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Mrs. Townson’s Class researched Christmas traditions around the world. Next, they typed sentences about what they learned and inserted holiday clipart.

Saint Basil is the patron saint of the poor and homeless, he delivers gifts in January by Alasia

Children in Mexico get their main presents in January. By Alexandra

Saint Sinterklass and his helper Black Peter arrived on a boat. By Amera

Children in Russia receive gifts on New Years Eve. By Aniyah

December 5 is St. Nicholas’ day. By Cameron

The tradition of putting up a Christmas tree came to us from Germany. By Ian

Germans make beautiful gingerbread houses. By Katie

The presents are left by the Three Kings or Maji. By Kylie

The tradition of sending Christmas cards to family and friends began in England. By Lanazares

From December 16 until Christmas Eve children perform posada. By Mauricio

Children leave out clogs or shoes to be filled with presents. By Sofia

Saint Vassils brings gifts on New Years Eve. By Trinytee

Townson's Christmas Book  

Mrs. Townson's 1st grade class researched Christmas in various countries. They typed their findings into this book.