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Issue 1 - August 2010




Jb Designs Sean Padmore Kevon W. Mc Carthy


Sean Padmore Akeel Bernard


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Trinidad and Tobago Facebook Models Liquid Dream Entertainment R.S.V.P. Studios Jb Designs Renreishad Creations Nebula868 AND ALL PERSONS WHO MADE THIS ISSUE POSSIBLE!

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Nebula868 - Who better? “Live , Learn , Love” this is the usual phrase you can hear or see when encountering any member, follower or associate of





Nebula868. Consisting mainly of





and Clayton Wong this group has taken Facebook by storm and captured the hearts, and eardrums of the masses.

TLM Magazine decided to get more into the heads of this duo to discover there true origins and the ultimate unanswered question ... “Who better…?” 8

Simz: Who is Nebula868? Nebula: Two brothers from planet nebula, who now reside on planet earth, Trinidad & Tobago after their planet was destroyed by a solar blast. Simz: Why the name Nebula868? Nebula: .Beside the fact that we are from Planet Nebula, Nebula is A cloud of gas in space, usually one that is glowing, and this is where stars and planets are born & 868 is Trinidad& Tobago Land code. Simz: How did you encounter each other? Nebula: We are brothers. Simz: What gave you the inspiration to push yourselves to take your music to the next level? Nebula: We get a lot of our inspiration from our supporters....True Fans. Simz: To who in the local music industry do you look up? Nebula: That will have to be Daryl Braxton.Hard working & he is creating a future for the youth of Trinidad & Tobago. Simz: What is one challenge you experience on a day to day basis that you have learned or are still learning to overcome? Nebula: when you think you worked hard enough, you still gotta keep pushing and striving for perfection. Simz:Who or what gives you that drive to keep going? Nebula: God gives us the strength, real talk! Simz:As a group you both have to cope with each other’s ego. How do you deal with this aspect? Nebula: We are so different yet so the same... I don’t think it’s something we have to cope with, we don’t get our ego’s affect the goal. Simz:What is your biggest fear? Nebula: Our biggest fear is fear for God Simz:Sean, is it true that you left your job to pursue music? Sean Nebula: Yes I left my job for music, I needed to focus on Nebula868 career, It needs 100% attention in order for us to be successful.We will chase our dream now while we are young and able to take these risks. Simz:What has been your ultimate triumph thus far? Nebula:Wow, That will have to be us getting the respect and love from our people. It feels great. Continued on page 10...


Simz:What are your takes on the local entertainment industry and its treatment of new local artists? Nebula:We as a people need to support local talent and create international stars.The local talent is dying for exposure that we fight to get.But at the same time we have to produce a certain standard of quality music to be international so i believe it goes both ways..things are getting much better though. Simz:There are many local artists who have never been given the chance to make themselves know, what would you like to see put in place to further assist them? Nebula: we will like to see the radio stations play more music from Trinidad&Tobago.We play more jamaican music than jamaica. Simz:What was the feeling you received hearing Survive featuring Terri Lyons played on the radio? Nebula: It was a great feeling because no one knew it was local music.We received a lot of love for that song.It was a blessing. Simz:How was it working with Terri Lyons? Nebula: Terri Lyons is our big sister, she is fun to work with. we consider her a nebulan..She is amazing to work with and One of Trinidad’s best vocalist. Simz:Who wrote the song Survive? Nebula: We write all our music. Simz:Which local artist do you wish to collaborate with in the near future? Nebula: Mighty Sparrow Simz:Where is Nebula868 going to be in the next five years? Nebula: Nebula868 is gonna be Mega universal galaxy superstars.zoOM Simz:Last but not least - WHO BETTER? Nebula: HAHA...we trying to find out the same thing..tough question.




Proverbs 1:5 “A wise man will hear and increase learning and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsel.” No one in life knows everything and you are never too old to learn. Every situation or person that you encounter no matter if it seems familiar or you have done it before is not the same. Life may seem like “de’ javu” at times but there is always at least one new aspect that you should pay attention to and use to your advantage. Take each situation as a learning one for you are never to old to learn. The greatest leaders are the ones who are constantly learning through life’s experiences. It is said the best way to learn is from exoerience but the experience does not always have to be yours. Pay attention to everything in your life and learn from everyone you encounter no matter the situation or the content. However at the same time you must also have enough knowledge to know how to apply what is learnt to your life and you can only truly learn from mistakes. When ypu make an error do not let it overwhelm you but accept the fact that you were not successful in the way you intended and also take this opportunity to analyse the situation and learn for future trials. So keep learning and climbing the ladders of success. God Bless 12


The Road To Success Is Always Under Construction! Birthplace:


Current Undertakings:

• JB Designs (CEO) • Big Boyz Ent. (President) • Godai Entertainment Lounge (Committee Member)


31/12/1989 (20 years old)

-Is graphic design a hobby or strictly business? Both actually. I have a love and passion for graphic design but also with the launch of JB Designs, I’ve given the general public an opportunity to get pieces done for themselves or their friends for a cheap and affordable price. -What are you doing to improve your art? Basically, I’ve looked at a lot of tutorials and also I’ve been looking at the work of fellow designers or even magazines and I try to recreate it. That in itself is practice for me, also it comes as a motivation where I’ll strive to be a better artist. -What do you think of the quality of work currently being posted on FB and also in the press? I see a lot of talent coming out from Facebook. As a graphic designer, many other artists tends to post their work and ensure that they tag me just to get my views on their pieces. Seeing that many of them look up to me as a great artiste, I tend to give them tips and advice when needed, but overall I see a lot of talent out there that’s just waiting on the right person to come across it which would be in a position to take it to another level. -What is your driving force? My mum Germaine Burgess and my entire family.


-What’s next for Jamal Burgess? Well I am currently pursuing my degree in information technology and after which I will be going into my masters. -Who do you look up to? My mother because she raised me to become a successful young man and she did this as a single parent. -What are your pet peeves about working in this industry? The lack of recognition that we designers tend to not recieve. -What has been your ultimate triumph thus far? Getting my business up and running and making a name for myself by doing something I love. JB Designs After finishing secondary school in July, 2006, Jamal was encouraged and inspired by his “big brother” and good friend Brent Wellington to take up the art of graphic design. While continuously developing his art on his own he also attended School of Business and Computer Science (SBCS) where he received a Certificate in Fundamentals of Computer Graphics in 2007. As time went by his skill in graphic design grew to the point where he decided to create a group on Facebook to display his art under the name JB Designs which is an incorporation of the initials from his first and last name. This lead to the official registration of JB Designs as an official company in 2008 along with all of its affiliated brands and logos

Big Boyz Entertainment While his business of JB Designs was booming, the realization that several of his major clients were event promoters; who would also ask assistance in promoting there events; JB Designs being a strictly graphic design company; the task was taken to create a new company aimed primarily at promoting parties and other events of this type. Thus Big Boyz Entertainment was born in January, 2010, along with his younger brother who goes under the alias “Mr. Dagga Dagga” a sixteen member team was formed to spearhead this new committee.




Committee Spotlight Liquid Dream Entertainment Liquid Dream Entertainment is all about bringing back premium concepts and unforgettable experiences to the night life of Trinidad & Tobago. This Dream Team’s main objective is to establish ourselves as the most requested and most entertaining promotional team of our generation.We don’t just throw parties we display stories through the art of creative concepts bringing them to life right before your eyes.The dream was created and launched in 2007 and have captivated their patrons time after time with erotic, entertaining and exciting events to date .Liquid Dream Entertainment promises all a event filled and anticipated 2010 line up and we hope to see you there,as we like to say :come experience The Dream. Entertainment is our forum and quality concepts is our game,so without further a due welcome to a DREAM unlike no other. ”Eternal success in greatness - Liquid Dream to the world.”


BIOGRAPHY Core Members:

Akeel Jamel Bernard : CEO /President Daniel Mitchell: General Manager Runako Greaves: Entertainment Manager Dionique Denobriga: Public Relations Manager Natalia Samaroo: Administrative Assistant Jenelle Bedeau : Public Relations & Event Co-ordinator Liquid Dream Entertainment was officially founded on September 5th,2007 by Akeel Jamel Bernard and launched on Nov 3rd,2007. Founder: Akeel Jamel Bernard

Vision: To establish ourselves as the most requested and most entertaining promotional

team of our generation,delivering nothing short of pure entertaining and captivating events.

Greatest Achievement: Completing its 3rd year in existence in 2010. We have

accomplished so much over the years and we,ve only just begun ..eternal success in greatness .

Next Step: Liquid Dream Entertainment hopes to branch off into different aspects of

entertainment in the upcoming years.Starting with the birth of its sister committee and brand advertising company Liquid Angel promotions.We are also in the process of building Liquid Dream,with hopes of covering all types of Caribbean events and functions for your online viewing pleasure.

Prior Events:

Anonymous :A Black & White Affair -Nov 2007 Flawless :experience Ultimate Perfection- Aug 2008 Blood & Chocolate :Satisfy your craving -Nov 2008 Rock Star Reality:Fashionably desirable -Jan 2009 Anonymous :Welcome to Syn City - Dec 2009 Slumber :Where liquid dreams become reality - July 2009 Blood &Chocolate:Part 2 -Oct 2009 Fantasy Ride: Do u believe in love sex & magic ?- May 2010


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TLM Magazine - Issue 1 - August 2010  

TLM Magazine is a new online magazine brought to you by Inter-Local Marketing in affiliation with several committees,businesses and NGO’s th...

TLM Magazine - Issue 1 - August 2010  

TLM Magazine is a new online magazine brought to you by Inter-Local Marketing in affiliation with several committees,businesses and NGO’s th...