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Over the past 25 years, Ellis Island has been the destination spot for immigrants. Thanks to Ellis Island, immigration registration has been Less of a hassle. Ellis Island was opened by the government, it was opened so that immigrants could get registered and checked before they actually entered America. Ellis Island was probably one of the

smartest things the government has done.

Immigrants come from all over the world to America , seeking a better life for them, and their family. If it wasn’t for Ellis Island, immigration in America would be hectic. The process at Ellis Island is also quite simple as well. Once the immigrants reach Ellis Island they must wait in a line, this line is to drop off their belongings. After that, they have to wait in another line, this is where they get registered. Finally, after they have been registered, they are checked by doctors to see if they are well enough to enter America. if they are, they are free to go, if they’re not, they must stay at the Ellis Island Hospital where they will be more examining. They really try to make

things as simple and as quick as possible for the immigrants so they can start their new lives in America. For the past 25 years, Ellis Island has been serving as an immigration Destination. Ellis Island has made the immigration registration and check up process easier for us Americans and for the immigrants. 25 years is just the beginning for Ellis Island. We can’t wait to see it grow, where will it be in 125 years?

~Questions~ 1. Why did immigrants come to America?

2. What was the main purpose of Ellis Island?

UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL WITH AN INNOVATOR Thomas Edison is a bright inventor with bright ideas and a humble purpose.

Thomas Edison has awed and inspired many people. Thomas Edison is an innovator of today and someone that will be in history books in the future. Mr. Edison is a bright man who illuminated our world, along with illuminating the minds of young and starting inventors. An inventor’s goal is to create something that will make the function of life somewhat better.

By Andrea Guiam Thomas Edison did just that, and he’s continuing to with the inspiration to make lives of future generations much better. Just a while ago, I got granted the chance to interview Mr. Edison. Our interview occurred at his industrial research laboratory, which happens to be the first-ever industrial research laboratory. His laboratory left me speechless, and I wanted to play with all the stuff, but I controlled myself and focused on my purpose. Thomas Edison showed me his latest creations, as well as older creations. I got to see blueprints, notes, and many other things, all in just one breathtaking place. My favorite of all the things I saw were the notso-long-ago created incandescent light bulb and the phonograph. If ever given the chance to, I would tour that place over and over again. I carried out many interesting conversations with the wellrespected Thomas Edison. When I asked Mr. Edison about his inventions, he told me the multiple things which he was first to invent. Along with that, he told me he had a mission to make humankind’s life much better, as well as easier. Many things have been created prior to Thomas Edison’s works, but using those prior creations, Thomas Edison is creating and has created things that work faster and are easier to use. Thomas Edison told me that he wants the same done in the future with his inventions. He wants his works to be improved upon by others in the future, in order to help people in the societies and generations to come. The humble and brilliant Thomas Edison wishes the best for everyone, and he said that he will continue to help human lives through his inventions, until he can do so.

Money for the Lady 1. Who is Thomas Edison?

2. Who had the first industrial lab?

By Andrea Tulcan Joseph Pulitzer is here to give an interview on why he should get fundraising to build the statue of Liberty in New York Harbor

The French have recently equipped us with a gift. A statue that will stand over 300 feet tall when put together. She is a gleaming woman of copper named, Liberty. The 100 year anniversary of our great nation has come around, and it was decided we should be graciously given a gift. That’s a fantastic contribution, right? But there is a tad problem; we don’t have enough money to build it. That is why we have Joseph Pulitzer here to present a plan to get funding to build this beautiful statue.

Tulcan: Mr. Pulitzer, why should we, as hardworking Americans, give you our money? What will we get out of this statue? Mr. Pulitzer: Well, if this statue gets put up, it will be a national treasure! People will gather to see it. They will view it as a sign of freedom and a prosperous future. Also, if more people come to see it, that means more jobs. And if we have more jobs, we can make more factories, and therefore become a stronger country.

Tulcan: Well, I see your points, but why the rush? Why are you asking for so much money NOW? Mr. Pulitzer: If we don’t get Liberty up on her feet soon, there will be multiple problems. For one, if we don’t hurry, some other state is going to sweep her out from other our feet. Adding to that, the French so kindly gifted us this statue, New York, not some other state. If we gave it to another state, it would be a slap to their faces!

Tulcan: This all makes much more sense now, but I still have one more question for you. It’s not exactly easy for many people to give their hard-earned dollars. How can you expect people to give you all their money? Mr. Pulitzer: I could never ask for that! When I ask for money, I mean pennies, nickels, dollars. More is great, but anything helps immensely. That’s all I want, a little generosity goes a long way.

Tulcan: Goodbye Mr. Pulitzer, and good luck!

And that’s all folks. I know where my pocket change is going, and I hope your’s too, is going to build Lady Liberty! Why should Americans help Pulitzer in funding the build? Why is the fundraising process so rushed?

Welcome to one and Welcome to all

Many immigrants go through Ellis Island every day; they have to pass through many thorough checks and interrogations in order to make it to America.

By Andrew Blunt p. 5 There is much that is unknown to the casual observer of Ellis Island. For one thing the process is very long. It takes about a minimum of 3 months to travel from Europe to America, which is where many immigrants come from. The next step required is to be thoroughly checked and inspected by their security for any diseases or smugglers. After that the security guards detain and interrogate the immigrants for many hours to make sure that the immigrant is not an outlaw hoping to escape the law. After this the immigrant can be admitted to America or returned to the country that they came from. I interviewed an immigrant that told me that the process was terrible and torturous. After suffering about a 3 month journey below decks in steerage, since the immigrant was to poor to afford a cabin, they expected to just be quickly checked and admitted to the United States. However what they got was an extreme shock to them. Many passed through this process, but some criminals were returned back to their homeland. The immigrants then suffered many challenges in America, whether it was the inability to find a job or the frightening job they had to do. Despite these many challenges few One of our nation’s most treasured possessions is our soon to be finished, Statue of Liberty. The creation of went home by their choice and many stayed here and became very prosperous. Lady Liberty is a result of an agreement between our country and the French. The agreement was that we would build the pedestal, French supply theone hand-crafted A call sent out asking Theextremely job of the large security guard isand notthe easy. Afterwill interviewing I discoveredbronze. that they hadwas to be for harsh all blacksmiths masons come and help theguard “Artwork of Our So far, very to preventand andstone discover illegaltoimmigrants. The build security also told meNation!” that it is their jobover a hundred blacksmiths stone masons have responded. and they have and to do it. If someone is escaping from the law it is their job to find them and send them back to their own country to face the consequences. Some immigrants even become security guards. Many of the workers have come from small rural states such as New Jersey. When interviewed, some of the Many of these security guards enjoy what they do and because of that the immigrants are afraid of workers stated that they felt “called” to help with such a big project. On the other hand, other workers just came them and respect them. What was the first step to get admitted? What the process fun? for the money. The head builder of our national monument is the great Gen. Charles P. Stone, an American. The main designer of our monument is Mr. Richard M. Hunt, also an American. Both of these men decided that the statue would look best if placed on the old military base, Bedloe’s Island. In the end, Gen. Charles P. Stone instructed his workers to toss their silver quarters into the drying mortar of the pedestal for good luck.

Construction of Liberty Today!!!

By Austen Ferrarer

Another highly recognized part of our Statue of Liberty’s pedestal is the poem by Emma Lazarus, carved into its stone. The poem is called “The New Colossus”, and it talks about what the Statue of Liberty, or Mother of Exiles, “The Statue Liberty built by the hands hearts ofstands Americans for thealand thefor free, and the home of the of represents. In of short, the was poem proclaims that and the Statue for a home newoflife everyone. Thousands men, women and children have passed by our Statue of Liberty on their way to our country, and looked in awe at its amazing handiwork; it is because of the great effort and tireless work that these men have put forward that we have something to show to others. On the behalf of all Americans, I would like to thank all of the people that gave Who Who was was it built the designated to impress? their harts to our Lady Liberty’s magnificent pedestal.

builder of the Statue of

Higher Powers

By Chris Guerrero

Here has been the first finding of oil in America, it was discovered yesterday in Texas. There has been other findings of oil in other parts of the world dating back far as the 1300s in China. This is the first time oil has been found in America after being having to import oil in for most of this countries lifetime. With the finding of oil, it is expected to bring up the economy from making jobs for drill workers, to saving money on buying oil on imports.

in America, has made us one of the largest distributors of oil in the world. With all the uses for oil, it makes oil a valuable resource for many things to work like, lamps, paving roads, and in medicine. The uses of oil are only now being utilized and many uses are still t o found about this miracle substance called oil.

This finding is surprisingly an accident, because reports say that the drillers were looking for an underground reservoir We were able to get an interview with the manger of the operation in Texas, he said, “ We were expecting to find water there, but we found oil,” he also stated, “ I was honestly upset when I saw the oil because I thought the oil was actually contaminated water, but then one of the workers was cheering that they had found oil.” Our news team was also able to get an interview with one of the workers who witnessed this important part of American history, he said, “ We all didn’t know what to think,” he also said, : We expected a 50/50 chance of finding water or no water, but we found oil!” With this discovery of oil, many other companies are starting to drill for oil.

Was discovering oil an accident?

Oil is starting to become as big as the gold rush, and now due to the mirgration of people looking for oil, it is becoming extremely popular. This migration is becoming so big in fact , it is now being referred to as the equal to the gold rush and being referred to as “black gold.” The founding of oil wells There are almost infinite uses for oil and we aren’t even close to finding the true uses of oil.

What impact does oil have on America?

Ethnic America By Danny Attiyah America is becoming overcrowded because of immigration

America is overcrowded now because people from other countries come to escape religious persecution, racial persecution, or political persecution. Some come for more economic opportunities. Others come because of contract labor agreements. Different races spread out to different parts of America. Hungarians, Poles, Slovaks, Bohemians, and Italians flock to the steel or coal mines. Most of these immigrants come through a place called Ellis Island. Ellis Island helped twelve million immigrants come here. Some of the immigrants come on boats too. They can also cross the border from Mexico or Canada. Man people are now against these new immigrants and are treating them harshly. Once the immigrants get here they form ethnic neighborhoods where one race of people come together and live next to each other. This is how we stopď€ these immigrants. There is a new literacy requirement that limits immigration. Three Harvard graduates founded this idea. It is called The Restriction League. It makes distinctions between 1. How many immigrants come through Ellis Island?

2. Why is America overcrowded?

Strikes by David Label

As competition rises for jobs, the wages of working have been going down. Even worse, immigrants who are willing to work for less pay are coming and taking our jobs! This is just adding to the terrible loss of 50,000 jobs that we just lost in 1835! Lately, trade unions have been forming. These unions are made of workers who are fighting to help the economy grow back to normal.

Presently, these unions have started to form strikes. These people want more money for all the things that they do. They work very hard but all of this fighting does not seem necessary. We all can understand that money is tight, but violence is never the answer. The work is becoming less productive due to the lack of workers that are on strike. This is not looking good for the industries.

As these strikes are expected to continue, you can expect that it will be harder to get some of the things you need. Previously we have had a 10 hour workday campaign. Workers have wanted to change their absurd 12-14 hour workday to a 10 hour workday with the same pay. We think that with the increasing amount of need for industrial items, this 10 hour idea with the increased amount of workers, could work. It surely could be affordable.

Ellis Island is the brand new land, for immigrants far and wide to come and start a new life in America. People come for all different reasons; costs, no religious hassles, start a new life, no monarchy; etc. I had interviewed what one of the immigrants had to say.

“Hello, can I ask you a couple questions?” “Sure, why not?” “What’s your name and where did you come from?” “Cesc Farbages from Europe.” “And why did you chose to come to America and go away from your life in Europe?”

“I figured it would be best for my family and I. There was also a lot of political pressure that you guys don’t have here. Such as there’s no monarchy but a democracy, liberties and rights, freedom of religion, a better economy, the different laws, and a chance to start a new life.” “Sounds like anyone should be coming over here with all the things with

America has to offer! What are you planning to do once you’re in?”

“Well I would like to start here in New York and get a job, since they are more abundant than we had in Europe. It would make it easier to get money and food for my family. Also I would like to send my children to a school.” “Sounds like a good plan!”

“Thanks, but I have to go. I’m about to take the medical exam and they don’t let people in who don’t pass.” “Thank you!”

As you can see, this immigrant chose to travel from Europe for many reasons. The reasons Cesc had are shared by many of the immigrants heading towards Ellis Island. The place in the New York harbor will help many with their troubles and jobs, a great opportunity for immigrants everywhere.

The frame of the railroad working industry. By Heather Spaun

The railroad business has recently flourished. Business is especially good because of World War II and increased immigration. Therefore, the number of railroad employees has gone up drastically in the past years. Although they’re not exactly treated well, it is still a widely common job. And the companies profit too!

The workers consisted mainly of war veterans and immigrants. Their work was so dangerous that 1 out of every 357 workers, nation-wide, died. Around 72,000 workers died between 1900 and 1917! The working conditions ranged from wretched to barely adequate. However, railroad workers are unionizing for better working rights.

All of these railroad companies that the employees worked with were organized into classes. Class I was $346.8 million and up, Class II was $27.8 to $346.7 million, and Class III was anything lower. These classes were created by the Surface Transportation Board to subtract chaos and make travel a little easier. There were 132 Class I companies in 1900!

ImmIgratIon natIon People from all over the world come to America for many reasons. By Michael Aydin

Immigrants from all over the world come to America for what we have to offer. One country that has many emigrates is Italy. More Italians come to America than any other European country. People from different parts of Italy go to different places. For example Sicilians mostly go to New Orleans. They call these ethnic neighborhoods “Little Italy.� Scandinavian immigrants are primarily Norwegians, Swedes, and Danish. Swedes are generally skilled. They tend to go to Minnesota. Some come for religious freedom like the Danish Mormons. Some come because of poverty. Over one million Scandinavian people have immigrated to America. German immigrants come and bring their great heritage with them. Many Germans come because of their poor economy in Germany caused by word war one. They mainly go to North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. A lot also go to New York City. The president Rutherford Hayes is from Germany. They are known for their great culture and with them they brought many great things. Where are Scandinavian immigrants usually from? What is ethinc Italian neighborhood in New Orleans called?

Immigration to Baseball Nation Talented Immigrants led the popularity in baseball, as thousands looked for jobs and fled foreign poverty.

By Jacob Nemeth Immigration to United States is widespread today in the early 1900s. Immigrants arrive at Ellis Island everyday searching for new opportunities in America. They are eager to blend with and learn about American culture. Most immigrants reside in poor ethnic neighborhoods and perform unhealthy occupations. Furthermore, they search for better occupations constantly to provide and support their families. In the early 1900s, baseball turned from amateur to professional. Rich owners decided to find the most talented baseball players and pay them to play for their teams. The Cincinnati Red Stockings formed the first professional franchise in 1869. Many professional teams followed the Red Stockings and the East Coast is currently bustling with professional leagues. Professional Baseball became a favorable profession for new immigrants. Baseball started to grow in popularity from the late-1800s to early-1900s. Immigrants led the new popularity in baseball with their amazing talent and passionate effort. Although the Golden Age of MLB didn’t begin until a young immigrant from Baltimore, Maryland started his career in the MLB. Babe Ruth grew up in a poor ethnic neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland. Babe was abandoned by his parents at an early age because he was a troublesome child. Babe learned to play baseball when he was in the Boys Home his parents enrolled him in. He caught the watchful eye of an Orioles scout while playing baseball at the Boys Home. Babe Ruth was sold to the Red Sox in 1914 as a young prospect with a great future. Ruth debuted on July 11, 1914 and appeared in 5 games his rookie year. In 1918, Babe Ruth was converted to a hitter as he showed tremendous power and led the American League in home runs. On December 26, 1919, Babe was sold to the New York Yankees. The Red Sox ended up making arguably the worst trade ever. Ruth hit 714 career home runs as a member of the New York Yankees. Also he led the Yankees to 4 World Series Titles. Babe Ruth will most likely be inducted to the Hall of Fame, the first year he is eligible. 1. How did immigrants contribute to baseball? 2. What made Babe Ruth a future Hall of Famer?

“Immigrational Impacts�

Immigrants are causing many changes to America by coming here; some good, some bad By: Jaret Balba

So immigrants started to come to America. Many are coming from different countries such as Germany, Italy, Japan, and England. Many cities are becoming overcrowded with all these new people. The most immigrant populated city is New York City right now. Mostly, because of Ellis Island which is bringing in many of them. While they are coming here, they are all different types of people, some skilled at certain jobs, some unskilled, but all of these new people are leading to more employment. From what I see, immigrants are coming to our great land of America, for several of reasons, some to escape religion, political prosecution . . . etc. With all of these new people many went to work to be an agricultural worker. Some even went into the railroad business. Since there is a huge wave of them, people are seeking out immigrants to hire. Not all of them wanted that though, but just wanted a better life for them and their family. The newcomers are even creating neighborhoods populated with their close commoners. All of them grouped together are overcrowding urban areas. They all celebrate and practice their religion with everyone in their vicinity. Some immigrants are mad too, about how they get low wages for some hard jobs they do. Since they are not able to find a way to survive, some are leading to criminality. Americans are not very happy about this. So this is what comes from our guest from out of town.

1. What is one reason why immigrants are deciding to come to America? 2. Why did immigrant’s neighborhoods become overcrowded?

Jonathan Koury

Many inventors and industrialists all had to start their career of changing America somewhere: school. One would not believe how much America is changing over the years! Many people are calling this time of change the Industrial Reform. Some main contributors to this vital time of our nation’s history are: Carnegie, Grahambell, Rockefeller, and Stanford. However, the first focus of this article will be the one and only Stanford. Leland Stanford is a very well-rounded man. He was a senator from California, then a governor of California, and also a railroad builder! Also, he greatly supports education and the progression of our future generations this is why sponsors many schools and founded Leland Stanford University. Through this university, thousands of scholars have been taught and some of the extremely talented ones began to branch off in a different field from the original law and medicine, and that field was: inventing. Most inventors are those who were very educated and were taught in high schools and colleges such as Stanford University. However, most inventors base their inventions on discoveries made in the past. For example, electricity was a key ingredient to many inventions thanks to Benjamin Franklin; and also, how Thomas Edison invented the light bulb helped keep inventors up late as they strategize how to make their ideas come to life. Machines are also being created to help increase the speed of mass production. A new discovery of being able to mass produce steel has helped make building skyscrapers easier and safer for the residents inside. So overall, the Industrial reform will be an important time in U.S. History which will help turn America into its best form.

Flight The creation of flight by Justin Gonzales Flight was finally created by the Wright brothers. The 2 brothers, Orvile and Wilbur built the machine. Orvile is the first on to fly the great beast. It is a great break through in air planes. It was a small plane that used a gas powered engine. They flew it in Kittyhawk, North Carolina. This will make this town legendary for ever. It was flown in December 17, 1903. It will change the way every one in the future travels. There will be so many ways to travel. It will raise oil production. Oil will rise in money tremendously. It will be the power of the future vehicles. That plane is only the first of its kind. Imagine what planes will be doing in a few years? Or in many years in the future maybe they will be flying at tremendous speeds? Planes will be able to carry many people to far parts of the world. Planes will be the best way of transportation and possibly even fights. In the future maybe they will have air battles instead of on the ground. Why did the brothers want to create flight? Why was a airplane such a big deal?

The Nations Game by Kayleigh Okamura As we roll back into the baseball season, this year rises with amazing players and at the edge of your seat games.

The American sport of baseball is booming around the country. It’s uniting us together with family fun games and competitions. Many players are coming into the spotlight like the famous Babe Ruth. With amazing luck I sat down with the talented baseball star. Talking of the season, Ruth is really looking forward to this year. “I can’t wait to start playing again. I’m up for the challenge and ready to make new records. The past seasons haven’t been so great. Nicknames of the “Dead Ball Era” are floating around, but surely this year is to be interesting. Many fans are already lining at the ticket booths for the later sporting competitions, radios are having raffles selling packs of four tickets, and children saving their money in their piggy banks. Baseball is in the air, filling our homes and minds. Now with the National and American League neck and neck many questions are asked of which is better. Well that is up to the people. Baseball, being our nations loving game, has brought much joy to this country, especially after the gruesome war of brother against brother. Uniting us together for single moments at a time and reminding us what it was to be happy with each other. With the new season almost here, I am sure it will be entertaining. I hope new stars arise as well as new hope.

What is the nickname for the bad seasons? What were the two leagues?

As time goes on, baseball continues to grow throughout our nation and many others as well. By Kevin O’Leary

As time goes on, ballparks are shooting up everywhere, not just for pros, but for the future athletes learning the game. As of now, Major League Baseball parks are at a minimum of 3. The MLB is already deciding on new teams to fill new stadiums. Each team in the MLB has their own ballpark. The stadiums are built to seat spectators who will watch the game. People are paying lots to watch the players they love play their positions. More stadiums are already being built to seat more people. Each team has their own distinct uniform. Twenty five players are on a team’s roster and nine of them are on the field. Players are given a salary (often a big one) to play. The White Stockings, Red Stockings, and Black Stockings are the only three teams in the MLB at this time. The Red Stockings are from Cincinnati and the Whit Stockings are from Chicago, making these cities recognized all over. These three teams are getting awfully tired of playing each other every time. For this reason, people are already talking about forming new MLB teams. Immigrants are starting to come from all over for a chance at this nation’s game. These immigrants are mainly coming for the money as well as a new and better life. Baseball immigrants often came from all over but most of them came from the Dominican Republic. These immigrants were often extremely talented and could understand the game just like anyone else. A lot of them probably practiced baseball in their country before coming to America. Although most of the players are Americans, Immigrants are squeezing their way into this new and popular sport. How many teams are in the MLB? What does each team use to determine who’s on which team?

Invention Convention By maddie Lewallen

4 inventors on their to new fame Many new inventors have recently come out on topway with their inventions that will help the turn of the century. Henry ford recently an automobile to drive his way into fame. Maddybuilt Lewallen Thomas Edison is lighting up our future with his new invention of the light bulb. “The hardest part for me was being so close, yet so far,” Edison says. People who want to add a little bit of heat to their life will be pleased to know that yesterday, Percy Lebaron Spencer created the first microwave oven! Rumor has is that with this new invention, we will get that “warm” feeling inside of us with homemade cooking. With new ways of communication, Alexander Graham Bell is “calling” for people to buy his new machine. Graham bell just announced the release of his new telephone. All inventors met at a convention last week to help each other out with their new machines. New patents have been bought by Edison and Graham Bell. Supply is low so sales are going fast. “I helped you, so help me out by buying my new invention!” says Ford. What did America want to change?? Where did most inventors go to become educated??

Henry Ford’s first automobile

Who invented the light bulb?

Who invented the telephone?

What Goes Up Must Come Down, Then Up. The quickest way to transport up and down. By Mckenna Makne

This past Wednesday, March 17,1857 Elisha Graves Otis created the first steampassenger elevator. This is not the first elevator he has invented. In 1853, he invented the freight elevator. This was used to help bring heavier items up to upper levels. Otis states that this passenger elevator will help us get up to the upper levels more quickly and efficiently. He also states that the elevator was completely safe because of the supporting cable now attached to it. (As shown below) This new invention is guineas. Now we can start building skyscrapers higher because it will be easier and quicker to take a ride on an Otis elevator then to walk up those tedious stairs. If you would like to take a ride on an elevator look towards New York! The first ever public elevator was just installed in E.V. Haughwout. The department store is located at Broadway and Broome Street in New York City. It rises at an incredible speed of forty feet per minute! If you were wondering how much the elevator cost for the department store, it cost $300! A lot of money! But business has never been better since they installed the invention! The manager says the elevator will be paying for itself in no time!

The big impact railroads had during the Industrial Revolution. By: Megan Weppler

Railroads have come a very long way since the 1800s. They used to be only used for bringing wagonloads of coal or iron from underground railroads. Now they actually transport people much easier than before. The development of railroads is considered to be one of the most important creations in the Industrial Revolution. They are also the supreme importance of the increase of trade throughout the United States. Railroads provide for a fast, inexpensive, convenient, and efficient way of transportation. They are increasing population and improving the lives of many people by transporting food and other goods.

The Industrial Revolution has been a major change of life for many people. The economy has been changing very rapidly from only a year ago when many people had small business jobs at home to now when it is dominated by machinery and mass-manufacturing. The economy is what made all of these numerous great technical advances, such as the steam engine. The Industrial Revolution is still spreading throughout Europe, the United States, and Japan. The greatest initial invention right now is the steam engine which was used in factories and on railways. Many other inventions are rapidly following, including advances in textiles and manufacturing.

The Transcontinental Railroad is coming along very well. Workers believe that it should be completed by the 1870s. If this railroad goes according to plan, than it should make it easier to ship goods, to perform trade, and for pioneers to move west. It should also make traveling more efficient and even increase the number in population. Even though nothing is guaranteed about this railroad yet, it should continue to improve the economy and create new inventions.

1. What was considered to be one of the most important creations in the Industrial Revolution? 2. When did workers the railroad Our city has changed in many ways because of the believe statue’sthat symbol and attraction to should be completed by?


Written by: Milanda Doughly The statue of liberty changed our country in many ways. First it starts off by this; thousands of immigrants from all over the world pass through Ellis Island to become an American citizen. One of the main reasons is because of the Statue of Liberty. This statue represents hope and liberty, which gives us the feeling of being free and starting new lives (which many have already done). Our wonderful country, the United States of America is changing in many ways already. For example, since the population increased each day the economy grew larger and electricity improved. As well, communication is increasing. The United States is becoming more independent day by day, thanks to the immigrants and our wonderful country. The U.S. is an attraction to many immigrants from around the world. Our gift from France is one of the ways of telling many immigrants we are a country with hope and success. As well, it’s considered a new opportunity for employment. Our economy is improving and we are having more available jobs and opportunities for children to have an education. This statue may have been built as a symbol of freedom but now immigrants are considering it a fresh start. Our city is very stable and is becoming one of the richest places to live. Ever since, immigrants have seen the statue, our city is becoming more independent, due to the economy larger. We are so stable our citizens are developing a street cleaning system and our communication is becoming very direct and exact. The statue overall is a great symbol of hope and is helping us go through our daily lives as a reminder of peace and new opportunities. The Statue of Liberty has changed so many lives by attracting immigrants to a whole new world. !.Why do immigrants pass through Ellis Island ?

2. What are some of the ways that New York is changing?

“Mournfully Missed McKinley” Our great President McKinley, killed by an anarchist. By Ruben Navarrete

Last year the nation received devastating news. We learned of the assassination attempt and death of our beloved President McKinley. He was a fine president and accomplished so much for our nation. Even before he was our president, he was a popular figure in politics. He and Roosevelt were voted outright as the republican candidates for President and V.P. During the Republican Convention two years ago in 1900, McKinley had all nine hundred and twenty-six delegate votes. Roosevelt won nine hundred and twenty-five to one, where he was the only one who voted someone else. McKinley was barely his second term as president and many people were excited that they would be meeting the president of the United States. It was last year on September sixth, at an exposition in Buffalo, New York. McKinley had given a speech earlier that day and was shaking hands with citizens of New York. Leon Czolsgosz was a man who disagreed majorly with McKinley’s point of


Czolsgosz was in line to shake hands.


was hiding a gun under a hander kerchief, but it appeared to be covering an infection. He shot the president twice, but only one shot entered McKinley, before he was getting beat senseless by the crowd of people. McKinley stopped them and told them, “Careful how you tell my wife”. He


then taking to the hospital and endured a


hour surgery. He was believed to be recovering, but died of an infection eight


later. Now we must never forget his sacrifice

for the

better of our nation.

Why did Czolsgosz kill McKinley?

Why didn’t any security agents check people for weapons?

New Americans in the New World Interviews with Americans before and after Ellis Island By Josh Cunningham

I was fortunate to interview three immigrants that have found jobs. “Work is good, I have Some money to spend,” a person that immigrated to America to Europe two years ago said. “I currently live with some of my relatives that came here before me,” he said. “I, like many other Europeans, came to flee from religious persecution and also to start a new life.” This man also lives in a small community with other European immigrants. “I enjoy what I do too; I work at my restaurant which is very successful.” “I love it here.” After another look throughout Ellis Island I had a chance to interview a German immigrant. “I hate my work, I have to all the jobs that all the people in this town don’t want to do, such as make and clean sewers.” The man says that he gets paid, but not very much, and that he needs more to support his family. “I also had no family here when I came, and had to start completely fresh, the only good thing that happened to me so far was meeting my wife.” Then the man then left. The final person I interviewed was an Italian woman that came to escape the government. “I didn’t come with much money, but just by looking around I can tell all the opportunities waiting for me.” “There are so many people around that there has to be tons of jobs to take.” “But I hope I can work at the mills, or maybe have a restaurant, or a farm….” “I can barely wait.”

Why did immigrants come to the US? What are some of the immigrants’ nationalities?

Starting from a poor immigrant, then a young child working in a railroad, and now one of the richest men in the world! By Patrick Guirguis One of the wealthiest men in world, Andrew Carnegie is working very hard in his steel making company and becoming one of the most successful men in America. Last week, I had a chance to sit down with Mr. Carnegie and talk about his life and road to becoming what he is today. People may think it would’ve been easy to start your own company, but Carnegie had a long road to get here. But with hard work and perseverance, it’s all worth it now for Andrew. Carnegie was the s on of a handloom weaver, was born in Scotland on November 25, 1835. He came to America as a poor immigrant and lived in the city of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. At the age of 14, Carnegie started working at a local telegraph office. Later at about the age of 16, he started working in a railroad company, and later worked his way to becoming the superintendent of the company. Starting in 1873, Carnegie started focusing his effort on steel. He created his own business called the “Carnegie Steel Company.” By 1890, Carnegie’s was the largest and most successful company in the world. Carnegie still owns the business and it looks like that It will be very successful for years to come.

Carnegie is listed as the second wealthiest man in the world behind John D. Rockefeller.

How did Carnegie make his money? Who is the man ahead of Carnegie for the richest man in the World?

Many Presidents have had nicknames, some had multiple, and some didn’t have any, but they were all very interesting. Rebecca Rudd Many presidents have had nicknames, I talked to a few to learn about these nicknames. When I spoke to former president Hayes, I asked him, he had a nickname. He was happy to tell me that his nicknames are, “Dark Horse President” and “Rud”. He said that many peoplecame up with these nicknames for him. He enjoys being called these names by his friends and family. I spoke to our current president Cleveland and learned his nicknames. His full name is Steven Grover Cleveland. His nicknames are, ”Big Steve” and “Uncle Jumbo”. He said that he didn’t like them at first, but now he doesn’t mind and evenlikes them. He likes them for various reasons. Mostly people is his family call him these names. Some presidents didn’t have nicknames. I spoke to former president Garfield. He has no nicknames. His full name is James Abram Garfield. He is always called by his real name. When I spoke to him he said that he is glad that he doesn’t have a

nickname because his friends and relatives have embarrassing ones. Many presidents have had nicknames, but not all.

1. What president didn’t have a nickname? 2. Which president(s) enjoy their nickname(s)?

Immigrant neighborhoods are small towns that are shaped around immigrant societies, cultures, and language; also it’s a place where they can support each other. There’s more to immigration than just people settling wherever they want- they’re forming neighborhoods for people who are just like themselves.

they type it in their own language. Most people don’t realize how important these neighborhoods are becoming; they will preserve the immigrants’ cultures.

Most people do not yet Their wonderful realize what ethnic neighborhoods are sadly, neighborhoods are. Immigrants becoming extremely that are coming to America are overpopulated. Since the starting and have already government does not provide Were thethese Americans and immigrants working together well? started building money for immigrant uses, they neighborhoods so they can be have to find a way to get money Were these neighborhoods at all crowded? around familiarities. In these on their own. Trying to find a small towns, they can speak place of their own is their own language, eat difficult, so they just move in familiar foods, and keep their with their friends or customs. Inside of these little relatives. Because of this, neighborhoods, they are forming apartments are getting very public facilities like schools, overcrowded; the apartments are places for worship and clubs. not at all spacious. As the new Here, they do many things like arrivals are continuing to us Americans, such as making come, small business owners are their own newspapers; however, granting out loans to them so

they can settle down and find a job. However, fitting in is not an easy option. Outside of the neighborhoods, tension is shared between the Americans and the Immigrants. The immigrants are attempting to hide their language and their accents. Blending in to America is starting to become less and less difficult, because the immigrant population is slowly increasing. Immigrants either own small businesses or do unskilled laborious jobs. Although, it’s difficult, the immigrants are willing to blend in, no matter what the cost is.

Cooperstown. Abner Doubleday was born on June 26, 1819 and is responsible for creating baseball. What started from humble beginnings is now becoming our National Pastime. Abner Doubleday will one day have a holiday named after him, or at least build a ballpark in his honor. Abner Doubleday is being praised for creating baseball, and in the city of Cooperstown. We have seen many great ballplayers with more sure to come. Abner Doubleday has created baseball in the city of Cooperstown. Abner Doubleday was a soldier for the Union during the war when


They say baseball is American as apple pie, that it could be our “National Pastime”. Many people think of the newly introduced Dodgers or Yankees when they hear the word BASEBALL, but not many think of Abner Doubleday or the city of

he created the game we know today as baseball. The city of Cooperstown, the creator Abner Doubleday, and the game we know as baseball. Most people only recognize the word baseball. The point of this article was keep record of the history of this marvelous game. For people to remember Abner Doubleday as the pitcher, and Cooperstown as his stadium.

The Symbol of Liberty The symbolism of the Statue of Liberty is far more than an ordinary eye can see. Written by: Miranda Farricker The Statue of Liberty has just been gifted to our lovely country from France in celebration of our 100 th year anniversary of freedom and the 1778 FrenchAmerican Alliance. However, what many people do not know is how much symbolism lies within lovely Liberty herself. On her head rests a crown with seven spikes. These spikes represent the seven seas and seven continents, reinforcing the universal concept of liberty. Also on the crown are 25 windows, representing Heaven’s rays shining down on Earth’s seas and continents. In her hands, Liberty holds a torch and a tablet. The torch is held high above her head with her right hand. It is probably one of the strongest symbols Bartholdi, the sculptor and designer, incorporated into the statue. Its true meaning, liberty enlightening the world, is reflected in her name itself. The tablet, which Liberty holds in her left hand, is a book of law. It is based on the founding principles of our nation, one based on law. The tablet’s shape is called a keystone, a stone that keeps others together. This relates to our country because without law, freedom, and democracy, we would not prevail. On the tablet, the words JULY IV MDCCLXXVI (July 4, 1776) are inscribed. The writing was one of Bartholdi’s last changes to our new state. In addition, the date of our country’s independence was written on the tablet in Roman numerals to symbolize law. Liberty wears a stola, free flowing robe, powerfully referring to the Roman influence of the goddess Liberta, who is worshipped by many indentured servants. On her feet she wears sandals, suggesting her stature as a free person. From the positioning of her feet, it appears that she is walking forward, lighting a path to freedom with her torch, through peace, not violence. Located around Liberty’s feet

May of 1925

are broken chains representing her freedom from slavery and bondage. These chains also regain the hope of new immigrants that come to Ellis Island, that here, in America, they are free of prosecution and other foreign downfalls, like tyranny. It reassures them that this is their dream, an American dream. What do the spikes symbolize? For what occasion was the statue given?

The Wright Brothers Soaring to new heights.

Sitting on a hill top in Hawk, North Carolina. Two bike owners Orville and Wilbur are looking to do the impossible. They are going to create a flying machine. It is called the Airplane. They are going to build a lightweight, gas powered engine flying machine. They worked and worked and tested many solutions. What kind of machine was it? When was the machine tested? This invention would change the way that many people would travel. In the future it would increase the demand for oil production. The Wright Brother’s invention was the first motorized vehicle that can fly. There invention was completed and put to the test on December 17, 1903. This invention was small and didn’t fly at such great altitudes. The top speed for the Wright Brother’s plane was only 50 miles per hour.

The Airplane was a magical motorized vehicle that got you to the places you would dream of going. The plane was one of those what if ideas at the top of your head. The question the Wright Brothers probably thought of was… what if we can go somewhere far away in a faster time that a car. So while I was watching the Wright Brothers create their magical motorized vehicle that can take you places you never thought of. The Airplane was a very creative invention.

May of 1925

One of the richest men in the world John D Rockefeller was successful in consolidating and combing business. At age 21, he was a partner in a wholesale business. Later on, he decided to start an oil-refining company. His company is the largest oil-refining company in the country. It was a standard oil company. Rockefeller also developed horizontal integration. In 1880 his companies controlled 90% of oil-refining business in the United States. He also formed what is now called trust. To earn more money, trust, often tried to get rid of competition and also tried to control production. He was very smart in making money. Rockefeller was an truly an American industrialist. He makes a fortune by just being in the oil business. All he did was use horizontal and vertical integration. He used these to establish a monopoly on steel business. All of this makes him truly a man of the century and can respectfully be called Rockefeller the Seller Rockefeller is one of the richest men in America by developing his own ways of integration.

May of 1925

• What made Rockefeller a fortune? • What kind of integration did he develop?.

RISE OF FORD BY SAMUEL GOULD Ford and His Car By Samuel Gould After his success in 1908 we explore the genius of Henry Ford and his “motor car for the masses.”

The Ford Model T has been appearing in seemingly every American household since 1908 when it first appeared on the market. Were here today to interview the mastermind behind this automobile and to explore the history of this success story and where it may lead in the future. Since its reveal in 1908 thousands of Americans have purchased this extremely cheap and revolutionary piece of machinery. The process that builds these motor cars is also very fast and cost efficient. When the product is finished it can hold 7 to 8 people and drive 45mph. Interviewer: So Mr. Ford can you tell us why you decided to build this car? Ford: Well I wanted to build a car for the working man of America. I thought they deserved a good motor car just like the rich people so I built them they could afford. I: Okay so why don’t you tell us how you came up with this ingenious idea? F: Well I figured if we had parts premade we could have the whole put together on an assembly line. This process would be very quick and very cost efficient. I: Where do you think this will go in the future? F: Soon maybe in a decade or two, everyone in America will own a motor car. They’ll quickly replace horses and open up more industry, like in oil mining, metal making and all sorts of other things. I: You really think these machines will replace horses? F: O, most definitely these cars will be much faster, cleaner, safer, and more comfortable than horses. The future of America is happening all around us, all we have to do is keep our eyes open or we’ll miss it. Why are automobiles important?

How fast can a Ford Model T go?

May of 1925

Ford next to his invention.

May of 1925

Why Did Garfield Die? Discover Guiteau’s mysterious motive for killing our beloved president.


By Jacob Sessions

ast week, on September 19, 1881 at 10:35PM,


Elberon, NJ, Garfield died. How might this happen

James Garfield was shot by Guiteau on 2 July 1881. Garfield endured an excruciating summer before succumbing.

to our favorite president? His vice president, Chester A. Arthur, was sworn in soon after. Garfield was shot by Charles Guiteau months earlier. Just when he seemed to be getting better, infection took over his body. Guiteau seems to be a Republican*. Why would he shoot a Republican president? One victim of the shooting says, “Guiteau said that he was a stalwart and Arthur is president.” Arthur is also a Republican who had very different ideas than Garfield**. He seemed to only want to get his friends in office after the election. Apparently, Guiteau isn’t his friend, for Guiteau hasn’t gotten any jobs. Guiteau is an unsuccessful jobseeker who was sending letters to Garfield. Garfield never responded, though, and this must have angered Guiteau. Annie Bunn, Guiteau’s ex-wife, says that Guiteau is definitely mentally unstable. This shooting seemed to have nothing to do with political parties or vice presidents. We will all find out soon at Guiteau’s trial, which is soon to come. Who assassinated Garfield? When did Garfield die and why? *Republicans are generally northerners who favor high tariffs and strong, central governments, and democrats are opposite. **This is contrary to the relationship between Rutherford B. Hayes and William A. Wheeler, for they were on very cordial terms.

May of 1925

“ Calling” All People An easier way to communicate than using a telegraph is using a telephone! Find out what’s happening. By: Laurynn Lopez

Ring! Ring! You’re sitting at the table eating dinner and you hear the phone ring. It is your best friend calling you from England. She wants to let you know that she is flying out to your house in California tomorrow night. Now you’re shocked but also happy that you have another 24 hours to clean up. Phew! Well, when you think about it, you wouldn’t have been informed if it weren’t for the help of Alexander Graham Bell. Alexander Graham Bell is the inventor of the telephone. He invented the telephone in the year 1876. Alexander Graham Bell came up with the solution to the problem of the telegraph. The reason that the telegraph was a problem is because it only carried written messages while the telephone was able to pick up what the user was saying. And little did Bell know that someday his telephone would turn out to be a huge advancement in communication. The telecommunication industry now has undergone an amazing revolution. The telephone has also had many changes. One of the changes is the operator. The telephone used to only be operated by young men and now it is operated by men and women. Another change is that it is now portable and smaller in size. The biggest change of all is in how many people use it. Before, only rich people were able to afford one but now almost everyone has one. It is used by billions of people every day. The telephone also helps to not only help us keep others informed but also to keep us informed. Even today, we are all thankful for Mr. Bell.

May of 1925

Quick Quiz: · Why was the telegraph a problem? · What is the biggest change from how the telephone used to be used to how it is used now?

Frederic Bartholdi created the Statue of Liberty to symbolize the friendship France made with the United States during the American Revolution. Written by: Nicole Fuentes

The French sculptor, Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, designed the Statue of Liberty. Bartholdi based the statue’s face off of his mother’s face. The statue is being funded completely through donations from the French people. The people of France gave the statue to the people of the United States as a gift of friendship that they made during the American Revolution. The statue was dismantled into 300 pieces and packed into 214 wooden crates. The symbols of the statue show friendship, freedom, and peace between the U.S. and France. It also represents the ideal that we should all be unified in peace. It is intended to honor the American Revolution. It is the central emblem of American freedom. Some other symbols of the statue are hope and opportunity. The statue honors our independence and commemorates the centennial of the American Declaration of Independence. The statue shows that we are free from slavery and that we are moving forward. Even though the statue is taking a long time to build, it will be worth it to see it in the end. We proudly thank the people of France for this gift.

What does the Statue honor?

Who is the sculptor of the Statue of Liberty?

May of 1925

Many citizens throughout the years haven’t acknowledged the hard work and dedication many presidents have gone through for our sake, to help better our country. These fellow Americans have uncovered many secrets and helped mend the U.S. Presidents Arthur, Harrison, and McKinley have shown this characteristic throughout their reign of presidency. President Arthur began his honorable acts as a quartermaster general of New York. He also signed the tariff act of 1883 while obtaining the name as the 21st president. Without his hard work, we would not be structurally stable. President Harrison is known for shaping a vigorous foreign policy. The Passage of Sherman Antitrust Act in 1890 was one of his more significant acts. He was also the first president to lose an election to a candidate he had previously defeated for the Oval Office. He was the only grandson of a president to become president. He did not pass away while he was in office, but outside in his personal life.

President McKinley is another well known president who has shown forth his impressive qualities. He is known as the 25 th president of the United States. His joy and love for his country led till his last day in office. He led the Spanish American was and promised that high tariffs would restore prosperity. Each of these individuals helped and guided this country to its destination. May God Bless America!

May of 1925

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