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Small businesses 27 Small cries 28 Important telephone numbers 30 Front cover photo: Those of us who drive down Queen Street on a regular basis, will all be familiar with the eye catching Jerusalem Artichokes which grow in Deidre Taylor’s garden. She always has something beautiful on the edges of her garden, for us to admire. Lisle Caromba Deadline for the April 2014 issue of Irene Town Crier is 25 March 2014. Advertising and editorial contact: Tracey Garde 082 460 6007

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Town Crier March 2014


Living in peace

Whilst the recent rains left most of us longing for a glimpse of the sun, I must admit that the lack of traffic in the village due to the closure of Nelmapius Road (sometimes at both ends!) was an absolute pleasure. I venture over the 4-way stop at the entrance to King Street numerous times a day and I have really enjoyed not having to fight my way across. Needless to say, the rain has caused enough havoc and indoor living is not for us villagers... With wonderful gardens, room to play is a privilage our children living in the village enjoy. I recently watched my eldest’s weekly hip hop class and was surprised to see that when the dance teacher asked the kids to do a forward roll, only a handful of them could do it! In a class of about 15 kids aged around 11 years old, most of them didn’t know what she was talking about, didn’t know how to do it or were too scared to try. It’s a telling sign of the times and it got me wondering how many of our children actually climb the wonderful big trees that adorn our lovely gardens? How many of them spend hours making mud pies, scratching in the compost heap or play hide and seek outside? My challenge to those with small children, or grandparents whose little ones come to visit, is to introduce them to ‘olden day’ games. As Easter is just around the corner, I thought it appropriate to perhaps start with Hopscotch. Let the kids read the instructions and learn how to play, then join in - the kids will love it. And we’ve even included a suggestion on playing it indoors in case this rain doesn’t stop soon! ‘Till next month


Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. - Proverbs 22:6 Town Crier March 2014



There are a couple of games that kids can play which don’t require a huge capital outlay, but one game that appeals to all ages and can be played on various age levels with as few as two players, is the popular game of Hopscotch. All one needs is a bare patch of ground – a floor in a garage, an unused driveway or just move the sofa out the way for the day! Even if your room is carpeted, you can still play the game – just use masking tape instead of chalk! Chalk/masking tape, is needed to mark out your hopscotch diagram. You will also need something that can act as a marker (it will be thrown so best you use something that can’t break!) such as a stone, beanbag, bottlecap, shell, button, etc. Chalk out a hopscotch pattern on the ground with at least 8 sections and number them from smallest (at the start) to biggest. •

The first player starts by standing behind the starting line and throwing the marker into the first square marked with the number’1’.

She then has to ‘hop’ the course on either one or two feet, depending on the layout of the squares – only one foot is allowed in a square, so if there is only one square she will only put one foot down while two squares side-byside allow two feet placed in each one.

When she gets to the top end of the course, she has to jump and swivel and hop back, picking up her marker on the way back.

Once back, and providing she hasn’t lost her balance and placed a foot inside of the diagram or worse, in the wrong square, she has a second turn, throwing her marker in square no 2 and so on.

A player is out if she fails to throw her marker in the square she is aiming for, loses her balance or puts a foot in the wrong square.

The aim is to keep your balance whilst picking up the marker, so it is crucial that you devise a diagram that will challenge this ability – but keep it age appropriate of course!

If a player is out, she must leave her marker in the square where it lays and resume again when the other player(s) are out and it is her turn again.

The player that has thrown her marker in the last square and completed the course is the winner!

Boys enjoy this game too, so include them in the fun. Offering a grand prize for the winner will keep the competition going for some time, and you can even wow your kids with your own hopping skills – go on mom!


You said it

The opinions expressed in this readers’ column are not necessarily shared by the publisher of the Irene Town Crier. Readers’ views can be e-mailed to

A SHAMEFUL TIME FOR OUR VILLAGE What has happened to the spirit of community and country living of our village that attracted so many of us to move here? A recent major incident has led me to believe we are living somewhere I don’t recognize certainly not the Irene of old. I speak on behalf of other residents of the village who all feel incredulous and disgusted at what has happened and we want all the residents of Irene to know about it. The background to the story is this: our local vet, Ina, who has lived for many years in Bruce Road, legally set up an ‘animal sanctuary’ on the very large vacant plot in Bruce Rd next to the cemetery – the animals consisted of 2.5 horses, a pot-bellied pig, goat, chickens, tortoise and ducks. Some of these were rescue animals. The project reflected her passion for animals and her vocation. The future would provide opportunities for the local community to benefit with the local primary and pre-primary schools visiting and interacting with the animals and for anyone else who showed an interest. Recently Ina has been receiving complaints about the flies from at least 5 parties who must live in the vicinity – at this point, one must point out that with our very wet and hot summer, there has been a massive increase in flies, mozzies and undesirable flying insects which we have all had to deal with, wherever we live. And don’t forget, we do live next door to a working dairy farm. Who can prove that the complainants’ pesky flies came from the very few animals living on the huge plot in Bruce Road? The small-mindedness of those people led to a man phoning Ina directly, promising to poison her horses if the animals were not removed – what intelligent and civilized person thinks that’s the answer to the problem? Did he actually think about the consequences of making that phone call? I think not. Town Crier March 2014


I am sorry to say that with all the stress and fear for her animals, she removed them and has now put her house on the market to leave the village as soon as possible with the rest of her family. How can a minority few in the village be allowed to do this? Ina has always gone the extra mile to provide the highest service at her veterinary clinic and as an Irene resident I can say she’s put herself out for me and several fellow Ireneans on numerous occasions. Ina’s husband must also be mentioned. He has been a committed, unpaid member of the ILA involved with the closure of Irene giving hours of his own time in service to our village to make it a safer place for all of us.

Those people responsible for this do not belong in the village of Irene and should think of moving on to an anonymous suburb filled with concrete and sterility where their small-mindedness and outlook on the world hopefully will not hurt those around them. It’s a sad, sad loss for the village. OUTRAGED MEMBERS OF IRENE

IRENE GARDEN CLUB Saturday, 15 March 2014

Time: 09h30 for 10h00

Speaker: Alice Spenser-Higgs Topic: Myths, Magic and Mayhem - the experiences and tips gained by a Gardener Magazine writer Venue: 374 Anton van Niekerk Drive Faerie Glen x 6 N1 Visitors are very welcome Please contact Di Walker on 012 667 1713 for further details


International rock star visits Irene!

Barbara Drower-Copley’s younger sister, Shane, and her Canadian husband, Blair Thornton of BTO (Bachman-Turner, Overdrive) recently visited her in Irene. She was thrilled to see them after a 14 year gap since she, husband Peter and son Shane-Judd went to Vancouver for Christmas. It was extremely emotional to see her and her awesome husband again!

The following extract is an entertaining article written by Joubert Malherbe of the Pretoria News: Anyway, the rock ‘n’ roll reputation of Greg’s great Café Delizioso in funky Doringkloof gained credence last week when none other than Blair Thornton who played lead guitar for Canadian rockers Bachman-Turner, Overdrive, popped in. He’s the brother-in-law of one of the locals, Barbara Drower-Copley, and I’m told he caused quite a stir. In fact, the next day Barbara gave me a personalised Thornton plectrum and said it was from him, for my guitar-playing son Gabriel. Friend, fellow Glover Avenue dweller and committed BTO follower (aka “Gearhead”), Alex Marais, was there on the night and got Thornton to sign his vinyl copy of Not Fragile, the 1974 album which features their worldwide hit You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet. “What a great, humble guy,” Alex enthused when I bumped into him a few days later: “I was like a schoolboy,” he said, adding that he subscribed to the principal that “growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional”. I raised a jar of Mr Glass’s finest and toasted the thought.

Town Crier March 2014

Dear Residents and ILA Members The traffic in and around Irene Village continues to grow unabated and the introduction of E-Tolls has even further influenced drivers to avoid our highways and opt for short cuts through suburbs and smaller arterial roads. Our peaceful village is under siege and has resulted in cars speeding down what should be quiet streets and lanes. Our recently tested speed board (a demo model) clocked speeds of up to 85km/hr down King Street! This is a scourge and a very real risk to the nature of the village and those children, pets and health enthusiasts who walk and run at liberty here. Many suburbs do not have the freedom to take advantage of safe roads and we beg you to consider your speed when driving around the village. Security The last month has presented a renewed drive by the criminal element to make our village their easy pickings. Nine crime incidents were reported during the month of February, two of which were break-ins on the perimeter. This, after a hugely reduced crime rate over 2013! Once again, we remind our members and residents to be aware of household security, to set alarms and beams, to check that doors and gates are locked, unusual activity is reported to EBS Security and that every precaution is taken to ensure that opportunistic crime does not prosper here. Getting to know your neighbours is another layer of security that is highly valuable in any situation. Vehicle breakins are again on the rise and we remind everyone to ensure that cars parked within reach are locked and that all valuables are removed at all times. A number of tragic and frightening attacks have taken place just outside of our village in the vicinity of Gem Village and Limeworks Hill etc. We remind our residents that it is not safe to be walking or cycling, even in small groups, in these areas. Please consider alternate, secured environments to exercise so that your safety can be assured. Closure update We are most pleased to advise that the contractor working on the perimeter electric fence is in the final phase of zoning the perimeter fencing. Communicators have been installed that will enable the EBS Control Room and the affected perimeter resident to be advised of a break in the fence. This

will further enhance our ability to react speedily when necessary. Membership Our services are only delivered due to our memberships’ support. Should you not currently be a member and would like to contribute toward the on-going security of your village, please contact Jan or Alyson. Contact numbers: Alyson Lea-Cox: 072 714 3740 Jan Swanepoel: 083 607 6600 We also encourage our membership to attend our ILA Committee meetings and where possible offer assistance by volunteering on the committee. The ILA is a community initiative and all input is welcome. For meeting dates and times please contact Alyson at the number above.


Naomi Smith

083 461 1231 Your reSideNt realtor ServiNg ireNe reSideNtS SiNce 2002


Salad Section

Prawn cocktail salad, beef carpaccio with parmesan shavings, watermelon & feta salad, strawberry & brie salad with mixed herbs, Salmon gravadlax, smoked chicken & couscous salad. Assorted pates & terrines


With a Special Lunch Mothers Day Sunday Lunch 11 May 2014 R230 per person


Lamb on the spit Sundried tomato & feta stuffed chicken breast, beef casserole, potato mash, savoury rice, seasonal vegetables, creamed spinach and pan fried hake with lemon butter sauce.


Fruit salad, ice cream, chocolate brownies, champagne jelly, turkish delight, Cr`eme caramel, fruit tartlets and chocolate fudge cake.

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Welcome drink • Children 7-12 years eat at Special gift for mom half price Childrens Buffet • Play area for children Children under 6 years eat free

For Bookings contact Kim Dupuy on 012 643 3650 or CENTURION LAKE HOTEL | 1001 Lenchen Avenue North, Centurion | Tel + 27 12 643 3650 CLH Mothers day 2014 140x100 PRINT.indd 1

2014/02/24 4:01 PM


A thoroughly enjoyable street party was held on Saturday evening, 8 March and was attended by ± 50 courageous people who braved potential rain. Traffic cones, umbrellas, braais, chairs and tables festooned with balloons were organized and set out by the ‘main mover’ of the event:  Zelda Skea and her family in front of Av and Ross Jennings’ front gate. It was ironic that the area chosen for the party was under the only non-working street light in Wellington Road! Neighbours met neighbours, some for the first time;  Michelle and Pierre Fourie  were welcomed as the most recent arrivals in Wellington Road. Pierre said he and his wife were determined to move into Irene and had been looking for a suitable Irene house  for three years. They have now moved into Sue Inglesby’s house (Sue and Paul have moved to Cape Town). The revellers included: Zelda, Theuns, Yvonne and Erika Skea; Catherine, Darryl, Chloe and Erin, Desmarais; Avernill and Ross Jennings; Michelle and Pierre Fourie; Michelle, Ernst, Janru and Munnik Brand; Megan and  Howard Balmer; Louise, Johan, Christiaan, Nicholas, Sebastiaan,  Joshua and Reuben Olivier; Brian and Megan Ross; Johandie Taljaard (who attended  on behalf of  her sister and brother-in-law who live in Wellington Road); Christo, Noelee, Henco and Christoff Pieterse; Karen, John and Karina de Kock; Estelle,  Dawid, Mia and Dawid jnr Roux; Margaret and Pete George; Koos, Franci, Mia (daughter) and Sterretjie Schabort; Sonja Mulder; Cilla , Lionel and  Phillipa Taylor. Children had an absolute ball and had fun playing tag in the dark with parents looking on.  The general consensus was that Irene is indeed a very special place to live…! 

Dear Town Crier... Seen at our house recently. Apparently this is also called the Christmas Swallowtail or similar. Quite rare! Malcolm Fawkes

We are really enjoying receiving emails from our fellow villagers so whether it ’s a birth , marriage , achievement or anything you wish to share , please email the details to

Photo: Lisle Caromba

Rietvlei Nature Reserve taken by Julia Davies


I had a lovely meander through the Concentration Camp Cemetery. I thought about how fortunate we are to have this piece of history on our doorstep. How peaceful now, but how bitter the past, and how necessary to prevent atrocities in the future. But, check it out...  On closer inspection, the beds are a mass of weeds! I kept remembering the old adage “One years seeding, seven years weeding.” Much weeding ahead!  Is there no money for a weekly gardener? Who is responsible? Perhaps we should take up a collection, to help?  Best regards  Lisle Caromba

The Team of Melia Garden Services


Van links: Santie Engelbrecht, Lilian Saunders, Jo Swart, Anna Breedt, Marie Hart, Lesley Clark (administrateer - Irene Homes) en Sarie Keuler (voorsitter van die Raad)


Vroue Diens Pretoria en Hoofkantoor, skenk R6 000 aan Irene Homes vir liefdadigheid. Proteahof dames het ook in Desember kom kuier en ‘n geskenkie kom oorhandig aan ons spesiale dames. Irene Homes sĂŞ baie dankie vir die donasie. Sonder die hulp van die publiek is dit nie moontlik om ons spesiale dames te versorg nie.

Cornelia Nagel is the first resident of Irene Homes to take part in the Midmar Mile. She is one of our regular swimmers and was up for the challenge. Open area or "dam" swimming is totally different from the usual gala training and it was with great excitement that we went through this new and exciting experience. The atmosphere at the dam is wonderful and has inspired Cornelia to enter next year again if we can find a sponsor! A special word of thanks to Virgin Active for the use of their swimming pool. Well done Cornelia and may you enjoy many more hours in the water! Maureen van Vuren

RAND SHOW ROCKS 120 It’s almost Rand Show time again. Be sure you’re in Gauteng from Friday, 18 April to Monday, 28 April 2014, or you’ll miss out on Africa’s biggest consumer expo. The Johannesburg Expo Centre, Nasrec plays host to 11 action-packed days of great family-oriented entertainment and lifestylefocused exhibits. Now celebrating its 120th year, the Rand Show knows how to entertain families. There’s a fun fair, animal displays, an SANDF zone, agricultural shows, motoring displays, the Animal Kingdom, circus, kids

YEARS OF GREAT ENTERTAINMENT 21 play zone, science shows, a boat show ... the list goes on. Then take in the exhibition halls packed with lifestyle-enhancing exhibits, from wine pavilions and an international deli in the DO Food hall, and furniture, gardening, decor and DIY exhibits in DO Home, to a fashion brand warehouse sale and exhibits of must-have tech. Gates open at 9am, and the show closes at 7pm. Tickets give access to most attractions: R100 for adults (R50 for pensioners), R50 for teens (13-16), R20 for kids (6 to 12), under-sixes free. Tim Donkin and Craig Herbst Keep tabs on the Rand Show action at,, or on Twitter (@Rand_Show).


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Professor Adrian van Breda TO JOIN:  Come to our Church, 16 King Street Irene. o Evening Sessions on Wednesday 12th, 19th, 26th March and 2nd, 9th April 2014 from 19:00-20:00hrs. o Morning Sessions on Wednesday 19th and 26th March and 2nd, 9th and 16th April 2014 from 10:30-11:30hrs.

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NEW BOOKS IN THE IRENE LIBRARY FEB 14 Reference books The Qur’ān Adult non-fiction Treasure islands – Pamela Stephenson The rough guide to the Netherlands Women’s rights: a historical perspective – Abdallah H. Al-Kahtany

100 Facts saving the earth – Anna Claybourne


Safety at the playground – MaryLee Knowlton Knowledge masters: optical illusions – Duncan Muir 100 Facts monkeys and apes – Camilla de la Bedoyere Discover planets – Adele F. Stephens

Unsolved – Chris Karsten

100 Facts Flight – Sue Becklake

The universality of Islam - Abdallah H. AlKahtany

100 Facts Endangered animals – Steve Parker

Roadside guide Cape Town to Port Elizabeth – Chris and Tilde Stuart

Do animals have feelings too? – David L Rice

A green home – Philip Schidt

100 Facts Bears – Camilla de la Bedoyere

Purchasing and materials management – W.M.J. Hugo

Working things out; Great inventors; Age of new ideas; Medical Marvels; Weapons of war – Gerry Bailey

Principles of managerial finance – Lawrence J. Gitman Operations management for competitive advantage – Richard B. Chase Ripley’s believe it or not: seeing is believing 2010 Guinness world records 2008 Guinness world records 2009 Junior and teen non-fiction My first book of the human body – Jen Green That’s why we don’t eat animals – Ruby Roth

Islam – Neil Morris Big book of animals – Sheila Hanly Evidence of dragons – Pie Corbett Big book of Halloween fun – Susie Johns English fiction King’s ransom – Jan Beazely and Thom Lemmons Good harbour – Anita Diamant The Gordian knot – Bernhard Schlink Gone – Mo Hayder

My first encyclopedia – Ben Hubbard

Silent mercy – Linda Fairstein

What is trade? – Carolyn Andrews (J382 AND)

Of bees and mist – Erick Setiawan

Animal cells – Penny Dowdy (J660.65 DOW) What’s inside? Animal homes – Alexandra Parsons Die klassieke kinderbybel storieboek – Johan & Nina Smit

Trick of the dark – Val McDermid Partners – Nora Roberts In dreams; Winter rose – Nora Roberts The black rose of Florence – Michele Giuttari Fault line – Robert Goddard

American wife – Curtis Sittenfeld

The good terrorist – Doris Lessing

Devil’s peak – Deon Meyer

Dead tomorrow; Dead simple – Peter James

Darkly dreaming Dexter – Jeff Lindsay Artistic licence – Katie Fford Adrian Mole: the prostrate years – Sue Townsend

Heft – Liz Moore Black market – James Patterson Bad boy – Peter Robinson

I’ve got your number – Sophie Kinsella

Eleanor Rigby – Douglas Coupland

The impossible dead – Ian Rankin

The delta – Tony Park

The Stalin Epigram – Robert Littell

Breath – Tim Winton

The fear index – Robert Harris

After midnight – Robert Ryan

An echo in the bone – Diana Gabaldon

English Junior and teen fiction

Think twice – Lisa Scottoline

My secret unicorn: Flying high; Starlight surprise; My secret unicorn: Stronger than magic; A special friend; My secret unicorn: friends forever; My secret unicorn: rising star; My secret unicorn: twilight magic; Stardust: shadows of magic; Stardust: magic by moonlight; Stardust: believe in magic; Stardust: magic in the air; Stardust: magic secrets; Stardust: stolen magic – Linda Chapman

Necrophenia – Robert Rankin Blood vines – Erica Spindler The dragon’s tail – Adam Williams Dead and buried – Stephen Booth Dead man’s footsteps – Peter James Midnight bayou – Nora Roberts The mammoth book of love bites Looking good dead – Peter James The mammoth book of paranormal romance 2

Mermaid S.O.S: Megan and the night diamond; Mermaid S.O.S.: Misty to the rescue; Mermaid S.O.S.: Jess makes a promise; Mermaid S.O.S.: Holly takes and risk; Mermaid S.O.S.: Amber’s first task; Mermaid S.O.S.: Lucy and the magic crystal; Mermaid S.O.S.: Sophie mkes a splash; Mermaid S.O.S.: Scarlett’s new friend; Mermaid S.O.S.: Poppy’s last chance; Mermaid S.O.S.: Becky and the stardust locket – Gillian Shields

The MacGregors: Daniel & Ian; The MacGregors: Alan & Grant; The MacGregors: Serena & Caine – Nora Roberts

No small thing – Natale Ghent

Cold is the grave – Peter Robinson The beloved of Isis – Christian Jacq

Phantom Stallion: Kidnapped colt; Phantom Stallion: Dark sunshine – Terri Farley

Bundu – Chris Barnard

The worst witch – Jill Murphy

Killer country – Mike Nicol

The thief lord – Cornelia Funke

Whatever you love – Louise Doughty

The tower in ho-ho wood and other stories ; The flyaway cottage and other stories; The strange umbrella and other stories – Enid Blyton

The magicians – Lev Grossman Grave secret – Charlaine Harris La’s orchestra saves the world – Alexander McCall Smith

Toy story 2: Rex to the rescue – Justine and Ron Fontes

The witches go on vacation – Don Donroy Lily Quench and the lighthouse of Skelligmor

Louisa in the wings; Louisa on screen; Louisa’s secret – Adéle Geras Molly Moon stops the world – Georgia Byng Not quite a mermaid: mermaid fire; Not quite a mermaid: mermaid surprise – Linda Chapman Atishoo! Atishoo! All fall down – Louise Cooper Horrid Henry’s big bad book; Horrid Henry’s evil enemies – Francesca Simon Stories for boys A Christmas carol – Charles Dickens Ranger’s apprentice: the icebound land – John Flanagan (Teen)

Sky horses: the whispering tree; Sky horses: the eye of the storm – Linda Chapman Doctor Proctor’s fart powder: time-travel bath bomb; Doctor Proctor’s fart powder – Jo Nesbo Gifted – Nikita Lalwani (Teen) Spells – Aprilynne Pike (Teen) Afrikaans fiction Onvoorwaardelik syne – Magdaleen Walters Aspoesterdrome – Mari Grobler Liefde in Venesië – Malene Breytenbach Afrikaans junior and teen fiction

Princess Poppy: Pony club princess – Janey Louise Jones

Reënboogrant maats: Sterrenag – Lize Roux

Poppy Love: tango queen; Poppy Love: goes for gold; Poppy Love: star turn – Natasha May

Reënboogrant maats: Die ontvoering – Maritha Snyman & Loraine Hattingh

Stinky finger’s house of fun – Jon Blake The killer cat’s birthday bash – Anne Fine Magic ballerina: Christmas in Enchantia; Magic ballerina: Jade and the carnival – Darcey Bussell

Toddler Bybelstories vir slaaptyd Eerste Bybelstorieboek vir seuntjies Happy dog, sad dog

Igraine the brave – Cornelia Funke

Gebede vir kleuters

This dark endeavour – Kenneth Oppel (Teen)

Slaaptydstories vir seuntjies

Hallowed – Cynthia Hand (Teen) Glitterwings academy: midnight feast; Glitterwings academy: friends forever; Glitterwings academy: flying high – Titania Woods

Usborne illustrated stories for the holidays Rupert and the toy soldiers Pointy-hatted princesses On the farm

Vampire diaries: The return: Midnight; Vampire diaries: Stefan’s diaries: the compelled – L.J. Smith

On a dark, dark night

The demonata vol. 9&10: Dark calling; and; Hell’s heroes – Darren Shan


Love lessons – Jacqueline Wilson (Teen) The worst witch all at sea – Jill Murphy Thirteen reasons why – Jay Asher (Teen) Ursula of the boughs – Emerald Everhart

Nursery time with Winnie-the-Pooh My mum is fantastic The witch with a twitch All about Alice At my house

26 Clap hands

Maisy makes gingerbread

Comic adventure of boots

Curious George

First dog


Barbie a fantastic fairytale

Up in heaven

Gossie & Gertie

Thomas & friends

Guess how much I love you

Thomas 12 3

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I love to dance

Snuggle up, sleepy ones

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Ice bear

Stormy weather0

Los on suit

Beware beware

Maggie’s monkey

Guess how much I love you in the autumn

Little caribou

Mr. Men pocket treasury

PLAYGROUP㻌 IN IRENE AGES :18 months to 3 years Very limited space left for next year as it is a small group.

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Town Crier March 2014

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Irene School of T’ai Chi Ch’uan: Holistic Internal Martial Art incorporating deep breathing, slow rythmic movement bringing balance and harmony, peace and tranquillity. Self defence martial applications. Often described as a moving meditation. Please Contact Ainslie at 012 667 2262 or 082 568 0467.


torised gates and intercom systems. Guaranteed professional work. Phone Koos Sutherland 082 374 7164. Extra Maths classes for Gr 8 to 12 in Irene (English or Afrikaans). Available from 16h00 to 18h00 weekdays. Fees payable per class or month. Contact Sigrid van der Walt (B.Sc (Hons) Mathematics) at 082 253 5079.

Need professional shuttle services? Photography: Efficient and profestake advantage of sional door-to-door our wonderful village shuttle services to OR surroundings and Tambo airport and capture memories for around Pretoria/Johanyears to come. Contact nesburg areas. Tel 072 Heather 083 498 8777 For advertising in for information on photo 681 1713 or kpkshutthe small business shoots. LP Gas: Cannisters delivered to your home. 9kg, 19kg, 48kg. Phone Colin 082 856 5335 e-mail orders colin.

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and very good and loving with kids. She has a Sili is currently workmatric certificate. We will ing for me on Mondays, miss her dearly once we Wednesdays and Fridays move. Please contact and is looking for work Jenny Botha 084 589 on Tuesdays and Thurs- 8533. days. She is a great, reliable and friendly person Albertina needs work for Fridays. She has been and I can highly recomworking for our family mend her. She loves for 10 years. She is hard animals and kids and always has a smile on her working and very trustface. Her contact number worthy. Contact Albertina on 082�����������������  ���������������� 689 6799. Referis 083 753 2290 or my ence available. number 082 495 1330. Jeaneth Thopola is looking for work on a Monday and Thursday. She works well and is trustworthy. Contact Jeaneth on 072 307 6965. Reference available. Perpetua is looking for domestic work for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. She is a hard working, honest and reliable with experience. Contact Perpetua on 074 733 2490. Rebecca Mogale has worked for us for 4 years and is extremely reliable. She is available full or part-time from March/April 2014. She is an absolutely lovely lady, well-spoken

time domestic work. She stays in Irene. Contact Mavis on 084 666 9168. Victoria is looking for domestic work for Monday to Friday. She is a dedicated worker who is hard working, respectful, honest and reliable. She has experience in domestic work and child care. Please contact Victoris on 078 138 2631.

Mercy is a hardworking lady looking domestic Tabeth is a hard working work for 2 days a week. Zimbabwean lady looking She is a Zimbabwean and for work Tuesdays and has references. Please Thursdays. References contact Mercy on 078 341 available. Contact 6507. 083 623 2070. Lettie Ndala is looking for Pamela is looking for sleep out domestic work. domestic work. She is a She is reliable and trustworthy and has worked in hardworking lady .You Irene for some years. Call can contact her on 078 Lettie on 076 519 2951. 488 4281 or 078 636 8116. Eunice is looking for Elisabeth is looking for domestic work either domestic work Mondays 2 days a week or fulland/or Wednesdays in time. She is very hard the Irene/Centurion area. working, honest and She has been working reliable. Please call for me for over 10 her on 072 5084226 or years and is trustworthy Karen 082 331 9214 for a and reliable. Multiple reference. references available on request, contact Benjamin Mavis is looking for part for first reference 082

322 1000 or contact Elisabeth directly 072 648 9824. Elisabeth speaks Ndebele, Zulu, Afrikaans and some English. Letta is looking for part time work weekdays or 3 times a week. She is wonderful with children, friendly, neat in her appearance, speaks English well and has a drivers licence. Her standard of work is impeccable, she is honest and reliable and is very hard working. Family has been transferred to Durban. She does more than required when cleaning a home or looking after children, who adore her and she will be so missed. Contact Kim 082 782 5089 for reference.


near Irene. Please phone Tracy on 073 242 4204 or months, R2 500 (negofor reference phone Telsa tiable). Please contact on 083 253 8252. Jenny Botha 084 589 Mucha Mukono is looking 8533. for full or part time doCello for sale: very good mestic work. She is hard condition cello for sale. working and can work Pearl River, Model numwithout supervision. Call ber GIV030, along with Trish on 084 714 6463 for canvas carry bag, R4 500 a reference. Mucha 074 (negotiable). Please con705 5941. tact Jenny Botha 084 589 Edeline Mawere (Zimba- 8533. bwean) is looking for part of full time domestic work. Gardeners For reference call Christal Boston is Malawian on 079 884 5666 and for and is looking for an interview call 073 555 gardening work on 9206. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. He is a very hard Rebone Mogotlane is worker and knows how to looking for full time work. garden. He takes initiative Reference Miss Tsotetsi if allowed and follows 078 317 6507. Call instructions very well. He Rebone on 072 488 1124. has been working for us for 3 years and he is an Mary Kola is looking for honest and very reliable full time work. Reference person with a friendly Mrs Mahlangu 082 456 personality. Please phone 1453. Call Mary on 071 Peter for a reference on 202 7410. 082 903 8520.

Tracy Chomudondo has been working for me for over two years on Wednesdays. She is looking for domestic work for Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. One of the qualities that have imJulia Rasetha is looking pressed me the most is for full time sleep out that Tracy takes pride work. Please call her on in her work. She cleans thoroughly and efficiently 072 842 2176. and I have found her to be completely trustworthy.  For sale She has a happy, pleasant personality and is a Cradle for sale: lovely pleasure to have around wrought-iron rocking the house.  Tracy lives cradle for babies first

General Reward is looking for a room to stay in exchange for working for it. He’s a 46 year old man. Please call Reward on 076 722 0233.


Important Telephone Numbers EBS 24hrs Control Room: 012 667 6337


071 576 5904

EBS Irene Manager (Dawie): 071 476 4110 ILA members without alarms should phone the EBS 24hr Control Room for assistance.

ILA Irene Village Manager - Jan Swanepoel: 083 607 6600 e-mail: ILA Administration

Accounts (Veronica): 071Â 657 9547

(Alyson): 072 714 3740

Fax: 086 776 7452



Street Lights e-mail:

tel: 012 358 9999

Tshwane Metro Emergency Services Power Failures: 012 358 2541

Water Supply: 012 358 2111

Ambulance/Fire: 10177

Metro Police: 1 0111

cnr Charles de Gaulle and Logan st Highveld, Centurion Studio 012 665 2112 Freddie 072 478 2052 Email: website:

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training for: Weight loss Pre and post natal Sport specific

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Town Crier March 14  
Town Crier March 14  

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