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The structure is made from prefabricated steel that forms on-site as a frame. This makes it fairly easy and quick to erect also the steel allows for minimum members through its strength and allows the building to have alot of glass wass for spectators, providing a very “open� aesthetic.x

Oval-side Seating-in situ concrete -reinforced -concrete poured into formwork -done in layers from bottom to top -grooves left in corners for timber seating -acts as retaining wall

-Tongue and groove wall lining allows for easy construction -Timber framing within the steel members are non structual and are used to seperate spaces when clad with plasterboard. -Temporary rail-guards are a worksafe requirement whist work is being undetaken on the roof.

-timber structual collumns at the front of the building were chosen by architects as an aesthetic piece over steel -this will likely require maintainance and replacement before any steel members.

retaining wall for seating -waterproof membrane allows for water to be directed towards oval -red scoria acts as a permiable subsurface layer that water travels though to a permeable groundpipe that transports groundwater

Cross bracing allows for lateral loads to be distributed accross all members and for the members to be supported by one another

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