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“a machine of precision and balance�



Work as a creative member on a team of students creating a campaign for the department store JCPenney. Our work includes research, strategy, media, creative executions, as well as the copy and layout for a strategy book.

The NewHouse (2010-Present) Project Director t

Worked with the Syracuse Convention and Visitor’s Bureau and a team of advertisers to improve student’s perceived image of Syracuse and develop a creative campaign consistent with our strategy.

Current Position: Art Director t

Work with a team, and individually, on creating campaigns for clients.

ITS (2010-Present) . Graphic Designer and Copywriter t

Design graphics, advertising and write content for Syracuse University websites.

Eric Mower and Associates (Summer 2010) . Art Intern t t

Served as an active member of the creative team, which involved brainstorming, executions and client presentations. Designed web banner ads for Community Banks N.A., as well as graphic posters for in-house agency communication.

The Connective Corridor (May-December 2010) . Communications Assistant t t t t



S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University El Instituto Internacional, Madrid Spain


American Advertising Federation National Competition (2010-Present) Art Director and Copywriter

Semester Abroad, Madrid Spain Azahar: Traveling Program in Spain

Served as a brand ambassador by acting as a community organizer for programs The Connective Corridor was involved in. Designed advertising for this cutting edge development targeted at students and community members. Wrote a monthly newsletter read by 28,000 subscribers. Maintained and redesigned the company’s website to become more interactive and engaging.

Syracuse University, Dual Major B.S. Creative Advertising Sociology . May 2011 Dean’s List

Target Event for Syracuse University: Brand Ambassador working for Target and Periscope The New York State Department of Tax and Finance: Developed, wrote and designed intranet website. (Web Designer) Sparky Town: Developed, wrote and designed restaurant website. (Web Designer) Jerk Magazine (Contributing Artist) What the Health Magazine (Contributing Artist, Writer, Photographer and Designer) Student Voice Magazine (Contributing Artist and Writer) Z89, The Beat of Syracuse Radio Station (DJ and Promotions Specialist) Orange Seeds, First Year Leadership Program (Mentor) SUSRC Ski Team (JV Racer)

MedTech Association (September-December 2009) . Communications and Marketing Intern t t t

Leveraged MedTech as a presence in the bioscience community by using LinkedIn. Designed communication pieces for Senator Gillibrand’s DC conference. Created a monthly digital newsletter sent to subscribed bioscience professionals.

Smith and Jones/Wanderlust (Summer 2009) . Account Intern t t

Leveraged agency and clients through social media and planning. Wrote content for client website, and blogged about Travel Marketing.




Permanent: 3 Loren Avenue, Albany, NY 12203 Current: 831 Livingston Avenue, Syracuse, NY 13210 (518) 810-3232,


Adobe Creative Suite


Basic HTML & WordPress


Social Media Leverage




Press Releases


Lexis Nexis & MRI +


Mac and PC literate


Conversational Spanish, 6 years of study

tears A phone book

with bare hands

The Monster Mountain !"##"$%&'$()*"(+,-'.&/(0,.1'$&(2)3

Killington Ski Resort Challenge: Position Killington Ski Resort as the number one Northeast mountain for a younger demographic of extreme skiers and boarders. Solution: A campaign that personifies Killington as “The Monster Mountain� infiltrating every aspect of the skier and snowboarder lifestyle.

The Monster Mountain !"##"$%&'$()*"(+,-'.&/(0,.1'$&(2)3

e v i l A s It’

Eats skiers for lunch The Monster Mountain !"##"$%&'$()*"(+,-'.&/(0,.1'$&(2)3


The Monster Mountain Mobile App enhances every boarder and skier’s experience. A QR Code placed on all lift tickets is the entry point to the new mobile site. A Slope GPS system will track how much you ski and record your speed, trail conditions and offer a list of recommended trails to hit.

Record your and your friend’s coolest tricks, and best runs with “The Killingcam.” Send us your best footage to be shown on movie screens made of ice. Watch your friend wipe out as you land an awesome jump, from the gondola, the lodge or while skiing past.


MEET THE MONSTER Hit the slopes the most in January and you could win a life long pass to Killington. Track your progress with our new Slope GPS mobile app.

Click here for details.

Design Your Own

Microsite After creating The Monster identity an interactive website creates an ad afterlife online, where the target spends their time off the slopes. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter is used to promote the site. “Meet the Monster” is a promotion where contestants use the mobile Slope GPS to track their progress. Whoever skis the most has a chance to win a lifetime season pass to Killington.

Design your own Killington parnters with Head Skis, and their “Monster” line of skis and snowboards. An online design studio allows skiers and boarders to design gear with premade decals that reinforce the “monster theme.”The best design will premiere for sale at the Killington Ski Resort.

THE GAME FACE Every woman wants one thing from her man when he opens what she deemed “the perfect gift” - a genuine smile on his face. When the present isn’t a success, she gets the complete opposite. “The Game Face” is that artificial, forced, cheesy, expression of happiness that every man makes and any woman fears. We developed the following social media strategy around this premise. We believe the only gift that produces a real smile 100% of the time is that gift from Steiner Sports.

YouTube Big Idea: Women may be able to figure out if they’re giving men undesirable gifts by examining male body language and facial expressions. Execution: In each video a man would open a gift from his wife, girlfriend or daughter. Based on that segment the viewer decides whether the man liked the gift or not. An instant replay of the video would then appear in slow motion with a John Madden voice over. The announcer would point out all the signs that indicates whether the man likes or dislikes his gift.

Twitter Big Idea: A picture says 1000 words. Add 97 characters and women would be able to give Steiner a description of their man. Steiner will find the perfect gift for you to buy him. Execution: Twitter users will upload a description and picture of the man they need to buy a present for. Upon posting the picture and description to, Steiner’s Twitter account will reply to each tweet with a URL of the most appropriate gift for that man.


Big Idea: The Facebook concept uses two pages to interact with both men and women, allowing them to vent about the gift giving/receiving process. Execution: The “Reveal Your Game Face” page will act as a support group for men who have had to use The Game Face. On this page, they can post stories explaining how they handled the situation. If a guy posts on the group’s wall and is listed in a relationship, his significant other will receive a suggestion to join the “Stop Game Faces” group for women. The “Stop Game Faces” page is for women who don’t want to generate The Game Face with their presents. In addition to hosting advertisements for Steiner Sports Memorabilia, the site will also serve as an opportunity to discuss success stories of gift giving.


Big Idea: Women will take a Facebook quiz that will give them a concrete answer to the question, “What is the perfect gift for my man?” Execution: On the Facebook page there will be a tab for the application, “The Perfect Man Gift.” This app will be an interactive flow chart where women answer the questions asked based on the man they are buying a gift for. After enough questions are answered for the app to get a sense of the man, it will produces a URL for the perfect gift on Steiner’s website.

for bro

for crush for ME




Challenge: Relaunch a forgotten brand as the new and exciting gum. Solution: A disruptive yet engaging campaign centered around the six feet of fun that Bubble Tape offers will create awareness and love of the brand.


!"#$%#&'()*+$',$-."#($/0&$1#,'(#$1022+#$!*3# Idea: Now with 6 feet of fun there is no need for any other gum. Execution: A giant ball of ABC (already been chewed) gum with the signature Bubble Tape container and tagline, Roll with it.


*+,(-$ The Bubble Tape Mobile App makes life more fun sticking true to Bubble Tape’s brand personality. Users enter how they’re feeling with a range of options from “bored” to “really adventurous” as well as their location. In return Bubble Tape will give users the top 6 fun things to do in the area with links, directions and extreme usability.

!"#$%&'#()*$+)*,#-* Challenge: Increase sales of the product that Coleman was founded upon, the red lantern. Solution: A campaign with a simple concept allows consumers to see they can’t go camping without a Coleman Lantern. The three print ads could be run based on demographic in various publications.

Planet Earth on The Discovery Channel Challenge: Promote the Planet Earth DVD set. Solution: The “Up Close and Animal” campaign would humanize the animals in the show. The campaign would shine light on the stars of the show and all the incredible, interesting facts about them. Peeking viewers’ interest with factoids and relateability they will be more likely to purchase the DVD.

(Ambient ) Planet Earth Treadmills Branded Planet Earth treadmills are placed in locations with remarkable stopping power, such as city sidewalks. When people hop on interesting facts appear on the tradmill’s display screen. Varying with the runner’s speed the facts compare a human’s endurance with the stars of Planet Earth. For instance, “a timberwolf can lope at 10mph for three days.”

Right: A bus stop ad space is transformed into a live fish tank. Below: Large animal eyes pop up in unexpected places throughout the city as pictured here in subway windows.

(Interactive )

( ) This ambient CD would be available on iTunes and in select stores. A partnership between Planet Earth and WWF (World Wildlife Fund), would produce a compilation of the most inspiring animal sounds in nature. The hum of a hummingbird, a blue whale’s song, and the symphony of sounds in a rainforest would reinforce the creatures’ majesty.

Consumers would be able to get “up close and animal” by visiting a microsite listed on the CD. They would be able to choose what endangered species to donate the proceeds from the CD to and track the specie’s well being.

Swedish Fish Challenge: Make Swedish Fish stand out among all the other brands of candy. Solution: A quirky campaign will give Swedish Fish a brand personality and create awareness.


Swedish Fish pop up in fishy places such as grocery stores, fish markets, and aquariums with packages of real Swedish Fish close by for purchase.

Tara Nelson Portfolio  

Advertising and Design Portfolio

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