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CMS Outlines Plan Preview Process for Medicare Part C and D Sponsors In a recent memo dated August 3, 2012, CMS provided the following information and timeline for the Medicare Part C and D plan preview process.

CMS Plan Preview Timeline and Processes August 10-20 – First Plan Preview:  Plan ratings data can be previewed by Medicare Part C and D plan sponsors.  Star rating assignments will not be available at this time.  Sponsors will be able to view numerator and denominator data used to calculate measures.  Instructions for accessing preview data are provided in a memo from CMS dated August 3, 2012. Contact The Myers Group for additional information.  Part C and D sponsors are expected to closely review the methodology and their posted data for each measure during these preview dates (August 10-20) and contact CMS with any suspected errors or issues to allow enough time for CMS to investigate and complete any necessary corrections. Contact The Myers Group for contact information. Early September – Second Plan Preview:  There will be a second plan preview which will include any revisions made as a result of findings from the first plan preview.  Preliminary star ratings will be displayed at this time for each measure, domain, summary score and overall score. October 2012 – Final Plan Ratings:  Medicare Beneficiaries will be able to view the final Plan Ratings through the Medicare Plan Finder (MPF) Additional Resources and Guidance: The Myers Group offers the consultation, outreach solutions and survey administration resources and tools needed by health plans to improve health care services and to meet your CMS reporting requirements. Contact us today to learn more about The Myers Group. About The Myers Group The Myers Group is an NCQA-certified survey vendor for the CAHPS®, CAHPS® PCMH, and Medicare HOS survey and a CMS-approved Medicare CAHPS® survey vendor. The company has been a leader in healthcare surveys and solutions since 1993, employing expertise and innovation in data collection, analysis, and reporting. The Myers Group also provides health care resource services such as consulting services, customer service call center support services, after-hours support and extended outreach programs. Evergreen Blvd., Suite 100, Duluth, GA 30096 | 770-978-3173 | The Myers Group | 1965 Evergreen Blvd., Suite 100, Duluth, GA 30096 | 770-978-3173 | Follow Us

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CMS Plan Preview Timeline  

Medicare Part C and D plan preview timeline