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Turnkey Marketing Funnel™ Tools that increase your success and reduce your stress! Why does Small Biz spend time, money and brains to integrate multiple sales and marketing programs when all that's needed is the Turnkey Marketing Funnel™? The Turnkey Marketing Funnel™ uses game mechanics to transparently integrate and simplify the sales process and a dashboard to display the analytics in real-time.

content management system to publish content and manage sites built on the TMF platform

Lead generation

Landing pages

marketing automation (email, lead generation, loyalty, etc.)

A/B testing

Loyalty program

analytics that measure efficiency displayed in real-time

Content marketing

Email marketing

The Turnkey Marketing Funnel™ turns strategy into reality with a simple, easy to use, web-based, turnkey system that requires no IT or special training.

The Turnkey Marketing Funnel™ system easily builds your online sales pipeline. The TMF wizard is the key to executing your marketing strategy.


The Turnkey Marketing Funnel™ creates well designed landing pages that attract traffic, analyzes traffic sources and provides accurate cost-per-visit information

Retention The Turnkey Marketing Funnel™ locks-in visitors and buyers with content marketing programs, loyalty programs and/or email marketing programs


Turn your site into a money generation machine with tailored coupon programs, special offers and much more

The Turnkey Marketing Funnel™ acts like another set of hands allowing you to do more without adding headcount or spending on IT.

The Turnkey Marketing Funnel™ recognizes that every customer is different and allows you to take care of each one personally and hassle-free

Step 1. Segment site traffic based on activity The Turnkey Marketing Funnel™ sorts visitors based on tracked behavior and preset triggers and recommends the best action to take with each group

High potential: provide a coupon or other incentive to buy

Potential: provide an incentive to return

The Turnkey Marketing Funnel™ segments visitors into groups based on customized criteria


No potential: remove from CRM or mark inactive

Buying power



Step 2. Automate Interactions with your customers

Welcome email Newly registered

follow-up w/ suggestions and information 1 week active

Automation makes taking personal care of customers a snap and frees up your time for other efforts

discount offers based on visitor activity The Turnkey Marketing Funnel™ tracks visitors and activities over time and identifies the best ways to approach and woo them.

1 month active

review missed offers and opportunities 1 week inactive The Turnkey Marketing Funnel™ segments visitors into groups based on customized criteria (Buying power, Engagement, Purchase) "Missing you" with summary of offers, events and opportunities missed 1 month inactive

Automates removal/ deactivation of "dead wood" from subscriber list 6 month inactive

The Turnkey Marketing Funnel™ acts to convert the active audience into buyers and buyers into repeat customers

Step 3. Test and analyze to increase conversions Visitor







The Turnkey Marketing Funnel™, with its easy-to-use tools and different approaches for different types of traffic, helps turn casual visitors into passionate customers painlessly.

The Turnkey Marketing Funnel™ helps you move swiftly from planning online marketing strategy to executing it. TMF provides

Landing pages

Email marketing

Leads generation

Content marketing

Loyalty program

A/B testing

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TMFunnel Proposal  

Description of TMF features.

TMFunnel Proposal  

Description of TMF features.