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Thomas Lambert AR 150 Project No. 4 Recycled Phone Holder

The object of this project was too create an innovative phone holder witch must be made out of 100% recycled materials chipboard, plastic, wood, etc. no cardboard and no foam. You can use glue but limit how you use it. I created a holder witch can be used and left on a side table, desk, ext. the stand I made has a drawer at the bottom under where the phone is placed. It can fit a charger or is the exact size of a business card and can hold up too 30 cards. The phone is placed in a cradle held up by two “A� frames. The phone can be placed standing up or on its side for viewing. The holder it self has slots cut out in it to accommodate a charger, or an aux attachment for speakers or uploading pictures to a computer.

Thomas Lambert AR150 phone holder  

Recycled material Desktop phone holder.