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December 2013/January 2014

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Living in peace


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Town Crier December 2013/January 2014


Living in peace

These past few days I have been enjoying the postings by the administrator of our Facebook page (The Village of Irene) who has decided to list something they are grateful for every day of December. How refreshing it is to read something positive each day, from being grateful for waking up in one of the most beautiful suburbs in Pretoria to being proudly South African. Madiba’s passing has left some sadness in our hearts and a determination to continue the legacy he has left behind. As I listen to all the aircraft arriving with various loads for the flock of Presidents, global figures and A-list celebs that will soon arrive on our doorstep for what is going to be a global farewell, I can’t help but feel pride for our land is truely beautiful. And my pride was tenfold when on my travels around our peaceful village, I discovered that the 9th Pretoria (Irene) Air Scouts have erected a flagpole on their premises with the South African flag flying half-mast in honour of Nelson Mandela. Even our village of Irene is making a mark on this momentous time. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very blessed Christmas and a fabulous New Year. Travel safe. Till next year


For God so loved the world , that he gave his only Son , that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life . Town Crier December 2013/January 2014 - John 3:16

Christmas for the Guards


Just a reminder that we are collecting goodies for our EBS guards over the festive season. Many live far from home and so we would like to treat all our guards and thank them for working and keeping us safe over Christmas and New Year. We would appreciate donations of the following items which may be delivered to Jan or Dawie at The Oval office between 6am – 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Cheese Wedges Chips/Fritos/Nik Naks Biscuits (small packs) Pot noodles

Cool drinks Peanuts & Raisins Peanut Brittle Fruit Rolls Snack bars Knorr Cup a Soup Sweets/fizzers/suckers

Cash donations may also be made - these will be used to purchase extra goodies. Perishables such as fruit or muffins may be delivered nearer Christmas or New Year to Dawie, EBS Manager at the Oval. If you are willing to assist with packing goodie bags, please contact Jan or Alyson With many thanks Your ILA


You said it

The opinions expressed in this readers’ column are not necessarily shared by the publisher of the Irene Town Crier. Readers’ views can be e-mailed to

Gripes and grins On my daily perambulations this morning I noted with such dismay that there were 8 residences in Lawrence (sometimes Laurence) Lane without ILA notices and another 5 in Chatham. Is that the average around the Village? This sad and sorry state of morals, conscience and community spirit let alone the fact that many a less fortunate resident is paying for these unthinking souls’ security! Your daily smile comes from the fact that so many drivers pass me by at great speeds and wave to me at my ‘three-fingered and zero of thumb and forefinger’ salute. Makes me giggle at their tom-foolery and obvious miscreant vehicle (because they must all be good people, they drive big flashy cars) or is it the cement encrusted boot they wear on that accelerator’d foot?

With the recent heavy rain that floods the subway with drains blocked with everything from sand to foliage to garbage, paired with the bi-weekly ‘truck stuck/broken down’ under the subway I would like to suggest that we appeal on mass to our local Council to ensure that the subway is accessible to traffic so that we don’t have to pay R10.33 round trip every time we have to drop or collect our kids from school (Cornwall Hill College). This would entail the regular clearing of the drainage under the subway and perhaps better signage further up route for the huge oversized transport vehicles that get stuck with regularity under it!

Dear Editor

OpenSky Recycling continues to offer Irene residents a substantial discount on the collection of unsorted recycling waste. At only R65/month you could make a huge difference to the Thank you overfilled landfill sites, not to mention the reuse of your waste and the saving Ros Ambler Lindley of natural resources. OpenSky not only recycle, they communicate and Clean up! educate their client base constantly and I’m proud to be a brand E-Tolls have been foisted upon us by this government and as a public we are ambassador for them! Give it a try, it only takes one spark to light a fire! now forced to decide on every route we take and how much it is likely to Heather  cost us.

Town Crier December 2013/January 2014

Five little ducks that lost their way! 7 As a birder, I should know my ducks! The ducks found in Chatham Rd recently were not Yellow Billed ducks but the pretty pure white ones with yellow beaks that you see at the farm and Irene Homes! Here are a few of the delightful and witty exchanges I received from residents, following the ILA email I sent out: Colin wrote: duck à l’orange anyone? Liz wrote: A pair of yellow-billed ducks have been swimming in my pool for over a year now - unhatched eggs in the undergrowth and the parents leave and return every now and then. Like the little slender mongoose that passes through my garden occasionally and the cheeky little hedgehog that visits every now and then - just leave them, they are happy and living comfortably in our compost heaps, undergrowth etc. etc. Just yesterday Mr & Mrs Dikkop (Thick knee) appeared with their two baby chicks just over the wall in Irene Homes babes doing well and Mom & Dad so proud - leave them, they have chosen to settle in our village and so be it! We are privileged to just observe. From Theuns: My ducks are still in a row, I think! And a plea from Duncan: Somebody seems to have lost a thousand Hadeda Ibis that have found their way into my garden. The owner must be frantic by now and should come and collect them to avoid further stress to the birds and themselves! How wonderful it is to live in Irene! More of my chuckles next month. Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas

Alyson Lea-Cox

HOME SAFETY TIPSÂ A watchdog is a good early warning system. Keep it visible as a deterrent but beyond the reach of strangers. The unexplainable death of a watchdog is a warning sign of a possible burglary. If your house alarm goes off, or you hear strange noises or your dogs bark switch on the outside lights. Always check the identity of strangers who visit for business purposes, to do deliveries or repairs. Ensure that you stay out of their reach to prevent being grabbed through a closed gate. Report suspicious characters who pose a threat to the police. When employing someone request their identity document and make a copy thereof for safekeeping. Check their previous employment references and do security clearances at the police. Install the best security you can afford, for example the security gates at outside doors. Keep these gates locked. If possible fix a door viewer and latch chain. When approaching your house entrance by foot or by car ensure that it is safe to enter and that you have not been followed. Be aware of persons loitering at the entrance. Always keep you keys safe to prevent duplication thereof. Never leave your house keys under a doormat or in a pot plant. Once you have locked your door from the inside remove the key and place it in a safe place. Do not leave keys in a hidden place for domestic staff or children, robbers often stake out a house and will find out about these hiding places. Do not give keys to people who do not live on the property or to anyone if it is not absolutely necessary. Know your neighbours and build a relationship of mutual trust and support. When going away inform them. It is always best to arrange with persons living in the same street as you to be ready at all times to come to the rescue of one another in dangerous or suspicious times. Exchange phone numbers or signalling methods when you find yourself in distress. Your strength always lies in how many people are able to support you in an emergency.

If you buy luxury goods, cut up the boxes and dispose of these in tied black bags, a branded box is a telltale sign of what thieves could find in your house. Keep cash and valuables in banks or safes. Store your firearms in a safe.

POLICE BLUE LIGHT PROTOCOL If a driver feels uncomfortable when being flagged down by the cops, there is a process to follow. Multiple reports including the latest in which hip hop artist Khuli Chana was shot following claims and counter claims that he refused to pull over for police prompted Justice Project SA and Road Traffic Management Cooperation to explain what should be done if blue light vehicles attempt to flag you down. JPSA National Chairperson, Howard Dembovsky, highlighted that South African law with respect to stopping for police or traffic officials is very clear and it is an offence not to stop for them. But, with the ready availability of police uniform, blue lights and bogus marked police vehicles the level of fear surrounding being stopped is understandable. In response to the recent expose, the National Commissioner of police, General Riah Phiyega, announced the establishment of a dedicated unit to investigate blue light crimes in which people are hijacked, assaulted and robbed. Incidents of this nature number more than more than 250… Quick facts: correct protocol when feeling threatened Slow down to 40km/h and turn your hazards lights on, place right arm out the window and gesture for the vehicle to follow you. Proceed to the nearest police station or petrol station forecourt, call 10111 and get the registration number of the car. If unsure where the nearest police station is, ask the 10111 operator. When outside the police station, hoot until police arrive and remain calm, respectful, explain your reason for not stopping.

SECURTY TIPS ON FALSE ALARMS Alarm systems are intended to make us feel safe and alert your security service provider of true emergencies. However, false alarms somewhat diminishes the overall effectiveness of your alarms system. Listed below is information that would help you to limit the number of false alarms at your site:

Town Crier December 2013/January 2014

Have your alarm installed by a qualified company. If you accidentally set off your alarm, let your alarm company know immediately; know and be ready to provide your password. Make sure all alarm users and key-holders are trained to use the system and know the codes to arm and disarm the system including how to cancel a false alarm. Do not leave anything that will move (pets, plants, balloons, drapes, blinds, etc.) in a room protected by a motion detector. Ensure there are no drafts which may move items in these rooms. Be sure that doors and windows are tight fitting. Adjust hinges and strike plates so the door only moves 1/4 inch when pulled or pushed. Source: falsealarms_prevention_tips.htm Captain Colette Weilbach Brooklyn SAPS

Sylvia Gibbons


Sylvia Gibbons, 082 374 4778

Glenda Saxby, 076 316 9632

Passionate about Irene property and proud supporters of the ILA


lawn services

Glenda Saxby, 076 316 9632

Your neighbourhood lawn specialist Carroll Townsend, 082 560 9423

Frans Jordaan 082 668 2431


We visit your lawn 4 times a year, once every season and apply our magic blends of fertilizers and the agents to control weeds, insects and diseases for the best looking lawn in town.

Dear Residents and ILA Members The December festive season is finally here and we are sure that many of you will be relieved to experience a bit of holiday time with family and friends or to have the chance to spend time away or just a slow wind down at the end of the year. Driving at this time can also be hazardous so please be careful on the roads should you be driving and come home safely to us after your holiday break. Criminals, sadly, never go on holiday so we’d like to give you a few pointers when heading off over this time to ensure that you and your homes remain safe and undisturbed. Protecting your perimeter The perimeter wall is your first line of defence. Should you have an electric fence on the wall, ensure that the system is maintained and in good working order. Stop intruders gaining access over your wall. This will stop criminals from getting into the property to tamper with doors and alarm systems. Your second line of defence can be outdoor beams connected to your alarm system and lastly you should have a good alarm system with zones and an audible alarm. If you have an alarm system in your home, make sure it is working at all times. Test it regularly, especially after heavy storms, power disruptions and before you go on holiday. The systems guarantee and your insurance cover may be compromised if your alarm system is found to be out of order at the time of the claim. Always switch on the alarm system when you leave home. If your alarm is not switched on at the time of an unforeseen break-in, an insurer can refuse your claim. Crime spike Two wendy house break-ins, an attempted motor cycle theft and the theft of two Yaris’s outside the school premises during a school function in the month of November are a reminder that criminals never give up! We have to assume that opportunistic crime, in this case targeting low risk Wendy houses, is being perpetrated by petty criminals who know how to move around the village undetected. What is encouraging is that EBS’s performance continues to impress, their guys are alert and reactive and the

message is getting through to the criminal element. The cars being stolen is unfortunate, but they were definitely taken by a syndicate. It is advisable that when you are having a number of vehicles parked outside your home, especially as we head into the festive season, you make provision for a car guard. A reliable gardener would appreciate an extra few rands and a plate of food. Booms and gates It has been noticed that certain drivers entering or leaving the village have found an alternative way to open the boom. The vehicle drives as close as possible to the hand sensor to line the mirror up with the sensor and this process then triggers the sensor to open the boom. This action has resulted in the hand sensors being hooked and damaged. Drivers should also take care when exiting at Pioneer and Bruce gates. In some instances pedestrians enter the village via these gates once it has opened for a vehicle. This results in the pedestrian triggering the beam and the gate starts closing before the vehicle can exit safely. Make your neighbour a friend If you have any friends in your street or neighbourhood that you can trust, give them a copy of your key and put their phone number on your list of emergency numbers. Advise your neighbour if you are going away and provide them with a contact number should they observe any unwanted activity at your home while away. Teach your children Spend some time showing your children how to use the telephone and where to locate the list of emergency numbers. Explain each emergency number to them and make sure that they know the best procedure for any crisis situation. Strangers can easily mislead children. Allocate a “trust word� and give this word to an adult as a form of password to let the children know that you gave them permission and that it is safe to trust the stranger in an emergency. Junkmail Try to ensure that your post box is cleared on a regular basis should you be going away so that your piled up mail does not make your unoccupied house a target to criminals. Pets

Please ensure that you have made alternative accommodation arrangements for your pet’s if you’re not going to be at home. Lost dogs cannot be held by the ILA and will have to be taken to the SPCA for safe keeping until claimed. If you have arranged for a pet sitter, please ensure that they have you pets’ vet contact details available too. Electricity Remember to turn off your stove, tv and your geyser – apart from the safety hazard it will save on your energy account. Recycling After unwrapping the mountains of gifts that are packaged in everything from paper and cardboard to plastic and polystyrene, please keep the paper items separate for collection by Ronnie Recycling or sign up with Open Sky Recycling (who offer residents of Irene a hugely discounted rate for recycling collection and disposal without the inconvenience of having to separate everything out) and let them do the work. Log onto to join.

“What we do today, right now, will have an accumulated effect on all of our tomorrows” – Alexandra Stoddard EBS Guards We would like all to take the opportunity to thank EBS and all their staff for the excellent work during the year. Please read our notice on page 5 with regards to donations for the guards this Christmas. Membership Our services are only delivered due to our memberships support. Should you not currently be a member and would like to contribute toward the on-going security of our village, please contact Jan or Alyson. Contact numbers: Alyson Lea-Cox: Jan Swanepoel:

072 714 3740 083 607 6600

We wish you all a very blessed and restful Christmas and a prosperous 2014.

Your ILA


... for gift shopping and spending time as a family on a well deserved break. As the holiday period commences I’d like to take this opportunity to let you know that it’s clients like you who make my business great! I wish you and yours a happy festive season!

Liza Smit 082 990 6468



Ros Ambler and David Lindley of Arnold Road are very proud to announce, that our daughter Rebecca de Beyer married her Phil Worsley at Rockhaven Farm in Elgin on 19 October 2013. During an entire week of inclement weather, we were thoroughly blessed with bright sunshine and those dreamy African blue skies that even the Western Cape can conjure up during Spring. I collected rose petals from our Bush n Roses Garden for a mere 6 months and now wish to continue doing so for another bride. Anyone wanting petals please contact Ros on 012Â 667 2741.

Photo: Lisle Caromba

It seems we aren’t the only ones who enjoy a good walk around the streets of Irene... Photo submitted by Barbara Tanton Town Crier December 2013/January 2014

Putting a price tag on your pet’s health and happiness It’s easy to be taken in by a cute puppy or precocious kitten and there are very few of us who can resist the temptation to bring a cuddly creature home, only to find out that puppy/kitty is not quite so cute when it is chewing your shoes, peeing on your carpet and eating you out of house and home! Yip, before you know it you may have two, four or even six petulant pets as well as a couple of cantankerous kids and a long-suffering husband to contend with; and to all extents and purposes, this is what makes up ‘a family’ (hamster/ snake/rabbit not intentionally excluded, of course). Which brings me to the next consideration: once these pets have infiltrated our lives and made themselves part of the family, we owe it to them to provide the best possible care – as we would for our children. Safety: Your pet, like your child, should not be able to leave your yard. If your pet is walked regularly, neutered and spayed, chances are it won’t be trying to escape out of boredom or from a desire to ‘meet and greet’ the neighbourhood females. The amount of road kill we see on our roads bears testimony to how many pet owners are negligible in securing their properties properly. Agreed, cats are tricky to keep under lock and key, but at least collar or tag your kitty so that if she strays you have a chance of locating her. Again, if kitty is fed, neutered/spade and happy, chances are he/she ain’t gonna wander very far from home. Automatic gates should have motion sensors to prevent your pet from a nasty (ugh!) fate and pools should be fitted with a cover to prevent accidents (both pet and child related). While cats will rarely wind up in the drink, dogs are another story – make it your mission to teach your dog to swim to the steps order to get out should he fall in. This is not as difficult as it sounds: get into the pool with your pooch and allow him to swim to the closest edge (he will do this instinctively) then guide him to the steps. Make sure you repeat the exercise every now and then to reinforce the lesson and after a while he will understand that that is the correct way out. A drowned pet is an avoidable scenario – take the time to teach your pets, as you would your toddler, to swim to the steps! Many people go away, sometimes for long periods of time, leaving their pets unattended. This is a recipe for disaster; book your pet in at the kennels or find a reliable house-sitter; at the very least have someone look in on them regularly. Neglect and hunger will drive a pet to resort to desperate tactics, often with fatal consequences. Good nutrition: No, I’m not suggesting Fido eat with the family, but it is important

to scrutinise the ingredients listed on your dog or cat food as you would when purchasing food for your human family. As with most things in life, ‘cheap’ is (normally) ‘nasty’ and while you may pat yourself on the back for saving pennies when it comes to your pet food, the truth will make itself known when you have piles of poop to pick up because the food has no absorbable nutritional value and you will probably spend the saved pennies (and more) on vet’s bills when your pet breaks out in skin rashes, etc. Don’t guess when it comes to quality or amount; obtain a vet’s opinion if you’re not sure what your breed of pet requires nutritionally. Of course, every pet likes the occasional treat, but avoid giving bones as they can at best cause constipation or worse, can become stuck in throats, perforating oesophagus and intestines; a taxing situation for both you, your pet and your finances. A really large bone that can be gnawed without causing damage may be used to keep teeth clean though, just make sure it’s thrown away once it has been whittled down so that it is not swallowed whole. Hygiene and grooming: If you thought brushing your toddler’s teeth was tough, then you’re in for a shock, but brushing your pet’s teeth can prolong its life. If your hound has been raised on table titbits chances are his teeth are already rotten and you will know about it – it is not for nothing that we refer to halitosis as ‘dogbreath’ and this is the first sign that your pet has a problem. No, false teeth will not save the day, you will wind up pureeing and spoon-feeding your pet if you don’t take care. There is nothing wrong with grooming your own dog if you can’t afford the lat-


est coiffure at the poodle parlour; treat this exercise as an opportunity to bond with your pet. Pets love the brushing and attention and seriously won’t mind if your grooming skills are somewhat lacking! Luckily cats are able to do their own thing, but check kitty for ticks and fleas regularly too. Deworming is not a onceoff activity either. Most vets will deworm your pets when you take them for their vaccinations, but you should be deworming your pets (and your kids) at least 3 to 4 times a year. Exercise: While we all seem to be highly enlightened these days on the benefits of exercising our human bodies, we often overlook the requirements of our pets. Cats have this generally sewn up; you don’t need to put your cat on a leash thank goodness, but you do have to provide kitty with space to roam safely. The incidents of pet obesity is on the increase as some pets are inclined to emulate their sedentary human counterparts; the couch-potato-cat is no stranger to the family home nowadays, while ADHD-exuberant dogs often resort to digging up the garden in sheer frustration, others bark incessantly or simply sink into a depressed overweight despair, leaving their baskets only to ‘fill-up’ as mealtime becomes the highlight of their day. Neglect is abuse and it can have serious health implications for your pet; make a concerted effort to take your dog for a walk and chase your cat round the room if necessary to get her off the couch; you will all be happier, healthier and fitter for the exercise! Safe sex: Sadly, there is no such thing for a pet, so unless you’re planning a pet pregnancy, there is only one option. The cost is the main reason why people put off

spaying or neutering their pets though. Where there’s a will (or a female in heat), there’s a way – rather spay/neuter one cat or dog than have the expense of a whole litter. Health: This is a biggie and probably the paragraph you would like to avoid reading, because let’s face it, maintaining your pet’s health can be a costly business when it comes to vaccinations, especially if you have a menagerie at home. Vaccinate your pets people! Close your eyes, take a deep breath and just do it regularly. The cost may make you foam at the mouth, but if your dog contracts rabies (which kills ¹50 000 people annually throughout the world), the consequences for your family would be fatal. For good reason therefore, ²Rabies vaccinations for dogs and cats are compulsory in South Africa. Love: We are often so exhausted meeting the emotional demands of our children and spouse that when Fido fondly licks our hand and stares at us with that ‘love me please’ stare, we often find our-

selves too emotionally spent to show much interest. Just remember though, when you adopted Fido or Fiffi you became responsible for meeting their requirements for attention and affirmation too. Loving your pet, as with loving a child, means providing kind but firm discipline, establishing a routine (feeding time, play time and sleeping time) and sticking to it as far as possible. The more you adhere to this, the easier your life and the happier (and more stabile) your pet. As with children, pets are less likely to display behavioural problems if their emotional as well as physical requirements are being met. Sadly, once we have children, our pets often take a backseat in this regard, but you can make a change, starting today; your pet will forgive you in a second – that’s what makes having pets so wonderful, they love you unconditionally. Who could put a price tag on that kind of loyalty? ¹ ² Important Canine Infectious diseases

Irene offers tennis for free to all pensioners at the prestigious Country Club


Sport is important for people of all age groups but probably even more so for our elders, whom should be getting regular exercise in a good team environment, says Mr Craig Herbst, chairman of the club. It is for this reason that Irene will open its doors and offer free tennis to all pensioners. Tim Donkin and Craig Herbst

Irene has become one of the leading tennis clubs in South Africa with a membership of over a hundred, six courts that have recently been resurfaced (three under lights), a fulltime administrator and the tennis members have recently refurbished the old golf club under the trees at a cost of R500 000. Whilst the club is very active over weekends, it has a shortage of older members that play during the week. The club will thus offer tennis for this age group for free, Thursdays 9h00 to 11h00. Games will be organised by a member and administrator starting with a round robin the first week so that players can get to know one another.               There will be a formal opening on 12 December 2013. All senior citizens are invited to attend. A coach will be on hand to offer help to all those who haven’t played for a long time. The club also has a well-stocked tennis shop for those whom may want to upgrade their rackets. Contact Deme at 072 096 9830 if you would like to find out more or book your place.





Scissor man (Pieter van der Merwe) Can sharpen knifes, scissors and garden tools. Deliveries and collections can be made at Irene Homes - 2 Albert Road, Irene or Contact Maureen on 012 667 5285.

Naomi Smith

083 461 1231 Your reSideNt realtor ServiNg ireNe reSideNtS SiNce 2002


Vaccination saves lives Vaccination is one of the greatest breakthroughs in modern medicine. No other medical intervention has done more to save lives and improve quality of life. According to the World Health Organization estimates, vaccination saves the lives of more than 3 million people worldwide each year and prevents millions of others from suffering from disease and permanent disabilities. Smallpox, which used to kill 5 million people each year was eradicated in 1980 due to vaccination. Many parents still choose not to vaccinate and while their children are partially protected by herd immunity (because the general population is vaccinated) they are still at risk of contracting vaccine preventable diseases. In 1998 the safety of vaccines received a severe knock when the British, reputable, medical magazine The Lancet published a study by Dr Andrew Wakefield stating that there is a correlation between the MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine and Autism. In the years following this parents stopped vaccinating and many children died or suffered severe disabilities as a result of contracting these diseases. His work was subsequently discredited and the flaws in his scientific study were not honest mistakes but an ‘elaborate fraud’. The Lancet has since retracted the article and printed many studies proving the safety of the vaccine. As the symptoms of Autism become apparent at around the time the MMR is given (15 months) the relationship is coincidental and NOT causative. Streptococcus pneumoniae is a common bacteria which causes invasive diseases such as pneumoniae, meningitis, speticaemia, acute otitis media and upper and lower respiratory infections. Pneumococcal disease is treated primarily with antibiotics. Some pneumococcal strains have become antibiotic resistant making treatment of these diseases very difficult and expensive. Many of these diseases are vaccine preventable. The South African EPI (Extended Program of Immunization) offers a 13 valent (contains 13 strains of which 2 – 19A and 6A are already antibiotic resistant) pneumococcal vaccine to babies from the age of 6 weeks. Since the introduction of this vaccine into our EPI the incidence of antibiotic resistant invasive disease has declined among children under two years of age by 80%. Cervical cancer continues to be the second largest cause of cancer deaths in women worldwide. In South Africa, every year, 5 743 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and 3 000 die from the disease. About 21% of women in the general population were estimated to harbor cervical HPV at any given time. 82% Of invasive cervical cancers globally are caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV) types 16, 18, 31, 33 and 45. HPV is sexually transmitted and cervical

25 cancer is asymptomatic until it has already progressed to invasive disease at which point a hysterectomy is the only treatment option. Often the disease has already spread and requires radiation and chemo therapy as well. As cervical cancer is asymptomatic until it is invasive it is vitally important for sexually active women to go for regular (at least every two years) pap smears to detect and treat HPV early. This way 90% of cervical cancer could be prevented. From next year (2014) a bi-valent HPV vaccine will be available on our EPI. It will be offered to girls from the age of 10 years and will be a course of 3 injections. This vaccine has demonstrated effective protection against the 5 most common HPV types causing cervical cancer. We have a great history of stunning success, such as the eradication of smallpox and the control and decrease of many epidemic diseases. Vaccinate, don’t procrastinate – it could save a life. Source Information. •

Clinical Microbiology Reviews 1998 October

Immunise Today March 2011

N Engl J Med April 2006

Rapport February 2010

Why Immunize

Management of infections caused by antibiotic resistant Streptococcus Pneumoniae

Clinical update of the ASO4- Adjuvanted Human Papillomavirus cervical cancer vaccine

Immunise Today August 2011 Clinic times

Sr Heike Millar •

Mondays         10h00 - 15h00

Cell: 082 954 8376 / Tel: 012 685 5500

Tuesdays        12h00 - 19h00

Fax:   086 248 7867

Wednesdays  07h30 - 13h00


Thursdays       08h00 - 14h00 •

3rd Saturday of the month      08h00 -13h00


Small businesses

Ann Campbell (ARAD – Teach Dip) School of Dance: offering Pilates and Body Conditioning, Ballet – especially for the younger child at home studio and Irene Homes Hall, Ballroom and Latin American – social group classes, private lessons and wedding dances. Phone Ann 012 667 5187/083 316 7842 or email ann@ Firewood/kaggel hout: Delivered per half ton load, one solid cube cut to size, delivered at your convenience. Call Oscar 078 389 9632. R780 per cube, free delivery included. Anthracite also available.

LP Gas: Cannisters delivered to your home. 9kg, 19kg, 48kg. Phone Colin 082 856 5335 e-mail orders colin. Irene School of T’ai Chi Ch’uan: Holistic Internal Martial Art incorporating deep breathing, slow rythmic movement bringing balance and harmony, peace and tranquillity. Self defence martial applications. Often described as a moving meditation. Please Contact Ainslie at 012 667 2262 or 082 568 0467.

fencing, burglar bars, security gates and motorised gates and intercom systems. Guaranteed professional work. Phone Koos Sutherland 082 374 7164. Extra Maths classes for Gr 8 to 12 in Irene (English or Afrikaans). Available from 16h00 to 18h00 weekdays. Fees payable per class or month. Contact Sigrid van der Walt (B.Sc (Hons) Mathematics) at 082 253 5079.


Need professional shuttle services? Please note that the Efficient and profescorrect cell phone sional door-to-door number for shuttle services to OR Graham Finbow Tambo airport and who featured an around Pretoria/Johannesburg areas. Tel 072 article on Electrical 681 1713 or kpkshutCertificates of

Photography: take advantage of our wonderful village surroundings and capture memories for years to come. Contact Security/SteelHeather 083 498 8777 for information on photo work: Welding and repair work of steel shoots.

plaince in our November 13 issue of Irene Town Crier is: 084 742 7689

Town Crier December 2013/January 2014

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Thandi is looking for domestic work from Monday Johanna has been work- to Thursday, her work is ing for me for almost 20 impeccable, she is Zimbabwean with working years. She is looking papers and has a proper for work for one day a command of the English week in exchange for a room for herself and her language. Please contact Peter 072 390 5451 for son who attends Irene Primary. The accommo- reference purposes and Thandi's number is 078 dation will only be from Monday night to Thursday 392 2052. night. Until now they have Margaret is looking for been travelling up to 4 hours a day and there is work for 4 days a week or full-time. She cleaned not enough time left for school homework. We are and did washing and also prepared to pay for ironing for us as well for accommodation. Contact our tenant who is not with us anymore and thereHelen Nel at 012 667 fore we no longer require 1878 or 083 235 5865. her services. She also helped with our children Joyce is looking for domestic work for Tuesdays, and she really cooks well. Thursdays and Saturdays Margaret is fully bilingual. Contact her directly on in Irene, she is honest 079 319 3728 or 0766 and hardworking. Call 789 629 for a reference. Joyce on 073 223 6536 or Natasha for reference Grace is looking for full 082 784 9176. time work and she is able to sleep in. She speaks Tabeth,a hardworking English and her Afrikaans Zimbabwean is looking for domestic work. She is is excellent. She is able available from Monday to to read a recipe and her Friday. Reference Nadia cooking is very good. Please call Grace on 082 Grobler 079 491 9579. 847 4771, references are Contact Tabeth on 083 available. 623 2070.

Joyce Motshopo (073 836 2213) is looking for work for Tuesdays and Thursdays. She is still employed with us for the rest of the week and lives in Irene. Reference Dirk 083 661 8405.

Gardeners James is looking for gardening and painting work for Tuesdays, Wedenesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Please call 072 842 2176. Reference Jason 083 252 0077.

Services 3rd Year OT student available for weekend/holiday babysitting. Irene resident. Megan 071 243 8511. Matric student available for weekend babysitting. Can also help at birthday parties and during school holidays. Irene resident. Courtney 081 371 1536. 22 year-old responsible aspirant vet students, based in Irene, are here to ensure your pets, and homes are well looked

after this Festive Season. With 5 years experience in feeding, walking, playing as well as pool care, garden watering, housesitting and everything inbetween, you can rest assured that your home will be well looked after. Contact Jean Malan 084 536 3805 or Matthew Oldnall 071 896 5180.


Please note: Irene Library will be closed for the holidays from Friday, 13 December 2013 to 6 January 2014.

Smuts House Museum Jan Smuts Ave, off Nellmapius Rd, Irene

Ouma’s Tea Garden (Tea Garden closed on Mondays)

Small Functions, Arboretum & Trail Art show every 2nd Sunday of the month Dogs on leads welcome Smuts House: 012 667 1176/80 071 100 8481 Tea Garden: 083 595 7293

Elize van den Berg 082 924 5178 012 667 2273

Many of you may remember me, Pat MacDonald, as an ex resident of Irene and still residing nearby. I have recently joined Property.CoZa, an Estate Agency very active in Centurion. With my previous selling experience and love of the very special Irene Village, I can give you valuations and advise on selling or buying of property in the area. I look forward to being of service to you in the near future. Contact details: Cell 083Â 272 7154 Email


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071 576 5904

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