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TTK University of Applied Sciences is the leader in developing professional higher education and applied research in the field of engineering in Estonia.

TTK University of Applied Sciences is a recognized and innovative professional higher education institution valued by its stakeholders.




creativity, openness, flexibility;

initiative, determination, professionalism;

sustainability, performance, responsibility.

Dear Reader, he activities of TTK University of Applied Sciences (hereinafter as TTK UAS or university) mirror its history, students and employees. In 2017, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of founding the universities of applied sciences in Estonia. When in 1992, 75 students started their studies at TTK UAS in the fields of architecture, civil engineering and mechanical engineering, in 2017, 15 curricula were offered and the total student number was 2234. Next to the relevance of numerical data, it is even more important to pay attention to the changes in study environment, student population, the profile of employees and the place of TTK UAS in the general educational landscape. During the past 25 years, we have considerably moved forward from the place in the back end of European professional higher education institutions, and the role models of the 1990s – Finland, Germany, the Netherlands and others do not differ from us as much anymore. In 2017, the structural changes of TTK UAS took place, the necessity of which was analysed for nearly two years. After passing the institu-

tional accreditation and assessments of curricula successfully, it was decided to lower the hierarchies in the system, hopefully making the processes within the organisation more transparent and efficient. Since the structure of the university had been more less the same since 1992, the implemented changes were inevitable, as the external environment of the university, its activities and their scope, the profile of students and higher education employees (of both academic and supportive staff), and the organizational behaviour of the institution have changed in time. The new academic structure comprises of two centres and six institutes, responsible for conducting studies for daily, distant and lifelong learners, and research and development activities. In conclusion, I would like to thank all of you who have contributed to the implementation of the core activities of TTK UAS and who have been active partners in managing the changes.

Enno Lend Rector of TTK University of Applied Sciences

EVENTS IN 2017 Open Lecture by Japanese architect Tsuyoshi Tane On February 10th, the Japanese architect Tsuyoshi Tane gave an open lecture „The Archaeology of the Future“ at TTK UAS. Tane is the architect of the new Estonian National Museum opened in Tartu, winning the project competition with architects Dan Dorell and Lina Ghotmeh. He has studied at Hokkaido Tokai University in Japan and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine and Arts in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Logistics Seminar Logistics Seminar, organized by the 3rd year students of transport and logistics, took place for the 18th time, this year in SpaceX event centre in Ülemiste City. The seminar entitled „Future is Now“ focused on three topics: FLEET – What will happen to trucks in the future? How will package robots influence delivery services? Does a telematics system benefit the company?; SHELF - Do enterprises benefit from robotized warehouses? How did Omniva reach cooperation with AliExpress?; and INFRA – What will happen to the Ülemiste Tech City and Tallinn Airport area in the future? Railway Simulation Centre

FEST 17 Electric Formula

Railway Laboratory

The Fastest Electric Student Formula

In April, TTK UAS opened a new automation In 2017, ten years passed from the building of the laboratory and railway simulation centre for first student formula of FS Team Tallinn. The goal training top railway specialists. The state-ofof this year´s team - the largest one ever (50 team the art railway laboratory with Stadler FLIRT members!)- was to build the lightest and most train simulation centre, costing 860 000 euros, efficient student formula of Team Tallinn history. is the newest in the Baltic States. The equipFEST 17 is the fastest electric formula ever built ment in the railway automation laboratory was by the students of TTK UAS and Tallinn University installed by the Estonian company Autsec OÜ. of Technology – proven by the 2nd place in accelThe Stadler FLIRT railway simulator was eration from the Hungarian competition and by the installed by Stadler Bussnang AG and Bern first place in acceleration from the Czech RepubUniversity of Applied Sciences. lic competition.

The team of TTK UAS students of mechanical engineering

Steel Bridge Model Competition BRICO The team of TTK UAS students of mechanical engineering - Stewen Naano, Steven Strandberg, Mikk VĂľhni, and Joosep Jesmin - were successful in the BRICO 2017 steel bridges competition held in May, getting second place among 14 teams. The goal of the competition was to design and assemble a 5-meter steel bridge that would be able to carry 1000 kg load, weigh as less as possible, be easily assembled and have a beautiful and original look. Lexus RX 450h study kit

Vision Seminar on Real Estate Management In October, the annual Vision Seminar was organized by the TTK UAS Entrepreneurship Centre, this time on the topic of „The Future of Real Estate Management“, in order to promote the new curricula of Facilities Management opened in 2017 in the Institute of Civil Engineering.

Engineering Career Day and 2nd Goldberg Machine Competition Goldberg Machine Competition

Lexus Hybrid Technology Study Kit At the opening ceremony of the new academic year, Toyota Baltic Ltd. donated a brand new hybrid technology study kit, the Lexus RX 450h, powered by both fuel and electric engine, to the Institute of Technology of TTK UAS. Today´s automotive industry is in the midst of ground-breaking times, said Marek Maide, the marketing manager of Toyota Baltic Ltd. „Toyota wishes to contribute to the state-of-the-art higher education in the field of automotive engineering. RX 450h gives the students the possibility to acquire in-depth knowledge and practical skills of modern hybrid technology, “ he added.

On the 3rd of November, the Engineering Career Day and the 2nd Goldberg Machine competition was held at TTK UAS. 8 teams of secondary school pupils participated at the competition. The 1st place – the trip to Koenigsegg luxury car factory in Sweden - was awarded to the team of Võru Kreutzwald Gymnasium. During the day, the participants were given tours at TTK UAS laboratories, and various events such as workshops and discussion panels took place. In addition, companies and TTK UAS lecturers introduced the pupils the exciting profession of engineers. 450 students participated in the Career Day.

Construction In 2017, the lobby, the rooms for student services and study spaces of the 1st floor of TTK UAS were redesigned, making the entrance floor spacious and full of light. The first floor of the building is also a new home for the Student Council. The renewed study spaces and coffee and vending machines have become very popular among students.

100 Steps in Engineering – a present to Estonia’s Centennial The essence of the project was to encourage young people, mainly middle schoolers and secondary school students, to study engineering. During the project, 3000 pupils have had a chance to discover the exciting world of engineering by completing exciting and fun tasks at TTK UAS laboratories of electrical engineering, environmental engineering, geology and automation, exercises on teamwork, and lectures on smart textiles and self-driving cars. Hike in the Kakerdaja Bog

IV International Week On the first week of November, the fourth Joint International Week of TTK UAS and Tallinn Health Care College took place. The topic of the week was E-Excellence in Engineering. 9 teacher and 22 staff mobilities were organised at TT UAS during the week, and 3 new partnership agreements were signed. The cultural programme included the performance of TTK UAS Folk Dance Group Savijalakesed and the hike on the wetlands of the Kakerdaja Bog.

STUDENTS As of 10.11.2017, 2234 students studied at TTK UAS, of them 1432 in daily studies and 800 in distant learning programmes. 45 students were studying in the Institute of Architecture, 603 in the Institute of Civil Engineering, 308 in the Institute of Logistics, 276 in the Institute of Circular Economy and Technology, 272 in the Institute of Clothing and Textile and 630 in the Institute of Technology. In addition, 28 international students and Student Council 23 external studies students studied at T TK UAS. 460 students belonged to the Admission age group of 30+. TTK UAS Council confirmed 640 students as the number of admission for 2017/2018 study year. The admission was opened to 15 curricula, 8 curricula also opened groups for distant learners. 2356 applications were received, and 651 first year students were admitted,

411 students started as daily learners and 240 as distant learners. The most popular fields were the curriculum of Production and Production Management, Transport and Logistics both in daily studies and distant learning, and the distant learning programme of Civil Engineering.

Students divided by Institutes


Institute of Technology


Institute of Clothing and Textile


Institute of Civil Engineering


Institute of Circular Economy and Technology


Institute of Logistics


Institute of Architecture

Admission to TTK UAS

Academic Performance

651 592

Admission vocational secondary education secondary education 146 489

132 460

145 506

8 /1 17 20

7 /1 16 20

6 /1 15 20

In 2017, 301 students graduated from TTK University of Applied Sciences. As of 10.11.2017, 910 students of TTK UAS had 100% curriculum performance rate, and 357 had a rate of 90-99%. Between 01.10.2016–30.09.2017, 386 students dropped out from TTK UAS (cf. 579 in 2016), 137 of them were first year students.


Youth Song and Dance Celebration „Here I´ll Stay“ TTK UAS Chamber Choir and the folk dance group Savijalakesed participated in the 12th Youth Song and Dance Celebration „Here I´ll Stay“. The dancers also took part in the spontaneous dance party „Let´s Dance Together“ at the Freedom Square.

TTK UAS at the XVIII Student Summer Games

Student Summer Games The Student Summer Games are the biggest student-oriented sports events of their kind in Estonia, taking place in Kääriku Sports Centre. Approximately 1,700 students from all over Estonia participate in the Summer Games. This time, TTK UAS got the 6th place in overall competition. Silver Kask earned two wins - in kiiking and non-stop track-and-field.

TTK UAS Chamber Choir

Student Info Day On November 15, the first Student Info Day was organized. The key topic of the day was „Loaded Batteries – How to Achieve More than Average Student“. The inspirational speaker Harald Lepisk provoked students to analyze their everiday activities and think about how to realize their full potential, how to stay focused and how to learn to relax.

The HuggyBear Charity Project

Charity Christmas Morning for HuggyBear Project The traditional charity event Christmas Morning of 2017, organized by TTK UAS students in December, supported the HuggyBear project. The crowd-funded charity project HuggyBear was started by two TTK UAS students, Kaur Vahtrik and Mari Umbjärv, in the Estonian kickstarter website Hooandja in order to collect money to buy teddy bears to police patrol cars. In Estonia, more than 1000 traffic accidents a year involve children, and the soft teddy bears will help comfort children caught up in accidents or distressing situations. At the Christmas Morning event, 1541€ was donated to the project.

RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND CREATIVE ACTIVITIES In 2017, seven research groups were formed in order to facilitate the coordination of research, development and creative activities: Applied Research on Coating Methods and Technology – Head of the Research Group – Toomas Pihl, PhD Assessments and Investigations of Building Structures – Head of the Research Group – Martti Kiisa, PhD Developing of Building Information Modelling (BIM) Applications – Head of the Research Group – Aivars Alt, MSc Research on Logistics and Transport – Head of the Research Group – Jelizaveta Janno, MSc Applied Research in the Field of Textiles – Head of the Research Group – Ada Traumann, PhD Innovative Electrical Engineering Solutions – Head of the Research Group – René Nukki, PhD Innovative Solutions in Mechanical Engineering – Head of the Research Group – Tavo Kangru, MSc

TTK UAS students of Mechanical Engineering received a generous scholarship of 10 000 USD from the Gene Haas Foundation and the U.S. National Institute for Metalworking Skills. The students and staff of the Institute of Technology have decided to invest the donation for building an energy efficient vehicle for entering the Shell Eco-marathon competition.

In 2017, the entrepreneurship platform ADAPTER was launched, uniting all the universities, professional higher education institutions and research institutions in Estonia.

Scolarship from the Gene Haas Foundation

The most substantial applied R&D projects were:

A Guide for Designing Pavements on Roads With Low Traffic Volume Based on the Load-Bearing Capacity of the Road (the Actual Condition of the Road). Financing institution: Estonian Road Administration, by the Institute of Civil Engineering, lecturers Sven Sillamäe and Margus Vaino. Phase II of Developing the Methodology of the Design of an Optimal Road Construction. Financing institution: Estonian Road Administration, by the Institute of Civil Engineering, by lecturers Sven Sillamäe, Margus Vaino, Martti Kiisa, Julija Šommet, Sten-Kristjan Saarik. Weigh-in-Motion of Estonian Bridges between 2017-2018. Financing institution: AS VIACON Estonia, by the Institute of Civil Engineering, lecturers Karin Lellep, Martti Kiisa, Ando Pärtel. Options for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Freight (Road and Rail Transport and Shipping). Financing institution: World Energy Council Estonia, by the Institute of Logistics, lecturers Jelizaveta Janno and Kati Nõuakas.

One patent agreement and three utility model certificates were extended in 2017. New contacts were established with large companies and SMEs, 134 contracts of obligations were signed, including 3 innovation vouchers, with the total turnover of 236 989 euros. The Proceedings of TTK UAS Students were published with 7 research articles. Fieldwork: collecting data about Estonian bridges

AWARDS AND RECOGNITIONS The best works of the students´ research conference HEUREKA were: Technological Properties and Areas of Application of Processed Biomass, known also as project „Strawy“ by Tanel Uibokand and Kaur Vahtrik from the curriculum of Engineering Materials and Marketing. Their work also got the Letter of Appreciation from the Estonian Research Council at the National Student Research Competition. User Interface Development and Implementation on a Climate Control Stand, by Riivo Kiljak from the curriculum of Automotive Engineering Conceptual Design of the Transport System of Ülemiste City by Erik Punane and Thomas Tammus from the curriculum of Transport and Logistics. Congratulations, team STRAWY for the innovative idea of producing eco-friendly tableware from straw: Kaur Vahtrik, Marilin Ait, Merilin Šaitor and Tanel Uibokand with the project „Strawy“ got the 1st prize at the Estonian ClimateLauncpad competition.

The e-course Electrotechnics and Electrical Appliances by Heljut Kalda, the associate professor of electrical engineering, won the E-Course of the Year prize awarded by HITSA, the Estonian Education Information Technology Foundation. In total, TTK UAS lecturers got 13 E-Quality Labels for various e-courses developed in 2017.

The prizes for the best applied research projects were awarded to: Handbook for the Design, Construction and Maintenance of Steel Culverts on Forest Roads. Financing institution: Estonian State Forest Management Centre, by lecturers Martti Kiisa, Karin Lellep, Sven Sillamäe and Artjom Melnikov (student), Institute of Civil Engineering. The Feasibility Study of a Hybrid Truck. Financing Institution: Titans OÜ, by lecturer René Nukki, Institute of Technology. The Development of New Outdoors Uniform for the Tallinn Municipal Police Department (11 products). Financing institution: Tallinn Municipal Police, by lecturer Margit Kuusk, Institute of Clothing and Textile.

INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION n 2017, TTK UAS had 75 partnership agreements with various higher education institutions in 26 countries within the Erasmus+ programme. The most popular partner universities among outgoing students were the University of Ruse in Bulgaria, Frederick University in Cyprus, Brno University of Technology in Czech Republic and Centria University of Applied Sciences in Finland. The highest number of international students arrived from the Eskisehir Osmangazi University in Turkey and from Šiauliai State College in Lithuania. The first mobilities were organized with Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, and t wo T TK UA S students spent a semester in RMUTP in Bangkok, Thailand. 56 TTK UAS students participated in long-term Erasmus mobility (lasting 2 - 12 months), and 56 students took part in express mobilities (lasting up to 2 weeks). In 2017, 51 international students studied at TTK UAS. For including international lecturers and boost development activities, TTK UAS started the ASTRA programme project TTK LEAN, Erasmus+ mobility in Thailand

Erasmus+ mobility in Israel

„INSMER“ (2016–2019), where curricula of robotics for EQF levels 4, 5, 6 are being developed; „EIN“ (2015–2018), the result of which is the curriculum of electric automotive engineering. In 2017, TTK UAS continued with Central Baltic programme projects „EDU-RAIL“ (2015–2018) and „EDU SME“ (2015–2017) and Central Baltic project „SWW“ (Smart and Safe Workwear Clothing, 2016–2019). The endresults of the project „EDU-SME“ were presented in the UEAPME seminar in Brussels.


focusing on hiring long-term international lecturers (from 1 semester for up to 1 year). In total, TTK UAS hosted 29 international lecturers and trainers in 2017, funded by different projects and programmes. Lifelong learning courses and trainings TTK UAS continued participating in the were offered in all curricula. In addition Er asmus+ progr amme str ategic to public training courses, trainings projects, in the higher education ordered by companies were offered in organization EURASHE, and the engineering fields and in languages. In UASnet and ENAS networks. InterSeptember, one-year training course for national projects of 2017 included: plastic processing was launched in co„Build PHE“ (2015–2017) with operation with Hiiumaa Vocational School. 67 case studies published;

RENOVATION AND CONSTRUCTION WORKS n 2017, the entrance hall and the work and study rooms of the first floor were fully renovated. The new interior design solution is functional, includes a lot of natural light, and makes the building accessible for people with special needs. The budget for construction and renovation works was ca. 800Â 000 Euros.

In addition, the area for the Industry 4.0 Robotized Automation Laboratory was renovated and prepared from the TTK UAS activity support and TTK LEAN project funding.

Renewing laboratory equipment and professional software 334 000 Euros were spent on renewing laborator y equipment and acquiring professional software:

laboratory equipment bought for road construction materials laboratory and structural mechanics laboratory; public procurements completed for the furniture and equipment for Industry 4.0 laboratory software bought for welding benches and for production planning and management processes; CNC metal bending lathe bought for the laboratory of metal cutting; pilling test equipment bought for textile testing laboratory.



Activity support 7 365 361 造


Turnover of economic activities 659 445 造


Project funding 1 015 743 造 Total budget > 9 040 549 造

he total budget of TTK UAS for 2017 together with student scholarships and erasing of student loans was 9 040 549 euros, of which the turnover of economic activities covered 7,3% and project funding 11%. For salaries/wages, including employment taxes, 4 733 279 Euros were allocated from the activity support.

Additional remunerations of 215 859 Euros were paid from the resources acquired from economic activities, and 278 632 Euros from projects and other support funding.

Advisory Board Management

Board of Professors Rector

Student Council


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TTK UAS Council

Fi na nc e an De d M pa an an r t ag d me in Fi n g na t o Di re n f Ad ce A c ct m s co or in u is n tin tr at IT g i ve Se rv Se ic rv es ic Sp es or ts Ce nt re


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