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Vol. 1303 Tuesday May 17, 2011 Compiled & edited by volunteers for the Tamborine Mountain Community



RE-SELECTION for the State seat of Beaudesert is still up in the air following last week’s announcement that SRRC Mayor, Cr John Brent, had pulled out of the race. The LNP had already postponed pre-selection, and it appears that a Branch member revolt may have triggered Cr Brent’s withdrawal. The last issue of the Tamborine Mountain News reported that a poll had been taken recently, but the results were not yet known. In fact, they are still not known, nor has it been discovered who was doing the polling. The Queensland Party, the Australian Labor Party and SRRC CEO Craig Barke, have all denied commissioning a poll. The LNP did not deny that it had commissioned the poll, but told the Fassifern Guardian that it was “not focussed on polls.” Among the questions asked were, “Would you vote for the Mayor as the State member for Beaudesert?”, “Would you vote for John Brent as Mayor?” and “Would you vote for Cr Derek Swanborough as Mayor of the Scenic Rim?” While the results of the poll have not been made public by whoever commissioned it, they can be guessed at from the fact that it has been reported that a senior member of the LNP had been sent by the organisation to inform Cr Brent he no longer had their support. This is not simply a setback for Campbell Newman and his “can do” team – he’ll have to look elsewhere for a would-be deputy premier; it also leaves the electorate pondering a number of issues. Who will be the LNP candidate for the State seat of Beaudesert and when will it be announced? And nearer home, will Cr Brent, appearing to have been repulsed as a possible State member of parliament, ask the electorate to vote him in once more as Mayor of the Scenic Rim? Possibly so – why else did the poll ask the question, “Would you vote for John Brent as Mayor?” The answer will be known in the next few months, but whether it will ever be revealed who the mysterious pollster was, is another matter. MOUNTA I N EG E








– VA L






A really wild start at Tamborine Mountain Community Kindy!

ILDLIFE education kicked off Term Two at Tamborine Mountain Community Kindy. A visit from the Dreamworld Wildlife Education Unit came with a Tawny Frogmouth, a Painted Turtle, a Green Tree Frog, a Spotted Python and a two year old Salt Water Crocodile. The Kindy was unusually quiet, the children sat entranced listening to the concept of ‘camouflage’ and ‘habitat’, and how each animal protects itself and catches its prey. The children also learnt how to look after our unique wildlife, and were encouraged to remember; “Always be kind to wildlife”. For more information regarding Tamborine Mountain Kindy, telephone Joanne Moran on 07 5545 2224.

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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor I have been mulling over a recent TV series that focused on an English Village and the influences that took the heart of the community from bustle to closed for business. The shops, once the meeting place for the locals, were empty and forlorn. The butcher, the baker and other facilities, who once knew their customers' needs, were gone. What caused the gradual demise over the years? A supermarket. A novelty at first, providing self service for grocery lines, meat and bakery goods. Customers were delighted to be able to serve themselves from a greater variety of goods and overall, prices were cheaper. But the strong message from those involved in the re-enactment was the loss of community. Once, shopping was a social experience. “G'day there” or a chat to an

acquaintance; pat a dog tied up and waiting; post a letter or buy stamps; return library books. And I got to thinking about our North Tamborine shopping experience in the years ahead. No more bakery, greengrocers, newsagent, health food, probably even bottle shop in time. We'll drive to the new IGA at Baker's Acres, fill up our trolley, transfer to the car and then home. Expediency? So what has got me thinking? What will we lose? We humans are social creatures and we are all the better for interaction and socialisation. Who will win? Basically the supermarket is only interested in your $ that currently goes off the mountain. I'm thinking it’s hard to put a $ value on the heart of a community, but when it is gone we are all the poorer for it. E. Humphries

Dear Editor, In reference to Jim Inglis's article I would like to put my spin on the subject. Firstly let me be clear on the whole Global Warming debate. One thing is a certainty, we don’t really know what is causing it. Let us just say it could be a natural occurrence, it could be caused by humans or it could be a bit of both. Jim may disagree but there are so many scientists out there researching GW, some skeptics and some believers, that it’s too early to call. The main point I would like to make is that even if Jim is right (and it's a big if!) why keep burning coal at this incredible rate without thinking about the future? Coal burning, apart from pouring billions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, also creates acid rain with nitrogen and sulphur oxides. Just look at forests throughout the world that have been affected by this insidious phenomenon. One thing is a certainty, coal and oil will run out one day. Why not look for clean energy now, rather than later?

I agree that the carbon tax has been introduced without too much thought (like the insulation debacle) and I am not about to propose how governments make the transition from fossil fuels to cleaner energy, but it has to be done at sometime. The cold hard facts are that it will hurt our hip pockets, hopefully without too much grief, but it has to be done. Us humans have a miserable track record in regards to looking after this beatiful planet. We pollute the air, oceans and land because it's cheaper and easier to use an alternative. We slaughter whales, overfish our oceans, destroy our farm land with erosion, salinity, burn our majestic rainforests (a football field every 2.5 seconds), the list is endless. With human population topping 7 billion this year, we need to look at that big yellow ball in the sky and work out how we can harness its energy. (Nuclear is an option but obviously has a lot of negatives). If we don’t start now, then one day we will be forced to, and no doubt it will be more difficult. Martyn Haynes

Dear Editor, The discussion following the Friday night showing at the Zamia Theatre of the chilling documentary “Gasland” by Josh Fox highlighted that Tamborine Mountain and its residents would not be isolated from the impacts of coal seam gas exploration and exploitation in other parts of Queensland. Any leakage of the toxic chemicals used in the process into our wonderful natural resource – The Great Artesian Basin – will eventually contaminate the whole system. From there it would move into the chain of our food supplies through irrigation of crops and ingestion of affected meat and vegetables. The toxic waste gases that would be

Dear Editor, Concern has been expressed that the proposed Carbon Tax will result in Australian jobs being "exported" to overseas countries, but what about CO2? The purpose of the carbon tax is to make coal (and other fuels) more expensive so that, eventually, we will be forced to use less here.


emitted into the atmosphere are likely to be redeposited with rainfall or sit in inversion layers close to the ground giving rise to respiratory and other problems. It will be too late once impacts are acknowledged to have occurred. We are not able to “fix” the problems people will encounter. Throughout Australia landowners are uniting to stand up to coal seam gas mining companies through the “Lock the Gate” campaign, see I urge your readers to have a look at the material available there. Jennifer Peat

Meanwhile the Government is allowing – even encouraging – a massive increase in coal mining and export facilities. The consequence is that other countries will emit all the CO2 that Australia will be saving. Can anyone explain the logic of this? John Noble

Dear Editor, I would like to reply to the letter by Jim Inglis in your last edition. “Climategate” is the name given to an episode in 2009 when the computers of climate scientists in the UK were hacked (guess who by!) and the material within including emails carefully picked apart by the climate deniers. They had a field day selectively using material out of context and misinterpreting and deliberately misinforming to the press. This was blown up by the rightwing press to challenge the “dogma” of anthropogenic global warming. In fact it demonstrated scientists at work – careful, conservative, frightened of producing anything that might be considered by nonscientists as 'spin'. Certainly they are concerned that the plethora of surface temperature measurement apparatus is not showing consistent increases with time. However Jim cites Dr Fred Singer as writing “they tried to hide the decline in temperatures”. What decline in temperatures? Nowhere has any group of sound scientists measured or reported a decline. There are many ways of reporting trends – longer periods of higher maximums, minima rising, spring starting earlier, warmest years in the record. Everywhere you read this sort of information. Is this really the false information of naughty lefties trying to “drive rich countries into poverty and poor countries into despair”? We are enormously concerned about trends in global warming reaching tipping points which will be irrevocable. Jim talks about the book “Merchants of Doubt” linking sceptical scientists with an 'imagined' involvement with tobacco companies. There is, in fact, a very strong link. The tobacco companies used techniques which are now being copied by the climate sceptics. When the tobacco industry was faced with potentially huge reductions in

Dear Editor, I read with interest comments made in your paper of April 19 by Carmen Meshhios, Principal Adviser, then saying “being advised”. Hello!!! The matter under discussion is the frequent and continual use by articulated water tankers of the road connecting Tamborine Mountain and Tamborine Village causing concern to other users of this road and subsequent degradation of the road surface. In my opinion the foundation of this road was/is not able to accommodate the frequent loads imposed on it. Observe the damage to safety rails on some corners and the need to have convex mirrors enabling drivers to see around the corner. As a resident of Tamborine Mountian for 26 years and being a retired owner/ operator of an articulated vehicle of maximum allowable dimensions for 46 years and a few million kilometres behind me, I feel somewhat able to express my views. These tankers are classified as Heavy Vehicles requiring suitable registration according to manufacturer’s specification. The

their production they used falsehoods and underhand (sometimes illegal) methods to persuade the public that they were right that tobacco was safe. The same methods are being used in the climate debate by the fossil fuel lobby. The letter goes on (and I assume that this is still being taken by Jim from Dr Fred Singer since the inverted commas haven't closed) to talk about the “politics” of the US economists (aka 'the fossil fuel lobby') being very sound and based on the logic that all the warming since the end of the little Ice Age is within the bounds of natural variation and has plateaued for the last decade ... This 'logic' is totally flawed by what has been happening in the last 40 years compared with the fluctuations since the 'Little Ice Age' and indeed the last 10 millennia of the Holocene. Just as a recent example, (one can select such examples for any year in the last decade or two) not only the USA but even Auckland in NZ have just been hit by severe tornadoes. Is this part of 'natural variation' or a result of the increasing height of the troposphere (discussed in my article in the TM News No 1283 of 20/7/'10) due to recent global warming? The deniers denigrate the climate scientists for not showing a marked and consistent rise in temperature using the technology available. But whilst this argument niggles on, the ice is melting (the S. American Andes have lost 30% of their ice since the 1970s), ocean temperatures are definitely increasing, the oceans are getting more acid (with huge implications for climate change), the planet has just experienced the hottest decade on record – one could go on. But the deniers have, indeed, won for their masters, the fossil fuel producers. Australians believe you; they won't even vote for a carbon tax, the first prerequisite for replacement of fossil fuels. Mike Russell

number of axles and their grouping etc. also determine loadings permissible. A casual observation of these tankers would indicate a Gross Combination Mass (GCM) in the vicinity of 40 tonnes. These trucks are subject to stringent periodical inspections and are controlled by many regulations to operate on public roads. Drivers must have a licence endorsed to HC (Heavy Combination) to operate such trucks. The road mentioned has no visible signs restricting its use by such trucks. However, to use such a road one must be able to do so without violating road rules eg. not crossing double lines on corners. Personally I was not able to use this road without doing so, therein putting at risk other road users to injury and damage to their vehicles, consequently I chose to use alternative roads. Of secondary consideration was the matter of fines and loss of points off my licence if apprehended by “the law” while violating road rules. Bruce Hunter More letters next page

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hilst the total for April at Fern St of 87.4mm lay between the expected rainfall of 82mm. and the average of 130mm, the 21 rainy days much exceeded the expected of 12. This resulted in yet another really damp month continuing the mouldy warp. The map shows the south and west of the Mountain being appreciatively drier than the north and east. This reflects rain-bearing winds from the sea blowing in from the NE rather than the usual SE. Mike Russell 5545 3601

Rainfall for April, 2011 on Tamborine Mountain

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Dear Editor, I refer to the job losses at the new Drug and Alcohol Centre based on Tamborine Mountain – and run by the Salvation Army. Having attended several of the AA/Drug meetings as well as meeting and sharing with the clients of the above centre – I feel so sad. • At those meetings, these clients had the courage to tell their own stories. • Were supported and could identify with other group members. • Received unconditional love, support, respect, loyalty and endorsement from their leader – who gave his time for those in need.

Dear Editor, Interesting media comments this week. The well worn “football” that has become the Beaudesert Centre Revitalization Project (BCRP) keeps getting booted around by the Deputy Mayor Cr Cockburn. He, (Cockburn), keeps kicking this thing around to a point where the leather is worn and the ball has still not gone between the goal posts. It remains obvious any objection to this project by the community has and continues to falls on deaf ears. I would suggest Cr Cockburn will continue kicking this project forward and with every, kick the torn out divots he displaces will undoubtedly “bury” his chance at future election on this council.

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• At “break-time” coffee, tea, biscuits and sandwiches were appreciated, brought in by their leader. • Using the “12 steps” as their guide, I could feel the courage, urgency, honesty and admiration for each other. • In their greatest time of need – I feel they have been let down, by fragmenting the continuous support of their leader, both within the centre and the AA meetings. The meaning of true fellowship? Lesley James Beaudesert

It is now become my opinion it is in the best interests of the community for the Deputy Mayor to keep kicking. Coincidentally, another of Cr Cockburn’s pet projects gets a mention in the “Looking Back” column of a local paper this week. It has been (apparently) 5 years now and Bromelton remains “ready to boom”. Did it? or did I go away for a week and miss it? I guess our Deputy Mayor will not be seen at the next Beaudesert Races? I for one cannot wait for March 2012 – bring it on! Ken Vandermolen Kooralbyn


When: 1:30pm Wed 25 May 2011 @ TM Golf Club Clubhouse Topic: Defensive Driving – School Program Speaker: Sgt Mick Jones, OIC Nth Tamborine Police Station. Everyone welcome.



have been a little out of touch with Tamborine Mountain affairs since wife Pam and I took off to Tasmania for a short holiday. Unfortunately, a couple of days after arriving, Pam tripped on a rough footpath and crashed into a fence and a sharp kerb underneath. Luckily(?) it was only a couple of pelvis cracks plus other dings. She is appreciative of the hospital care she is receiving. At this stage, the highlight of the day is to be taken out in a wheelchair for coffee. She will be OK and soon back on the local scene. Being remote for a while can give a fresh appreciation of how our Council is performing. Even from afar, it doesn't look any better. Things came into focus when I learned of the Mayor's Report recently in the press in which, under the heading “Misrepresentation of Council Matters” he referred to “perpetuation of false claims on Tamborine Mountain”. For him to make such a statement is, itself, fundamental misrepresentation of the true state of affairs. Of course, seriously critical comments about Council's attitudes and performance are widespread on Tamborine Mountain. However, Cr Brent completely fails to acknowledge that the criticism from within the community is aggravated by Council rarely, if ever, responding to the purported ‘false claims’ or requests for enlightenment from the opaque Council. Perhaps it is simply the case that no reasonable responses are possible, the claims being well founded in fact. Just think of a few: A. The Hyacinth Development approvals. Both Beaudesert and Scenic Rim Shires must share the blame. I made detailed submissions that identified a fundamentally flawed succession of approvals. The Scenic Rim Council simply ignored them and refused to consider, much less correct, the situation. Instead, it continued with further approvals. When the Council was hauled to Court by the Progress Association, all but one of the progressive approvals were found to be invalid, even though Council had spent large lumps of money trying to defend the indefensible. The Progress Association lost an appeal against the one surviving approval, Council again raiding the piggy bank in grand style. The Council now seems determined to drive the Association into bankruptcy by trying to recover some of Council's excessive costs. Why has Council failed to respond with any meaningful explanation? B. The Shopping Centre. The concept was suggested to the developer by Beaudesert Shire Council officers even though it was in serious conflict with the Planning Scheme. Then Scenic Rim Council officers recommended that the development application be approved. To their credit, the SRRC Councillors rejected the application and Council defended against the developer's appeal. The unfortunate aspect was that Council refused to enter into a concerted defence with the Co-Respondents from the community. A combined action probably would have achieved a different result. Why has Council failed to respond with any meaningful explanation? C. Western Escarpment Land Dedication. An

area adjoining Witches Falls National Park and almost equal in size was required to be dedicated in 1998 as part of a rural residential land developmenmt on the flatter ground below. Although prodded, Beaudesert Shire Council failed to pursue the matter and there has been no response to my submissions to SRRC. Why has Council failed to respond with any meaningful explanation? D. Long Road extension. The desirability of this road connection has been recognised by the Councils since about 1996 as necessary for the safety and convenience of residents and visitors. The road reserve has been acquired but otherwise all we have is the roundabout (costing $648,000). Now the project has even disappeared from Council's long term program. Not even preparatory work has been done to provide a basis for grant applications. Why has Council failed to respond etc? E. Green Waste. The idea of a green waste dump was implemented during my term in office. While it has long been known that use of the present site must cease later this year, Council doesn't appear to have any solution in sight. It seems deaf to the widely expressed concerns. It would be an environmental and cost nonsense if green waste was again carted off the Mountain, landfill being the worst of solutions. Incidentally, I believe that a site off the missing Long Road extension could be ideal. Why has Council failed to respond etc? F. Beaudesert Centre Revitalisation Project. Council's handling of this project remains totally unconvincing. The relatively small number of survey responses don't provide justification even when a large proportion are admitted to be anonymous. Then, most of the responses to an invitation by Cr Bensted for a further round of submissions have apparently disappeared into limbo. If in fact Beaudesert needs a new centre for its community, it should be justified on that basis – not the doubtful need for a large library in this time of rapid change. I have just had an interesting conversation with an electronics retatiler. They have a problem with ebooks – they can't get enough of them! Cr Cockburn apparently sees the project as his monumental crusade against ignorance. He claims that it will be of benefit to Beaudesert and the surrounding regions. What would Tamborine Mountain would get for contributing almost 25% of the cost of the project? Cr Cockburn's other great crusade, Bromelton, as always remains ‘just about to happen’. It was recently stated in Council that some time ago funds were allocated in the budget to upgrade the Beaudesert library. However, the allocation was diverted to build a pipeline to Bromelton. Ultimately, that didn't happen either. There are very serious unanswered questions about this high cost project. Why has Council failed to respond etc? It is to be completely expected that a community such as this will ask searching questions. When these are ignored, doubts about the validity of Council's attitudes will inevitably be aggravated. It doesn't help when the competent Councillor representing most of the area is effectively sidelined.


Phil Giffard

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I am required by Scenic Rim Regional Council policy to make the following statements: • These are my personal views. • When a Council votes on a decision, they count the votes and the decision is made based on the side that gets the most votes. BECOMING A COUNCILLOR One of the great things about democracy is that the people decide who they want as their representatives. That means, with a few exceptions, all Australian citizens living in the area can have a go at being a leader and a chance to improve the community in which they live, on a four year contract with the people. I encourage anyone who thinks that they are suited to this calling to now giving it some consideration and stepping forward. I have recruited scores of Executive Managers and Directors during my career and have a fair understanding of what is looked for in the process and of understanding who is likely to be successful in various occupations and situations. Often the guiding document is called a “Position Description”. On behalf of the community, I am writing a position description that I consider you as employers can use to select your future councillors. In my next column I will present my first draft, and I will work with the community to refine this over the next few months so we can agree on what we want in our Councillors. The next elections will be different from past ones in that there will be more analysis, more information on all potential candidates presented on the internet, in blogs, etc for all to have easy access in advance. People can be better informed and learn more about their potential candidates, their qualifications, track record, achievements and abilities to do the job. Voters will be able to see what others are saying about prospective Councillors. Being a Councillor is an important job that impacts the quality of our lives and our hip-pockets, and ratepayers will get better outcomes if they are better informed to elect the best team for the job. I believe that I will make the best contribution for the future of the Scenic Rim by assisting in facilitating this process with the many others who have a similar interest. NEW “MERIDIAN” I was so pleased to get along to the new Meridian Gym opening. Council worked hard to keep the doors open for this service for the community and now it’s bigger and better than before. I urge everyone to get behind it and make it successful. Congratulations to new owners Sandra Mear and Bobby de Lume. Photo page? ARTISANS CENTRE COMMITTEE I attended the second meeting of this committee which is organising to advocate and build an Artisans Centre to harness our great Creative Industries sector on TM. We are looking at the Council land on the corner of Hartley and Long Roads as a suitable


location. This was well supported in the Social Plan consultations. Just like the Tamborine Mountain Sports Ground Committee which took ten years of hard work to achieve success, this committee is determined to progress the long term project with Council assistance. I will work with the committee to facilitate this important Economic and Community development initiative. NEW VALUATIONS RELEASED Rates implications The brochure that everyone received with their valuation explains the new process, so I won’t duplicate this in my column. What is important is the implication for rates. Well, we are in budget discussions now and these implications are not yet known, but are firmly in Council’s control. However, I can tell you what should happen. What should happen is that because, on average, the Mountain’s valuations have declined by 1.75% whereas the total valuation in all areas has increased by 12.36%, the Mountain is due for some rate relief in comparison to other areas. In 2008, when valuations were last released, Tamborine Mountain had very high increases compared with most other areas, and despite the rates banding that was introduced, there was a oneoff impact on our level of rates, increasing them sharply. This base was multiplied by successive annual increases compounding to greater than 30% across all rate classes. Council can smooth valuation impacts by various methods such as differential general rating, the three or two year averaging of rates, or by rate capping. We have to see what happens. You may have already worked it out for yourselves. No matter what, one would expect there will be rate relief for rural properties on the Mountain because they retain their lower UCV valuations. They collectively have decreased by 9.17% relative to the whole shire. The difficulty now in managing this whole process is that banding impacts different valuation levels across the whole shire area. VOLUNTEERS HONOURED Congratulations to all our volunteers who were honoured in a first comprehensive volunteers get- together in the Zamia Theatre. Unfortunately I had a budget meeting, so couldn’t attend. I’m sure there will be more stories in respective newspapers to follow, so will say no more. Photos on page 14. CONSULTATION IN LIBRARY I meet with residents at the Tamborine Mountain Library on the second Wednesday of the month from 4–6pm. I will be there next on Wed 8 June 2011. Call me or leave a text message if you require an appointment or simply drop in. My mobile number is 0447 206 006. I am always available for on-site meetings to address residents’ issues as required. The best email address to make a personal appointment is You can follow my Mountain Photos on Facebook. Search for Derek Swanborough.



T is never easy counting wildlife, it is even more difficult when the species is mobile and covers a wide territory. Yet it is crucial to calculate at least a reasonable approximation of a species population to establish how the species is faring. It is particularly important in areas such as South East Qld where human impact is changing the natural environment. To assist in the daunting task of surveying wildlife many government authorities and universities are now utilising the services of volunteers and “citizen scientists” and recording and reviewing the observations of the general public. One such project in our region is the study of Glossy Black-Cockatoos by Dr Guy Castley, Senior Research Fellow of the School of Environment, Griffith University and the Glossy Black Conservancy. These friendly, appealing birds are one of the rarest species of parrot in Australia and South East Qld is a stronghold for the species. They have a very specialised, restrictive diet and only feed on seeds in the cones of she-oaks (Casuarina and Alocasuarina), they also need large tree hollows for nesting. Glossy Black-Cockatoos are the smallest black-cockatoo, up to 48cm in length, they are a dark dusty brown/black in colour. Males and females look different – males have a short crest, dusty brown head, red panels on the tail feathers, females have irregular yellow blotches on the head and neck and barred orange-yellow panels on the tail feathers. They usually occur in small groups, they feed quietly, their call is a soft wailing “tarr-red”. They are more likely to be heard

in early morning or late afternoon. Glossy Black-Cockatoos are observed on Tamborine Mountain occasionally, another species of black cockatoo, the Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo, is far more commonly seen on the Mountain. What are the differences between the two species? The Yellow-tailed has yellow cheek patches and yellow tail panels, they are larger and fly with a slow undulating buoyant flight and their haunting call is a loud wailing “ka-reela”. How can you help? You can register as a volunteer and join the survey on 22 May. You can also assist by reporting your observations. Perhaps you have seen Glossies in your area or possibly you used to see them in the past but no longer see them. You can check under she oak trees for chewed she-oak cones, this provides evidence of the presence of Glossies. All this information is part of a jigsaw that can help create a snapshot of the status of this special parrot. Apart from the study you can also assist them and other species by providing water in your garden and preserving tree hollows. The Glossy Black Conservancy website ( provides valuable information and includes photographs by TMNHA member Marg Eller. You can contact Guy on 07 5552 8918, Mobile 040 976 0043 email Guy Castley Next Bushwalk Saturday 28 May, Canyon Lookout Springbrook. Next Birdwalk Saturday 21 May, Sarabah and Darlington Range Rd. Nadia O’Carroll

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HE skies cleared at Eagle Heights on Saturday morning, 30 April, to allow a group of Tai Chi practitioners to come together in the Park to celebrate World Tai Chi Qigong Day. At 10am on this day, people in over 65 countries joined in the practice of this ancient art with the sole purpose of advancing personal and global health and healing. (See Tai Chi has a multitude of health benefits for people of all ages, regardless of present fitness levels. It is often referred to as ‘moving meditation’, and its slow, graceful

Have you heard the latest? Audio Active have changed their name to Active Hearing! At Audio Active we’ve changed our name, not our focus. We believe that hearing aids are as much about the accuracy of the fitting as they are about the technology itself, making it very important to choose your trained audiologist before you choose your hearing aid. Whether it’s one of the world’s smallest hearing aids or some of the most technologically advanced accessories available, we’re sure to have a solution that’s just right for you. Specialists in discreet hearing solutions t*OJUJBMDPOTVMUBUJPOFREE t*OUFSFTUFREE QBZNFOUQMBOT  t4QFDJBMJTUTJOIJEEFOTPMVUJPOT t4FOJPSTDBSEDPODFTTJPOT tFREEEJHJUBMIFBSJOHBJETGPSFMJHJCMF QFOTJPOFSTBOEWFUFSBOT $POEJUJPOTBQQMZ $POUBDUVTGPSEFUBJMT

Call us to make an appointment today! Active Hearing Tamborine Tamborine Mountain Medical Centre 16 Main Western Road, North Tamborine 5591 7688


movements provide a lot more exercise than meets the eye. Recent studies have found Tai Chi to also be of great benefit in helping to prevent the onset of dementia, in managing diabetes and alleviating arthritis. If you wish to explore the martial art aspect of Tai Chi Chuan, that option is also available to you. By learning a set of slow movements, anyone can receive the health benefits, improve breathing, posture, flexibility, concentration, relaxation and fitness. If you would like to find out more about local classes see or phone Gai on 5545 2409. Gai Wanless


Model maker Merv brings Bismarck to life

EVENTY years after British Prime Minister Winston Churchill gave the famous order “sink the Bismarck’’, Tamborine Mountain World War II veteran Merv Somerville has “raised’’ the legendary German battleship. May 27, 2011 marks the 70th anniversary of the sinking of the Bismarck, which in 1941, made headlines around the world. In its brief career, lasting little over a week from May 19, 1941, the Bismarck had sunk the pride of the Royal Navy, the HMS Hood, prompting Churchill to demand its destruction. Perhaps the best known battleship of World War Two, the 50,000 tonne Bismarck was the largest warship of its time, and Merv’s carefully finished and detailed 1:200 scale model is no less impressive. It took Merv almost three years to complete the project from 140 kits which arrived in weekly instalments. A veteran of the Kokoda campaign, Merv had enjoyed making models as a boy, but he did not realise the commitment that would be required to complete the Bismarck. “I never knew it was going to be as big as it is,” said Merv, studying the 132-centimetre long model which is set in a glass case on a piece of polished silky oak taken from a tree in his back yard. “I had to drill 300 half-millimetre holes for the 300 tiny railing posts, and I had to visit three shops on the Gold Coast just to find a drill bit small enough. “It was a very ticklish job.” Lisa Stubbs

BAKERY Tamborine Mountain OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Mon-Fri 6am to 5.30pm Sat-Sun 6am to 4pm


White, Wholemeal, Grain, Sour Dough, Cape Seed, German Black Bread, Turkish & Fancy Cobbs.

 CAKES, SLICES, DONUTS Fresh cream cakes and tortes daily; Don’t forget Cakes for Birthdays and Special Occasions

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PHARMACY Friendly Professional Service

OPEN: MON-FRI 8.15am–6pm SAT 8.15am–12.30pm The staff and customers of Mt Tamborine Pharmacy wish ALICIA a Happy 30th Birthday on 23rd May. We hope she has a wonderful day with many special memories. Tel: 5545 1450 • Fax: 5545 2277 2/12 Main Western Rd, Nth Tamborine TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN NEWS VOL. 1303, MAY 17, 2011 – 9


This is happening much too often

ONSIDERABLE clearing took place at this Long Road property recently. A number of the trees felled were attractive, mature flooded gums (Eucalyptus grandis) growing on the road reserve corridor, which is Council-controlled public land. In addition, significant trees were felled on the owner's property which, being over 2000m2, is subject to Tamborine Mountain Vegetation Protection By-laws. Under these by-laws, property owners require a Council permit to remove native vegetation. Council is currently investigating this matter, as it is believed that no permit was issued. The unwarranted and unauthorised destruction of trees and remnant native undergrowth on public land is unlawful and it is to be hoped that Council will make a strong response, using all the powers available to it which include the potential to prosecute under the Forestry Act, rather than merely imposing a small fine as it has done in the past. Tamborine Mountain residents need to be aware of their responsibility to protect local native flora and fauna, to consider carefully and check with Council before deciding to clear undergrowth and fell trees. Large eucalypts of this age (probably well over 100 years old) host a wide range of wildlife, are beautiful in their own right and irreplaceable in our lifetimes. Tree contractors should be cognizant of the local by-laws regarding

Property owners, please remember the roadside is not yours to clear!

vegetation removal on private and public property, and refuse to fell trees without sighting the appropriate permits from Council. Hopefully the property owner will not have the benefit of the timber from these trees;

hopefully too, Council will make an effort to plant replacement Eucalyptus grandis at an appropriate site where the trees can grow in peace, to the benefit of local fauna, including the human variety. P. Aagaard

R E A L E S T AT E 4/18 Main Street North Tamborine

Phone: 5545 0900 Fax: 5545 1338

THE PROPERTIES LISTED BELOW ARE AVAILABLE FOR RENT, THOUGH SOME MAY STILL BE TENTANTED 10 Orchis Dr ..........................................$310pw 2/3 bedrooms, open plan living, fireplace, views, 1 bathroom, verandah, tandem carport, shed, fenced. 11 Tabor Dr ............................................$350pw 3 bed/1 bath, 3 level open planliving , study & deck, backs onto green corridor, covered carport. 10 Java Crt ............................................$425pw 3 bed/2 bath, office, lounge/dining, sep. kitchen/ family room, conservatory, lovely grounds, DLUG


5545 1231

5 Knoll Rd ..............................................$425pw 3 bed/1 bath, kitchen, formal lounge/dining, covered front verandah, sunroom, single lock-up garage, gardening included. 19 Alpine Tce .........................................$750pw Large property, 3 bed/2 bathr, spacious open plan living, views from every window, covered & enclosed verandah. Sep. 1 bed/1 bathr open plan cottage; stand alone studio/work cottage; beautiful acreage & gardens

JON HAMMOND 0417 732 515

Shop 7, “Tamborine Plaza” North Tamborine

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For all your Real Estate Needs



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A vision for residents, visitors, farmers and frogs

AAP Vogel, guest speaker at the forthcoming General Meeting of Tamborine Mountain Landcare on 29th March, will present his vision for a Green Infrastructure. This is a sustainable network of our significant rainforest reserves, parks, agricultural land and recreation areas that also takes into account the needs of farmers and the tourism industry. In the USA Green Infrastructure is a widely recognized strategy for planning the future use of land and includes equal input by farmers, tourism industries, local residents and ecologists. To set up a Green Infrastructure, farmers, tourism operators, other business people, local residents and ecologists work together to develop plans, in consultation with local and state governments. It starts by identifying the ecological features of the area with its biodiversity corridors, and cultural and historical features such as trails, Indigenous sites and historic buildings. Anticipated developments of farmlands and the needs for horse-, bike- and walking-trails and other tourism facilities are also identified. The financial costs of such a development are investigated as well. In the USA such projects have managed to secure much higher funding than expected because the plans were supported not only by 'greenies' but by the entire community, including businesses. The broad scale and integration of Green Infrastructure can lead to enhanced economic benefits: property values may increase in areas where natural habitats are protected, tourism flourishes as visitors increasingly look for the 'nature experience', and farmers are likely to find their waterways becoming healthier. Green Infrastructure can be a 'win-win' for the entire community. Jaap will explain the essentials of Green Infrastructure in a dynamic powerpoint presentation, and suggest how 'theory' might be translated into practical application in our region, with the consequent opportunities for wildlife, farming and tourism. All are welcome to attend the presentation at Eagle Heights Resort Hotel on 29th May, 9.30 for 10am. Wendy Morgan

14 Main Western Road North Tamborine and Shop 1/17 Southport Avenue Eagle Heights (next to the Eagle Heights Pharmacy)

• Dr Ann Bennett • Dr Leeann Carr-Brown • Dr Jan Zomerdijk • Dr Henri Coombs • Dr Jeet George • Dr John Purton • Dr Sanne Kreijkamp-Kaspers

AVAILABLE SERVICES INCLUDE: ~ General Family Medicine ~ Baby Health Clinic ~ Well Women’s Clinic ~ Skin Clinic ~ Aviation & Maritime Medicals ~ Mental Health & Chronic Disease Management ~ Vaccinations ~ Psychology ~ Podiatry ~ Dietitian & Audiometry Services BULK BILLING is available for regular patients who are Pensioners, Health Care Card Holders or children under 16 years of age.

OPENING HOURS Mon – Thurs 8.30am – 8pm • Fri 8.30am – 5pm Sat 8.30am – 12 noon • Sun 8.30am – 10.30am Home visits and after hours services are available for regular patients of the practice.



Tamborine Mountain Creative Arts Biggest Morning Tea



Phone: 5545 1938 Mobile: 0417 001 536

Email: Web:

NCE again we are hosting The Biggest Morning Tea to raise funds for the Cancer Council of Australia. This year’s event will be held on Wednesday 1 June at the Creative Arts Centre commencing at 9.30am. All members and guests are welcome to attend. A Mystery Auction will be held in conjunction with the morning tea. Members and guests are requested to bring a wrapped item to the value of $10.00 for the auction and a plate of finger food to share. We will also be conducting a display of plates in the categories of decorative, creative and old, so if anyone has a plate that fits one of these categories, please bring it along for the display. Plates will be judged by members. All proceeds from this day go to the Cancer Council of Australia.


AST Tuesday, May 10th, many members of Tamborine Mountain Rural Fire Brigade gathered for a morning tea at the Kitchen Table in Main Street to wish their retiring Treasurer, Gail Gray, and her husband, Bob, well as they move to the Gold Coast to be nearer medical facilities and public transport. Gail has served the Brigade extremely well during the past decade. She lifted it from having members beg for money up and down Gallery Walk to pay off an interest-free loan to another brigade for a secondhand fire truck, to being able to co-sign a five figure cheque for our recently acquired new twin-cab fire truck. This was mainly achieved by accepting the invitation from Dorothy and LLoyd Holloway to sell Brigade raffle tickets, and collect donations at the door of the Craft Extravaganza displays, and by Gail’s organising the catering at what became known as the Crafty Cafe. Typical of Gail, to save the Brigade the cost and inconvenience of an immediate additional audit, she will complete the financial year as Treasurer before handing over to her successor. Neville Crocombe, Chairman, TMRFB

TMRFB retirement morning tea

NEW! Vacuum insulated travel mugs

Featuring double wall stainless steel insulation. Available at Eagle Heights Pharmacy now! Did you know? Around 1 billion cups of takeaway coffee are produced in Australia each year. This equates to 7 million kg of solid waste in Australian landfills per year. The plastic lining in disposable paper cups means they are not recyclable. Biodegradation of a paper cup can take 50 years or more.

OPEN HOURS Mon-Fri 8.30am – 6.30pm Sat 8.30am – 12.30pm Sun 9.30am – 12.00pm Shop 17 Southport Ave Ph: 5545 1441 Join us on Facebook 12 – TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN NEWS VOL. 1303, MAY 17, 2011

scythe does – God forbid! To those wonderful locals that continue to call in dangerous acts and record the time, descriptions and registrations we thank you again. Only last week another driver had his license revoked from the evidence and followby Sgt Mick Jones, North Tamborine Police up investigations after good information from a very reliable local source. HUZZAHH!!! early morning hooning episode on the Mountain roads when police are sleeping were NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH DRIVE We are seeking more help in North the undoing of another demerit point for this Tamborine to re-establish that area’s licensee. I suspect his only next option may Neighbourhood Watch Programme. This be a 12 months 1 point good behaviour... project is aimed at reducing residential crime perhaps that may stop him, as my countless and it encourages interaction and responsibility pleas have fallen on deaf ears? between neighbours. The North Tamborine Area Please parents, if your kids are prone to the covers Forest Park Estate, Beacon Road, North hooning hiatus or if you are not sure keep an Tamborine shops and surrounds to Curtis Falls. eye on the condition of their tyres from time to Initially, we need a small band of people time and you will soon know if the car is being who will get assistance from our station and dangerously driven or not. You will see that the Coomera District Crime Prevention Unit to there are burnt molten tyre-rubber particles set it up and then ongoing support. flicked up and stuck to the wheel arch and of If you’d like to see what is involved perhaps course the lack of tread. If there are spare tyres building up in the shed or extra ones on standby, you could attend the next public meeting of Area 2 at the Golf Club on Wednesday May alarm bells should be clanging. It will often only be on one side so be sure to check all tyres 25th at 1.30pm. Police will be attending and you could take up with them there or telephone front and back. Surely this is all the evidence the station on 5545 3473. you need to re-charge your chagrin and start There are also vacancies for Coordinators at negotiating with the driver. the south end of the mountain. There was a Blue Holden sedan (temporarily broken spate of break-ins in the Mount Tamborine area down just last night) you’re next and little in April but good news, the suspect has been two colours you’re number three on the list. Oh yes! And the new fool on the block down identified and just waiting to see him and his accomplice arrested. Please be vigilant! at Tamborine in the Lilac buzzbox and his Now – I should get out there and get mate that like racing, welcome aboard. I trust amongst it! Be safe, be kind and stay warm. our hunt for you will be as usual victorious for us in the end. Let’s just hope and pray we ‘P’ Platers – once again, you’re on notice! get to you before the dark angel with the Mick


THE HORROR OF HOONING! Another two deaths last night and my heart skipped a beat when I heard Golf Links Road mentioned in the broadcast and thought that the known idiot that has been damaging the road with his tyres of late on Guanaba Road near the Golf Course turnoff may have come to grief. Thank heavens it was not our local lad (whose, as the law of life dictates, day cometh soon and his license shall no longer exist and I must add that is the worst I wish for this and the other fools hooning in the wee hours on our otherwise quiet mountain). Our deepest condolences go to the families no doubt shattered this past weekend with the horror of road fatalities and I again pledge to the good community that hoons will not be tolerated on our watch. Last night as the horrors of the fatal on Sunshine Coast were unknowingly unfolding I issued a traffic infringement notice to a particular red utility vehicle that has been seen drifting and skidding tyres around the round about at the show grounds (amongst other activity). Of particular interest was the fact that the car was only parked on the roadside and had not been seen by me to have been driven. Thank the good Lord it is also an offence to park an un-roadworthy vehicle on a road and the bald tyres ready and rearing for another

EAGLE HEIGHTS MEDICAL CENTRE Suite 2/34 Southport Ave, Eagle Heights (next to Post Office)


ALL NEW PATIENTS WELCOME – OPEN BOOKS FREE HOUSE CALLS (MONDAYS – DAYTIME) Female Doctor Dr Himali Jayasekera, Male Dr Mariusz Zielinski CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST DR JACOBUS KLEYNHANS ON-SITE – MORE DOCTORS COMING SOON – General Family Medicine – Women’s Health – Men’s Health Shared Antenatal Care – Child Health & Immunizations – Counselling Pre-employment & Drivers’ Medicals – Insurance Medicals – Hearing Tests FREE SEASONAL FLU VACCINATIONS FOR OVER 65s


DENTURE CLINIC Quality Full & Partial Dentures caringly sculpted by

Joe Russell Shop 10/17 Southport Ave Eagle Heights Shopping Village TUESDAY & FRIDAY

5545 3128 Has your smile lost its charm? Are your dentures loose, uncomfortable or worn down? Is it more than 5 years since your dentures were checked? Do your dentures make you unhappy?

Specialising in Precision Dentures Laminated Sports Mouthguards Eftpos Available • Health Fund via Hi Caps

Meals on Wheels Roster

Acting Principal Kate Bentley (centre) congratulates volunteers Frank White and Susan Malham


School pays tribute to its volunteers

ATIONAL Volunteers Week was a timely opportunity for Tamborine Mountain State School to thank the many parents, grandparents and community members who contribute their time and talents to the school. At a special morning tea last week, acting

principal, Kate Bentley, acknowledged the value of volunteers’ unpaid work in enriching the lives of students. Volunteers work in the classroom with students, staff the tuckshop, help out in the library and at working bees, assist in the music program, run the book club, assist teachers on school excursions, and contribute to the running of the P and C and a range of fundraising activities. Lisa Stubbs

MAY 2011 MON 2 .......... LABOUR DAY (NO DELIVERY) WED 4.............................IAN WOODWARD FRI 6 ..... MARGARET AND ROGER LENEHAN MON 9: ...................... MADELEINE JANTOS WED 11: ...........................CATHY BUCKLEY FRI 13: ................................GLENYS KELLY MON 16: ..................................NOLA PINK WED 18:..................... ELIZABETH RUSSELL FRI 20: ........................ERLINDA ATTWATER MON 23: ..........................DENIECE WYLLIE WED 25: ................................SUE HEIDKE FRI 27: .........................LINDA DUBBERLEY MON 30:..................... LAURENE HASSARD 14 – TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN NEWS VOL. 1303, MAY 17, 2011

“A wonderful morning tea was held last week in acknowledgement of volunteerism on the mountain. Only a small portion of local volunteers could actually attend, so the total numbers are impressive. They should all be very proud of themselves.” Sgt Mick Jones


have just been advised by a member of our Coomera Crime Bulletin email list of an email scam. How this one works is that they send you an email claiming to be from the Australian Tax Office and advise that you are eligible for a tax refund. The email address from the sender will also appear to be from ”” and have attached a “ .html “ file that appears to be a genuine web page “” If you click on properties of the sender of the email you will see that it is not from the ATO. They hope that you are too lazy to search for the ATO website and will open up the attached .html page. If you open that file it appears to open a link to a genuine ATO internet page – BUT it is a COPY of the ATO web site but if you look at the web address (http://web.skru.###### etc) you can clearly see it is NOT the ATO. It asks for your personal details such as email, date of birth tax file number etc. to do a search. If you do this your details will be sent to person(s) unknown and I guarantee that you will be the victim of identity theft. The consequences of being a victim of identity theft are enormous and could result in fraud offenders claiming to be you and then the victims of fraud chasing you for unpaid bills and a bad credit rating making it almost impossible for you to get a loan. Some victims of identity theft have found out their identity has been stolen when they are advised that their licence has been cncelled due to offences they haven’t committed or there is a warrant for their arrest. Try and explain that to an insurance company when you are trying to make a claim for a traffic accident. Identity theft will continue to haunt the victim for years. The ATO has been contacted and have confirmed that they are not the author of the email and do NOT send out emails like this. Please be careful: unsolicited emails you receive that sound too good to be true usually are. Please conduct some investigation into the source of the email to ensure it is genuine before giving out any of your personal information.

More from your local Police

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FRAUD & SCAMS AS WELL AS HOW TO REPORT SCAMS, PLEASE VISIT QLD POLICE WEBSITE: OTHER INFORMATION THAT MAY ASSIST. • Report this type of scam via the SCAMwatch “report a scam” page at or by calling 1300 795 995 USEFUL WEBSITES SecureIdentity – for more information on identity theft and what you can do to secure yourself: – Phone 1800 022 043 QLD Office of Fair Trading (OFT) Telephone: 13 13 04 Australian Securities & Investments Commission – financial tips and safety checks – SCAMwatch – a site to help you recognise, report and protect yourself from scams: – Phone 1300 795 995 The Queensland Police Service (QPS) has developed an initiative to assist victims reporting – Advance Fee Fraud. This initiative will, in some cases, progress a fraud report to an overseas Law Enforcement Agency. It will also provide the QPS with key intelligence to proactively combat this crime. To report a matter of Advance Fee Fraud please follow the steps outlined in the Online Reporting System for Advance Fee Fraud located at ams/reporting.htm Sgt Mick Jones


N his Councillor Column (page 6) Cr Swanborough comments on the just released land valuations and how the Mountain compares with the rest of the Scenic Rim region. It is interesting to note that whilst Tamborine Mountain figures show an overall decrease of 1.75% as against an overall increase of 12.36% for the whole region, a further breakdown reveals that the region’s values for rural and non-rural properties are both up by more than 12%, whereas on the Mountain the rural properties are down by 9.17%, but the non-rural ones have increased by 1.20%. Trying to read anything into this as being a trend is difficult if not impossible and DERM insist that their numbers continue to be based on recent sales of comparable pieces of land. Also as a matter of possible interest: there are 16,839 properties in the Scenic Rim region, 3,403 of them on Tamborine Mountain; of these 2,835 are classed as non-rural and 568 as rural.



RACQ - wouldn’t be without them.

Be sure your car is safe for all weathers. 41 Main Street, North Tamborine Ph 5545 1214 • A/H 131 111


5545 3390


U-Drive Dingo Hire with Attachments Large blocks for retaining walls or heavy-duty control solutions

bagged fertiliser bagged mulches drainage gravels crusher dust P .U. O roadbase decorative gravels R D E L r soils sandstones IVER Y t fo n u s treated logs co ad mulches Dis m3 lo rocks concrete blend 6 stepping stones sleepers to 4.8m railway sleepers sands, barks



Hartley Road, North Tamborine



Vale, Robert James Nicholls (Eulogy by June Melbourne)


Who would like to adopt a three year old female cat called Lily? Lilly’s owner, Elsie Meade, passed away a month ago and unfortunately we have not been able to find a kind and gentle person to take her in. She has been living on her own ever since. She is being fed twice daily by people who would love to have her themselves but they have a big bouncy dog who scares Lily! So is there anyone out there with a big heart and lots of love who would like a feline companion? If so please call Sue on 5545 0955 or Sonia on 5545 1904.

2011 Bridge Beginners Classes Commence: Saturday 4 June 10.30am Venue: Roslyn Lodge Cost: $50 (incl materials) for 7-week course. Bookings: Confirm places by calling Derek – Ph: 5545 4288. NB: Participants in previous TM Bridge Club courses are welcome to attend again at no cost. You should bring previously issued notes.


6.30-9.30pm • Ages 5-17 • $5 Vond a Yo ung ma n Co mm unity Ce ntre K noll Rd , Nor th Ta m bo rine


OB Nicholls was a man of vision. He had a vision for a small College serving the community of Tamborine Mountain. It had to be truly independent, coeducational and non-denominational. With supportive wife Maureen at his side designing the uniform and logo, Mr Nicholl’s vision became a reality – he is the Founding Principal of Tamborine Mountain College. The College began at the Showgrounds in 1995 with 15 students in Year 8 and Rob as the only teacher. Rob recalled recently that it really was a lot of fun – even dismantling the school every week for the mountain’s weekend markets! However the next year new premises were needed and the College relocated to the Convention Centre. The beautiful views and fabulous grounds were one thing, but according to Rob, the jumping ants were another - they made some of the students’ lives miserable (I think Rob found this quite amusing). Finally Rob established the College at Beacon Road in 1997. Rob was the Principal, but also a teacher – he was the Science Teacher and gave to many many students an understanding and appreciation of learning. Rob employed me as an English teacher at the College in 1998. I realized immediately that the College was indeed a “special” place – exactly the kind of school I had been looking for, my whole career! Mr Nicholls was the best possible leader – one who actually led by example: • Academic excellence of the College was achieved through his standards and expectations. • Sporting involvement – coaching Net Ball and Rugby. He formed ICCA with Hills and Kooralbyn schools for Cross-country, Swimming and Athletics – the Percentage Trophy coming home to the College with our enthused and exhausted students. Rob always leading Running Club in the early mornings before school, often taking Bonnie, his dog, with him. He encouraged others to do the same with their pets - and even parents!! It’s funny how things come full circle as we have just reunited an interschool competition with Hills and Kooralbyn this very term. • Debating – Rob was always a coach. He coached the Gold Coast Champion Year 10 team in 1999. This team gained great intellect from philosophical discussions held in Mr Nicholls’ “dungeon – like” office, as it was known. He enjoyed getting his team to rant and rave - these teenagers disagreeing and arguing was pure joy for Rob!! • Public Speaking Competitions, Tournaments of Minds all brought success and reputation to the College and it was Rob who generated the energy and commitment to these areas. • Rob had a great sense of community and involved the College in Community Care and support for many charities such as Red Shield, Guide Dogs, Legacy, Make-A-Wish. • College life was always fun with Ski trips, Trivia Nights, Plays and Productions, Yr 12 Formals held at only the very best venues, oversea connections and trips abroad. • But it was perhaps the College Camps that are so well remembered. Rob’s theory was that you wear the students out so that they would sleep at night, too exhausted to get up to mischief – yeah…..sure!!! “Death


Marches” and Night Walks to alert our night vision were mandatory and as much as we all complained, it was great fun, even though we somehow always went camping in the worst possible weather. Rob and Maureen lived on campus in “Box Cottage”. They were very private people but did share their lives with the school and students and staff. We all knew how much they loved each other – often seen holding hands – no PDA Rob would have said (Public Display of Affection) – but it gave us all an understanding of Rob as a man, a husband, not just a Principal. It educated the students on the value and respect of love. A marriage and relationship that also served as an example to all. Rob had a great sense of humour – corny perhaps at times, always coming back with an obvious pun or one liner! Rob maintained that he was hard of hearing, but none of the students nor staff took a chance, just in case he was bluffing! He made the work place and education a pleasure. I always enjoyed working at the College and it really became my life – and still is! My children were educated at the College and are fine examples of a good College education. My husband has been for me, as Maureen was for Rob. Mr Nicholls handed over the reins of Principalship to me in 2002. He continued as Bursar and Chairman of the College Board. Rob was my role model, my mentor and my inspiration. He believed in firm but friendly discipline. He helped me, guided me. He knew the difficulties that came with the role and always supported me, never undermined or criticised me. I will always be truly thankful for his genuine regard and respect for the position of Principal. Tamborine Mountain College recently celebrated its first official Reunion and Heritage Event. Mr Nicholls was unwell, but enjoyed the evening, meeting and seeing again the young people he had taught. “One Man’s Dream”, The Heritage DVD and Photobook, were presented to Mr Nicholls in appreciation and recognition of the College’s beginnings and Mr Nicholls’ valuable contribution to our community. It is important that the history of the College is recorded for prosperity. Rob again had a vision - that the College would grow and in the year 3011 would be steeped in tradition and history – I know that he will again be proven right. Mr Nicholls was instrumental in putting forward the College’s Masterplan, which saw the official opening last year of stage 1, The Robert Nicholls Science Centre. As a Science Teacher, he designed its functionality and it has proven to be a great asset for the College. This year, stage 2 is planned to begin in July with the library and classrooms. I only wish that Rob was here to see it too. Mr Robert Nicholls was a genuine decent man with a dignified manner. A great leader, a great educator. He will always be in our hearts. I will think of him each time the Agapanthas blossom. They lined the College driveway and Rob was constantly tracking down those students who made a game of karate chopping the flower heads! Rob Nicholls is loved and respected. He will be sorely missed by all at, and associated with Tamborine Mountain College.

The Mountaintop Hair Shoppe Phone: 5545 1491

Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri 9am–4pm Tues & Sat 9am–12 noon

Main St., North Tamborine

From page 6: Cr Swanborough at the opening of Meridian Gym

Winter is just around the corner and so is WINTER HOLIDAY CLUB!


INTER Holiday Club is held at the Tamborine Mt. Presbyterian Church Hall, in the first week of the winter school holidays. This popular holiday club has been running for 16 years and has been attended by many, many children from the mountain community over the years, and by many other children who come up for the week to stay with grandparents.

DATES AND TIMES: Monday 27th June to Friday 1st July, 9am to 12 noon daily COST: $30 per child with maximum $100 for families with four or more children.


ES, it’s true, Tamborine has got talent and if you want know what kind then all you have to do is come along and see for yourself. We have had an excellent response and a great night should be had by one and all. It will be a real variety night, with acts covering instrumentalists, singers, dancers, poets, storytellers. We have three experienced judges: David Edwards (actor/writer/director), Anna Beveridge (musician/artist) and Barbara Proudman (dancer/choreographer/publisher). The competition will take place at the

HOW DO I REGISTER? 1. Make a booking first by ringing Annette Harden on 5545 1092 (AH) or by email on giving the names and ages and school grades of all children coming from the family. Children from Prep to Year 7 are eligible to attend. 2. Download a registration/medical pdf form or in person from the chaplain of your local school, or ask me to send you a form when you book. 3. Register and pay at the church office on Wed 15th June-8:30-9:30am, Thursday 16th June, 2-3:30pm, Monday 20th June2-3:30pm, Thursday 23rd June-8:309:30am, or Fri 24th June-2-3:30pm or pay by cheque sent to “Holiday Club”, PO Box 75, N. Tamborine, Q 4272. Cheques should be made out to “Tamborine Mt. Presbyterian Church Sunday School” WHAT WILL HAPPEN AT HOLIDAY CLUB? Our theme this year is “Lost World” and includes a play about children on a walk in a rainforest, who meet smugglers, and much more! There will also be singing with a live band, craft, sport, games, and on Friday a special treat, a rainforest walk and picnic at the Knoll, which parents are welcome to join. Annette Harden

Zamia Theatre, Saturday 21 May, starting at 7pm; doors open at 6pm. The evening will be licensed and food and hot drinks will be available to purchase. Tickets $25 family of 4 or more; conc. $10/$5 (16 & over) & child $5 (3-15) available from outside IGA every Saturday morning 10am – 12 noon until sold out. THESE ARE GOING TO BE THE HOTTEST TICKETS IN TOWN, so don’t leave it to the last minute to buy, because you may be disappointed. To book, phone 5545 1761.

Marks & Gardner Gallery & Bookshop

Café & Contemporary Art Open Wed-Sun 9am-4pm PH 5545 4992 69 Main Western Rd, North Tamborine






SATURDAY 30 APRIL 2011 60 players contested today's 2 Ball Ambrose event & Round 2 of the Club Foursomes Matchplay. Ambrose winners & runners up were: Gavin McConnell & Kevin Arnold 62 (OCB) from Tom Kerr & Clifford Arnesen 62. Nearest the pin & approach winners were: 5th Tom Kerr, 6th Roger Way, 14th (Pro pin) & 12th approach Rod Schulte 17th Jim Dunn & 16th approach Phil Rogers. Ball run down went to 65.75. Winners of the Bradman's award sponsored by Andy Koureas were Katy Hewitt & Kristo Bradley. Congratulations to all the winners. Foursomes Quarter Final winners were: Robert Teasdale & Larry Ashwin & Roger Way & Nick Blom. Congratulations to the winners. The Junior raffle not drawn. SATURDAY7 MAY 2011 67 players contested today's Single Stroke - Monthly Medal event. Winners & runners up were: A grade Tim Kerr 65 from Ian Grimsey 66, B grade Robert Bull 66 from Glenn Rye 67 & C grade Leon Radunz 65 from Hal Orth 71 (OCB). Nearest the pin & approach winners were: 6th Katie Hewitt, 14th (Pro pin) Tony Murphy, 15th Darren McLarnon, 17th Vern Page, 12th approach Glenn Antill & 16th approach Owen Luedecke. There was no winner for the 5th. Longest drives were won by: A grade Liam Moloney, B grade Robert Bull & C grade Derek Swanborough. Best gross scores were returned by: A grade Tim Kerr 75, B grade Robert Bull 82 & C grade Lean Radunz 87. Least putts were won by: A grade Darren McLarnon 26, B grade Robert Bull 27 & C grade Dave Strong 28. Ball run down went to 74. Winner of the Bradmans award, sponsored by Andy Koureas was Katie Hewitt. Congratulations to all the winners. Junior raffle not drawn. Please repair all divots & pitch marks CHECK OUT THE CLUB'S WEB SITE @ FOR ALL RESULTS & NEWS.


SATURDAY 30 APRIL 2011 15 Juniors today for a coaching clinic followed by 3 holes of practice. SATURDAY 7 MAY 2011 17 Juniors today for a coaching clinic & 3 holes of practice.


THURSDAY 28 APRIL 2011 18 Hole Comp 15 players today for the 18 hole Stableford event. Winner & runners up were: Tony Murphy 41 points (OCB) from Brad Fox 41 & Rod Schulte 41. Nearest the



pin on the 6th was won by Maurie Payne & 14th by Glenn Antill. Congratulations to the winners. 9 Hole Comp 21 players today for the 9 hole Stableford event. Winner & runners up were: Rod Schulte 25 from Brad Fox 24 (OCB) & Marty Haynes 24. Nearest the pin on the 5th was won by Bruce Brown & approach on the 3rd by Manfred Karlhuber. Congratulations to the winners. THURSDAY 7 MAY 2011 18 Hole Comp 14 players today for the 18 hole Stableford event. Winner & runners up were: Kristo Bradley 42 points from Glenn Antill 40 & Anton Wernekinck 37. Nearest the pin on the 5th hole was won by Anton Wernekinck. Congratulations to the winners. 9 Hole Comp 22 players contested today's 9 Hole Single Stableford event. Winner & runners up were: Chris Howes 23 (OCB) from Kristo Bradley 23 & Shane McMillan 23. Nearest the pin on the 14th was won by Shane McMillan & approach on the 16th by Tony Murphy. Congratulations to the winners. Out of Bounds


WEDNESDAY 4 MAY 2011 37 Members & Visitors for a Single Stableford Comp. Weather was fine throughout. Results – Overall Winner was Ken Dew with 42 pts – Runner Up was Gavin McConnell with 39 pts – Best Front 9 to Vern Page 22 – Best Back 9 to Dick Jones 22 Nearest the Pin and Approach Shots Warren Castledine, Gavin McConnell, Larry Ashwin, Ken Dew, Terry O'Donnell Ball Run Down To 37 as follows: • Fred E-Miller 39 • Mike Buck, Vern Page, Carl Pearce 38 • John Youngman, Fred Bakker, Barry Roberts, Kevin Arnold 37 Lucky Draw - Phil Robson, Warren Castledine

TM BRIDGE CLUB Venue: Roslyn Lodge

Thursday 28/04/11 at 12.45 pm 10 Table Mitchell (Bye & Share) North-South 1st B Wales & W Wales 2nd C Burnes & W Natrop 3rd C Bowman & K Bowman East-West 1st S Leahy & N McCowan 2nd R Feige & S Feige 3rd D Merrin & M Smith


62.59% 57.22% 55.55%

68.33% 62.59% 60.92%

Handicap N-S Bob Wales & Wendy Wales E-W Suzi Leahy & Nora McCowan Saturday 30/04/11 at 12.45 pm 8 Pair Howell 1st D Cowls & M Gordon 68.45% 2nd Y Cossins & K Mulders 58.33% 52.38% 3rd R Feige & S Feige Monday 2/05/11 at 6.45 pm 9 Table Mitchell North-South 1st B Noble & J Noble 62.96% 2nd D Merrin & D Merrin 56.94% 3rd A Anderson & D Anderson 55.09% East-West 1st= P Morris & P Rasmussen 61.34% 1st= S irvine-Brown & S Pollock 61.34% 3rd K Bowman & M McMahon 52.54% Handicap N-S Brenda Noble & John Noble E-W Peter Morris & Patrick Rasmussen Thursday 5/05/11 at 12.45 pm 11 Table Mitchell (Red Points) North-South 1st D Cowls & J Salter 63.78% 2nd S Leahy & N McCowan 63.16% 3rd P fields & P Morris 50.00% East-West 1st M Gordon & S Gregory 70.31% 2nd C Bowman & K Bowman 59.81% 3rd D Goodrick & S Pollock 59.13% Handicap N-S Suzi Leahy & Nora McCowan E-W Monica Gordon & Shirley Gregory Saturday 7/05/11 at 12.45 pm 8 Pair Howell 1st R Feige & S Feige 65.83% 2nd M Gordon & R Gordon 52.50% 3rd J Eveleigh & W Natrop 51.66% Monday 9/05/11 at 6.45 pm 8 Table Mitchell (With Skip) North-South 1st D Donaldson & J Salter 60.71% 2nd D Goodrick & J Youngman 55.05% 3rd C Bowman & R Evans 53.57% East-West 1st M Smith & S Tomkins 60.71% 2nd B Noble & J Noble 58.33% 3rd L Brady & C Youngman 51.48% Handicap N-S Johanna Eveleigh & Cliff Hartley-Hol E-W Mary Smith & Sue Tomkins Thursday 12/05/11 at 12.45 pm 9 Table Mitchell North-South 1st D Cowls & J Salter 60.96% 2nd C Burnes & W Natrop 57.90% 3rd P Fields & P Morris 54.08% East-West 1st D Goodrick & S Pollock 61.04% 2nd C Bowman & K Bowman 56.61% 3rd N Malouf & J Youngman 54.94% Handicap N-S Peter Fields & Peter Morris E-W Del Goodrick & Sheena Pollock


Solar rebate to be cut further

he Federal Government has announced today that the Solar Credits Rebate will be reduced even further than expected, by up to $2500, for solar electricity systems not installed by June 30. The rebate was originally due to decrease by up to $1200 on June 30 but the Federal Government has accelerated the reduction in the rebate. This means the rebate for a 1.5kW solar electricity system will go from a maximum of $6200 down to a maximum of $3720, depending on the value of the Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) that make up the rebate. Such a change in policy highlights the urgency to order your solar electricity system now, to ensure your system is installed before this deadline and this dramatic rebate reduction. Now is the only time to claim rebates at their highest. “We are fortunate to have some of the fastest install lead times in the industry, so at present, we can help people – but those wanting to secure the current, 5 times multiplier Solar Credits Scheme rebate, will need to hurry to guarantee installation before June 30th” said Adam Tesoriero, Director of SolarSwitch. SolarSwitch has been inundated with enquiries, and will need to close its books for installs prior to June 30th within a couple of weeks. The Solar Credits Rebate is being reduced by a massive $2,500 due in part to the huge uptake of solar power. With electricity prices increasing across Australia,

Experience t Over 5000 systems installed t Over 2500 customer referrals t Many high profile clients

Warranty t Trusted brands like Conergy, SunPower and SMA t 25 year panel manufacturer’s warranty held here in Australia t Certified engineered racking with 10 year warranty

between 6% and 18% on July 1st this year, many people are looking to install solar electricity to help protect themselves against these inevitable rising costs. At present, “a 1.5kW solar electricity system can pay for itself in around 4 to 7 years, depending on state and territory based feed-in tariffs, and then offers you a tax free return on investment. Better than money in the bank” said Mr Tesoriero. However, if your solar power system is installed after the rebate is reduced, a 1.5kW system could take an extra 4 to 5 years to pay for itself – so now is the best time to act! Family owned and run company SolarSwitch has installed over 5000 solar power systems for home and business owners including high profile clients like Kennards Hire, Sydney City Council & Sutherland Shire Council in NSW. SolarSwitch pride itself on installing quality equipment from reputable manufacturers like Conergy, SunPower and Hyundai whose warranties are held in Australia. “After all this is a long term investment on your most precious asset, your home or business, and it’s important to ensure the solar panels installed are from a company that will be around to honour your 25 year output warranty” said Mr Tesoriero. For more information on installing solar electricity contact SolarSwitch on 1300 880 969 or visit SolarSwitch installs solar electricity systems throughout New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, South Australia & South East Queensland.

Realtalk By John Breckon-Thomas

In Australian gardens today, hedges are mostly Leaving your old home and getting ready usedforjust to block off the side fence and create some a new home can and should be a very privacy fromtime. the neighbours, but they can also be exciting much more. For example, use hedges to create outdoor block the sun and to create If yourooms, really to want to off vacate your home and a windbreak. move to a nicer place, you should Aconsider hedge is some simplyimportant a row of the samewhen plant but factors it spaced closer than normal, soproperties. the effect is Once a dense, comes to exploring new thickyou screen. areplans manyyou different plants to use, stick There to your will find there depending on what you after.your new is no better time to are realise dream home. Pittosporum tenuifolium from New Zealand is a fast-growing hedge. These plants grow about a 1. every Remember metre year. why you wanted to move whateverisyour standand bymany your Rosemary oftenreasons used asare, a hedge decision be confident natives make and excellent hedges. that you have made theflower right choice. If you have Grevilleas almost constantly, and if planned carefully should have any trimmed, actually makeyou a really nicenot screen. regrets. A slow grower, which has become popular in recent years, is Magnolia ‘Little Gem’. It has 2. Be flexible with your budget. It might beautiful, white fragrant flowers, dark-green leaves, be worth while in the long run to go that and extra rich chocolate felted mean underside. mile - it could more dollars in It’s important hedge your pocket when at theselecting end of the day.plants to choose plants that are uniform, about the same height, and your that have down to the base,- so 3. Put trustfoliage in a competent agent thatone you with don'tlocal end up with bare and legs.lots Check knowledge of they haveexperience. the same label and that theyadvice are from the same Listen to their with batch. Small to differences don’t look much at planting regards pricing, position and potential. but will at maturity. 4. Thinka hedge also oftakes yourtime newand home as an Growing ongoing investment - by not settling mediocrity maintenance to make sure it staysforthick and even could reward you in the to do down to the ground, butsubstantially if you're prepared One should never think twice that,future. it makes a great asset to any garden. when it comes to finding the perfect home.

‘The best time to purchase Real Estate was 50 years ago. The second best time is NOW!’

There’s every reason under the sun... to choose SolarSwitch. Quality t The most efficient panel in the world, the 318W SunPower t The only Australian made panel from SilexSolar t Highest efficiency inverters on the market



t Free Solar t CEC accredited Assessment electricians on site at every install t Full project t Industry leading management 7 year warranty t Rebate offered as point of sale discount t Complies to Australian Standards t Interest free (AS4777) finance available

Tamborine Mountain

Benefits t Protection from rising electricity costs t Payback in as little as 4.5 years* t Up to 50c/kWh Net Solar Feed-In Tariff

Hurry - Solar Rebate Reducing! Solar Switch Pty Ltd ABN 27 126 647 069 / Installation by Driftwind Electrical Pty Ltd Electrical Contracting Lic. No.54625. *Based on 1.5kW system feeding 50% into grid & receiving 50c/kWh FIT offered by some energy retailers. Return is based on ideal system orientation.


1300 880 969

Visit Our Showroom - 6/20 Meadow Ave, Coopers Plains QLD 4108 TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN NEWS VOL. 1303, MAY 17, 2011 – 19


ACCOUNTING STEPHEN HALL & ASSOC. P/L Accounting on the Mountain • Taxation/BAS Returns • Business Advice • Bookkeeping

• Business Advice • Tax Planning • Payroll Services

Chartered & CPA Qualified Staff SHOP 3, 15 MAIN WESTERN RD NTH TAMBORINE

PHONE (07)

5545 2588


TV & VCR Tune-ins, Digital Decoders & Antennas, Extra TV Points Supplied & Installed Peter Newman (Reg’d T.E.S.A Member) FREE QUOTES


5543 3331 Mob 0409 729 107


Peter Dietzel BUILDER Ph 5545 2557 Fax 5545 2555 Mobile: 0407 764 715 or 0408 180 481 Qld Bldg. Reg No. 24096 NSW Bldg. Lic. 30085


Building Design & Energy Efficiency Reports


BSA Lic 40718 Bers Accr BA 329 Paul Wootton Ph/Fx: 5545 2546 Mob: 0408 989 961

Affairs JOE RUSSELL VeteransProvider


Registered Dental Prosthetist


Shop 10 Eagle Heights Shopping Village

5545 3128




Excavators Bobcats Trucks

COMPLETE HOME INTERIOR SERVICE Kitchens, Bathrooms, Laundries, Wardrobes, Interior Walls, Furniture, Built-ins. Renovations, improvements, make-overs, appliance installations, repair and maintenance

Phone Peter on 0437 436 552


• Washers • Dryers • Microwaves • Cooktops • Ovens Agent for: • Dishwashers Hoover - Dishlex • Washing Machines Kleenmaid - Fisher


5543 6858

& Paykel - Asko Asea



Yes, you can. Hire your building equipment from MITRE 10 North Tamborine

OPEN 7 DAYS Harding-Smith Builders

BSA 701147 ACN 057 427013

Pty Ltd

House & General Builders

Mobile: 0408 772 250

A/h Mark 5545 2063 • David 5545 1620

Specialising in: DRIVEWAYS

Ph: 5545 1979

Phone 5545 1170


• postholes • pads • trenching • tank holes • clearing • burnoffs • landscaping

CLEANING & CARPETS Eagle Heights Cleaning Services Affordable Rates Free Quotes

M ob: 0400 452 054 P h: 5545 2054 For all your Domestic & Commercial Cleaning Needs



Repairs & Service


Hydraulic Expert Available; Field Servicing, Fault-finding and Repairs; Fast On-site Response Team; Qualified Diesel Fitters. WE REPAIR AND SERVICE: Diesel/Petrol Engines, Hydraulic valves, Cylinders, Pumps, Motors. On the spot Welding etc. N.B. CALL EARLY TO BOOK YOUR SERVICE. Pickup and delivery for major repairs. Office: 1300 604 603 • Mobile: 0407 494 854


G.J. Baldwin & Associates P/L

Tamborine Mtn Electrical ACN 010980695 Lic. 36447

ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Domestic/Farm/Commercial Shop 4, Tamborine Plaza Ph: 5545 1207


Precise Electrics & Air All Electrical, Air Conditioning, Phone/Data, Digital TV, Plasma/LCD, Home Theatre Installations Same Day Service, Guaranteed Workmanship JAI FAWCETT – 0404 474 663 Elec Lic 68071

ARC Lic L040617




Mower Repairs



P: 5545 4783

M: 0413 233 530

For hair that looks good beyond the salon doors




HEALTH FUND REBATES • Helen, 0413 919 212

Phone: 5545 2166

Aching/burning feet, bunion pain, sore legs, sciatica, headaches, tension, general pain, women’s health (RAA, ATMS, ICR, FNTT) – M ou n ta i n R es i d en t

Domestic • Commercial • Farm Installation • Repairs

Shop 4, 15 Main Western Rd, North Tamborine (opp. Pharmacy)




Ph 07 5545 0499 Shop 6, 15 Main Street, North Tamborine


Ph 5545 2402 – Opp. St Bernard’s Hotel Open Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm Saturday 9am – 12pm



TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN NURSERY L e t u s p r i c e y o u r l a n d s c a p e p la n t nee ds. B uy d i rect f rom t he pro du cer. Qu o t e c o m p a r i s o n w e l c o m e . O P EN 7 D AY S. 1 76 Lo ng Rd , E agl e H ei g ht s • 55 45 49 99

Affinity Landscapes

GLASS All Glass Replacement

TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN GLASS Glass & Mirror cut to size Security Screens - Shower Screens

Insurance Work Welcome Free Quotes

Ph 5545 3793 • 0407 696 068



Is your garden ready for spring & summer entertaining? Would you like to attract wildlife? Do you want envious friends & neighbours?

L o ca l h o r t i cu l t u r a l i s t & l i c ’ d s t r u ct u r a l l a n ds c ap e r • Design • Water features • Stonework • Planting • Paving & retaining walls • Contemporary, native & formal gardens MOB: 0411 805 589 – AH: 5545 3360


Ladies & Men’s Hairdressing

Premium Blue Couch, Greenlees Park and Kikuya Turf.

Shop 4, Southport Ave, Eagle Heights

• Farm pick-up or delivered • Weekend pick-ups must be ordered by Friday • Inspection Invited.

Ph Michelle 5545 1291 for appt


Qualified Tradesmen – Same-day Service


Pickup and delivery for major repairs. N.B. CALL EARLY TO BOOK YOUR SERVICE.

Office: 1300 604 603 • Mobile: 0407 494 854

Tamborine Mower Repairs Suppliers of new & reconditioned • Mowers • Brush Cutters JOHN DEERE Spares & Service

Ph 5545 1892 or 0428 451 892





Ph: All Hrs 5543

6133/5543 8441


Acreage Mowing Prompt Reliable Service

Now Available at Tamborine Mower Repairs

5545 1892 0428 451 892


All Tamborine Storage PACKAGING REQUIREMENTS INCLUDING CARTONS, BUBBLE WRAP ETC. 108 Main Western Rd., Tamborine Mtn

Ph . 0 4 1 7 0 0 1 5 3 6


eco painters bsa licence 1043639

domestic/commercial paint finishes • colour consulting Phone Derek 0414 478 787 te l /f a x: 554 5 472 6 M a j o r C r e d i t C a r d s A c c e p te d







Specialising in:• Maintenance • Draining • Plumbing • Roofing • Gasfitting Ph: Dave Angel at Nth Tamborine Ph: 5545 2369 all hours Mobile No: 0419 677 008


Lic No 047179

Domestic, Commercial, Industrial

Septic ~ Treatment Plants ~ Grease traps Holding tanks ~ Sullage Tanks ~ Sullage Pumps 24/7 SERVICE – Tamborine Mountain resident PHONE: 5545 2692



Ph: 5545 1952 Mob: 0407 757 960

Lic. No. 062240

FREE QUOTES David Gibbons

24 Main St Nth Tamborine

5545 1988 PANEL BEATER


PH: 5545 2319 Private and insurance work Total Car Care




PUMPS & FILTRATION Sales • Service • Repairs House, Bore & Pool Pumps Water Fi lters • UV Ste rilize rs • Tank Li ners


Gyprock, ornate & suspended ceilings, fancy cornices, ceiling roses. All Aspects of Trade Phone BRETT CLEARY

5545 0115


Ian Lloyd • • • • •

Plumbing Drainage Roofing Guttering Pumps

LICENSED BACKFLOW PREVENTION Ph: (Mob) 0417 437 143 A/H 5543 6884

Independent Property Valuer, all purposes. Assessments market value, compensation, property settlement, stamp duty, GST. Registered Valuer Queensland No. 734. Member Australian Property Institute (Valuers)

PO Box 107, Eagle Heights 4271 Phone 5545 0022 Fax: 5545 0200


0403 419 482 for Prional, Reliable Service Local Country



Interstate Pre-packing

Ph: 07 3287 4326 Mobile 0408 743 244

Incorporating Tamborine Mtn Removals

Rock and Timber Retaining Walls RETAINING WALLS

Established on the Mountain since 1990

VETERINARY SURGERY Andr ew Pa xt on- Ha ll BVSc. Chris Corc ora n BVSc. (Hons)

Small & Large Mon - Fri 8am - 6pm Animal Practice Saturday 8am - 1pm A fully equipped veterinary hospital right here on the Mountain providing quality service including home visits, x-ray, ultrasound, in-house blood tests, surgery, pet grooming, hydrobath and a full range of pet food supplies.

5545 2422 all hours 2 Main St, Nth Tamborine

A/H Emergency Service Always Available


Licensed Plumber QBS Lic No. 62248





Spare parts for cars, trucks, motor bikes, tractors, mowers & garden equipment

• E x p e r t l y B u i l t • A l l E a r th w o r k s • E n g i n e e r d e s i g n e d , w h e n r e q u i re d • C e r t i fi c a t i o n • B S A L i c e n c e d 1 1 1 1 9 3 9 Office: 5543 8584 • Mob: 0432 281 075 Email:


Cnr Pine Rd & Franklin St

5543 5622 All Hours Mon-Fri 8.30am-5.30pm. Sat 8.30am-11.30am A.H. EMERGENCY SERVICES ALWAYS AVAILABLE


P U R I F I C AT I O N S O L U T I O N S • Water Treatment • Waste Water Treatment • Sewerage Plant Maintenance • Pump Sales/Repairs • Designs & Modifications

G L E N H A R VE Y 0 4 1 2 3 6 6 8 6 7 • 1 3 0 0 3 0 2 6 7 6 g l e n @ b i o w o r x . c o m. a u


PONY EXPRESS MOUNTAIN WATER Est 1985 - Maurice & Debbie Friendly, Reliable Delivery

$130 per load BSC Approved

7 DAYS A WEEK Ph: 5545 3935 or 0417 644 498

Alcoholics Anonymous..............5545 3331 ..........................................or 0416 155 456 Energex .........................................13 62 62 Fire (ask for Southport Control) ........000 Fire (T.M. Rural F.B.) ..........0407 747 999 Fire Permits ..........................0408 199 271 Police ..........................................5545 3473 Ambulance ............................................000 Ambulance (non-urgent) .............13 12 33 Domestic Violence (24 hrs)...1800 811 811 Child Protection (24 hrs) .....1800 177 135 Lifeline ............................................13 1114 13 HEALTH ............................13 43 25 84 S.E.S. .............................................132 500 Local SES Controller Brendan Guy ...............................5540 5131 T.M. Community Care Service: Home Care and Transport needs. Ring.........5545 4968 Blue Nursing Service ..........(07) 3287 2041 Roslyn Lodge ..............................5545 7822 T.M. Medical Practice.................5545 1222 QML Pathology Nth Tamborine .5545 3873 Chemists: North Tamborine.........5545 1450 Eagle Heights..............5545 1441 Tamborine Mtn Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic ...............................5545 0500 Tamborine Mountain Optometrist Nicky Carr..................................5545 0277 Dentists: Dr Don Harvey .........................5545 2788 Dr Claudia Rodriguez................5545 2522


Podiatrist:.......5545 3311 or 0418 963 969 Veterinary Surgery ......................5545 2422 Beenleigh Comm. Health ....(07) 3827 9811 Beaudesert Hospital.....................5541 9111 LIBRARY HOURS Monday – Friday 9.00am–5.30pm. Saturday 9am–12noon. Phone: 5540 5473.

T.M. RURAL FIRE BRIGADE For burnoff notifications, membership and general enquiries .......................................Phone: 0407 747 999

For Fires and Emergencies ...........Phone: 000

Training Meetings are held at 7.00pm each Wednesday at the Rural Fire Station, Knoll Rd. Tamborine Mountain News is published fortnightly. The paper is compiled by voluntary workers and printed by the Beaudesert Times.

The only purely 100% Australian Funeral Company and Crematorium Winner Qld Seniors Excellence Award

Enquiries Welcome

5593 4777

E D I T O R IA L T E A M : Eve Curtis 5545 1231 George & Joan Fisher 5545 1986 Mike & Elizabeth Russell 5545 3601 John Aagaard 5545 1371 EMAIL: TM News acknowledges a grant from the Gambling Community Benefit Fund for the purchase of equipment to assist in production.


Rates: $6 for first 10 words, then 10 cents for each additional word. Classifieds may be left in the boxes at NORTH TAMBORINE NEWSAGENCY. Place your ad & money in an envelope & drop in box.


APPLIANCE REPAIRS: Marc Lambert: Washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, electric stoves & cooktops. Cash and pensioner discounts. Same day service. Ph: 0438 745 350. ATTENTION!! What’s on the bottom of your water tank? Dead rats, snakes, toad or worse. Minimum water loss extraction cleaning system now available by The Tank Doctor 0407 649 659 or 5545 3693. CHOOKMOBILE is a fully-equipped chook pen, completely fox-proof and with a superb mobility system. Models for 4 or 7 hens. Come and check them out. Phone 0418 758 925 or 5545 2206. FOR SALE: COMPUTER-ACER DESKTOP Veriton 6700GX 80GB HDD 1GB RAM Pen4. $110. Phone 0731 330 514. FOR SALE: one kitchen hutch, old-style, attractive, $200; dressing table, 40s style, $100; china cabinet, lead lights $150. Ph: 5545 2100 or 0407 768 960 MOBILE MASSAGE: Qualified Therapist. Maintain the health of your body with a regular therapeutic massage. Service also avail. to some off-Mountain areas. Anja Cameron 0405 347 900 MOUNTAIN-WIDE PAMPHLETS Distribution service. Advertise your business. Ph 0438 452 587. MULCH: Excellent quality. Aged, clean mulch. $25/metre delivered. Ph: 5545 0467. NATUROPATH, Nutrition advice, herbalist, 0417 630 615 TRADITIONAL REIKI CLASSES Reiki, massage, iridology by appointment. Change your life for the better. Phone Jan 5545 4005. 20 years experience. WANTED Players for Tamborine Mountain Orchestra. If you can read music and play an instrument – being a bit ‘rusty’ is OK - come and join us for relaxing, satisfying and fun music. Mondays 7 – 8pm. Ring Malcolm 5545 1030.


Tamborine Mountain News  

Local fortnightly volunteer-run newspaper.