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Product Catalog 2012-2013

Recipe Born & Raised in Montana . . .


Our chocolates are 100% Made in Montana 1–855–999–0808

Our Montana History For over ten years, Charbonneau’s Chocolate Company has been a beloved icon in Stevensville, Montana. The beautiful, mountainous surroundings, of the chocolate factory, and clean, crisp air combined with a strong, loyal, and supportive community have made possible the dream of creating over 150 varieties of original chocolate. Our Name Change As of August 2012, Charbonneau’s Chocolate Company was renamed to The Montana Chocolate Company. Why? While it is lovely to have the best kept secret in the world tucked away in a beautiful oasis of majestic mountains, it really is true that Montana is the Treasure State. And, the world could use a heaping dose of what the state of Montana has represented for so long: perseverance, honesty, goodness, and authenticity. From our family to yours: Our secret family 100-year old recipe of chocolate heaven.

The Montana Chocolate Company Team is dedicated to the foundation of what Montana best embodies:

quality and an enduring greatness.

Our Gourmet Collections At The Montana Chocolate Company – Recipe Born & Raised in Montana – we bring you the grand, authentic, and fresh flavors of the Treasure State with the Big Sky. Using a variety of best quality ingredients and our secret 100-year old family recipe, our handmade creations are simply the best of Montana. Our best-selling Collection (Taste of Montana)

Taste of Montana

Our best selling collection of milk, dark, and ivory chocolates. Treats included in the wonderful 24 piece assortment are wild huckleberry swoon, Charbonneau’s vanilla cappuccino, simply montana truffle, toasted hazelnut espresso burst, amazing orange essence truffle and more. SKU: (6 piece) 10003 SKU: (12 piece) 10002 SKU: (24 piece) 10001

Available in 6pc, 12pc, and 24pc

Available in 6pc, 12pc, and 24pc

Decadent Dark

Grand Milk

SKU: (6 piece) 10012 SKU: (12 piece) 10011 SKU: (24 piece) 10010

SKU: (6 piece) 10015 SKU: (12 piece) 10014 SKU: (24 piece) 10013

Hand selected smooth dark chocolate including fudge euphoria, german chocolate cake, double shot montana man mocha truffle, ultimate pacific sea salt caramel, and more.

Creamy milk chocolates including simply montana, pacific sea salt caramel, pecan caramel mingle, irish cream montana melting mocha, and more.

Available in 6pc, 12pc, and 24pc

Available in 6pc, 12pc, and 24pc

Old Time Creamery

Wild Huckleberry Swoon

Using our secret 100-year old recipe we bring you a lovely collection of our most popular creams in our milk, dark, and ivory chocolates. Chocolates include: Lemon cream pie, fresh montana buttercream, big sky maple nut, and more. SKU: (6 piece) 10009 SKU: (12 piece) 10008 SKU: (24 piece) 10007

A creamy huckleberry infused center blended with regionally grown utterly divine dried huckleberries. Enrobed in our family recipe of milk, dark, or ivory chocolate. Hand decorated with an artful flair. SKU: (6 piece) 10006 SKU: (12 piece) 10005 SKU: (24 piece) 10004

Our Chocolate Flavors At The Montana Chocolate Company we bring you the grand, authentic, and fresh flavors of the Treasure State with the Big Sky: Chocolate, MONTANA STYLE. Using our 100-year old Recipe Born & Raised in Montana, our gourmet truffles, barks & brittles, fudge, creamery collections, novelties, and other delectables are an ode to times pasts and good old fashioned values placed in the art of truly handcrafted chocolate making.

How to Indulge in your TMCCo Chocolate:

1. Open your box and smell. Let your mind absorb the scent. Enrobe your eyes in the beauty of the shapes and colors. 2. Anticipate. Select your first piece of goodness. 3. Taste. A quality chocolate will melt with your body temperature. Allow this handmade delight to sit on your tongue and start to liquify. Slowly relish the experience. 4. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat.

Orange Montana Marmalade

How to Care for your TMCCo Chocolate:

Chocolate should be stored in a cool, dry place at room temperature. Please consume within 3 weeks from the date of purchase for the best experience. If you must store for longer, simply place chocolate in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Set out for at least 12 hours at room temperature in an airtight container prior to serving.

A lovely Montana heavy cream and zesty orange oil, with a hint of vanilla. Available in our Montana milk, divine dark, and ivory chocolate.

Simply Montana Truffle

Amazing Orange Essence Truffle

Mouthwatering Montana Marzipan

Ultimate Pacific Sea Salt Caramel

Raspberry ‘n’ Cream

Rugged Almond Roca

Double Shot Montana Man Mocha Truffle

Charbonneau’s Vanilla Cappuccino Truffle

Toasted Hazelnut Espresso Burst Truffle

Your choice of milk or 65% dark chocolate entwined with heavy cream to a rich, grand Montana ganache. Infused with Agave Nectar.

Caramel lovingly dipped in either milk or dark hearty chocolate finished with Pacific Ocean sea salt.

Delightful dark chocolate whipped with fresh Montana cream to a rich ganache. Infused with Big Creek Coffee espresso and topped with a freshly roasted Montana Big Creek Coffee Bean.

Montana Style dark chocolate ganache saturated with hand squeezed orange juice, and freshly grated orange, then adorned with candied orange peel.

Our Montana heavy cream laced with genuine, silky raspberry oil. Available in Montana milk, dark, or ivory chocolate.

Silky ivory chocolate ganache infused with real Mexican vanilla, Big Creek Espresso, and self-empowered in creamy milk chocolate.

Almonds joyfully handcrafted into fresh marzipan surrounded by either Montana milk or dark divine chocolate. Dusted with Montana gold.

Handcrafted crunch almond Roca enrobed in our family recipe of milk chocolate and surrounded with freshly crumbled salted-roasted almonds. . . Montana Style.

Savvy Montana made milk chocolate ganache infused with Big Creek Coffee espresso and hazelnut oil.

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German Chocolate Cake Truffle

Big Sky Maple Nut

Montana Berry Blue

Secret family recipe of Montana heavy cream tossed with vast walnuts and hearty maple oil. Available in Montana milk, and divine dark chocolate.

Montana heavy cream whipped with ivory chocolate, graced with blueberry oil, and real delightful blueberries. Encased in a delectable family ivory chocolate and garnished with a dried blueberry.

Pecan Caramel Mingle

Raspberry Rules Montana Truffle

Irish Cream Montana Melting Mocha Truffle

Our amazing Montana Made dark chocolate shell filled with hearty Belgium ganache and enhanced with a pecan-coconutcaramel special blend. Dusted with Montana gold.

Chewy caramel mingled with pecans and enveloped in our delicious secret milk or dark chocolate recipe.

Fudge Euphoria

Our beloved Montana family recipe of mind-blowing fudge hand mixed in both our dark and milk chocolate to a balance of chocolate perfection. Lovingly enrobed in either milk or dark chocolate.

Dynamic dark chocolate ganache infused with jamming raspberry oil, and fresh Montana raspberry preserves.

Montana milk chocolate Big Creek Co. espresso ganache infused with melting irish cream...our ode to old Montana!

Camellia Green Sensational Raspberry Tea Truffle Cinnamon Mocha Fresh Camellia green tea Truffle steeped in Montana made ivory chocolate ganache with true raspberry essence, then delicately wrapped in ivory chocolate. Absolutely divine!

Montana’s own Big Creek Coffee espresso infused ganache with tantalizing cinnamon oil and authentic Moroccan cinnamon, then dazzled in creamy milk chocolate and kissed with a cinnamon breeze to finish.

Blessed Ravalli English Toffee

Lemon Cream Pie

Key Lime Pie

Coconut Indulgence

Fresh Montana Buttercream

Strawberry ‘n’ Cream

Old school Montana heavy cream blended with a refreshingly light butter infusion.

Our delightful recipe of heavy cream swirled with exquisite pure strawberry oil, and a hint of vanilla. Available in milk and ivory chocolate.

Wild Huckleberry Swoon

Tangy Treasure Tangerine

Crisp handmade toffee grateful to be in such amazing milk chocolate and set in large fabulous pecans.

Heavy cream center immersed in our pure coconut oil and freshly grated coconut. Available in both our Montana milk and decadent dark chocolate.

Sultry Passion Pepper Truffle

65% dark chocolate ganache infused with hot pepper oil, red and yellow pepper flakes, and finished off with sultry cayenne pepper. Delicately hand-dipped in dark chocolate and crowned with crushed whoo-hoo peppers.

Old fashioned Montana heavy cream united with lemon oil and smothered in authentic dark, milk, or ivory chocolate.

A creamy Montana Huckleberry infused center blended with fresh Montana Huckleberries. Enrobed in your choice of our milk, dark, or ivory chocolate. Hand decorated with an artful flair.

Our 100-year old secret recipe of Montana heavy cream entwined with a kiss of pure lime. Available in dark and ivory chocolate.

Fantastic tangerine oil, heavy cream that holds a wonderful tangy treasure to your mouth. Available in divine dark and silky ivory chocolate.

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Fudge Euphoria

Original Fudge Euphoria (1/2 lb)

Out West Walnut Fudge Euphoria (1/2 lb)

Big Creek Espresso Fudge Euphoria (1/2 lb)

SKU: 11001

SKU: 11002

SKU: 11003

100-year old Montana family recipe of mind-blowing fudge hand mixed with our decadent dark and milk chocolate.

Wild Huckleberry Swoon Fudge Euphoria (1/2 lb.)

Our family recipe of Montana fudge lovingly made in small batches, using real creamery butter and huckleberries made and grown local.

Large walnuts hand mixed with our 100-year old family recipe using Montana milk and divine dark chocolate.

Cookies ‘n’ Cream Fudge Euphoria (1/2 lb.)

Same traditional 100-year old recipe using ivory chocolate layered with large chunks of Oreo’s. SKU: 11005

SKU: 11004

Peanut Butter Cup Fudge Euphoria (1/2 lb.)

Old fashioned chocolate fudge swirled with delightful peanut butter cup filling to a perfect balance of euphoria. SKU: 11007

Montana roasted Big Creek coffee beans mixed with our 100-year old recipe infused with espresso.

Rocky Road Fudge Euphoria (1/2 lb)

100-year old Montana family recipe of mind-blowing fudge layered with marshmallows and the West’s best walnuts. SKU: 11006

Caramel Pecan Swirl Fudge Euphoria (1/2 lb)

Indulgent ivory chocolate fudge swirled with enormous pecans and chewy caramel. SKU: 11008

Treasured Peanut Brittle (4 oz.)

Hand crafted roasted peanut brittle made in small batches. Hand pulled to golden perfection, and cooled on a marble table to a crisp finish. SKU: 12001

Barks and Brittles 1–855–999–0808

Almond Brittle (4 oz.)

Roasted almonds combined with our family recipe of blessed crispy brittle. SKU: 12002

Glacier Peanut Butter Bark (4 oz.)

Smooth ivory chocolate swirled with creamy peanut butter and caressed with silky dark chocolate.

Cashew Brittle (4 oz.)

Roasted cashews tossed with our homemade brittle pulled to perfection on our marble table. SKU: 12006

SKU: 12005

Almond Bark (4 oz.)

Indulgent ivory chocolate, roasted almonds and pure almond oil mingled into one luscious confection. SKU: 12018

Wild Huckleberry Swoon Bark (4 oz.) Silky ivory chocolate layered with wild huckleberries and huckleberry oil. SKU: 12009

Big Creek Espresso Bark (4 oz.)

65% creamy dark chocolate hand mixed with fresh roasted Big Creek coffee beans. SKU: 12011

Blessed Ravalli English Toffee (4 oz.)

Crisp handmade toffee grateful to be in such amazing milk chocolate and set in large fabulous pecans. SKU: 12013

Lemon Bark (4 oz.)

Ivory chocolate melted with pure decadent lemon oil, perfectly tart and sweet. SKU: 12010

Rugged Almond Roca (4 oz.)

Hand crafted crunch almond roca enrobed in our family recipe of milk chocolate and surrounded with freshly crumbled salt-roasted almond . . . Montana Style. SKU: 12007

Premium Confections

Chubby Cherry

Drenched Oreo

SKU: (Dark) 10031 SKU: (Milk) 10030

SSKU: (Dark) 10021 SKU: (Milk) 10020

Extra large maraschino cherry wrapped in rum almond cream and milk chocolate.

Wild Huckleberry Swoon Prezel

Crispy twisted pretzels covered with ivory chocolate, our mountain huckleberries and huckleberry oil. Hand decorated one at a time. SKU: 12014

Taking perfection to the next level! Oreos hand dipped with love in loads of milk chocolate.

Almond Patty

Rich milk chocolate entwined with freshly roasted almonds. SKU: (Dark) 10027 SKU: (Milk) 10026

Chocolate Pretzel

Large twisted pretzels devoured in decadent milk chocolate, hand dipped and decorated by our chocolatiers. SKU: (Dark) 12016 SKU: (Milk) 12015

Cashew Patty

Silky ivory chocolate layered with wild huckleberries and huckleberry oil. SKU: (Dark) 10025 SKU: (Milk) 10024

Pecan Patty

Rich milk chocolate topped with crunchy delicious pecans. SKU: (Dark) 10023 SKU: (Milk) 10022

Peanut Patty

Roasted peanuts resting on top milk chocolate. SKU: (Dark) 10025 SKU: (Milk) 10024

Caramel Pecan Turtle

Our delicious creamy caramel enrobed with dark chocolate and topped with enormous pecans and finally kissed with chocolate strip. SKU: (Dark) 10016 SKU: (Milk) 10017


Crisp, airy, fresh honeycomb confection made with local Montana honey. Hand-dipped in milk chocolate. SKU: (Dark) 12017 SKU: (Milk) 12008

Orange Sticks

Citrus jelly filled confections offered in dark chocolate. SKU: (Dark) 10018 SKU: (Milk) 10019

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Montana Novelties


The sweetest little berries make your mouth merry! Real huckleberries and ivory chocolate wrapped around chewy caramel. Tangy and chewy‌a sweet delicious treat! World Famous too! SKU: 14002

Cowboy Up Bar

65% rich dark chocolate surrounded with Big Creek roasted coffee beans.

Wild Huckleberry Bar Redneck Bar Ivory chocolate swirled with local huckleberries. SKU: 14010

Milk Chocolate redneck humor bar‌yep I like all kinds of bars. SKU: 14009

SKU: 14005

Moose Nuggets

Our family recipe of Montana made fudge hand rolled into perfect little nuggets, then hand-dipped into rich dark chocolate. SKU: 13007

Elk Rump

Our family recipe of mint fudge hand dipped in milk chocolate. The last sight of an elk in flight! SKU: 13002

Pill Bugs

Milk chocolate made into the cutest little pill bugs. Hand decorated to sweet perfection. Because chocolate makes everything all better. SKU: 14012

See our full Montana Novelty lineup on our website

Bandaids and Kisses

Lil’ Grizzlies Gummies

Road Kill

SKU: (Dark) 13018 SKU: (Milk) 13009

Natures little pancake from the griddle of life. Chewy caramel surrounded by milk chocolate, complete with tire tracks!

Moose Lolli

Cow Patties

Cow Lolli

SKU: 13016

SKU: 13004

SKU: 13015

2 milk chocolate kisses and bandaids. The best way to fix a boo boo. SKU: 14013

Milk chocolate Montana moose handcrafted with love and dusted with Montana Gold.

False Teeth

Solid milk chocolate dentures… sometimes you need a spare set when you have a sweet tooth. SKU: 14017

Fresh gummy bears double dipped in chocolate.

Milk chocolate bark piled with nuts, toffee and coconut. Mother Nature’s perfect patty.

Wild Huckleberry Oreo Lolli

Oreos dipped in milk chocolate then double dipped with real huckleberries and ivory chocolate. Hand decorated with flair.

SKU: 13005

Hand made Montana milk chocolate cows with sweet ivory chocolate spots ... very amoosing.


Caramel, milk chocolate, and clawed with cashews. No fear of attack necessary! SKU: 13001

SKU: 14011

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Recipe Born & Raised in Montana

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Custom Gifts Let us wow you! Here at The Montana Chocolate Company we love to exceed your expectations. Our any occasion gifts can be customized with a beautifully designed hangtag with your logo, or design of your choosing. Whether you go with beautifully packaged single truffles to make an impact or a box of one of our amazing collections, we do not disappoint! Contact our customer service department to discuss how we can wow you with our custom gifts.

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Celebrations For over 10 years, The Montana Chocolate Company has been making a statement with our delicious Montana Made favors for your celebrations. We love working with you for your special day with custom hand dipped chocolate. Choosing your party favors, whether it be a single perfect box with your choice of our rich ganache, or an assortment of Ultimate Pacific Sea Salt caramels to leave a lasting impression with your guests is an immeasurable joy. Theme weddings and special events are popular and we will work with you to customize a wonderful thank you favor. We especially adore creating custom made chocolates for charity fundraising events, any special celebration, and of course, the biggest day of all: your wedding day. We make our confections fresh only days prior to your celebration to ensure your guests receive only the highest quality treats. Call our customer service department to plan your favors for your dream event! We look forward to your call.

We love creating hand

dipped chocolates


charity fundraising events, any special celebration, and of course, the biggest day of all: your wedding day.

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The Montana Chocolate Company Catalog 2012-2013