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Gb Instagram Apk Latest Version 1.60 & 1.70 free download What is Gb Instagram? Gb Instagram apk is the latest trending and very popular mod app of official Instagram. where many exciting and additional features are available. Such as download media files, preview images, copy the link of media files, apply custom color, themes and much more. The popularity of Gb Insta is rising day by day. You can see that the trends on and monthly searches. There are monthly one million-plus new users search it on google. Gb Instagram apk has millions of active users that use it on a daily bases. Because it’s every feature is the awesome specially custom color it makes your profile look pretty and very attractive. Now we discuss each and every feature one by one in the latest version of this apk.

Gb Instagram Apk Detail

App Name

Gb Instagram

Supported with Android version

4.1 or Above

Latest Version


Total Download


App size

38.9 Mbps


Monthly searches

1 Million plus

GB Instagram Apk Download This is a download link of the 1.60 version of Gb Instagram. That has every mod feature the same as 1.70. It has old custom themes are available in its library. If you require a custom theme then download it in your device.

Download 1.60 Version

Features of Gb Instagram latest version There are many amazing features added in the latest version of Gb Instagram. However every feature I briefly defined below.

Download Media files Sometimes we can not find our favorite media files on Instagram. Because we have no longer access to download our favorite media files in our device storage. But the GB Instagram has built-in a downloading feature. By which we can easily download any of the favorites video, Image, GIF in our device storage in just one click. Just Simple click on three-dot at the top of the media file. Then click on the GB option and now click to download.

Preview of the media file

You can not see the images in full screen at the official version. Because the Offical Instagram does not give us the images preview. But Gb Instagram has a preview option available. By which you can see and download the uploaded image in full screen. Just Simple click on three-dot at the top of the media file. Then click on the GB option and now click to preview.

External player supported It is a bad feature of Instagram is that it does not visible the media player to its users. And it does not allow us to play the video with an external player. But you don’t worry Gb latest version gives us a feature is that we may play any uploaded video with external players. Click on three-dot at the of the video and go to the Gb option. Now click on the preview also select your external player and enjoy it.

Hide view story

It is a magistic feature. Generally, Instagram gives us an opportunity to see the story viewer. But you can hide in the GB version. It means that when you will see the story of your friends or unknown person in Gb mod. Then your profile wouldn’t be visible in the viewer list. Tab on the profile icon and go to the setting menu. Then click on the privacy now checked on hide view stories.

Multi-account It is the latest updated feature on Gb Instagram. by which you can use a multi-account in one device. Sometimes user can not use their another account at the same time without sign-out. Gb gives the multi-account feature by which you can use the double account at the same time without sign-out. This feature is specially added for those who wanna operate many accounts at the same time. Simply click on the profile icon and open the navigation menu. Then Goto account setting and add your other account.

Anti-banned Every mod version of social media apps is risky such as Gb Whatsapp, Gb Instagram, and others. Because the community may ban the user profile. When someone uses the mod apk so that the machine algorithm, of the specific site, can detect and indicates that specific the person uses mod apk. But the Gb version is anti-banned and makes your account 100% safe and undetectable. I am sure everyone may use it without hesitation.

Customize Appearance Are you bored with your simple appearance from Instagram? You can customize your profile appearance with GB Instagram. This awesome apk gives us a customization feature. By which you may change your profile appearance and apply the custom color in your profile. Also, It allows us to apply different colors in your profile partially. This means only head or body or footer color may be changed.

There are many themes are available in the Gb library that you can apply to your profile.

FAQ’s about Instagram GB apk Many people think that Instagram GB apk is fake. In this section, we will discuss each and every question of users.

Has Instagram Gb apk secured to download? It is a third-party apk. But it is safe and secure to install in your device. There are millions of users regularly use this app. Even, and anyone did not record their scamming complaint. If anyone thinks that Instagram GB apk is fake or unsecured. You can ask this question from different forms. like Reddit, Quora, Yahoo answer engine, and confirm that it is a fully secured apk for every user.

What’s the difference between Instagram and the GB version? Yes, of course, the Gb version has many latest and necessary features were added. That I defined above. You can read every paragraph that why Instagram Gb is important and what’s the difference between both versions.

Has the latest version of Instagram Gb apk is free to download? It is absolutely free to download for everyone. The purpose of the Gb version is to increase the satisfaction level and provide the best user experience. you can download the latest version of the Instagram Gb form here. I provided the download link of Gbinsta.

How to download Gb Instagram for pc? Normally any computer of window or mac doesn’t support the android files. But you can download and install Instagram Gb in your pc with the emulator.

There are many emulators of android are free available on the internet. You can download and install any one popular. I suggest Bluestacks. and after you will be able to download Gb mod in your pc.

How to install the Gb version in android? Normally, Every android version does not allow you to install a third-party app on your mobile. The android operating system owns Google. And google’s first priority is the user’s satisfaction and security. Also, it instructs everyone to don’t install a third-party app. Because it is risky and may extract your personal data. But you can install it with a few steps. o

First, you need to enable the third-party or Unknown source in your mobile.


Go to the setting and click on the security setting. Then click to enable the unknown source option.

Now you can open your downloaded version Gb insta. and click in the Install button. You can see that the Mod version has installed in your device.

Some Alternative of Instagram GB apk OG Instagram OG Instagram is an antique mod version of Offical Instagram. It has limited features of Gb Instagram are available. such as Download media files, Videos, Images, View profile images in full screen.

Instagram Plus Instagram plus is an advanced mod version. Where you can get some extra features that are currently not available in the GB version. like hide your self from the status viewer list, Copy comment and bio, play the video with an external player. However, I will define everything with another post.

Instagram GB download

This is the latest version of Instagram Gb is 1.70. which is currently working on every recommended device. And it has every feature are available also you can upload the external theme in this version. Just tab the download button that is given below.

Conclusion There is a simple conclusion of this post is that Gb Instagram is a safe and secure apk for android users. If you wanna use it then you can install the latest version of this apk. However, I provided the download link of 1.60 & 1.70 version. Click on any download button that you need.

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Gb Instagram Apk Latest Version 1.60 & 1.70 free download