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UH Foundations Funds Faculty members whose research interests define the intellectual capital, that is the Department of Tropical Medicine, Medical Microbiology and Pharmacology, spans and complements the disciplines of medical bacteriology, virology, parasitology, immunology, pharmacology, epidemiology and biostatistics. This research combines a laboratorybased, field-based, and clinical-based approach to tropical medicine that helps develop a well rounded graduate study experience. These complex disciplines are strengthened by partnerships with a number of institutions local, national and international. Local institutions include the Pacific Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases Research (PCEIDR), the Hawaii State Department of Health (HSDOH) and numerous local medical centers. Nationally with the Department of Defense (DoD), National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) and internationally through collaborations with numerous foreign governmental and research bodies.

Tropical Medicine Development Fund

Current Research Projects in the Department of Tropical Medicine Include:

Donations to this fund will be used to study the development of enzyme and disease processes in pediatric liver.

•Dengue pathogenesis and diagnostic development •Malaria pathogenesis and vaccine development •Pathobiology of HIV and associated disorders •Epidemiology and pathogenesis of Campylobacter enteritis •Diagnostic development for Angiostrongylus cantonensis •Pathogenesis of West Nile Virus associated encephalitis •Epidemiology of Hepatitis C •Drug metabolism and Pharmacokinetics •Hantavirus •Group A Streptococci

Donations to these funds will be used to support the development of research and service activities in the department of Tropical Medicine, Medical Microbiology and Pharmacology.

Research & Training in Neglected Tropical Diseases

Donations to this fund will be used to support the development of research and training activities in the area of Neglected Tropical Diseases.

Malaria Vaccine Development

Department of Tropical Medicine, Medical Microbiology & Pharmacology John A. Burns School of Medicine, University of Hawaii

Donations to this fund will be used to support basic and translational research and training in malaria immunology and vaccine development. Resources will be used for research expenses as well as for graduate research assistant support.

UGT Enzymes in Children

Emerging Infectious Disease (EID) Fund

Donations to the fund wil be used to support excellence in EID. Give a gift

Department of Tropical Medicine, Medical Microbiology & Pharmacology John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSoM) 651 Ilalo Street BioScience Building (BSB) #320 Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 Email: Ph: 808.692.1600 Fax: 808.692.1979 Twitter: #deptofT3MP


Why train with us...

Provide the future leaders of Tropical Medicine and Pharmacology a worldclass transdisciplinary research, training and teaching program that focuses on basic, translational, and field research on microbial diseases of global public health importance and with special interests to Hawaii and the Asia-Pacific region.

The department is one of the few academic departments in the United States that offers learning opportunities in all of the knowledge areas required by the multidisciplinary field of tropical medicine. Students who study tropical medicine at UHM have learning opportunities in virology, bacteriology, parasitology, entomology, immunology, cell and molecular biology, epidemiology, behavioral science and clinical medicine. In addition, they receive vigorous training in scientific methodology.

What are our disciplines?

Tropical medicine is the study of diseases that occur more commonly in the tropical regions of the world. However, in today’s era of globalization and modern transportation, diseases that were once confined to the tropics have spread geographically and played a significant role in the 20th century global resurgence of infectious diseases. As such, research in the area of tropical medicine and medical microbiology has greatly increased in importance in the past 30 years. Pharmacology is a medical science concerned with the effects of drugs and chemicals on living organisms. Our discipline embraces knowledge the absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretions of drugs. Traditionally, the greatest interests in drugs have been with the health professions. However, given the current understanding of humanenvironment interactions, knowledge of pharmacology and the allied field of toxicology are relevant to all segments of society.

Past graduates of the graduate program have obtained teaching positions in science education at the secondary and college level, technical and research positions in universities, government agencies and biotechnology companies, or have continued on to pursue advanced degrees at other universities.

MS Degree Requirements

All MS students are admitted into Plan A (thesis). Conversion to the Plan B (non-thesis) option is reserved for special circumstances.

The MS program requires the following: • Plan A requires 21 credits of course work, 9 credits of thesis research, a written research proposal, a written thesis and defense of the thesis. • Plan B requires 30 credits of course work, participation in a research project, and a final oral and written exam. • A general exam, oral and written, is required before a student is advanced to candidacy for the MS degree.

PhD Degree Requirements The PhD program requires the following: • Course work covering a broad array of the disciplines relevant to the field of Tropical Medicine as determined to be necessary by the student’s advisory committee, • A general exam, oral and written, required before a student is advanced to candidacy for the PhD degree. • A written research proposal and a comprehensive exam based on the research proposal. • A dissertation and final oral exam/defense of dissertation.

Department of TMMMP Brochure  

A brief summary of Department of Tropical Medicine, Medical Microbiology & Pharmacology. We also have a graduate program that trains in appl...

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