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As Gibraltar Bowral evolved, it was obvious this luxury hotel, day spa and golf course would offer an incomparable venue in the Southern Highlands. maverick’s brief was to ensure that all marketing material reflected the style, opulence & variety that Gibraltar had to offer. With some quirky takes on design ... from advertisements & folders, all the way through to door hangers, the contemporary nature of Gibraltar shone through.

maverick has worked with John & Liz Uliana on a number of projects to create branding and marketing collateral ... from logo concept, ideas, signage, advertising, copywriting and everything in between.

When Spring Alive came to maverick looking for a brochure design, they wanted a fresh, clean and tasteful leaflet much like the properties of their unique, delicious & naturally energised spring water! We couldn’t find the ‘right’ photo amongst their collection or through a photo library, so maverick merged two images that perfectly reflected the product ... a mouth & water! The result is a mouth-watering information packed brochure.

Coffee Culture has emerged as the eating/ meeting Mecca in Bowral, NSW, with two cafes, a bakery and a retail/wholesale roasting business. When new owners, Christian Petersen & Chef, Will Tooth - made their mark, maverick jumped on-board for the ride. Marketing literature, menus, website design, logos & advertising ... even on buses ... have all been a part of the fun-filled journey! It’s great to work with clients who are professional and forward thinking, but don’t take life too seriously!

John Uliana, owner and developer of Annesley Bowral, threw a curve ball when he asked maverick to create a campaign for his retirement village (which was not yet developed). His brief stipulated that ‘images of gardens’ or ‘elderly people’ were strictly forbidden. Also, the words ‘village, retirement, old, mature or senior’ were also off limits. The baby campaign was highly successful and much talked about ... evoking an emotive response in all readers (who can resist a beautiful baby?). The result was that in record time, no local was ignorant of Annesley Bowral’s presence and progress through clever headlines and matching copy.

Andrew Chinn writes and records Christian music for children and has an extensive background in Catholic education. As an extension, Andrew has also written and published stunning children’s picture books that reinforce Christian themes. maverick has the supreme privilege of designing the books, the cd and dvd artwork and any marketing paraphernalia that goes with them. Originally, the briefs were tight and structured, however, today see’s Andrew’s instructions more akin to ‘do your thing’. This sort of trust and faith in maverick’s abilities is the epitome of a client/creative relationship.

Gingermoon is an exquisite shop with stores in Bowral and Manuka. Weaving a mixture of homewares and candles, Jessica Hewson has created an aromatic oasis for purveyors of the finest giftlines. maverick was originally brought in to design the branding for a unique gingermoon range of fragrant candles. Elegance and simplicity were the order of the day. “The look’ is now applied to marketing and advertising literature and the gingermoon product, whatever the ask, is a pleasure to work on.

A chance meeting to help senior school students produce a recipe book was the beginning of a beautiful friendship between maverick & Krystal Giddings. Years later, after graduating from NIDA as a set & costume designer, Krystal once again sought help to create her portfolio. Her portfolio showcases her magical creations in all their before & after glory. The task is a dream job.

maverick portfolio - advertising & print media  

maverick creative advertising & print media portfolio

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