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NEW LISTING - R 3 500 000 Picture perfect and a must see! Beautiful with a lovely kitchen, scullery, pantry, dinning room, 3Bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, SQ, patio, pool, 2.5 garages.

R2 700 000 So much to offer! 3 Spacious living areas, 2Bedrooms 2Bathrooms Study Staff quarters Pool Double garage

R3 000 000 Spot on position! A bigger, corner stand with a homely and cosy 3 bedroom home, a study, double garage.


NEW LISTING DUAL MANDATE - R 3 600 000 Beautiful and so much to offer, a must see. Open plan living areas, designer garden, Bar, 4 Bedr, 3 Bathr, enclosed patio, DG, SQ

R2 790 000 Flexibility, low maintenance. 3 Bedrooms, 2x studies. 3 Living areas, 4 garages.

R3 350 000 Flexibility and low maintenance! Flat let/0ffice or part of the house. 4 Garages. 4 living areas, 4 bedrooms, SQ, bar, patio, pool.

R3 600 000

R3 650 000

Picture perfect setting: Family home overlooking the fairway, low maintenance 3 Bedr, study, SQ, double garage, carport, patio & pool.

So much to offer! A comfortable family home with a dream garden,situated in a Cul de Sac! Quality kitchen with a scullery and laundry, DG, 4 bedr, study, patio and pool.

Lovely Townhouse with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, guest toilet, enclosed patio, dining room, lounge and double garage.

SOLE MANDATE - R2 990 000

SOLE MANDATE - R1 750 000 Open plan living area, 3 BedroomS, 2 bathrooms, DG, bigger stand, pool.

R2 200 000

Single level family home, perfect for a lock up and go. Renovated single level home with a warm atmosphere, 3 bedr, 2 bathr, study nook. DG, Kitchen & scullery, dinning room, open plan living designer garden, patio & pool. room, 3Bedr, 2Bathrooms, Study, 3Garages, Pool.

R2 980 000 Value for money! Beautiful view on the garden from the open plan living areas, & enclosed patio. 3 Bedr, DG,patio & pool. Situated in a crescent.

R3 000 000 It feels like home! Quality and comfort combined in this 4bedroom home, 3 bathrooms, 4 living areas, patio and pool, double garage, staff quarters.

PRICE REDUCED - R3 400 000

R3 500 000

What a statement! Beautiful and unique woodwork. Study & bar. 3 Living areas, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, enclosed patio, 4 garages, SQ, pool.

Opportunity knocking! So much for less! 5 Bedrooms 2 studies 4Living areas including the enclosed patio and braai. Garden & pool area. DG.

R3 900 000

R3 900 000

Cute and cosy renovated family home. Flowing Perfect family home and ideal for entertaining. entertainment areas, a quality bar in the enclosed 4 Bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, bar, SQ, pool, patio area. 3Bedrooms 2Bathrooms, Pool SQ DG 3 garages.

R3 900 000 Exclusive property & position with an amazing meadow view. Open plan living areas, study, 4 bedrooms 3 bathr, 3 garages, staff quarters.

R3 950 000 Scenic views & on the fairway. 3 Living areas, an enclosed patio. 4 Bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, pool, garden, DG, carport.

R 4 200 000

R4 100 000 Perfectly renovated. Spacious and filled with light! 4 Bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, SQ, 3 garages, patio, pool, SQ.

What a lovely surprise! A beautiful place called home... 3 Bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, study, gazebo, DG & carport, SQ.

R4 900 000




R14 500 Pristene 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 open plan living areas and jacuzzi.

Amazing view and privacy on the river! 3 Bedrooms, 3 bathroomsm open plan living areas, enclosed patio & entertainment. SQ.

R6 800 000 Need Space? Look no further. 4 Spacious living areas, 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, bar, gym, 3 garages, SQ, patio & pool.


Spectacular and awesome family home. Special effects Spacious living areas, a home offering you so & extras including under floor heating, fireplaces, much flexibility. 4 Bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, surround sound, study, 3 spacious living areas, 5 Bedr, pool, DG, SQ 4 Bathr, wine cellar, 2+ Gar, SQ, patio & pool.

R4 800 000 Outstanding and breathtaking position and view! Quality kitchen and bathroom finishes, 3Bedr, Study, Gym/Jacuzzi room Patio DG.

TWIN RIVERS - R6 200 000 That special place we all dream about! Open and sunny with the most spectacular view! 4 bedr, study, outside entertainment area/option for flat, SQ, 3 gar, patio, pool.

Stand for sale R1 550 000 Southdowns, surrounding properties already built. Situated in a crescent, easy access to and from the gates.


Adelle Naude (rentals) - 083 622 6153

R4 100 000

R4 200 000

R4 900 000

So much to offer, pretty perfect view on the fairway! Spacious Need space? An office to work from? A flatlet? This living areas, kitchen, laundry & pantry, 4Bedr, 2.5Bathr, Jacuzzi, house on the fairway has it all! Entertainment room, Bar, enclosed patio, 3gar, SQ, Pool, Flat let, ideal for offices. bar, spacious living areas. 4 Bedr study, SQ, 4 gar.

That extra touch! Single level home with 3 spacious living areas, Cherry wood kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, SQ, 2 garages.

R4 000 000

The perfect lifestyle on your doorstep! Picture perfect, Double Fairway stand with ample space and spafamily home with 4-5 bedr, 4 living areas, separate, cious living areas. 4Bedrooms, 3.5Bathrooms , Staff spacious flat/office, 3 gar, SQ, Jacuzzi, patio and pool quarters, 2.5 Garages, Patio & Pool.




R15 000 Spacious, 3 Bed, open plan living, flatlet and SQ.




R25 000 Luxury defined, 4 bed en suite, study, pool and SQ



R25 000 Master Piece, 4 bed ensuite, pool, fully furnished best location

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Front cover photo: Jacques Kruyswijk

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I N T E R FAC E • JUNE 2 0 12 • pg 5

HO WATER comes from taps By Sue Miles

That’s what an amazing amount of people think. And an equal amount of people do not check their Municipal accounts to see where their money goes. Perhaps people on this Estate have so much money that they do not question the amounts they are billed for. They also do not realise that, despite the storms that periodically wreck our golf course, South Africa is an arid country. I’m sure the Municipality must be pleased to see how many suckers there are here and treat us as cash cows.

70% water, but 97% of that is salt water, which leaves just 3% fresh water. Of that 3% only 1% is used for keeping us alive – the rest is in the form of ice at the Poles. South Africa receives 492mm. per year of water, whereas the rest of the world has 985mm. per year. This comprises rainfall mainly. At the moment Gauteng uses 1,700 cubic metres of water per person per year, but at the rate of usage and with a growing population, that figure will shrink to 1,000 cubic metres by the year 2025! That’s only 13 years away!

We all like to keep our properties in top condition – it looks good, and we are proud of what we have spent our money on. Part of this ‘conditioning’ is keeping our driveways clean. This is usually done by our gardener, or handyman. He is told to clean the driveway and he does, by turning on the hosepipe and standing there for the next half hour with a hose in one hand and a cigarette or cellphone in the other – it’s much easier than getting a broom and he doesn’t have to pay the bills!

All the more reason for us to nurture our resources. Those of us with gardens use an average of 46% of our water on the garden. That is not to say that we should stop watering our gardens, especially if we grow our own vegetables, BUT, there is a horrifying 54% which is used for ‘other’. In other words, that 54% which is going down the stormwater drains is being used by someone who is busy flushing the cement out of the cracks which hold your driveway together.

Just a few facts that might jolt people into thinking about our water. As most people know, the Earth is

Let us take a new look at our Municipal bills, and regulate the usage of our water. It IS a scarce resource.

Facts about paper There seems to be a lethargy in the Estate about recycling paper. Each time I write an article about the amount of paper collected from your properties, it seems to be a dreary tale of the same old figures between the three areas, with little change in the proportion. As it seems to matter so little, except to the committed few, about the amount of paper collected, I have decided to suspend the small competition between the areas. There was no difference to speak of month by month. I have, however, collected a few facts about paper recycling. I last did this about two years ago, and I think it was greeted with a collective yawn, but maybe the personnel has changed and we shall see an interest again. I N TERFACE • JU NE 2 012 • pg 6

With 1 million tonnes of paper recycled, 20 to 30 thousand people are employed. The average person uses 50kg of paper each year. Recycling one tonne saves 17 trees from being cut down; 26 cubic metres of water; 2.3 cubic metres of landfill; 320 litres of oil; and 4, 100 kwh of electricity, which would provide power for the average home for one year! 35% of Municipal waste comprises paper or paper products. By 2007 Europe had achieved a 64.5% recycling target of paper. Recycling causes 35% less water pollution and

By Sue Miles

74% less air pollution than pulping virgin wood. With our concern about water pollution coming from the mines, spare a thought for the other causes. It is also said that the next World War will be fought, not because of politics or land acquisition, but over the availability of water. Please do not forget that a small amount of money from the Mondi recycling areas goes, in our case, to our local Hospice and to the S.P.C.A. I hope this article will jolt the consciences of those who cannot be bothered to collect their waste paper, and that we will see a marked increase in orange bags on the pavements on the dates which I provided you within the last Interface.

OME OWNERS Fishing Regulations 2012 Erf No:ASS 1603 1 Only residents will be entitled to a fishing permit. The times will be from 18h30 to 21h30 – no overnight camping will be allowed. Permission may be obtained from the Pro Shop to fish earlier if no golfers are on the course. 2 The main fishing area will be on the 9th Fairway demarcated by two green stakes. The mashie dam can also be used. 3 Children under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by a parent or an adult resident. 4  A resident may invite a guest to accompany him/her whilst fishing.

5 Please note that early morning fishing will not be permitted as the grounds staff prepares the golf course for play. 6  Whilst fishing, permits must be available for inspection. Without your permit, you will be asked not to fish any longer. 7 No tents or the making of fires are permitted. 8 Ensure that the site you used has been cleaned up before leaving the area. 9  Fishermen are requested to consider the residents whilst fishing.

10 Only golf carts are permitted on the course. 11 No hand lines or net fishing is allowed. 12  The committee has the right to amend rules at any time by posting a notice on the Notice Board at the Club House. 13 The fishing permit has been re-introduced as a benefit for residents. 14 Fishing permits are available at the Reception Desk in the clubhouse of the Centurion Country Club at R50.00 per annum.

Amber Britz – South African Figure Skating Champion Congratulations to Amber Britz of Monte Carlo Drive on her recent win of the South African Figure Skating Championship. Amber is 12 years old and has lived on the Estate her whole life. She started figure

skating when she was in Grade 2.

international competition later this year.

With her passion for skating and the most graceful presence on the ice, Amber has represented South Africa twice overseas and will be going to her next

She loves to skate and is very thankful to God for her talents and to her fantastic coach, Dino.

BRIDGE results 24 April 2012 1st Vincent Blasl


2nd Paul Harris


3rd Wim Skinner


8 May 2012 1st Vincent Blasl


2nd Willem de Kok


3rd Wim Skinner


Important numbers & contacts Security (NEW!) PLEASE NOTE: 012 665 0117 (071) 683-1596 NO LONGER EXISTS. (012) 665-3601 (012) 648-9170 (012) 648-9175 Homeowners’ Association Tel: 012 665 0506 | Fax: 012 665 0505 HOA office hours Monday to Thursday, 07h30 to 16h00 and Friday 07h30 to 15h00. (accounts) Estate General Manager Jaco Venter | 082 852 9977 Safety & Security Manager Kobus Blom HOA: 071 609 9149

BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2010 Chairman: Mr Pierre Lombard

Police - Lyttelton

012 644 8600

Metro Police

012 358 7088



Financial Director: Mr. Cor van Zyl

Unitas Hospital

012 677 8000

Fire Brigade

012 664 5555


012 671 7211

Security Director : Dr Louis Botha PR Director : Ms Anya Potgieter Director Architecture & Gardens : Mr Patrick Mann Centurion Country Club President: Mr. Hennie le Roux

Burst Water Mains 012 358 3716

(office hours)

012 358 2111

(24hours) Electrical

012 358 9999


012 427 7111

Garbage Removal

012 308 0557


012 664 5644/5

Street Lights

080 11 11 770

(toll free) I N T E R FAC E • JU NE 2 0 1 2 • pg 7

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Happy Father’s day to all the estate dads!



R1,695,000 CED EDU




A true investment – Double storey sectional title townhouse. Small low maintenance garden. Monthly levies (complex and estate) of R1,735.00. Be quick, this one won’t be around for long !


Views, views, views ! This spacious home overlooks the fairway and will be ideal for the entertainer. Study, bar, pool and full staff accommodation. Indoor braai and low maintenance garden.










Ideal for the entertainer! 4 beds, 2 baths, study, 3 living areas, built-in bar, 2 jacuzzis, cinema, heated pool, 3+1 garages, wooden deck and SQ. The most amazing views !!!

Well-priced home with double volume ceilings and stunning open-plan entertainment areas. Luscious green garden with rock pool. 4 beds, 3 baths, 3 garages and staff accommodation. Avoid disappointment come and view today !

An alluring home nestled in the trees and near the river. Unique modern design with privacy & top class finishes. Open-plan flowing living areas, jacuzzi, sauna & gym. Exquisite views !

R3,600,000 (Back on the market)




Fairway family home with superb views. Flowing and spacious open-plan entertainment areas downstairs. 3 beds (main downstairs), 3 bathr, study, pool, staff accommodation, dg and double carport.

A cozy single storey home with lots of character. Big open plan living areas, pool and small garden. Adorable and affordable !

Nestled away in a cul de sac in the Estate this home is modern and is perfect for entertaining and the family. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and all the other extras you would need in a home ! Well-sized erf.

Characterful home with a warm atmosphere ! Beautiful red facebrick home in immaculate condition. 3 bedr upstairs, 2 bathr, study or bar nook, openplan living areas with fireplaces. Plenty of garaging with 2.5 garages and full SQ. Pretty landscaped garden with wooden sliding doors onto patio.






Plenty garden for the family – R2,980,000



Face-brick home with 3 well-sized bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 garages. Downstairs living areas are spacious and open-plan with the kitchen. Enclosed patio with pizza oven, heated pool and fantastic garden space for the family !

This Tuscan delight offers lots of space for the family. Built in bar flowing on to pool area. Well-situated in quiet street. Fair size garden.

A real charmer on course – An ideal family home in perfect condition. Four well-sized air-conditioned bedr and superb views of the golf course. Pool, jacuzzi and steam room. Low maintenance. Urgent sale !




An entertainer’s dream home with open plan living areas, stunning kitchen, pool room, bar area, jacuzzi, covered patio and swimming pool. Staff accommodation and 3 garages.





Modern bali-styled executive home with panoramic views of the meadows. Beautiful 4 bedroom home with pool and staff accommodation. A must to see !



R2,250,000 - Irene Woods



Great indoor and outdoor living. Exquisite Spectacular low maintenance home on the gazebo and wooden deck. Well situated in quiet golf course. Spacious entertainment areas with cul-de-sac, no work to de done here! exquisite fairway views. Plenty garaging and neat garden.


Are you looking for a large stand ? This 3 bedroom home is situated on a large erf (889m²) with magnificent views of the Estate and Centurion.






Spacious Cape Dutch style home with 4 en-suite bedrooms. Priced to sell !

What a view and on the banks of the Hennops river ! Escape city life and enjoy entertaining in this unique and spacious home. Well-situated in quiet cul-de-sac with views of the river from many windows. Bring the outdoors in !


R20,000 / month

R22,000 / month

R22,000 / month

2 Fully furnished flatlets, all inclusive, R10 000,00 pm, negotiable, available Fairway views, spacious family home, large garden, Occupation immediate.

Available 1 July 2012, immaculate, 3 bed, study, pool, lovely big garden.

A spacious 4 bedroom family home with pool, staff accommodation and nice size garden. Available 1 July 2012

Fully furnished, available 1 July 2012, 3 bed, 2 bath, study, pool.



REPORT CAPTAIN’s report The past month has been a hive of activity which included welcoming professionals from all over the country to participate in the Annual PGA Championships held here at our club. After four days of golf we took the golden opportunity of asking these seasoned golfers to participate in the same survey that is used in certain golfing publications. While the compliments rolled in the survey results were very warming and it is my pleasure to say that our course was rated an average of 674 out of 800 i.e. 85.25% which while not on a par with the official ratings, does encourage us to continue striving for more. Thanks to all who made their way to Centurion and congratulations to Rudy Whitfield from Glendower who won the play-off to take the honours. At the annual golf AGM we bid farewell to Rodney Rae who served his term on the committee with much enthusiasm. Rodney has moved on to pastures greener and we wish him and his family the very best. At the same meeting we established amongst other things that I would remain on as Captain for the year before handing over the reins to either, Haymish McKee or newly elected Jacques Wickens at the next opportunity. It’s great to have Jacques and Dee Meredith join us and we look forward to fresh ideas that will up the effort put in by the committee in the interests of our very prestigious club. Before I share a bit more about our reigning club champion, Jacques Kruyswijk, I’d like to draw your attention to a notice posted in the Interface this month regarding Rules for Home Owners on the Use of the Golf Course. Please read carefully and appreciate that these rules deserve your respect. Now a bit more about Jacques Kruyswijk whose future we are excited to be a part of. BR: What is your earliest memory of golf? JK: My earliest memory of golf was the first time I stood with a club in hand with my dad next to me on Drakensig golf club’s 1st tee. I was about 8 years old. BR: Who/What inspires you?

renowned course in the world; Augusta National. BR:  What advice do you have for aspiring golfers? JK:  My advice to upcoming younger golfers would be to practise very hard, work on every aspect of your game, set yourself goals and try step by step to achieve them. Get your mind-set to be the best and one day you could live out that honour.

MONTHLY MEDAL – April 2012 Men’s: A Division 1st 2nd

R Massie C Green

B Division

BR: What do you enjoy doing when you’re not on the course?

1st 2nd

JK: I love gyming and staying active and fit. I love fishing and hanging out with good friends.

C Division

BR: What does winning the Club Champs at Centurion mean to you?


JK: I am very proud and honoured to be the Club Champ at Centurion Country Club and also to be associated with the club itself. I joined the club early March 2012, after seeing how friendly and professional the people are at CCC and the course being one of the best in the Gauteng area. It was a big challenge to become the Club Champion before the tournament, as there are very good golfers associated with the club. After posting a 68 in round one and to share the lead, I knew I had to step up my game the next day, to be victorious. All round a great organised tournament and all thanks to Centurion Country Club, hopefully this will be a great stepping stone for the future to come in my golfing career.

65 69

1st 2nd

K van Niekerk R Rae

H Heggland P Roberts

68 69

62 72

Silver Division 1st 2nd

J Shields S Smith

72 79

Bronze Division 1st 2nd

D van Ryneveld F Vermeulen

71 73

Golfer of the month – J Kruyswijk (68 gross)

NEW members

As we wish Jacques all the very best for the future it is also my pleasure to wish Brandon Stone who we are proud to have previously been associated with at CCC, all the very best as he leaves our shores for a stint in the UK before starting University in Texas in August. You go boy, we’ll be watching as you make us all proud!

Mrs Anne Grace Mr Edwin Nel Mrs Wilma Kuhn Mr Xavier Mac Master Mr Ken Brown Master Ryan Hunt (re-join) Master Estian Schoeman Mr Hannes Jonck Dr Jurgen Pakemdorf Master Liam Castle Mr Darryll Castle

Till next time, keep warm and keep swinging! Barry

JK: Camillo Villegas - The inspiration that drives me. He is not the No. 1 golfer in the world, but the most disciplined and fittest golfer in the world. He is very hard working in all aspects of the game, and is determined to become the best and I can see a lot of myself in him. BR: Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now? JK: I see myself playing on the biggest tour in the world - the PGA Tour - living out my dream as a professional golfer. BR: If you could play in the ideal four ball who would it be and where? JK: Ideal 4 ball would be - Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and my dad, playing on the most

New committee member – Jacques Wickens I have been a member and a resident at Centurion Golf Club the last 12 years. Have represent Centurion Golf Club in the mid-amateur, mix , handicap and first league, this year as captain of the mid-amateur league. I have past experience as a committee member at my previous golf club. Outside my social commitments I am a Managing Director of food and seed companies.

I N T E R FAC E • JU NE 2 0 12 • pg 9

I N TERFACE • JU NE 2 012 • pg 1 0



REPORT y d CAPTAIN’s report

The golf committee’s AGM was held at the club on 25 April 2012. I would like to welcome Dee Meredith to our committee, I am looking forward to the next two years working with Dee as I know she has a lot to offer the ladies section of Centurion CC. Our Ladies Open was held on 3 May 2012 and it was a very successful day, 72 ladies took part. We were treated to a foot/hand or head massage on the patio after our round of golf by some very professional therapists from the Vusalela Day Spa who also kindly sponsored a full day treatment voucher for our Ladies Open. Christine Vermaak from 5th Avenue Jewellery donated two prizes. We were also fortunate to have Carol-Anne from the Jean Avenue Spar donate a prize as well as nearest the pin prizes and she treated all our caddies with a Spar hamper. Jannes donated each lady a CCC logo golf ball on arrival. Thanks to all our sponsors. Amarille and her staff once again went all out and served a fantastic lunch; the dining room looked stunning, thanks so much, there was nothing but praise from all the ladies that took part. The Ladies Open was won by our very own mother and daughter team Anna Skinner and Dalene Smith on 46 points, this is a very special win for Anna and Dalene as Dalene is going to be relocating to the UK soon, so it will hold special memories for them both I am sure. Second place - Olga Zorgmann and Lynne Liebenberg from Waterkloof CC with 44 points, 3rd place - Ida Mabaso and Shardi with 43 points o.c.o and 4th place - Rona Agors and Many Lopes also on 43 points o.c.o The Thursday morning ladies prize giving took place at the Fishmonger on 11 May 2012. Three prizes were awarded. Rosa Lombard received the Medal Final 2011 trophy. The best stableford points trophy handicap 0 - 27 was awarded to Rene Seidel and best stableford points trophy handicap 28 - 36 was awarded to Rosa Lombard. Congratulations to our winners. The GNGU Teams of Two Tournament was held at CCC on 14 May 2012, this tournament is run by Dot Van Ryneveld and GNGU and it was a great tournament enjoyed by all who took part. The Teams of Two Trophy was won by B Meerholz and Petra Meyer from Blue Valley. Second place went to Henriette Roux and Marianne Brown and 3rd place was won by Elna Fourie and Elize Schultz. The Betterball was won by Elize Visser and Karen Robinson. Foursomes was won by Olga Zorgmann and Lynne Liebenberg. Dot has said that she would like to hold the tournament again next year at our club, we will be very honoured to do so. We will be holding our next Mini Open (sponsored by Jean Avenue Spar) on Thursday, 19 July 2012. It will be a limited field (only 40 places) so please put this date in your diary and call Nicola on 012 665 9601 to book your spot.

Caddies with Spar hampers

Our Charity day will be taking place on Thursday, 9 August 2012. The charities that will benefit from our day will be the Irene Homes for the mentally handicapped, Safe House places of safety and as Lady Captain I would like to add the Centurion SPCA as this is a charity that is very close to my heart. I am appealing to all our members and residents of the Estate to open your hearts and purses to support this day. Is there anybody who can sponsor a wheelbarrow that we can fill with booze for our raffle? Or if you have any prizes to donate please contact me by e-mail hayley. or call me on 083 660 5499. All donations will be very much appreciated. If anybody has any ideas for the charity day please feel free to pass them on to me.

Our Thursday morning ladies competition is receiving a lot of support and it is good to see new members joining on a Thursday morning. Although winter is fast approaching, put on that extra layer, pack a flask of hot chocolate and come along to play. Let’s keep the competition going through winter, we are very lucky in South Africa that our climate allows us to play all year round. Till next month. Hayley Mendes

Lynne Liebenbe rg - Olga Zorgm ann 2nd ladies open

ne Smith ner - Dale in k S a n n A ers pen winn Ladies O

Dee Meredith and Hayley Men des

open nna ladies Shardi- Joha Koko - Ida I N T E R FAC E • JUNE 2 0 1 2 • pg 11

Bleshoenders Fundraiser 1 May 2012


Heyno Smith


2nd JC van Niekerk



Gideon Odendaal



Rudy Koekemoer



Althea Oosthuizen



Susan Heggland



Wayne Esterhuizen



Mark Fichardt



J Claassen


10th Louis van Wyk


11th Johan van der Merwe


12th Deon Goosen


Nearest to pin hole 8:

Fanie Swanepoel

Nearest to pin hole 17:

Johann Swanepoel

Longest drive hole 15:

Anton Truter

Longest shot hole 18:

Anton van der Bijl

I N TERFACE • JU NE 2 012 • pg 1 2

Anniversary Weekend 12 & 13 May 2012



to the p

ore, tt, J Ellm a w o M ich, H ts E Faulst ast - 87p R Gudeg

in: W Fa




TR S ’ T ts N E D I laar - 74p e d S A y E b o T R


s and

P Robert

I N T E R FAC E • JUNE 2 0 12 • pg 13








Lovely 4 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom, 2 Garages, Furnished, with pool, Available from 1 May 2012.

3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, Double garage home in Golf estate with lovely view, available from 1 June 2012.

This lovely 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, 2 Garage Townhouse is available from 1 June 2012.

CGE - SALE - R4 200 000

CGE - SALE - R4 000 000

CGE - SALE - R5 000 000

CGE - SALE - R4 800 000

CGE - SALE - R4 500 000

UNIQUE HOME ON THE RIVER! 4 Bedr, 4 Bath, double volume open plan living area, Kids T.V Room, Study or Cellar. S.Q and DG. Contact Sonja

SUPURP INNOVATION ON RIVER! 3 Bedr, 3 Bath, open plan entertainment areas + Jacuzzi + Gym + Sauna, what more can you ask for?? Contact Sonja

SUPERIOR FINISHES! Newly renovated 4 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom home with 6 living areas and separate flat-let. Contact Sonja.

CGE - SALE - R3 900 000

CGE - SALE - R3 490 000

CGE - SALE - R3 300 000

LARGE FAMILY HOME! PRICE REDUCED ON BALI BEAUTY! Modern Bali Style house with 4 en- This home offers: 4 Bedr, 4 Bath, 5 Livsuite Bedr, patios, pool, SQ, beauti- ing Areas, large patio, 2 studies, S.Q., ful meadow view. Contact Sonja. pool with large garden. Contact Sonja

I N TERFACE • JU NE 2 012 • pg 1 4

JUST MOVE IN – IMMACULATE MODERN COMFORTABLE FAMILY HOME! 3 Bedr, 3 Bath, 3 iving Areas. Excellent Spacious dbl story in excellent location, Entertainment finishes, Scullery, Pantry, Study, Beautiful patio with dbl. sided gas braai, bar area, pool S.Q. U/F garden and lots more!! Contact Sonja. heating in most L/Areas & bathroom!! Contact Naomi.

CGE - SALE - R2 750 000

BARGAIN PRICE FOR BEAUTIFUL SPACIOUS HOME! UNIQUE SUNNY FAMILY HOME !! This neat property offers everything! 4 L/Areas, Comfortable & low maintenance, offers 2 wooden bar, patio (enclosed), study, 4 tiled gar, offices, workshop, jacuzzi, beautiful livpool, jacuzzi, S.Q & more. Contact Naomi. ing areas, patio & braai. Contact Naomi.

IRENE- SALE - R2 250 000

COZY & QUANT IN QUIET LANE !! Low maintenance, beautiful groomed garden, also offers a lapa, pool and S.Q. Contact Naomi.

International Day 27 April 2012

Best dressed: Swingland (a combined team from England and Sweden) - Dee and Paul Meredith, Johan Persson and Karen Pattersson.

Best golf cart: Winners:

Scots - Mark and Brandon Fichardt, Steve and Jordan Morris Andre Roux. Wayne de Wet, Louis du Toit, Joey du Toit, Brett and Sue Smith, Jacques Kruyswijk and Kyle

I N T E R FAC E • JUNE 2 0 12 • pg 15

Buying or selling property?


R2.6m - Dual Mandate 3 Large bedrooms, open plan lounge, beautiful kitchen, pool, domestic quarters, double garage. Best value for money.









Quaint thatch, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, family room, pool, DG and lapa.


Sunset View R2.7m SOLE MANDATE

R3.5m Large modern home. Immaculate. 3 Large bedrooms, separate flat/office, pool – wooden deck, domestic quarters, large tandem garage (4), carport.

Portabello Drive - R4.2m 3 Bedrooms, 2 studies, large main bedroom, sitting room and study, domestic quarters, pool, lapa – immaculate.


Social Club Events at the Clubhouse Foods of the World and special events


 Every Thursday evening. Watch the advertising pamphlets for the theme of the evening. Imperative to reserve a table by calling 012 665 5499.

 Every second Tuesday of the month at the club house from 18h00


spin and win

 Take-Aways: Available Tuesdays to Saturdays from 18h00 to 19h30. Call 012 665 5499 or 082 926 0698 to place your order. Deliveries done on the Estate.

Sunday luncheons  Offered every Sunday from 12h30. Book a table 012 665 5499

Private and corporate functions  Private Themed parties  Cocktail functions  Kiddies themed parties  Weddings and wedding receptions

 Every last Friday of the month

Special events THROUGHOUT THE YEAR  Valentines dinner/dance  Easter Sunday luncheon  Mother’s day luncheon  Father’s day luncheon  Christmas eve dinner  New year’s eve dinner/dance

 Dinners, luncheons and breakfast functions

GOLFING Bump up your short game arsenal! EVENTS at the golf course •

 LUB COMPETITIONS FOR C MEMBERS and for visitors (subject to availability) are EVERY THURSDAY AFTERNOON, SATURDAY ALL DAY AND SUNDAY MORNINGS. Club captain Barry Robinson.  or golf membership, contact F Nicola van Heerden Nicola@ or 012 665 9601.

 adies golf – every Thursday morning. L Watch advertising boards for ladies opens and mini opens. Ladies captain Hayley mendes.

 ublic holidays all day competition for P members and visitors.

 ormal social golf available on all the N other days for visitors and members – not club competitions.  olf lessons offered. Contact Nicola G for info.

Every golfer should add the bump-and-run to their short game arsenal. This is a low risk shot with a good outcome more often than not! Deciding to hit this shot depends largely on the position of the ball relative to the green and the flag. This means that the ball will spend less time in the air than on the ground. The bump and run is played more along the ground; the pitch shot is played in the air. A bump and run is usually played with a lower-lofted club relative to a wedge (an 9-,8-, 7- or even an 6-iron, for example). Why would you prefer a bump and run to a pitch? The front of the green might be open, with a hard fairway and hard green, making an approach that land on the green tough to stop. Or the wind might be howling, with the bump and run making it possible to keep the ball from getting up into - and blown around by - that wind. A bump in run, in other words, is often a more controllable shot than a pitch shot. Below the desired fundamentals to execute this shot perfect every time: • G  rip: sound grip fundamentals are crucial for each and every shot. To ensure that you’re holding the club correct makes an appointment with your nearest PGA coach!

•  Aim: club face must be square or perpendicular to intended ball-to-target line • Stance: feet together • B  all Position: in line with the back big toe (dependant on loft of club being used and the desired ball flight) • P  osture: An athletic position is crucial!! Lower half must be in a ‘ready’ position – knees slightly flexed. The upper body angle is formed by bending forward from the hips. The arms will hang down naturally from shoulders. • B  ody Alignment: Square to ball-totarget line however feet can be slightly open to encourage weight distribution favouring the left side.

Happy golfing! Mareli Joubert PGA Coach: TuksGolf Academy at Centurion Country Club 072 141 0774

I N T E R FAC E • JU NE 2 0 1 2 • pg 17

I N TERFACE • JU NE 2 012 • pg 1 8

The following rules have been drawn up based on the original rules issued by the Home Owners Association that have been distributed to all the residents. Note that the rules are being put into place so that golfers and residents can enjoy the golf course. Please note that golfers always have priority on the course. Golfing hours are defined as from the first tee off time at 06h34 to the end of the day’s play. This could be as late as 19h00 especially in the summer months. Residents may enjoy the golf course for the purpose of walking and jogging, they must however exercise caution. The established walking trail has minimum interference from golfers however walkers should be aware when crossing playing paths of golfers. The Club will in no way be responsible to it’s members or visitors for any losses sustained by them or any injuries to them of whatsoever nature, occurring on the grounds or property of the Club by it’s servants, employees or otherwise. This implies that the onus will always be on the non-golfer to ensure his/her safety when walking or jogging or otherwise using the golf course. Please note further that the liability for the consequences of injury sustained on or near the golf course shall rest with the injured person. The home owner, when purchasing their home, automatically becomes social members of the Clubhouse and not full members. They are entitles to make use of the Clubhouse, with its facilities, squash courts and tennis club but this does not entitle them to use the golf course. All persons playing golf on the course must have reported to the Pro Shop. The player will receive a slip which confirms that he is entitled to be on the course. Members who have guests at the Clubhouse or on the course are responsible for his behaviour and his dress. Children are to exercise caution when using the roads and parking area around the Clubhouse as accidents easily occur. Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, motor bikes, roller blades and 4-wheelers are not permitted on the golf course at any time. The parking of vehicles on the golf course will not be permitted. Golf carts are not to be driven, on the course, by persons younger than 16 years. Carts hired from the Club are only to be driven by persons older than 18 years. Carts are not permitted on the course when the course is closed and after sunset. Carts are also prohibited after heavy rain or flooding to prevent damage to the course. Cart users are also requested not to cross areas demarcated by white rope. Although the playing of other games is not permitted on the course, the Club Committee has no objection to children kicking balls or playing cricket on the course but the golden rule is that the tee boxes, greens and bunkers are absolute no go areas at all times. It is requested of parents to please have a responsible person controlling these activities on the golf course. These activities are only allowed once the golfers have completed play, in that area, for the day.

Practising on the golf course is not permitted at all. Any member wishing to play a few holes after work must communicate with the Pro Shop. Children are not permitted to play, run etc on any putting green or bunkers. As a rule no dogs are allowed on the course however once again when walking the dogs, they must be kept on a leash as they tend to disrupt all bird life particularly the guinea fowl and the kiewiet. Should any excrement be deposited on the golf course it is expected of the proud owner to remove it immediately. Please note that the dogs that make a nuisance of themselves will be sent to the pound at the SPCA for the owners account. From an environmental management point of view please note the following. Swimming pools backwash water may not be channelled onto the golf course but into the storm water system. The fauna and flora, of any nature, may not be chased, trapped or damaged in any public place especially the golf course, be it by people or by dogs. No rubble is permitted to be left on the golf course, in front of homes. Picnicking will not be allowed on the golf course, especially not next to the river. Should a homeowner with to beautify the area between his yard and the golf course (behind the out of bounds stakes) he must first submit a plan to the Club Manager, who will obtain the necessary approval. The Management Committee reserves the right to make exceptions to these rules under certain circumstances. These exceptions will be published in the Interface as they occur. If clarity is needed on any of the above, any member or resident is requested to contact the Club Manager on (012) 665 0279 for an explanation.

CRAFTIKIDS Beading, mosaic, paper craft, sand art and more! 2hr supervised craft workshops for kids during school holidays at home in Irene Please call Meg 084 554 4212 or Tracey 082 460 6007

I N T E R FAC E • JU NE 2 0 12 • pg 19

LEAPFROG CENTURION T: 012 663 9000 F 012 993 9881 MAGDE MARAIS 083 387 3437 CARL MEYER 083 784 4046


R3 100 0000







R4 900 000




R3 100 000








R2 200 000

Web Ref 156408 Fresh and funky starter/scaling down home with 3 bedr, 2 bathr, study nook, open plan livingr, pool with deck, DG. CENTURION GOLF ESTATE

Location! Location! Location! Single level home Web Ref 136774 with super position for privacy and tranquility. Cozy fireplace. Shuttered windows from the Home with 3 bedr, 3 bathr (4th separate en suite spacious bedrooms. Double garage, golf car bedr, open plan livingr with UFH. garage.


R3 000 000


R3 400 000

Web Ref: 58881 House: ±530m² 2. Steal this family sized home of 5 bedr, 4 bathr, study, 4 livingr, 4 garages, pool, Jacuzzi and SQ. CENTURION GOLF ESTATE

R3 500 000


R2 750 000

Web Ref 128060 4 Garages! Functional low maintenance home with 3 big bedr, 3 livingr, study, Jacuzzi, scullery and laundry. CENTURION GOLF ESTATE

R3 300 000


R2 900 000

Web Ref 180631 Quickly in and out of the estate - quiet crescent. Low maintenance home with uncomplicated layout just so spacious - 3 bedr, 2.5 bathr, 3 living, pool, braai room and DG. CENTURION GOLF ESTATE R3 590 000


Web Ref 156101 Smaller house on double stand with views. Renovated to enjoy all this space. Home with 3 bedr, 2 bathr, 3 livingr, study, DG. CENTURION GOLF ESTATE

R3 900 000

Web Ref 58117 Off the beaten track - family sized with 4 bedr, 3 bathr, study, UFH, entertainers bar-braai area with patio and pool, Jacuzzi and 3 garages, SQ. CENTURION GOLF ESTATE

R4 300 000

Web Ref 54886 This superb home offers unbelievable characteristics home of 447m² offering 4 bedr, 4 bathr, study, 4 living areas, pool, Jacuzzi en entertainment patio, 3 garages and SQ.

Web Ref 58868 Stand: ±750m². English country style with so much character. Home with 3 mega spacious bedr, (MES with own lounge), 2 bathr, 3 livingr, enclosed entertainment with delightful garden and pool. DG with golfcart parking andSQ.


R3 900 000

Web Ref 56942 Doesn't get better than this - modern home with 4 en-suite bedr, gas kitchen, UFH, pool & patio with magnificent tranquil views, 3G and SQ. CENTURION GOLF ESTATE

R4 700 000

Web Ref 132323 Luxury awaits you in this architect designed home with all bedr en-suite, study, superior views over river and green area, DG.

Web Ref 61915 So much to offer in this 4 bedr, 3 bathr home with study, 4 livingr, pool with deck, SQ and 4 garages + caravan carport. Just move in! CENTURION GOLF ESTATE

R3 900 000

Web Ref: 187888 Stand: ±543m². House: ±432m². Pristine condition filled with every luxury. Home with 4 spacious bedr, 3 bathr (ground floor guest suite),4 livingr, pool, Jacuzzi, DG, golfcart garage and SQ.


R4 000 000

Web Ref 132341 Family Sized! Low maintenance! Views! Light & bright with lots of sun. On the fairway with 4 bedr, private study, entertainment with patio, pool, Jacuzzi, 2.5G + carport, SQ. CENTURION GOLF ESTATE R4 900 000

Web Ref 169001 Tastefully renovated home - modern kitchen with diningroom, open plan livingr with sunny conservatory, 4 bedr, 3 bathr, flatlet overlooking fairway, pool, Jacuzzi, 3 garages, SQ. CENTURION GOLF ESTATE R4 900 000

Web Ref 119519 Two houses for the price of one - situated on fairway. Classic home with 4 bedr, 3 bathr and 2 bedr, 2 bathr with separate home, study, views over fairway, 3 garages and SQ.

Web Ref 169438 Graciously styled Tuscan home with endless possibilities - 5 bedr, 4 bathr, study, many living and entertainment areas, UFH, heated pool, Jacuzzi, gentleman's bar, 2.5 garages.

Franchise opportunities available. Contact Beatrix Brummer 082 893 9275/


S N O I T A L TU Pienaar CONGRA ine

arra M n e e n uge


lf Estate

Go enturion C ls il H y 6 Tuscan

Send pictures of your garden to and you could be featured together with your winning garden next month.

M I S C E L L A N E O U S Accommodation

For sale

Bachelor flat to rent furnished/unfurnished in Centurion Golf Estate. Contact Roelof for viewing or more information on 084 485 9808.

Domestic room for sale on the Estate. Sectional title. Please contact owner 083 271 3226.


8 – 10 Seater Weatherly’s (dark) solid wood dining table for sale. Like new. Just the table, no chairs. R5000. Please contact Anya 012 665 0020/082 923 7400. Selling to purchase a square 8 seater table (will consider a swop).

Domestic worker looking for work every second Tuesday - live out. She is honest and reliable. Available for interview - working in the Estate on Mon, Wed, Thu and Fri. Phone Nellie 082 296 7609 and for reference Marianne 082 322 3053. Barbara Sithole has been working for me for the past 2 years. In that time I have found her to be extremely pleasant, very hardworking and totally trustworthy. She has done all housework, taken excellent care of my dog, dealt with workmen and controlled money. In one of her other jobs she takes care of a baby as well. As we are relocating, Barbara is looking for live in work for 3 days a week. Alternatively if the right position became available she could work full time, live-in. Please contact Barbara on 082 544 7573 or call Janet Collins on 072 027 0828 or Steve Collins on 072 587 5263. Lizzy 073 018 2270, is looking for part/full time work as domestic or office assistant. She is very honest and reliable. She could be an asset to any household. For reference call Rika 082 889 4841. Joyce requires a live-in position for 3 to 5 days per week. She has been in our employment for more than 10 years and we have found her to be honest, reliable, efficient and also great with children! Call Joyce on 073 990 1351 (references available). Lizzy is looking for work on the Estate. She is hardworking and reliable, tidy and works on her own initiative. Her number is 073 018 2270. Please contact Sam on 082 547 9410 for a reference. Lizzy is looking for a job on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Her phone number is 076 404 0162. The ‘reference number’ is 082 902 1978. She is most comfortable in English (not Afrikaans).

I N TERFACE • JU NE 2 012 • pg 2 2

Crazy Fit shaking plate machine for sale – R1 500 – Please contact Anya 012 665 0020/082 923 4700. Services Pet sitting and dog socialising for the Centurion Golf Estate Residents. Going away and need to know that your pets are well looked after? I am available, reliable and nearby. Contact: Colleen 082 896 3821 or for details. Are you looking for someone to train you in the comfort of your own home? I specialise in Weight Management, Toning, Pregnancy, Post Pregnancy, Swimming, Children, Elderly and all your fitness needs. Qualified personal trainer. Michelle 082 654 6615. Extra Mathematics lessons available Grade 8 to 12. Qualified Mathematics teacher, tutoring from the Centurion Golf Estate. Contact Sarie for more information on 084 222 1016. Photo Album Scanning Service – We make your photo albums digital. Your albums will be preserved after being digitized so you’ll never worry about a flood or disaster again. You’ll be able to view your photo scans on your computer, easily create reprints and share the old photos online or through email. Free evening collections and delivery included. Contact us on 074 537 4207. LP Gas. Delivered to your door. 9kg, 19kg and 48kg. Colin 082 856 5335 or Vernon 083 666 6212.

I N T E R FAC E • JU NE 2 0 1 2 • pg 23

R299 900

R391 500 147KW 470 NM

1600 @ R189 000

R385 000

R109 900

R463 960

R269 240

R257 320

R309 000


R168 000

JULY 2012

R361 000

R211 150

Allen Joss Auto

Tel: 012 567 5171/2/3 • E-mail: Cnr. Braam Pretorius & Albrecht Street, Annlin 0182

Interface June 2012  
Interface June 2012  

Publication for the Centurion Home Owners Association