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April 2013

Irene Town Crier

Living in peace

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Town Crier April 2013


Living in peace

The past few weeks have reinforced my belief that we quiet possibly live in the most popular suburb in Pretoria. I have been flooded with phone calls of late from people desperately looking for accommodation in Irene – from cottage rentals to houses for sale! Coupled with the fact that within a day of the previous issue being delivered (in fact it may have even been on the same day), a resident had already gone to great lengths in assisting Roger Browne with trying to decipher what the fungus growing in his garden was (read all about it on page 10), I have no doubt that this indeed is the most neighbourly place to live. As we discovered, this fungus is a rare find and true to Irene form, we can add this gem to our list of reasons why Irene is a special place. In the years that we have lived here we have had a resident owl in our tree, a bush baby visiting from time to time, a squirrel running across our yard, we’ve seen parrots in the street and to top it all off, there was a peacock strutting its stuff outside our front gate a few months back – all this in our back yard! Not to mention the ‘sightings’ of monkeys at the dairy. I wonder if our children realise just how lucky they are to be residing in such a unique village. Our four-legged friends are just as lucky to reside here, Irene must be the most ‘dog friendly’ village around. From all the wonderful walks through our lanes to the freedom of being able to run around the oval, it’s definately a ‘dog’s life’. Although the people of Irene are what make it special, there are many ‘behind the scenes’ residents dedicated to ensuring that Irene remains a well run suburb. Please be sure to diarise and attend the ILA AGM scheduled for 23 May 2013 (more details on page 13). Till next month,

Tracey Town Crier April 2013

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Finally, all of you, live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love as brothers, be compassionate and humble . 1 Peter 3:8

Town Crier April 2013


You said it

The opinions expressed in this readers’ column are not necessarily shared by the publisher of the Irene Town Crier. Readers’ views can be e-mailed to

Dear Town Crier,

It was with interest that I read the letter by Anonymous in your March 13 issue regarding the state of many of the verges in our lovely little village. I too am conscious of this sad situation each time I venture forth from our little piece of paradise.   I often wonder if residents of our village believe that the condition of the little strip of land between their front boundary and the road is in fact the responsibility of someone other than themselves. In our household we are perhaps fortunate to be able to afford the services of a one-day-per-week gardener and I am fully aware that there are others in the village (also retired) less fortunate than us in that regard.   However, your correspondent is absolutely correct. A little TLC on our verges will indeed add to the aesthetic of the village. It will, I am sure, add value to individual properties concerned as well.   Finally, a matter that troubles me Town Crier April 2013

perhaps more than our village verges. I refer to that eyesore of eyesores, the station/shopping centre and surrounds. Over the 22-years of our residence in Irene I have watched the steady deterioration of this particular area. Clearly the litter problem is emanating mostly from foot-traffic to and from the station. But what of the ridiculous weed-infested ‘stonework’ along the verge of Main Road? I’ve finally given up phoning the many council numbers gleaned over the years to complain. Nobody seems interested in the problem. Best regards, Anonymous2

Lionel comes home... My husband, Lionel, fell off a motorbike in November last year and was taken by ambulance to the nearest Trauma ICU which was at the Union Hospital in Alberton. The extent of his injuries was considerable: he was in a coma and then sedated for the first six weeks. Initially the entire left side of his body was paralysed and he could breathe only with the aid of a ventilator, a tracheotomy and feeding tubes were subsequently inserted. He suffered from a smashed face, eye injuries and a broken arm. We were warned that he was critical and that we could

expect him to have extensive brain 1. Try to dissuade loved ones from damage if he lived. riding motorbikes! Knowing the trauma, the unhappiness, the horror Driving to and from Alberton twice of Lionel’s accident, I would never let a day took its toll and when Lionel a loved one ride a motorbike again. developed further life-threatening septicaemia, drug resistant double 2. Get the best medical aid coverage pneumonia and renal failure we and disability insurance you can managed to have him transferred afford. Lionel was in hospital for 4½ to Unitas Hospital here in Centurion months, most of the time in ICUs. where they diagnosed gall stones as Sometimes he was visited by up to the source of the septicaemia and four specialists and three therapists took out his gall bladder (whilst he (physio, occupational, speech) a was still in a coma). After a month day. To date, his costs have topped or so in ICU at Unitas, he improved ± R2 million. sufficiently to be transferred to Riverfields Rehabilitation Centre 3. Help in the home. In the event on the way to Muldersdrift. Finally, of a death or illness in the family after 4½ months of hospitalisation/ one needs round-the-clock help in the home just to answer the phone rehabilitation, he came home. to caring friends, give out bulletins Our family has been totally and and thank concerned friends and utterly overwhelmed by the kindness neighbours for their support. It just we have received over these last isn’t possible to cope alone. few months: the telephone calls and messages of support, the e-mails, 4. Keep a notepad next to the the cards, the groceries, the flowers phone and at the front door and and the meals (we didn’t need to write down names of who phoned cook for the first five weeks). Thank with good wishes and who dropped you too to St Martin’s Hospital off meals, flowers, etc. Everyone Visiting Group and Prayer Chain and says “you don’t need to thank us…”, to all the Irene residents who have but it is nice to be thanked and we helped us through this difficult time. wanted to let people know how much we appreciated their kindness, So many friends and neighbours but the flood of calls takes one by have expressed interest and concern surprise and we needed to keep a that we thought the following tips record of whom to thank. might help others in the event of an 5. Names on crockery/disposable unexpected death or disability: dishes. If you take meals to sick Lessons learnt households, make sure you stick Town Crier April 2013

your name underneath the dish as the meal may have to be frozen and eaten later. Better still, take meals in disposable containers so the family doesn’t have to try and remember who to return dishes to.

an accident or death. Lionel had disability coverage and other income from various sources, but even knowing the circumstances of his accident and the fact that we didn’t have access to his accounts, none of the financial organisations would pay into any bank account other than Lionel’s own account (which we had no access to), so after a few months with no money coming into the home, this was a major problem.

6. It is not enough to have a will – make sure you know where it is! When things looked bleak we wanted to find Lionel’s will. Yes, he had one but the lawyer who drew it up and with whom it was lodged had apparently passed away long ago and the law society couldn’t tell us 9. Power of attorney vs who had taken over his practice. curatorship. Power of attorney can only be granted when the person 7. Make sure your nearest and themselves can sign the forms. As dearest can get access to your Lionel was in a coma, we had to computer. Lionel had dealt with all apply for curatorship, which had to his financial affairs on his computer be drawn up by an attorney and in and none of the family knew his our case, needed to go twice through passwords. We knew monthly debit the courts. This was an extremely orders were being paid automatically lengthy, harrowing, frustrating and from one of his bank accounts, but expensive experience, hence read not only would the banks not show point 8 above. us his statements, they wouldn’t even tell us if there was money left Lionel is now doing really well. The in the accounts, thus we ran the initial diagnosis of paralysis was risk of various policies, insurances, incorrect and his nerves proved medical aid, etc. falling away if damaged and not severed. Although accounts went into arrears and he is now 15 kilos lighter and still premiums were not paid. Perhaps lacks stamina, he walks around put relevant passwords in a sealed the Oval and gets stronger every envelope and give them to a friend day. His personality and sense of of the family to keep in the event of humour have remained intact. such a happening. THANK YOU IRENE for the 8. Make prior arrangements with amazing care, concern and support banks, insurance companies we received. and spouse’s work to pay claims into the bank account of another Cilla, Gillian, Thomas and Phillipa family member in the event of Taylor

9 Mark Tanton, son of Barbara, has just had a sod turning ceremony of the first ever South African owned wind farm. He is MD of Red Cap Investments and is an ex Irene Primary and Pretoria Boys High pupil.


R2 billion renewable energy project for Oyster Bay MONIQUE BASSON


OUGA residents are a significant step closer to being able to purchase “clean” electricity.

This follows the turning of the first sod for the construction of the R2 billion Red Cap Wind Farm project on Friday. It is expected that the 32-turbine wind farm, to be constructed at Oyster Bay, will go into operation during the second quarter of 2014 and inject in excess of R250 million into community upliftment pro-jects. The wind farm, which was named as one of the preferred bidders in the Government’s independent power producer procurement programme in December 2011, will generate 80MW of clean and renewable energy. This is enough energy to supply 100 000 households. “Today signifies the true start of a greener economy and benefits that will follow,” Mark Tanton, a director of the wind farm, said on Friday. “However, we need everyone to support our destiny, as we can only change the destiny of the people of the area by working together.” Tanton continued: “The construction of the Kouga Wind Farm is the realization of a dream to build a proudly South African wind farm with significant community ownership. “Red Cap contracts in specific international expertise in the absence of local bases expertise, but has partnered exclusively with

South African companies to develop and own the wind farm, as it is committed to ensuring that significant skills transfer takes place.” According to Tanton 250 jobs will be created during the construction phase. Seventeen of these jobs will be unskilled labour which will be sourced locally. The remainder will be made up of a balance between semi-skilled and skilled jobs to be sourced locally as much as possible. Apart from generating clean and renewable energy, the project will benefit local communities through the Red Cap Kouga Community Development Trust. The Trust, which holds a 26% shareholding in the project company courtesy of an Industrial Development Corporation loan, will derive income off the sale of electricity and this will be used to uplift the local community by funding health, welfare, education, local infrastructural and enterprise development projects. According to the SA minister of energy, Dipuo Peters, local community members must realise that they will not only be 26% stakeholders, but they are also responsible and accountable for the extend of the success of the project. “They must help support the destiny of the people in the community,” said Peters.

For a video of the sod turning ceremony, visit our website and click on Multimedia.

Da Gama Centre | Je


Trading hours: 7 Da


Valid up

Farmhouse Plaaswors


Bulk Pork Paks (Consist of: Pork Chops & Pork Stew Cuts)

per kg


Nola Mayonnaise (Selected) or Salad Dressing 730 g/750 g/780 g

16,99 each

SPAR Butcher Best Beacon (Shoulder, Le Back or Strea or Turkey Ras 200 g



SPAR Fresh E.S.L. Milk (Full Cream, Low Fat or Skim) 2 litre

15,99 each

At the ground­breaking ceremony of the Windfarm in Oyster Bay are Mark Tanton (managing director of Red Cap), Dipuo Peters (SA Minister of Energy) and Kouga Executive Mayor Booi Koerat. PHOTO:MONIQUE BASSON

SPAR Cut & Deveined Prawn Tails 750 g (net mass 625 g)

59,99 Fatti's & Moni's Macaroni or Spaghetti (excl. Wholewheat) 500 g

10 It ’s a Ganodermalucidum mushroom!

With the help of Kevin Moore, Manager: Conservation Interpretation, South African National Parks we were able to identify Roger Browne’s mysterious fungi growing in his garden… Ganodermalucidum fungus mushrooms grow in a variety of climates (including tropical and temperate regions) and are widely distributed in ancient forests throughout North and South America, Africa, Europe and Asia. This parasitic bracket fungus thrives on the decaying wood of fallen logs and stumps, and at the bases of a wide variety of aging deciduous trees, including oaks and maples. Ganodermalucidum’s close relative, Ganodermatsugae, grows on aging and decaying hemlock trees. Because they are rarely found in nature, (only about two or three out of 10 000 aging trees will yield this fungus), Ganoderma mushrooms are artificially cultivated both indoors under sterile conditions and outdoors on logs or woodchip beds to meet the high commercial demand for this valuable and important herb. Although Ganodermalucidum is grown commercially to an average size of about 12 inches in diameter, this amazing mushroom has been found growing in nature in optimal conditions to an enormous size over millennium. Ganodermalucidum is recognized for its medicinal importance all over the world and well-known by numerous names. The Latin names, Ganodermalucidum, are derived from the Greek words ‘ganos’, meaning ‘brightness’ or ‘sheen’, hence ‘shining’, and ‘derma’, meaning ‘skin’ and Town Crier April 2013

the specific descriptor ‘lucidum’, also meaning ‘shining’.


Additionally, Ganodermalucidum is referred to by different names, including: Reishi (Japanese) and Mannetake (Japanese), meaning “10 000 year mushroom” and Lingzhi (Chinese), meaning “herb of spiritual potency” and Yeongji (Korean). Ganodermalucidum enjoys special veneration in Asia, where it has been reputed as “the king of all herbs” and “mushroom of immortality”, and used medicinally form more than 5 000 years, making it one of the oldest mushrooms known to have been used in medicine. This highly valued mushroom was reserved for royalty. Peasants who found Ganodermalucidum growing in the wild could exchange this precious herb for the mushroom’s weight in gold. Ganodermalucidum has earned the reputation as the ultimate herb due to its attributable health benefits and absence of side-effects. Lingzhi is listed in the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia and Therapeutic Compendium. Among the many known benefits, Ganodermalucidum is revered for its potent immune-strengthening, anti-aging, antiinflammatory, and general tonic effects on the body, which have been confirmed by modern scientific research. Recently Ganodermalucidum has been recognized for its anti-carcinogenic properties. Ganodermalucidum mushroom has no known negative side-effects.

Naomi Smith cea 083 461 1231

Town Crier April 2013


Irene Homes Birthday Wishes Mavis Towle celebrated her 90th birthday on 12 March 2013 by giving the residents and day workers a party at Irene Homes. Mavis and Sonnie were much loved house parents at Irene Homes for many years.  Now retired, Mavis continues giving of her time to the beneficiaries by doing line dancing. This provides musical fun and exercise.

Happy 90th Birthday MAVIS TOWLE

Town Crier April 2013


ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the IRENE LANDOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION will be held on Thursday, 23 May 2013 19:00 for 1930.

ALGEMENE JAARVERGADERING van die IRENE LANDOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION sal plaasvind op Donderdag, 23 May 2013 19:00 vir 19:30





Phase 2 Proposal:  Cameras & Technology  Electric Fence Upgrade  Cost

Fase 2 Voorlegging:  Kameras en Tegnologie  Elektriese heining Opgradering  Kostes

Alexandra/Main flyover Vodacom proposal - new base station Security Report Marketing the ILA Finance and Legal Report Appointment of Auditors Election of Directors

Alexandra/ Main Oorbrug Vodacom voorlegging – nuwe basisstasie Securiteitsverslag Bemarking van die ILA Finansies en Regsake verslag Aanstelling van Ouditeure Verkiesing van Direkteure

All non-members who have pledged towards Phase 2 are invited to attend this AGM.

Alle nie-lede wat belowe het om by te dra tot Fase 2 word uitgenooi om die AJV by te woon.

Enquiries: Alyson Lea-Cox, cell 072 714 3740 or email:

Navrae: Alyson Lea-Cox, sel 072 714 3740. of epos:

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Ons sien uit daarna om u by die vergadering te sien.

Tea, Coffee & Glühwein will be served

Tee, Koffie en Glühwein sal bedien word.

Dear Residents and ILA Members Our village has enjoyed a blessed and peaceful Easter period and we hope that all of our residents had a good rest with memorable times spent with friends and family.

General security issues: There is a lot of building and construction going on in the village and we would ask our residents to please advise our Irene Village Manager, Jan Swanepoel, at of the names and ID numbers of the personnel that the contractor is using. Jan will make visits to building sites to ensure that we are not placed at risk during building projects and that contractors are made aware that their staff’s details are recorded and their movements monitored. The constant issue of valuables being left in accessible vehicles is an unnecessary risk and is an invitation for easy pickings for criminals. Please ensure that belongings are removed and that visitors are also reminded to remove valuables from their vehicles when parked on the street.

EBS Security: EBS has appointed a training manager to assist with the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) programme on site. This is being done at least once a week to ensure that our guards remain well trained, informed and vigilant. Those who have been unhappy with not receiving an SMS alert during power failure or low battery function, please note that we are in the planning process to review the current alarm monitoring software with Difference Electronics in addition to discussing the potential for domestic workers’ security awareness courses with EBS. Our membership will be updated with regards to a solution ASAP.

Closure update: Impatience continues to result in tailgating at the booms causing damage to both cars and infrastructure. The gate timing is set to allow one vehicle through at a time, any vehicle trying to slip behind another car will have the boom close on their car. The boom technology has been upgraded to accommodate longer vehicles and we hope that this addition will prevent unnecessary damage. We strongly urge all of our residents to please respect the protocols around the entry and exit booms.

Town Crier April 2013

We have acquired software to monitor the entry/exit gates on Albert Road. The logs are downloaded daily to identify any problems with the gates. All gate and boom usage is recorded for inclusion into traffic study research that will be used for future applications. With reference to the Irene Road Closure Application, the signage required to conclude Council requirements has been completed.

Cameras and technology: As previously mentioned, the specifications for a camera and technology solution has been revised and will be presented to the membership for approval on 23 May 2013 at the AGM.

Maintenance: The build up of moisture in the boom boxes led to operational issues and as a result small fans have been installed inside the boxes to ensure optimal function. The booms are inspected daily to ensure efficiency. Should residents note any potholes or faulty streetlights, please advise us promptly to facilitate prompt response.

Sinkholes: The recent sinkhole on King Street is as a result of underground water. Please be aware of leaking water pipes to prevent sinkholes from occurring. We would encourage our residents to investigate the origin and report all water leaks as soon as possible.

AGM: Please note that the ILA AGM is scheduled for 23 May 2013. Information will be communicated to our membership via email, mail drop and SMS. Please be on the lookout for the notices.

Town planning: The ILA is continuing to monitor the Alexander/Main Road bridge intersection latest planning proposals. Our membership will be updated with any progress as and when available.

Membership: We are pleased to advise that our membership is steadily growing with the addition of eight new members in March 2013. New members are invited to attend our monthly ILA meeting, the third Thursday of every month at Irene Primary School at 19h30. We would like to meet you and introduce you to what we do and answer any questions you may have.

We are also undertaking an initiative to build community spirit and spend a little time getting to know one another and in so doing are having a ‘Bring and Braai’ on the Oval each term. We hope that our fellow Irene residents will come out and enjoy some company and good weather with us when we next meet. (Date to be advised). Once again, we would like to thank our contributing members for their on-going support and confidence. Together we are able to make a difference in securing our village.

Your ILA

Smuts House Museum Jan Smuts Ave, off Nellmapius Rd, Irene

Ouma’s Tea Garden (Tea Garden closed on Mondays)

Elize van den Berg 082 924 5178 012 667 2273

Small Functions, Arboretum & Trail Art show every 2nd Sunday of the month Dogs on leads welcome Smuts House: 012 667 1176/80 071 100 8481 Tea Garden: 083 595 7293

Cake pops for every occasion Tracey 082 460 6007 Join us on Facebook: CakePopTeam

KEEP Liza Smit 082 990 6468 / 012 663 9000

Dear Irene Resident, I would like to introduce myself as the Leapfrog agent in your area.In 2012 I received a reward for WORLD CLASS agent and one of the Top Ten agents of the Leapfrog group. It would be highly appreciated if you could assist me with a contact number of a resident in Irene who would like to sell their house. Should the referred property be sold by Leapfrog, you will receive a reward. In the future it will also be a pleasure to assist you in selling your property. Leapfrog greetings! Liza

All Irene friends aboard! On Sunday, 3 March 2013, a number of Irene residents enjoyed a great train adventure in support of the Irene CPF. Departing from the Friends of the Rail station in Hermanstad at 08h30 that morning, we enjoyed a scenic journey all the way to Cullinan. Once in Cullinan we had a few hours to explore this historic village with its antique and quirky craft shops, art galleries, museums, quaint tea rooms and picnic areas. Some of the residents enjoyed a braai together, whilst others visited the restaurants and some brought along their picnic baskets. Friends of the Rail took us on a journey back in time... Operated essentially by enthusiasts and volunteers, this club aims to restore, preserve and run historical South African railway equipment including steam locomotives and historic rolling equipment, for the education and recreation of its members and the general public at large. On our journey home, the train was abuzz with much talk of the great day we had all had – both young and old. Visit next time you are looking for an interesting family outing.

Are you dreaming of becoming a fashion designer or just long to know how a sewing machine works, what it can do for you and all the amazing outfits you can design and make for yourself? JOIN IN MY PASSION!

passion for

fashion clothing construction & pattern design

Classes are practical and fun whilst you will be learning how to: • work with sewing machines • practically apply basic clothing construction skills • turn these skills into fabulous outfits (corsets, skirts, pants or anything you desire) • use, alter and make patterns • become a fashionista Anyone from high school students upward is welcome and classes are divided according to age categories For more info contact Miri Retief: • 083 385 2507 • • Villa San Marco 7, Waldore drive, Centurion estate & country club

P.S: Please make contact asap to avoid disappointment.

Butcher’s Grill

Thursday nights 18h30 - 22h30 @ R115.00 per person


Selection of rump, sirloin, ribs, fillet, pork chops T-bone steak, lamb chops, beef & chicken espatadas. Corn on the cob, jacket potatoes, grilled veg, pap & gravy, potato bake, a variety of sauces, marinades & spices to choose from.

0861 BRUNOS | | Centurion Lake Hotel - 1001 Lenchen Avenue North, Centurion 0046

You are cordially invited to ‘Tea and a Talk’, presented by SANParks Honorary Rangers, Midrand Region Our guest speaker, Ernst Retief, works as the Regional Conservation Manager at BirdLife South Africa in the Gauteng and Limpopo Provinces. His responsibilities include the management of the Important Bird Areas Programme within these provinces. He is responsible for the data and GIS management of the Important Bird Areas Programme nationally and is also involved in a project to obtain more information about the endangered Secretarybird in South Africa. This project includes fitting tracking devices to the birds to determine their foraging areas, juvenile dispersal and breeding biology. During the talk Ernst will report back on progress and the results obtained so far.

Date: Saturday 20 April 2013 from 10:00 to 11:30 Venue: Pretoria Botanical Gardens, SANBI Educational Centre Cost: R 60.00 per person (includes entry to the Botanical Gardens so you can enjoy a walk after the presentation) LIMITED SEATS AVAILABLE!! Bookings are only confirmed once payment is received. Please e-mail us at and let us know how many seats you require. Include your name and telephone number plus your proof of payment. Alternatively our fax number is 086-672-1957 Please make payment to: Nedbank, Die Heuwel (Witbank) Branch Code 158550 Account No. 1585 392 448 Account Holder : SANParks Honorary Rangers

NB : Use “MIDTALK” and your name as a reference GPS Co-ordinates: 28°16’19.8”E 25°44’18.2”S Long 28.27218 Lat -25.73838

Friends of the General Smuts Foundation

Bird walks Saturday 4 May 2013         06h30 for 07h00 Venue: Smuts House Museum, Jan Smuts Ave, off Nellmapius Road Cost: R30 members; R40 visitors, includes bird/plant list Wear walking shoes, bring hat, water and bird or plant book Booking:  Contact: Sue 012 667 2917 or Cheryl 011 316 1426   Email:

Supper talks   Time:  18h00 for 18h30  (We start serving supper at 18h30, Talk starts around 20h00 - late arrivals please advise for meal to be reserved) Venue: Smuts House Museum, Jan Smuts Ave, off Nellmapius Road Occasionally moved to GEM Village Hall - past Smuts entrance at end of tar road. * * Reservations essential by not later than MONDAY evening before event * * Cost R60 Members; R80 visitors. including light supper. Cash bar. Contact Sue 012 667 2917 or Cheryl 011 316 1426/083 376 1734  Email:

‘Art at Smuts House’ 09h00 to 15h00 every 2nd Sunday of the month. Fine Art on display and for sale. Ouma’s Kitchen open for lunches and refreshments. Venue: Smuts House Museum, Jan Smuts Ave, off Nellmapius Road, Irene, Centurion Cost: R10 vehicle entry charge Enquiries:  012 667 1176

Tshwane SPCA honours women Pets are like one’s own children. They need lots of love, care, compassion and time, just like the rest of your household does. Caring for your pets is almost just as emotionally consuming as taking care of your own children. With women mostly responsible for their households - getting so busy taking care of everyone else that they overlook themselves, it is important for ladies to be encouraged to remain positive and confident in order to raise happy children and manage peaceful homes. With this in mind, the Tshwane SPCA celebrated the spirit of women, mothers and ladies with an exclusive fundraising buffet lunch at Bruno’s Restaurant, Centurion Lake Hotel on Saturday, 23 March 2013.

Juan Marie Rossouw and friend


Ladies were offered the time out to reflect, recharge and refresh. A talk on The Importance of Self Esteem and Self Image by motivational speakers, Chris and Suzanne Styles, set the tone of the day. Adding to that vibe of inspiring ladies to look and feel good, spa treatment vouchers and other goodies that pamper women, refresh them and encourage them to do their best to look after and care for their households were handed out in a lucky draw. While we encourage women to love and care for themselves in order to provide the same for their homes and pets in their care, we raise funds for the Tshwane SPCA to care for hundreds of animals that are victims of cruelty and neglect. Issued by: Tshwane SPCA Contact Person: Korky Levanon

Chris and Suzanne Styles

Gill Corcoran and friend

Jenny and Bertie Louw


How to handle bees

The Emergency Services Department receives quite a number of calls about bees that pose a risk or danger in the Tshwane area. Where people are attacked by bees, the Department will only respond to incidents where lives are in danger. The Municipality is only responsible for the removal of bees on sidewalks and municipal land. Home and business owners are responsible for removing bees on their property at their own cost. Children must be taught to neither play with nor provoke bees, and to keep a safe distance or stay indoors once a swarm of bees is visible in the direct vicinity. Bees are very active during the day and more relaxed at night. It is therefore easier for emergency services or bee catchers to remove bees at night to prevent attacks on people. The Department would like to inform and educate the community on the behaviour of honey bees and how to respond and react if you are caught in a ‘bee’ situation. A new honey bee colony is formed when the queen bee leaves the colony with a large group of worker bees, a process called swarming. In the prime swarm, about 60% of the worker bees leave the original hive location with the old queen. This swarm can contain thousands to tens-of-thousands of bees. Swarming is mainly a spring phenomenon, usually within a two- or three-week period, depending on the locale, but occasional swarms can happen throughout the producing season. Swarming is a natural means of reproduction for honey bee colonies.

Swarm behaviour A swarm of bees sometimes frightens people, though the bees are usually not aggressive at this stage of their lifecycle. This is principally due to the swarming bees’ lack of brood (developing bees) to defend and their interest in finding a new nesting location for their queen. This does not mean that bees from a swarm will not attack if they perceive a threat; however, most bees only attack in response to intrusions against their colony.

Town Crier April 2013


Swarm removal

Encountering a bee swarm for the first time can be alarming. Bees tend to swarm near their hives or honeycombs – if a swarm is visible, then a nest is nearby. Swarms are usually not aggressive unless provoked, so it is important to keep a good distance from the swarm. If the bees feel threatened, they will use their stingers and release a pheromone to alert the other bees of the threat, resulting in a large bee attack. Do not try to chase them away by using force or toxic spray agents. Only professionals know how to treat or remove a swarm of bees and would most likely do that at night when it is safe to do so.

Treatment for a bee sting Remove the stinger: Scrape it out gently with a fingernail, the edge of a credit card or by wiping gauze over it. Don’t squeeze the sac, use tweezers or pull on the stinger. Act swiftly and stop the stinger from pumping venom into the skin.

Control swelling: Put ice on the area. If you are stung on your arm or leg, elevate it. Remove any tight-fitting jewellery from the area of the sting. As it swells, rings or bracelets might become hard to get off.

Treat symptoms: For pain, take an over-the-counter painkiller like

acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Do not give aspirin to anyone under the age of 18. For itchiness, take an antihistamine. You can also apply calamine lotion or a mixture of baking soda and water.

Look for symptoms of an allergic reaction; these include:

difficulty breathing; hives that appear as a red, itchy rash and spread to areas beyond the sting; swelling of the face, throat or mouth tissue; wheezing or difficulty swallowing; restlessness and anxiety; rapid pulse; and dizziness or a sharp drop in blood pressure. If the symptoms are present, seek emergency medical attention. Take an antihistamine as soon as possible and be ready to use the epinephrine part of an emergency allergy kit, if it has been prescribed in the past. The Department can be called at any time when an emergency occurs on 10177 or (012) 310 6300/6400. For more information, please call Johan Pieterse on 082 789 9577.

Town Crier April 2013


Small businesses

Security/ Steelwork: Welding and repair work of steel fencing, burglar bars, security gates and motorised gates and intercom systems. Guaranteed professional work. Phone Koos Sutherland 082 374 7164.

headboards, ottomans (Nguni ottomans incl.) Paint techniques on anything you want. Workshop in Irene. Call Wilna @ 084 533 0038.

classes. Phone Carey: 083 678 9889. Indianhead, neck and shoulder massage: now available in Irene. Relieves stress and Baby Guardian tension, leaving a good Well Baby Clinic: feeling of wellbeing Baby and children’s and increased energy vaccinations done in levels.R130 for 30 the comfort of your minutes, R65 for 15 Ann Campbell own home. Private minutes. All ages (ARAD – Teach Dip) and State vaccines School of Dance: available. Flu vaccines welcome. For an appointment phone offering Pilates and also available (while Eleanor 082 812 7606. Body Conditioning, stocks last). Phone Ballet – especially Andrea 083 320 0266 Firewood/kaggel for the younger child or email andrea@ hout: Delivered per at home studio and half ton load, one Irene Homes Hall, Worm ‘wee’ for solid cube cut to size, Ballroom and Latin sale: R20.00 per 2L delivered at your American – social convenience. Call group classes, private bottle. Your plants will be nutritionally Oscar 078 389 9632. lessons and wedding revitalised with this R780 per cube, free dances. Phone Ann organic ‘green’ product. delivery included. 012 667 5187/083 316 Please contact Richard Anthracite also 7842 or email ann@ on 082 451 4451 for available. further information. Tilling, bulding Window Dressing: renovations and We make all kinds Yoga In Irene: Small plumbing call of window dressings classes, morning and Jonathan 073 542 – Curtains, blinds, evening. All ages and 0471. pelmets, etc. Outdoor/ special pensioner indoor cushions, Small business advertisements R50 per placement. Email: info@tlgpublishing. Town Crier April 2013

Irene Garden Club Saturday, 20 April at 09h30 for 10h00 Venue: Fernhaven Nursery Pretoria East The subject is Bromeliads The morning will include a talk and a tour of the nursery All visitors are welcome to join us there Please contact Di Walker on 072 476 9243 or 012 667 1713 for more details


Scissor man (Pieter van der Merwe) Can sharpen knifes, scissors and garden tools. Deliveries and collections can be made at Irene Homes - 2 Albert Road, Irene or Contact Maureen on 012 667 5285. Town Crier April 2013

32 Accommodation

Small cries

We are looking for a short term rental (May Garden flat to rent and June 2013) while Irene Proper – we are renovating immediate occupation our home. We either till end of December need a 2 bedroom, 1 2013. R 3600 per bathroom unit plus a month. 1 bedroom, domestic room for our lounge, bathroom and nanny, or a 3 bedroom kitchenette. Carport. 2 bathroom unit so Contact Fanie 076 480 that she can stay with 1060.  us. We are willing to look at furnished and Accommodation unfurnished options. wanted Please contact Sandra Blom 082 361 9425. Joyce  Shabangu (Domestic) is seeking I am urgently looking accommodation in for a 1 or 2 bedroom the Irene area. She garden cottage for 6 is able to work for the to 12 months rental. accommodation or I have 2 small dogs. will rent. Reliable and Please call Tania 082 honest. Has worked for 797 9805. us for 5 years. Please contact Joyce: 073 223 Single, mature, 6536. professional male looking for garden Mirriam needs to rent cottage to rent. Please a room from Mondays call Ferdi on 078 511 to Fridays. She works 7043. 3 times a week for me, but unfortunately Domestics I do not have accommodation on Johanna Makua is my premises. She has seeking employment been renting in Irene, for a Monday and but the owners have Friday, she is reliable, sold the house and the hardworking and new owners need the honest. She speaks room for their domestic English and Afrikaans, worker. Please contact stays in Mamelodi Anita 082 442 4013. and has 3 children. Town Crier April 2013

Please contact Marinda 083 382 4797. Bongani is an excellent domestic worker. She works for me two days a week and is looking for work in Irene for the other 3 days. She is cheerful, competent, energetic and very reliable. I highly recommend her. Phone Bongani 078 073 7418 or Julia for a reference 082 550 3738. Elizabeth is looking for 2 to 3 days a week employment around Irene. Very reliable and honest and good with children. Current employer relocating, been with them for 8 years. Elizabeth 071 628 6332. Lizzie has been working for me for the past six months on a full Saturday as she has full time employment for the rest of the week. She needs to augment her income for her children’s education and I highly recommend her for any type of position as she is hardworking, dependable and honest. 

Please call Ria at Please contact Sheona 072 064 5312 for Doran on 082 747 4155 further reference or call for further information. Lizzie at 072 941 9599. Gardener Marry seeks full-time, sleep-in employment. Michael is looking for employment as a She is patient, gardener on Tuesdays, hardworking and Wednesdays and honest. Cleans well Fridays. He can also and very good with build and is a good allchildren. Please call Marry on 072 498 8227 round handyman. Very or Sheona on 082 7474 reliable and trustworthy. Michael 073 187 2277. 155 for a reference. Priscilla is looking for domestic work for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. She has contactable references - Erin 074 222 9272 whom she works for on a Thursday. Priscilla 073 696 5798. For sale For sale queen-sized slated pine bed frame with mattress. R500 Contact Meg 084 554 4212. Brand new Stone Age paving for sale! Never been laid. 85 square metres available for sale at R90 per square metre. Previously purchased at R165 per square metre. Available for collection from Irene immediately.

Erdon is an amicable Malavian and has been working for us for some time in HighCloud Way, Irene. He has more days available during the week for gardening work, and general maintenance. Please phone Erdon on 084 265 8655. Excellent Gardener seeking employment in Irene. Please phone Richard 072 011 0490. Reference Rina 082 935 2653.


available from Irene residents. Call Edwin on 074 724 1329. General

I am a Centurion based white male (41 years of age) looking for a position in the construction/health and safety sector. I was unfortunately retrenched as the facility manager on the site I was running and as such I am seeking alternative employment. I also have audit and risk experience as well as training on lifting equipment. I am a hard worker with good managerial skills and quick to learn. Willing to start at the bottom and work myself up so any opportunity would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Clive on 082 736 6954. Services

Edwin is looking for work on Tuesdays. He Matric student is a Malawian with valid available for weekend work visa and a SADC babysitting. Can also driver’s licence. He help at Birthday parties has been working in and during school Irene for 6 years and holidays. Irene resident. is hardworking, reliable and trustworthy. Good Courtney 081 371 1536. references Town Crier April 2013


Important Telephone Numbers EBS 24hrs Control Room: 012 667 6337


071 576 5904

EBS Irene Manager (Dawie): 071 476 4110 ILA members without alarms should phone the EBS 24hr Control Room for assistance.

ILA Irene Village Manager - Jan Swanepoel: 083 607 6600 e-mail: ILA Administration

Accounts (Veronica): 071Â 657 9547

(Alyson): 072 714 3740

Fax: 086 776 7452



Street Lights e-mail:

tel: 012 358 9999

Tshwane Metro Emergency Services Power Failures: 012 358 2541

Water Supply: 012 358 2111

Ambulance/Fire: 10177

Metro Police: 1 0111

Just opene d

Skin care and analysis using Environ Products Gel Nails using Biosculpture Gel Reflexology done by a qualified nurse practicing Reflexology for 15 years Massage for all your aches and pains or just for relaxation Waxing, tinting, eyelash extensions, manicures, pedicures, paraffin dips, permanent make-up Tanning in a tan can - not a sunbed Ear wax treatment

Contact: 082 881 0258 email:

Joanne Fischer Cell: 076 373 0124 Office: (012) 667 2167

If you are selling, buying or letting, or require a market related evaluation, phone me. I have been a resident in Irene for 40 years. With the Seeff National Branch network, I will sell your property in the quickest time possible and at the best price. I will be back at Seeff on 1 March 2013.

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Town Crier April 13  
Town Crier April 13  

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