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1979 MUSIC PLAYER comparative to todays iPOD? So in the articles that I found about this digital artifact, apparently our modern day, iPod is not quite as modern as it appears. Kramer and James Campbell came up with a concept for a music player that would read 3 minutes worth of music from a card, similar to that of a SD card. The design was similar to that of the 1st generation iPod that we all know and love. The music player had navigational buttons and what appears to be built in speakers from the look of the design. It seems from what I read that this device was way ahead of its time in many ways. Things that confuse me about this device are as follows, if it could only store 3 minutes worth of music, which is one song, why have navigation? Just have a card reader, insert, instant play. Possibly the buttons were for playing the song, pausing, rewinding, etc. So lets compare the current iPod to the "iPod" of 1979, so basically the iPod of today is way different, in the sense that its completely touch screen, the only buttons that can be found are for power, volume, and for sleep / wake. Of course the screen is way more advanced, but in 1979 the available technology was limited, color tv had only been out for, about 20 years and was finally being established as a regular thing amongst stations and movies. The screen on the new iPod has the retina display and is very crisp, the music player was probably very pixelated and pure text, no images. Another side to it that doesn't really apply to the fact that it was digital at the time was the fact that the creators even conceptualized a store where people could come in and download "new" music on to their cards, but it would be in person because the internet wasn't really in existence yet. That is just like the iTunes Music Store... same difference, I think the major difference between the first generation device of iPod and this particular music device were the fact that the creators didn't really conceptualize the size factor, which with each generation of iPod we find more and more availability with size, and memory types.

iStore? VS.

Campbell and Kramer even had a concept for a store where they would sell music, now this ideal is a little less brash for comparison since the Apple store offers a wide variety of producets, not just iPods. But a comparison none the less. A better comparison would be to an FYE, or some other brand of music store that would be seen today, rather than Apple!


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