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The Board acknowledged the huge contributions by many members of the community that helped gather the required consents at the eleventh hour.


t the monthly Board of Directors meeting on February 28, the Board announced that the special amendment to borrow money for the purchase of the golf course passed. The certified consents numbered 764 with more still coming in. The number needed was 735, which was 67% of the 1097 properties owned in Brickshire. At this time, 70% has been recorded. With the Amendment passed, the Board moved to purchase the Brickshire Golf Course for $2,000,000 by borrowing $1,400,000 from the C&F Bank and putting the rest down from capital reserves. The Board then moved to open a line a credit for $250,000 for Golf Course operating funds.

The Board has commissioned Wingfield Golf Management Services to manage the Golf Course. See the Pro Forma provided by Wingfield for estimated expenses/revenue under the Golf Tab on the website.

Golf Course Purchase Completed The Brickshire Board of Directors is pleased to announce the completed purchase of the Brickshire Golf Club effective on March 12, 2018. The Brickshire Golf Club is now owned by the Brickshire Community Association and operated by Wingfield Golf Management Services, LLC. All golf course programs and services continued uninterrupted during the transition of ownership from Traditions Golf to Brickshire

Community Association. We look forward to continued community enjoyment of the golf course and the Brickshire Grille under the Association's ownership.

The Board Authorizes a Golf Course Operating Committee The committee is composed of Hinton Crawford, Chairman, members Herb Jones, Marilyn Leyo, Bill Madigan, and Leo Vozel. From more than 40 qualified volunteers, the committee members were selected based on their professional expertise, overall knowledge of golf timely tocourses, Your key specific knowledge ofuthe ion is: at ic n comm Brickshire Golf Club, and their cksh bri w w commitment to the Brickshire the to get heck often T Community C Association. ation. If rm latest info on have a log you don’t e th ll ca , site to the web : ce ffi O n Associatio

1599 804-966-

INSIDE THIS ISSUE INSIDE THIS ISSUE 2 BOD Meetings 2 Brickshire Course Update 2  Golf CourseGolf Questions 3 ofReports Golf Course Actions 3 Summary Committee 4 of Directors 4 Board Brickshire Blurbs Meetings 4 Neighbors 4 New Report from Co. Supervisor 4 Blurbs 5 Brickshire BOD Meeting Minutes 4 Website Group Being Organized 6  From the Social Committee 5 Sub-Committee Reports 6  How Do You Make Your Do Garden Grow? 7 How You Make Your Garden 7  Things to SeeGrow? and Do Around Brickshire 7 New Kent County Update 7 Downs to Reopen? 7 Colonial Arts in these Parts 8 8 Activities/Recreation Events

Board of Directors Meetings Your Opportunity to Speak Out and Get the Latest HOA Info The Brickshire Board of Directors holds the regularly scheduled meeting beginning at 6:00 pm usually on the fourth Wednesday each month in the Owners Clubhouse at 11000 Kentland Trail. Please check with the office or the website. All members (owners and tenants) are welcome to attend and observe the meeting. At the beginning of each meeting Member Voice is held to give all members the opportunity to bring questions, concerns, and comments to the Board of Directors.

About Brickshire Brickshire, in the heart of historic Virginia, began development in 2001. It is now home to more than 600 families, who enjoy all the beauty and serenity of the country with the added benefit of being within thirty minutes of both Richmond and Williamsburg. Nine distinct neighborhoods make up the community along with a variety of amenities including over three miles of bike trails, a community pool and clubhouse, an activities center with a gym, card room, and meeting room, tennis/pickleball courts, a ball field, and a playground. The Golf Club at Brickshire is owned and operated by the Brickshire Community Association. Residents benefit from the views afforded by the course layout and from optional memberships. Brickshire Community Association, Inc. 11010 Kentland Trail, Providence Forge, VA 23140 Visit to find the latest information on Association happenings. If you don’t have a logon, call the Association Office: 804-966-1599



Jerry Assessor

Michelle Gowdy



Jeff Summers

Carl Filipowicz




Debbie Richards

COMMUNICATION TEAM With special thanks to proofreader, Denise Miller. and all our delivery volunteers!

Bob Beardsley

Denise Morris


George Knight


Ben Peck

Judy Schwartz

Marilyn Leyo


B r i c k s h i r e B u l l e t i n // April 2018

Upcoming Meetings to be held at 6 pm in the Owners Club APR






Brickshire Golf Course Questions Answered Who is Wingfield Golf Management? According to Barton Tuck, CEO, Wingfield Golf Management has been operating fifty plus golf courses in twelve states and served as a consultant to many. They currently own seven courses including Viniterra. They have been named the current manager of the Brickshire Golf Course. What deficiencies did the due diligence performed by Wingfield reveal regarding the clubhouse and course? Noel Tuck of Wingfield discussed the building inspection results and review of the improvements needed to the facility including a roof repair by the chimney, repainting both inside and outside of the building, carpet replacement, HVAC replacements, and other cosmetic repairs. The building is structurally sound. The golf course site review noted significant turf revitalization is needed, but possible, and other basic refurbishments needed for the sand bunkers, cart paths, and tee boxes. The irrigation is somewhat unknown because it has been winterized, however, we know that it was in use prior to winterizing. The pond is somewhat unknown and will require additional research and work. When is a Profit Expected? Wingfield projects a profit in year three. See the Pro Forma on the website.

Are we looking at a joint relationship with Viniterra? Wingfield: That will be a reciprocal membership, but we haven’t quite figured out exactly how that would work, but our goal would be for Brickshire to be at the same level as Viniterra. It would be similar, but not the same. Can you comment on how the synergy and/or conflict between the two courses will work? Wingfield reports that conflict may happen but we will work out those issues. However, there is a lot more synergy than conflict. There is a purchasing power and two courses working together are going to make the golf experience in the area much better and fantastic. Will golf fees be less for Brickshire residents who pay the $300 to play golf or be a member? Wingfield reports that if the Board says that they would like to give residents a break, then that will be part of the planning process. However, the priority will be to make sure that they improve and maintain the course and be successful. Would the Board commit to reduce yearly dues if the course is successful? Board indicates that they would be open to that and they certainly want to be conservative, but we can only commit to what is prudent.



Volunteers comprise these committees and work to make our community the best it can be. Consider contributing your time to a worthy cause — your community. There are usually vacancies — check with the Association Office for more information.

Architectural Review Board Chair: Mart y Lukes Two short meetings were held in February and one, so far, in March. With the approach of spring and thoughts of gardening and other projects, the residents are reminded that tree removal and modifications (sheds, play sets, color changes, etc) require ARB approval. The ARB strives to approve these applications as quickly as possible. Applications must be submitted to the community office before close of business of the Fridays prior to scheduled meetings. ARB meetings are on the first and third Tuesdays of the month and the applicant need not attend unless he feels there may be issues associated with the application. Two builders were reminded that we had no landscape plans on record though these houses were nearing final inspection (both had landscaping started). Builders were also reminded of hours of construction and storage of equipment on site. One builder landscape plan was reviewed and returned for additional information. One home design was reviewed at a prospective owners request. There did not appear to be any issues and the representative was provided with comments. One fence application was approved. A color change for a front door was approved. The installation of a front storm door was approved. One tree removal application was approved. The relocation of a mailbox was approved. A renewal of a deck with a change in material was approved. An application for the installation of a baseball batting cage was approved with restrictions. An application for repair of a patio was returned without review with thanks since this was strictly a maintenance issue.

Our architect has requested and we have approved a change in the way he supports the ARB. He will provide the board with comments by email on new home designs and other issues if requested. He will still perform all final inspections. As such, his membership on the ARB is as a non-voting member. We have, therefore, put out a request to the community for a new member.

Buildings and Grounds Committee Chair: Ben Peck The Building and Grounds Committee has been busy and will become busier with the golf course acquisition. We could use more members, particularly folks who have some building background as we meet with contractors to deal with the golf course clubhouse repairs. The clubhouse pond has occupied a lot of time. Thanks to some knowledgeable residents, we were able to offer to our pond engineers an alternative remedy to the pond muddiness. We now have a bid in the $115,00 range versus the $425,000 bid we had before. Now we have to decide if Brickshire has enough money in its piggy bank to start the repairs. As one of the several solutions to the pond problem, we have instructed our landscaper not to mow the grass immediately adjacent to the pond to prevent excess run-off and erosion. We have ordered two benches to be placed at Kings Pond and the club house pond. We will always continue to maintain Brickshire as a welcoming and beautiful community. If you have ideas or comments, please let us know.

Covenants Committee Chair: Bob Schwartz Spring has arrived! Time to work on the lawns! Many of them need some TLC. Fertilizing and seeding may be

in order. If you are doing any spring cleaning, please keep your front yard and driveway free of trash and debris. We have also noticed a number of mailboxes that have deteriorated over the years. A coat of black paint and new numbers (which can be obtained from the HOA office) is all it takes to restore its appearance. If your house numbers aren’t visible it can create a problem for first responders in an emergency.

Finance Committee Chair: Rick Fowler The Finance Committee meets on the 3rd Wednesday and is responsible for reviewing the monthly HOA financial statements. We are also tasked with helping the other committees review their annual budgets (which we will start up shortly).  We advise the Board on the budget and on the financial impact of expenditures that exceed the budget.  We welcome input and comments from Brickshire residents, and will be glad to discuss homeowner concerns at our meetings. We are still looking for volunteers — you don't need to be an accountant to lend a hand (or a new set of eyes).   Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.  We welcome input and comments from Brickshire residents. The Finance Committee doesn't hold very exciting meetings, so we encourage you to come in and stir the pot!

Social Committee Chair: Linda A ssessor Please plan to attend some of the events and support the Brickshire Social Committee! Special events are noted elsewhere in this newsletter Check the website and calendar where all events are noted.

B r i c k s h i r e // w w w. m y b r i c k s h i r e . c o m


BRICKSHIRE Golf Fees to be Announced in Early April Residents will receive notification of the new Golf Course fees and 2018 membership plan. Look for it and support our course!

Security Cameras Security Cameras have now been installed in many locations around common areas throughout Brickshire. This hopefully will help cut down some of the vandalism that still occurs in Brickshire. However, residents are urged to report any observed vandalism to the Sheriff.

Please Park on the Road, Not Up on the Grass At least one vehicle is pulling up over the curb onto what should be the lawn in front of the St. Andrews monument while waiting for the bus. This has created a plainly visible and rather ugly rut clearly observable as you enter the community. The Brickshire roads are wide and free of parked vehicles for the most part. It should not be necessary to pull off the roadway while waiting for the bus. Residents are reminded to keep their autos’ wheels on the pavement.

Plan Your Pool Party through the Association Office If you plan to host a pool party with 15 or more guests this summer, please contact the Association Office for the requirements. You may have to hire an extra lifeguard depending on the size of the party and you should schedule at least 14 days in advance.

Brickshire Website Upgrade in Planning Stages A team led by George Knight is well into the planning stages of a upgrade to the website. Among many proposed improvements being discussed are autoemails to residents who subscribe to club/group activities, email response capability to residents who want to register for events, automatic calendar updating, listing of non-Brickshire events as well as easy to locate information on demand.

Our New Neighbors Dwight Sheffield 5430 Brickshire Dr Kevin & Jennifer Culpepper 5150 Brandon Pines Way Eric & Burch, Jonnie Reitman 787 Bishops Gate Way


Ellen & Mustafa Browne 4639 King Bird Court

David N. & Heather H. Hodges, Jr. 4485 Rock Wren Dr

Stacey L. Arena Wayne A. & & Mitchael Hartman Rebecca G. Johnston 5460 Brickshire Dr 5501 Scotts View Drive Michele & Jason Fritts 4291 Virginia Rail Drive

B r i c k s h i r e B u l l e t i n // April 2018

James Paulk 4372 Wigeon Ct


Ron Stiers, County Supervisor Revolutionary Racing, based in Chicago, is negotiating the purchase of Colonial Downs and reopening the facility for historic horse race betting and live horse racing. In the General Assembly, the bill has passed the House and Senate and heads to the Governor's desk. Upon the Governor's signature, the bill will go into effect July 1, 2018. The Senate version of the State budget includes specific language that may delay the pending VCU free-standing ER in Bottoms Bridge. The General Assembly adjourned their regular session without reaching a compromise on the budget and will reconvene on April 11 to discuss the budget. The Board of Supervisors (BOS) is working on the FY2019 budget after many hours of meetings with County Departments. While there are many requests, the most notable is the construction of a new elementary school. The estimated cost of the school is $28 million. Comments are welcome at upcoming BOS meetings on April 9 (6 pm), April 25 (9 am), May 14 (6 pm), date for budget adoption. All meetings are held in the Board room at the Administration Building. Matthew Smolnik, a Brickshire resident, has been promoted to Director of Economic Development for New Kent County. His duties include reaching out to various businesses that are expanding and to encourage them to locate here in the County. Please feel free to contact me anytime with your concerns or comments. Ron Stiers | 804.432.9696 | 804.385.0779

Board of Directors Meeting Draft Minutes February 28, 2018 RESIDENT INPUT Diane Armstrong requested that more minutes be posted on the website (Joyner noted that website minutes had been updated that day). Armstrong thanked the volunteers and the Board for their hard work. George Knight thanked the Board for leading the community through uncharted territory and for the thousands of hours of time put in by the Board members. Joe Connors asked: What is the status of Natural Gas coming to Brickshire? Why don’t we do more for Natural Gas, especially now that we know what we can achieve as a community? Resident Bart Leader noted that he spoke with the representative of Virginia Gas and was informed that we need 650 guaranteed sign ups before the company will construct a pipeline into Brickshire from Exit 211. 50 homes in Brickshire already use Virginia Natural Gas per a builder agreement. Resident Terrance Davis noted that he and John Cooke spearheaded the campaign in 2016 and 2017, and at that time were able to gather 487 votes from Brickshire residents. Unfortunately, the votes from Bel Green were not counted as part of the Brickshire number needed. If we can get a commitment from the number of people, then we can get Virginia Natural Gas in the neighborhood to save people money on propane. The Board is willing to add the issue to a future agenda for discussion.

COMMITTEE REPORTS A. FINANCE The chair was not present for a report, no decisions by the Board were needed. B. SOCIAL Several events are planned. The March 16 member social, the May pool social, and then a Flying Squirrels Game on July 7. A fall social at Colonial Heritage is also planned.


Richards moved to approve the expenditure and contract for the Flying Squirrels event including the bus rental, with deposits of $1,100 and $100 due. Motion seconded (Filipowicz) and passed unanimously.


Richards moved to authorize the expenditure and contract with Colonial Heritage for a dinner/dance in October 2018 including a deposit of $500 to hold the date. Motion seconded (Filipowicz) and passed unanimously. Jo Driscole reported that the Children’s Committee is planning the annual Spring Frolic. She requested approval for funds that pay for the supplies and contractors (bounce houses, etc.). In addition, a summer pool, pizza & movie party is planned for June 23 with a rain date of June 30 and the budget requested is $1,075.


Filipowicz moved to authorize the event and expenditure of up to $1,875 for the necessary supplies and vendor fees for the Spring Frolic. Motion seconded (Summers) and passed unanimously.


Summers moved to authorize the summer pool party event and the expenditure of up to $1,075. Motion seconded (Filipowicz) and approved unanimously. C. BUILDINGS & GROUNDS See current report in the Sub-Committee Reports on page 3 of this newsletter. D. ARB Chair Marty Lukes reported that several minor applications were submitted and approved along with a concept review for a potential new home. The ARB Architect has restructured the agreement with the ARB and now serves as a consultant, leaving an opening for a new member. The ARB Architect would become an ex-officio member of the ARB. ARB is currently soliciting applications for the open position. E. COVENANTS The committee has a new member recommendation, Julie Bricker and requests the Board appoint her.


Filipowicz moved to appoint Julie Bricker to serve on the Covenants Committee. Motion seconded (Summers) and passed unanimously. F. COMMUNICATIONS Chair Bob Beardsley reported that the April newsletter will be published on April 5. The website Sub-Committee

has met twice and is progressing on revisions and updates to make it more user friendly. The Directory online will be updated first followed by an updated paper directory.

OLD BUSINESS A. OWNERS’ CLUBHOUSE POND The Board deferred review of the pond proposal until B & G has an opportunity to provide a recommendation at the March Board meeting. B. SECURITY CAMERA UPDATE Joyner reported that all camera systems have been installed at the Activities Center, Clubhouse, and Pool. Cox is waiting to receive permits from VDOT to install conduit to the tot lot for the tot lot cameras.

GOLF COURSE UPDATE President Jerry Assessor reported that the Association received 69.64% of consents on Monday, all of which were counted, verified and certified by the Association CPA. Therefore, the Amendment that enables the Board to borrow for the golf course passed.


Summers moved to accept the certification of the CPA of the consent quantities of 764/69.64%. Motion seconded (Richards) and passed unanimously.


Summers moved to adopt the resolution to borrow the sum of $1.4 million according to the terms offered by C&F Bank. Motion seconded (Richards) and approved unanimously.


Filipowicz moved to adopt the resolution for a $250,000 line of credit at a rate of 1% over prime according to the contract terms provided by C&F Bank. Motion seconded (Summers) and passed unanimously.


Summers moved to charter a Golf Course Operations Committee composed of 5-7 residents. Motion seconded (Filipowicz) and passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned. B r i c k s h i r e // w w w. m y b r i c k s h i r e . c o m


Join us for these fu communitny events!


Social Committee and the Children’s Committee by Linda Assessor

The Brickshire Social Committee rang in the New Year with a festive New Year’s Eve party at the Clubhouse. Two Friday Night Socials were also held in the Owner’s Clubhouse. We’ve planned out the year with some new and exciting events. Here’s what we have to look forward to over the next few months

POOL PARTY Friday, May 25 from 7-9 pm A food truck will be available at 6 pm. Look for more information as the time draws closer.

SPRING FROLIC Saturday, April 28 from 11 am – 3 pm The Children’s Committee will be sponsoring a Spring Frolic at the Tot Lot. The event will feature crafts, bounce houses, a beer cart for the adults, a food truck, and various vendors. Mark your calendar and be sure to attend this popular children’s event.

SUMMER POOL, PIZZA, AND MOVIE PARTY Saturday, June 23 from 6 – 10 pm The Children’s Committee will post more information on this shortly. The rain date is Saturday, June 30.


BRICKSHIRE COMMUNITY YARD SALE Details TBD Watch the website for information on this and all Social and Children’s Committee events. As always, we hope to see YOU at our next community event! 6

B r i c k s h i r e B u l l e t i n // April 2018

How Do You Make Your Garden Grow? by Judy Schwarz


fter a very cold winter, it is so nice to see the bulbs popping up. I love seeing the daffodils and hyacinths bloom every spring! As much as I love tulips, I have given up on them as the deer eat them before I can enjoy them, even with the use of deer repellents. Don’t forget to feed your bulbs as soon as they are done blooming and to allow the leaves to stay until they die back, so they will bloom next year. I usually feed my bulbs with Milorganite. I find that bone meal attracts the squirrels and they will dig and eat the bulbs.

This time of year, as shrubs start budding and blossoming, you will probably see a fair amount of damage from the extreme cold spell we had, especially gardenias and other tender plants. Hopefully with some judicious pruning, these will come back. You may miss out on some early bloom, if the zero degree temps got to them, but they should come back again. April 15 is supposed to be the date of frost free ground, but keep an eye on the temperature for another week or so, as a late frost is possible. Usually it is safe to plant annuals then. I wait another week or two for the more tender annuals. And I wait until the ground feels warm to plant seeds directly outside. This is the perfect time to divide plants that did not get divided in the fall, or to move things that need to go elsewhere. The spring rains and cool temps will help them establish their roots. Don’t forget, along with a thorough weeding , to apply mulch to protect your plants’ roots from the heat and to conserve moisture. I usually apply Preen to the ground before we mulch, to help keep weed growth down. But remember, if you have Digitalis or other biennials, do not Preen around them, as they reseed themselves and the Preen will stop the new plants from growing. I will fertilize the whole garden in early May, too. Have fun with your garden. And remember, your garden should reflect what you like. Mix up your colors and enjoy!

Questions about lawn care? Lawn Calendars for both types of lawn are available from the Virginia Cooperative Extension. B Cool-season lawns: B Warm-season lawns:

Things to See and Do Around Brickshire by Denise Morris

World War I centennial exhibitions "WW1 America" and "The Commonwealth & the Great War" at the Virginia Museum of History & Culture “WW1 America," brings hundreds of artifacts related to the War. Expect to learn more from personal narratives from the War, as well as view plenty of artifacts (such as President Woodrow Wilson’s hat & cane). The exhibit will also touch on related subjects like the sinking of the Lusitania, the prohibition of alcohol, and women’s fight to vote. It’s the largest traveling exhibit on World War I and celebrates the centennial. A second exhibition opening the same day, The Commonwealth and the Great War, will highlight the Virginia experience. Virginia Museum of History & Culture (former Virginia Historical Society) 428 N. Boulevard, Richmond, VA "WW1 America" is on display through July 29; "The Commonwealth and the Great War" runs through Nov. 18 from 10 am – 5 pm (daily) $10 for adults, $8 for seniors, $5 for youth ages 6 – 17, free for members and all military (both active & retired). | For details: (804) 358-4901 or visit

Colonial Downs to Reopen?

And they’re off.

It is generally acknowledged that live horse racing cannot financially sustain itself and was evidenced by the closure of Colonial Downs in 2013. However, help is on the way. A Bill HB1609 that authorizes “historical horse” racing machines — slot-like in appearance — could have a huge impact on racing returning to Colonial Downs. The Bill has been passed by the Virginia House and Senate and has been endorsed by the Governor but not yet signed. With a potential new owner, Chicagobased Revolutionary Racing, in negotiations to buy Colonial Downs, the bill authorizing the betting machines is a key piece of any potential deal for the track. A deal to reopen Colonial Downs under new ownership could mean a $30 million to $40 million investment in the facility and the creation of up to 500 jobs, according to several people familiar with discussions of the possible sale.

“Historical Horse Racing” slot-like machines and how they work : HANOVER TAVERN: A Virginia Historical Treasure The Hanover Tavern built in 1733 at Hanover Courthouse in Hanover County, Virginia, is one of the oldest taverns in the United States. The Tavern is open for Guided Tours: 2:00 Wednesday-Friday or a self-guided audio tour 11 am – 4 pm. A license for a tavern at Hanover Courthouse was issued in 1733. When William Parks, editor of the Virginia Gazette, purchased Hanover Tavern in 1743, it was part of a 550 acre plantation at the courthouse. Today, Hanover Tavern occupies a site consisting of 3.5 acres. The Tavern was built in five stages and includes more than 12,000 square feet on three levels, 27 rooms, 97 windows, and 16 exterior doors. The earliest surviving section of the present Tavern was built in 1791. The disposition of the earlier tavern is unknown, but fire was a constant hazard in such buildings. The Tavern is one of only a few surviving colonial era taverns in the United States. It has hosted such historic figures as George Washington, Lord Cornwallis, and the Marquis de Lafayette. The tavern is mentioned in several travel accounts, including the memoirs of the Marquis de Chastellux, the diaries of George Washington and Dr. Robert Honyman, and the travel account by Benson Lossing, among others.

Several states have embraced the technology as a revenue generator to support their horse racing industries. In June, Churchill Downs, home of the famed Kentucky Derby, announced plans for a $60 million, 85,000-square-foot historical racing facility in Louisville. The terminals hide the names of the horses and the location and date of the race until the user locks in a wager by predicting how the horses will finish. The machines can display the horses’ odds at the time the race was run, injecting an element of skill that makes the game slightly different from the pure luck of slots.

For almost two centuries the Tavern provided meals and lodging to those having business before the Hanover County courts. The Tavern served as post office for the area from the 1790s until 1911. Until Rural Free Delivery was introduced early in the 20th century residents from miles around viewed the Tavern as a community center as they came to the Tavern to pick up their mail and hear the neighborhood gossip. It also houses a dinner theater and the current performance running from until April 8 is At Wit’s end by Erma Bombeck. Tickets are $42. Treat yourself to dinner & the show. B r i c k s h i r e // w w w. m y b r i c k s h i r e . c o m


Leisure Activities & Recreation APRIL – JUNE 2018

Open to all Brickshire residents. Events are located in the Owner’s Clubhouse unless otherwise noted. Check the website or the contact person listed for more information. If you have events that you would like to share please contact



4th Wednesday Each Month at the Owners' Clubhouse

See Event details on page 6

Contact: Denise Morris for details at and 804 514 7225.

ART GROUP 1st and 3rd Monday of each month from 9:30 am -12:30 pm in the Conference Room, Activities Building Contact: Sally McClintock ( or 804-966-9035)

BOOK CLUB Contact for book club: Linda Assessor

April 11 • 7:30 pm Moduc by Ralph Helfer Hostess: Joy Tanner 11361 Royal Lane


COUPLES BRIDGE 1st Sat each month at 7:30 pm at the Owners' Clubhouse Contact Sue Leary at 804-966-8893

DUPLICATE BRIDGE 3rd Monday of each Month at 10:30 am at the Owners' Clubhouse Contact Marilyn Leyo

GIRL SCOUT TROOP 1337 2nd Wed of each month at the Owners' Clubhouse

Contact: Kathy Peck

POKER Sunday evenings 5:30 pm in the Association Meeting Room Contact Rich Johns 804-966-9277 for details


June 20 from 7-9 pm Hostess: Karen Keena


Contact Ginny Taylor at

Contact Nancy Keswick at or 804-966-5139

MAH JONG 4th Monday of each month at 1-4 pm at the Owners' Clubhouse


Hostess: Rita Beardsley 10932 Kings Pond Road


Contact Bill McClintock at

Contact Laura Rumans at 804-966-2426

June 13 • 7:30 pm Founding Mothers by Cokie Roberts

LADIES EUCHRE 1st Wed of the month • 1 – 4 pm Hostess and location TBA

May 16 from 7-9 pm Hostess: Marisa DiMarco Padin


5700 Tyshire Parkway

Contact Carol Hislop at

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday Tee times vary.

2nd Monday of each month

Hostess: Mary Lou Wassel

TBA as golf course info becomes available

April 18 from 7-9 pm Hostess: Linda Assessor

Mon, May 7, Location TBA

TBA as golf course info becomes available Elections and league information will be made available later. Suzan Park at

June TBA

Locations and times vary. Contact Lillian Mooradian Check for details. NOTE: July and August there are no luncheons

GOLF MEN'S DUFFERS (non-competitive)

Contact Terry Vozel at

May 9 • 7:30 pm 1984 by George Orwell


LADIES EVENING BUNCO Apr 24 | 7 pm Home of Linda Assessor May 22 | 7 pm Home of Faye Johns June 26 | 9 pm Home of Patty Knight. Contact Joan Miller


at Indian Fields Restaurant in Charles City

Hostesses: Denise Morris and Mary Gediman RSVP: Denise Morris

May 16

Place TBD

Hostesses: Lorry Kendro and Carol Hislop

Wednesdays at 8 – 10 am at the Owners' Clubhouse

HORSESHOES Started March 20, for 12 weeks Tuesdays at 6 pm at the Children's Playground (open to all residents 18+) Contact: Rich Johns for details at 804-966-9277

GARDEN GAB April 12 at 10 am Meet at the Owners Clubhouse to carpool. Field trip to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens “A Million Blooms” event. Contact: Judy Schwartz at

Brickshire Bulletin, April 2018  


Brickshire Bulletin, April 2018