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Security tips for the Festive Season


Golf course encroachments


The lifestyle of a CRE resident


Lease agreements


Vaccination 10 Birdrunner


Captain’s report


Lady Captain’s report


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INTERFACE August 2013

Security tips for the

n o s a e S e v i t Fes For most South African’s December means holiday time, as consumers begin to wind down from the pressure of the work environment. However, while people tend to be more relaxed during the festive season, the reality is that they actually face an increasing risk of burglary or theft because of homes that are left unoccupied for extended periods of time. We would like to draw your attention to the following few tips to take note of during this festive period. SECURITY TIPS FOR CHILDREN

• If hiring a house sitter, ensure that they are registered and have access before the CHOA office closes on 13 December 2013.

• D  ouble check that you have locked and secured all windows and doors before leaving home. • E nsure that all outside doors and windows are lockable. • If a sliding door has a security pin, please make use of it.

• T each children never to admit strangers into the home.

• Leave some lights on; it is a good idea to

• M  ake sure younger children know their name, address and phone number.

• D  o not leave tools like ladders or spades outside, as they can be used to break into your house.

• T each children how to exit the house in case of emergency. GENERAL SECURITY TIPS • C  omplete a holiday instruction form at the CHOA for regular inspection of your property. • Inform your neighbours of your holiday plans so that they can keep an eye on your property. • S top all newspaper deliveries and ask a friend or neighbor to collect your post. A bulging post box is a dead giveaway that you are not at home.

make use of a timer for this.

• V  erify your insurance coverage and items to be specified before leaving on holiday. • S hould you have a gas connection on your property remember to close connections. In case of any emergency the CHOA will contact you and should you not be reachable your next of kin will be contacted for arrangements. Please do not forget about your best friend staying behind - food, water and attention are all they ask.

Professional Management Development Program The Professional development of Estate Managers and Management has been an area of concern since the first Estate was developed almost 30 years ago.

management and assist from entry level to large scale estates, Management companies, Lawyers, Reserve specialists, Board members, Homeowners, etc.

The property boom and the development of Estates from 1994 to 2008 added to this and limited to no training and education were available. Estate managers and management were reliant on board members, developers and peers in the industry for any form of training and education related to the industry.

The M100 – The Essentials of Community Association Management is the entry level to the program. Participants attend a 2.5 days course in a class room style environment.

The formation of ARC in 2008 and the formal agreement with CAI in the USA created new opportunity for everybody in the industry. CAI was formed in 1973 and offers over 15 courses to all its members. Their Professional Management Development Program addresses all aspects of Estate


INTERFACE November 2013

The Legal basis of an Estate, Financial Management, Facilities Management, Estate Management, Leadership and Ethics forms the basis of this program. Work group exercises, practical examples and class room interactions equip participants with tools for the work place. The course exam consists of 100 online, multi-choice questions, 2 hours to complete and a 70% passing

score. Almost 60 South Africans in the industry have entered and passed the M100 program. The last M100 program was presented in Gauteng in October 2013. Annelien Smit of Centurion Home Owners Association was an active participant over the 2.5 days. She also managed to finish top 3 in the class of 23. The course will be presented in Mpumalanga, Cape Town and Gauteng in early 2014. This will form the basis of training, education, transformation and professionalization of the Estate Management in South Africa in the future. Johan Kruger Chairman: CAISA

Policy on

Golf Course Encroachments It is the policy of the CHOA to expect from its members to maintain good neighbourliness with the Centurion Country Club (CCC). It is also expected that no encroachments or gardens will be allowed without measuring against this policy and prior approval from the CCC. The CCC reserves the right to remove any garden or fence on its property. The following criteria are taken into consideration when residents apply for a garden on the golf course: 1. No gardens will be allowed within play of the golf course. 2.  An application in writing must be submitted for any garden that will be outside the erf boundaries, prior to the establishment of such a garden. Final approval will only be given after completion. The garden must be completed within 30 days from the date of the application. 3.  Applications must include

a list of vegetation to be planted. 4.  Vegetation to be planted must be in line with the theme of the golf course. 5. Any plants planted without an application will be removed by the CCC without notice. 6.  No applications will be considered when the garden exceeds the out of bounds stakes of the golf course. 7. The CCC is the only entity allowed to determine the position of and to move out of bounds stakes. Should homeowners move out of bound stakes, penalties will be incurred. 8. No fence may be higher than 600mm on the golf course side of the stand. 9.  No fence or physical structure of any kind may be erected on the golf course. 10.  No banners, posters or plaques will be allowed on the golf course side of any

property. 11.  The CCC will evaluate gardens and reserve the right to request owners to remove gardens that do not adhere to the rules of gardens outside the erf boundaries. 12. No hedges will be allowed on the approved golf course encroachment garden. 13. No jungle gyms, trampolines or similar equipment will be allowed in these areas. 14. No edging of gardens will be allowed. 15. Golfers will have the right to play or retrieve a ball from any part of a garden outside the erf boundaries at any time. 16.  Grass areas in the rough may not be cut shorter than 15mm. Any such application may not create an additional load on the CCC contractor for maintenance. The decisions of the Board of Directors are final and binding.



The year has flown by, winter has come and gone and summer is here again which means the holidays are not too far away. Little voices are asking what Farther Christmas will be bringing this year. I do hope that Father Christmas will be bringing a little something for our guards as well... Many of our residents ask why I am appealing for a donation for our guards. I strongly believe that a small token of our appreciation towards the guards will go a long way towards strengthening our relationship with them and the lack of crime on our Estate is a testament to the dedication of our security company. The donations are totally voluntary and any amount is welcome. The board of the CHOA will, again, be adding an amount to our appeal depending entirely upon the performance of the guards. Please pay the amount into the CHOA account and as a reference please state ‘Guard bonuses’ and your stand number. Account name: Centurion Homeowners Association Bank:FNB | Bank Code: 261550 Cheque Account Number: 62020352209 Thank you - Margarete Lee

INTERFACE November 2013


The lifestyle of a Centurion Residential Estate & Country Club resident Being part of a community such as the

The Sports and Social Club recently updated

• Sunday lunches with a buffet are very

Centurion Residential Estate and Country Club

the patio menu which is included in this

popular and can be booked at the caterer.

offers a unique lifestyle that has grown over

issue of the Interface elsewhere.

the years to what it is today.

caterer on a daily basis.

Every resident is automatically a social member

enjoy the courts until late at night and

• Toast Masters is a new event and takes

of the Centurion Sports and Social Club that

they can be booked at the front desk of the

place every second Wednesday evening.

offers a variety of lifestyle and added value


benefits such as:

Further to the above other recreational

• Walking on the golf course: Residents may

activities were also developed to increase the

utilise the golf course out of play time for

feel of community spirit amongst residents,

recreational purposes. This offers a unique

such as:

privilege to residents of open parks like

• The Bleshoenders – residents above 40

areas to walk, jog or where children can

can join for a round of golf and prizes on

even play.

Thursdays (ladies morning field and men in

• A prestigious and friendly Clubhouse: Residents have an up market facility where they get discount on golf membership and no entrance fee, free venue hire for personal use, a residents bar facility that is always available, the patio and catering facilities.


• Tennis and squash courts: Residents can

• Home deliveries can be ordered from the

INTERFACE November 2013

the afternoon). • A bridge club that takes place every Tuesday evening. • Win and Spin is played every last Friday evening of the month with a happy hour.

Any enquiries on the above can be done at the front desk of the Clubhouse on 012 665 0279. Taking the above into consideration one cannot help to be excited to bring the family and try out the new patio menu or one of the other facilities/activities. The above facilities do not only enhance the lifestyle but also contribute a substantial amount to property value with a lifestyle unique to Centurion Residential Estate.

Take proper care before you sign that lease agreement Once you are the proud owner of a property in the Centurion Residential and Golf Estate, it is difficult to sell your investment should your circumstances dictate a personal change of address. Many homeowners in the Estate have elected to rather keep property registered to them due to the investment value thereof. To generate income from the property, these houses are then leased. If proper and due care is not taken by the homeowner, this could become a nightmare.

1.  Start by making a written list, noting all details of the property, including outbuildings, pools and courts, tiles and carpets as well as delicate or fragile finishes. Remember the garden itself, trees that you are especially fond of and are not to be removed, the garden irrigation system as well as any and all other gadgets you have in the property. Stipulate the chemicals to be used in the swimming pool and the pool cleaning equipment.

Once you have decided to lease the property to a third party, consider the use of a reputable leasing agent. Having an agent to take care of the mundane collection of the monthly rent or the inconvenience of a midnight emergency water problem, could just be the swaying consideration. This is especially true if you are going to be based physically far from the property, as agents can be tasked with regular inspections to make sure that your property investment remains maintained and taken care of. Although the fees could seem to be exorbitant, negotiate the fee structure with the leasing agent.

2. It is best to take copious photographs from all angles of all walls, carpets, doors, furnishings and other fittings as well as the garden as proof to the condition at the time of the lease. This will come in handy at the end of the lease to calculate the repair cost and damages to be deducted from the deposit.

Most agencies also have properly drafted lease agreements which will not only ensure compliance to the agreement by the lessee, but assist in cancellation and eviction should things go wrong. Read the documentation carefully before you sign and make sure that you understand everything. Demand a copy of the actual lease agreement that the tenant will enter into as well. It is difficult to argue against a clause if your signature proudly graces the page! Should you elect to privately lease the property to a tenant, ensure that you have a proper agreement signed by both parties, which will not only protect your rights as owner but should also carefully stipulate cancellation, vacating of the property and eviction. It is advisable, especially in the current economic cycle and the provisions of the PIE act, to rather spend the money at an attorney and have a lease agreement drafted to protect you and your property investment. Irrespective of whether you use a leasing agent or not, by taking some basic precautions you may just save yourself a fortune in the event of things going awry:

3.  Provide copies of all lists and electronic photographs to the agent and/or tenant. 4. Make sure to hand over copies of manuals to limit damage to the items by use of a person not au fait with the specific system to either the agent or the lessee. 5. Deliver at least two sets of keys and remote controls. It is important to keep a full set of keys and remote controls for safekeeping by yourself or the agent in the event of access required to the property. Remember to include the pre-paid electricity and/or water meter card and make duly notes to ensure that, if the tenant disappears with the card, you are able to obtain a duplicate. 6. Ensure that the agency invests the deposit paid into an interest bearing account. Clarify to whom the interest will accrue at the outset with the agency. Confirm that the deposit is increased by an additional payment on the annual increase of the monthly rental to ensure at least one month’s rental as deposit at all times. 7.  Discuss the municipal account and the responsibility and liability for payment thereof. Tenants should at least be responsible for the water and electricity, sanitation and sewage whilst you remain responsible for the rates and taxes. You should note that even though the account may be in the name

of the tenant, most municipalities enforce payment by refusal of new accounts or clearing amounts until the arrears have been paid in full, keeping the owner responsible for all amounts due, owing or payable. There are many different approaches to this dilemma, and you should discuss all the options with the agency to find the solution suitable for you. 8. Remember the levies due monthly to the Centurion Homeowners Association and any and all other levies or charges payable. Unless stipulated in the lease agreement, you, as the owner will remain responsible for payment thereof. 9. Provide the agency or the tenant with a copy of the latest Centurion Homeowner’s Rules and Guidelines. Specifically stipulate in the lease agreement that any transgressions or fines imposed by the Centurion Homeowners’ Association due to the breach of the rules or the conduct by the tenants or their visitors, are to be paid in addition to the monthly rental and other payments. 10.  Provide the Centurion Homeowner’s Association with the contact numbers and other details of both the tenants and the agent used, especially if you are living elsewhere. 11.  Keep your contact detail up to date at the offices of Centurion Homeowner’s Association, to ensure that you continuously receive all important information, including agendas and minutes. Lastly, remember that the Centurion Homeowners Association may not use the access or other privileges of living in the Estate to assist you in enforcing the lease agreement. Should your tenant fall in arrears, you may not request the access codes to be deactivated or the visitor’s pre-booking to be cancelled. Enforcing the stipulations of the lease agreement will only be cost effective and speedily if you have a properly executed lease agreement. Rather be penny wise than pound foolish. Ensure that you and your property are protected from unscrupulous tenants.

centur ion | 106 jean avenue, doringkloof po box 17132, lyttelton, south africa, 0140 docex 18, centurion telephone +27 12 667 2405 | facsimile +27 12 667 4067 e-mail: |

INTERFACE November 2013


Vaccination saves lives Sr Heike Millar - Tel: 012 685 5500, E-mail:

Vaccination is one of the greatest breakthroughs in modern medicine. No other medical intervention has done more to save lives and improve quality of life. According to the World Health Organization estimates, vaccination saves the lives of more than 3 million people worldwide each year and prevents millions of others from suffering from disease and permanent disabilities. Smallpox, which used to kill 5 million people each year was eradicated in 1980 due to vaccination. Many parents still choose not to vaccinate and while their children are partially protected by herd immunity (because the general population is vaccinated) they are still at risk of contracting vaccine preventable diseases. In 1998 the safety of vaccines received a severe knock when the British, reputable, medical magazine The Lancet published a study by Dr Andrew Wakefield stating that there is a correlation between the MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine and Autism. In the years following this parents stopped vaccinating and many children died or suffered severe disabilities as a result of contracting these diseases. His work was subsequently discredited and the flaws in his scientific study were not honest mistakes but an ‘elaborate fraud’. The Lancet has since retracted the article and printed many studies proving the safety of the vaccine. As the symptoms of Autism become apparent at around the time the MMR is given (15 months) the relationship is coincidental and NOT causative. Streptococcus pneumoniae is a common bacteria which causes invasive diseases such as pneumoniae, meningitis, speticaemia, acute otitis media and upper and lower respiratory infections. Pneumococcal disease is treated primarily with antibiotics. Some pneumococcal strains have become antibiotic resistant making treatment of these diseases very difficult and expensive. Many of these diseases are vaccine preventable. The South

African EPI (Extended Program of Immunization) offers a 13 valent (contains 13 strains of which 2 – 19A and 6A are already antibiotic resistant) pneumococcal vaccine to babies from the age of 6 weeks. Since the introduction of this vaccine into our EPI the incidence of antibiotic resistant invasive disease has declined among children under two years of age by 80%. Cervical cancer continues to be the second largest cause of cancer deaths in women worldwide. In South Africa, every year, 5 743 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and 3 000 die from the disease. About 21% of women in the general population were estimated to harbor cervical HPV at any given time. 82% Of invasive cervical cancers globally are caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV) types 16, 18, 31, 33 and 45. HPV is sexually transmitted and cervical cancer is asymptomatic until it has already progressed to invasive disease at which point a hysterectomy is the only treatment option. Often the disease has already spread and requires radiation and chemo therapy as well. As cervical cancer is asymptomatic until it is invasive it is vitally important for sexually active women to go for regular (at least every two years) pap smears to detect and treat HPV early. This way 90% of cervical cancer could be prevented. From next year (2014) a bi-valent HPV vaccine will be available on our EPI. It will be offered to girls from the age of 10 years and will be a course of 3 injections. This vaccine has demonstrated effective protection against the 5 most common HPV types causing cervical cancer.

We have a great history of stunning success, such as the eradication of smallpox and the control and decrease of many epidemic diseases. Vaccinate, don't procrastinate – it could save a life.

Source Information: • Clinical Microbiology Reviews 1998 October • Immunise Today March 2011 • N Engl J Med April 2006 • Rapport February 2010 • Why Immunize vac-gen/why.htm • Management of infections caused by antibiotic resistant Streptococcus Pneumoniae pubmed/8028618 • Clinical update of the ASO4- Adjuvanted Human Papillomavirus cervical cancer vaccine articles/PMC2727782/ • Immunise Today August 2011

Clinic times: • Monday • Tuesdays • Wednesdays • Thursdays • 3rd Saturday of the month

Southdowns Centre | c/o John Vorster & Nelmapius Drive, Irene X54 Tel: (012) 685-5500 | Fax: 0824634796 |


INTERFACE November 2013

10h00 - 15h00 12h00 - 19h00 07h30 - 13h00 08h00 - 14h00 08h00 - 13h00


Birding: Step2 – Get the TOOLS (Part 2: Binoculars)

After many months of looking at birds with one eye closed, I decided that I needed a new set of binoculars. The previous R800 special served its purpose for a few years, but lately it was minus an eyecup, had a crust of dry sunscreen, caused headaches and probably suffered from more than a few bumps and scratches resulting from our birding expeditions. Dear husband is a good researcher and happened to find a website discussing different binoculars that were awarded five star-ratings for birding. Although I would love to acquire a set of Swarovski Optik binoculars, this is currently not an economically feasible option for the Birdrunner family. But what I settled with is a great value-for-money option (in my opinion), called the Hawke NatureTrek 8x42 (available for R1 469 at www. Though this set of binoculars costs just more than half of the second most inexpensive option on the list of “5-star” birding binoculars, I could not believe my eyes when I tried them out for the first time – in bad light (after work and my six km early evening run) I could clearly see birds that I could barely spot with the naked eye. And I could even read a lit sign at the Southdowns Shopping Centre… from the far side of the fence between the Golf Estate and the pastures surrounding Irene Country Lodge! An 8x42 configuration is often recommended for birders. The eight is the number of times by which the binoculars magnify an item, whilst the 42 represents the aperture, or the diameter of the objective lens. The objective lenses are the front lenses of the binoculars (on the opposite side of the eyepieces). In simplified terms, binoculars use either Porro prisms or roof prisms to “correct” what you see (so that it won’t be upside-down or the wrong way around). It might be a good idea for prospective binocular buyers to find out more


about the differences between these prisms, as both have their advantages and disadvantages. And do not simply accept everything that you are told about a specific set of binoculars as accurate information (beware of “sales talk”). Apparently, the first binoculars consisted of two telescopes placed next to each other more than 400 years ago. Luckily, we have a variety of options to choose from today to suit our budgets and what we want to use the binoculars for. If you are happy to order a set of binoculars based on Internet reviews, etc. and that you have not tried out in advance, you can visit one of the many online outdoorstores. But if you want to get your own feel for the different makes and models, it may be advisable to go to an outdoor or photography store, of which there are quite a few in Centurion and surrounding areas. On 20 October 2013, the Birdrunner took part in a CrosmanRunMan event at the Blue Hills Country and Equestrian Estate in Midrand. This event was held in conjunction with the sixth event in the Guerrilla Action Man series. It was a very rainy and unusually cold Saturday morning, but the event was a lot of fun and Birdrunner would like to recommend this adventure to her fellow residents of the Centurion Golf Estate. The event is not limited to men and individuals – ladies and teams are just as welcome! There are even child-sized items for Action Kids (children from 7 to 13 years) and Action Brats (children up to 6 years of age). In the wet conditions, the ActionMan item of 20 October was reduced from the usual total of 7,5 kms of trail running (5km before and 2,5 km after the mountain bike leg) and 20 kms of mountain biking to a total of 5 kms (two laps of 2,5 km) of trail running and 10 kms of mountain biking. The different legs are separated by shooting with an airgun/air rifle at tins of Guerrilla Energy Drinks. RunMan had to complete three 2,5 km laps of trail running, each separated by airgun/

Visit for many helpful hints about birding binoculars.Search the term “binoculars” on this site and then scroll down until you find the articles on choosing, cleaning, caring for and focusing binoculars Although the site is American, you can apply most of the advice within the South African context.

air rifle shooting at cans of Guerrilla Energy Drink. The RunMan is a good alternative for those who do not own mountain bikes or have difficulty transporting theirs. And if you are not the world’s best shooter, don’t despair: after three misses you are allowed to continue (this applies to both RunMan and ActionMan)! Both the ActionMan and the RunMan events have a few fun obstacles to jump over, crawl underneath, etc., but there were no heights or climbing involved to scare the Birdrunner. Participants received a wonderful goodie bag, which even included a pocket knife and a buff/cap. We also received beautiful ActionMan T-shirts and a photo at the finish, all included in the entry fee. The series continues in 2014 and the organisers also plan to add two new items, BikeMan and HuntersMan, to the action. So you can tailor your race according to what you like. Birdrunner really hopes to see you there! As a final thought:Trail running often offers good bird sightings, as it tends to be held in nature reserves or other natural areas.

INTERFACE November 2013


CONGRATULATIONS ! Anita Vos - 9 Devon Crest The next garden of the month winner will be featured in the following issue of the Interface.

Annetjie 082 555 7490


lawn services

Your neighbourhood lawn specialist


Frans Jordaan 082 668 2431

We visit your lawn 4 times a year, once every season and apply our magic blends of fertilizers and the agents to control weeds, insects and diseases for the best looking lawn in town.



Golf Bridge Social Business Leisure Food


INTERFACE October 2013

CAPTAIN’s report This weekend saw the return of our rainy season and what an absolute pleasure it was to have the soft rain watering our course. I have no doubt that the benefit of this will be seen within a couple of weeks and this will certainly bed down the work that has been done on the 7th prior to the major thunder showers that are inevitable during the rainy season. We can be rightly proud of the work that has been done on our course, and although some of us have grown a couple of centimetres as a result of the topsoil that has been distributed around the course, we will soon see the benefits. I would like to thank our members for their patience during this time.

proud of you! On that note, Congratulations must go to Eric Nel who has been selected to represent the SA U19 schools team – Well done Eric! We have been trialling a concept called ‘ready golf’ in an effort to speed up play. There seems to be some confusion as to what this means. In effect, when playing your 2nd or approach shots to the green, the person who is ready should go ahead and play their shot, thereby avoiding any delays. Obviously the etiquette of tee box honour should remain. I hope this helps to speed up your round.

I was fortunate to be invited to join the Captains Day at Royal Johannesburg on 16 October and took a team with for the day. Suffice to say that although we tried very hard, we were not in the running for a prize but great fun was had by all.

The end of November will be the last Toits Captains challenge for the year and I would like to thank both our members for their support of this day, as well as our title sponsor, Toits Butchery, for their continued support. 30 November will, once again, be a morning field with a Shotgun start at 07h15 and the afternoon field will have their own competition starting at 12h15.

We recently sent four of our youngsters (Eric Nel, Calvin Ferreira, Lamond Roos and Ruan Oosthuizen) to Clarens to play in the Louis Oosthuizen SA Club Champions tournament. The boys acquitted themselves very well and managed to achieve a credible 9th overall. Well done boys – we are

As this newsletter will only reach you at the end of November, let me take this opportunity to wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. If you are travelling, travel safely and we look forward to your return to the greens of Centurion in the New Year.


MEDAL October 2013 Men’s:


A Division 1st 2nd

P vd Westhuizen J Wickens

68 70

B Division 1st 2nd

R Koekemoer J Bronkhorst

64 67

C Division 1st 2nd

T de Villiers P Roberts

66 72


A Oosthuysen E Visser

69 74

Bronze Division 1st 2nd

D Arroyo A van Emmenis

70 75

Golfer of the month – P vd Westhuizen (69 gross)


(TUKS HPC) Master Carl Schubert Mr Corries Steenkamp (Re join) Miss Emma Beukes

Silver Division 1st 2nd

Mr John Maichibu -

INTERFACE November 2013

Mr Izak Theron (Re-join) Mr Kobus Blom

Forthcoming events 22 November – Green Keepers Revenge 23 November – Sikkels Golf Day and Night Golf 24 November – CCC Mixed Open 29 November - Spin and Win 30 November – Toits Captains Challenge Happy golfing… Hamish

Proud sponsors of the Captain’s Challenge 30 November 2013 Logan Street, Highveld (012) 665 4367/4368


y d aCAPTAIN’s report

We are well and truly into Spring now and we have had a few summer storms which were most welcome. I am pleased to say that our golf course is starting to take shape again after the winter. Hole 7 that has been under construction for the last couple of months, is now almost ready to start Arroyo d Debra n a h it m playing as a Par 5 Sue S again - can’t wait as I think it’s going to be quite a challenging hole. This coming Sunday is the "Captains mystery bus trip". This is an annual event where the Club Captain invites 48 golfers to join him on an outing to an undisclosed destination for a round of golf and a dinner. This was started by Barry Robinson, our previous club captain, and I am really looking forward to this year’s event. Last Thursday a few of the Centurion CC ladies were invited by the girls from Benoni to play in the Ebotse CC ladies Open. It was a great day. Two of our CCC ladies were in the prizes - Debra Arroyo and Piret Vilborn together with their partners (from another club) came 5th. Well played, it sure isn't an easy golf course. Debra Arroyo seems to be on top of her golf game at the moment. Debra and Sue Smith are the runners up in the Foursomes Knockout - they were beaten by Hamish McKee and Edrich Coetzer. The girls did themselves proud by taking the game to the 18th hole. Debra and myself are through to the ladies Betterball finals which will be played shortly - result of that knockout in next month’s issue.


Can you believe it is that time of year again to start planning yearend functions? This year the Thursday ladies ‘Early Birds’ are holding our year-end function at Ebotse Links Golf Estate. We are going to start the day off with a round of golf on this very interesting but challenging golf course followed by lunch upstairs in the club house overlooking the golf course and the lake - girls you in for a treat this year. Our year-end function is taking place on 26 November.

8 October 2013

The ‘Early Birds’ competition on a Thursday is really going well thanks ladies for all your continued support. Our next event to put in your diary is the Centurion CC Open Mixed. Please invite all your golfing friends to join you in this annual event. It is a morning field followed by prize giving and a Sunday lunch. It is on Sunday, 24 November, bookings with Nicola 012 665 9601.

22 October 2013

‘Till next month Hayley Mendes - Lady Captain


Vincent Blasl


2nd Gerhard vd Westhuizen





Helen Renwick

Paul Harris

3840 pts


Vincent Blasl

3290 pts


Peter Roberts

2610 pts

INTERFACE November 2013


Toit’s Captain’s Challenge 26 October 2013 1st T Janssen and J Scholtz


2nd I Brits and E Swart


3rd F Hechter and T Hechter


4th L du Toit and J du Toit


5th S Bouwer and F Venter


6th R Grobler and G van Heerden


7th J Shields and H Saaiman


8th C King and B King


Longest Day:

T Janssen & J Scholtz - winners

I Brits & E Swart - runners up

A Annandale and M Annandale

Nearest the pin (11th) sponsored by Hamish McKee Rudy Koekemoer

Nearest the pin (8th) sponsored by Rust en Vrede Jacque Kallis

Nearest the pin (17th) Sponsored by Rust en Vrede Christo Green F Hechter & T Hechter - 3rd

L du Toit & J du Toit - 4th

F Venter & S Bouwer - 5th

R Koekemoer - nearest the pin 11th

J Kallis - nearest the pin 8th

C Green - nearest the pin 17th

A Annandale & M Annandale - longest day

Hamish McKee


INTERFACE November 2013



K Kistensamy 39pts

2nd C Shaw 37pts

3rd C Ferreira 36pts

Carols by Candlelight A special family event for all the Residents Our Carols by Candlelight “Picnic on the greens”

Sunday 8 December ’13 Where: 18th fairway from 16h00 and then on the patio. Bring your own picnic basket, fold-up chairs, drinks, blanket & a candle. The “Conductor” Special Guest Star: Louis-John “conducting” from the Patio Baskets can also be purchased from the club.

Call 012 665 5499 to pre-order. Cash bar also available. Enquiries: Amarille or Nicola 012 665 5499 / 012 665 9601 INTERFACE November 2013


MISCELLANEOUS Domestics Ismail does house cleaning, ironing and garden work. He is residing on the Estate and is looking for work on Mondays and/or Tuesdays. Contact Sanet 082 497 8844. Vicky Mnisi is a hardworking, friendly, middle aged domestic worker. She has four days per week available to work in the Golf Estate. Her number is 082 399 0816. Faith Takaruwa is looking for work on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She is currently working here in the Estate. Kindly contact her on 074 673 1496. For references please phone Regina on 071 281 3736 (little English). Reliable, honest, hard working domestic worker looking for a full time live in position. Rose has been with me for 3 years and I am immigrating and looking for a job for her, she is available immediately. Please contact Rose on 082 433 2545. Reference Caron 082 453 2111 or email Selina is looking for work on Tuesdays. She has been working for us for the last 17 years. She is punctual, honest and totally trustworthy to the point of being ridiculous. She can be contacted on 073 580 2947. General Pet sitting and dog socialising for the Centurion Golf Estate residents. Going away and need to know that your pets are well looked after? I am available, reliable and nearby. Contact Colleen 082 896 3821or for details. Need a painter? For all your painting and waterproofing requirements (interior and exterior), call Moses Seabi on 082 407 1492. He has over 18 years experience and many references within the Estate. Any painting and priming needed – call Enoch Sibiya 071 809 3865. I have done numerous jobs within the Golf Estate and can supply references. Reliable pet/house sitting and au pair. Availability from 20 November to 31 January 2014. Good references are available. Contact numbers 082 400 4098 or 076 169 1445. Johannes, very reliable, hard working man, offers free Saturday garden service and seeks for a room to stay in return. He has stayed with a family for 42 years in Clubview area. They have since sold the property and he had to move out. Please phone Felicia on 082 800 5945 if any help is available. Pretoria Boys High lift scheme – are you interested in joining a lift scheme to PBH in January? Please contact Coleen 072 618 3180 or Des 082 777 8456. Looking for a super, neat working, knowledgeable ,reliable, honest and efficient painter, then call Josef Nkuri on 072 593 8178. He is highly recommended . Lost and found Please enquire at the CHOA office for any lost items on (012) 665 0506 during office hours. Please also hand any found items in at the office. Some articles “found”: - Bunch of keys in Key Largo Close - Gym ball in Centurion Drive - Other bunches of keys with and without remotes - Small garden gnome - Female miniature Doberman pincher (might be from Irene) - Jay-board in Boca Walk Lost items: Silver Kodak digital camera (on golf course)

PUB AND PATIO MENU At Centurion Country Club NOVEMBER 2013 Chicken Strips and Chips

Steaks Served with chips and side salad 200GM Rump Trinchado (200 gm)

R91-00 R91-00

Pasta of the Day (Ask the waiter) R38-00 Served with a side salad

Soup of the Day


(please check availability) Served with home-baked bread

Chips Plate of Chips Basket with chicken wings and chips Basket of samousas and chips

Thai Chicken salad Greek salad Tuna Salad (low GI)

R32-00 R32-00 R43-00


Dessert Baked pudding with custard Fruit salad with icecream

Fish (Served with side salad) Grilled fish and chips


Beef Burgers (home made) (Served with chips and BBQ sauce) Single burger Double burger Extra: Cheese sauce on top

R21-00 R45-00 R45-00


Chicken (Served with a side salad) Half spring chicken with chips (30 min)

(Served with mustard chilli sauce OR mayonnaise) Kiddies portion (4) R26-00 Large portion (6) R45-00 Double portion (12) R59-00

R30-00 R30-00

Meal of the day available Tuesday to Thursday Only from 18h00 on Fridays

R38-00 R52-00 R11-00

Patio menu from 12h00 - 17h30 Public holidays and Sundays from 12h00 - 15h00

Programme November and December 2013 At Centurion Country Club Every Sunday Lunch at 12h30 Take-away service Tuesday to Saturday: until 20th of December Spin and Win with Dinner – November 29

8 December – Picnic in the Park and Carols by Candle Light

25 December – Clubhouse and Catering Closed

24 December – Christmas Eve Dinner with Santa Claus

31 December – Dancing Party 2014 January 1 Golf Course open only

Enquiries: 012 665 5499 or 082 92 60698 | Club: 012-665 0279 Price: Adults : R135-00 and Kiddies (5-11) R55-00 | INTERFACE November 2013




R2 000 000

R3 150 000

Perfectly renovated to perfection. Sunny, spacious townhouse, air conditioning. Open plan living area, 3Bedroom, 2.5Bathrooms, DG, private garden

Outstanding quality! Open plan living area, kitchen, scullery, enclosed patio, braai, 4Bedroom, 3Bathroom, private garden, Double garage.



R4 200 000 Spacious family home with 4 spacious bedrooms, 3 living areas, private garden, pool, study, double garage, Staff Quarters.

R4 700 000 River view thatch house between lush trees and bird life. Spacious and family friendly. 3 Bedrooms, study, SQ, 3 garages.


R3 400 000 Single level on a big stand, spacious living areas, 4Bedrooms 2.5Bathrooms, lovely garden, Pool, Bar, Staff quarters, Double garage



R3 700 000 Modern, spacious, sun filled and upgraded home on a bigger stand, accommodating living areas, 5Bedr, beautiful bathrooms, 2 x study, SQ, 3 Garages


R4 300 000

R5 500 000

Excellent position, fairway view with privacy 4 living areas 3Bedrooms en suite Study, Outside entertainment area Pool Bar 3Gar, Staff Quarters

Spectacular view on fairway. 4 Accommodating living areas, 4 Bedr, 3 Bathr, Kitchen with scullery, Laundry, SQ, 3Garages, Patio, Pool


R3 350 000 Comfortable and in a Cul de Sac. Lovely kitchen and living areas, 4 Bedrooms Study, Patio, Pool, DG & dream garden.

R4 200 000 Perfect in every way, position and finishes. Wooden flooring, 4Bedrooms, 3bathrooms, 2 en-suite, DG Garden & heated pool.

R3 700 000 It feels like home, lush garden with a patio and pool, kitchen, scullery, study x 2, 4 bedrooms 2.5 garages ,staff quarters.

R4 200 000 Sought after fairway and river view. A brand new 4 Bedroom property, design to give a sense of tranquillity. Double garage

R 3 990 000 Sun filled and spacious, close to the rivers. Quality kitchen, scullery, pantry, 4Bedrooms 3Bathrooms, Study 3 Bar, Jacuzzi, Patio Pool 3 Garages Staff Quarters

R 3 990 000 A bit of Europe! Comfortable living areas Kitchen Scullery Laundry Study Studio Patio Jacuzzi, 3- 5 Bedrooms 4Bathrooms 3Garages

R4 400 000

R4 700 000

Impressive property, fairway view! Spacious, living areas, private pool, movie room, Jacuzzi, gym, 5Bedroom, 3Bathroom, Staff Q, 3Garage.

Stylish Tuscan family home. Open plan living area 4 Bedroom 3 Bathrooms Study Bar Staff Quarters 4 Garages Patio & Pool

R 4 900 000

R 9 500 000

R 9 500 000

SOUTH DOWNS - R5 450 000

Unbelievable view! Open Plan living area, 4Bedrooms 3Bathrooms Study, Kitchen , scullery, laundry Patio Pool Garden Double Garage

Outstanding view on the fairway and riverfront, character filled and charming. Main bedr downstairs, 4 Bedr, additional guest room, patio Study Wine cellar 3Gar SQ

What a masterpiece! Perfect view on the fairway. Quality wooden floors Modern kitchen & scullery, Movie room Study Patio & Pool 5Bedr 4Bathr 4Gar SQ.

Perfectly situated, perfectly designed and it just feels right! Outstanding living areas, Kitchen, Scullery, Pantry, 3Bedr en suite, Study, DG,SQ, Patio & garden.

“Doing what we do best. “ We wish all our clients a Merry Christmas and a Blessed 2014.

We have successfully extended our services to Southdowns Estate.



Marissa Burger 072 22 77 270


Gillian Hills 072 831 7117

Rina Hattingh 083 412 6800

Your leading agents in Centurion Golf Estate since 1996 – 2013.

“Put your property needs in our hands”



R16 000 “Spacious and Private”, 3 bed, open plan living areas, double garage.


R16 000 “Modern single level”, 3 bed, large garden, double garage.



R16 000 “Spacious open plan”, 3 bed, study, pool, sq.



R17 000 “Great location open plan”, 4 bed, study, pool, sq.

Annetjie Benadie 082 555 7490 ate, Your agent in: ate, Cornwall Hill Centurion Golf Estate Irene Village View Irene Woods Southdowns Estates Twin Rivers Estates

NEVER AT THIS PRICE AGAIN - ON THE GOLF COURSE ! Peek into the home trends of this Moroccan & Classical style home with a gorgeous view of the fairway. This home boasts 4 spacious living areas, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, bar, beautiful patio, jacuzzi, full flatlet, SQ, sparkling pool, landscaped gardens & 2 garages. Web ref: LFIE-0235


R5 000 000



A MUST VIEW HOME ! Stunning modern Tuscan home with reception rooms leading out onto a scenic view. It offers 3 living areas, 1 dining area, 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, patio, pool, double garage and SQ. Property rented and viewing strictly by appointment. Web ref: LFIE-0227 CORNWALL HILL ESTATE

R3 995 000

R6 500 000






R5 490 000




R5 350 000

R4 000 000



SPACIOUS HOME FOR THE EXTENDED FAMILY ! 6 Bedr, 4 Bathr, Lounge, FR, Entertainmentr with built-in bar, teathre room, lovely, mahogany kitchen with granite tops and ample storage, 3 Garages, SQ and lots more…. Web ref LFIE-0041


MODERN CONTEMPORARY! 4 LA, bar, entertainment area with built in braai, jacuzzi & pool. Separate formal lounge. kitchen, scullery. Guest bedr en-suite. Upper level landing with a grand Maple wood built-in study. 2 bedr sharing a bathr. Lovely garden with 3 garages. Web reference: LFIE-0016



R3 290 000

CONTEMPORARY HOME IN QUIET STREET ! High quality finishes, open plan Maple kitchen, scullery, bar & dining area, guest toilet, patio with built-in braai, pool & beautifully landscaped garden. 3 bedr, 2 full bathr with walk-in cupboards & sky light dome. Private balcony & study area, SQ & 2 garages. Web ref: LFIE-0201





call Annetjie R4 550 000


Move on Move up





BEAUTIFUL SETTING ! 3 Bedr, 3 Bahr, Lovely open-planned Living area (Familyr / Diningr) lovely modern kitchen, scullery/laundry, SQ, 2G Web ref LFIE-0307


R6 450 000


R6 200 000

EXQUISITE HOME THAT HAS IT ALL ! 4 Bedr all with en-suite bathrooms, Pajama lounge, study, family, Pool, lovely entertainment area, SQ, 3 Garages. Web ref LFIE-0306


R8 500 000






FARMSTYLE MODERN CONTEMPORARY! Stand: ± 1,300m² House:± 386m² 4 Bedr, 2 bathr, guest toilet, open-planned: DR, lounge/TV, kitchen with scullery/laundry. A MUST VIEW ! WEB REF: LFIE-0262 CORNWALL HILL ESTATE

R 9 900 000

PRICE REDUCED - EXCELLENT VALUE ! Stand: ± 1,2147 Hect House: ± 628 m² Main House: 4 Bedrooms (all en-suite), lovely solid Oak kitchen, patio overlooking pool and garden, 9 garages, 3 storerooms, 2 duck ponds. Cottage: 2 Bed, Bathr, Kitchen, Living area and Garage. AMAZING - A MUST VIEW ! WEB REF: LFIE-0266 CORNWALL HILL ESTATE

R15 500 000


BEAUTIFUL COLONIAL - WORTH EVERY CENT! Stand: ± 12,500m² House: ± 6,800m² 4 Bedr, 3 bathr, guest toilet, study, 2 lounges, entertainment room, diningr, French kitchen, pool, gazebo, SQ, and 3 G. WEB REF: LFIE-0225

FOR THE ENTERTAINER! 5 Bedr, all with en-suite bathr, 3x studies, gymroom, FR with fireplace, pajamalounge, open-planned diningr / lounge and solid oak kitchen, scullery, laundry, pool, Jacuzzi, double SQ, FLATLET: bedr, bathr, garage



R3 500 000

R3 100 000


MASTERPIECE - BEAUTIFUL GARDEN ! Stand: ± 11,020m² House:± 820m² 6 Bedr , 4 bath, (3 en-suite), Beechwood kitchen with scullery / laundry, 6 living areas, pool, 3 garages and ample parking. A MUST VIEW. WEB REF: LFIE-0062

NOTHING MORE CHARMING - STABLE YOUR HORSES ! 4 Spacious bedr with en-suite bathr, guest toilet, Lounge, Entertainmentr with built-in bar and braai, FR, DR with firepl, gymroom, spacious kitchen with separate scullery/laundry, pool, 6 Stables, 4 Garages. WEB REF: LFIE-0018

LOCK-UP AND GO BEAUTY! Stand: ± 591m2 4 Bedr (all with en-suite bathrooms), guest T, open-planned: DR, FR, entertainmentr, built-in Beechw bar, beautiful kitchen with gas stove, scullery, laundry, 3 garages and much more – WORTH VIEWING!!!! WEB REF: LFIE-0299

GOOD VALUE! Stand: ± 700m² House: ± 350m² 4 Bedr, 2 bathr, (open-planned Mahogonyfinished kitchen with granite tops), familyr/diningr), scullery/laundry, Tv-lounge upstairs, guest toilet, patio with braai, pool and lovely garden, 2G – A MUST VIEW! WEB REF: LFIE-0297


A dedicated team for all your residential sales and rentals R6,900,000

An exquisite home with all the extras (indoor pool, 15 seater cinema, surround sound, jacuzzi). One of the top homes in the Estate !

Sole Mandate – R3,250,000




Casual living with a spectacular view. A low maintenance family home overlooking the fairway and river edged with indigenous trees and prolific bird life. Large garden and staff accommodation.

A grand home with lots of open-flowing living areas and sunlight. 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, large study/office area, 2 garages and gourmet kitchen. Priced to sell !

Immaculate home with 4 beds, 3 baths and double garage. Beautiful views of the Estate and Centurion. Pretty garden with heated swimming pool.

DUAL Mandate - R2,980,000







New listing - R2,600,000


UN Nestled away in a cul de sac in the Estate this home is modern and is perfect for entertaining the family. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and all the other extras you would need in a home ! Well-sized erf.

Real value for your money – this low maintenance family home offers 3 beds, 2 baths and 2 garages. Large garden with pool and entertainment patio with pizza oven.

Sole Mandate – R5,800,000

This home is for the entertainer with large open-plan living areas, built-in bar, jacuzzi and pool. 4 bedrooms (one en-suite downstairs). Small low maintenance garden and staff accommodation. 3 garages.

Situated in tranquil Oakfields this home has a lovely treed garden, 3 beds, 2 baths and double garage. Also available for rent @ R20,000 per month. An ideal investment opportunity.


New listing - R4,100,000

Life is all about living ! A ‘Top Billing” status home built with passion. The luxurious atmosphere provides a backdrop for incomparable living. Immaculate condition and something extra special !

You can entertain in style in this beautifully maintained home. All 4 bedrooms are spacious with their own balcony and bathroom. Heated pool, built-in braai, SQ and 4 gar.

Sole Mandate – R3,100,000


A home full of character with its European feel and influence. Lots of areas to relax and unwind. A gorgeous patio is the centre feature of the home. 4 beds, 3 baths and 3 garages, flatlet with own entrance and staff accommodation.

Well designed home which offers easy, comfortable living. This versatile family home has a separate upstairs flatlet and splash pool. 5 beds, 4 baths, DG and carport.


Sole Mandate - R2,390,000

New listing – R5,500,000

Gorgeous Tuscan villa with exquisite views of the river. Spacious living areas which are light and bright. Lovely flow to this home !

Townhouse, 3 spacious living areas. Thatched lapa in a big garden. Open-plan living areas with kitchen and scullery/laundry. 3 sunny bedr and dg. Located in a tranquil part of the estate.

A home of distinction ! A very spacious family home with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and 3 garages. Situated on the fairway, one of the best addresses. Bold and beautiful!

Top executive home on double stand overlooking the fairway, river and trees. With upmarket finishes this stylish home offers a luxurious lifestyle !

SOUTHDOWNS - R9,200,000

Absolute style, perfection , beautiful family home, 5 bedroom, 5 bathrooms, heated pool & cold pool, dbl SQ. Contact Tracy Keyter 082 9288219


R26,000 / month

3 bedroom townhouse, available 1st January, fully furnished.

R25,000 / month

SOUTHDOWNS - R45,000 / month

Tranquil part of estate, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, guest toilet, lovely garden and pool. Available immediately.

Large family home, 4 bedr, study, 3 bathrooms, guest toilet,3 living areas, fireplace wood deck by pool, SQ, Large garden, Available imm.

Perfection,4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 4 garages, 3 living areas, 2 studies, SQ, Available Jan 2014



l st


y tb

R20,000 / month

4/4/3, flatlet, lovely, family home on Fairway. Available immediate.


AUDREY NAOMI 083 461 1231


RAY 082 461 3751



RENTAL R35 000 PM 1 NOVEMBER A HOME FOR ALL AGES Lovely home overlooking the fairway, offers peace and tranquillity, 5 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, 2 garages, No pets allowed, Not furnished.

RENTAL R11 000 PM 01 JANUARY 2014

SALE R4,600,000

DUET - FURNISHED This is ideal for the unmarried executive wanting to stay in the Golf Estate, 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, 1 Garage, move in and stay, what more do you need?

Tuscan beauty!! Immaculate stylish and spacious, 4 bedroom, 3 Bathroom home with magnificent kitchen, Bar, Open plan sunny living areas, study, patio/pool, 4 Garages & domestic quarters.

SALE R3,997,000

SALE R3 950 000

MODERN ENTERTAINERS DREAM!! Lovely spacious living areas leading onto a patio, granite/ Beachwood bar, double sided braai, beautiful kitchen, 4 bedrooms (main en-suite) 3 Bathrooms, Maple wood study, 3 garages

INCREDIBLE RELAXED PROVANCE ATMOSPHERE 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, 3 Garages, comfortable living areas, open plan kitchen, Study/Studio, beautiful outdoor Patio areas

SALE R3 900 000

SALE R3 550 000

A GORGEOUS HOME Open plan living areas, lots of sunlight, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, large study or office, 2 garages with direct access into house, large kitchen and scullery, servants quarters and small manageable garden, good location in the estate, priced to sell, come see for yourself.

UNIQUE HOME – EXCELLENT LOCATION! A lovely 4 bedroom family home with 2 separate studies, living areas with fireplace, patio, pool, balconies overlooking a groomed established garden, 2.5 garages and servants quarters.

SALE R3 150 000

SALE R2 600 000

COMFORTABLE HOME IN QUIET AREA Well designed with quality finishes, 3 bedroom, 2.5 Bathrooms, studio/study, open plan living areas, Beach wood kitchen, patio. Pool, double garage & servants quarters, ideal lock-up & go!!

MODERN FUNCTIONAL HOME Sunny 3 Bedroom, 2 Full Bathrooms (main en-suite) open plan living areas with fireplace, patio, braai, pool and 2 tiled garages. The right address.

AMANDA CELL: 082 334 4421

EVELYNE CELL: 083 276 5003



Perfect Price - Comfortable simplex with super Fabulous Investment - Spacious 3/4 bed unit with Low Maintenance - Offering amazing space & kitchen & living areas. 3 beds, 2 bath . Patio, lovely good living areas and stunning kitchen. Patio, DG. office. 3 bed, 2 bath home. Big garden with lapa Rented till Sept 2014. R 2,030 000 and patio. DG & extra parking. R 2,390 000 private & pretty garden. DG. R 1,650 000

Good Design - Spacious home with 3 beds, 2 baths. 3 living areas Pyjama lounge. Patio, sparkling pool, pretty garden. DG & SQ. R3,250 000

Loads of Extras & A Must See - Stunning home 4 beds, 4 bath . Huge living areas, 2 study, bar & much more. 3 garages. R 3,300 000


Something Different - Architectural design, 4 beds, 3 bath home. Big living spaces, study. Patio, deck, pool, garden. Staff acc. DG. R 3,400 000

Space and Sunshine - Lots of entertainment areas . 4 beds, 3 bath, 2 studies. Manicured garden, pool, SQ & 2,5 garages. R 3 475 000


Magic Fairway Location – Glorious space 560sqm. 4 beds, 3 bath. Stunning entertainment, bar, study. FLAT, Pool, SQ, 3 gar. R 4,200 000

Well priced property, situated close to the main gate. Sunny, bright & well designed home offering lots of space, good value and a very cozy atmosphere. Four brilliant living areas with separate, braai room and pizza oven. Easy to interact with family & friends. Open plan kitchen, spacious scullery. Huge main en suite with lots of cupboards and two sunny children’s rooms, 2 full bathr. Lovely garden with sparkling pool. Wendy house, DG.




(012) 663-9000/ 082-555-7490








082-858-8949 082-334-5828 082-928-8219


Prestigious & Stylish 4 beds, 3 bath home. Lots of living areas (4), gorgeous garden, patio, pool and much more. DG. R 4,250 000

To advertise in Interface contact Tracey 082 460 6007 interface@

Global House East 298 Glenwood Road Lynnwood Park

Your Home Our Core Business CENTURION GOLF ESTATE


FOR THE EXTENDED FAMILY! Room to breath in this quality home with pristine fairway views - 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, separate study, 3 living areas, open plan kitchen with scullery, pool and patio, staff quarters and 3 garages.

PRIVATE AND QUALITY! Absolutely beautiful home with open plan sit-in kitchen flowing to family room and big entertainment patio with pool, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, separate study, 4 garages.



Magde Meyer 083 387 3437




THE GOOD BUY! Character filled home with so much to offer - 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, studio as well as study, open and double volume, for the big family offering privacy for all. Also with 3 garages, staff quarters.

R4 600 000 Web Ref: 374

R4 500 000 Web Ref:

R3 290 000 000 R4 200




LOOKING FOR GOOD VALUE! Family friendly practical home with very open plan living areas, de lux entertainment area with everything! Home offers 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 3 living areas, pool - jacuzzi - bar and patio, staff quarters and 3 garages.

SPACIOUS CORNER STAND! Simplex home pleading for a make over - 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, study, 2 living areas with open plan kitchen, patio, staff quarters, double garage and pool.

RETURN TO IT’S FORMER GLORY! Executive home with double sized main en suite, all though light open plan and spacious home with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 3 living areas with views, study, pool and double garage.

R3 950 000 Web Ref: 374

R4 200 000

R3 400 000 Web Ref:

R3 290 000 000 R3 290





TREED AND TRANQUIL STAND! Corner stand with room to play - home with 3 spacious sunny bedrooms, 3 living areas with fireplace, entertainment patio with braai, pool and double garage.

LUXURIOUS SUPERB! Most beautiful home with 4 en-suite bedrooms including a flatlet, all bathrooms with bath and shower, study, kitchen with gas, beautiful entertainment patio with living areas leading onto patio and designer garden. A must see!

RENOVATED AND NEW! Grab this one quickly! - 350m² home with balconies and magic patio with braai overlooking pool and spacious garden. Home with 4 bedrooms, 2½ bathrooms and double garage.

PRISTINE CONDITION! Just move into this beauty - home of 253m² with beautiful landscaped and walled garden. Offering 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, TV and Dining room with enclosed braai patio, Double garage.

R2 600 000

R3 400 000 Web Ref: 374

R2 900 000 Web Ref:

R3 290 000 000 R2 400

012 - 348 0123

Johann Vorster Tel: 012 - 663 5233

Centurion Rental Management Pam Golding Properties undertakes to ensure your property management experience is trouble free. We offer a turnkey solution where property investors can focus on their field of expertise, knowing that every aspect of their property investment is in safe hands. Our range of services include: l Monthly rental collection l Billing the tenant for services and settling accounts l Payment of landlord’s expenses such as rates, bond,

levies and maintenance l Same-day transfer of all nett rental to the landlord l Detailed entry and exit inspections

l Quarterly property inspections with detailed reporting l Arrangement of reputable and professional contractors

for repairs and maintenance

l Client liaison between the landlord and tenant l Our monthly fee will include prolegal cover to cover the

legal costs of non-performing tenant and contractors

For more information about our services please contact your area specialist: Nico West 082 331 5057 nico.west@pamgolding Centurion Office 012 644 8300

“Doing what we do best. “


Marissa Burger 072 22 77 270


Gillian Hills 072 831 7117


Rina Hattingh 083 412 6800

Your leading agents in Centurion Golf Estate since 1996 – 2013.

Considering selling & renting? Someone needs Your property! UNDER OFFER WITH US




Sold by us within 6 weeks

Under offer with us

We wish all our clients a Merry Christmas and a Blessed 2014.

Interface Nov 13  

Centurion Home Owners Association official publication

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