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“It’s going! It’s going! It’s going! It’s gone! It’s out of here! Hi do you know what to do in baseball? If not read this book.

What Should I Bring? Do you know what equipment you need to play baseball? Let’s start with the hat. The hat is used to keep the sun out of your eyes. Now the glove. The glove is used In the field. There is also a bat but don’t confuse it with the flying creature! The baseball bat is used for hitting the balls that have been pinched (HINT) Try to hit the balls when they come in front of you) Now for the helmet. The helmet is used on base and the ball won’t hit you on the head and injure you.


There are a lot of rules for baseball let me tell you some. Let’s start with the Pop fly. The pop fly is when a ball goes super high. If you drop it the other guy runs to first and if it goes really high and it goes out of the field that’s a home run. Now for going into home base. If you run to base and you don’t get caught then your team gets a point.

Its…Its… It’s Him!!! Do you know the famous players of baseball if not read on. Let’s start with Henry Aaron. Hank is famous for breaking the record for the most home runs ever 755! Now for the one the only Babe Ruth! Babe is famous because he is baseballs first all star.

What Team Am I On? There are lots of teams for baseball. First there are the Mets. The Mets are from New York City. Now for The Dogers. The dogers are from L.A. (Las Angeles) Now for the one the only New York yankey’s! As I was saying on page number four Babe (Babe Ruth) was on that team!

Let’s Play!

Glossary Equipment Things you need to play Pop fly Famous

When a ball go’s really high Someone that is very good at something

Teams Something you’ll be on if you play a sport

how to play baseball  

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