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What ECG is for the heart TMG is for the muscles >> More than 20 years of innovation The tensiomiography or shorter TMG method was invented in the late 80’s and had since then improved through many prototypes and developed to the stage where commercial application of the method was possible. Although it was initially intended for medical use, the TMG method was also introduced in sports in 1996. In recent years, the development and application of the method has shifted more towards sports. In cooperation with a biologist and one of the renowned athletic trainers in Slovenija, Mr. Srdjan Djordjevič, numerous new ways of use of the TMG method in sports have been developed and tested on top athletes.

>> Inside Tensiomyography Electrodes

TMG Sensor User interface

Electrical stimulator



>> The TMG measurement consists of four simple steps: 1. A special sensor is placed on the muscle we wish to measure – the sensor is designed to register the muscle contraction. 2. The muscle contraction is induced artificially with an electro stimulator. 3. The contraction of the muscle under isometic conditions results in a muscle belly which forms radial displacement of the sensor rod. Radial displacement is recorded as a function of the elapsed time. 4. The sensor is connected to a computer where a specially designed software plots the radial displacement of the sensor rod against time.


CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY WITH USER FRIENDLY INTERFACE >> TMG 100 System This is our 3rd generation measurement system based on more than 20 years of innovation of our company and our research partners. Software operated customized electrical stimulator


Very sensitive digitaloptical sensor

>> User friendly interface

Key software features: • Graphical and numeric display of measurement results • Storage of measurement results in a secured database • Automatic interpretation of measurements in a written report and graphic diagrams • Supports exporting in various formats


7 reasons why tmg will help you ACHIEVE RESULTS YOU WANT TMG offers a wide range of information which will satisfy even your most demanding needs in training optimization. Not only will TMG support you with the information regarding muscle type and muscle status, it will also assist you in the following areas:

• Speed development • Sport training optimization • Selection process • Sport activity scheduling • Fatigue index

• Injuries prevention and detection • Rehabilitation process optimization

FAST, without pain Not only is TMG fast and non-invasive, it has some other strengths as well: • • • • •

Selectivity Simplicity Objectivity Repeatability Unique Information

in most sports TMG can be easily applied in most sports, especially in those where explosiveness is needed, ie.: • • • • • •

Football Basketball Handball Ice hockey Athletics Rugby, etc. Merelene Ottey, Nine Times Olympic Medalist and TMG Star User



We have been using Tensiomyography (TMG) in the medical department of FC Barcelona for about three years now and we believe that this technique is very useful in the evaluation of the mechanical properties of muscles during training. We use TMG in the recovery process of muscle injuries where it helps us make the right decisions to improve in the regeneration process after muscle injury. These measurements taken during the healing process of muscle injuries help us bring injured muscles to normal state as fast as possible. Dr. Jordi Ardèvol i Cuesta Head of the medical department of FC Barcelona

>> Worldwide users in sport: • FC Barcelona (ESP) • FC Real Madrid (ESP) • The United States Olympic Committee • UK Sports institute (UK) • VF Sport Sevilla (ESP) • The Austrian Olympic Centre • The Norwegian Sport Federation • FC Almeria (ESP) • FC Racing Santander (ESP) • FC Livorno Calcio (IT)

• • • • • • • •

FC Kelag Karnten (AUT) FC Interblock (SLO) FC Publikum (SLO) The Olympic Committee of Slovenia Slovenian Football Federation The Ice Hockey Federation of Slovenia The Athletic Federation of Slovenia The Basketball Federation of Slovenia

TMG PROVIDES INFORMATION today so you can make a difference tomorrow

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Tensiomyography or shorter TMG enables total diagnostics of skeletal muscles.