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Developer’ s Day April - 2008

Agenda    

Learning Theory Graphics Audio Articulate


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Good or bad? Why?

Learning Theory

Cognitive Load Theory

Chunk size ( WM Capacity) depends on prior knowledge ◦ Chess example (next)

3 Types of Cognitive Load   

Intrinsic - manage Extrinsic -minimize Germane -maximize Instructional Materials

Content Complexity

Learner Expertise

Extrinsic Load

Manage Intrinsic

Rank for Extraneous Load


Narrated / BG music

Modality Principle

Narrated instructions


Don’t add text to self-explanatory items

Split Attention Principle

Integrated text

Separated text

Maximize Germane Load

Better? ith or ithout the question?


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Good or bad? hy?

Pop Quiz ď ˝

Better to explain visuals with text AND audio than with text alone Fact / Fiction

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Learning is more efficient when graphics are explained by audio than by text

In a workbook, it’s best to place text in the visual being explained

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Learning is more efficient in the presence of background music Digital Natives have a greater capacity for multimedia materials

Graphic Formats

http://en. iki/Image_file_formats http:// .

STYLES: 1382 1541 1280 1368 1366





what is this

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