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Would you like to strengthen the Body of Christ by pouring into leaders who aspire to impact others? Would you like to use your unique and exceptional life experiences to coach other leaders and assist them to fulfill their God-given potential – as an individual as well as a leader of others? Would you like to redeem every obstacle you’ve had to overcome, every failure you’ve endured, and every relationship that has ever cut you deeply to benefit other ministry leaders? Do you enjoy facilitating open and meaningful dialogue among people who possess a hunger to solve lingering problems or carry out God-inspired ministry opportunities?

“I want to challenge the modern paradigm of ministry that continues to reproduce exhausted leaders and program-dependent congregations that leave people and churches unchanged and the world still longing for transformation. I’m nailing a new thesis to the Wittenberg Door and the Leadership Connection is my hammer.” -Roger Dill, TLC Dir . of Training & Resources


Connection Group Global Impact


HOW DO FACILITATORS MAKE A DIFFERENCE ? Through The Leadership Connection, a facilitator supports, strengthens and stretches ministry leaders to assist them in achieving their call to its fullest potential, create life/ministry balance, replenish relationships, and establish healthy lifestyles and families. This happens within a TLC Connection Group of peer leaders by: Building relational strength and ministry skills among senior congregational leadership. Competently facilitating and coaching the participants in your group. Creating an atmosphere of mutual support and accountability that makes it possible for group members to achieve effectiveness in their leadership and ministry impact. These relationships are coupled with relevant resources to help ministry leaders overcome isolation, stress and feelings of inadequacy — all the while pointing them to the Source of strength and value.

“Facilitating an ongoing group experience for pastors is most rewarding when I see leaders, become vulnerable about their leadership challenge, & authentically express their personal chaos or struggle, and then I invite them into a dialogue with peers who are both compassionate and understanding. This process has exponential effect in guiding pastors to a healthier way of living and more effective way of leading.” – Steve Saccone, TLC Director of Next Generation Leaders & the author of Relational Intelligence, and Protégé


As a selected group facilitator, you are pivotal to delivering the three elements of the powerful, proven TLC experience: TLC Connection Groups: Facilitators meet monthly with a group of 8 - 12 ministry leaders to work on each other’s ministries and increase the impact on the lives for whom they lead and care . Leadership Coaching: Facilitators meet with each member in monthly, one-on-one coaching session to work on implementing ministry plans, solve problems, check-in on personal life concerns and frame challenges and opportunities that they can bring back to the group for input. Congregational Development: For each group member, facilitators can create a Leadership Team Assessment and a strategic plan to tackle the most important issues in their ministries. In addition, their congregation or board/council has the option to participate in a two-day offsite workshop to implement a yearlong ministry plan at a highly reduced rate.


TLC Facilitator Profile and Qualifications 1.

Uncompromising commitment to SERVE other ministry leaders.


Ability to launch a new venture and be able to talk about fees.


Experienced at facilitating meetings – this is not preaching or teaching.


Spiritual maturity that helps equip other leaders to face today’s challenges.


Ability to be CATALYTIC and think outside the box when it comes to God-inspired solutions.


Ministry Experience is required.


Comfortable holding others accountable and able to create a culture of accountability within a group.


Have a well-established network of ministry relationships in the community where you live.


Ability to attract and identify potential members who want to take their lives and ministries to higher levels.


Ability to be INTENTIONAL when it comes to following through with each ministry leader.


As the key individual in this process, TLC is intent on providing you with the finest training and support materials available, including: Facilitators Training Intensive – a one week training session covering all facets of how to launch, facilitate and coach TLC Connection Groups Group Development Resources - collateral pieces and video support for introductory Taster Events and congregational board meetings in order to gain church commitment for group Participants Monthly Coaching – calls with a national or regional director, as well as other facilitators leading Connection Groups, for mutual equipping and encouragement Private Website – online resources dedicated to supporting facilitators with articles, training materials and more to assist in successfully leading TLC Connection Groups

“When a brother walks into the room and begins to share what is on his heart you can’t help but sense his dilemma and sometimes desperation. But something happens as the Spirit of God works within all the participants present. Slowly God helps us understand and truly see from His vantage point. And, in time, the person seeking help begins to realize a solution and direction. A new resolve springs forth…In that moment, I realize what a privilege it is to have been there to have facilitated a moment where the person seeking help has heard from God.” - Dr. Johnson Chiu, TLC Director of Asian Ministries

READY TO TAKE THE NEXT STEP ? To receive information about becoming a TLC Facilitator or to learn more about The LEADERSHIP CONNECTION, please visit “Start a Group” at or contact TLC at;

925 947 1490

1717 N. California Blvd. Suite 3D Walnut Creek, CA 94596 Ph: 925-947-1490

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