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Colored Ption thrown into boing water.

Cut to fisheye close up of reed waliking throught the forest. Camera is “jolting� to be of hard and fast first section. Jump cuts to other veiew of same event.

Hard cut to Reed looking around as he continues singing.

Extreme close-up of his eye.

Out of Focus establishing shot of Lady Antiquity in Forests.

Cut to some b-roll as Reed contunue to sing. Return to Lady Antiquity from the rear. still out of focus. She turns her head stage left.

Shot of Reed turning right. LA disappears behind a tree. Reed begins looking left and rihght then begins to move stage right. Camera begins to pan with him. Cut to static establishing shot of Reed running extreme distant shot

Cut to out of focus extreme close up of tree trunk as camera pans. from behind foreground tree, LA is revealled coyly embracing a tree as she slowly takes a stride towards Reed. Twig snaps and Reed turns to see LA duck behind a tree again.

Close up reaction shot

Extreeme X-up of reed scanning his eyes moving quickly but intently.

Cut to tea making shots

Close up of shoes on a stool. Cut back to Reed in woods

Cut to coffe shop of Reed performing on busted old guitar with blue yarn strings

Cut to twig snap and quick to look.

exreme x-up of shoes tapping rythm.

Reed running throught the woods

The two of them are ducking to and fro through the trees. (see sample video)

alternating cuts between chase and tea making next 5 frames

Timelapse of sky

Frustrated reed has stopped running and is standing still. Breathing heavily he begins to slow.

Static camera DOF play between foreground(Reed’s hand and forest) LA steps in gently and slowly reaches for his hand.

to see a cup of hot tea in his hand. cut to establishing shot out of focus of Reed alone in the woods. Then ruturn to him in the coffe shop.

Synopsis: Video has 3 primary themes. 1) In woods performance by Reed and Band. 2) Dream like romantic inturlude and persute in woods also 3) In shop performance by Reed. 4)close up b’s of tea vase and tinture etc. And 2 secondary themes: 1) B-roll of tea cups , nature, streams, bubbles, syrup, glitter outdoors 2) B-roll of tea elements in shop.

Cut to close reaction shot. As he turns starteled to see who it is. No one is there. He looks down...

Todd's StoryBoard  

Um... Todd's StoryBoard. :)

Todd's StoryBoard  

Um... Todd's StoryBoard. :)