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MARCH 2014

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INTERFACE August 2013


on resident satisfaction survey

During January 2014 residents (owners, tenants and off-site owners) were invited to participate in a satisfaction survey of the Centurion Residential Estate and Country Club. A total of 215 members participated over a 14 day period. Several comments were received that will be attended to. The overall weighted average on all responses from all questions amounted to 82.6%, this year’s evaluation is thus 0.8% higher than last year.

Response Summary Question 1

Question 4

How would you rate the overall quality of life in the Centurion Residential Estate and CC?

Please rate your experience of the CHOA Office in terms of the following:

Question 2

Question 5

What is your overall level of satisfaction with the services provided by the Home Owners Association office and staff?

What is your level of satisfaction with the CHOA's efforts to communicate with the residents through newsletters, notices and e-mails?

Question 3

Question 6

Please indicate your level of satisfaction for each of the following:

What is the image of the Centurion Residential Estate and CountryClub in the eyes of the broader external community (based on your knowledge and/or perception)?

Additional Comments The CHOA received 95 additional comments of which the following five was the most reoccurring comment that will now enjoy priority attention:

• The grass of the new Garden • The visitor system • Pets • The Sport and Social club • Speeding


INTERFACE March 2014


There might come a time that you will be obliged to sell your property, whether in the Centurion Residential and Golf Estate or elsewhere. As a purchaser you will be very interested in the property and want to know all its qualities, both the good and the bad. Many sellers avoid disclosing information, attempting to hide behind the “voetstoots”-clause, considering the clause a magic cloak under which to hide all damp, the leaking swimming pool and the problematic gas stove. In terms of the law, a seller has a duty to disclose certain facts which are within his knowledge at the time of the agreement being concluded. The “Voetstoots”-clause stipulates that the seller is not to be held responsible for diseases or defects and goods are sold “as it stands” or “with all its faults”. Although the seller does not take the risk of the presence of any diseases or defects, the seller remains liable for misrepresentations of any kind. Where a seller has concealed a latent defect, the seller will not be able to hide behind the “voetstoots”-clause. A latent defect is an impairment of the usefulness of the item sold and is not discoverable upon reasonable inspection by an ordinary person, whom is not an expert. The defect renders the purchased item unfit for the purpose for which it is bought or for which it is normally used. This is determined objectively. Although the courts have on numerous occasions confirmed the common law principle that no general duty on a seller to disclose exist, the courts have held that there are three situations when the silence of the seller will give rise to an action based on non-disclosure, namely where there is concealment, where there is a designed concealment or where there is a simple nondisclosure. It should be noted that there is no duty on a seller to disclose where the seller does not know that the purchaser acted under an erroneous belief. Where the seller intentionally concealed the defect he will be guilty of misrepresentation. The purchaser may cancel the agreement and claim damages based on breach of contract. The breach must be sufficiently serious to warrant cancellation

This will also be the case where the purpose of the concealment was to mislead. The seller will not be protected by a “voetstoots” clause where he had knowledge of the latent defect at time of conclusion of the contract and fraudulently concealed it. A seller may only rely on a “voetstoots” clause where he was honest. The seller has a duty to disclose information where such information does not fall within the scope ofthe purchaser; there is no possibility that the purchaser could obtain such knowledge on his own and the information falls within the exclusive knowledge of the seller, subsequently results in unequal bargaining positions. Although the common law has been amended by the Consumer Protection Act, many agreements fall outside the ambit of the CPA because of the scope of its application. Where, for example, a home owner wants to sell his residential property or even vacation property and sells it once-off or not in the ordinary course of his business, the common law position discussed above will be applicable. The same of course applies where the items sold is movable property, for instance a motor vehicle. Typical examples where the CPA will apply to the sale of immovable property would be where the seller is a property developer and investors who buy, renovate and sell houses as a business. It is therefore very important to note that certain specific information that falls within the knowledge of the seller is to be disclosed to the purchaser. So what information must the seller disclose to the purchaser? Information to be disclosed, especially if it falls within your knowledge, includes, but is not limited to:

5. The presence of damp or mould above the damp course; 6.  An emptied swimming pool caused by leakage; 7. The solar geyser only heating water using electricity due to some fault; 8.  A broken swimming pool pump, borehole pump, electric motor gate or intercom system if installed and identified or advertised; 9. A filled and/or sealed borehole, especially if the borehole was an advertised feature of the property; 10.  A serious white-ant infestation causing damage or previous unrepaired damage; 11. A leaking roof; 12. Protected plants (including trees) or plants requiring permits planted in the garden; 13. The broken or malfunctioning oven or stove which was not yet replaced or repaired; and 14.  Security or floodlights installed but not connected to any power supply. Lastly, the latin maxim of caveat subscriptor, loosely translated as beware he whom signs, must be brought under the prospective purchaser’s attention. Make sure that you have carefully perused the property, asked all the relevant questions and received honest answers. Be careful in your inspection of the property and notice fresh paint, watermarks on floors, in cupboards and on carpets. Because once you have signed, you might just be bound to the agreement with no or very little remedies available to you.

1.  Any notice rezoning the neighbouring properties for any use other than normal residency which has come to the seller’s knowledge; 2. The existence of any human graves on the property; 3. Any notice of building contravention that has been served on the seller regarding his own property; 4. Proclamation as a historical monument;

centur ion | 106 jean avenue, doringkloof po box 17132, lyttelton, south africa, 0140 docex 18, centurion telephone +27 12 667 2405 | facsimile +27 12 667 4067 e-mail: |

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INTERFACE March 2014

Birdrunner: New races, faces and birding places Yes, it is that time of year again: autumn… Leaves are starting to change colour, shops exhibit winter clothing and many visiting birds return to their homes abroad. But this does not mean that we have to press the pause button on our ‘internal remotes’: there are still many things to enjoy despite the colder weather and shorter days. If you are a frequent reader of the Birdrunner column, you will know by now that Birdrunner is going to suggest two things: birding and running/ walking. But there are so many facets of these two hobbies and so many possibilities involved, that you will probably struggle to get bored with either. Many of the places that one can visit in our country and even overseas have potential for birding, running and or walking. Whether it is for business or for leisure, there is no reason why one cannot add a new bird to your life list whilst being away. You can even discover the town or city on foot if you have the time available and if it is safe to do so. Although we live in a wonderful Estate and city with many activities to take part in, a weekend away often helps to calm us down amidst our very busy lifestyles. If you are planning a visit somewhere, why not find out in advance if there are bird ‘specials’ in the area or running/walking races coinciding with the dates of your visit. Recently, the Birdrunner was privileged to visit a farm outside Sasolburg in the Free State province. During the weekend away, she also took part in a 10km road race, met interesting new people and saw 10 birds for the first time ever

The race

On 1 February 2014, the 20th Sasol Marathon was held at the DP de Villiers Stadium in Sasolburg. Sasolburg is approximately 125km from Centurion and is situated on the banks of the Vaal River, which used to be the boundary between the old Transvaal province and the Orange Free State. The race, which is proudly sponsored by Sasol, was very well organised and participants could choose between distances of 42,2km, 21,1km, 10km or 4,9km. The full marathon consisted of two laps of the fairly flat 21,1km route. One of the well-known features of the race (especially the half and the full marathon) is the excitement surrounding the water tables. The hosts of the different water tables compete for being the best refreshment station. You will find superheroes, ‘meerkats’ and other friendly people along the way, offering not only water, but also potatoes, bananas, chocolates, sweet drinks and other valuable items for consumption. Although more than a thousand people completed the race (in total for all distances combined), the crowd of participants is not so big that one struggles to find parking or waste a lot of precious time trying to get over the start line (as is often the case with Gauteng races). One can also qualify for the Old Mutual Two Oceans and the Comrades by completing the full marathon in less than five hours. Birdrunner would really like to recommend all readers to take part in this race next year, whether as an exciting family outing, an opportunity to run a PB (running jargon for a “personal best”) like Birdrunner’s husband, or simply to experience the hospitality of the local residents.

The people


Do you know this bird?

During the same trip, Birdrunner and her husband met two of the most skilled and avid birders they have ever come across, Dawie and Sarieta Kleynhans. Dawie is a school principal in Sasolburg and his wife, Sarieta, also works at a school, but in finance. Dawie atlases (see Birdrunner, February 2014, for an explanation of ‘atlasing’) a few times per week and you will often find him recording yet another species on his voice recorder. Dawie en Sarieta both have around 800 Southern African bird species on their life lists (which is truly remarkable, as there are only 900-andsomething species listed for the Southern African region, of which some have only been encountered once or twice in the region when they accidentally ended up here…). Their knowledge about birds, their sounds, expected behaviour, etc. is astonishing and so are their kind-heartedness and willingness to teach others.

Birdrunner and her husband stayed with family on a farm outside Sasolburg for the weekend and were excited to see a few members of the bird species in the picture during their stay. Birdrunner’s husband took the picture with the help of his uncle (it was dark when the picture was taken and a spotlight needed to be used). Guess what bird it is and sms/tweet your answer to the Birdrunner (contact details below). This is not a competition, but simply for fun.

They are also ‘twitchers’ (here is your new birding term for the month!): in simple terms, ‘twitchers’ are birders who will put in significant effort to find a rare bird upon hearing a report that it has been found somewhere. This quite often requires travelling from one corner of the country to another on short notice. And you are not guaranteed that the bird will still be there when you get there… The couple kindly offered to take Birdrunner and her husband around in the Sasolburg area to do some birding. And was this serious birding! When we started our outing at 06h00, we had 389 Southern African bird species on our life list. We planned to return at 09h00, hoping to have seen maybe one or two lifers – at this stage, it can take us a few weeks or even months to find a bird that we have not yet seen. We ended up spending around six hours on intensive birding and would have spent even more if it was not time to return to Pretoria! Did we find our one or two lifers? You will see in ‘The birds’ below… The birds We travelled only about a km or two before we saw our first lifer for the day: a South African Cliff Swallow (familieswael). The Birdrunner is not good at identifying swallows or swifts (the latter spends almost their entire lifetime flying) and, therefore, adding a lifer from one of these two groups does not happen often.

What about trying out one (or more) of these walking/running events in Gauteng (mid-March to mid-April)? Please confirm details on the Internet. 12 Mar Zwartkop Nite Race (5 or 10km on the Zwartkop Golf Course; there are three races in the series of which this is the second one, but you can choose to run one, two or all three of the races in the series) 15 Mar Klap-’n-Tekkie (5 or 10km; Fonteinedal; in aid of elderly care; you can find entry forms at The Sweat Shop, Southdowns, or phone Elna: 083 443 9373) 16 Mar Gallopers (5 or 8km; Germiston) Hyundai Rock n Run (Sandton) 21 Mar Sunnypark Right to Run/Walk 22 Mar Great Run Series 27 Mar Merell Autumn Night Run

We visited some strange places, like the local dump, and eventually added nine lifers to our list! One of the special birds we saw was the Maccoa Duck (bloubekeend), a rare duck with a bright blue bill. Dawie took us to Meulsteenpan, near Zamdela, to have a look at this beautiful bird.

29 Mar Denel Freedom Day Half Marathon and 10km

The other birds we saw for the first time, were the Kalahari Scrub Robin (Kalahariwipstert), the Montagu’s Harrier (blouvleivalk) – also a rare bird, the African Reed Warbler (kleinrietsanger), Little Rush Warbler (Kaapsevleisanger), Desert Cisticola (woestynklopkloppie), Cloud Cisticola (gevlekteklopkloppie) and the beautiful Fan-tailed Widowbird (kortstertflap).

2 Apr Pick ’n Pay TheGrove Mall Family Day Run/Walk

Contact Birdrunner SA with comments, questions, etc.

13 Apr Birchwood Cross the Line

@Birdrunner_SA (Twitter) Birdrunner SA (Facebook) (as an activist of BirdLife South Africa’s White-winged Flufftail Project)

30 Mar Jackie Gibson Marathon and Alan Ferguson Half

Merell Spring Trail Run

5 Apr Sense of Unity 10km walk/run

Mazda AC Half and 10km

6 Apr

Harcourts Alan Robb

12 Apr Solomon Kalushi Mahlangu

Herfs 10km Fun Run Zoo Trot

Breakthru Midrand Comrades Training Run 60km 16 Apr Noordheuwel 10km Nite

Zwartkop Nite Race

You can also join the Parkrun at the Voortrekkermonument on Saturdays (visit

082 468 0357 (sms)

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Golf Bridge Social Business Leisure Food


INTERFACE October 2013

CAPTAIN’s report WOW – have we had some bad weather or what! It’s quite a sight when you stand on the balcony at the club and stare down at the lake that extends from the 18th fairway all the way to the 7th river. The only thing that could be seen of the 8th hole was the flag pole. That being said, what followed was nothing short of a miracle…to Petrie and his team, a HUGE vote of thanks for the effort put into cleaning up the course and getting it as playable as quickly as they did. Yes, we played without the bunkers being in play due to the efforts being required elsewhere, but playing is playing! I must also comment on how supportive the membership have been during this time, not only in terms of the understanding and appreciation of the efforts put in, but also with the common sense that has prevailed with regards to the use of golf carts. We have a new sponsor for the monthly Captains Challenge – Hokaai Centurion. I would not only like to welcome Hokaai on board for the year, but also take time to recognise Pieter Roodt who is the owner of Hokaai and a resident of Centurion Estate as well. Thank you Pieter for coming on board and we look forward to your participation in the monthly challenge. For those of you who haven’t been to Hokaai, pop in and support Pieter and his team! The league programme for the year is well and truly underway, and I look forward to seeing the Centurion flag flying high once again. If you have not put your name down to play in the leagues, please do so, the lists are on the notice board.




MEDAL February 2014 Men’s: A DIVISION 1st 2nd

L Botha G Coetzer

B Division 1st 2nd

L Piagalis C Stewart

70 71 nett o.c.o

C Division 1st 2nd

N Hamman U Winterstein

Also on the notice board is the list for all the Knock outs for the year. We will be starting with the foursomes and mixed doubles and then move onto the singles and doubles. Please get your name down early to avoid disappointment.


“True sportsmanship is… Knowing that you need your opponent because without him or her, there is no game. Acknowledging that your opponent holds the same deep-rooted aspirations and expectations as you. Knowing that, win or lose, you will walk off the course with pride. Always taking the high road. And always, always, always being a good sport.” - Lorii Myers

Bronze Division


69 70

65 67

Silver Division 1st 2nd

1st 2nd

A van der Bijl M Annandale

73 74

K Murgatroyd L la Grange

72 74

Golfer of the month - G Lauryssen (71 gross)


11 February 2014 1st Vincent Blasl

7 590 pts (a fantastic score)

2nd Marthie van der Westhuizen

5 460 pts

3rd Paul Harris

5 130 pts

25 February 2014 1st Vincent Blasl 2nd Renee Williams 3rd Anna Skinner


INTERFACE March 2014

5 130 pts

4 830 pts 4 160 pts

Mr JJ vd Merwe Mast Jaco vd Merwe Ms Kerry-Ann Murgatroyd Mr Paul Botes Mr Mervin Muller Mr Tyrone Huisamen Mast Kasoma Paulino Mr Piet Griessel Mr Zebastien de Jager Mr Robert Laubscher Mr Matt Biggs Mr Daniel Slabbert Mr Whiane Short Mr Danel vd Berg Mr Fraser Knox Mr Hanko Bothma Mr Donald Makhafola Mr Michael van Rooyen Mr Richard Joubert Mr Quintin Wilsnach Mr Alexander Krebs Mr Matthew Drysdale Mr Tumelo Molloyi Mr Riaan Swart Mast Marco Steyn Mr Shane Granger Mr Nikki Jonker Mast Richard Rodrigues Mr Robert Laubscher Mr GD Joubert Mast Rikus vd Walt Mr Tyron Searle Mr Heinrich Swart Mrs Maria Gilgen Kneubuehl Mr Kurt Kneubuehl Miss Sunelle von Molendorf Mr Clayton Bannemann Mr Riaan Maritz Mr Matthew Duram Mr Yeorgos Melissakis Mr Alan Bester Mr Gerhardt Fourie Mr Andrew Plint Mr Stephen Morrison Mr Kevin Wylie Mr Damon Matthews Mr Paul Tsie Mr David Nortje


y d aCAPTAIN’s report

It’s now back to reality for all of us after a most welcome break. In December Tilla and I along with my daughter, Jamie, hosted the yearly Irene Homes Christmas Lunch. This is a luncheon that Centurion Country Club donates to the ladies that live at Irene Homes and don't get to go home and spend Christmas with their families for whatever reason. It was the 4th time that I have hosted this luncheon, and I have found it to be one of the most fulfilling parts of being the Lady Captain, being able to spend time with these ladies. I would like to thank Errol Hart, the club manager, and Amarille Vorster and Belinda of Kuxuxa Foods for making this yearly event possible. I have placed the thank you letter that I received from Irene Homes in the Interface for you all to read. The ‘Early Birds’ had their final prize giving for 2013 in December. The Most improved player for 2013 was a new member, Piret Vilborn. Piret is a very keen golfer who is showing lots of golfing talent on the golf course. She improved her handicap in a matter of months from 36 down to 28... Well done Piret, keep it up. The Trophy for best average stableford points in the category H/C up to 27 was won by Elize Visser. The plate for best average stableford points with a h/c of 28+ went to Shadi Mohuba. Well done to our winners.

Prize winners: Piret, Shadi, Eize, Tanya and Tilla

This years’ ‘Early Birds’ ladies competition played on a Thursday morning is once again underway. My vice captain, Tilla Janssen, is now running the ‘Early Birds’ competition each week. Tilla can be contacted on tillajanssen33@gmail. com. The Thursday ladies league started on 6 February 2014 and the league coordinator is myself. Hayley Mendes, Sue Smith, Joey du Toit, Piret Vilborn, Helga Engling and Anna-Marie v d Bijl have made themselves available for this years’ Thursday league... good luck girls let's see if we can win that trophy this year, sure we all going to give it our best shot! If you would like to make yourself available for the Saturday and Mixed League please send me a mail. Both these leagues start a little later in the year. Tilla has made herself available to stand as lady captain from April 2014 when my term comes to an end. We require a lady member to make themselves available to join the ladies committee from April. If you would like to join the committee please contact myself, Tilla or Errol Hart. Have a great golfing month... till next month. Hayley Mendes 083 660 5499

INTERFACE Marc h 2014



Bushve ld Braai The CHOA would like to express our thanks to all residents for attending the above event. An estimated 370 residents attended the function which was positively experienced. The CHOA, in conjunction with the management of the Club, is relaunching the social program for residents. The Centurion Country Club will open a Bistro on 3 April 2014 which will offer a unique experience for all residents. Help us name our Bistro by emailing your name suggestions to We would like to thank the following sponsors for contributing towards the Bushveld Braai function: • Sonja Neitz Architects • Atec • HJH Treefelling


INTERFACE March 2014

on our


INTERFACE Marc h 2014


VORSTER INCORPORATED Service offerings: § Conveyancing § Agreement of sale § Transfer process § Estimated transfer and bond costs § Litigation § Antenuptial contracts

Tel: 012 663 5233 • Direct fax: 0865 198 273 J & W HOUSE cnr. Lenchen South & Grit Street, Centurion Docex No. 2, Centurion, Lodgement number Pta 1150

The all New Striking C-Class! Setting a new Benchmark in driving experience! LAUNCHING SOON

Contact me to place your pre-launch order now, Or if you have any enquiries on a New Mercedes-Benz.


INTERFACE March 2014

Sharon Johnson | New Vehicles Sales Executive Mercedes-Benz Lifestyle Centre Menlyn Cnr Muriel Street and January Masilela Drive Tel : 012 368 2023 | Cell : 084 741 8268 | Fax : 086 582 9134 Email: |

cure day clinics an appropriate facility. Cure Day Clinics is currently the biggest day surgery hospital company in SA. The first clinic, Medkin, was acquired in 2008 - a facility with three theatres and 27 beds. Five years later, the company also has clinics in Erasmuskloof in Pretoria, Midstream in Centurion, and the St. Stephen’s hospital in Paarl, while building commenced with two others, in Bloemfontein and Somerset West, in October 2013.

Although not a completely new model, the concept of day surgery clinics to curb rising healthcare costs, is fast gaining momentum in SA. Funders, patients and doctors are now considering day hospitals as the ‘next big thing’ to save costs, improve efficiencies, reduce waiting times and free up beds in acute hospitals for more serious cases. Admitting few emergency cases at day hospitals, ensures that operating schedules are adhered to, and helps patients and family to plan their days. “In addition, technological innovations and advances in surgical techniques and anaesthesia have increased the number of elective procedures that can be performed as day cases. This has resulted in faster recovery times, fewer side effects and, most importantly, is helping to reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections due to short stays, said Dr John Bethune-Williams, chief clinical officer and anaestheologist of Cure Day Clinics Holdings. Patients undergoing day procedures are carefully screened and day hospitals have strict admission and discharge criteria. “All our day hospitals are fully equipped for any medical emergency and our staff are trained accordingly,” said Sr Anina de Bruyn, operational manager of Cure Day Clinics. Should an emergency occur and if the patient needs to stay overnight, contingency plans are in place to transfer a patient to

“Day hospitals are here to stay and are changing the healthcare market,” said Marianne Engelbrecht, Marketing Consultant at Cure Day Clinics, adding that they have been awarded several more licences to build similar facilities in the rest of the country successfully - (Polokwane, Pietermaritzburg, Blaauwberg, Bellville and Vredendal). “The company’s vision is to establish a national footprint of day surgery hospitals in SA in the future.”

100 doctors use the state-of-the-art theatre facilities on a regular basis, with an average of around 300 procedures performed per month. These include gynaecology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, urology, dermatology, ophthalmology, laparo-, arthroand hysteroscopies, certain orthopaedic procedures and dental and general surgery. The total costs of these operations are, on average, significantly lower than in acute hospitals because there is no overnight stay and lower running costs. Dr Bethune-Williams also said: “The day hospital concept should benefit the larger hospitals by freeing up theatre space and beds for very ill patients and emergencies, reducing waiting times for patients and doctors, and improving the utilisation of hospital capacity and staff.”

The group is already consulting with government on how these facilities can assist in extending quality, affordable and accessible healthcare also to the uninsured. “They [government] see day hospitals in assisting NHI requirements,” noted Dr Bethune-Williams. The group has also been a recipient of the Department of Health’s healthcare rewards in the category publicprivate partnerships for its contribution to assist children from orphanages and disadvantaged backgrounds to receive world-class dental care, free of charge. More than 500 children have benefited from this project over the past five years. To celebrate Mandela Day this year, 67 children from orphanages were selected to undergo dental procedures and tonsillectomies free of charge. According to Engelbrecht, recruiting doctors to move their elective operating lists from acute to day hospitals was initially a challenge. But after realising the efficiencies, the cost and time that can be saved and, above all, the high-quality personal care their patients receive in the relaxed, quiet ‘day care’ environment, there has been a significant mind shift, she said. Currently, at the Erasmuskloof hospital alone, more than

INTERFACE Marc h 2014



lawn services

Your neighbourhood lawn specialist

SPECIALISE IN: • • • • • • • • •

Lipomassage by Endermologie LPG ® Ceya 3000 Radio Wave Treatment Chili Medicinal Wraps Bellabaci Cellulite Massage RegimA Peeling Treatments LPG Cosmecanique (Natural Face Lift) VPL (Permanent Hair Removal) Permanent Make-Up All Beauty Treatments

Frans Jordaan 082 668 2431


on all beauty treatments!


Callus Peel Pedicure & Geltoes Save R190


Book your appointment now on 012 667 2331 91 Jean Avenue Doringkloof Centurion


We visit your lawn 4 times a year, once every season and apply our magic blends of fertilizers and the agents to control weeds, insects and diseases for the best looking lawn in town.

MISCELLANEOUS Accommodation Breek weg na bosveld en kom kuier in ons luukse, privaat, goed toegeruste huis en lapa by Mabalingwe Natuurreservaat naby Bela-Bela met groot vyf. Een en ‘n halfuur van Centurion. Slaapplek vir agt persone, loopafstand van alle geriewe. Te huur teen R2250 per nag. Inwoners kry 20% korting. Linne en skoonmaakdiens R350 ekstra. Vir meer inligting kontak Gerhard by 082 577 2224 of Bespreek nou! Centurion Golf Estate - Fully furnished and serviced upmarket apartment. One bedroom, bathroom with shower, living area with stunning view, full DSTV. Fully equipped kitchenette. One lock up garage. Available from 1 April 2014. Contact info: or 082 562 1222. Accommodation wanted Eldar is looking for a room on the Estate and is willing to work one day a week for the room or alternatively work for 3 days with payment and sleep in position. Please contact Lisa on 083 948 4949 if you have a room available. Domestics Sarah is already working in the Estate and is seeking work for Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. She is a friendly and trustworthy person and a good, reliable worker. Please contact Sarah on 078 681 6019 or Katja on 083 667 9763 for a reference. Albertina is looking for work on Fridays. She is already working in the Estate and is a very good, reliable and tidy worker. You can contact her on 082 689 6799 and 012 665 4606 for a reference. Elisabeth is looking for domestic work Mondays and/or Wednesdays in the Irene/Centurion area. She has been working for me for over 10 years and is trustworthy and reliable. Multiple references available on request, contact Benjamin for first reference 082 322 1000 or contact Elisabeth directly 072 648 9824. Elisabeth speaks Ndebele, Zulu, Afrikaans and some English. Domestic wanted The services of a domestic required. 2 Days per week. Must live in the Estate. Contact Zita on 083 400 7036. General Pet sitting and dog socialising for the Centurion Golf Estate residents. Going away and need to know that your pets are well looked after? I am available, reliable and nearby. Contact Colleen 082 896 3821or for details. Miglio Jewellery for sale. Great for gifts or just add a little sparkle to 2014! Contact Helen Erasmus Independent Miglio Jewellery Stylist. Mobile 082 376 8331 or e-mail to Dog walker/dog sitter required. I am seeking a student or temporary worker willing to work for 2 to 3 hours from Mondays to Fridays. (Preferably from 5:30 a.m.) You must be able to control two large dogs. The dogs need to be walked for at least an hour daily. One of the dogs was not trained on a leash as a puppy and is difficult to walk. Rates negotiable. Contact Sone on 083 228 7902. Would your young child be interested in learning to play the piano? I am offering piano lessons for beginners. Contact Sonja on 082 377 2465. Gentleman Molopo is looking for a SQ room in exchange to work from 16h00 Mondays to Thursdays. He has been in my employ for over 25 years. He currently uses the bus from Moloto area and buses are dangerous and unreliable. He is a great person and comes highly recommended. Please contact Elana 082 454 1936. StressLess. Mobile massage therapy at your doorstep. Massage helps, amongst others; stressed, tired, knotted muscles, circulation, waste removal (especially after a round of golf), depression, etc. Manuela 082 492 0373. Registered with AHPCSA. Any painting and priming needed – call Enoch Sibiya 071 809 3865. I have done numerous jobs within the Golf Estate and can supply references. Need a painter: For all your painting and waterproofing requirements (interior and exterior) – call Moses Seabi on 082 407 1492. He has more than 18 years experience and many references within the Estate!


R3 600 000


R2 000 000

Seeing is believing, attention to details. Wonderful eat in kitchen with fire place. 4Bedr, master bedroom downstairs, 3Bathr Study, patio with built in braai, SQ, Double gar

Perfectly renovated wooden floors & bathrooms. Sunny, spacious townhouse, air conditioning. Open plan living area, 3Bedroom, 2.5Bathrooms, DG, private garden



R 3 400 000

Upgraded to a new level, modern and cosy. 3 Spacious Bedrooms 2Bathrooms Study Guest toilet 3 Living areas Enclosed Patio DG

R 3 900 000

All in one! Stunning, sunny and perfect! Accommodating living areas 4Bedr Additional lounge/study/room 3Bathr Built in study nook SQ, DG with storage Patio & Pool.



R2 800 000

R3 800 000



Value for money! Spacious lock up and go, situated in Cul de Beautiful Thatch home with 3-4 bedrooms, 3 sac. Downstairs master bedroom with 3 living areas includ- living areas, lovely garden and a big pool. ing Open plan Study. Dream entertainment area. 3 Gar Double garage Staff quarters

R4 300 000

River view thatch house between lush trees and bird life. Spacious and family friendly. 3 Bedrooms, study, SQ, 3 garages.

R4 800 000

Exclusive home with quality finishes. 4 Spacious living areas with Cherry wood cabinets Cherry wood kitchen and scullery, bar 5Bedr 2 Studies 3Gar SQ Pool


R9 100 000 Executive property on a double stand. Private garden Heated pool Jacuzzi Sauna Bar Kitchen Scullery Laundry Library 2xStudy 4Bedr Gym SQ 4Gar Flat: 2xLiving Kitchen 2Bedr en-suite Gar

R4 200 000 Perfect in every way, position and finishes. Wooden flooring, 4Bedrooms, 3bathrooms, 2 en-suite, DG Garden & heated pool.

Highveld Estate - R2 100 000 A pleasant surprise in a security estate. 3Bedroom Duet with 2 bathrooms. Beautiful finishes with oak kitchen & scullery. Patio & braai Double garage

R4 200 000 Sought after fairway and river view. A brand new 4 Bedroom property, design to give a sense of tranquillity. Double garage

R 3 490 000

R3 800 000

Private family home on the fairway. Cul de sac position, 3Bedrooms Study Staff Q Double G & carport Pool Rented until May 2014

Need Space? Private and open plan living areas Kitchen & scullery Enclosed Patio 4Bedr 3Bathr, Study DG SQ Big Garden & Pool

R4 300 000

R 4 700 000

Excellent position, fairway view with privacy 4 living areas 3Bedrooms en suite Study, Outside entertainment area Pool Bar 3Gar, Staff Quarters

Exclusive and well planned to ensure privacy. Spacious living areas Study 4Bedrooms 3Bathrooms 3Garages Staff Q Pool. Rented

R 4 900 000

R 5 000 000

South Downs - R5 450 000

R5 500 000

Unbelievable view! Open Plan living area, 4Bedrooms 3Bathrooms Study, Kitchen , scullery, laundry Patio Pool Garden Double Garage

Special in every way, design, finishes, river view... 4 Bedrooms en suite, 3 Living areas, wine cellar,Staff Q, Patio Pool Rented for a year.

Perfectly situated, perfectly designed and it just feels right! Outstanding living areas, Kitchen, Scullery, Pantry, 3Bedr en suite, Study, DG,SQ, Patio & garden.

Spectacular view on fairway. 4 Accommodating living areas, 4 Bedr, 3 Bathr, Kitchen with scullery, Laundry, SQ, 3Garages, Patio, Pool

R6 800 000 Unique, stylish, quality, flexibility and the perfect address! Master bedr suite with 3additional bedr en suite. Study, SQ, 4Gar, Pool Private garden

R 7 500 000 (neg)

R 8 500 000

R 8 900 000

Perfect for the entrepreneur the extended family. Suites as well as en suite bedrooms. Spacious living areas SQ Fairway view, Pool & Patio

What a masterpiece! Perfect view on the fairway. Quality wooden floors Modern kitchen & scullery, Movie room Study Patio & Pool 5Bedr 4Bathr 4Gar SQ.

Outstanding view on the fairway and riverfront, character filled and charming. Main bedr downstairs, 4 Bedr, additional guest room, patio Study Wine cellar 3Gar SQ

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Selling and letting in Southdowns Estate as well. PROPERTIES TO RENT - CONTACT ADELLE NAUDE ON 083 622 6153


R18 000 “Excellent location”, furnished open plan”, 2 bed, sq.


R20 000 “Renovated executive home”, 3 bed, study.



R20 000 “Private open plan”, 3 bed, pool, double garage.



R26 000 “Modern and spacious open plan”, 4 bed, study, pool, double garage.

EVELYNE CELL: 083 276 5003

Lots of Space - Well priced property in security estate. 4 bed, 4 bath. Big studio undercover patio, jacuzzi, TV & diningroom R 1,990,000

Fabulous Investment - Spacious 3/4 bed unit with New Listing - Feel at home in this cozy 4 bed, good living areas and stunning kitchen. Patio, DG. 3 bath home. Big open plan living areas. Pretty Rented till Sept 2014 R 1,999 000 garden with pool. DG R 2,260 000

Good Design - Home with 3 beds, 2 baths. 3 living Priced to Sell - Various entertainment areas, areas pyjama lounge. Patio, sparkling pool, pretty good flow. 4 beds, 4 bath, 2 studies. Landscaped garden, 3 garages. Just move inn R 3,300 000 garden. DG & SQ R 3,250 000

Architectural Design On The River - Fab entertainment areas, gym, jacuzzi, sauna. Magic en-suite with views plus more. DG R 4,950 000

18th Fairway – Views with best location, superb 5 bedr home, study, studio, home theatre, bar, pool & more. 4 garages, SQ. R 7,500 000

Low Maintenance - Offering amazing space & office. 3 bed, 2 bath home. Big garden with lapa and patio. DG & extra parking R2,350 000

Super Price Tag – Space galore with 4 beds, 3 bath. Study, 3 living areas. Patio, Pool, extra long garages and staff accommodation R 2,980 000

Mint Condition - Quality home with 4 beds, 3 bath. Spacious living areas, lovely garden, views, patio, pool and DG R 4,250 000

Prime Spot with Views - Solid built 3 bed, 3 bath home. 4 living areas, study, bar, outside entertainment. Pool ,SQ, 3 garages R 4,300 000

Comfortable on Fairway - Perfectly designed 3 beds, 3 bath home, big living areas, study. Nice patio, pool, DG and staff acc. R 4,700 000

Immaculate - Stunning 3 bed, 3 bath with trendy finishes. Massive living areas. Lovely patio & garden. 2 garages, Staff acc R 5,450 000

Ultra Modern - Quality finishes 4 beds, 4 bath home with lots to offer. Ample living areas, bar, office, patio, pool and 4 garages R 6,650 000

Grand Residence on the River - Of superior class and style, 5 beds, 5 bath. Huge entertainment, bar & much more. 4 gar, SQ R 11,900 000









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A dedicated team for all your residential sales and rentals Sole Mandate – R6,900,000

An exquisite home with all the extras (indoor pool, 15 seater cinema, surround sound, jacuzzi). One of the top homes in the Estate !

PRICE REDUCED - R2,950,000

Nestled away in a cul de sac in the Estate this home is modern and is perfect for entertaining the family. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and all the other extras you would need in a home ! Well-sized erf.




Casual living with a spectacular view. A low maintenance family home overlooking the fairway and river edged with indigenous trees and prolific bird life. Large garden and staff accommodation.

A grand home with lots of open-flowing living areas and sunlight. 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, large study/office area, 2 garages and gourmet kitchen. Priced to sell !

Immaculate home with 4 beds, 3 baths and double garage. Beautiful views of the Estate and Centurion. Pretty garden with heated swimming pool.



NEW LISTING - R6,200,000

A large home on the fairway, great for entertaining with superb views.

This home is for the entertainer with large open-plan living areas, built-in bar, jacuzzi and pool. 4 bedrooms (one en-suite downstairs). Small low maintenance garden and staff accommodation. 3 garages.

A modern home newly renovated. Top finishes throughout. Also available to rent @ R35,000.00 per month. Large pool, games room and cinema room.

Sole Mandate – R6,800,000


Life is all about living ! A ‘Top Billing” status home built with passion. The luxurious atmosphere provides a backdrop for incomparable living. Immaculate condition and something extra special !

You can entertain in style in this beautifully maintained home. All 4 bedrooms are spacious with their own balcony and bathroom. Heated pool, built-in braai, SQ and 4 gar.

Sole Mandate – R2,950,000 PRICE REDUCED


Well designed home which offers easy, comfortable living. This versatile family home has a separate upstairs flatlet and splash pool. 5 beds, 4 baths, DG and carport.

Top executive home on double stand overlooking the fairway, river and trees. With upmarket finishes this stylish home offers a luxurious lifestyle !


Sole Mandate - R2,380,000 PRICE REDUCED

New listing – R5,350,000 PRICE REDUCED

New listing – R4,950,000

Gorgeous Tuscan villa with exquisite views of the river. Spacious living areas which are light and bright. Lovely flow to this home !

Townhouse, 3 spacious living areas. Thatched lapa in a big garden. Open-plan living areas with kitchen and scullery/laundry. 3 sunny bedr and dg. Located in a tranquil part of the estate.

A home of distinction ! A very spacious family home with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and 3 garages. Situated on the fairway, one of the best addresses. Bold and beautiful!

An alluring home nestled in the trees and near the river. Unique modern design with privacy & top class finishes. Open-plan flowing living areas, jacuzzi, sauna & gym. Exquisite views !


R35,000 / month

R17,500 / month

SOUTHDOWNS - R45,000 / month

SOUTHDOWNS - R30,000 / month


Centurion Golf Estate, 3/3/2, lovely river views, jacuzzi, incl. DSTV & gardener plus study, fully furnished

3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 3 living areas, study nook, splash pool, lovely quiet area,

Beautiful home 4/4/4, 2 studies, heated pool & jacuzzi, snooker table

Southdowns Estate. Lovely family home, spacious garden,3 Bedrooms/2 &1/2 bathrooms, dbl garage, pool, SQ.



AUDREY NAOMI 083 461 1231

RAY 082 461 3751





1 JUNE 2014

FAMILY HOME IN THE GOLF ESTATE This lovely family home offers 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 garages, you can even bring your pet along

SALE R7 940 000

FAMILY HOME IN THE GOLF ESTATE This lovely family home offers 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 garages, you can even bring your pet along

magnificent views from this mansion Built on the fairway, this home has it all! Beautiful o/plan L/areas with new granite/cherry w. kitchen, 5 bedr., 3.5 bath., suana, Cinema & lots more.

SALE R5 000 000


A TUCKED AWAY GEM This stunning modern home offers 4 bedrooms with 4 bathrooms, lovely reception rooms with views, Patio, Pool, Dbl garage & S.Q., currently rented out.

RELAXED PROVANCE ATMOSPHERE Mostly all on one level, 4 Bed., 3 bath., 3 garages, comfortable L/areas. O/ plan Kitchen, studio/study, beautiful outdoor patio area.

SALE R3 100 000

SALE R3 100 000

COMFORTABLE HOME IN QUIET AREA Well designed with quality finishes, offers 3 bed., 2.5 bath., studio/study, o/ plan l/ areas with maple wood kitchen, Patio with B.I. braai, pool, dbl garage ++

MAKE AN OFFER! SPACIOUS HOME IN GOOD AREA! Needs attention, but offers 4 bed., 3.5 baths, 3 spacious L/ areas, new cherrywood kitchen, dbl. garage with store room, wooden deck,Patio & pool +++

SALE R4 790 000 IRENE

SALE R3 150 000 IRENE

HEAVEN ON EARTH Double storey home, wonderful spacious, parklike garden, (3030m²), private & secure,, 4 bed., 2.5 bath., study, 3 L/areas, 2 separate flatlets +++

IMMACULATE HOME EXCELLENT VALUE Situated in a quiet lane this 5 bed., home offers a lot, 3 bat., 3 spacious L/areas, entertainment patio overlooking the lovely garden & pool. Dbl garage & more!

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