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‘tis the season of fun in the sun

shuru fashion advice since 1979 Recyclable Issue Foot April 2011

Helping Mother Earth?

Hello! Summer is my favorite time of year. I always say I would rather be hot than cold any day. I have been very excited for this issue because it combines the season with another of my favorite things: shoes (of course). The hot weather gives people a chance to show some skin. Shorts, skirts, bathing suits, tank tops, sleevless shirts, sun dresses... They are all common pieces worn duing the summer months. Shoes are an often overlooked element of the seasonal wardrobe, unfortunately. Shoes can be the perfect little something to create a mood with clothing. Rather than sliding into a ratty pair of flip flops you’ve owned for three years, treat your feet and put on a pair of quality summer shoes that let your inner summer child out. Whether you live on the beach, near a lake, river or maybe just have access to a pool, spend some time near the water this summer and flaunt what you’ve got. Don’t forget the sunscreen, and leave those old flip flops behind! They don’t call us Shuru for nothing.

tmac 4

miss the April issue? Last month, in honor of Earth Day, we focused on ways shoe lovers can get involved with helping the enviroment. Our feature story discussed brands of shoes that have come out with diodegradable footwear. Other articles talked about shopping wisely to get the best quality for your price range to make sure your shoes last.

Reusing magazines

Did you know there are shoes out there completely made of recycled magazines? Just another way for someone who loves shoes and the Earth to find satisfaction. - Sandra Loveland, NJ

There’s gotta be a better way

Hooray for Earth-friendly shoes!

Thank you for writing about shoes that are biodegradable! I am always on the lookout for ways to help our Earth, and the fact that this option includes shoes makes it even better! I cannot wait to purchase my first pair. - Meghann Finau, UT

I thought the discussion about shoes that biodegrade was sort of pointless. I know people throw out old shoes all the time, but isn’t there a better way? I would rather focus on ways to reuse what we’ve got than make new shoes that just disintegrate faster. Besides, the shoes that are biodegradable now are hideous, I think! There aren’t even heels!

I’ll stop being cheap

- Becca Osmanagic, CA

Penny Fitzgerald, GA

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After reading the article about how to get quality shoes for the best price, I decided to try it. I have always been a bit of a cheapy and preferred to buy all my shoes from the local PayLess. While I realize the company has decent shoes, they are not made with the same quality as a more expensive shoe from, say, Macy’s.

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your shoe guide Tara McCarty, Editor

The quest to determine what the big deal is with high heels is a daunting one. There are health risks, benefits, rules for which heights to wear to which place, how to measure heights, specific names for heels... There is even a formula to help you decide if the shoe you spent

all that money on even works for your body type and occasion! As a shoe lover, I feel like the most important factor of shoes is whether or not it works for you. We’ve got some general information we’ve found in our research to share with you. Maybe you won’t care about every fact, or maybe you’ll learn something new, but we’re keeping this simple.

when height matters one / inch

four to five inches

/ // /// //// one to three inches

appropriate for professional environments such as school and work


/ / / / / /

rarely appropriate outside of model work

/ / / / /

appropriate for leisurely occasions such as a night out with friends or date nights

The average heel height of fashion shoes has surged from three to five inches in the past few years, with the tallest shoes typically boasting forefoot platforms, said Phyllis Rein, senior vice president of The Fashion Footwear Association of New York.

six inches

three steps to measure high heels

what’s in a shoe? Counter Top line throat


the heel on a 1 Place flat, even surface. the heel from 2 Measure the where it touches


Shank Heel breast Topline Heel

Toe box

Top piece


debate: why the long legs?

the ground to where it connects with the rest of the shoe, called the seat (see visual to the left). This point is sometimes marked by a seam.

height you record 3 The is the height of the shoe.

name your heel style

CONE: round heel that is broad at the seat and narrow at the top piece KITTEN: short, slim heel shorter than 2 inches AGAINST THEM PRISM: 3 flat sides that They can cause foot pain form a triangle at top piece They increase likelihood of sprains and SPOOL: broad at seat fractures and top piece, narrow in They make calves look more rigid They can create deformities like ham between mertoes and bunions STILETTO: tall, slim heel They can cause an unsteady gait higher than 2 inches They can shorten the wearer’s stride They can render the wearer unable to WEDGE: occupies the entire space under the shank run They can cause a higher incidence of PUPPY: thick square block degenerative joint disease heel approximately 2 inch of the knees es in height and diameter

There are reasons for and against wearing heels. The consensus seems to be that reasons for wearing them are mostly aesthetic while reasons against wearing them are almost exclusively backed by medical research and practicality.


They change the angle of the foot, accentuating the appearance of the calves They change the wearer’s posture, requiring more upright carriage and altering the gait in what is considered a seductive fashion They make the wearer appear taller They make the legs appear longer They make the foot appear smaller They make the toes appear shorter They make the arches of the feet higher and better defined

the formula:

Paul Stevenson, a physicist at the University of Surrey, put science behind stilettos and created a formula to describe the act of walking in heels: H=Q x [12+(3 x S/8)]. H is the maximum heel height in centimeters, Q is the sociological factor and S is the shoe size. Q is a subjective portion of the formula which factors in P, the probability the shoes will land you flattering attention; L, the price in pounds; T, the time since the shoe came out; A, units of alcohol consumed while wearing the shoes; and Y, the years of experience wearing heels.


summer staples

The hot weather of summer can unleash the lazy in you, but don’t let your style suffer in this heat. Fashion Merchandiser, Monica Hill, and HerCampus Editor, Amanda Pretulac, discuss items they each think are must-haves this season. Photos by Tara McCarty



o matter what your sense of fashion is, invest in five basic pairs of shoes and you’ll have enough options to dress up or down any outfit. These basics will give you options for events like running to class, attending an interview, or going on a first date. Once you have the basics covered you can move on to the fun stuff and shop for trendier options. BLACK BALLET FLATS have been my go to pair of shoes for a while. They go with just about anything in your wardrobe, and are easy to throw on and go while still looking polished. Gap’s city ballet flats are comfortable and come with a small bag to store them in your purse until you need a break from your heels. Use CLASSIC BLACK PUMPS to accessorize your neutral dresses and skirts. Flats are comfortable, but there’s something about wearing a heel that gives you more confidence. Just make sure you wear a heel you can stand in for a couple hours. Wearing anything beyond four inches tall to an interview is not professional and should only be worn with your going out attire. I would recommend Jessica Simpson’s black heels which are comfortable and elegant for the price. Another heel worth investing in is a blush-colored, or NUDE PUMP. These can be worn with pastel or bright colored dresses. Blush heels are great for petite figures in particular because they give off the illusion of elongating your figure. Jessica Simpson also makes reasonably priced neutral heels in a variety of different styles. GOLD SANDALS are a must to pair with shorts, skirts, and sundresses. Give those old flip flops a break and invest in some nicer sandals that will also highlight items from your wardrobe. You also should have a pair of RAINBOOTS in your closet. Summers can get a little brutal when rainstorms roll in during the afternoon so don’t ruin your black ballet flats or gold sandals, and invest in a pair of wellies to brighten up any rainy day. After you’ve built a shoe wardrobe with the basics invest in trendier options of the current season. For this spring, neon and color block heels, snakeskin sandals, black lace flats and thin heels are all in. If you are going to splurge on shoes, though, I would recommend splurging on your basics before the trends.


The classic black pump. Use this shoe to accessorize your neutral dresses and skirts. “There’s something about wearing a heel that gives you more confidence”

The boatshoe. Wear this shoe on summer adventures to the beach or the pool. “They are water resistant, which is perfect for dipping your toes in the water this summer.”

loafers encompass the tri-fecta of femininity, originality, and practicality. The perfect summer wouldn’t be complete without a few summer date nights - whether they are friendly dates or romantic dates. And no date is complete without the appropriate shoe. Summer dates might include a night of mini-golfing or go-kart racing, which is why the perfect summer date night shoe is a pair of WEDGES. I would recommend the brand TOMS. Not only are they adorable, but they also benefit a good cause. For every pair of TOMS sold, a pair gets donated to a child in need. So, by purchasing a pair you are not only doing a favor for yourself but also for the community. TOMS shoes are canvas and come in every color imaginable. They are fairly inexpensive at just $39.95 a pair. Being out in the sun by the water comes hand in hand with the summer season. Therefore a shoe made for that kind of weather is an absolute must – the shoe of choice is a nice pair of BOATSHOES. I recommend Sperry’s. Although Sperry’s average around $70 a pair, they are well worth the money. Authentic Sperry’s are made of genuine leather, come in a variety of styles and colors and will last you at least a year. They are the perfect go-to shoe for heading out to the beach or down by the pool because they slip on. Sperry’s are water resistant because they are made to be on the boat, which is perfect for those who love to dip their toes in the ocean every now and then. Between all the internships, summer flings and beach days happening this summer, ladies must make time to go out at night. There’s nothing like putting on a hot girl disguise and then strutting your stuff at the club to command the attention of every man in the room. So, what is the best shoe to strut your stuff in? That’s easy – every woman needs a great pair of NUDE PUMPS. Nude pumps are always the obvious choice for going out and if you find the perfect pair, be safe and purchase two of the same. Nude pumps do wonders for women by lengthening their legs. They can be worn with anything and turn the question of what shoe to wear tonight into a no brainer.



ith summer rapidly approaching it is time to start looking for this summer’s shoe must-haves. Summer requires a completely different shoe wardrobe than any other. Summer allows students to have a lot more free time to do things aside from a full academic load. Some of these other activities might include working at an internship, going on summer dates, tanning on the beach, or going dancing on the town at night. Girls need to be prepared for whatever they do this summer to kick it in style. For those of you ambitious enough to take on an internship this summer you will need a shoe that’s professional yet comfortable. You must remember that not every professional shoe for women has to be a heel. There are plenty of other comfortable and still feminine options available to you. For example, try a PENNY LOAFER. While some girls would never picture themselves in a pair of loafers, many might be surprised once trying them on. Tasseled penny



“I do”

to a shoe Kelsie McClain-Vosburgh, Seattle Correspondent

Seattle correspondent Kelsie McClain-Vosburgh shares her search for the per fect shoes for her special day.



AYING “YES” to a marriage proposal is the first of many decisions that go into planning a wedding. Some choices are very simple. For my husband and I, choosing a date was one of the easiest parts of the process; I always wanted a fall wedding, so we chose November 6, 2010, two years to the day from when he proposed. My baby sister, who is my best friend, was always my only choice for my maid of honor, so that decision was quickly checked off my list. There were hard decisions, too. How much should our budget be? What part of the country should we get married in? Should we invite extended family, or just people we talk to on a regular basis? These choices took a lot of thought and planning, and were often stressful. I changed our color scheme about a dozen times, much to the chagrin of my very patient bridesmaids. Of course, one of the best parts of being a bride was picking out what I was going to wear on my special day. I ended up getting my dress less than two months before my wedding… but that’s a whole different story. Long before I even started thinking about dresses, my mind was on a girl’s best friend… shoes.

Photos by Stacey Creamer, Serafina Photography

To be honest, the idea of a traditional bridal shoe made me gag. We’ve all seen then before… small heel, closed toe, the exact same color as your dress. I was definitely not into it. When we finally decided on a venue, on the beach at sunset, I knew I wanted to go barefoot for the ceremony. You know, walk along the beach, with my toes in the sand. Barefoot, in my wedding dress. Classy, right? I felt like a dirty hippie and I loved it. So, I just had to find my reception shoes. In general, I hate wearing heels; my feet start to ache and complain after just a short time in my coziest heels. I headed out to find the perfect pair, of “oh, these are so cute, I can wear them again,” flats. Any color but white. After months of searching, trying on and re-considering every option, I finally found my perfect wedding shoes. They were Rocketdog flats from Macy’s. They were on sale, and cost less than $40. They were gray, and matched my purple-gray-and-ivory theme beautifully. Most importantly, I have worn them several times since the big day. Not only do they go with just about everything, but every time I slip them on, I feel like a pretty bride all over again.


make headway this summer.

Discover the sailor in you with nautical shoes of the season. Kathy Olsen, West Palm Beach Correspondent Tara McCarty, Editor Photos by Aimee Alexander


Bongo $24.00


ith summer at our heels and nothing but water, sand and sunscreen on your mind, the important thing to remember is to keep up the summer style where ever you may go. This season seems to have an underlying theme of nautical shoes and accessories. It’s a classic style that speaks to the souls of water lovers and has influenced many designers over the years. When shopping for sailor-inspired gear, consider elements that create the nautical look such as stripes in navy and red, rope-like textures and accessories including anchors and large link jewelry. You can see the updated nautical look on the runway this season with designers’ version of the trend. cal look such as stripes in navy and red, rope like textures and accessories including anchors and large link jewelry. You can see the updated nautical look on the runway this season with designers’ version of the trend. Nautical is a trend that will endure beyond this season. The timeless style will make you feel relaxed and confident in your everyday activities.

Naughty Monkey “Peekaboo” $49.95

At just two or three inches high, this heel embodies many characteristics of a nautical shoe. The red and navy stripes are the most obvious feature, until it is looked at from the front and it resembles a sailor’s shirt.

w 13

Jessica Simpson “Kamacozy� $50.00

The metal links and buckles down the top of this wedge seem inspired by the links and chains one could find on a boat or yacht. The wedge and platform made of wood is a reminder of wood panelling on a boat. The worn effect put on the white straps creates the illusion of familiarity and comfort. It references quality.


Bakers “Phanton� $59.95

A truly unique sandal, the brass and copper tones are reminisicent of metal fixtures on a boat. The neutrality of its appearance makes the sandal a desirable piece for a muted summer shoe. The remarkable characteristic of this shoe is the rope-like detail on the straps.


Hunter Willemberg $175.00

What good would a list of nautical shoes be if it did not include a boatshoe? On this particular boatshoe, the stiching around the back of the shoe resembles the stiching of a rope. The white and brown leather indicates clean, simple and leisurely living. Genuine leather, common on boatshoes, is ideal for areas of water because of its ability to withstand those conditions and dry without significant damage occurring.


Sperry “Sadie” $80.00

The deep navy of this rainboot speaks for itself and its nautical inspirations. As if you needed more persuasion, the boot even has a rope stitched through the top of, tying into a knot in the front. The wedge heel gives the wearer a little boost not commonly seen with rainboots. Oh, and it’s waterproof of course.


Wild Pair “Theresa� $90.00

The shiny, patent leather of this heel recalls the look of water with the sun beating down on it. Even the texture conveys the message exemplifying the movements of the tides. The true blue color, while not traditional nautical navy, is still worthy of a sailor.


Naughty Monkey “Captain” $49.95

Need we explain? The red and white stripes of this shoe are nautical enough. Throw in the giant rhinestoneencrusted anchor laid across the toe and the gold jewels dotting the sides of the shoe and you’ve got yourself one definitely nautical shoe. As shown above, it is also available in black.


OMGSHOES! Women’s shoes from the perspective of a guy. Saxon Wolfcock


ne look into a woman's closet is all the proof we need. Overflowing racks of heels, flats, platforms, whatever- they all serve to lend to the fact that women seem to spend a lot of time and energy on what goes on their feet. Who knew. But how much of that time, money and careful consideration actually translates into results? Dismally little. In the interest of broad generalization, most men will never notice what you're wearing from the knees down. Any guy who tells you that you have cute shoes is only saying it to be "The one guy who actually noticed." Guys do not think shoes are particularly cool —in the sense that we just aren't as interested in them as women are. For most of us, they are just something we need to wear to protect our feet and/or successfully get service at Taco Bell. It baffles us why women put this otherwise marginal accessory on such a pedestal — hence the fact that this issue is a comedic aspect of oh-so-many sit-com skits — we just don't "get it" and never will. But if you're looking to get genuine recognition from the other side of the demographic, the trick is to beam confidence with your choice. Classic red heels, for instance, tell us that you aren't afraid to be seen. Most men will be very attracted to that. Or take Lilly Allen. She rocks sneakers with a dress. That sort of daring experimentation won't only get recognition, but respect. Your choice in shoes should, like the rest of our outfit, serve to embody whatever your favorite non-physical trait is. Want to look intelligent? Dress the part! Don't be afraid to take some risks: Boat shoes, sneakers, converse… these can all say wonderful things about you. Just remember that we have to notice them in the first place. And remember that if there's one non-physical trait virtually everyone gravitates to, it's confidence! Not that you should go out and by, like, clown shoes… But then again, I have known some really sexy clowns.


Tara McCarty I Shuru




Footwear fashion advice from the shoe gurus.