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Meow! Meow! [SCRATCH] OW! [HISS] SCAT! You CATS! SCAT! Hey I didn’t see you their do you want to learn about cats? What! You do well come on in! [Meow] SCAT! You CATS! I said SCAT!


Meow. Look I’m alive I’m so happy. You know when a cat gets born it cannot see and can’t hunt. It’s called a kitten and it’s very helpless. That’s why it has a mom of course. The mom grooms it and feeds the kitten when a kitten is first born. But when it’s about 5 to 10 weeks old it can see and when it is about eight to ten weeks it can live alone.


Grumble! Grumble! I’m hungry isn’t there some food Cats eat mostly wet food some cats are on diets. Cats on diets eat dry food. If you have an adult cat it should eat twice a day. If you have a kitten feed it three times a day. Some cat’s people think cats usually eat fish, mice, and they drink milk and water true but milk will make a cat sick. Now let’s go see where I live.


All you cats you’re like a flood in my house! Oh hi want to of places I live in? Cats live in houses but some cats don’t. Some cats are street or ally cats. Street cats are cats that live in the city with out a home. Since cats are so popular they mostly have a homes. Cat’s live in apartments and villas. Now I’m going to show you and tell you my relatives, come on!


Hi you cat’s I missed you. Hey long lives the king rarer!! Grrr! This is my family let me introduce you. Well there is the lion which is the king. The mother lion is called a lioness. The tiger is the strongest and the biggest wild cats. Cougars are a cat’s relative. Each cougar lives in it’s own home rage. They new dens to hide their cubs. Now there is one more cat named the Lynx. The lynx is about the size of a cocker spaniel. Lynx are a nocturnal type of cat. Now lets go see my body parts.


OWW! Hey stop poking their stop! Many people donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know about a cats body parts. Cats have ribs exactly like us! They have a pelvis, femur and ulna and radius. Cats have lots of body parts simaler to ours. And some that are not. Now lets go and see how I live from my life cycle.

ears nose

tail ta

eyes mouth




Hi you know what I want to show you my life cycle come look. When a cat is one year old itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s half cat and half kitten. They get old and die at the age of 18. When a cat is about two itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s finally fully grown. Now lets go see my bad habits.



OWW! Don’t scratch me you meanie! Every one knows a cats nastiest habit. It’s scratching the couch. Cats also hiss at you and of course you know they scratch you. When a cat hisses at you it means stay away! They only do that when you do something mean to them. I HOPE YOU TELL YOU’RE FRIENDS!


Ally- two buildings next to each other and dark damp space Born- get birth and come alive Diet- stay on one food and leave the other Grooms- licks and strokes Hunt- looks for food Street- rode or the city


Non Fiction writing