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HOPE NEWSLETTER September 2011 Issue

HOPE NEWSLETTER – September 2011 To speak gratitude is courteous and pleasant, To enact gratitude is generous and noble, But to live gratitude is to touch Heaven. Johannes A Gaertner

Transplants Andre Booth Moira Cockburn Danielle Dion Jane Eby Cheryl Gardiner Salvador Golea Amanda Jeib Kenneth Nolan Helen Shwery Congratulations and Best Wishes to Andre, Moira, Danielle, Jane, Cheryl, Salvador, Amanda, Kenneth, and Helen and all other transplant recipients and their families on their second chance. There have been at least 60 lung transplants so far this year (from ) Because of privacy issues, I am unable to attain information unless the patients and/or their families volunteer it to me. Please contact me if you want the wonderful news of your second chance printed in this newsletter.

Deaths Avril Koyanagi Ed MacDonald Our sincere condolences go out to all families and friends on the loss of your loved ones. We only hope you can find some peace, comfort, and consolation during this time. And our donors and their families are never far from our thoughts: Thank You. To keep transplant friends informed, please contact me with the passing of your loved one, and we will inform the transplant community by way of the newsletter

September 2011 Issue

HOPE NEWSLETTER September 2011 Issue

Craft and Bake Sale – Wednesday October 19th, 2011 We Need Your Help!

Crafters and Bakers we need your help! We want to give all our crafters plenty of time to get working on those wonderful homemade crafts for this fall’s Craft and Bake Sale and Raffle. If you are from outside Toronto, we are willing to help with the cost of regular postage to ensure your crafts get to the sale. Please contact Mavis Bullock at 416-438-9927 or Ann McGuire at 416-2333614 to arrange this help. Our annual craft and bake sale will be held on Wed. Oct. 19th in the Eaton Lobby (Elizabeth St entrance) from 7:30am to 4:00pm. This year we will be selling raffle tickets again for two homemade quilts, a hand-crafted table, and a framed photograph of Toronto. Thank you to Kathie Trimble (daughter of lung recipient), Linda Longland (mother-in-law of lung recipient), Paul Bowman (lung recipient) and Matt Trimble (grandson of lung recipient) for your generous donations for the raffle. Last year’s Craft and Bake Sale was a tremendous success thanks to all your generous support. We know there is amazing talent in our group! We need everyone’s participation to make this day a success. If you bake, knit, sew, crochet, make jewellery, make note cards, or anything at all that could benefit the sale, please consider taking part in this worthwhile venture. Donations can be delivered the day of the sale, or dropped off at any time on the 12th floor at the clinic desk. Thank you to Tricia at the 12th floor clinic desk for helping with this. Pre and post lung transplant patients benefit directly from the proceeds of this sale, while they are in the hospital. In the past, treadmill, bike and weights for the Treadmill Room, equipment for the PFT lab and for daily use on the patient floor, the big TV, VCR and DVD in the patient lounge on the 7th floor and the TV in the patient lounge on 10 Eaton were all purchased from proceeds of the Craft and Bake sale. And most recently, proceeds went towards purchasing the pager unit for use on the 12th floor lung transplant clinic. We will be contacting Dr. Keshavjee, Susan Chernenko, Denise Helm along with the other physiotherapists, and Ursula Dignard to get some ideas about where the proceeds can be best put to use for lung transplant patients. WE APPRECIATE ANYTHING YOU CAN DO TO SUPPORT THIS WORTHWHILE CAUSE AND WE LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU! For more information please go

September 2011 Issue

HOPE NEWSLETTER September 2011 Issue

Organ Donation Is Simply The Right Thing To Do Beth and Emile Therien, Organ Donor Family, Ottawa

Re: Online donor registry clicks with thousands of Ontarians, July 30 It is, indeed, good to know that the creation of the online donor registry announced in June has resulted in a surge of Ontarians registering their intent to donate their organs and tissues after death. This initiative makes it easier for Ontarians to register their consent to donate organs and tissues for transplantion, in the process helping to save and improve thousands of lives. Kudos to the Trillium Gift of Life Network and the Ontario government for making it happen.

between popular support for organ transplantation (over 95 per cent) and willingness to donate (50 to 60 per cent). It is incumbent on more Canadians to educate themselves about organ and tissue donation and talk with their families and friends about their wishes and concerns. Public education and awareness are key. Becoming an organ and tissue donor is more than an act charity; simply put, it is the right thing to do.

This is medical progress at its best — taking advantage of available technology. This should serve as a model for all provinces. Organ and tissue donation can dramatically improve the quality of life and longevity for many people. The primary motive for becoming an organ donor is to help someone else. One donor’s generosity can save the lives of up to seven people and improve the lives of up to 75 others.

The need for organ and tissue donors has never been greater. In Ontario alone, up to March 31, 2009, the waiting lists for organ transplant totalled 1,667. The large majority were for kidney transplants (1,185), followed by liver (306), lung (64), heart (48), kidney-pancreas (37), pancreas (22), small bowel (4), and heart-lung (1). About 4,000 Canadians across the country are on waiting lists. Many suffer and die while waiting.

Transplantation is an important medical procedure. It is viewed by the majority of Canadians as a necessary and important part of our health care system; most expect and hope it will be available to them and their loved ones should the need arise. That said, in Canada there is a large gap

Canadians in their spirit of generosity must respond accordingly. The record reveals that the experience most families have with organ and tissue donation is a very powerful and rewarding one. Governments, advocates, and the medical community can only do so much.

(Thank you to Doug Trollope for submitting this article)

Thank You To the Toronto Lung Transplant Civitan Club From the Physiotherapy Team at TGH The Physiotherapy team at the Toronto General Hospital would like to acknowledge the ongoing support we have received over the years from the Toronto Lung Transplant Civitan Club. We have been fortunate enough to continue to receive funds for purchasing equipment used by lung transplant patients both in the treadmill room and on the hospital ward. Most recently we were provided with an incredible portable blood pressure monitor that we are able to use on the ward and in our physiotherapy gym. We also have an assortment of new dumbbells, ankle weights

and exercise bands for use in the treadmill room. In the past, the Toronto Lung Transplant Civitan Club has also provided funding for purchasing replacement treadmills and bikes. Since our exercise equipment has such a high usage, it is important to replace and update our equipment on a regular basis so that we are providing a safe environment for patients to exercise. On behalf of the Lung Transplant Program, thank-you so much for your continued dedication and ongoing efforts to support our program.

September 2011 Issue

HOPE NEWSLETTER September 2011 Issue

RESPIRO Dinner Dance Gala - Sat. Oct. 29, 2011 For more info, please contact Daniela Ramolo at

See attachment at bottom of newsletter for more details.

September 2011 Issue

HOPE NEWSLETTER September 2011 Issue

U.S. Transplant Games July 28th to July 31st, 2012 For those who were disappointed that the NKF decided not to sponsor the games in 2012 someone else has organized them to be held July 28-31, 2012 at Grand Valley State University in Michigan. Read more at the following link: Thank you to Merv Sheppard for submitting this info.

More Stem Cell Donors Wanted From Glenn Lowson for the Toronto Star

David Smyth needed a stem cell transplant to survive but a donor match was not found in time. He died one year ago today. Kim and Mike Smyth, derive what bit of comfort they can in knowing that their 20-year-old son’s efforts has helped boost the registry of potential donors. His parents work before he died, and their continuation of that work, has helped boost the registry of potential donors. That, hopefully, will help save someone else’s life. They are not alone in this. Family, friends and colleagues who discover that a loved one is deathly ill with leukemia or a genetic disorder (and can’t find a match) routinely jump into action and start drives for new donors, raising the registry by the hundreds. Too often, though, these efforts come too late and a donor is not found in time. More than 900 Canadians are searching for a donor and last year only 319 received an unrelated stem cell transplant. That’s because our donor database is far too small. Only 300,000 people — less than 1 per cent of the Canadian

population — have registered their willingness to donate. We can do better. By adding our names to the registry (with a simple cheek swab) we can improve the odds for those whose lives depend on finding a match. But Canadian Blood Services, which runs the OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network, must also do a better job of overcoming the mistaken, but commonly held, belief that donating stem cells is difficult and painful. More than 80 per cent of stem cell donations are now collected in a process similar to donating blood. And even in cases where cells must be extracted from a donor’s pelvic bone, it is done under general anesthetic and the feeling afterwards is akin to being sore after falling on ice. That’s hardly anything to hold someone back from being tested and OneMatch should be clearer about it. David Smyth wanted a better donor database to give people “a fighting chance.” It’s too late for him, but not for so many others.

(Thank you to Doug trollope for submitting this and the following article.)

September 2011 Issue

HOPE NEWSLETTER September 2011 Issue

Online Donor Registry Clicks With Thousands Of Ontarians Barbara Turnbull,

Six months after Ontario’s auditor general slammed the province’s approach to organ and tissue donation, there has been one notable success.

The new online donor registration has had some 16,000 sign-ups since it was launched on June 13.

But there has been a failure every bit as notable: There has been no progress in the simplest, most basic recommendation of all: Auditor General Jim McCarter wanted ServiceOntario clerks to ask people renewing their driver’s licenses if they would join the registry to be organ or tissue donors. That hasn’t happened. In his year-end report last December, McCarter made several recommendations to improve the sign-up rate for organ and tissue donation because it is lower than in most jurisdictions. In Ontario, someone on a waiting list dies every three days. The key ones were: • Create an online registry so anyone with access to a computer can sign up. • Ask people renewing their driver’s licences at ServiceOntario to join the donor registry. • Increase the number of hospitals at which potential donors can be identified. Last December, only about a third of eligible hospitals (facilities

that can keep patients alive on ventilators) were part of the system. Create one province-wide wait list for kidneys and livers. There are five such lists, with waits from four to 10 years. Increase the amount of tissue supplied by Ontario donors. Ontario currently meets only eight per cent of its tissue needs (purchasing the rest from other provinces and the United States).

To document progress since the auditor general’s report, the Star recently spoke with exiting CEO of Trillium Gift of Life Frank Markel, incoming CEO Ronnie Gavsie and other key players in the organ-andtissue system. First, the success: The website has far surpassed the expectations of Trillium Gift of Life, the agency responsible for organ donation and transplantation. Since its June 13 launch to July 24, there have been 16,666 new registrants. More than 4,000 Ontarians used the website to make a change to their status and another 14,000 went online to check to see if they are registered. Those impressive numbers are at least partly due to a $5.5 million public campaign paid for by the Health Ministry. It includes a powerful commercial running currently on TV and in movie theatres…

Annual Lung Transplant Christmas Party - Wed. December 7th, 2011 Please mark in your calendars the date of this year’s Christmas Party – Wed. Dec. 7th, 2011 from 10:00am to 1:30pm. More information to follow in our fall newsletters.

September 2011 Issue

HOPE NEWSLETTER September 2011 Issue

Final Notes Welcome back from our beautiful, hot summer. I hope your summer lived up to your expectations. And as we say good-bye to summer, let’s remember that Autumn “hast thy music too” (Ode To Autumn). Thank you to everyone who submitted articles. Many people have responded saying they truly enjoy reading people’s stories. If you have received this newsletter and do not wish to continue receiving it, please contact me at or 416-233-3614, and I will take you off my contact list. If you know someone who would like to receive it, please send his or her e-mail address to me. Remember you too can save lives by registering your consent to be a donor ( and discussing your wishes with your family.

September 2011 Issue

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TLTCC Hope Newsletter 2011-09  

Toronto Lung Transplant Civitan Club - Hope Newsletter 2011-09

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