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February 2014

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Living in peace

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We visit your lawn 4 times a year, once every season and apply our magic blends of fertilizers and the agents to control weeds, insects and diseases for the best looking lawn in town.


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Town Crier February 2014


Living in peace

2014 Has certainly started with a bang - in more ways than one considering the almost daily thunder storms we are experiencing at the moment. Our front cover picture this month depicts the force of nature on our doorstep as we have experienced road closures, trees falling and destruction in the path of the flooding Hennops River. A walk on the golf course the day after the most recent heavy storm revealed bridges just about washed away and flooded bunkers. Not to mention the unsightly debris which was fairly high up in the trees indicating the level the water had risen in such a short space of time. Hopefully the rain will ease up a bit and enough for Town Crier to be delivered this month... I have had quiet a few emails and phone calls over the past few weeks from residents indicating that they aren’t receiving Town Crier in their post boxes or they only receive it every other month. We are experiencing a terrible problem of passers by taking the copies out of the post boxes before residents can collect so I will be asking our delivery gentleman to rather try to throw the copies inside the gate/yard whereever possible. We will communicate the delivery day to the ILA and they have kindly indicated that they will send out a message to alert you to look out for your copy on that day. Should you still not receive your copy, please feel free to email me on or you can collect a copy from the various points around Irene such as the library, the Dairy, etc. Alternatively, you can view our latest digital issue on www.irenetowncrier. I thought I’d share my favourite vynl art find as my point of inspiration for this year ahead and more appropriately, the month of love. I hope you get to spend this coming Valentine’s Day with the ones you hold most dear to your heart. ‘Till next month


And now these three remain: faith , hope and love . But the greatest of these is love . - 1 Corinthians 13:13

Town Crier February 2014



You said it

The opinions expressed in this readers’ column are not necessarily shared by the publisher of the Irene Town Crier. Readers’ views can be e-mailed to

Irene Village - a paradise for dogs? I read in a past Town Crier last year how wonderful Irene is for its resident dogs - you can go for long walks, even say hello at the ‘dog club’ at The Oval on Sunday afternoons if you want. Unfortunately my experiences have seen the other side of what can happen living in a village with so many dogs. Often in the past, I have wanted to tell the Town Crier about my experience of dogs in our village but an incident that happened on Boxing Day has prompted me to at last put pen to paper. Boxing Day in our beautiful village is usually a quiet affair and it is a pleasure to walk our two small dogs without speeding cars and crowds of people walking through. This particular day we were enjoying our walk with two ‘dog friends’, one of which is a placid delightful ridgeback. Exiting Krige Lane onto Pioneer road we became aware of a woman and her dog (which we could not see at this stage) with her gate open - we swiftly turned right and walked on only to suddenly hear her start shouting and screaming for her dog - a pitbull type - to come to her - the dog had spotted us and was making hot pursuit our way. I always carry a stick with me these days for protection against other dogs by the way. The dog took no notice of the woman and as it reached us, began aggressively trying to claw and bite the ridgeback on its back - at which point I started hitting it with my stick which broke - by the way, the woman at this point had made no effort to come after her dog but was rather shouting and screaming still. To cut a long story short, we managed to get the attacking dog off and it eventually went back to the woman who showed no concern about us at all. We can only be thankful that it did not develop into a more serious situation, even though it was very serious to us! This is not the first time this has happened on dog walks through our village one incident required a vet bill of R1 500, due to a boerboel cross, running out the gate into the road, attacking my dog in the middle of the road - another, in Queen Street, where a gate left open whilst the owner was attending his car in the garage, enabled two dogs to charge out at us as we were walking past - his reply showed he couldn’t care less. Not to mention some of those dogs which are walked without a leash through the village and just charge towards you as soon as they see you coming. The point is that if you live in Irene with dogs

Town Crier February 2014


then you must take full responsibility for them, especially keeping them secure on your property at all times and keeping them on a leash when walking in public places. My observations have led me to believe that some of these dogs are not socialised, overly territorial and certainly not trained to obey their master’s instructions - that makes them a potential liability to any dog which is minding its own business being walked on a leash through the village - for that I blame those owners out there and not their dogs.  So listen up, in future, I think I will join the young lady I have observed walking her dog carrying a knobkerrie - you can be sure that a knobkerrie will not break if used in self-defence against an attacking, aggressive dog. Disillusioned Irene Dogwalker  

Thank you Irene John Bishop from John Bishop Plumbing Services would like to thank all his customers for all the support in the past. Also to wish you and your families a happy and prosperous 2014. John Bishop

IRENE GARDEN CLUB Saturday, 15 February 2014 Venue: 3 Queen Street, Irene (end of pan handle) Time: 09h30 for 10h00 Hostess Heather Maynier Speaker: James Harrison (topic: insects) Visitors are very welcome Please contact Di Walker on 012 667 1713  

NEW BOOKS IN THE IRENE LIBRARY – JANUARY 2014 Reference books The black experience in South Africa: Heroes of the anti-apartheid movement – Rae Simons (RJ920.02 SIM) The black experience in South Africa:Forced migrations: a 21st century issue – Kim Etingoff (RJ304.868 ETI) The black experience in South Africa: The Union of South Africa: 1910-1948 – Kim Etingoff (RJ968.05 ETI) The black experience in South Africa:Dismantling apartheid: 1991-1998 – Kim Etingoff (RJ968.064 ETI) The black experience in South Africa: Our ancient heritage and the confrontation with Europeans: 500 BCE-1910 – Kim Etingoff (RJ968 ETI) The black experience in South Africa: South Africa under apartheid: 1948-1991 – Kim Etingoff (RJ968.06 ETI) The black experience in South Africa: Modern South Africa: 1998-2012 – Rae Simons (RJ968.066 SIM)

Adult non-fiction Blood sisters – Roelien Schutte and Eileen de Jager (363.72880922 SCH) How to start a home-based business – Bert Holtje and Susan Shelly (658.0412 HOL) How to start a home-based business to become a work-at-home-mom – Georganne Fiumara (658.0412 FIU) “And then they fired me”- Jannie Mouton (920 MOU) Games to play with toddlers – Jackie Silberg (649.5 SIL) 28 days to a new you – Christine Green (613.04244 GRE)

Junior and teen non-fiction Ocean and sea – Steve Parker (J551.46 PAR) Ontdek goggas (J595.7 ONT) Sports nutrition for teen athletes – Dana Meachen Rau (T613.2024796 RAU)

Cereals – Nicola Edwards (J633.1 EDW) Life cycles: fry to sea horses – Camilla de la Bédayère (J597.6798156 DEL) Life cycles: snakelet to snake - Camilla de la Bédayère (J597.96156 DEL) African animals: Zebras – Julie Murray (J599.6657 MUR) African animals: Giraffes – Julie Murray (J599.638 MUR) African animals: Hippopotamuses – Julie Murray (J599.635 MUR) To the top! – S. A. Kramer (J796.5220922 KRA) Gorillas –Joyce Milton (J599.884 MIL)

English fiction Hour of the wolf – Håkan Nesser

English large-print fiction A gathering storm – Rachel Hore Before the earthquake – Maria Allen

English Junior and teen fiction Penny Dreadful is a magnet for disaster – Joanna Nadin Penny Dreadful causes a kerfuffle – Joanna Nadin The repossession – Sam Hawksmoor (Teen) Manxmouse – Paul Gallico Adele the singing coach fairy – Daisy Meadows Vanessa the dance steps fairy – Daisy Meadows A dog called Homeless – Sarah Lean Body blow – Peter Cocks (Teen) Fated – Alyson Noël (Teen)

Afrikaans fiction Afrikaans junior and teen fiction

Betower – Fanie Viljoen (Teen) Baasspeurder Blomkvist – Astrid Lindgren Baasspeurder Blomkvist in die knyp – Astrid Lindgren Shani en die sokkie – Ansonette Kruger Om op eiers te dans – Maya Fowler (Teen) Oloff die seerower: die arm uit die see – Gerrie Radlof Oloff die seerower: die seerower se buit – Gerrie Radlof

Toddler Eloise at the wedding Pinkalicious: the princess of pink slumber party Moemin en die maanlig-avontuur Stick man I love you, Mummy My Mummy Hoekom hond so bang is vir storms Voor ons gaan slap Elephant white Tom’s tortoise Lawwe hond! The goat that gloats Dans net soos ek Die verkenners Speel buite Oeps! Good night, little dragons

Seniors Tea enjoyed by all


The Seniors Tea organised by the Irene Association was held in the Irene Village hall at the end of November 2013. It was a wonderful morning enjoyed by all. A BIG THANK YOU, once again, to the following families for their amazing cash donations: Julia Davies, Derek and Moira Oldnall, Graham and Ros Blackbeard, Carl and Coral Wocke. These families sponsor the tea every year. Thank you to Maura who caters at cost and to Irene Dairy Farm for supplying the cream and milk. Thank you to Tracey Garde (Irene Town Crier) and Megan Arnold for their gifts. Thank you to Irene Primary, Eunice Marais and the Little Academy Preschool for the entertainment. Last but by no means least, the wonderful ladies who host the tables - without your efforts the tea would not happen. For the first time ever we had R4 000 left after all the expenses were paid. This money was given to Irene homes for an outing for their residents. Thank you Barbara Tanton Chairman Irene Association

Dear Residents and ILA Members As there was no Irene Town Crier in January, we would like to belatedly wish you a happy, prosperous and above all safe 2014! A reflection on 2013 Before we talk about 2014, it is appropriate to look back on 2013 and note what has been achieved. As you by now should be aware, the ILA was established to address an escalating crime rate and preventing crime is still the primary focus. 2013 was the culmination of a process of relooking at how we secure the village. We completed Phase 2 of the closure project, which focused on the security upgrade. The installation of the camera system and rewiring of the electric fence were the primary focus areas. It was also the first full year that EBS was responsible for securing the village. Anyone who has been paying attention to the crime statistics will have noted that the crime rate is significantly reduced. A like for like comparison of the past 12 months with the previous year highlights the remarkable improvement that has been achieved. The table below shows the total number of reported incidents on a monthly basis. We saw a reduction of 73% over the full year but more importantly in the 2nd half of the year the crime rate was reduced by a whopping 90%! This is really something to get excited about! Â 2012 2013

Jan 17 8

Feb 18 6

Mar 12 8

Apr 6 8

May 25 8

Jun 10 1

Jul 30 0

Aug 13 3

Sep 11 1

Oct 10 0

Nov 10 4

Dec 13 1

Total 175 47

December is always a concern with so many residents away on holiday. The one reported incident was a bicycle stolen from an unlocked garage on Main Road during the early hours of 24 December. Security is about layers and improvement to each of the layers has made the difference. It is important to recognise that as a resident you have a responsibility for your own security layers. Being vigilant and securing your home is as important as anything we do as the ILA. The village is a safer place than it was 12 months ago but we can’t rest or become complacent in

that knowledge. Diligently setting alarms, closing gates, attending to barking dogs and reporting suspicious people or activities are all critical to the safety of the village and its residents. Membership Our services are only delivered due to our memberships’ support. Should you not currently be a member and would like to contribute toward the ongoing security of your village, please contact Jan or Alyson. Contact numbers: Alyson Lea-Cox - 072 714 3740 Jan Swanepoel - 083 607 6600 The way forward for 2014 and beyond While security is the primary focus of the ILA, we also engage with anything that impacts on the quality of life of the residents of the village. Noise, pollution, traffic, speeding, lack of proper maintenance and poor service delivery are just some of the challenges that we face as a community in an area that is developing at an alarming rate. All of these issues need attention and committed effort. We need to stand together as a community, as neighbours and residents, and foster a spirit of community in the village. Long-term residents can tell you how idyllic life in Irene was in years gone by and it is still a fantastic place to live and raise children, but we have to fight to keep it that way. A lot has to do with how residents engage and relate to each other. This is your community! We encourage you to be passionate about getting involved. We will be communicating some of the strategies we are going to pursue in 2014 to really encourage our community to get involved, so watch this space. Radio Licence & Network fee 2014 If you have an alarm system that is linked to EBS, please be advised that the annual Licence & Network fee of R215 per radio transmitter, for the ILA’s private radio network, is now due for 2014. The fee covers the annual licence renewal fees, yearly network fee and maintenance of the radio network. The ILA, by a further R205, supplements the fee. This fee will be invoiced on 31 January 2014. All ILA debit order payments will go off on 4 February 2014. Those who pay their ILA levy by other means should please include the Licence & Network fee with their February payment @ R215 per radio.

Thanks We would like to thank everyone at EBS, especially the guards, control room staff and response officers, for their diligent service over the past year and particularly over the festive season. It made all the difference! We’d also like to thank you for kind contributions toward ensuring that the guards had something to enjoy at Christmas. Your acts of kindness make a big difference to the morale of the security compliment. Also thanks to Jan and Alyson who make a huge contribution to the village. Last but not least, thanks to our loyal members for their ongoing support. Together we have made enormous in-roads into securing our village. Wishing you a wonderful 2014.

Your ILA


082 990 6468



CONGRATULATIONS... the Caromba family And they say that tiny babies don’t smile! This is Dietrich Badenhorst, at three and a half weeks of age, just after his bath. Born to Katie and Stefan Badenhorst on 11/12/13. Now resident in Macedonia, Katie (nee Caromba) was born in Irene, and lived here for most of her life. Her husband, Stefan, is also a long term resident of Centurion.  Eddie and Lisle Caromba are now grandparents. And Laurence Caromba an uncle. Our little family has just expanded. 

We always love to share news with our fellow villagers so whether it ’s a birth , marriage , achievement or anything you wish to share , please email the details to Photo: Lisle Caromba

17 ...a great achievement At the University of Cape Town on 16 December 2013, another group of Irene boys graduated with their BSc (Hons) Engineering degrees - from left to right are Daniel Pitman, Stuart Blackbeard, Max Finbow and Richard van der Byl. It was a truly memorable and special ceremony, also dedicated to the memory of the late Nelson Mandella. Well done our boys!

Town Crier February 2014

Keeping it clean

The rain fall during December and January together with the annual leave taken by most during holiday season resulted in the weeds taking over at the subway garden planted in August last year. We would like to thank Josias Nhlodi (gardener employed at 24 Queen Street) and Joseph Skaphela (gardener employed at 22 Queen Street) for clearing the weeds and litJoseph Skaphela and Josias Mashaba ter on Monday 20 January. We also need to thank the team of Melia Garden Services who regularly do maintenance there. Should you be able to contribute either by donating the services of your gardener for an hour or more or a monetary donation to maintain this community initiative please let either Carien van der Watt or Amelia Wolmarans know. Let us not let these plants and all the good intentions and progress to date wither and die! Carien van der Watt: 082 990 1686

The Team of Melia Garden Services

Amelia Wolmarans: 083 326 4210


Thank you The Christmas day gift giving at George Mukhari Hospital (previously known as Garankuwa) was a huge success. A big thank you to Irene Primary School for their support over the years - it is so appreciated. To the people in the Village thank you for your incredible generosity. The joy on the children’s faces when they are given a gift is heart warming. Bless you all. Barbara Tanton  

Town Crier February 2014

Established in 1991

Suzanne Holmes ARAD RTS

Registered Ballet Teacher with the Royal Academy of Dance Trained at Royal Ballet School in London Danced professionally with PACT Ballet Company for 10 years

Ballet Classes conducted by Suzanne Holmes

Tiny Tots • Grades • Majors • Adults

Pupils participate in exams, productions & recitals annually Pilates , Biokinetics classes for ballet pupils conducted by Biokinetikist Ingrid Brits Irene Village Hall • Pioneer Road, Irene Suzanne - 011 465 7736 / 082 572 5251 •

3 ker 201 Nutcrac


Tim Donkin and Craig Herbst






Naomi Smith

083 461 1231 Your reSideNt realtor ServiNg ireNe reSideNtS SiNce 2002

Small businesses Ann Campbell (ARAD – Teach Dip) School of Dance: offering Pilates and Body Conditioning, Ballet – especially for the younger child at home studio and Irene Homes Hall, Ballroom and Latin American – social group classes, private lessons and wedding dances. Phone Ann 012 667 5187/083 316 7842 or email ann@ Firewood/kaggel hout: Delivered per half ton load, one solid cube cut to size, delivered at your convenience. Call Oscar 078 389 9632. R780 per cube, free delivery included. Anthracite also available.


for information on photo shoots. Security/Steelwork: Welding and LP Gas: Cannisters repair work of steel delivered to your home. 9kg, 19kg, 48kg. Phone fencing, burglar bars, security gates and moColin 082 856 5335 torised gates and intere-mail orders colin. com systems. teed professional work. Phone Koos Sutherland Irene School of 082 374 7164. T’ai Chi Ch’uan: Holistic Internal Martial Art incorporating deep Extra Maths classbreathing, slow rythmic es for Gr 8 to 12 movement bringing in Irene (English or balance and harmony, Afrikaans). Available peace and tranquillity. from 16h00 to 18h00 Self defence martial weekdays. Fees payaapplications. Often ble per class or month. described as a moving meditation. Please Contact Sigrid van Contact Ainslie at 012 der Walt (B.Sc (Hons) 667 2262 or 082 568 Mathematics) at 082 0467. 253 5079.

Need professional shuttle services? Efficient and professional door-to-door Photography: shuttle services to OR take advantage of Tambo airport and our wonderful village around Pretoria/Johansurroundings and nesburg areas. Tel 072 capture memories for years to come. Contact 681 1713 or kpkshutHeather 083 498 8777

For advertising in the small business section please email info@tlgpublishing.

Town Crier February 2014

Pull up your boots, dust off your Stetson and polish your belt buckles Irene Dramatic Society is looking for a bevy of rootin’ tootin’ cowfolk for its upcoming Wild West Show, directed by Katie Walker. The allsinging, all-dancing, all-giggles show follows the inhabitants of the frontier town of Tombstone on a fateful market day. Join us at 14h00 on Sunday, 2 March 2014 at Irene Homes, 2 Albert road, Centurion to show off your skills. The show will be taking place on Friday 23, Saturday 24, Friday 30 and Saturday 31 May 2014. Please make sure you are available on these dates. There will be dancing auditions, so be sure to wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement. Please also remember your R50 IDS annual membership fee - you will not be able to perform if you aren’t a paid-up member. When: 14h00 on Sunday, 2 March 2014 Where: Irene Homes, Centurion E-mail: Phone: Katie Walker (Wild West Show director) 083 779 9818 or Patricia Pieterse (IDS Chairperson) 082 713 4282 Website link: Twitter: @IreneDramSoc Facebook:

25 THE VILLAGE OF IRENE - FACEBOOK PAGE Did you know there is an Irene Village Facebook page? It was created by Philip and Sonelia du Preez (long-time residents in Irene), in order to foster a sense of community in this beautiful village of ours. To share photographs of birds, animals, gardens and the faces of Irene. It also aims to stimulate and share news, security information, events and to get to know our fellow villagers better. They would not only like to get all home owners involved, but also their children who may be active on Facebook. This page is for the whole community and you are invited to visit the page, click on ‘Like’ and start sharing: Please support this wonderful initiative and get Irene talking and sharing!

26 Accommodation Tuinwoonstel in Irene Glen Sekuriteits Estate vanaf 1Feb. 1 Ruim slaapkamer, stort, oopplan kombuis en sitkamer, stoep en garage. Vorm deel van ‘n groot, netjiese tuin en erf met ‘n elektriese heining en hek in ‘n landelikke omgewing net 5 min vanaf Irene Village Mall. Die estate sluit ‘n veiligge groengordel langs ‘n rivier met wandelpaaie in. Geskik vir ‘n enkel persoon sonder troeteldiere. R3 900, W/L en levy ing. Kontak Celeste 082 443 1211. Furnished, Serviced Stone Rondawel in Irene Security Village R5 712 per month. Double storey stone rondavel, newly renovated (+- 50m2). Safe open parking. Water, Electricity and WiFi included. Washing and ironing once a week. Service twice a week. Available 1 February 2014. Available for single, non-smoker. Contact Wim on 081 015 3626. Cottage in Irene. 1 Bedroom, fully furnished and equipped, to let. Suits single professional

Small cries

person. Short term lease possible, R6 000p.m. incl. E/W/DSTV. Contact Petra 082 453 6133. Lovely garden cottage for rent. Security Village (Irene Village) – Available from 1/02/2014. 2 Bedrooms, walk in cupboard, kitchen, bathroom, 60 m², private court yard (25 m²), under cover parking for 2 cars, flat is far away from main house, private access, fenced off, good security. R5 000.00 (Including water and lights). Photo’s available on request. Fransa Bester 079 506 5682. Francois Bester 082 780 7235.

Accommodation wanted Wanted: cottage/ garden flat. Single male, professional guitarist and music teacher, requires accommodation in Irene. Getting married to an Irene resident at the end of April so cottage/flat must be suitable for a married couple from 1st May. Contact Rudo van Staden 074 713 8490.

Domestics Locadia is looking for

domestic work around Irene. She’s hard working, honest and reliable. Please call her on 084 492 0627. Reference are 073 381 5406. Gladys is looking for char work on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She is reliable, honest and quietly gets on with her work. She has been working for me for the past two years. Contact Debbie 082 788 3439, 012 667 2746 or 012 643 3821 (work). My name is Tracy, a 42year old Zimbabwean lady who is looking for peace jobs on Mondays and Thursdays. My contact number is 073 242 4204. Gladys (072 494 9163) is looking for Domestic work Tuesdays, Thursdays and possibly Saturdays. She is reliable, honest, quiet and a very hard worker. She takes great pride in her work. She needs to start urgently beginning of February. She is bilingual, speaks English and Afrikaans very well. Please contact me, Amanda on 084 401 3803 for a reference. 

Lynn, a Zimbabwean lady, is looking for a job doing housework in Irene or close by. She is quiet and extremely hard working. Irons beautifully. Full time, sleep in or just piece job. Please contact Ina for reference on 082 925 4015 or to arrange an interview.

years. Her standard of work is impeccable and she is truly hardworking, honest and reliable. Timmy can work independently and does more than is required when cleaning a home or looking after children. My kids adore her and she is very trustworthy. Timmy speaks English and a little Jane is looking for Afrikaans. Please contact domestic work 2 or 3 days Sheona 082 747 4155 for a week. Her daily rate is a reference or Timmy 083 R150. She is friendly and 612 8821. reliable. Reference is 082 510 0211 (Robynne) or Nyasha Madondo is phone her on 074 336 looking for domestic work 3734. from Monday to Friday. She’s reliable and is a Nora has worked for hard worker. Reference me for 20+ years and 074 954 2184 (Jesca is looking for work on Umali). You can contact a Monday, Wednesday Nyasha on 078 714 0449. and Friday. She is hardworking and very Melissa Mhandire is reliable. Please contact Brenda on 083 652 7966 looking for employment as a housekeeper or if interested. nanny. She is hard Veronica comes highly working, punctual, recommended. From reliable, very good with Malawi. Looking for 2 or kids, willing to learn new 3 days or full time. Hard things and works well and honest worker. Phone under pressure. She Veronica at 084 629 8445 has 2 and a half years and Margie for reference experience working as a at 082 387 2958. housekeeper. Reference Ms N Nyathi 074 365 Timmy is looking for 4539. Willing to work from additional domestic work on a Thursday and Monday to Friday and even weekends. Contact Saturday. She resides Melissa on 084 9495 in Irene and has been 413. (She has a valid working for me for 2.5

Zimbabwean passport and work permit.) Faith is looking for work 3 to 4 days a week. She is friendly, neat, hardworking and good with children. References available. Phone 073 923 6933. Martha is looking for full time or part time work in Irene. She needs to sleep out. She is very hard working and is completely reliable and trustworthy. She has references. Phone 079 240 9070. Regina is looking for domestic work in Irene, for one or two Saturdays a month. She has worked in Irene many years, is hardworking, honest and reliable. Contact Alyson 072 714 3740 or Carien 082 990 1686. Mapule is a wellgroomed, trustworthy and experienced domestic worker looking for work for three days a week. References available. Please phone Mapule on 076 964 4163. Thembi is looking for domestic work. She’s a hardworking and reliable person. Her contact number is 078 903 2850.

Reference 084 874 1566 000.00 neg. 1 x Complete or 076 062 2609. She has golf set including bag 6 years experience. R2 000. 1 x Gas braai with stand R500. Please Veronica is looking for phone Pete for more domestic employment. information 082 903 8520. Please contact her Gardeners directly on 084 335 4968. Edwin is looking for Margaret is professional, work on Fridays. He is efficient, reliable, a Malawian with valid domestic worker. She work visa and a SADC can prepare food/cook driver’s licence. He well, and is confident in has been working in child care. She is seeking Irene for 7 years and is hardworking, reliable full time/part time work. Contact Margaret 079 319 and trustworthy. Good 3728. Reference 084 563 references available from Irene residents. Call 2635. Edwin on 074 724 1329.

and get up and down while working. Call Peter 082 322 5032.

Timmy requires a lift for her daughter Thandi from Irene to the Centurion Gymnastics Club in West Avenue opposite the Supersport Park on Mondays and Wednesdays. Thandi needs to be there by 14h30 and collected at 17h00 to return to Irene. If anyone is able to assist with either drop-offs or collections on either day it will be greatly appreciated. Thandi is a brilliant gymnast, attends Irene Primary School and For sale Andrew is a Malawian is 8 years old. Please gardener looking for work. I have Southdowns contact Sheona 082 747 College school uniforms He is available Monday to 4155. Thursday and Saturdays. for sale. Winter and He is soft-spoken, hard- Free Wooden Pallets: I summer. T shirts – R40 each, Long sleeve T-shirt working and trustworthy. have nine wooden pallets Please phone Andrew on in Irene that we are no – R50 each, Track suit longer using to give away top R100 each x 2, track 084 842 8004. at no cost. Please contact suit pants R100 each x3, Lameck is looking Sheona 082 747 4155 to School shorts – R50 each for employment as a arrange for collection. x 3. Jerseys R100 each gardener. Contact him x 2. To fit 4 to 6 year old. directly on 079 478 0462. Lift wanted: Irene to Tuks Or R800 for the lot. All in for 1st year student or very good condition, no General alternatively to Gautrain holes. Call Margaux on station. Happy to share 084 515 4769. Garden Kneelers are again in stock! They help expenses. Please call Mischa 074 312 1537or you kneel in the garden 1 x Pool heat pump R8 667 1163 after hours.

PLEASE NOTE: Domestic worker ads will only be placed on a first come,

first serve basis. Domestics with a reference will take preference. There is limited space for these ads in our small cries section and the number of placements will be at the publishers discretion.


Thank you for your continued support in 2013. Without such support we will not be able to continue to look after our special residents. We wish you a prosperous 2014.

Smuts House Museum Jan Smuts Ave, off Nellmapius Rd, Irene

Ouma’s Tea Garden (Tea Garden closed on Mondays)

Small Functions, Arboretum & Trail Art show every 2nd Sunday of the month Dogs on leads welcome Smuts House: 012 667 1176/80 071 100 8481 Tea Garden: 083 595 7293

Elize van den Berg 082 924 5178 012 667 2273

Many of you may remember me, Pat MacDonald, as an ex resident of Irene and still residing nearby. I have recently joined Property.CoZa, an Estate Agency very active in Centurion. With my previous selling experience and love of the very special Irene Village, I can give you valuations and advise on selling or buying of property in the area. I look forward to being of service to you in the near future. Contact details: Cell 083Â 272 7154 Email


Important Telephone Numbers EBS 24hrs Control Room: 012 667 6337


071 576 5904

EBS Irene Manager (Dawie): 071 476 4110 ILA members without alarms should phone the EBS 24hr Control Room for assistance.

ILA Irene Village Manager - Jan Swanepoel: 083 607 6600 e-mail: ILA Administration

Accounts (Veronica): 071Â 657 9547

(Alyson): 072 714 3740

Fax: 086 776 7452



Street Lights e-mail:

tel: 012 358 9999

Tshwane Metro Emergency Services Power Failures: 012 358 2541

Water Supply: 012 358 2111

Ambulance/Fire: 10177

Metro Police: 1 0111

Flu vaccine now available

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Town Crier Feb 14  

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