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Five strategies for the future


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Quietly confident Welcome to our new catalogue, your first port of call for all things

Another reason why the downturn’s impact has been less

maritime in Holland. Once again we have assembled the finest

harsh on our industry has been that governments are investing

companies, products and services for your perusal, offering a

in infrastructure as one of the ways to climb out of recession.

one-stop-shop to those looking for both quality and value.

The money being pumped into hydraulic engineering & dredging projects and new harbours, for example, has provided snippets of

A great deal of the proverbial water has certainly flown under the

good news in a year otherwise dominated by gloomy headlines.

bridge since we wrote the forward for last year’s catalogue. It was clear then that a storm was brewing but none of us expected it

Our message to the market is that this is definitely not a time to

to be quite so severe. Nonetheless, we remain quietly confident

be short-sighted and order ships or equipment from countries or

about the future in Holland because our industry is not based on

companies that are not specialised in their field. Any short-term

the cargo ship sector.

financial savings will be quickly swallowed in downtime later as a consequence of owning substandard products.

As you will read in these pages, the Dutch are specialised in more complex vessels, ranging from offshore and superyachts to

Combined voices

dredgers and Navy ships. These areas are not so directly linked to

It is now almost two years since the Holland Marine Equipment

the world economy, although they have of course been affected

Association and the Association of Dutch Shipyards (VNSI) united

by the current malaise.

under the umbrella of the Holland Shipbuilding Association. This cooperation has been successful: Our combined voices have a much greater impact on policy and opinion with the Dutch

government, the European commission and all other societal bodies. This increasing influence also extends to media coverage, and the timing of the decision to unite the two associations proved particularly precinct considering the slowdown in the economy. We have been able to navigate the turbulent waters with two oars instead of one. At a time of crisis, when you need to be discussing with the government issues of demand stimulation and innovation, the fact that suppliers and yards are talking with a single voice has been invaluable. Strategic thinking Another of our key areas of emphasis has been to stimulate the industry in a human capital sense. This is inexorably linked to the ‘five strategies for the future’ that we introduced in 2008 and have continued unabated. We are more convinced than ever of the validity of these five pillars (see page 12). Increasing cooperation with the Dutch government has meant


that we have come further with our financing goals during 2009, and we have successfully introduced the ‘Maritime by Holland’ branding (see page 10). Finally, the strategy of sustainability and innovation is an area in which the Dutch can genuinely lead the world, giving Holland’s shipbuilding and supply industry a competitive edge. There is still much to look forward to…

Mr Fred van der Wal

Mr Pim van Gulpen



Sector overview


Long term thinking will win the day This may be a publication that introduces the activities of Holland,

Challenges ahead

but if there is one thing that the past year has taught us it is that

One of the strange aspects of this past year in Holland has been

no country operates in isolation from the global economy. On the

that the Dutch shipbuilding industry has remained very busy. Partly

contrary, wherever you are reading this in the world, you will have

this is because Holland mostly operates in more specialised areas

certainly have felt the impact of the recession. And you will also

and complex projects. The suppliers and yards also still have lots

not need me to tell you that the worldwide shipbuilding industry

of work because of their enormous order books. At the same

is facing a major challenge.

time, however, everyone is watching the horizon get closer as major new orders remain elusive.

The market has taken some severe blows over the past twelve months, especially in countries that rely heavily on producing cargo

We do see a number of threats for Holland. Countries that were

ships. The effects have been severe in both established markets

solely specialised in ‘simple’ vessels are now likely to react

such as Germany and Scandinavia and upcoming countries such

to the complete shutdown of that market by turning to more

as Poland and Rumania. The picture is equally bleak in Asia, where

complex projects and trying to penetrate into our market share.

we have seen yards go bankrupt and thousands of people laid

The concern is that they will take away orders for ships that they

off. There have been some bright spots but the enormous global

are actually not capable of building, but before people recognise

overcapacity in the freighter market is going to take some time

that we will have lost valuable work.

to work itself out.

Investing in the future What we need to do then is leverage on our added value and make sure that people are aware of what we have to offer and they have to gain. Our new ‘Maritime by Holland’ branding campaign (see page 10) is a fine example of this. The experience and quality we have to offer are priceless assets, which is why the Holland Shipbuilding Association is so active with making investments in the future. There will come a time when the crisis is over, and by remaining fully committed to our human capital resources, the Dutch will be more than ready to meet the new demands. In fact, a cursory look at the vacancies available even today shows that there is still a need for top quality technical people. We continue to place great emphasis on encouraging youngsters to join this industry, especially given the fact that some twenty percent of current employees will retire within the next three years. An event like the annual ‘shipbuilding week’ is a prime example of the attention we are giving to the training and education infrastructure. Part of the European Shipyard Week


Sector overview


initiative, it involves activities that bring schools and students into

Meanwhile, I am convinced that there are many export

contact with our work via open days at yards, school excursions

opportunities available right here and now to our suppliers. Smart

to companies, information events and lots of press coverage.

shipowners are seizing the moment to ensure their vessels are optimally maintained and there is great potential in re-discovering

Placing shipbuilding on the map in a concrete way, the third

markets outside Europe.

shipbuilding week in October 2009 attracted a lot of students and some quite exceptional levels of enthusiasm. Other countries find

Some of these markets have lacked the attention they deserve in

it very difficult to achieve anything remotely on this scale, and the

recent years because everyone was too busy, but now it is time for

fact that Holland provided over one third of the representatives at

the salesmen to get to work. The Holland Shipbuilding Association

the opening of the European week in Brussels shows how excited

will continue to play a keynote role in these ventures via our

Dutch students are by the shipbuilding industry.

active export programmes such as the 2g@there programmes in countries like Russia and India, the Holland Marine Houses (see

It also demonstrates the Holland Shipbuilding Association’s

page 18), missions, publications and market research.

success in generating interest in our sector, and we will surely reap the benefits of this when the recession is over. Shipbuilding

Stimulating demand

currently has a very positive image among a new generation of

One of the big issues as we move into the year ahead is demand

young men and women in Holland. When the current batch of

stimulation. We believe that one has to be pragmatic and face the

maritime technology students graduate in four years time we

fact that, currently at least, stimulation will not work on a European

expect them to step into work in a very different economic climate.

level. You cannot argue for a level playing field worldwide and then start trying to keep all European orders within Europe.


Sector overview


It is a different scenario on a national level, however. The Dutch

So yes, the shipbuilding world is in the middle of a challenging

government owns over 400 vessels, with an average age of 24

period. But here in Holland we see many reasons to be optimistic

years. Renewing this fleet would be a smart move at the current

and look forward to partnering with you in the year ahead.

time, especially as a launching customer taking advantage of the very latest sustainable methods. To set an example in terms of clean and environmental vessels, packed with modern Dutch technology, would show how serious the government is about the environment. And of course such an approach would generate orders at short notice and be especially beneficial for smaller shipyards. The world is waiting for the sort of green technology and expertise we have in Holland‌ Whilst on the environmental issue, let me also mention the high potential of moving cargo on river craft and coastal vessels to solve congestion on the roads. Holland is market leader in the inland shipping sector with thousands of specialist companies and a wealth of technology. It is another marvellous export product that would benefit countries as diverse as Russia, India, China and Brazil.

Hoist the sails, rev up the motors‌ There’s work to be done!


Mr Martin Bloem General Director Holland Shipbuilding Association

Maritime by Holland


This is Maritime by Holland A vibrant ecosystem of 11,000 companies within a 100 km radius.

a reputation for on-time, on-budget delivery in the toughest of

Individual leaders at the pinnacle of their métier. Entire industries


with a global leadership position. Merging into a powerful cluster with an unbeatable combination of maritime expertise and

We are superb at taking on impossibly complex projects. Our


unique instinct is to collaborate, across industries and with clients. We seek common goals and a shared vision. This makes it easy

We raised the Kursk when no one else could. We gave the world

for governments and companies worldwide to work with us.

the marvel that is Palm Island. Connoisseurs covet our yachts. And our ports and shippers catalyse the global economy.

Our work has tremendous value. We give our clients a competitive edge in a tough marketplace. We offer solutions for problems that

Our maritime equipment powers the world’s complex specials.

seem unsolvable. And our sustainable innovations help the world

We protect the world’s urban areas against the rising seas. We

tackle climate change, population growth and energy scarcity.

push the boundaries of offshore oil and gas production. Our navy participates in peacekeeping missions worldwide.

As the Gateway to Europe, Holland connects the world’s economies to 500 million consumers. Our network of ports,

We are respected craftsmen who love to push the boundaries

including the world’s fourth-largest, accounts for half of Europe’s

of what is possible. We have shown that anything that can be

inland shipping and deploys some 2,000 vessels in seagoing trade.

imagined, can be built. We are audacious, yet pragmatic, with

11 Our shipbuilders produce marvels of human ingenuity. These

colleges educate the next generation of maritime leaders.

include complex vessels with the world’s highest CGT values

About Maritime by Holland

and exclusive yachts that combine craftsmanship with high-tech

Maritime by Holland is a joint initiative by the 11,000 companies

innovation and unrivalled design.

powering the maritime cluster in Holland. Together, they generate social and economic value for clients worldwide

Our maritime equipment suppliers add tremendous value to

through an unbeatable combination of expertise, imagination

these vessels with anything from efficient propulsion systems

and collaboration.

to versatile cranes. They are supported by 700 service providers in areas like consulting, insurance, fuelling, salvaging and heavy

For more information visit:


We account for half the world’s dredging. We build wind farms,

develop ports, and create costal protection systems. We also

excel at oil and gas exploration, pipelaying, and all phases between

the design and decommissioning of offshore equipment.

To stay at the forefront, we continuously invest in knowledge and skills. Renowned maritime institutes conduct theoretical and applied research at the cutting-edge of science. Our maritime

Five strategies for the future


Forward thinking: Five strategies for the future Last year the Holland Shipbuilding Association set out its policy

Competing through talent

priorities in five strategies for the future. Holland is unique in the

The synthesis of traditional craftsmanship, modern thinking

way it clusters such a wide range of maritime expertise within

and smart technologies has long set Holland apart from the

a 100 km geographical radius. This means that yards, suppliers

competition. Even now, at a time of global recession, Dutch

and other technology partners, are always in close contact

companies still have a shortage of educated personnel as

with each other physically, sharing knowledge and leveraging

people retire. Recognising that an active human capital policy is

on synergies. The strategies outlined below represent the five

essential, we are focused on improving education in terms of both

common points of interest that we believe all companies share as

quantity and quality. Attracting, recruiting and retaining top quality

Holland Shipbuilding Association and the members look to secure

personnel is a priority and the fruits of our work in this area have

a prosperous future for ourselves and our clients.

already been seen with the large numbers of students attending events such as the annual week of shipbuilding. There is a much greater interest in shipbuilding as a vocation in Holland and the industry is seen a smart career move.


Five strategies for the future


Sustainability and innovation

Increasing synergies within the cluster

Holland is known as a green country, at the forefront of the

Stimulating further cooperation within the cluster will generate

eco-conscious movement both in a social and industrial sense.

the best possible value for clients. This involves the optimisation

Years of investments in innovation have resulted in the current

of work processes in the design, construction and maintenance

specialised sector and we are eminently capable of meeting global

of vessels. In addition to facilitating aspects like the exchange of

demands for sustainable solutions. The growing requirement

technical data, we focus on enhancing trust between cooperating

for smart and environmentally friendly vessels – whether from

partners and standardising forms of contact. In the past year we

shipping companies or superyacht owners - provides the Dutch

launched a dedicated programme to this effect called ‘Integrated

cluster with a clear market opportunity. To ensure this continues,

Cooperation’, dedicated to innovative entrepreneurship,

Holland Shipbuilding Association has established many innovation

technological innovation and social innovation.

projects on a national and European level. Sustainability is a driving force for innovation and we consistently encourage the Dutch government to continue its support via successful joint innovation programmes.


Five strategies for the future


Cooperating with the government

International branding: ‘Maritime by Holland’

If the location of Holland’s shipbuilding cluster is to remain an

It is one thing for us to know that ‘if it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much’

asset, we need the Dutch government to follow a proactive

but Holland’s excellence in fields as diverse as dredging and

policy related to the monitoring and implementing of EU, IMO

yacht building needs to be told to the world. Our strategy is to

and national laws and regulations. Ensuring a level playing field

strongly position the Dutch maritime manufacturing industry by

is essential, especially when there is a global overcapacity at

promoting its core brand values of innovation, flexibility, reliability,

shipyards and when national governments are more than ever

cooperation, efficiency and sustainability. The ‘Maritime by

looking to attract inward business. Investing in our industry-leading

Holland’ slogan and campaign was launched in September 2009,

knowledge and the protection of intellectual property is vital. As

and will be visible on our collective presentations throughout the

an association we have seen significant progress on the financing

world. It is a joint initiative by the 11,000 companies powering

front and the government clearly values the Holland Shipbuilding

the maritime cluster in Holland, supported by Dutch government

Association’s opinions as a united voice for the construction and

and the Dutch Maritime Trade Board.

supply sectors.


Holland Marine Houses


Holland Marine Houses a growing success The year 2009 saw the opening of two new Holland Marine

analysing market information, and helping companies that are

Houses in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and St. Petersburg, Russia

seeking opportunities for cooperation in both the host country and/

respectively. This brings the total number of these representative

or Holland. Developing relationships with shipbuilding companies

offices to four. The first Holland Marine House was set up in

and relevant government authorities also plays a key role.

China in 2003, and has successfully served Dutch companies in Shanghai and the rest of China ever since. Following this success,

The Holland Marine Houses are a joint initiative of the Dutch

the second Holland Marine House opened its doors in Hanoi,

Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Transport, Public

Vietnam, in 2007.

Works and Waterways, The Dutch Maritime Network, and HME. Here is a summary of the specific services offered by the four

The Holland Marine Houses are designed to bring advanced Dutch

houses, the current board member companies and website

maritime expertise to the country in which they are founded and

addresses for further info.

serve as a bridge between Holland’s maritime industries and those of the host country. They enable maritime technology suppliers and shipyards from the Netherlands to firmly set foot in the world’s dynamic shipbuilding markets. This is facilitated by representing and promoting Dutch maritime technology, acting as a first contact point between Dutch and host country companies, supporting Dutch companies in collecting and

Holland Marine House China (HMHC) Services:

Tracing new build projects, intensive promotion in China, support with start-ups, quality checks on purchases, guidance during and organisation of visits, option to process orders via HMHC personnel.

Board members:

Alewijnse Holding, Bakker Sliedrecht Electro Industrie, Corrosion & Water-Control, Damen Marine Components, Euroglide, GEA Bloksma, Huisman, Loggers, Ulstein Sea of Solutions, HME, Veth Propulsion, Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam, Winteb.



Holland Marine Houses


Holland Marine House Brazil (HMHB)

Holland Marine House Vietnam (HMHV)



Support with makers list procedures, Petrobras and Transpetro, generating

promotion in Vietnam, collating and analysing

business leads, market research, support in

market information, support in starting

finding local production partners, participation

up local production, guidance during and

in local sector activities, guidance during

organisation of visits to Vietnam, option to

and organisation of visits to Brazil, advice on import and customs formalities. Board members: Website:

Tracing new build projects, intensive

process orders via HMHV personnel Board members:

Alewijnse Marine Systems, GEA Bloksma,

IMT, Merwede Shipyard, Ridderinkhof, HME,

Kaefer Opticon, Konutherm, Promac, Rubber

Verhaar Omega, Veth Propulsion, Winel

Design, Winteb


Holland Marine House Russia (HMHR) Services:

Tracing new build projects, intensive promotion in Russia, supervision of local agents, support with start-ups, quality checks on purchases, option to process orders via HMHR personnel.

Board members:

Bayards Aluminium Constructies, Konutherm, Ned-Deck Marine, Promac, Rubber Design, Verhaar Omega, Winteb



Event overview 2010

Export Events Trade mission to Germany (March 2-4) Holland Pavilion Vietship - Hanoi (March 17-19) Holland Pavilion Asia Pacific Maritime - Singapore (March 24-26) Incoming trade mission Russia (April 12-16) Holland booth Sea Japan - Tokyo (April 21-23)


Event overview 2010

Holland Pavilion Navalia - Vigo (May 18-20) Trade mission to Russia (May 31-June 4)

In 2010 Holland Shipbuilding Association, HME, and CMTI will organise

Holland Pavilion Posidonia - Athens (June 7-11)

events in the field of networking, export, innovation, and training. Check

Holland Pavilion SMM - Hamburg (September 7-10) for further information and subscription.

Trade mission to Malaysia (October 9-16) Trade mission to India lead by Dutch Minister Eurlings (autumn) Holland Pavilion International WorkBoat Show - New Orleans (December 2-4)


Holland Pavilion INMEX China - Guangzhou (December 8-10) Trade mission to Gulf Arabic lead by Dutch Minister Eurlings (early 2011)

New Year’s Reception General Assemblies


Meetings Dutch Government

Focus on India

European Shipyard Week

Focus on Russia

Annual Sailing Day

Focus on Turkey

Meetings committees

Focus on Shipowners

General meetings CESA and EMEC

Holland Marine House Brazil

Publication annual report/statistics

Holland Marine House China

Dutch Maritime Awards Gala

Holland Marine House Russia Holland Marine House Vietnam



Shore Support



Maritime Introduction Course (May 20-21, December 2-3)


Training Shipbuilding for non-shipbuilders (March 25-26, September 16-October 14)


Training Yachtbuilding for non-yachtbuilders (April 15-16, November 2-30)

Integral Cooperation

Project management in maritime industries

Innovation Performance Contracts

- Module 1 (January-February and September-October)

Quick Docking

- Module 2 (March-April and October-November)


- Module 3 (May and November)

Shore Supply

- Module 4 (June and December)

Maritime Innovation Award

Marine Awareness Course (November 11-12)

Timmers Award

Maritime Diesel Engines (January 20-22, September 22-24)

Seminars Workshops


National and international development

Marine Propulsion Course

National and international cooperation

- Module 1: Propulsion Plant Concepts and Basic Ship Hydrodynamics (September 23-24) - Module 2: Marine Propulsors Characteristics (October 14-15) - Module 3: Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines: Characteristics (November 4-5) - Module 4: Electrical Drives Characteristics (November 25-26) - Module 5: Matching Propulsion Engine and Propulsor (December 16-17) Design of Marine Auxiliary Systems Course - Module 1: Introduction Systems Architecture (April 8-9) - Module 2: Fundamentals Pumps, compressors and heat exchangers (May 20-21) - Module 3: System Engineering (June 17-18) Onboard Noise and Vibration (May 18-19)







Holland Shipbuilding Catalogue 2010, the official catalogue of


Holland Shipbuilding Association, is made by Radius Publishing.

Holland Shipbuilding Association

Holland Shipbuilding Association is the central organisation of Holland Marine Equipment Association and VNSI, and trade


association of FME.

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Holland Shipbuilding Association



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