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Undergraduate Architecture Portfolio

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TRI MIRANDA Pontianak, March 5th 1997 Bandung, Indonesia Indonesian

SMP Santa Ursula Bandung 2009 - 2012 SMA Negeri 5 Bandung 2012 - 2015


Institut Teknologi Bandung School of Architecture, Planning, and Policy Development Architecture Department 2015 - Present

COMPETITION Arc hite c ture Eve nt 201 7 “Sayembara Desain Microhouse” held by Arsitektur UNS with Bonifasius Dimas Adrianto Top 25 International Architectural Design Competition “Architecture Festival 2018” Contextual Micro Space held by Himpunan Mahasiswa Arsitektur Petra with Bonifasius Dimas Adrianto Jayaboard De sign Comp etitio n 2 0 1 9 “De sain Pe rumahan Tanggap Ben can a d i Daerah Rawan Be nc ana di Indone sia” held by PT Petrojaya Boral Plasterboard with Apri Surya H.P. Simbolon

O R G A N I Z AT I O N A L E X P E R I E N C E 2016 Liaison Officer Parade Wisuda Oktober Institut Teknologi Bandung (Ikatan Mahasiswa Arsitektur Gunadharma) (Graduation Ceremony) 2017 Field Coordinator Parade Wisuda Juli Institut Teknologi Bandung (Ikatan Mahasiswa Arsitektur Gunadharma) (Graduation Ceremony) 2018 Field Coordinator Penjenjangan Mula-Bina Ikatan Mahasiswa Arsitektur Gunadharma (Architecture Student Organization Orientation Period)

SKILLS Software Google SketchUp, Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk Revit Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro Microsoft Office

Language Bahasa Indonesia English

INTERESTS Analog Photography Typography Sketching Model-making



Middle Rise Hotel in Jalan Sunda, Bandung


Komune Housing Complex Sadang Serang, Bandung


Lorong Massa Cicadas, Bandung


Other Works

01 MIDDLE RISE HOTEL IN BANDUNG Middle Rise Hotel Third Year Studio Assignment / 2017 Mentor : Ir. Budi Rijanto, DEA Jalan Laswi, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

The brief of the assignment is to design a building as a system. This thinking method makes the design of the building rely on certain and relevant rules, integrates the functional requirements and requirements of development as the main focus of the design. With this approach, the focus of the design is to integrate structural modules with typical space modules and designs structural systems by paying attention to typical space layouts, circulation for building safety, and mechanical / electrical aspects that serve buildings. For this assignment, the chosen building function is a hotel. This facility was built primarily to respond to tourism developments that are increasing in the present and will continue to develop in the future, driven by human needs to take a break from their works as well as becoming a contemporary lifestyle. The city of Bandung with its natural and cultural strength has been known to be a city with various tourist attraction. The need for hotels will continue to increase in this city in the future.

site analysis

design concept The character of the site is one of the factors that influences the design of this hotel. Located in the center of the city, there are some regulations such as building boundaries that takes up a lot of space. Small site area becomes a challenge when it comes to designing this hotel. However, this hotel is located in strategic area and the building can be viewed from almost all directions from existing roads surrounding the building. This is a business hotel, which features efficiency in its use, and is targeting office employees and entrepreneurs, as their stay won’t take more than 14 days. Materials being used in the construction follows the character of the design itself, because the material needs to support the function, and lessen the use of ornaments as it can change the character of the hotel.


form transformation

lan sukabumi

jalan laswi

mass design starts with the shape of the a podium is located on the first and secsite that has been set back because of ond floor, which follows the shape of the the regulation. the section that located site. on Jalan Laswi has smaller area than the section located on Jalan Sukabumi

the hotel rooms starts above the podium, and are divided into 2 (two) towers, the middle section becomes a public function that unites the building.

1. Hotel Tower 2. Rooftop Garden A. Hotel Entrance B. Hotel Exit C. Drop Off D. Firetruck Parking E. Semi-Basement Entrance F. Semi-Basement Exit

site plan 1:250

ground plan

second floor plan

third floor plan

typical floor plan

section a-a’

section b-b’

west elevation

south elevation

inside the room

view from jalan laswi

02 KOMUNE HOUSING COMPLEX Housing Fourth Year Studio Assignment / 2018 Mentor: Ir. Indra Budiman Syamwil, M.Sc., Ph.D. Sadang Serang, Bandung, Indonesia The brief of the assignment brings land ineffiency issue to solve, by using a high density housing complex. The housing complex consists of a 5-story walk up apartment, 350 units of landed house, common facilities, social facilities, and green area. The big picture of the design brings an elaborate idea about “integrated living” which can help resolve inefficiency issue by considering the placement of common and social facilities for more than 700 people. The word “Komune” is an Indonesian word meaning “a group of people who live together” which resembles the community-based living in this housing complex. The open spaces on the center of the housing and apartment area are located to make the inhabitants interact with each other, and hopefully brings some sense of ownership among the inhabitants.

walk-up apartment

design diagram Vehicle Circulation

Collector Local Street Local Road

Some of the existing roads are maintained and used as main access of the housing complex. It is 10,5 meter wide. The vehicle lane is 7 meter wide, 1,5 meter of the road is used as green ribbon, and the rest is used as a pedestrian path. It is categorized as collector street. There are also local street, with 6 meters wide, to connect common facilities and its surrounding houses. The roads inside the housing clusters categorized as secondary local roads with 4 meters wide.




Public Green Open

Commercial Common and Social Facilities Greeneries & Vegetation

Green Ribbon besi

This housing complex is divided to residential, commercial, common facilities and social facilities and greeneries. There are 3 clusters in landed housing section, where type 60 units take place. There are common or social facilities and greeneries in each cluster. The center of common and social facilities are located in the center of the whole area, which makes it accessible from the surrounding clusters. Commercial area is located on the front side of the housing complex because it is closer to the main road. Beside the existing river there are water absorption area which can be used as an element of climate “buffer� to its surrounding.

Water Absorption

Private Green Ope

Inside the housing complex, t took form of green ribbon also used to separate the veh for safety matters. There are tants, located in the center o the walk-up apartment area. Other green spaces are locat es, making it more private an habitants to use. There are al functions ase air neutralizer.

n Area

n Space

ide Pedestrian Path

common facilities

row houses



Pedestrian Path

Pedestrian Path

n Area

en Space (inside housing cluster)

the greeneries and vegetation beside the pedestrian and is hicle lane from the pedestrian green open spaces for inhabiof the housing complex and on

ted inside the clustered housnd only allowed for nearby inlso water absorption area that

The waterflow of the housing complex uses the existing contoured land. The closer it is to the river, the land is less steep, hence the water flows towards the river. The water flows through drainage pipes which located below the pedestrian path.

The pedestrian path allows pedestrian to walk around the housing complex, including public and private areas.

main park is located at the very center of the housing complex, used as a place for inhabitants to work out, walk around, and interact with others.

row houses are designed without fence to maximize social interaction between inhabitants.

walk-up apartment towers are designed to face each other. a park is located amidst the towers to be used as communal space.

road section local street

collector street

secondary local road

03 LORONG MASSA Public space in high density area Architecture Competition / 2017 Group Project with Bonifasius Dimas Jalan Pasar Cicadas II, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia Jalan Pasar Cicadas II used to be a place called “KAMPUNG AKUSTIK” (accoustic village) which is a kampung where people place accoustic instruments all around the kampung to give accoustic sounds when people pass by. The initiator, Gugun, sees this as a chance to give a facility for the inhabitants to channel their skills (making crafts, dancing, singing, playing musical instruments, and many more) However, lack of human resources to keep the instruments in good condition makes the kampung did not last long. The “Kampung Akustik” events become somehow ceremonial and only held when there are special occasions. The activities fully stopped in 2013. Kampung Akustik also acts as a public space facility for inhabitants, but since it is no longer active, the inhabitants lose their public space facility and use the main road instead.


The site is located in Jalan Pasar Cicadas II, Bandung. It is located near one of the renowned hospital in Bandung, Rumah Sakit Santo Yusup (Saint Joseph’s Hospital). It is also located near Pasar Cicadas (Cicadas Traditional Market). The market is always packed with traders and buyers, vehicles, and also pedestrians. The area can be categorized as high-density population area, because there are more than 1500 family who lives in this small area. It is also categorized as high-density population area because there are almost no gap between houses, leaving little to zero amount of public space facility.

the site

green-blue circulation shows that the site is located near a river but not many vegetations to be seen. The main circulation of the area take form of an alley which is only accessible for motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian.

solid-void shows that the site is located in high-density area with limited open spaces. Thus, the design of the building must respond to the situation by taking as little space as it can.

form transformation

Because the site is located in an alley, the building follows the shape of the alley.

The lower part of the building is su circula The upper part is used for the

site plan


ubstracted to maintain the current ation. main function of the building.

slum area Informal settlements in the eastern part of Bandung city unhealthy living condition Inhabitants are used to living with an untreated river nearby which disperses unpleasant odor. high-density population area There is no gap between houses limited public space Inhabitants use main road as their public space, existing public spaces are not functioning properly

The structure of the building uses bamboo as the main material. There are no walls in this building to show that the building is open for everyone. On the corner of the building, there is a mini library which has roof above it.

floor plan


front elevation

side elevation


section a-a’

section b-b’


future development concept The character of this building is it doesn’t take a lot of vacant space. It also creates a positive public space facility above a packed alley which often passed by residents. In the future, this building can be built on another point around the area of Jalan Pasar Cicadas II. Similiar buildings built at some point can be filled with different functions, which inhabitants can take advantage of to improve their life quality. This building can be used as dance and art studio, microlibrary, community gathering space, or also the office of the head RT or RW.


35mm photography

35mm photography


Model making

Form and Structure Studio, 2017 Group Project with Kristina Andre A. and Melvin Taslim 1. Form-Active Structure System 2. Height-Active Structure System 3. Surface-Active Structure System



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Undergraduate Architecture Portfolio - Tri Miranda  

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