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Bellezza Additions

The popularity of Bellezza Tomato Red has inspired us to expand the collection to include all accessories. Now, every serving and placesetting piece of Bellezza, a top dinnerware collection, is available in all five colors!

Cappuccino Cup BZA-2602TR 2.5"H, 10 oz M $36/$44 CAN


Two Part Server BZA-2635TR 8.75"L, 5.5"W $52/$60 CAN

bellezza additions Tableware & Accents

Sm Cow Bowl BZA-2630TR 9"L, 5.75"W, 3.5"H $66/$77 CAN

Sm Pitcher BZA-2640TR 9"H, 4.5 Cups $99/$114 CAN

Med Pitcher BZA-2641TR 13"H, 11.5 Cups $146/$169 CAN

*Now available in all colors!

Sauce Server BZA-2643TR 7.75"L, 6.5"W, 1.5 Cups $52/$60 CAN

Med Rnd Baking Dish BZA-2652TR 9.5"D, 2.5"H M O $83/$96 CAN

Round Oven Casserole BZA-2649TR 10"L, 8.5"W, 10 Cups M O $153/$177 CAN

Bellezza Wall Crosses

Sm Cross BZA-2694W Med Crowned Cross BZA-2695W 9"H 13.5"H $34/$39 CAN $64/$74 CAN

Med Rounded Cross BZA-2696W 12.75"H $64/$74 CAN

Collection Details

Med Handled Serv Bowl BZA-2627__ 11"D, 3.5"H $92/$107 CAN Buttercream-BC


Sky Blue-SB

Tomato Red-TR

Lg Cross BZA-2697W Angel Wreath Plaque BZA-2698W 9.5"H, 9"D 13.75"H $61/$70 CAN $97/$112 CAN

Excess clay from pre-production is recycled back into other clay batches and post-production waste is ground and used for the construction of new roads

• For entire collection see page 9 in the January catalog

• Pronunciation: beh’leh’zah • Translation: beauty

Care Symbols M Microwavable :

• Made of terra cotta

O Oven safe :

• Care: Dishwasher safe, select pieces microwave and oven safe, see page 35s for additional care

• Handpainted in Tuscany


Siena Country, pg 106 & Bellezza Buttercream, pg 9

Puccinelli Classic Glass, pg 120

Settimocielo Flatware, pg 135

Rustic Garden, pg 212

bellezza additions Tableware & Accents


Bellezza Santa Additions

The warmth of terra cotta peeking through the handglazed surface of these natural holiday pieces match their happy themes.


Tree Salad Plate STA-2602W 10"L, 10.5"D M $33/$40 CAN

Reindeer Condiment Bowl STA-2603W 6.25"L, 4"D $34/$39 CAN

Santa Canape Plate STA-2619W 6.5"L, 5.5"D M $22/$27 CAN

Reindeer Serving Bowl STA-2632W 15"L, 11"D $126/$146 CAN

Tree Centerpiece STA-2696W 17.5"H $194/$224 CAN

Med Centerpiece w/ Gifts STA-2694W Reindeer Three Part Server STA-2636W Reindeer Sm Candleholder STA-2676W 4.25"L, 2.75"D 13.5"H, 10"W 14"L, 4"D $16/$18 CAN $221/$255 CAN $83/$96 CAN

Collection Details

• Made of terra cotta

• For entire collection see page 20 in the January catalog

• Handpainted in Tuscany

• Care: Dishwasher safe, select pieces microwavable, see page 35s for additional care.

• Inspired by our popular Bellezza Dinnerware Collection found on page 9 of the January catalog

Care Symbols: Microwavable

M :


Bellezza Tomato Red/White, pg 9

Puccinelli Classic Glass, pg 120

Albergo, pg 131

Accent Napkins, pg 143


Salad Plate 9.5"L, 8.25"W M $33/$40 CAN

Serving Bowl 15"L, 12.5"W, 4"H $137/$159 CAN

Gold BZT-2601GO

Gold BZT-2625GO

White BZT-2601W

White BZT-2625W

An Italian Thanksgiving Platter 18"L, 15"W $153/$177 CAN

Spoon Rest 10.5"L, 3.75"W $35/$40 CAN

Gold BZT-2628GO

Gold BZT-2690GO

White BZT-2628W

White BZT-2690W

Collection Details

• Made of terra cotta

Italian Americans often combine our country's treasured family holiday with their own heritage. A Thanksgiving dinner may include pumpkin ravioli, roast turkey with pomegranate dressing, sweet Italian sausage and mozzarella stuffing, baked sweet potatoes with ginger, and perhaps the dessert classic Dolce alla Napoletana. Share your favorite Italian recipes with us on our Facebook page!

• Handpainted in Tuscany

• Care: Dishwasher safe, select pieces microwavable, see page 35s for additional care. Handwash oversize pieces.

• Inspired by our popular Bellezza Dinnerware found on page 9 of the January catalog

Care Symbols: : M Microwavable


Cioccolata, pg 42 & Jute, pg 79

Crema, pg 44 & Jute, pg 79

Tuscan Garden, pg 218

Accent Napkins, pg 143

bellezza Turkey Tableware & Accents


Asst Salad Plate FGE-7801 8.5"D $38 ea/$47 ea CAN

Round Platter FGE-7822 13.75"D $110/$127 CAN

Asst Cereal Bowl FGE-7805 5.5"D, 3.25"H $36 ea/$44 ea CAN

Narrow Oval Platter FGE-7826 23"L, 9"W $180/$208 CAN

Collection Details

• Made of terra bianca

Asst Mug FGE-7810 4.5"H, 14oz $32 ea/$39 ea CAN

Serving Bowl FGE-7831 11"D, 3.25"H $115/$133 CAN

Asst Canape FGE-7819 6.5"D $28 ea/$35 ea CAN

Asst Trivet FGE-7843 8"Sq $37 ea/$43 ea CAN

Utensil Holder FGE-7881 7"H, 5.25"D $70/$81 CAN

• The colors used to create Foliage make it perfect for year-round use

• Handpainted in Tuscany • Mixes beautifully with many colors from the Cucina Fresca Family

• Leaves include Poplar, Laurel, Maple, Oak and Ivy • Care: Dishwasher safe, see page 35s for additional care


Crema, pg 44 & Paprika, pg 56

Leaf Platter, pg 33s

Aladdin Flatware, pg 122

Rustic Garden, pg 212

foliage Tableware & Accents


Incanto Collection Additions

Incanto collectors will delight in the newest additions to two Incanto favorites, Incanto Ruffle and the Incanto Mare Turtle.

Incanto Mare

Incanto Ruffle Service Plate/Charger INC-1120H 13"D $71/$88 CAN


incanto collection additions Tableware & Accents

Ruffle Bowl INC-1104H 9.75"D $40/$49 CAN

Turtle Antipasti Server IMA-1140T 18"L, 14"W $214/$247 CAN

Brides love Incanto

Microwavablilty, durability, unique sculptural shapes and infinite ways to combine the 100+ pieces make Incanto a favorite for brides! This versatile line adds a sophisticated yet casual edge to the traditional classic white dinnerware, making it a must-have for every wedding registry.

Collection Details

• Made of terra marrone

• For entire collection see page 68 in the January catalog

• Handmade in Veneto

• Care: All items are dishwasher, microwave, oven and freezer safe, see page 35s for additional care instructions Incanto collection additions Tableware & Accents


Gold Dot Glass

Sm Oval Bowl GDT-5230 8.75"L, 6"W, 2"H $32/$36 CAN

These dots are young, fresh, popular – and put a new twist on gold!

Med Oval Bowl GDT-5231 12.5"L, 8.5"W, 2.75"H $57/$66 CAN

Round Platter GDT-5221 13"D $43/$49 CAN

Hurricane GDT-5278 9.75"H $83/$96 CAN

luminous glass Tableware & Accents


Elegant silver snowflakes appear three-dimensional beneath the smooth glass surface of blue and gold accessories. Glamorous Gold Leaf Glass bowls trace the veins of each leaf through ridges under a flat glass surface.

Snowflake Glass

Salad Plate SNO-5201__ 8.25"D $15/$18 CAN Blue - B


Gold - GO

luminous glass Tableware & Accents

Gold Leaf Glass

Round Platter SNO-5221__ 13"D $47/$55 CAN Blue - B

Gold - GO

Sm Gold Leaf Bowl GLF-5203 6.5"L, 6"W, 1.25"H $13/$16 CAN

Med Gold Leaf Bowl GLF-5231 14.5"L, 13"W, 2"H $47/$55 CAN

Luster Glass Giant gold or clear flowers reflect light from their undulating petals to brighten every room. Small Luster Bowl 9"D

Gold LST-5206GO $25/$29 CAN

White LST-5206W $18/$21 CAN

Collection Details

Medium Luster Bowl 14.5"D

Gold LST-5231GO $47/$55 CAN

White LST-5231W $36/$42 CAN

Large Luster Bowl 18"D

Gold LST-5232GO $79/$91 CAN

White LST-5232W $43/$49 CAN

• Made in Turkey

• Perfect table accents for your holiday entertaining

• This sparkling glass collection with its unique, rich appeal will add elegance to entertaining year round.

• Care: Handwash only

Luminous glass Tableware & Accents





Named for a favorite Italian vegetable and the luscious purple hue adored worldwide by trendsetters and traditionalists alike, Melanzana evokes royalty and grandeur.

Service Plate/Charger MZA-2621 12"D M $47/$59 CAN

Footed Mug MZA-2602 4.25"H, 12 oz M $33/$40 CAN

Dinner Plate MZA-2600 10.5"D M $36/$44 CAN

Salad Plate MZA-2601 7.5"D M $30/$38 CAN

Square Platter MZA-2620 Deep Serving Bowl MZA-2624 12.5"Sq 8.25"H, 5.75"D $83/$96 CAN $81/$94 CAN

Collection Details

• Pronunciation: meh' lahn ZAH nah

Cereal Bowl MZA-2605 6"D M $35/$43 CAN

Sm Oval Platter MZA-2629 16"L, 8"W $72/$83 CAN

Coupe Pasta Bowl MZA-2678 8.5"D M $35/$43 CAN

Grape Leaf Bowl MZA-2679 7"L, 6"W, 2"H $29/$34 CAN

• Inspired by 12th Century peasant pottery, rustic glazes on this hand-thrown collection separate during firing, exposing the unique terra cotta edges

• Translation: eggplant • Handmade of terra cotta in Tuscany • The newest addition to the Cucina Fresca Family

Care Symbols: : M Microwavable


Quadri, pg 24s

Martellato, pg 133

Rustic Garden Terrace, pg 25s

Accent Napkins, pg 28s

melanzana Tableware & Accents


Old St. Nick Additions

Each Santa is created from maestro artisan Alessandro Taddei’s childhood memories of stories his mother used to read him about Babbo Natale.


Small Bowl OSN-7806 5.5"D, 2.5"H $32/$39 CAN

Creamer OSN-7813 4"H, 8oz $50/$57 CAN

Sugar OSN-7814 4"H $63/$73 CAN

Biscotti Jar OSN-7844 11"D, 10"H $194/$224 CAN

Sm Oval Platter OSN-7824 16.5"L, 7.5"W $92/$107 CAN

Rnd Body Pitcher OSN-7815 7.75"H, 10 Cups $115/$133 CAN

Asst Coaster OSN-7848 4"Sq $19 ea/$22 ea CAN

Serving Bowl OSN-7831 11"D, 3.25"H $108/$125 CAN

Centerpiece OSN-7895 13"H, 11.5"W $297/$343 CAN *Signed by the Artisan.

The Story of Babbo Natale Asst Ornament OSN-2701 4"D $25 ea/$29 ea CAN

Collection Details

In Italy, Babbo Natale is an outdoorsy "Father Christmas" who is believed to leave a bundle of twigs for bad little girls and boys... but, of course, they are never there on Christmas morning!

*Ribbon not included.

• Made of terra bianca

• For entire collection see page 85 in the January catalog

• Handpainted in Tuscany

• Care: Dishwasher safe, select pieces oven safe, see page 35s for additional care

• Each centerpiece is signed by the artisan, Alessandro Taddei of Tuscany


Rosso Vecchio Dot, pg 100 & Basilico pg 34

Matellato Flatware, pg 133

Accent Napkins, pg 143

Rustic Garden Terrace, pg 210

old st. nick additions Tableware & Accents


Canape Plate PLN-4319 5.75"D $22/$27 CAN

Condiment Bowl PLN-4303 3.5"D, 2"H $19/$23 CAN

Oval Platter PLN-4324 18.25"L, 9"W $101/$117 CAN

Med Serving Bowl PLN-4330 10"D, 4"H $77/$88 CAN

Utensil Holder PLN-4381 7"H, 5.25"D $56/$65 CAN

Spoon Rest PLN-4390 9.75"L, 4"W $33/$38 CAN

Collection Details

• Pronunciation: pah lee’ nee

• Handpainted in Tuscany

• Translation: dots

• For entire collection see page 92 in the January catalog

• Made of terra bianca

• Care: Dishwasher safe, please see page 35s for care


Fantasia Yellow, pg 50

Recycled Glass, pg 26s

Accent Napkins, pg 28s

VIETRI Lighting, pg 164

pallini additions Tableware & Accents



Quadri transforms solid dinnerware into a hip, abstract look with a vintage feel. The pitcher steals the show with its organic shape and pinched waist. Is Quadri revolutionary or vintage? We say it’s a new VIETRI classic!


Sq Salad Plate QDI-4301 7.75"Sq $35/$43 CAN

Mug QDI-4310 4.25"H, 13oz $32/$39 CAN

Sq Cereal Bowl QDI-4305 7"Sq, 2"H $35/$43 CAN

Sq Serving Bowl QDI-4331 10"Sq, 2.5"H $88/$101 CAN

Four Asst Leaf Dipping Bowls LEV-2684 4.5" – 5.75"L $17 ea/$20 ea CAN

Pitcher QDI-4341 13.5"H, 11 Cups $115/$133 CAN

Rustic Garden Terrace Additions Med Amber Classic Cachepot RGT-8934 7.25"D, 8.25"H $86/$99 CAN

Oval Platter QDI-4325 18.25"L, 9"W $110/$127 CAN

Rustic Garden Addition

Med Plum Classic Cachepot RGT-8935 7.25"D, 8.25"H $86/$99 CAN

Collection Details

Pistachio Handled Vase RGA-89020 9.5"D, 12"H $162/$187 CAN

• Made of terra bianca

• Leaf Dipping bowls add a hint of nature to your table

• Handpainted in Tuscany

• The colors of the Rustic Garden Additions were specifically chosen to accent this collection

• Named for the design on each piece, Quadri translates to "squares"

• Care: Dishwasher safe, see page 35s for additional care


Crema, pg 44 & Melanzana, pg 18s

Duetto, pg 132

Accent Napkins, pg 28s

Cream Ridged Lamp, pg 30s

quadri Tableware & Accents


Recycled Classic Glass

Hand blown recycled glass with a lovely bluish tint and slight bubbles takes a classic Italian shape in honor of our Puccinelli Classic Glass.

Water RYG-8210 7.75"H, 10 oz $17/$20 CAN

Collection Details

Wine RYG-8220 7.75"H, 8 oz $17/$20 CAN

• Each hand blown piece is unique with its swirls, specks, and bubbles, and will vary in shape and size • Classic design with a medium weight


Recycled glass Drinkware

Pitcher RYG-8255 9.75"H, 6 Cups $28/$33 CAN

• Care: Dishwasher safe. We recommend using the low energy/air dry cycle and not overloading the dishwasher. Handwashing is recommended for oversized pieces.

Martellato Additions

Our most popular bridal flatware now has handsome serving accessories that suit every occasion.

Spreader MLO-9802 7.25"L $20/$23 CAN

Cake Knife MLO-9813 10.75"L $41/$47 CAN

Pastry Server MLO-9808 10"L $38/$44 CAN

Collection Details

• For entire collection see page 133 in the January catalog • Made in Lumezzane, Italy by the world-renowned Bugatti family

*See page 133 for Boxed Martellato Serving Set

• Care: Dishwasher safe. We recommend using the low energy/air dry cycle and not overloading the dishwasher.

martellato additions Flatware


Accent Napkin Additions VIETRI adds more unique embellishments to your table with accent napkins. Our new collection brings a modern twist to the classic paisley. Available in three colorways, they suit all seasons! Update your look for less by frequently changing your table linens. VIETRI’s variety of styles and colors offer endless possibilities!

Skip paper products and go eco-friendly! With VIETRI's beautiful, reusable cloth napkins it's easy and fun to go green. With so many fantastic designs to choose from your table will look gorgeous as well as help the environment!




Nutmeg Modern Paisley ANC-1424 18"Sq $15/$20 CAN

Marina Blu Sorbetto Aqua Bellezza Celadon

Cream/Blue Modern Paisley ANC-1425 18"Sq $15/$20 CAN

Collection Details

• For entire collection see page 143 in the January catalog • Made of 100% Cotton • A team consisting of lead designers and colorists select all prints and patterns based on European pattern and color trends


Accent napkin additions Table Linens


Bellezza Tomato Red

Sorbetto Pistachio

Cream/Pink Modern Paisley ANC-1426 18"Sq $15/$20 CAN

• Fabric from P Kaufman, creator of the highest quality print fabrics from the US, Italy and England; all fabrics are printed in the company’s mills in South Carolina • Care: Wash in cold water, dry flat only, warm iron

Gold Trees

Let these fanciful sculptures of gold trees with oversized ornaments create a magical wonderland in your home. Fun and festive, they will breathe new life into your old holiday decorations!

Medium Gold Tree GCT-1177 13.5"H $108/$125 CAN

Collection Details

• Handmade in Veneto • Display trees on a mantle with fresh greenery for the holidays

Large Gold Tree GCT-1178 15.25"H $144/$166 CAN

• Pair with the Luminous Glass collection to really make your table shine • Care: For decorative use only. Clean with soft, dry cloth gold Trees Home Décor



VIETRI offers the perfect mix and match combinations to create a look all your own. Use VIETRI solids, accent accessories, linens, flatware, and drinkware to make your table pop! These combinations will help create colorful tablescapes for the hot summer months as well as festive ideas for holiday entertaining with friends and family.


Bellezza Tomato Red & Buttercream, Foliage, Aladdin Horn Flatware, Ikat Red Accent Napkin, Puccinelli Classic Glass and Natural Reed & Raffia

Jute, Bellezza Sky Blue, Siena Country, Milano Stainless Flatware, Sky Blue Stripe Accent Napkin, Puccinelli Classic Glass and Chocolate Reed & Raffia

Bellezza White, Cioccolata, Bellezza White Turkey, Classic Pewter Flatware, Floral Mustard Accent Napkin, Puccinelli Classic Glass and Natural Reed & Raffia

Incanto, Gold Snowflake Glass Salad, Roman Pewter Flatware, White Signature Napkin, Imperial Trumpet Glass and Navy Signature Placemat

Bianco, Basilico, Bellezza Santa White, Red Stripe Accent Napkin, Settimocielo Stainless Flatware, Puccinelli Classic Glass and Green/Cream Damask

Pallini, Basilico, Settimocielo Stainless Flatware, Cream/Pink Modern Paisley Accent Napkin, Recycled Classic Glass and Natural Reed & Raffia

Bellezza Buttercream, Melanzana, Quadri, Duetto Stainless Flatware, Nutmeg Modern Paisley Accent Napkin, Puccinelli Classic Glass and Red Reed & Raffia


Rosso Vecchio, Crema, Old St. Nick, Settimocielo Stainless Flatware, Red Stripe Accent Napkin, Puccinelli Classic Glass and Natural Reed & Raffia


Jute, Bellezza Tomato Red & Poppy, Roman Pewter Flatware, Cream Signature Napkin, Puccinelli Classic Glass and Camel/Cream Damask 34s

Gifts for Every Occasion!

Get inspired by these creative ideas and make your next VIETRI gift an unforgettable one!

Spread holiday cheer with Artichoke Bruschetta and Crostini Italian Crackers served on our Snowflake Glass Gold Platter (pg 16s) and our Bugatti Aladdin White Spreader (pg 124).

Share the warmth with our Old St. Nick Hot Chocolate Pot (pg 86) and your favorite Hot Chocolate. Ideal for those cold winter nights.

Give the gift of nature when you pair our Rustic Garden Terrace Plum Cachepot (pg 25s) with a beautiful orchid.

Our Incanto Napkin Holder with Shell (pg 71) makes a perfect gift for the entertainer when paired with cocktail napkins. It can also be used as a personalized stationery holder and doubles as a baker too!

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Everyone needs small pots with huge personality! Put herbs or small blooms in our handformed, every-one-unique Rustic Garden Terrace Pots (pg 211) for a thank you, birthday or simply, I love you.

• Luminous Glass 14s Gold Dot GDT Gold Leaf GLF Luster LST Snowflake SNO • Martellato Additions MLO 27s • Melanzana MZA 18s • Old St. Nick Additions OSN 20s • Pallini Additions PLN 22s • Quadri QDI 24s • Recycled Classic Glass RYG 26s • Rustic Garden Addition RGA 25s • Rustic Garden Terrace Additions RGT 25s

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