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Some Insights On The Hottest Of Cuban Shirts The "Mexican wedding shirt" or otherwise known as the guayabera shirt is mentioned to be the official formal dress garment of Cuba in 2010. Steeped in a variety of legends, this is one popular article of clothing for guys. One concept is that the guayabera’s prototype was first made in Mexico and taken to Cuba via Caribbean trade routes, then translated to Spain where the distinctive embroidery was added. One more has the shirt appearing first in the Philippines and taking root in the Caribbean after a journey along the galleon trade routes from Manila to Acapulco. Yet another gives credit to a Spanish immigrant who ran an outfitting store in Cuba and made a guayabera-like top with front pockets for holding cigars. How the guayabera shirt got its name nonetheless as legend has it is a poor country woman merely added front pockets to her husband shirt so he could have his guavas with him at all times. This humble woman could not even imagine her innovation would lead to popular interest of these Cuban shirts many men across the world wear. The guayabera has now become popular throughout the Americas, plus in Africa and Southeast Asia. The distinct features of a guayabera include the large pockets on the front (usually four in number, with one pair at the bottom and another pair at chest level) and the two sets of fine vertical pleats, generally known as “alforzas”, on the shirt’s front and back. There are often similarly lined up alforzas on the pockets. Some guayaberas in addition have slits on each side which include buttons for adjustment. The traditional choice in colors included white and lighter pastels but due to the level of popularity, bright and bold colors have emerged. In Mexico, black guayaberas are fairly fashionable and worn by so many men. In Cuba as well as many other Latin American countries, the guayabera is a traditional men’s garment often worn in formal occasions. Several political leaders in these countries, like Fidel Castro and Cesar Chavez, have appeared repeatedly in guayaberas. Because of their popularity, the guayabera shirt is sometimes linked to populist political leanings. When touring Miami's Cuban community, even presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush have been photographed donning the shirts. Ernest Hemingway is another well recognized American who wore the shirt routinely. The United States first discovered the guayabera enter mainstream fashion within the seventies, after Ramon Puig, an exile from Cuba, introduced the shirt over to the mainland. Puig was subsequently nicknamed “The King of Guayaberas” (in Spanish, “El Rey de las Guayaberas”) for his contribution to men’s fashion. In the middle of the Cuban district, Puig started his first shop right on Calle Ocho in Miami. Throughout the city, the popularity of the Cuban shirt sky-rocketed as everyone enjoyed the shirt for practical and fashionable reasons. Guayaberas at the moment are an emblem of solidarity among people of Hispanic origin in the United States. Yet its popularity is not limited to any one ethnic culture. People all over the world, especially in tropical locations, find in the guayabera a comfortable yet elegant garment that is suitable for an office setting or a semi-formal situation. The shirt has acquired quite a few alternative names on account of its widespread attractiveness. In Britain and several parts of Africa the shirts are classified as a "Safari shirt" and in Jamaica it is termed the "bush jacket". People in the Dominican Republic normally refer to it as a “chacabana”. Given its exceptional comfort and flexibility, it’s no surprise that the most popular of Cuban shirts has fans globally! The Guayabera Shirt Store

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Some Insights On The Hottest Of Cuban Shirts

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The Guayabera Shirt Store

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Some Insights On The Hottest Of Cuban Shirts