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Mrs. Summerford’s 1st grade class researched Christmas traditions in different countries. They typed their findings in this book. Christmas in Russia, Germany, Mexico, and Greece

Children leave out clogs or shoes to be filled with presents. By Caleb

The tradition of putting up a Christmas tree came to us from Germany. By Dakota

December 5 is St. Nicholas’ Day. By Damon

Saint Basil is the patron saint of the poor and homeless. He delivers gifts on January 1. by Helemah

On Christmas Eve Father Christmas will bring presents to the good girls and boys. By Holden

Church services are attended on Christmas Day. By Jahvon

From December 16 until Christmas Eve children perform posadas. By Jaylin

Germans are famous for their hand blown glass Christmas ornaments. By Jordan

Germans make beautiful gingerbread houses. By Kayla

The tradition of sending Christmas cards to family and friends began in England. By Keegan

Saint Sinterklass and his helper Black Peter arrived on a boat. By Kristen

The presents are left by the Three Kings or Maji. By Lydiannah

Saint Vassils brings gifts on New Year’s Eve. by Maddie

In Mexico Christmas is celebrated from December 12 until January 6. By Maysen

If the boys and girls have been good on Christmas Eve, Christmas carols are sung and children hang their stockings. By Olivia

In the past families in Greece decorated small wooden boats instead of Christmas trees. By Put

Reindeer live in Russia. I think that is where Santa gets his reindeer. By Trey

We wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. By: William

Children in Russia receive gifts on New Years Eve. By Addison

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Mrs. Summerford's 1st grade class research Christmas traditions around the world and typed their findings into this book. They also added ho...