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20 - 22 May, 2014 Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Australia’s ONLY international Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Building Services trade exhibition is returning to Melbourne in 2014

❄ 200 + suppliers, manufacturers & distributors ❄ new products, new services, new people

❄ industry seminars, workshops, case studies and more ❄ the ultimate industry networking event

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Arbs Exhibitions Limited

7/03/14 3:01 PM


16 Success factors for a successful IWMS implementation Dr Milad Saad and Dr Michel Chaaya share their experience after successfully implementing hundreds of integrated workplace management systems for governmental and educational institutions in Australia.







Light bulb moment for commercial property operators

Bugger me, we're all infested with bed bugs!

Does your data centre have too many tiers?

Nugreen Solutions shares the outcomes of five lighting upgrade projects.

Stephen Doggett, director of Medical Entomology at Westmead Hospital Department of Medical Entomology, explains what facility managers can do to combat the current bed bug pandemic.

Low-tier data centres have the potential to be more efficient: less redundancy means less equipment, less cost, less power. With this in mind, are they a strategic opportunity in today’s climate?



The health cost of pest infestation

Residual current protection

Serious pest infestations can ruin stored food products, destroy buildings and harm a business’ reputation. But there are other serious costs and consequences that are often less obvious: the significant health risks associated with pest problems.

The latest developments in RCD technology stop nuisance tripping, enable regular testing of IT equipment redundancy and offer quantum leaps in safety.

26 LEDs – making the right choice in a crowded market By switching to a good quality LED lighting solution, facility managers can benefit from both reduced energy consumption and reduced costs, writes Nathan Dunn, A&NZ regional leader of GE Lighting.

30 Switching on to savings Lighting upgrades are one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to improve a building’s environmental performance while delivering cost savings to tenants, writes Investa's Beck Dawson.

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46 Playing at the top of your game Critical facilities are a breed of their own, and their managers must be too, writes Mike Henshaw, senior facilities manager at Morgan Stanley.


12/03/14 4:12 PM


Uniden UH8080NB CB 2-in-1 UHF Scanner and Radio Built for rugged Australian conditions, the top-of-the-range UH8080NB UHF scanner and radio is the first device of its kind in Australia to offer an Instant Replay messaging feature so users can record and replay up to one minute of recently received messages. Using Uniden’s BearCat scanning technology, the UH8080NB can scan unencrypted analogue UHF Police, Fire and Ambulance frequencies, UHF CB Channels and user programmable channels at the same time. It also has 100 user-programmable RX (receiveonly) channels, allowing users to select from 9600 receivable channels. Advanced features include: a remote speaker microphone with a built-in large LCD backlit screen for remote access to functions such as volume control and power on/off. The CB radio has been temperature tested to withstand harsh summers and is shock resistant, so it will survive trips across rugged terrain.

Aussie Scud BB100E Part of Aussie Pumps’ state-of-the-art ‘Scud’ range, this single-phase electric drive pressure cleaner is built to provide longevity, performance and heavy duty usage. The Aussie Scud BB100E, built in Sydney’s Norwest business district, uses a combination of a heavy-duty, triplex, professional pump, slow-speed four-pole squirrel-cage motor and robust galvanised frame. The new machine features a Bertolini ‘Big Berty’ heavy-duty, slow-speed, triplex pump with brass head and big, multi-fin, die-cast crank case. Its safety features include a heavy-duty independent regulator valve that controls pressure and flow, and a robust control switch that automatically cuts power to the motor if the unit is overloaded or overheats. The ‘car boot’ style galvanised frame has a folding handle enabling the unit to fit easily into an average car boot. It also doubles as a trolley. The high-pressure 10-metre hose is wire braid complying with SAE Standard R1. It combines lightweight strength with an abrasion-resistant rubber cover. Guns supplied are rated to 3500 psi and provide the user with the option of being able to change lances from standard 700mm to longer lances for cleaning hard-to-get-at locations.

Brightgreen D900 and D400 SH Curve Melbourne’s Brightgreen has expanded its Curve range of round-beam interior lighting to include two surface-mounted downlights built for spaces that have ceilings made from concrete, marble and other hardto-cut materials. The $199 D900 SH Curve delivers 900 lumens of Tru-Colour light in an evenly spread 45-degree beam. Brightgreen says it has “a market-leading efficacy of 59 lumens per watt, meaning superb illumination using less energy”. The smaller $99 D400 SH Curve downlight delivers a focused 36-degree, 400-lumen beam of Tru-Colour light that is ideal for illuminating alcoves and highlighting design details. Both surfacemounted downlights are available in black or white-finished aluminium and feature an integrated driver and warm 3000K colour temperature. The lights are rated at 70,000 hours.


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12/03/14 1:26 PM

Airius Designer Series fans Thermal destratification and air circulation fan maker Airius has launched a Designer Series of fans that are enclosed in a cylindrical housing and can be painted to match any colour code. The use of destratification means a building’s HVAC system runs less frequently as the temperature extremes are moderated and the thermostat is satisfied for longer periods of time. Airius says return air temperatures in summer are much cooler and conditioned air is not short-circuited out of the return air duct. This ensures compressors turn off for longer saving energy. Destratification significantly lowers a building’s energy use and carbon footprint, the company says, adding that its systems qualify for ESCII energy saving certificates in New South Wales, reducing the implementation cost. “Our new Designer Series reduces energy bills in both summer and winter, delivering overall energy savings of between 25 and 40 percent for any buildings with a ceiling height greater than 2.5 metres, utilising the proven benefits of destratification and air circulation," says Airius Oceania managing director John Brodie.

Ingersoll Rand L5110 LED task light The Ingersoll Rand IQV20 Series cordless tool line has been expanded with the addition of the durable L5110 LED task light. Ideal for garage, industrial and maintenance applications, the L5110 provides excellent illumination and mobile lighting on the job. Available from CAPS Australia, the 5110 gives users a cordless, multi-use light that will give illumination for a long period while providing durability in tough environments. Lightweight, yet robust and durable, the L5110 features a patented aluminium head that dissipates heat. The housing is impact-resistant, and also protects against corrosive fluids and chemicals. Features include a powerful, ultra-bright white LED light that casts 180 lumens and lasts up to 20,000 working hours, a multi-position head, hands-free standing base and hang hook to light work spaces from any angle. Using the IR IQV20 Series lithium-ion battery platform, the L5110 work light’s cordless battery is compatible with the other tools in the series. It offers up to 15 hours of runtime on a 3.0 Ah battery and up to eight hours of runtime on a 1.5 Ah battery.

Phoenix Tapware/Reece Milli Axon mixer Reece’s Australian-designed Milli Axon tap – which perfectly suits modern executive washrooms – has won an iF Product Design Award, standing out among over 3000 entries from 55 countries. Melbourne design firm Phoenix Tapware created the Milli Axon chrome-and-black basin mixer in response to a growing demand for statement pieces in the bathroom. The resulting product, Reece says, “is both modern and striking, with an elegant cylindrical profile and contrasting finishes of matte black and chrome”. The tap features a slimline 27-millimetre cartridge, a 180-millimetre reach and solid brass construction. It has a six-star rating and measures 4 litres per minute. “We are absolutely thrilled – what an accolade for Milli Axon and Phoenix. iF is such a prestigious award and it’s wonderful to see that Australian design is receiving international recognition,” says Reece Bathroom marketing manager Belinda Geels.

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12/03/14 1:26 PM


Bugger me, we’re all infested! STEPHEN L DOGGETT, director of Medical Entomology at Westmead Hospital Department of Medical Entomology, explains what facility managers can do to combat the current bed bug pandemic.


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7/03/2014 4:11 pm


here is no denying that facilities managers have

Bed bugs are insects, roughly one to five millimetres

one of the most challenging of all jobs: this

in size depending on the life stage (and degree of blood

one position where a broad range of skills are

engorgement). As the name implies, they are most commonly

a requisite to be effective into the 21st century.

found on mattresses and attack people while they are

Included among the many disciplines where


some knowledge is required is that of pest management.

In the process of biting, bed bugs inject saliva, which

In the past, the main pests of concern for the facilities

often produces a clinical reaction. This may include redness

manager were cockroaches, rodents, termites, feral birds and

with itchiness, to a more severe condition termed a ‘wheal’

ants. However, over the past 15 years, a new pest has emerged

that appears as a large coin-shaped red lesion and is

that has sent shivers through the entire pest management

intensely irritating, to even a severe, life-threatening

industry and every facilities manager who has had to deal

anaphylactic response.

with this insect.

Fortunately, bed bugs do not transmit diseases; however,

This is a pest that is damaging reputations; its blood-

this is of little comfort to those who have been attacked by

sucking Dracula-like tendencies results in painful itchy lesions

these bloodthirsty little vampires.

and even temporary to long-term mental scarring in some

Unfortunately, encounters with bed bugs are increasing. A

clients. Infestations of this insect in hotels has resulted in

survey of Australian professional pest managers in 2006

multimillion-dollar lawsuits, led to cost blowouts and reduced

revealed that infestations had risen by an extraordinary

profits for those facilities infested. They have even threatened

4500 percent since the start of the new millennium. Since

the careers of facility managers when the processes of

that survey, infestations have continued apace worldwide.

eradication have not been adequately undertaken. So what is this pest causing all of this heartache? It is an insect no bigger than an apple seed and whose sole preference is for blood… human blood. Up until recently it was thought that this creature had largely disappeared and yet, since the start of the new millennium, it has returned with a vengeance, such that the world is now in the midst of a major pandemic… of bed bugs.

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Poor process management by facilities managers can let bed bug infestations get out of hand. Photo: Stephen Doggett

Sadly for the hospitality sector, the vast majority of these infestations have occurred within its industry. The main trigger for the bed bug resurgence has been insecticide resistance – those bugs out there today are extremely difficult to kill with currently available insecticides. As a result, control failures are all too common and ineffective bed bug control can lead to the infestation rapidly spreading, and for costs to escalate.


7/03/2014 4:11 pm

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