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Recognition of Creative Learning Utah State Head Start Association State Awards Sponsored by UHSA Award

Award Criteria

The 2012 - 2013 Head Start Creative Learning award will be recognized at the Utah Head Start Association conference which will be held November 8, 2013 in Sandy, UT. This award recognizes a learning idea, environment, or curriculum that has been implemented in the Head Start program or with a Head Start participating family that demonstrates creative and effective learning.

1. The applicant must work for a Head Start or Early Head Start program that is a current member of UHSA. In the case that the Head Start program as a whole is applying for this award, the program must be a current member of UHSA.

Requirements 1. Include a one-page, double space, typed description outlining why this creative concept should be recognized by the Utah Head Start Association 2. You may also submit one photo with your application. Please no more than one photo.

Ranking Note: Failure to meet any of the criteria below will result in automatic elimination.

Applications will be ranked on the following: 100 points-Complete submission.

May 10- noon Applications are due to your local Head Start program by _______________ Winners from each program will be forwarded to the Utah Head Start Association by May 24.

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_____________________________________________ Signature of Applicant My signature above authorizes the Utah Head Start Association to disclose information from this application at the UHSA conference.

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creative learning