER almost 10 years of teaching the mountain students to drive, Hal Orth is finally retiring on Friday, 23rd September. He has thoroughly enjoyed the company of the many people whom he has taught , and the fun and laughter along the way, as well as the mopping up of a few tears here and there. He is feeling his age, as he has just taught the fourth child in one family to drive…… Thank you to everyone on the mountain for all your support and patience with the learner drivers in the red cars on the roads – your tolerance and consideration has been much appreciated. Grant Haswell, another mountain resident, is taking over the driving school at the beginning of October, so please give him a ring on 0478 225 853 when you are planning to book your next driving lesson. Hal will miss you all, so please give him a wave from your car, (safely!), when you see him around and about.


Queensland blood stocks low

POLICE NEWS by Sgt Mick Jones, North Tamborine Police We’ll weather the weather whatever the weather, whether we like it or not! A SNAPSHOT! NORTH TAMBORINE POLICE CARE FLIGHT CHARITY GOLF DAY It was just after lunch on Friday 9th September and I ducked back to the hotel to check some mates into St Bernard’s leaving the boys to keep the golfers entertained on the 5th. While waiting I thought I’d check the weather radar and see how it was looking. It had been a fair morning so far and looked like we might just get away with it! As the radar image downloaded I didn’t believe it and thought that there must be a mistake as I’d been keeping an eye on it all morning and it was just high cloud and a Westerly with very little visible rain. Three separate phones and a laptop and we all had the same radar picture in front of us – ARMAGEDDON! A 200km long storm front all yellow, red with bits of black headed straight for us! I called mobiles frantically to try and warn and was only able to get Kerriann who was about to drive down the fairway in a golf buggy to deliver supplies “Honey don’t even think about it you are all about to get smashed!” – The call back I got from Scotty was like a Mayday call in the Sydney to Hobart! Scratchy signal with “Mick, Mick the tents are gone, the tents are gone, the 5th is underwater Mick are you there... are you there?” more static then silence! Three tents destroyed and Stan Peters the legendary mail man of Geissmann Street was last seen hanging onto the leg of his daughters friends borrowed tent flying off into the vortex (fortunately to land in a sand bunker 30 yards away and return white, wet and bewildered!) I raced down in my 4wd hubs engaged and slipping in time to find the survivors huddled under a torn and tattered tarp hastily tied to the nearest big tree. They were a wonder to see wet to the bone and grinning with nervous energy and humour like only a survivor who has just been whipped by wind and weather in a furious storm! As I walked down to survey the destruction they all sang happy birthday and we laughed our heads off and picked up the pieces. Ahhh life…..! We all retired to the Golf Club where hot showers, change and charge were the order of the afternoon and yet again a fun time had sharing stories, buying raffle tickets and some auctions to raise a small fortune for the RACQ CareFlight chopper once again. I apologies for the weather to those that missed out, hard to believe the day before and day after were such perfect days but that’s life! We survived and the latest vision I have is of Stan Peters hanging onto the tent

as he got back yesterday on a Greyhound bus that picked him up in Birdsville where he backed the winner of the Cup after landing in the Diamantina with his beer still in one hand, never spilled a drop! Legendary stuff mate! BURGLARS IN FOREST PARK! Very disappointed to report that about 6 houses at time of typing were broken into over the weekend on Mt Tamborine in the suburb of Forest Park; all, it appears, looking for cash and jewellery and iPod/laptops. A young male approximately 20years of age with shortish dark wavy hair, wearing shorts and a navy shirt was disturbed on Thursday afternoon in one of the houses, and despite our blocking off the suburb and dog squad search, the criminal managed to evade capture. All houses that were hit were properties with very limited visibility into the yards from the front due to gardens, hedges and the like offering full protection from observation by neighbours or persons on the roadway. It is unfortunate to think that one will need to consider improved security measures on windows and doors to enjoy the privacy of a well landscaped private paradise on Mount Tamborine. We have followed some leads and checked a few suspects who, it appears, have alibis, so calling for your help, citizens, to really be on the hawk in Beacon Road and its surrounding streets. The offenders have worn gloves preventing fingerprint identification so if you ever see a person walking the streets with gloves on we really need to know! We are confident that these burglar/s will be caught with modern DNA techniques but would rather nip this immediately in the bud before more loss and crime is reported. The offences have been committed during day and night so please no matter what time of day, keep an eye out and report all suspect persons to police immediately. SEPTEMBER SCHOOL HOLIDAYS Please remember to drive safely these forthcoming school holidays as many are keen to travel far and find warmer climate for a long awaited swim in the surf. It’s been a long and cold winter and we all hope the warmer months ahead are kind and balmy! As usual there will be heightened traffic policing activities throughout the State and please take extra care and watch your speed, buckle up front and back, don’t drive if having a few drinks and rest regularly if travelling long distance. All the best! Mick

SPRINGTIME ON THE MOUNTAIN 2011 OPEN GARDENS TRAIL Friday 30 September, Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 October 9am – 4pm


spike in demand has left Queensland with just two days’ supply of O and A blood types prompting a call for people to roll up their sleeves and give blood. Amongst the most needed blood types is O Negative which can be used universally in an emergency situation. Stephanie Allen, Community Relations Officer of the Australian Red Cross Blood Service urged people to give blood now to help save lives. “One in three of us will need blood in our lifetime yet only one in 30 of us actually gives blood,” Ms Allen said. “We are urging Queenslanders to roll up their sleeves and give blood, knowing that every donation will help save three lives. Ms Allen said Australia needed 27,000 donations a week to meet demand. Giving blood only takes an hour of your time and is one of the easiest ways to give back to the community. To donate, contact the Australian Red Cross Blood Service today on 13 14 95 or visit The Southport Donor Centre: Open Monday to Saturday this week. The Robina Donor Centre: Open Monday to Saturday this week The Mobile Van: this week at Coomera, Pacific Fair


The Mountaintop Hair Shoppe

Phone: 5545 1491 Main St., North Tamborine Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri 9am–4pm Tues & Sat 9am–12 noon


Meals on Wheels Roster

SEPTEMBER 2011 Fri 2.....Sallyanne BRENNAN & Vicki KELLOWAY Mon 5......................Elizabeth & Mike RUSSELL Wed 7.......................Linda & Harvey RUGLEN Fri 9 ..............................Patty & Peter WILSON Mon 12...............................Madelaine JANTOS Wed 14: ....................................Cath BUCKLEY Fri 16 ...................Margaret & Roger LENEHAN Mon 19 .......................................... Nola PINK Wed 21..................................Ian WOODWARD Fri 23 .......................Linda DUBBERLEY & Julie Mon 26 ...................................Deniece WYLLIE Wed 28 ...........Lenore THEILE & David JEFFREY Fri 30..Glenys KELLY & Lyndal HARDING-SMITH

School band turns in polished performances


AMBORINE Mountain State School Senior Band’s recent eisteddfod efforts had plenty of polish, thanks to their mascot Mr Sheen. With a can of the famous furniture polish for luck, the band travelled to Ipswich recently for the annual Silkstone Eisteddfod where they cleaned up in the awards. Not only did TM State School win the Gold Award, the school also was judged Best Band Overall in the Primary School division. While Silkstone is one of the longest-running eisteddfods in Queensland, the Gold Coast

Eisteddfod is one of the newest, at which Tamborine Mountain gained a third placing, for the second year in a row, in the primary schools’ B grade division. With 31 members, this year’s Senior Band is smaller than last year’s, but is no less successful than its predecessors which took gold at Silkstone in 2007, 2008 and 2010, and silver in 2009. Instrumental music teacher and conductor of the band, Steve Broxton, is understandably proud of the band’s achievements.

Tamborine Mountain Show 24TH SEPTEMBER 2011


FIREWORKS DISPLAY + interactive demonstration before main show • Pig Racing • Puppet Theatre • Medieval display • Roving Entertainers • Reptile Display • Equestrian events • Amusement Rides • Trade & Pavilion Displays • Licensed bar & Food



ACTIVITIES SCHEDULE: 8am 10am 5.45pm 6.30pm 7.15pm

Equestrian events start Huebner Toyota / Beaudesert Mazda Country music talent quest start. Bree de Rome (finalist from AGT) and band start. Interactive fireworks demonstration Fireworks display


ADMISSION: $20 Family/$10 Adult/$5 Child/Conc. (Family: 2 Adults + up to 4 children under 14 years) • INFO: 14 – TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN NEWS VOL. 1312, SEPTEMBER 20, 2011

PAP SMEAR CLINIC The next Nurse-Run Pap Smear Clinic will be held on Saturday 1st October 2011 PLEASE PHONE FOR AN APPOINTMENT 5545 1222

‘Tamborine Voices’ auditions for next season


HE newly formed local choir ‘Tamborine Voices’ delighted and thrilled the capacity audience at their debut concert only eight weeks after coming together as a choir. The second season of rehearsals and concerts will commence on Sunday 9 October, and if you are interested in being a part of this dynamic new performance choir, auditions are being held over the next few weeks. Under the skilled direction of Tania Edmunds, Tamborine Voices will perform on Saturday 19 November at the annual Eagle’s

Nest Opera, joining opera soloists in the production of Mozart’s ‘The Marriage of Figaro’. The choir’s repertoire covers many styles from Music Theatre and Pop Classics to Sacred, and now the vocal skills of Tamborine Voices are increasing with opportunity to sing with professional singers and be part of an opera. For further information about the choir, and auditions, phone Tania Edmunds on 5545 2450 or email

COUNTRY MUSIC TALENT QUEST AT TAMBORINE MTN SHOW There will be a special Country Music Talent Quest beginnings at 10am, with four sections – juvenile, junior, senior male and senior female. There will be a trophy for the overall winner and prize money of $500. The entry fee for this section is $5.

14 Main Western Road North Tamborine and Shop 1/17 Southport Avenue Eagle Heights (next to the Eagle Heights Pharmacy) NEW ONLINE BOOKING SERVICE NOW AVAILABLE

• Dr Ann Bennett • Dr Leeann Carr-Brown • Dr Jan Zomerdijk • Dr Henri Coombs • Dr Jeet George • Dr Sanne Kreijkamp-Kaspers • Dr John Purton

AVAILABLE SERVICES INCLUDE: General Family Medicine ~ Child/Baby Health Clinic ~ Well Women’s Clinic ~ Skin Clinic Aviation & Coal Board Medicals ~ Mental Health & Chronic Disease Management All Child and Adult Vaccinations ~ Psychology ~ Podiatry ~ Dietician Diabetic Educator ~ Audiometry Services ~ All General Health Care Needs BULK BILLING is available for regular patients who are Pensioners, Health Care Card Holders or children under 16 years of age.

OPENING HOURS Mon – Thurs 8.30am – 8pm • Fri 8.30am – 5pm Sat 8.30am – 12 noon • Sun 8.30am – 10.30am Home visits and after hours services are available for regular patients of the practice.


TV/Computer Recycling

T will be conducting

FREE HEARING TESTS for Pensioner and Repat Card holders at Eagle Heights Pharmacy on Thursday, 29th September. Please phone 5545 1441 to make a booking. OPEN HOURS Mon-Fri 8.30am – 6.30pm Sat 8.30am – 12.30pm Sun 9.30am – 12.00pm Shop 17 Southport Ave Ph: 5545 1441 Join us on Facebook

HE Australian Government recently released draft Regulations for a national, industry-led Television and Computer Recycling Scheme. The proposed Regulations – made under the landmark Product Stewardship Act 2011, which came into effect in August 2011 – will establish a scheme that will boost recycling for televisions, computers and computer products to 80 per cent by 2021-22. Parliamentary Secretary for Sustainability and Urban Water, Senator Don Farrell, said the draft Regulations are open for public comment for a period of four weeks. "The draft Regulations set out exactly what is required of importers and manufacturers of televisions and computers under the national scheme, including recycling targets and provision of reasonable access to collection services," Senator Farrell said. "Consultation on the draft Regulations builds on extensive public consultation already undertaken on the proposed design of the scheme. Feedback from all consultation will inform the final Regulations, which are expected to be in place in late 2011 with on-ground activities under the scheme commencing soon after.� Key elements of the draft Regulations include: Recycling targets for televisions and computers, to start at 30 per cent in 2012-13 rising progressively to 80 per cent by 2021-22; The minimum reasonable access requirements to establish national coverage of collection services, which will need to be fully met by June 2013; A target for recovery of materials from recycled products, and; The annual threshold at which an importer or manufacturer is covered by the regulations set at 15,000 units for computer products and 5,000 units for televisions and computers. Senator Farrell said the Product Stewardship Act 2011, which supports the Television and Computer Recycling Scheme, is an important step forward in reducing the negative environmental, health and safety impacts of products. Submissions can be made up until 10 October 2011. A copy of the draft Regulations, as well as information about public meetings and how to make a submission, is available from

Have you heard the latest? Audio Active have changed their name to Active Hearing! At Audio Active we’ve changed our name, not our focus. We believe that hearing aids are as much about the accuracy of the ďŹ tting as they are about the technology itself, making it very important to choose your trained audiologist before you choose your hearing aid.


Whether it’s one of the world’s smallest hearing aids or some of the most technologically advanced accessories available, we’re sure to have a solution that’s just right for you. Specialists in discreet hearing solutions t*OJUJBMDPOTVMUBUJPOFREE t*OUFSFTUFREE QBZNFOUQMBOT  t4QFDJBMJTUTJOIJEEFOTPMVUJPOT t4FOJPSTDBSEDPODFTTJPOT tFREEEJHJUBMIFBSJOHBJETGPSFMJHJCMF QFOTJPOFSTBOEWFUFSBOT


Phone: 5545 1938 Mobile: 0417 001 536 Email: Web:


Call us to make an appointment today! Active Hearing Tamborine Tamborine Mountain Medical Centre 16 Main Western Road, North Tamborine 5591 7688


TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN PROGRESS ASSOCIATION INC. “Protecting the quality of living on Tamborine Mountain” Extracts from the Annual General Meeting (6 September, 2011) concerning recent court cases T the AGM receipt was just to hand that the TMPA had lost its appeal in the Supreme Court concerning its challenge to the validity of the 43 lot Hyacinth subdivision granted by the Planning & Environment Court in November, 2009. Within weeks, SRRC decided to pursue the TMPA costs, reasoning that it needed to replenish its coffers for the ratepayers. This amounted to approximately $36,000 which of course the TMPA itself could not pay. Early in 2010, SRRC, through its lawyers, wrote to the TMPA pointing out that it was “a not-forprofit organization and held no tangible assets so how could it mount and defend a case in the Supreme Court?” In correspondence (several times) to SRRC and its lawyers, the TMPA pointed out that funds for court cases came from the broad community, not just from the association itself. In discussions at several TMPA meetings, members agreed that the community would not be asked for a second time to fund court costs for what was essentially a needless exercise on the part of SRRC. Council did not have to defend an appeal (with an SC and full legal team) to fight for a subdivision which was unworkable according to its own guidelines. Another appeal case (in Benoble) did not attract any similar activity from Council. General opinion then and now was that SRRC was anxious to close a 96 year old community organization critical of its management. Had it heeded numerous warnings from both TMPA and ex-councillor Phil Giffard, $280,000 of rate payers’ money would not have been squandered on the Hyacinth case. The Gaven (supermarket) Developer appealed Council’s “deemed refusal” and this case was heard in March 2010. After many months this development was approved

pending the working out of conditions. TMPA had supported SRRC’s lawyers in its defense. The case had taken eight full days in court, with the developer paying an estimated half a million dollars for a long battery of expert witnesses in many fields to fight his case. As a Council Officer had suggested the supermarket on the site outside the Central Business District in the first place, the developer was determined to win his case. Representatives of TMPA and the 140 resident co-respondents added to the opposition to the inappropriate development. In February this year, the court gave final approval for this case, pending the working out of the required roundabout specifications. The judge made mention (twice) that he was surprised the developer had not made progress with these plans during the past year and he was obviously pleased the long winded case was being signed off. This development promises to aggravate the traffic problems from Roslyn Lodge up to and around Beacon Road. TMPA chose to appeal the Auspacific Development in Canungra, where an increase of 33% brought the approved number of lots to nearly 300, thereby potentially doubling the current population of 800. Council approved this as another “minor change”, not taking into account that Canungra’s reticulated water supply came from the local creek which has dried out on at least two occasions in recent times. After much time was spent on this case, it was finalized and because of the efforts of the Canungra & District Development Association (CADA) representative and TMPA, an improved set of conditions was worked out for the staged development. No solution was ever found for what happens when the creek runs dry. Henry Braun, President, TM Progress Association

A perfect venue to revive ancient arts

There are also two day workshops available in horn and pewter and blacksmithing for beginners. The three day workshops are bookbinding and box-making with Glen Skien , whipmaking with Bill Glasgow and drawing with pastels with Dave Groom. Workshop costs are $70 per person per day. Bookings can be made and details of material costs and special equipment needed can be accessed from the Blog: or by phoning 5541 4569. Additional information can be found at This event is proudly sponsored by BADCAP, Worendo Cottages, Cedar Glen Farmstay and the Scenic Rim Regional Council and Arts Queensland through the Regional Arts Development Fund. To coincide with the Ancient Arts Revival, a series of half and full day workshops for children have been organised at the Christmas Creek Recreational Centre. More information is available by phoning 5544 8055.



HERE is no better place to have an Ancient Arts Revival than at Cherrol and Jon McGhee’s Garden Hill Gallery and Museum in the Lost World Valley. The four day event is made up of workshops from Wednesday 21st September to Saturday 24th, culminating in an open day on the Saturday where guests can visit the workshops and enjoy all the day’s activities which include art and craft stalls, gourmet food, coffee, wine tasting, plants, demonstrations and music. A minimal charge of $5 is applicable for this day. Excellent tutors, sourced from all over south-east Queensland, will host the workshops and beginners are welcome. The four day workshops are sandstone carving with Antone Bruinsma, horn and pewter with John Trier, spinning, dyeing, weaving and felting with Romy Andres and a four day blacksmithing masterclass designed for those with experience with Adrian Hobba.

Marks & Gardner Gallery & Bookshop

Café & Contemporary Art Open Wed-Sun 9am-4pm PH 5545 4992 69 Main Western Rd, North Tamborine

For all your printing needs...

BEAUDESERT TIMES Short Street, Beaudesert

High Class Commercial and Colour Printers

FAST & EFFICIENT • Business Cards • Letterheads • Docket Books • Leaflets • Tags • Envelopes • Dance Tickets • Magazines • Catalogues etc.

We specialise in all types of printing, design and layout.

Phone Rob Brown or Mark Hodgson on

5541 1388 Fax: 5541 3213



RACQ - wouldn’t be without them.

Be sure your car is safe for all weathers. 41 Main Street, North Tamborine Ph 5545 1214 • A/H 131 111




MAIN GOLF CLUB Saturday 3rd September 2011 59 players contested today's Single Stroke - Monthly Medal event. Winners & runners up were: A grade Roger Way 69 from Bruce Bartle 72, B grade Laurence Richardson 69 (OCB) from Paul Burgess 69 (OCB) & C grade John Young 66 from Ken Dew 67. Nearest the pin & approach winners were: 5th Ian Miller, 6th Anton Wernekinck, 14th (Pro Pin) Trevor Salisbury, 12th approach Tim Kerr, 15th approach Bernie Tane, 16th approach Paul Burgess. There was no winner for the 17th, this hole now jackpots to 4 balls next week. Longest drives were won by: A grade Anton Wernekinck, B grade Bernie Tane & C grade Nick Blom. Best gross in each grade were returned by: A grade David Koureas 76, B grade Rod Schulte & Paul Burgess 83 & C grade Ken Dew 89. Least putts in each grade were won by: A grade Peter Clark 27, B grade Rod Schulte 20 & C grade John Johnstone 27. Ball run down went to 73. Congratulations to all the winners. Saturday 10th September 2011 57 players contested today's 4BBB Stableford event & Round 1 of the Club Matchplay Championship. 4 BBB winners & runners up were: Roger Wilson & Owen Luedicke 49 (OCB) from Barry Roberts & Warren Castledine 49. Nearest the pin & approach winners were: 5th Bernie Tane, 6th Trevor Salisbury, 14th (Pro pin) Maurie Payne, 12th approach Jimmy Dunn 15th approach Roger Way & 16th approach Matt Sullivan. There was no winner for the 17th, this now jackpots to 6 balls. Ball run down went to 44. Congratulations to all the winners. Matchplay winners were: Roger Way, David Koureas, Jimmy Dunn, Leon Radunz, Martin Grealish, Fred Bakker & Bob Woodberry. Congratulations "Gents". Club Matchplay Final must be played on or before 1st October due to Greens maintenance. The Junior raffle not drawn. The next draw will be the last in this format. We will be conducting a $50.00 Meat Tray raffle each Monthly Medal day in future. Thanks to all the members for their continued support. NOTE: The Clubs Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday 24th September @ 11.15am - between Morning & Afternoon fields - at the Club House.



Saturday 3rd September 2011 19 Juniors today for a Coaching clinic & Chipping practice followed by a Sausage Sizzle. Thanks to Tamborine Mountain Butchery for sponsoring the Sausage Sizzle. The Junior raffle, a $50.00 Meat Tray from Tamborine Mountain Butchery was won by Lyn Beadle. Saturday 10th September 2011 11 Juniors for 3 holes of Matchplay practice. Out of Bounds

Mon-Fri 6am to 5.30pm Sat, Sunday 6am to 4pm


Tamborine Mountain


FRESH BREAD BAKED DAILY, FREE OF PRESERVATIVES White, Wholemeal, Grain, Sour Dough, Cape Seed, German Black Bread, Turkish and a Range of Fancy Cobbs.

PLUS Salad Rolls & Sandwiches, Pies, Sausage Rolls, Pasties. Vegetarian Spinach Pasties & Vegetable Pasties. Quiches Large & Small. Main St North Tamborine Ph 5545 1261

Saturday 3/09/11 at 12.45 pm 6 Pair Howell 1st R Feige & S Feige 66.66% 1st R Noble & P Rasmussen 60.83% 3rd D Cowls & M Gordon 59.16% Monday 5/09/11 at 6.45 pm 7 Table Mitchell North-South 1st D Santer & E Santer 2nd H Edrich & J Evans 3rd G Ilett & K Ilett East-West 1st D Goodrick & S Pollock 2nd C Bowman & R Evans


58.92% 53.21% 50.71% 64.58% 53.33%

3rd D Merrin & D Merrin 50.83% Handicap N-S David Santer & Eleanor Santer E-W Dell Goodrick & Sheena Pollock Thursday 8/09/11 at 12.45 pm 9 Table Mitchell North-South 1st D Cowls & J Salter 61.34% 2nd B Bailey & J Rushbrooke 58.10% 3rd C Bowman & K Bowman 52.77% East-West 1st L Brady & C Youngman 59.72% 2nd R Feige & S Feige 56.71% 3rd D Goodrick & S Pollock 56.48% Handicap N-S Barbara Bailey & Jean Rushbrooke E-W Lesley Brady & Christine Youngman

R E A L E S TAT E 4/18 Main Street North Tamborine

Phone: 5545 0900 Fax: 5545 1338

Tamborine Mtn Rentals & Sales has now relocated to new premises at 92 Main Western Road, North Tamborine (formerly Cottage Real Estate Office) Phone and PO Box numbers remain the same. We look forward to seeing you at the Cottage!

JON HAMMOND 0417 732 515 Shop 7, “Tamborine Plaza” North Tamborine

5545 2244


For all your Real Estate Needs



Land • Homes • Farms

0439 754 344

Free Listing on Internet

2/15 Main St, North Tamborine

Ph (07) 5545 4000 Fax (07) 5545 4673

Ph: 5545 1955 “The Town Centre” Nth Tamborine

EAGLE HEIGHTS MEDICAL CENTRE Suite 2/34 Southport Ave, Eagle Heights (next to Post Office)

BULK BILLING ALL NEW PATIENTS WELCOME – OPEN BOOKS FREE HOUSE CALLS (MONDAYS – DAYTIME) Female Doctor Dr Himali Jayasekera, Male Dr Mariusz Zielinski CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST DR JACOBUS KLEYNHANS ON-SITE – MORE DOCTORS COMING SOON – General Family Medicine – Women’s Health – Men’s Health Shared Antenatal Care – Child Health & Immunizations – Counselling Pre-employment & Drivers’ Medicals – Insurance Medicals – Hearing Tests FREE SEASONAL FLU VACCINATIONS FOR OVER 65s





Peter Dietzel

Chartered & CPA Qualified Staff

BUILDER Ph 5545 2557 Fax 5545 2555 Mobile: 0407 764 715 or 0408 180 481


Qld Bldg. Reg No. 24096 NSW Bldg. Lic. 30085

• Taxation/BAS Returns • Business Advice • Bookkeeping

PHONE (07)

• Business Advice • Tax Planning • Payroll Services

Affordable Rates Free Quotes

Mob: 0400 452 054 Ph: 5545 2054 For all your Domestic & Commercial Cleaning Needs

5545 2588 Harding-Smith Builders


TAMBORINE TV & ANTENNA TV & VCR Tune-ins, Digital Decoders & Antennas, Extra TV Points Supplied & Installed Peter Newman (Reg’d T.E.S.A Member) FREE QUOTES Ph

Eagle Heights Cleaning Services

BSA 701147 ACN 057 427013

Pty Ltd

House & General Builders Mobile: 0408 772 250 A/h Mark 5545 2063 • David 5545 1620

5543 3331 Mob 0409 729 107

MAJOR KLEEN CLEANING SPECIALISTS ON THE MOUNTAIN • Carpets & Upholstery • Windows & Screens, Frames & Tracks • Moving out cleans • General Cleaning • Free Quotes • Fully Insured Call Colin & Jenny for the “best local service by a county mile”


5545 4717 0412 991 249






Building Design & Energy Efficiency Reports BSA Lic 40718 Bers Accr BA 329 Paul Wootton Ph/Fx: 5545 2546 Mob: 0408 989 961

APPLIANCE REPAIRS • Washers • Dryers • Microwaves • Cooktops • Ovens Agent for: • Dishwashers Hoover - Dishlex • Washing Machines Kleenmaid - Fisher

5543 6858

& Paykel - Asko Asea



PETER BERGMANS Lic 50168 COMPLETE HOME INTERIOR SERVICE Kitchens, Bathrooms, Laundries, Wardrobes, Interior Walls, Furniture, Built-ins. Renovations, improvements, make-overs, appliance installations, repair and maintenance

Phone Peter on 0437 436 552



DENTURE CLINIC Affairs JOE RUSSELL VeteransProvider Registered Dental Prosthetist

DENTURES - RELINES REPAIRS - MOUTHGUARDS Shop 10 Eagle Heights Shopping Village

5545 3128

EARTHMOVING Excavators Bobcats Trucks

Yes, you can. Hire your building equipment from MITRE 10 North Tamborine

Phone 5545 1170 OPEN 7 DAYS 20 – TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN NEWS VOL. 1312, SEPTEMBER 20, 2011

• postholes • pads • trenching • tank holes • clearing • burnoffs • landscaping

Specialising in: DRIVEWAYS

Ph: 5545 1979




G.J. Baldwin & Associates P/L



Tamborine Mtn Electrical ACN 010980695 Lic. 36447

ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Domestic/Farm/Commercial Shop 4, Tamborine Plaza Ph: 5545 1207

Ph Michelle 5545 1291 for appt

Let us price your landscape plant needs. Buy direct from the producer. Quote comparison welcome. OPEN 7 DAYS. 176 Long Rd, Eagle Heights • 5545 4999


Affinity Landscapes

Ladies & Men’s Hairdressing Shop 4, Southport Ave, Eagle Heights



Lic. No. 59907



P: 5545 4783

M: 0413 233 530

For hair that looks good beyond the salon doors

Domestic • Commercial • Farm Installation • Repairs

Local horticulturalist & lic’d structural landscaper • Design • Water features • Stonework • Planting • Paving & retaining walls • Contemporary, native & formal gardens


Phone: 5545 2166

Is your garden ready for spring & summer entertaining? Would you like to attract wildlife? Do you want envious friends & neighbours?

Shop 4, 15 Main Western Rd, North Tamborine (opp. Pharmacy)

MOB: 0411 805 589 – AH: 5545 3360




Premium Blue Couch, Greenlees Park and Kikuya Turf.

• Farm pick-up or delivered • Weekend pick-ups must be ordered by Friday • Inspection Invited.


Ph 5545 2402 – Opp. St Bernard’s Hotel Open Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm Saturday 9am – 12pm


Ph: All Hrs 5543




6133/5543 8441


HEALTH FUND REBATES • Helen, 0413 919 212

Tamborine Mower Repairs

Aching/burning feet, bunion pain, sore legs, sciatica, headaches, tension, general pain, women’s health (RAA, ATMS, ICR, FNTT) – Mountain Resident

Ph 5545 1892 or 0428 451 892

Suppliers of new & reconditioned • Mowers • Brush Cutters JOHN DEERE Spares & Service


Acreage Mowing Ph 07 5545 0499 Shop 6, 15 Main Street, North Tamborine

Prompt Reliable Service Now Available at Tamborine Mower Repairs

5545 1892 0428 451 892




Local on the Mountain Guaranteed Quality


QBSA Lic#: 1174148

Glass & Mirror cut to size Security Screens - Shower Screens

Insurance Work Welcome Free Quotes

Ph 5545 3793 • 0407 696 068

Custom Kitchens, Bathrooms & Ensuites Granite Benchtops · 2 Pac · Splashbacks + More


5500 0292

All Tamborine Storage PACKAGING REQUIREMENTS INCLUDING CARTONS, BUBBLE WRAP ETC. 108 Main Western Rd., Tamborine Mtn

Ph. 0417 001 536





eco painters

Lic No 047179

Specialising in:• Maintenance • Plumbing • Draining • Roofing • Gasfitting Ph: Dave Angel at Nth Tamborine Ph: 5545 2369 all hours Mobile No: 0419 677 008

bsa licence 1043639

domestic/commercial paint finishes • colour consulting Phone Derek 0414 478 787 tel/fax: 5545 4726 Major Credit Cards Accepted

PROFESSIONAL PUMP-OUT SERVICE AND REPAIRS TO: Septic ~ Treatment Plants ~ Grease traps Holding tanks ~ Sullage Tanks ~ Sullage Pumps 24/7 SERVICE – Tamborine Mountain resident PHONE: 5545 2692



VALUER VALUER – MALCOLM BISHOPP Independent Property Valuer, all purposes. Assessments market value, compensation, property settlement, stamp duty, GST. Registered Valuer Queensland No. 734. Member Australian Property Institute (Valuers)

Domestic, Commercial, Industrial

PO Box 107, Eagle Heights 4271 Phone 5545 0022 Fax: 5545 0200

Lic. No. 062240

Ph: 5545 1952 Mob: 0407 757 960 FREE QUOTES David Gibbons



PH: 5545 2319 Private and insurance work Total Car Care FREE QUOTES PICK UP DELIVERY



PLASTERER Gyprock, ornate & suspended ceilings, fancy cornices, ceiling roses. All Aspects of Trade Phone BRETT CLEARY

5545 0115


REMOVALIST Local Country

Vic Palmer

Interstate Pre-packing

REMOVALS Incorporating Tamborine Mtn Removals

Ph: 07 3287 4326 Mobile 0408 743 244

Established on the Mountain since 1990 Andrew Paxton-Hall BVSc. Chris Corcoran BVSc. (Hons) Small & Large Mon - Fri 8am - 6pm Animal Practice Saturday 8am - 1pm A fully equipped veterinary hospital right here on the Mountain providing quality service including home visits, x-ray, ultrasound, in-house blood tests, surgery, pet grooming, hydrobath and a full range of pet food supplies. 2 Main St, Nth Tamborine


5545 2422 all hours A/H Emergency Service Always Available

Rock and Timber Retaining Walls


Ian Lloyd • • • • •

Plumbing Drainage Roofing Guttering Pumps


Licensed Plumber QBS Lic No. 62248

LICENSED BACKFLOW PREVENTION Ph: (Mob) 0417 437 143 A/H 5543 6884

• Expertly Built • All Earthworks • Engineer designed, when required • Certification • BSA Licenced 1111939 Office: 5543 8584 • Mob: 0432 281 075 Email:


Cnr Pine Rd & Franklin St

5543 5622 All Hours Mon-Fri 8.30am-5.30pm. Sat 8.30am-11.30am A.H. EMERGENCY SERVICES ALWAYS AVAILABLE


PURIFICATION SOLUTIONS • Water Treatment • Waste Water Treatment • Sewerage Plant Maintenance • Pump Sales/Repairs • Designs & Modifications

GLEN HARVEY 0412 366 867 • 1300 302 676



Est 1985 - Maurice & Debbie Friendly, Reliable Delivery

$130 per load BSC Approved

7 DAYS A WEEK Ph: 5545 3935 or 0417 644 498

EMERGENCY NUMBERS Alcoholics Anonymous..............5545 3331 ..........................................or 0416 155 456 Energex .........................................13 62 62 Fire (ask for Southport Control) ........000 Fire (T.M. Rural F.B.) ..........0407 747 999 Fire Permits ..........................0408 199 271 Police ..........................................5545 3473 Ambulance ............................................000 Ambulance (non-urgent) .............13 12 33 Domestic Violence (24 hrs)...1800 811 811 Child Protection (24 hrs) .....1800 177 135 Lifeline ............................................13 1114 13 HEALTH ............................13 43 25 84 S.E.S. .............................................132 500 Local SES Controller Brendan Guy ...............................5540 5131 T.M. Community Care Service: Home Care and Transport needs. Ring.........5545 4968 Blue Nursing Service ..........(07) 3287 2041 Roslyn Lodge ..............................5545 7822 T.M. Medical Practice .................5545 1222 QML Pathology Nth Tamborine .5545 3873 Chemists: North Tamborine.........5545 1450 Eagle Heights..............5545 1441 Tamborine Mtn Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic ...............................5545 0500 Tamborine Mountain Optometrist Nicky Carr..................................5545 0277 Dentists: Dr Don Harvey .........................5545 2788 Dr Claudia Rodriguez................5545 2522 Podiatrist: ..........5545 3311 or 0418 963 969 Veterinary Surgery ......................5545 2422 Beenleigh Comm. Health ....(07) 3827 9811 Beaudesert Hospital.....................5541 9111 LIBRARY HOURS Monday – Friday 9.00am–5.30pm. Saturday 9am–12noon. Phone: 5540 5473. T.M. RURAL FIRE BRIGADE For burnoff notifications, membership and general enquiries .......................................Phone: 0407 747 999 For Fires and Emergencies ...........Phone: 000 Training Meetings are held at 7.00pm each Wednesday at the Rural Fire Station, Knoll Rd. Tamborine Mountain News is published fortnightly. The paper is compiled by voluntary workers and printed by the Beaudesert Times.

The only purely 100% Australian Funeral Company and Crematorium Winner Qld Seniors Excellence Award Enquiries Welcome

5593 4777

EDITORIAL TEAM: Eve Curtis 5545 1231 George & Joan Fisher 5545 1986 Mike & Elizabeth Russell 5545 3601 John Aagaard 5545 1371 EMAIL: TM News acknowledges a grant from the Gambling Community Benefit Fund for the purchase of equipment to assist in production.

CLASSIFIEDS Rates: $6 for first 10 words, then 10 cents for each additional word. Classifieds may be left in the boxes at NORTH TAMBORINE NEWSAGENCY. Place your ad & money in an envelope & drop in box. UNPARALLELLED OPPORTUNITY WORKING FROM HOME – PART OR FULL TIME – ABSOLUTELY NO RISK – GENUINE OPPORTUNITY SELDOM KNOCKS TWICE! FREE TRAINING & SUPPORT. CALL 0409 771 885.

A GOOD READ, laugh and cry. “Sex in your seventies” 33 chapters about life as it is lived. $25 incl post. Send to PO Box 48 North Tamborine to receive book by return mail. APPLE PIE CLEANING. General Housekeeping & Bond Cleans. Current Police Certificate. Ph: 0432 248 767 Email: ATTENTION!! What’s on the bottom of your water tank? Dead rats, snakes, toads or worse. Minimum water loss extraction cleaning system now available by The Tank Doctor 0407 649 659 or 5545 3693. CHOOKMOBILE is a fully-equipped chook pen, completely fox-proof and with a superb mobility system. Models for 4 or 7 hens. Come and check them out. Phone 0418 758 925 or 5545 2206. CLAIRVOYANT: Past Life Readings and Dream Interpretation: Carole 5545 3436 FOR SALE: • Freedom bed & mattress with bed head, Queen size, natural beech, modern design, as new $495 • Samsara dining table. Mango wood. Seats 8. Plus 8 matching high back brown leather dining chairs. $1495 (can sell separately) • Two single beds with new mattresses $400 for the two. Ph. John 0418 763 475 GARAGE SALES at several units – “Balloons to indicate action”. BIG cleanout many, many items. 27 Capo Lane North Tamborine. Call 0422 936 076. Email for a list. MOBILE MASSAGE: Qualified Therapist. Maintain the health of your body with a regular therapeutic massage. Service also avail. to some offMountain areas. Anja Cameron 0405 347 900 MOUNTAIN-WIDE PAMPHLETS Distribution service. Advertise your business. Ph 0438 452 587. MULCH: Excellent quality. Aged, clean mulch. $25/metre delivered. Ph: 5545 0467. NATUROPATH, Nutrition advice, herbalist, 0417 630 615 TAI CHI & QI GONG New Beginners’ classes commence from 3 October, Eagle Heights & Beaudesert. Kinesiology & Massage by appointment. Improve your health. See or ph Annette on 0408453884. TRADITIONAL REIKI CLASSES Reiki, massage, iridology by appointment. Change your life for the better. Phone Jan 5545 4005. 20 years experience.

QUICK QUIZ ANSWERS 1/ South Africa 2 / Blackcurrant 3/ It's Not Unusual 4/ Robert Louis Stevenson 5/ Chalk 6/ Dwight Eisenhower 7/ Tin 8/ Sweden 9/ Handel 10/ Red


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