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Vol. 1300 Tuesday Apr 05, 2011


VER since Brisbane’s former Lord Mayor Campbell Newman announced that he was thinking of entering State politics, there has been speculation as to whether other mayors in Queensland would follow him. Among those considered is Mayor of the Scenic Rim Regional Council, Cr John Brent. Interviewed last week Cr Brent refused to rule such a move to State politics either in or out, and said he was keeping his options open. Any such decision would be made in due course with the support of his family. Were Cr Brent to head for a State seat, the question of a mayoral candidate would arise. When asked for his opinion, Deputy Mayor Dave Cockburn said that Cr Brent would make a fantastic State Member for Beaudesert. Cr Cockburn is reported as saying that if Cr Brent did seek a seat in State politics he himself would seriously consider running as a candidate for the Scenic Rim mayoralty. When asked by a Fassifern Guardian reporter last December if he were grooming Cr Cockburn for mayor Cr Brent said, “I’m not grooming anyone. I’m grooming me. I’m about me. Don’t you know that. I’m running for Mayor.” Cr Brent would appear to have changed his mind.

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Mayor considers future

GRIM REPORT CARD FOR SCENIC RIM With thanks to the Fassifern Guardian Council has received a 50-page report from Brisbane-based consultants Morrison Low. It reviewed Council’s services since amalgamation and found that almost all service areas appear to suffer from a lack of sufficient project management in their supervision of time, costs, risks, logistics and quality. This seems to be especially so in projects involving consultants and contractors. In addition, the review identified a high level of risk through gaps in obtaining critical business information to improve service delivery. Among the consultants' minimal options were: to hire a personnel officer to focus on organisational development and corporate training; to reorganise purchasing services and development of additional skills in supply contract management and tendering processes; to divide Regional Development into Tourism and Economic Development and Property Development. The report also listed job costing as an urgent

See the blacksmith at work at the TM Historical Society Open Day, April 17 at the Heritage Centre, Wongawallen Road, Eagle Heights. See page 15 for more information.

issue. Some Council officers are responsible for obtaining materials and services but aren’t responsible for the financial implications of their decisions. Accordingly, all co-ordinators and supervisors should be assigned responsibility – and be held accountable – for resourcing decision. There is a challenge for Council to comply with legislative demands for “higher and higher standards of transparency and accountability”. This will entail Council employing advanced systems, procedures and practices that provide assurance of integrity and openness in decision making. Do you think Cr Brent may decide to put the Scenic Rim in the too hard basket?



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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor TO BE OR NOT TO BE The Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) has recently announced that, due to the rise in construction costs, local rates will have to rise by at least 7.5%. I have a problem agreeing with this statement. If I went to my employer and said that, due to an increase in my living costs, I require a 7.5% pay increase, would I get it? Of course not. We would negotiate and arrive at an increase which was affordable to the

employer and fair and reasonable to me as the employee. I would then have to review my living expenses, reduce some, cancel others and put others on hold. So it should be with local rates. A rate rise which is reasonable, affordable and fair. Desired expenditure would have to be prioritised and, if safety was involved, risk managed. The end result should then be explained to ratepayers so that they are made aware of what can be done and what can’t. Nigel Waistell

Dear Editor, It's been a difficult start to the year for Australia with natural disasters in Queensland, Victoria, parts of Western Australia and now, also, for our friends in New Zealand, Japan and the Asia Pacific. These disasters may seem like yesterday's news for some of us, but thousands of people still face months of physical and mental hardship as they depend on organisations like Red Cross to help rebuild their lives. Research shows recovering from major disasters can take at least five to seven years and Red Cross will be there to help assist individuals as they rebuild their lives and support them on their long journey to recovery. But Red Cross doesn’t only help people impacted by natural disasters. We support vulnerable people across Australia every day. Year round, we are working in communities right around the country, providing services like a nutritious start to the day for hungry school children and support for elderly and isolated people in their own homes. During Red Cross Calling, our March fundraising campaign, thousands of Red Cross members, supporters, community

groups and schools have been raising funds to support the work of Red Cross in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. Through the power of humanity, by the efforts of ordinary people involved in extraordinary activities, our supporters make a huge difference to the lives of people who need it most. The energy, compassion and action of our supporters enables Red Cross to help people in need. I wish to sincerely thank the many people who have generously donated to Red Cross Calling this year. The response so far has great and we hope to keep the momentum going throughout the month. The funds raised through Red Cross Calling supports our everyday work to provide help and hope when people need it most. This includes our vital work helping people prepare, respond and recover from disasters like the ones so many Australians have faced in the last few months. It’s not too late to make a donation, simply go to or phone 1800 811 700. Thank you for your support. Greg Goebel Queensland Executive Director Australian Red Cross

Dear Editor Current road repairs done are of a very, very poor standard. I hope payment has not been made for this sub-standard work. Surely Council or Main Roads inspection is done before payment is made, and if it is done I

Dear Editors, A carbon tax is a duplicate tax: it is taxation on the staff of life, namely carbon, which we and all animals and plants, trees, plankton etc. use for growth and survival. For example, carbon itself is a nonmetallic element existing pure in nature such as diamond, graphite and charcoal etc., as well as a compound of animal and vegetable substance. Carbohydrate is a substance such as sugar, starch, cellulose,etc. and composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. We are already paying taxes, and probably rightly so, once only on the above


suspect payments will not be made. Roads were in a better condition before patch-up work was done. Nerang to Canungra roads are like new. K Harris

natural and manufactured from and of natural substances. In fact, all energy (E=MC2) which has existed since the universe was formed. How would any Government consisting of mere mortal men/women be able to estimate, calculate and even dare consider such an insulting, insidious and duplicate tax on mankind. Being no scientist, (even eminent ones disagree with each other) but base this, my argument, on pure commonsense, not Governmental alarmist, displeasing and vote-catching spin. Ian R. Milton



hope Scenic Rim Regional Council can accept being told some very significant home truths in the report received from consultants Morrison Low, who were commissioned to review Council’s service delivery. The report, costing a not insignificant $60,000, could prove to be money very well spent if Councillors and corporate Council are professional enough to actually take note of the 31 recommendations and react accordingly. It is beyond the scope of this column to review all the conclusions, particularly since reference will doubtless be made elsewhere, including in this issue of the NEWS. However, I recommend calling up the report on Council’s web site. It should be found in the Full Agenda or Minutes of the Corporate and Community Services Committee Meeting of March 22. The Morrison Low report identifies issues of concern extending across almost all areas of Council’s service delivery. The constant reassurances received from Council in the past that everything is fine, just don’t wash any more. While I can’t deal with all the issues, one or two certainly strike a personal chord. Thinking of my great difficulty in obtaining answers from Council re matters of real significance, it was interesting to see a recommendation for improvement in communication which "is reported to be regularly compromised for various reasons, including ... understanding of the political environment and role clarity". Then, with longstanding complaints about Council’s lack of transparency, it is equally interesting to see it stated that Council faced broad challenges in complying with legislative demands for higher and higher standards of transparency and accountability. We shall see. A recent example of Council actions lacking credibility related to the Beaudesert Centre Revitalisation Project. On Tuesday March 22, a Special Council Meeting was inserted between the two Committee Meetings. Probably very few residents knew of this because there was no Media Release and it was more difficult than usual to locate on the Council website. I only found out because my attention was drawn to a small notice at the Tamborine Mountain library. I managed to download the Agenda which simply listed the Items for discussion, the first being ‘Federal Funding for major community projects - Regional Development Australia’. Council should certainly be investigating such possibilities. However, the outcome was that Council endorsed the preparation of a funding application for the Beaudesert Revitalisation Project. At first this seemed a good reaction, but I started to have doubts about the process. Firstly, why deal with this significant matter at the Special Council Meeting when there were already Committee Meetings on the same day? Committee Meetings make recommendations to the Ordinary Council Meeting held the following week. This gives an opportunity for residents to raise objections prior to the final decision. With Council going directly to a Special Meeting and bypassing the

Committee process, this opportunity is lost. Funding applications are not due until May 13, so why cut corners? To aggravate the present situation, there was little possibility for residents to see a detailed Agenda prior to the Special Meeting and realise the real subject of the Item. We were simply left with a done deal. Also, it is not as if Federal Funding would produce all the money even in the best case. The Meeting minutes say rather vaguely that "Project grants over $5 million will be required to be matched on at least a dollar for dollar basis." Thinking about it, that seems to apply only to projects in excess of $10 million: ie $5 million grant plus $5 million dollar for dollar. There seems to be something missing. No mention is made of the next grant condition which makes it clear that, for projects of less than $10 million, there is no prescribed level of co-funding. However, "Priority will be given to those projects which maximise leverage from external sources." This seems to mean that, to have a chance for a grant for our $6.6 million project, Council might have to offer significantly more than 50% of the total. However, the whole background is sadly lacking in important aspects. Council failed to get significant community support when the whole cost had to be borne. What isn’t clear is whether there would be support if some external funding was available. For such a monumental project more certainty is required. The upshot is that it remains unclear wether this monumental project should be pursued with or without government funding. The huge omission is that Council has never seriously debated whether the project should be supported and I believe a decision to do so has never been formally taken. Even the spending of the $500,000 on design seems to have just happened without Council decision. Council has foreshadowed consideration of other ‘ready to go’ projects. However, with all future project 'egg production' for the term of this Council being put in the one monumental basket, do such projects exist? In another context, Council has previously declared the Gallery Walk bypass to be ready to go but, other than for the publication of concept drawings, there has been little evidence of it reaching this state. The one that really rankles is our overdue Long Road extension. The local and regional justifications are only too clear. Without it both local and tourism traffic is crowded onto Main Western Road, with not even an emergency bypass. The risk of blockage by storm, fire or accident is very real. Local and tourist traffic along this significant scenic asset have conflicting needs and sharing benefits neither. The evident need was identified about 15 years ago and all we have so far is the roundabout at the showgrounds. The disturbing aspect is that Council has postponed any possibility of proceeding to the far future. Worse, the project cannot even get on to the list to have the necessary preparatory work done before it can be classified as ready to go. What chance does it have?


Phil Giffard


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I am required by Scenic Rim Regional Council policy to make the following statements: • These are my personal views. • When a Council votes on a decision, they count the votes and the decision is made based on the side that gets the most votes.

LIBRARY HOUSEBOUND SERVICE I met with the Friends of Tamborine Mountain Library at their last meeting. They are just such an asset to the Library. Last Thursday we discussed the possible reintroduction of the housebound library service. This is a service that was once provided, but was discontinued several years ago, under a former librarian. We think it’s the least that the library can do for our housebound citizens. The mountain is a small area and ideal for this service. A library staff member would come to the home, discuss the person’s reading interests and needs and bring recommended books to loan. This is similar to the service now offered to Roslyn Lodge. If there is enough interest and Council agrees to go ahead, Geoff Marshall, Manager Community Care is keen to work with the library staff to help with the service and get the message out to potential clients. The Friends have also agreed to provide financial assistance to Library Technician Trinny Angeles to purchase paper for her highly successful origami classes which have been going for nearly six years now. Check out the creations next time you are in the Library. Photo below.

GALLERY WALK PROJECT I have to say I was pretty flabbergasted, and said so at the last Council committee meeting, when my colleague Cr Heather Wehl, Councillor for Division 6, suggested she couldn’t support the Gallery Walk project over and above the $6.6 million Beaudesert Library

project for an application for Round 1 support under the Federal Regional Development Australia funding, because it was for only the locals whereas the Beaudesert Library was of regional significance. It makes no sense that Council’s elected tourism portfolio holder is so out of touch with the industry. Change is needed.

e-PETITION: SUPERMARKET ROUNDABOUT Aidan McLindon has lodged my petition as follows with the Queensland Parliament, and I am requesting everyone log in and sign it. Queensland residents draw to the attention of the House the potential of the State to approve a roundabout in the centre of Tamborine for a development approved by the planning and environment court, that will detrimentally impact the amenity and liveability of the area. Your petitioners, therefore, request the House to call on the Department of Main Roads in considering any design for a roundabout on Main Western Road for a supermarket outside of the central CBD; not approve this if it will threaten trees; create excessive noise or introduce street lighting; which will seriously detract from the amenity of this community. You can log into and go to the top menu, Legislative Assembly, and to the dropdown box, e-petitions. It is titled “Main Roads approval of a roundabout to service a supermarket on Tamborine Mountain”. Emails are also circulating with a link that takes you straight to the petition. The link is: ons_qld/CurrentEPetition.aspx?PetNum=1656 We now cannot do anything about the supermarket approval, which, if ever built, is likely to fragment our town centre, affect out boutique small businesses and lower access to shopping for residents in our older persons >>


L-R: Maurice Desbrosses, John Robertson, Cr Derek Swanborough, Treasurer Dick Jones, Secretary Patricia Desbrosses, President John Cresswell


<< housing which was planned around our existing village shopping centre. It may just have been that, with Barrister Chris Hughes as Gaven Development’s QC on the case, we were outgunned in court or maybe, as some have said to me, Council’s team may not have been sufficiently motivated on crucial issues. There has been a lot of talk and reflection in the community over how a supermarket application, contrary to the planning scheme and with so many objectors, could be lost in court. Mark Hinson, Council’s QC who was confident in his arguments and of Council’s success, advises there is no basis to appeal. If the development costs and therefore the future tenant’s rental proposals are too high, this approval, like the Supermarket Council approved for Canungra, may sit in limbo over the town, silently preventing anyone else from taking the risk and investing in another supermarket. I’m aware of a variety of opinions on this issue, and I personally would have liked to see a new supermarket in the North Tamborine centre where it would be welcomed. Many don’t mind it going to Baker’s Acres and some justifiably believe we are already over serviced with supermarkets at the end of every road leading off the Mountain, namely Canungra, Nerang, Coomera, Oxenford and in a few years probably one at Tamborine Village also. It is therefore in everyone’s interest to ask Main Roads to think of our environment, amenity and liveability and in particular the impact on Roslyn Lodge, before approving any roundabout. ORGANISATIONAL REVIEW OF COUNCIL PERFORMANCE AND SERVICES Council has just spent $60,000 on an organisational review, conducted by a team headed by a former CEO of Logan City Council with over 20 years experience in the role. I feel completely vindicated about all the claims I have been making for three years now about Council’s failure to address costs, and financial mismanagement, all of which has led to our rates being much higher now than they should be. The Local Government Act clearly states that it is the elected councillors’ responsibility to ensure the organisation performs, but the Mayor alone conducts the performance appraisal of the CEO. The Executive team (CEO and three Directors) are

Council to discuss removing Canungra as Local Development Area


OUNCIL resolved at its last Ordinary Meeting to write to the Minister of Local Government and Planning to seek discussions to remove Canungra as a designated Local Development Area. Local Development Area’s under the SEQ Regional Plan 2009-31 are required to achieve a density of 15 dwellings per hectare net for new residential development. The current Beaudesert Planning Scheme provision requires minimum allotment size of 600m2, equating to 11 to 12 lots per hectare. Planning and Development Committee Chairperson, Councillor David Cockburn said

accountable for the organisation’s performance, or lack of it. The Executive Team is remunerated in the order of $1 million per year with overheads, and for that a lot is expected. I suspect as a result of this report we will see a flurry of activity to try and convince ratepayers that cost cutting and efficiency are the order of the day, to make up for three wasted years. The review made some 30 recommendations which will take years to implement. The ship needs to be slowed and turned around. It seems however that the Captain has seen the iceberg ahead and the only way for him to survive is to push someone else out and jump into his lifeboat. Email me if you would like to copy of the report. ROADS OF REGIONAL SIGNIFICANCE – HARTLEY ROAD It’s a decade overdue but I think Council has finally recognised that Long Road and Hartley Road should be categorized as “Roads of Regional Significance” because of their strategic importance servicing tourism and education facilities. This basically taps into a funding pool of money to upgrade these roads. I have been advocating for this road to be upgraded ASAP as it is in appalling condition and fast becoming hazardous for school buses mixing with tourist and local cars and trucks. The pavement has failed, the shoulders are shot and the road is out of shape. It is probably not up to standard for the traffic numbers using it and I am concerned that the poor line marking presents safety hazards on wet and foggy days. If you share my concern ring the Council to have the road maintained in the short term, by lodging a customer request. CONSULTATION IN LIBRARY Just a reminder that I meet with residents at the Tamborine Mountain Library on the second Wednesday of the month from 4:00 to 6:00pm. I will be there next on Wednesday 13th April 2011. Please call me or leave a text message if you require an appointment or simply drop in. My mobile number is 0447 206 006. I am always available for on-site meetings to address resident’s issues as required. The best email address to make a personal appointment is

this was an important step in retaining Canungra’s village lifestyle. “Removing Canungra from the Local Development Area reduces the need for smaller lot sizes and allows the township to retain its unique identity,” Cr Cockburn said. “By putting this submission to the State Government, Council is taking a proactive step in protecting one of the unique towns that our region is renowned for.” Councillor Virginia West said; “Council awaits a favourable outcome to this issue so we can progress with the Local Planning Study as soon as possible.” Council is proposing to commence a Local Planning Study for Canungra in the 2011/12 financial year. SRRC PR

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Tamborine Mountain’s Golden Treasury

treasure trove of reading material the diverse nature of which is usually found only in town libraries can be explored at Tamborine Mountain Landcare’s Piccabeen bookshop off Main Street. Accessed down the narrow lane between The Kitchen Table and The Olive Branch and run by dedicated volunteers, this compact little collection of donated literary works contains something for everybody. There are classics, contemporary novels, paperbacks, children’s books, magazines of all kinds, environmental works, poetry both traditional and modern and a variety of recipe and cooking volumes. It is perhaps one of our mountain’s lesser-known little gems. The bookshop has a history typical of a close-knit community and environmentally conscious society. It started as a direct result of T.M. Landcare’s fund raising second hand bookstall at our Garden Club’s annual “Springtime on the Mountain” festival. After the successful 2005 effort there was a considerable number of books and magazines left over, all of which had to be stored until the next year. Not only was storage space needed but also the volume of works represented an asset that could not immediately be realised. Judith Roland thrives on challenge. She is currently TM Landcare’s Chair of the Regeneration Committee (comprising the various site co-ordinators) and as one of the bookstall volunteers at that time she recognised the value in finding a permanent home, open to the public, for these precious leftovers. She set to work, found the premises, and with the co-operation of a generous landlord, created the bright airy little bookshop we see today. It took its name from the local palm trees that line our creeks, and opened for business in November 2005.

Judith’s motivation was two fold; to have her own small commercial enterprise and to continue to raise funds for her beloved Landcare. Initially set up with her own money, an arrangement was made whereby a percentage of profits went regularly to Landcare. This allowed the bookshop to accept donations of books from the general public. Piccabeen bookshop flourished. After about a year Judith decided that she wanted to do more practical on-ground work and offered the business to Landcare. She was reimbursed for the cost of the initial fit-out and after a small celebratory opening hosted by the then President Jaap Vogel in late 2006, Piccabeen bookshop became the focal centre for Landcare, its home on the mountain. It continues to be supported by generous donations from local residents and has a wonderful range of books that reflects the diverse nature and interests of our local population. And the prices of the pre-loved volumes represent extraordinary value for money. Since that opening the Piccabeen bookshop team of volunteers has been opening six days a week and is now a well known haunt of book lovers of all ages, cultures, interests and tastes. Hours of operation: Mon to Fri – 9am to 4pm and Sat – 9am to 1pm. The shop is a very important source of information for the citizenry and is also a significant source of Landcare’s ongoing funding requirements for the environmental restoration work that is taking place all over the mountain. Landcare is deeply appreciative of the regular donations to, and the patronage of, our friendly little bookshop. Cornelia Meesters President T.M. Landcare

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HE great magnitude of the recent Japanese earthquake, its shallowness and proximity to the Japanese coast produced large tsunami ranging from 4-15 metres high. While these are very high waves, there are a number of locations throughout the world where higher waves regularly occur. The surf break 800 metres from the north shore of Maui, known as Jaws, a favourite place for big wave surfers, has recorded waves of 21 metres, yet these high waves do not damage the island. This is because there are major differences between ocean waves and tsunami. Most ocean waves are created by wind. As a breeze blows over water, the surface tension breaks and ripples are created, the wind pushes the back of the ripples and eddies form at the front. The particles of water are pushed into a circular movement that reinforces the shape of the wave. Waves may look like a movement of water, but actually they are a movement of energy and have very little forward movement of the water particles themselves. Once a wave makes contact with the seabed, friction slows the bottom of the wave, but the crest continues at the same speed and then spills over and releases its energy onto the shore. The profile of the seabed determines if a wave surges, plunges or spills. The size of the wave is determined by the fetch or distance, over which the wind is blowing. The highest ocean wave ever accurately recorded was 34m, which was measured by USS Ramapo in 1933. Tsunami are created by the displacement of immense volumes of water caused by phenomena such as earthquakes, volcanic explosions and

events such as meteorite impact. Unlike an ocean wave, a tsunami is a moving wall of water extending from sea floor to sea surface. On 11 March 2011 a magnitude 9.0 earthquake occurred off the east coast of Japan. Under the sea, stress built up along the subduction boundary between the Pacific and Eurasian tectonic plates. When the boundary ruptured, energy was released and the seafloor was thrust vertically upward displacing a huge volume of seawater, which rushed away to the Pacific Ocean and Japan. In the open ocean the tsunami travelled at an estimated 500kms/hour and were only about 1 metre high. As they approached the Japanese coast the tsunami slowed, and shoaled, a term which describes the bunching up and increase in wave height. Tsunami do not lose much energy when they travel across the ocean, so they retained tremendous force which inundated the coast and hinterland with huge, swift and powerful surges of water. The highest wave ever recorded was a tsunami in Lituya Bay Alaska where an earthquake displaced millions of tonnes of rock, earth and ice creating a 524 metre wave, which washed over the headland. Pictured above is a Sumatran village following the December 26, 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Nadia O’Carroll

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LTHOUGH originally developed as a martial arts system, today Tai Chi is principally a tranquil, gentle and pleasurable means of attaining and maintaining health and harmony in mind and body, mobility, suppleness and mental alertness. Anyone, regardless of age or level of fitness, can do it. On Wednesday March 23rd the Tamborine

Mountain Community Care Carers group met for a Tai Chi session conducted by Gai Wanless, the well known mountain Tai Chi instructor. Gai is a qualified Tai Chi instructor with over 26 years experience. Carers had an enjoyable, instructive and relaxing session and thanked Gai for her time, expertise and demonstration of the wonderful community spirit which exists on the mountain. Tony Smallwood – Community Care

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YRTLE rust has been discovered in south-east Queensland and is a serious threat to our native Australian plants. It is a serious fungal disease that affects plants in the Myrtaceae family which includes eucalypts, paperbarks, tea trees, lilly pillies and watergums, to name just a few. This disease can cause deformation of the leaves, heavy defoliation of branches, stunted growth and plant death. Signs of infection can be identified by tiny raised spots or pustules on leaves. After a few days these pustules turn a distinctive egg yolk yellow that looks like rust, hence the name â&#x20AC;&#x2122;Myrtle rustâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. The infection spreads through very small spores that can be carried by wind, bees and birds. It can also spread via: â&#x20AC;˘ infected plant material such as seeds and nursery stock â&#x20AC;˘ spores on timber and wood packaging â&#x20AC;˘ contaminated freight containers â&#x20AC;˘ people carrying spores on clothing, shoes, equipment and other personal effects. â&#x20AC;˘ vehicles Fortunately this disease isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t harmful to humans but it does pose a serious threat to Australiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s plants, and as a result, our animals too. Of particular concern is the koala, as this disease may affect some of the eucalypt species they feed on. Local Queensland industries such as the cut flower, nursery, garden, forestry and bee industries could also be heavily impacted. Myrtle rust was discovered in April 2010 in a cut flower nursery in New South Wales and now has been confirmed on more than 140 properties from the mid south coast to the north coast of New South Wales. The first notification of the disease in Queensland was recorded in late December 2010, with more than 40 confirmed infection sites since that time, mainly in south-east Queensland but with a site also identified in Cairns. If you come across a plant that you suspect is infected, be it in a national park, state forest, local park or in your back yard you should report this to Biosecurity Queensland by calling 13 25 23 or the Exotic Plant Pest Hotline on 1800 084 881. You should avoid contact with the plant and not cut or move it as this could spread the disease. For more information visit the Biosecurity Queensland website: Neil Cambourn, Regional Manager, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. Photo: Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM)

Rusty trees?

Have you heard the latest? Audio Active have changed their name to Active Hearing! At Audio Active weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve changed our name, not our focus. We believe that hearing aids are as much about the accuracy of the fitting as they are about the technology itself, making it very important to choose your trained audiologist before you choose your hearing aid. Whether itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s one of the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s smallest hearing aids or some of the most technologically advanced accessories available, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re sure to have a solution thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s just right for you. Specialists in discreet hearing solutions t*OJUJBMDPOTVMUBUJPOFREE t*OUFSFTUFREE QBZNFOUQMBOT  t4QFDJBMJTUTJOIJEEFOTPMVUJPOT t4FOJPSTDBSEDPODFTTJPOT tFREEEJHJUBMIFBSJOHBJETGPSFMJHJCMF QFOTJPOFSTBOEWFUFSBOT $POEJUJPOTBQQMZ $POUBDUVTGPSEFUBJMT

Call us to make an appointment today! Active Hearing Tamborine Tamborine Mountain Medical Centre 16 Main Western Road, North Tamborine 5591 7688

The Mountaintop Hair Shoppe Phone: 5545 1491

Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri 9amâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;4pm Tues & Sat 9amâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;12 noon

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Heroes donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t hit Domestic Violence Telephone Service

1800 811 811 Sponsored by the Zonta Club of Tamborine Mountain Inc


PHARMACY Friendly Professional Service

OPEN: MON-FRI 8.15amâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;6pm SAT 8.15amâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;12.30pm AV E N E T H E R M A L S PRING WAT ER Uniqu e composition soothes and soften s the skin and restores skinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s natura l balance. Clinically proven to ca lm, soothe and soften the skin. Used since 1743 in the Hydroth erapy Center to treat seriou s dermatological conditions such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema. PURCHASE ANY TWO PRODUCTS AND RECE IVE YOUR FREE GIFT. ONLY WHILE STOCKS LAST.

Tel: 5545 1450 â&#x20AC;˘ Fax: 5545 2277 2/12 Main Western Rd, Nth Tamborine TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN NEWS VOL. 1300, APR 05, 2011 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 9


Flu (Influenza)


RACQ - wouldn’t be without them.

Be sure your car is safe for all weathers. 41 Main Street, North Tamborine Ph 5545 1214 • A/H 131 111

Bathrooms & Kitchens I AM A ONE MAN SHOW! ● ● ● ●

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FREE FLU VACCINES NOW AVAILABLE FOR OVER 65s SEE THE RECEPTION STAFF OR PHONE 5545 1222 FOR AN APPOINTMENT OPENING HOURS Mon – Thurs 8.30am – 8pm • Fri 8.30am – 5pm Sat 8.30am – 12 noon • Sun 8.30am – 10.30am

40 years’ experience

Lic’d. Plumber 10169

NFLUENZA, commonly known as the flu, is caused by a highly contagious virus that is spread by coughs and sneezes. There are three types of flu virus – A, B and C. Older people and those with an underlying medical condition are more likely to develop serious complications as a result of the flu. Flu symptoms include high fever, chills and sweating, sore throat, weakness, headache, muscle and joint pains and a cough. Older people and those with an underlying medical condition are more likely to develop serious complications including secondary bacterial pneumonia, primary influenza pneumonia and inflammation of the brain or heart. Treatment includes bed rest, paracetamol and drinking plenty of fluids. Immunisation can protect vulnerable people from the flu. Annual immunisation is strongly recommended for older people and those ‘at risk’. This is important to avoid serious complications, such as pneumonia, that may arise as a result of contracting the virus. Immunisation should occur between March and May, before the onset of the flu season. Protection develops about two weeks after the injection and lasts for up to one year. In Queensland, under the National Immunisation Program, an annual free influenza immunisation is provided to: • Everyone aged 65 years and older • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 15 years and over • Pregnant women during any stage of pregnancy • Anyone from six months of age with heart disease, chronic lung disease, chronic neurological conditions, impaired immunity and other chronic illnesses such as diabetes, kidney disease and haemoglobinopathies • Other chronic illnesses requiring regular medical follow-up or hospitalisation, for example severe asthmatics who require frequent hospital visits. Be sure to contact your GP for more information or to arrange vaccination.

Gold Card 53415 Blue Card



Phone: 5545 1222


happy crowd gathered at the Tamborine Mountain Medical Centre at North Tamborine for the official opening of the centre. Rarely have so many been so glad to see the doctors! The new centre is in a good position, not too far from the old building and provides plenty of space for both staff and patients. A tour of the rooms revealed an excellent area for emergencies, with direct access to ambulances.

Official opening of new premises


AUTUMN BOOK SALE Saturday 16th April 2011 9am – 12 noon In front of Tamborine Mountain Library We look forward to seeing you there.


North Tamborine & Eagle Heights

A Reception/Admin person is required for busy medical practice. Excellent communication and computer skills are required. Knowledge of medical terminology, software and accounting is an advantage. The ability to work efficiently as part of a team in a busy multitasking environment is essential. Send application letter and resume by 18/04/11 to: The Practice Manager, Tamborine Mt Medical Practice, 14 Main Western Rd, North Tamborine Qld 4272 .

• Dr Ann Bennett • Dr Leeann Carr-Brown • Dr Jan Zomerdijk • Dr Henri Coombs • Dr Jeet George • Dr John Purton • Dr Sanne Kreijkamp-Kaspers

AVAILABLE SERVICES INCLUDE: General Family Medicine, Baby Health Clinic, Well Women’s Clinic, Skin Clinic, Aviation & Maritime Medicals, Mental Health & Chronic Disease Management, Vaccinations, Psychology, Podiatry, Dietitian & Audiometry Services

OPENING HOURS Mon – Thurs 8.30am – 8pm • Fri 8.30am – 5pm Sat 8.30am – 12 noon • Sun 8.30am – 10.30am FOR ALL INQUIRIES & APPOINTMENTS

Phone: 5545 1222 TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN NEWS VOL. 1300, APR 05, 2011 – 11


WANTED! TAMBORINE TALENT! "#$%&'(!!!%#)*+,-$&!%#.&$%(! !


It’s Talent Time on Tamborine Mountain! Yes, ! it’s time to get out that dusty guitar, violin, trumpet, comb and paper, gum leaf, keyboard, tap & ballet shoes, or loosen up those tonsils "#$%!!"#$%&'!()$!&'!()*+&,-'.!/&0'#)-'1!2.%3!-#$%!#-*.!#&!4.#!&0#!#5)#!60%#7!40-#),3!8-&9-'3!#,0*:.#3!;&*+! and come and strut your stuff at the Zamia Theatre. )'6!:):.,3!40*!9.)<3!=.7+&),63!#):!>!+)99.#!%5&.%3!&,!9&&%.'!0:!#5&%.!#&'%-9%!)'6!;&*.!)'6!%#,0#!7&0,!


%#0<<!)#!#5.!?)*-)!(5.)#,.@! WHEN? Saturday 21 May 2011 Quality Full & Partial ! Dentures WHERE? Zamia Theatre Competition fee: $10 caringly sculpted by "/012!!!!!!!!!!!!34567849!:;!)49!:<;;!!!!!!!!!!!! Closing date for applications: 29 April 2011 WHAT TIME? 7pm "/0702!!!!!!!!!!!=4>?4!%/04570! ! @A>B05?5?A1!C00D!!!E;<! THE PRIZE WILL BE $100 EACH & JUNIOR PRIZEWINNERS. "/45!5?>02!!!!FD<<!B>!! ! FOR ! SENIOR @GAH?1I!8450!CA7!4BBG?J45?A1HD!!:K!#B7?G!:<;;! Shop 10/17 Southport Ave ! There are two categories for entry: under 18, and 18 and over. Application forms are Eagle Heights Shopping Village(5.!:,-A.!B-99!+.!CDEE!.);5!<&,!F.'-&,!>!G0'-&,!:,-A.B-''.,%@ ! available from the Tamborine Times, 7/17 Southport Avenue, Eagle Heights; the Lions Club ! TUESDAY & FRIDAY Raffle table outside IGA on Saturday mornings between 9-12, and also on the TMLT website: (5.,.!),.!#B&!;)#.4&,-.%!<&,!.'#,7H!0'6.,!DI3!)'6!DI!)'6!&8.,@!!J::9-;)#-&'!<&,*%!),.!)8)-9)+9.!<,&*!#5.! ()*+&,-'.! (-*.%3! KLDK! F&0#5:&,#! J8.'0.3! M)49.! N.-45#%O! #5.! P-&'%! Q90+! R)<<9.! #)+9.! &0#%-6.! "SJ! &'! Entry is easy: just complete an application form and either send it with a cheque F)#0,6)7!*&,'-'4%!+.#B..'!TUDV3!!)'6!)9%&!&'!#5.!(/P(!B.+%-#.H!BBB@#*9#@;&*@)0@ ! for $10 to Has your smile lost its charm? ! The Secretary, Tamborine Mountain Lions Club, PO Box 143, North Tamborine, or bring it Are your dentures loose, M'#,7!-%!.)%7H!W0%#!;&*:9.#.!)'!)::9-;)#-&'!<&,*!)'6!.-#5.,!%.'6!-#!B-#5!)!;5.X0.!<&,!CDE!#&!(5.!F.;,.#),73! along together with $10 to the Lions Club Raffle Table on Saturday mornings. uncomfortable or worn down? ()*+&,-'.!/&0'#)-'!P-&'%!Q90+3!YZ![&\!D]^3!_&,#5!()*+&,-'.3!&,!+,-'4!-#!)9&'4!#&4.#5.,!B-#5!CDE!#&!#5.! Depending on the number of entries, it may be necessary to have another competition in the Is it more than 5 years since your P-&'%!Q90+!R)<<9.!()+9.!&'!F)#0,6)7!*&,'-'4%@ ! afternoon of the same day, and, if so, then the winner of this concert will be asked to take part dentures were checked? ! Do your dentures make you unhappy? in the evening concert. `.:.'6-'4!&'!#5.!'0*+.,!&<!.'#,-.%3!-#!*)7!+.!'.;.%%),7!#&!5)8.!)'&#5.,!;&*:.#-#-&'!-'!#5.!)<#.,'&&'! The judging panel will#5.'! consist local identity artist &<! #5.! %)*.! 6)73! )'63! -<! %&3! #5.!of B-''.,! &<! #5-%! Barbara ;&';.,#!Proudman; B-99! +.! )%=.6! #&!Anna #)=.!Beveridge :),#! -'! #5.! .8.'-'4! Specialising in and actor David Edwards. ;&';.,#@!! ! Precision Dentures ! This is a great opportunity to perform so come along and have some fun. (5.!W064-'4!:)'.9!B-99!;&'%-%#!&<!9&;)9!-6.'#-#7![),+),)!Y,&06*)'O!),#-%#!J'')![.8.,-64.!)'6!);#&,!`)8-6! Tamborine’s Got Talent is a joint community venture sponsored by The Tamborine Laminated Sports Mouthguards M6B),6%@! Mountain Little Theatre and Tamborine Mountain Lions Club. Eftpos Available • Health Fund via Hi Caps

Joe Russell 5545 3128


(5-%!-%!)!4,.)#!&::&,#0'-#7!#&!:.,<&,*!%&!;&*.!)9&'4!)'6!5)8.!%&*.!<0'@!!! !

!")*+,(%$-.'/+&'!"#$%&!-%!)!W&-'#!;&**0'-#7!8.'#0,.!%:&'%&,.6!+7!(5.!()*+&,-'.!/&0'#)-'!P-##9.! (5.)#,.!)'6!()*+&,-'.!/&0'#)-'!P-&'%!Q90+@!!!! !

TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN STATE SCHOOL has a permanent vacancy for a

CLEANER 35 hours per week Working morning and afternoon shifts Monday to Friday

GENERAL NOTIFICATION: Application Packages are available from Tamborine Mountain State School administration office from 28.3.11. All applicants MUST address the Selection Criteria in this package as part of their application. The Commission for Children and Young People Act 2000 requires the preferred applicant to be subject to a Working with Children Check. Please apply in Writing (1 original, 2 copies) to: Business Services Manager, Gitte Flodine, Tamborine Mountain State School Curtis Road, North Tamborine 4272. CLOSING DATE: 8.4.11 @ 4pm Education Qld actively supports and encourages workforce diversity and equity.



OME and business owners wanting to install solar power need to act fast or face paying $1200 extra for a solar electricity system! The Federal Government has announced that the Solar Credits Rebate, which helps toward the upfront investment in your system, will be reduced for systems installed after June 30. On top of the Solar Credits Rebate, Queensland also has a very generous solar electricity buyback scheme known as a feedin tariff. Anyone with a solar electricity system up to 10kW is paid up to 50c/kWh for the excess electricity they do not use immediately and feed into the grid. “This means a starting 1.5kW [pictured] home system could save you up to $750 per year, if half the electricity is fed into the grid, as most people are at work during the day when the solar electricity is created” said Mr Tesoriero. SolarSwitch has dedicated Gold Coast Area Managers to look after local residents interested in solar power with a free home assessment to tailor a system to suit their individual needs. The family owned and run company prides itself on installing high quality equipment from reputable manufacturers whose warranties are held in Australia. SolarSwitch’s

Solar Rebate Reducing!

Experience t Over 5000 systems installed t Over 1000 customer referrals t Many high profile clients

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quality range includes panels from German Multi-National Conergy and sponsor of the Brisbane Lions, SunPower with the most efficient panel in the world the 318W and Silex Solar which manufactures the only Australian made and owned panels. SolarSwitch has installed over 5000 systems. Each installation is carried out by SolarSwitch’s Clean Energy Council accredited electricians. SolarSwitch has worked with high profile clients including Kennards Hire & Moreton Bay Council. “So if you act quickly, your install is in safe hands with SolarSwitch and we’ll guarantee to meet the install deadline and secure these high rebates for you” said Mr Tesoriero. For a Free Home Assessment contact SolarSwitch on 1300 880 979 or visit

Meals on Wheels Roster

APRIL 2011 FRI 1 ....................PAM AND PHIL GIFFARD plus volunteer still to be confirmed MON 4 ............ELIZABETH & MIKE RUSSELL WED 6................LINDA & HARVEY RUGLEN FRI 8 ...................................GLENYS KELLY MON 11...........MAUREEN & MIKE GRIMLEY WED 13 ............................CATHY BUCKLEY FRI 15 ....MARGARET AND ROGER LENEHAN MON 18 ...................................NOLA PINK WED 20...........................IAN WOODWARD FRI 22 ..........GOOD FRIDAY (NO DELIVERY) MON 25........EASTER MONDAY/ANZAC DAY ..........................................(NO DELIVERY) WED 27.......................MADELEINE JANTOS FRI 2 ......................................SUE HEIDKE

There’s every reason under the sun... to choose SolarSwitch. Quality t The most efficient panel in the world, the 318W SunPower t The only Australian made panel from SilexSolar t New Solyndra non-roof-penetrative panel technology



t Free Solar t CEC accredited Assessment electricians on site at every install t Full project t Industry leading management 7 year warranty t Rebate offered as point of sale discount t Complies to Australian Standards t Interest free (AS4777) finance available

Benefits t Protection from rising electricity costs t Payback in as little as 4 years* t Up to 50c/kWh Net Solar Feed-In Tariff

SPEC Insta IAL OFF llat ER 4 w ion wit !

Hurry - Solar Rebate Reducing! ABN 27 126 647 069 / Contractor Licence 222160C *Based on 1.5kW system feeding 50% into grid & receiving 50c/kWh FIT offered by some energy retailers

$50 eeks hin first 0 cashba or 100 c ck* *Cond ustom itions ers ap ply

1300 880 969


Visit Our Showroom - 6/20 Meadow Ave, Coopers Plains QLD 4108 TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN NEWS VOL. 1300, APR 05, 2011 – 13


by Sergeant Mick Jones, North Tamborine Police

HORROR START TO YEAR’S ROAD TOLL ‘The female passenger in Unit 1 died at the incident as a result of the injuries received in the traffic incident while the male driver received only moderate injuries’. The above is a cut and paste from the most recent of South East Queensland’s fatal traffic crash notification that we get each day as police officers and it is my greatest fear, God forbid, that one of my own or someone dear to me is in the position of having such a scenario realised in their life. Oh, of course, he’s sorry and will cry and beg for forgiveness and the road was slippery or the dog ran out in front and made him swerve. He may or may not spend some time in a prison, but rest assured the family of the deceased will mourn forever. Our State road toll is already frighteningly greater that last year’s for whatever reasons, be they weather, the odds or otherwise; can we, as a community, please make it our duty to keep our roads as safe as possible? The “old car dump” on Tamborine-Oxenford Road yesterday had 3 new cars added to its tally – two of them were Red P Platers!! The story is always the same: “I wasn’t speeding, my car just slipped off the road” – the thing is, the 700 cars earlier that day and then later that afternoon had no problem negotiating the road by simply driving to the conditions. Tamborine Mountain Police will do

everything we can to prosecute hoons and any driver that is identified to us for dangerous acts on the roads, and we thank you for the ongoing support we receive. Please reinforce to your children the dangers of getting into powerful vehicles driven by idiots trying to impress others by driving dangerously. It is so often that the driver kills the passengers and walks away unscathed. Tamborine Mtn Defensive Driving initiative is into its third year and we are always looking to improve the program with concepts that we can use or introduce to our new drivers for the sake of all. Again, please keep the donations coming at the North Tamborine Police Station, Westpac Bank, and a number of stores around the mountain that have the donation boxes. Beware the stranger that knocks looking for someone that obviously doesn’t live there! We were hit quite hard in Guanaba Road and Henri Robert Drive on the morning of 29 March by a burglar who simply walked from house to house and knocked on the front door. If and when someone answered the door his response was: “I’m just here to pick up Margerie (or Margaret at another house)” and left after being told no one lived there by that name. The offender then went to the next 5 unattended homes and stole cash and jewellery after breaking into the homes and taking his time to rummage throughout. Again I must stress the days of leaving doors

unlocked, windows opened are well and truly gone. Each of the homes broken into were quite densely vegetated at the front restricting view from the road and all were very easily entered by climbing onto verandas or balconies and through unlocked windows. If anyone has further information regarding a male caucasion described as in his 40s, skinny/ sickly in appearance with scratches and a possibly pockedmarked face, dressed in jeans, please contact us. We are confident that this offender will be identified through scientific evidence from a number of offence locations but sooner would certainly be better than later, so keep an eye out. Mention was also made of a blue Mitsubishi Triton late model in which the suspect was being driven by an accomplice. Here are a couple of examples of what this type of sneak daytime burglars say if they are met by home owners present: “I’ve lost my dog and thought that he ran into your house!”; “I’m looking for Margie I’ve got to take her to the hospital”; “Is George here?” Basically, any story to account for their presence if fronted. If possible, please note facial features, clothing, and direction and means of travel, without putting yourself at any risk, and call us at the station or triple 000 if it’s obvious a burglar is in your street committing crime. EASTER IS UPON US I have a feeling that the weather Statewide will clear soon and we will have every family in the country that has been homebound and stir crazy from our La Nina events busting to enjoy and celebrate Easter this year. Please be careful, the roads will be chaos. Plan your trip and take your time, it will get crazy on the highways this Easter, so stay safe!!

EAGLE HEIGHTS MEDICAL CENTRE Suite 2/34 Southport Ave, Eagle Heights (next to Post Office)


ALL NEW PATIENTS WELCOME – OPEN BOOKS FREE HOUSE CALLS (MONDAYS – DAYTIME) Female Doctor Dr Himali Jayasekera, Male Dr Mariusz Zielinski CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST DR JACOBUS KLEYNHANS ON-SITE – MORE DOCTORS COMING SOON – General Family Medicine – Women’s Health – Men’s Health Shared Antenatal Care – Child Health & Immunizations – Counselling Pre-employment & Drivers’ Medicals – Insurance Medicals – Hearing Tests FREE SEASONAL FLU VACCINATIONS FOR OVER 65s




wool hats and lots


he Tamborine Mountain Historical Society has a longstanding connection with Heritage Week Activities. The Heritage Centre Open Day at Wongawallan Road is on again. Gates open at 10am Sunday April 17 for a full program of activities, demonstrations and exhibits. The organisers said “We have been absolutely delighted by the success of our Open Days. We know they are something that local people look forward to and enjoy.” What’s happening on the day? • Sausage sizzle • Entertainment for kids • Butter churning and milk separating • Spinning and craftwork display • Blacksmithing • Woodworking with original tools • Tea, damper & cold drinks • Wandering swagman, folk music & harmonica playing • Volunteers dressed in period costumes • Get help tracing your family history. Where else can you see a Blacksmith actually working or real butter being made on the spot? Both educational and informative. Feel free to dress up in period costume, it’s all part of the fun. The Heritage Centre is wheelchair-friendly and there is plenty of street parking. A great family day out for just a gold coin donation on entry. Tony Smallwood – Historical Society

Heritage Centre Open Day – April 17



in the latest

colours and styles.

OPEN HOURS Mon-Fri 8.30am – 6.30pm Sat 8.30am – 12.30pm Sun 9.30am – 12.00pm Shop 17 Southport Ave Ph: 5545 1441 Join us on Facebook


5545 3390


U-Drive Dingo Hire with Attachments Large blocks for retaining walls or heavy-duty control solutions


AMBORINE Mountain must be a place that encourages longevity. Once again the News features a birthday party for a 90 year old resident. Well, actually Peggy Waring no longer lives on the Mountain but she and husband Jim lived here for more than thirty years, and now that Peggy has moved to Cleveland she can’t stop coming back. Friends, many of them from the Natural History Association and the former Tamborine Mountain Field Naturalists’ Club joined together to wish Peggy a very happy birthday. Pictured above from left: Nadia O’Carroll, Peggy Waring, Jim Inglis, John Aagaard.

And, on another historical note...

bagged fertiliser bagged mulches drainage gravels crusher dust P .U. O decorative gravels roadbase R D E L r soils sandstones IVER Y t fo n u treated logs o ds mulches isc 3 loa D rocks concrete blend 6m stepping stones sleepers to 4.8m railway sleepers sands, barks



Hartley Road, North Tamborine




SATURDAY 19TH MARCH 2011 Today's event was washed out. The final of the Elton Staffsmith Club Matchplay Club Championship is now to be completed by April 9th. The Junior raffle not drawn. SATURDAY 26TH MARCH 2011 74 players contested today's annual Kerr Plumbing Junior Benefit Ambrose event. Winner & runners up were:A Bowen, D Bogette, Dion McRae & Brian Allen 54 1/8 from Lawrence Richardson, Kevin Arnold, Gavin McConnell & Gerry Lynch 55.25. Hole prize winners were: 1st Peter Arnesen, 2nd Roger Arnesen, 3rd Tim Kerr, 4th John Appleby, 5th T Martin, 6th Paul Burgess, 7th A Corless, 8th Bruce Bartle, 9th Ian Millar, 10th Maurie Payne, 11th Roger Wilson, 12th B Mullin, 13th Paul Burgess, 14th Paul Appleby, 15th Gerry Lynch, 16th Gavin McConnell, 17th Darren McLarnon & 18th Clifford Arnesen. Raffle winners were: Meat Trays Rod Schulte & Judy & Putter Geoff Wallace. We would like to thank the following local business's & members for their kind donations; AU Winery, Thunderbird Park Rainforest Restaurant, Tamborine Mountain Skywalk Rainforest Canopy Walk, h'Arts on Main Cafe & Gallery, Heritage Winery, Tamborine Mountain Butchery, Paul Burgess, Martin Grealish, Junior Volunteers, Rod Schulte, Gavin McConnell, Kevin Arnold, Jimmy Dunn, Leon Radunz, Robert Teasdale, Mark Coccetti, Roger Way, Volunteers, Dave Strong, Marty Maginn, Kristo Bradley, Katy Hewitt, Larry Ashwin, John Halpin, Tony Murphy, Gerry Moloney, Bob Woodberry, Nick Blom, Gerry Lynch, Ross Hodgson, Maurie Payne, Peter Arnesen, Roger Arnesen & Family, Tamborine Mountain Veteran Golfers, Tamborine Mountain Golf Club, Geoff, Cheryl & Leanne Wallace & Andy Koureas. I apologize if I have omitted anyone. We would also like to thank our 2 Master Chefs, Barry Roberts & Carl Pearce for the BBQ, Kay & Olivia Kerr in the kitchen, Darren McLarnon for his help in setting up the course & raffle ticket sales & his two ticket helpers Leanne Wallace & Tom Kerr & Andy's staff Toni Brunette & David Koureas. Lastly the Kerr Family who have sponsored the Clubs Juniors since our current Junior program began some 7 or 8 years ago & who 5 years ago instigated this event & remain the Juniors major sponsor. Congratulations to all the winners. PLEASE REPAIR ALL DIVOTS & PITCH MARKS CHECK OUT THE CLUB'S WEB SITE @ FOR ALL RESULTS & NEWS.


SATURDAY 19TH MARCH 2011 Junior golf also washed out today. Andy will conduct a coaching clinic next Saturday.



We will also draw the raffle for the donated Junior Golf Set. SATURDAY 26TH MARCH 2011 Andy Koureas conducted a coaching clinic today. The Junior Golf set was also drawn today & was won by Timothy Beadle, congratulations Timothy. Timothy is shown is the photo above with his brother David & Club Professional Andy Koureas & Junior Sponsor Tim Kerr & his son Tom. Out of Bounds

It hasn’t all been wet weather sport lately though. Two weeks ago we had the inaugural Locals against Tourists match. Those that had lived on the Mountain less than five years were volunteered to be Tourists and those that had lived here longer were the Locals. We realised that Mountain tradition requires you actually be born here to be a Local but hey, arrange two sides along any lines and you’ve got a basis for the name calling and sledging that makes a real tennis match. But back to the rain. To be fair to the over optimistic organiser it was during a ten minute pause in the deluge that was “Rainy Monday” when the first two sets of the night began. Eight players who had looked nervously toward the heavens slowly began to hope they might finish the set still dry. But then the mist rolled in, mist became gentle rain and gentle rain became a downpour. By then it was too late. The spirit than invades a Monday night tennis player had taken hold. Both sets were neck and neck and no-one was going to walk off the court and forfeit. The players had quickly acquired the new set of skills underwater tennis requires and they were using them. A drop shot aimed at a puddle is always going to be a winner. Breaststroke is not a good option whereas the Aussie crawl means you can have your racquet hand out of the water when the ball comes to you. In the end, after the regulation eight games, both sets were drawn four all. The players returned to the shed to the cheers of the onlookers and everyone decided we should return home to sandbag our properties. Yes, Monday night tennis is alive and well on the Mountain and a little bit of moisture isn’t going to stop us. By the way, the Locals beat the Tourists, which is as it should be. Mike Davis



I’m sure this picture should have a caption but we’d be spoiled for choice. Perhaps “I’m sure there’s a ball up there somewhere” or “If only someone would invent windscreen wipers for glasses.” Maybe something about a rain dance. But no, none of this lighthearted banter would be fair because the man in the picture is engaged in a most serious tussle for domination of the tennis court. Places in the Monday night tennis comp have become so highly sought after, that even when the idiot organiser suggested play should commence on the day many people will remember as “Rainy Monday”, fourteen of the sixteen combatants turned up to play. A little North of here they were having mudslides, to the South people were fooling around with sandbags but on Tamborine Mountain we were playing tennis.


The Creative Arts Social Bridge Group continues to attract a good number of players each week. Play starts every Wednesday at 12.45 in the Centre on Wongawallen Road, and finishes by 4.15pm. We play 28 or 30 boards according to numbers, and each week's play is an informal competition, though no prizes or points are awarded. Visitors and newcomers are always welcome, and we try to find a partner for anyone who does not have one. For further information, contact John Noble on 5545 4022. Some recent results: 9 MARCH 7 TABLES North/South 1. John N/Brenda 2. Shirley/Barbara 3. Marjorie/John B East/West 1. Jean/Julieanne 2. Robyn/Annette 3. Max/Betty 16 MARCH 6 TABLES North/South 1. Shirley/Barbara 2. David/John H 3. Trish/Judith

East/West 1. Toni/Faye 2. Annette/Robyn 3. John N/Brenda 23 MARCH 7 TABLES North/South 1. Patrick/Barry 2. John N/Brenda 3. Yvonne/Ziggy East/West 1. Rod/Nora 2, Jean/Julieanne 3. Toni/David


Craft Extravaganza Mothers Day

UR 9th Annual Craft Extravaganza Mothers Day will take place on 29th April to 2nd May 2011 at the Vonda Youngman Community Centre Main St North Tamborine 10am to 4pm each day. The show is a four day event with the first day being Friday 29th April which is always very popular with our regular visitors who snap up the best bargains. The show will feature all handmade craft by 50 local and South East Queensland craft persons. Hand made craft has largely disappeared from the shopping scene these days so to have the opportunity to visit a craft show where there are no mass produced imported craft for sale is a unique experience. We will have a number of new exhibitors for this show including pottery, decorative candles, wood turned products, jams and chutneys and felting to name a few and are pleased that we will have our popular recycled corrugated iron sculptures back for this show. The show will raise funds for the Mt Tamborine Rural Fire Brigade and other local worthy organizations. The Tamborine Mountain Rural Fire Brigade replaced two second hand vehicles

last year with two brand new state of the art vehicles and purchased a twin cab 4WD utility as well as training material. As they have no immediate requirement for any major funding they have generously suggested that the time was opportune to invite other deserving Mountain organizations to participate in the Craft Extravaganza and share in the fund raising. With this in mind we are pleased to advise that JC Epidemic a Mountain youth organisation will be operating the Crafty Café for the Mothers Day Show. JC EPIDEMIC is a not for profi t Christian youth organisation who stage extreme sports events in order to capture the attention of Australia’s young people and bring motivational and encouraging words into their lives. Through drug and alcohol free events JC Epidemic draws in crowds of young people who can experience something exciting and potentially life changing. They promote that Australia’s youth need not hit rock bottom before coming to the realization that there is an alternative way of living. Admission is free although a gold coin donation to TMRF is appreciated. For more information please phone Dorothy – 07 5545 2822


Students at St. Bernard say “No” to bullying!

N Friday, 18th March, the students at St Bernard State School wore orange to signify we do not tolerate 'bullying'. There are many different forms of bullying. But the common factor is, it is repetitive, even when someone has said 'stop'. The students and their teachers at St. Bernard State School engaged in discussions and activities about the different types of bullying and who to go to if you see bullying or are a person whom bullying is happening to. It is a kindly reminder to all our students and our community that we do not tolerate this anti-social behaviour.

Marks & Gardner Gallery & Bookshop

Café & Contemporary Art Open Wed-Sun 9am-4pm PH 5545 4992 69 Main Western Rd, North Tamborine

THE At rear of Presbyterian Church BARGAIN CENTRE $AVE • Secondhand Furniture • Soft Furnishings • Kitchenware • Books • Toys • Accessories & Costume Jewellery • Ladies, Men’s & Children’s Clothing OPEN: Wednesday to Saturday 8.30am – 12noon

Other times by appointment

WASH & SQUASH AN EASY WAY TO RECYCLE MORE IS TO WASH & SQUASH YOUR RECYCLABLES Remove the lid. Rinse the container in your last dishwater. Squash container and place in the recycling section of your wheelie bin.

TRY THESE OTHER SPACE SAVING IDEAS! Place smaller paper and cardboard items in an empty cereal box. Place metal lids from jars or bottles into an empty steel can and squeeze the top together. A message from J.J. Richards and Sons and Cleanaway


R E A L E S TA T E 4/18 Main Street North Tamborine

Phone: 5545 0900

Fax: 5545 1338

27 Jenyns Rd – NOW .............................$335pw 2/3 bedrooms, open plan living, fireplace, great backyard, opening onto golf course, carport. 35 Kinabalu Dr.......................................$325pw 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, open plan living, fireplace, parking underneath, backs onto natural corridor/creek. 38 Paradise Dr – FEBRUARY..................$445pw 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open plan living, air


conditioner, open office area, double lockup garage, fully fenced yard. 45 Staghorn Ave – NOW.........................$435pw 3 bed/2bath, galley kitchen, open plan living, fireplace, covered deck with inground spa, views to die for, shade cover for vehicles. 162 McDonnell Rd – FEBRUARY ............$750pw 5 bed/3bath, v. large open plan, media room, sep. 1 bed studio, covered outdoor spa, dlug, on acreage.


5545 1231

Shop 7, “Tamborine Plaza” North Tamborine

5545 2244

w w w. j o n h a m m o n d r e a l e s t a t e . c o m . a u

For all your Real Estate Needs



Land • Homes • Farms

0439 754 344

Free Listing on Internet

2/15 Main St, North Tamborine

ww w.a llm ounta inre al ty. com .a u

Ph (07) 5545 4000 Fax (07) 5545 4673

Ph: 5545 1955

“The Town Centre” Nth Tamborine


Regional Librarian Community Services

By John Breckon-Thomas

home HISLeaving TORYyour OFoldA D V ERand TI getting SING ready for a new home can and should be a very

$74,571 - $78,959 pa + superannuation The successful applicant will be required to work with management to ensure the provision of a high standard of library services to the residents of the Scenic Rim Region including management of staffing, purchasing, inventory, cataloguing and the preparation of reports. Minimum qualifications of a Degree or Graduate Diploma in Library Science and/or eligibility for Associate membership of the Australian Library and Information Association are essential. Appointments will be in accordance with the Local Government Officers’ Award and Council’s Enterprise Bargaining Agreement. How to apply: Further information, including the position description with key selection criteria, is available from the internet, or alternatively, you can telephone 55405 126 for this information to be sent. Email applications can be sent to Applications must include: • The Application Coversheet ; • Cover letter; • Your statement addressing the key selection criteria (essential); and • Your resume including referees. Applications must be received by 12 noon on Friday 15 April, 2011. All applications will be treated in strict confidence.

Craig Barke Chief Executive Officer

JON HAMMOND 0417 732 515

PO Box 25 BEAUDESERT QLD 4285 Phone: (07) 5540 5111

Council is an equal opportunity employer and offers a smoke free work environment This vacancy is not advertised with any Agency

Egyptians used papyrus to make sales exciting time. messages and wall posters. Commercial If you really want to campaign vacate your home have and messages and political displays move to a nicer place, you should beenconsider found insome the ruins of Pompeii ancient important factorsand when it comes to and exploring properties. Once Arabia . Lost foundnew advertising on papyrus you stick to your plans you will find there wasiscommon Ancient Greeceyour andnew Ancient no betterintime to realise Rome. dream home. A lot later as towns and cities of the Middle 1. Remember why you wanted to move Ageswhatever began to grow, the general populace was your reasons are, stand by your decision andsobesigns confident that you have unable to read, that today would say made the right choice. If you have cobbler, miller, tailor or blacksmith would use an planned carefully you should not have any image associated with their trade such as a boot, regrets. a suit, a hat, a clock, a candle or even a bag of 2. Be flexible with your budget. It might flour. be worth while in the long run to go that extra mile - itbecame could mean more dollars in As education an apparent need and your pocket at the end of the day. reading, as well as printing, developed advertising expanded handbills. 3. Put your trust intoainclude competent agent In - the with local knowledge started and lotstoofappear in 17thone century advertisements experience. Listen to their advice with weekly newspapers in position England.and potential. regards to pricing, Now marketing through the Internet has 4. Think also of your for newadvertisers home as an opened up new frontiers and has investment - by not settling for mediocrity contributed to the "dot-com" boom of the could reward you substantially in the 1990s future. One should never think twice to the present day. when it comes to finding the perfect home.

‘The best time to purchase Real Estate was 50 years ago. The second best time is NOW!’

18 – TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN NEWS VOL. 1300, APR 05, 2011 Tamborine Mountain


EVEN months ago Tamborine Mountain Probus Club members were treated to a talk by local identity and club member Allan Rosser. Allan spoke of early TM history up to the World War 2 period. The talk was so well received that Allan was asked to give a follow-up talk for the period from the WW2 and beyond. His knowledge of dates, places, people and events is amazing. He is a living history book of mountain life. Some interesting historical facts from his talk are ... • Electricity came to the mountain in 1935. Allan remembers the beautiful cakes cooked in their wood fired ovens. The kettle was permanently on the stove ready for a cup of tea. Candles and kerosene lamps were used for lighting. Ice boxes kept food cold. Allan said an original ice box is on display at the Heritage Centre. • In 1945 servicemen returned from the war and took up farming again. Wages increased. Smaller properties were sold and new houses were built. • By 1948 wages were around £5 a week. The first Australian mass produced car hit the streets and mobility improved. Professional people began to discover the mountain which pushed up the price of land. • In 1956 our first resident practising doctor was Vonda Youngman. She established a medical centre at North Tamborine. Later she became a Beaudesert Shire councillor. One of her many achievements was the sealing of our roads.

Probus gets history update

GC SENIORS ONTHENET TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN CREATIVE ARTS CENTRE • In 1958 the Golf Course estate was established followed by a number of new estates all over the mountain. • Dairying, citrus and small cropping had all but disappeared by the early 70s. Avocados, Kiwi fruit and rhubarb have taken their place and continue to this day. • Allan concluded by noting that during the period under review man has walked on the moon; we have personal computers, TV, GPS navigation and mobile phones. Now we are looking at cars that park themselves and may soon even drive you home after a night out! Is it Progress? There are now just a few remaining opportunities to join Probus. Membership is open to men of good character who have had some measure of responsibility or achievement in any field of worthy endeavour. For details ring club Secretary John Clem on 5545 2179. Tony Smallwood – Probus

Wongawallan Rd, Eagle Heights Friday 8 April

Experienced computer technician CHRIS GEE will be speaking about “Common Computer Problems” Tea/Coffee & chat from 9.30am Presentation 10.00am

$2 entry Margaret & Frank Thorndike 5545 2247

QUICK QUIZ C o m p i l e d b y J o h n B r e ck o n - T h o m a s . A n s w er s p . 2 3

1 What Aussie cover girl put on 20 pounds to play a 19th-century artist's model in Sirens? 2 What book about four days in Iowa took Robert J. Waller two weeks to write, and topped bestseller lists for seven months? 3 What auto giant purchased Land Rover, the last major auto manufacturer still run by Britons? 4 Who got into a big beef with the cattle industry when she swore off meat on her TV show? 5 What Soviet president took time out for a quintuple heart bypass while in office? 6 What Albanian-born missionary was hailed as the "saint of the gutters"? 7 Which 90s movie told of a group of stripping Sheffield steelworkers? 8 Which silent movie star created the comic character The Little Tramp? 9 Which Princess's husband was killed in 1990 when his powerboat went out of control? 10 Which actress married for the seventh time on Michael Jackson's ranch in 1991? Quote of the week: ‘Those who lose dreaming are lost ‘ – Australian Aboriginal proverb

! Relief Tip Master Infrastructure and Design Works and Infrastructure Services $29.72 p.h. + superannuation ! Council is seeking a Relief Tip Master to assist in the supervision/operation of Council’s Central Waste Transfer Station, as well as providing relief to other Tip Sites as and when necessary. The successful applicant will be required to work at any of Council’s nominated Waste Transfer Stations. Appointment will be in accordance with the Local Government Employees’ Award and Council’s Enterprise Bargaining Agreement. Tip Masters are covered by a Local Area Agreement and work a 4 day on / 4 day off Roster. Intending applicants are asked to obtain a position description and selection criteria from the Human Resources Department on (07) 5540 5126 or alternatively from Council’s Website. It is essential that applicants obtain and address the key selection criteria as those not addressing the selection criteria will not be considered. Applications must be received by 12 noon on Friday 15 April, 2011. All applications will be treated in strict confidence.

Craig Barke Chief Executive Officer

PO Box 25 BEAUDESERT QLD 4285 Phone: (07) 5540 5111

Council is an equal opportunity employer and offers a smoke free work environment This vacancy is not advertised with any Agency



ACCOUNTING STEPHEN HALL & ASSOC. P/L Accounting on the Mountain • Taxation/BAS Returns • Business Advice • Bookkeeping

• Business Advice • Tax Planning • Payroll Services

Chartered & CPA Qualified Staff SHOP 3, 15 MAIN WESTERN RD NTH TAMBORINE

PHONE (07)

5545 2588


TV & VCR Tune-ins, Digital Decoders & Antennas, Extra TV Points Supplied & Installed Peter Newman (Reg’d T.E.S.A Member) FREE QUOTES


5543 3331 Mob 0409 729 107

Peter Dietzel BUILDER Ph 5545 2557 Fax 5545 2555 Mobile: 0407 764 715 or 0408 180 481 Qld Bldg. Reg No. 24096 NSW Bldg. Lic. 30085


Building Design & Energy Efficiency Reports


BSA Lic 40718 Bers Accr BA 329 Paul Wootton Ph/Fx: 5545 2546 Mob: 0408 989 961







Registered Dental Prosthetist


Shop 10 Eagle Heights Shopping Village

5545 3128

Kitchens, Bathrooms, Laundries, Wardrobes, Interior Walls, Furniture, Built-ins. Renovations, improvements, make-overs, appliance installations, repair and maintenance



• postholes • pads • trenching • tank holes • clearing • burnoffs • landscaping

Excavators Bobcats Trucks

Phone Peter on 0437 436 552

Specialising in: DRIVEWAYS


• Washers • Dryers • Microwaves • Cooktops • Ovens Agent for: • Dishwashers Hoover - Dishlex • Washing Machines Kleenmaid - Fisher


5543 6858

& Paykel - Asko Asea


Yes, you can. Hire your building equipment from MITRE 10 North Tamborine

Phone 5545 1170 OPEN 7 DAYS CLEANING & CARPETS Eagle Heights Cleaning Services Affordable Rates Free Quotes

M ob: 0400 452 054 P h: 5545 2054

Ph: 5545 1979


Repairs & Service


Hydraulic Expert Available; Field Servicing, Fault-finding and Repairs; Fast On-site Response Team; Qualified Diesel Fitters. WE REPAIR AND SERVICE: Diesel/Petrol Engines, Hydraulic valves, Cylinders, Pumps, Motors. On the spot Welding etc. N.B. CALL EARLY TO BOOK YOUR SERVICE. Pickup and delivery for major repairs. Office: 1300 604 603 • Mobile: 0407 494 854

For all your Domestic & Commercial Cleaning Needs


Harding-Smith Builders

BSA 701147 ACN 057 427013

Pty Ltd

House & General Builders

Mobile: 0408 772 250

A/h Mark 5545 2063 • David 5545 1620


COMPUTER TECHNICIAN HARDWARE REPAIRS & UPGRADES Software Configuration/Troubleshoooting Application Development (C++, Delphi, VB6/.NET, VBA) inc web applications. No call-out charge on Tamborine Mountain. P h : Al a n 5 5 4 5 2 3 1 7 / 0 4 2 2 9 0 4 3 9 0



G.J. Baldwin & Associates P/L

Tamborine Mtn Electrical ACN 010980695 Lic. 36447

ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Domestic/Farm/Commercial Shop 4, Tamborine Plaza Ph: 5545 1207


Precise Electrics & Air All Electrical, Air Conditioning, Phone/Data, Digital TV, Plasma/LCD, Home Theatre Installations Same Day Service, Guaranteed Workmanship JAI FAWCETT – 0404 474 663 Elec Lic 68071

ARC Lic L040617




Mower Repairs



P: 5545 4783

M: 0413 233 530

For hair that looks good beyond the salon doors




HEALTH FUND REBATES • Helen, 0413 919 212

Phone: 5545 2166

Aching/burning feet, bunion pain, sore legs, sciatica, headaches, tension, general pain, women’s health (RAA, ATMS, ICR, FNTT) – M ou n ta i n R es i d en t

Domestic • Commercial • Farm Installation • Repairs

Shop 4, 15 Main Western Rd, North Tamborine (opp. Pharmacy)




Ph 07 5545 0499 Shop 6, 15 Main Street, North Tamborine


Ph 5545 2402 – Opp. St Bernard’s Hotel Open Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm Saturday 9am – 12pm



TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN NURSERY L e t u s p r i c e y o u r l a n d s c a p e p la n t nee ds. B uy d i rect f rom t he pro du cer. Qu o t e c o m p a r i s o n w e l c o m e . O P EN 7 D AY S. 1 76 Lo ng Rd , E agl e H ei g ht s • 55 45 49 99

Affinity Landscapes

GLASS All Glass Replacement

TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN GLASS Glass & Mirror cut to size Security Screens - Shower Screens

Insurance Work Welcome Free Quotes

Ph 5545 3793 • 0407 696 068



Is your garden ready for spring & summer entertaining? Would you like to attract wildlife? Do you want envious friends & neighbours?

L o ca l h o r t i cu l t u r a l i s t & l i c ’ d s t r u ct u r a l l a n ds c ap e r • Design • Water features • Stonework • Planting • Paving & retaining walls • Contemporary, native & formal gardens MOB: 0411 805 589 – AH: 5545 3360


Ladies & Men’s Hairdressing

Premium Blue Couch, Greenlees Park and Kikuya Turf.

Shop 4, Southport Ave, Eagle Heights

• Farm pick-up or delivered • Weekend pick-ups must be ordered by Friday • Inspection Invited.

Ph Michelle 5545 1291 for appt


Qualified Tradesmen – Same-day Service


Pickup and delivery for major repairs. N.B. CALL EARLY TO BOOK YOUR SERVICE.

Office: 1300 604 603 • Mobile: 0407 494 854

Tamborine Mower Repairs Suppliers of new & reconditioned • Mowers • Brush Cutters JOHN DEERE Spares & Service

Ph 5545 1892 or 0428 451 892





Ph: All Hrs 5543

6133/5543 8441


Acreage Mowing Prompt Reliable Service

Now Available at Tamborine Mower Repairs

5545 1892 0428 451 892


All Tamborine Storage PACKAGING REQUIREMENTS INCLUDING CARTONS, BUBBLE WRAP ETC. 108 Main Western Rd., Tamborine Mtn

Ph . 0 4 1 7 0 0 1 5 3 6


eco painters bsa licence 1043639

domestic/commercial paint finishes • colour consulting Phone Derek 0414 478 787 te l /f a x: 554 5 472 6 M a j o r C r e d i t C a r d s A c c e p te d







Specialising in:• Maintenance • Draining • Plumbing • Roofing • Gasfitting Ph: Dave Angel at Nth Tamborine Ph: 5545 2369 all hours Mobile No: 0419 677 008

Domestic, Commercial, Industrial

FREE QUOTES David Gibbons

24 Main St Nth Tamborine



5545 1988



PUMPS & FILTRATION Sales • Service • Repairs House, Bore & Pool Pumps Water Fi lters • UV Ste rilize rs • Tank Li ners

0435 212 800

PLASTERER Gyprock, ornate & suspended ceilings, fancy cornices, ceiling roses. All Aspects of Trade Phone BRETT CLEARY

5545 0115 PLUMBING

Ian Lloyd • • • • •

Plumbing Drainage Roofing Guttering Pumps

LICENSED BACKFLOW PREVENTION Ph: (Mob) 0417 437 143 A/H 5543 6884

PO Box 107, Eagle Heights 4271 Phone 5545 0022 Fax: 5545 0200


for Prional, Reliable Service Local Country



Interstate Pre-packing

Ph: 07 3287 4326 Mobile 0408 743 244

Incorporating Tamborine Mtn Removals

Rock and Timber Retaining Walls RETAINING WALLS

Established on the Mountain since 1990

VETERINARY SURGERY Andr ew Pa xt on- Ha ll BVSc. Chris Corc ora n BVSc. (Hons)

Small & Large Mon - Fri 8am - 6pm Animal Practice Saturday 8am - 1pm A fully equipped veterinary hospital right here on the Mountain providing quality service including home visits, x-ray, ultrasound, in-house blood tests, surgery, pet grooming, hydrobath and a full range of pet food supplies.

5545 2422 all hours 2 Main St, Nth Tamborine

A/H Emergency Service Always Available


Licensed Plumber QBS Lic No. 62248

Independent Property Valuer, all purposes. Assessments market value, compensation, property settlement, stamp duty, GST. Registered Valuer Queensland No. 734. Member Australian Property Institute (Valuers)

0403 419 482

• Advice • Treatment • Peace of Mind

The Specialists





Spare parts for cars, trucks, motor bikes, tractors, mowers & garden equipment


PH: 5545 2319


24/7 SERVICE – Tamborine Mountain resident PHONE: 5545 2692


Ph: 5545 1952 Mob: 0407 757 960


Septic ~ Treatment Plants ~ Grease traps Holding tanks ~ Sullage Tanks ~ Sullage Pumps


Lic. No. 062240

Private and insurance work Total Car Care


Lic No 047179

• E x p e r t l y B u i l t • A l l E a r th w o r k s • E n g i n e e r d e s i g n e d , w h e n r e q u i re d • C e r t i fi c a t i o n • B S A L i c e n c e d 1 1 1 1 9 3 9 Office: 5543 8584 • Mob: 0432 281 075 Email:


Cnr Pine Rd & Franklin St

5543 5622 All Hours Mon-Fri 8.30am-5.30pm. Sat 8.30am-11.30am A.H. EMERGENCY SERVICES ALWAYS AVAILABLE


P U R I F I C AT I O N S O L U T I O N S • Water Treatment • Waste Water Treatment • Sewerage Plant Maintenance • Pump Sales/Repairs • Designs & Modifications

G L E N H A R VE Y 0 4 1 2 3 6 6 8 6 7 • 1 3 0 0 3 0 2 6 7 6 g l e n @ b i o w o r x . c o m. a u


PONY EXPRESS MOUNTAIN WATER Est 1985 - Maurice & Debbie Friendly, Reliable Delivery

$130 per load BSC Approved

7 DAYS A WEEK Ph: 5545 3935 or 0417 644 498

Alcoholics Anonymous..............5545 3331 ..........................................or 0416 155 456 Energex .........................................13 62 62 Fire (ask for Southport Control) ........000 Fire (T.M. Rural F.B.) ..........0407 747 999 Fire Permits ..........................0408 199 271 Police ..........................................5545 3473 Ambulance ............................................000 Ambulance (non-urgent) .............13 12 33 Domestic Violence (24 hrs)...1800 811 811 Child Protection (24 hrs) .....1800 177 135 Lifeline ............................................13 1114 13 HEALTH ............................13 43 25 84 S.E.S. .............................................132 500 Local SES Controller Brendan Guy ...............................5540 5131 T.M. Community Care Service: Home Care and Transport needs. Ring.........5545 4968 Blue Nursing Service ..........(07) 3287 2041 Roslyn Lodge ..............................5545 7822 T.M. Medical Practice.................5545 1222 QML Pathology Nth Tamborine .5545 3873 Chemists: North Tamborine.........5545 1450 Eagle Heights..............5545 1441 Tamborine Mtn Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic ...............................5545 0500 Tamborine Mountain Optometrist Nicky Carr..................................5545 0277 Dentists: Dr Don Harvey .........................5545 2788 Dr Claudia Rodriguez................5545 2522


Podiatrist:.......5545 3311 or 0418 963 969 Veterinary Surgery ......................5545 2422 Beenleigh Comm. Health ....(07) 3827 9811 Beaudesert Hospital.....................5541 9111 LIBRARY HOURS Monday – Friday 9.00am–5.30pm. Saturday 9am–12noon. Phone: 5540 5473.

T.M. RURAL FIRE BRIGADE For burnoff notifications, membership and general enquiries .......................................Phone: 0407 747 999

For Fires and Emergencies ...........Phone: 000

Training Meetings are held at 7.00pm each Wednesday at the Rural Fire Station, Knoll Rd. Tamborine Mountain News is published fortnightly. The paper is compiled by voluntary workers and printed by the Beaudesert Times.

The only purely 100% Australian Funeral Company and Crematorium Winner Qld Seniors Excellence Award

Enquiries Welcome

5593 4777

E D I T O R IA L T E A M : Eve Curtis 5545 1231 George & Joan Fisher 5545 1986 Mike & Elizabeth Russell 5545 3601 John Aagaard 5545 1371 EMAIL: TM News acknowledges a grant from the Gambling Community Benefit Fund for the purchase of equipment to assist in production.


Rates: $6 for first 10 words, then 10 cents for each additional word. Classifieds may be left in the boxes at NORTH TAMBORINE NEWSAGENCY. Place your ad & money in an envelope & drop in box.

UNPARALLELLED OPPORTUNITY WORKING FROM HOME – PART OR FULL TIME – ABSOLUTELY NO RISK – GENUINE OPPORTUNITY SELDOM KNOCKS TWICE! FREE TRAINING & SUPPORT. CALL 0409 771 885. APPLIANCE REPAIRS: Marc Lambert: Washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, electric stoves & cooktops. Cash and pensioner discounts. Same day service. Ph: 0438 745 350. ATTENTION!! What’s on the bottom of your water tank? Dead rats, snakes, toad or worse. Minimum water loss extraction cleaning system now available by The Tank Doctor 0407 649 659 or 5545 3693. BRICKLAYER 30 years experience. Large/small jobs to $3,300. Ph: 5545 0774 (wait 2 rings for line to kick in) or Fax to: 5545 0774. CHOOKMOBILE is a fully-equipped chook pen, completely fox-proof and with a superb mobility system. Models for 4 or 7 hens. Come and check them out. Phone 0418 758 925 or 5545 2206. FOR RENT: Nice house, 3 bedrooms, 1½ bathrooms, good kitchen, dining, large living, heating, views, 2 cars under. $350 per week. Phone 5545 2100 or 0433 486 131 LARGE YOGA/Workshop/Community groups studio available for hire. $25/hour. Healthy cafe adjoins and easy off-street parking. Phone 5545 0565 MOBILE MASSAGE: Qualified Therapist. Maintain the health of your body with a regular therapeutic massage. Service also avail. to some off-Mountain areas. Anja Cameron 0405 347 900 MOUNTAIN-WIDE PAMPHLETS Distribution service. Advertise your business. Ph 0438 452 587. MULCH: Excellent quality. Aged, clean mulch. $25/metre delivered. Ph: 5545 0467. NATUROPATH, Nutrition advice, herbalist, 0417 630 615 TAI CHI & QI GONG New Beginners’ classes commencing now, Eagle Heights & Beaudesert. Kinesiology & Massage by appointment. Improve your health. See or ph Gai 55452409 or 0409066501. TRADITIONAL REIKI CLASSES Reiki, massage, iridology by appointment. Change your life for the better. Phone Jan 5545 4005. 20 years experience. TRANSPORTER, Pickup/delivery service. From a carton to a cupboard from $20. Tamborine Mountain, Gold Coast, Brisbane and surrounds. Ring before 12 for sameday service. Phone 0427574848.


1/ Elle MacPherson 2/ The Bridges of Madison County 3/ BMW 4/ Oprah Winfrey 5/ Boris Yeltsin 6/ Mother Teresa 7/ The Full Monty 8/ Charlie Chaplin 9/ Caroline 10/ Elizabeth Taylor.


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