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BUILDING: E589 Appartments587-589 Elizabeth street CLIENT: Austgroup Holdings PTY LTD


Thomas Lodge 539686


Reinforce concrete blocks- core filled ________________________________ hollow blocks stacked and joined with mortar steel reinforcement bars fed through hollow sections at certain intervals concrete poured into hollow sections to fix reinforcement to blocks and add to the mass type structure supporting dead and live loads

Source: Carpentry for Vocational Schools - A Teacher's handbook

Precast Concrete walls ____________________ Load bearing Made off site- tilt up construction using crane Construction Joint allows for concrete shrinking without cracking (Ching 5.22)

Cleat- Rigid joint between perpendicular concrete Walls- Covered and protected by concrete or silicon filling.

Light guage metal stud wall ________________________ Non structual- used to seperate interior spaces Longer lasting then timber Can be filled with services, insulation, soundpoofing ect will be clad with plaster board

FLOORS, CEILINGS sacraficial formwork concealed behind insulative sheet ______________________________ simple way of laying slab in-situ Steel cross brace _________________ Resist lateral forces/ deformations as well tortion forces.

Long lasting and durable

steel members/ Joists ___________________ hold weight of slab poured above.

Add extra weight to building requiring greater load bearing walls

Transfer dead load to steel U-beam

cna be cheaper or more epensive then pre-fab depending on labour/type/ amount

Long lasting/ Reusable

In-Situ concrete slab __________________

costly as formwork cannot be reused insulation maintains heat and resricts sound transfer between floors

Steel U-beam __________________________ Primary structual component transfering loads to ground. reusable durable cheap as they are mass produced

METERIALS/ rationale for use CONCRETE- Mass constructing material

has to be protected from corrosion, i.e. galvanised

can be poured in-situ or prefab

good heat/electrical conductor

can be reinforced with steel reducing amount needed as well as span

usually long lifespan- reusable

in form of slab, blocks. can vary greatly with defferent mixs, colouring, agregate, pollishing, formwork hugely versatile as it can be formed to fit almost any shape relatively cheap ad durable Strong under compression but weak under tension STEEL __________________ Used as structural material with high tensile strength good for forming lighter weight structures through framing and trusses

recyclable can connect members with rigid joints by welding or semirigid with bolts ect ALLUMINIUM ________________ Light weight lower reactivity then steel harder to weld then steel- frames usualy prefabricated used in window/door framing Very high embodied energy can be much more expensive then steel soft metal not good for load bearing

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