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1st Black Jorge Cantu, Larry Wong Jonathan Trejo, Arnold Gakumba Cameron Franklin Marcos Hernandez 2nd Black Steve Martinez, Sherlock Salgado Cesar Chavira, Adrian Heredia Ray Jimenez, Nicholas Parker

TKO BLACK BELT OATH DEDICATE I shall dedicate myself to TKO

MASTER I shall master the basics, patterns and sparring in order to build the true strength of harmony.

STUDY I shall study and practice martial arts to build character, intelligence, control and discipline through a strong mind and body.

RESPECT I shall respect the instructor, seniors, friends and other martial artists.

OBEY I shall obey the rules and regulations of TKO.

EARN I shall earn my TKO Black Belt and respect while always being truthful to my ability.


Good Luck on your Black

Pastor Wong!

Proud of you! Love Grandma

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I start training Karate? My parents enrolled me in Karate so I could learn self defense for the future. They thought that been in karate I could build confidence and get discipline to be respectful to other people as well. As I started learning karate I felt that I could be a better fighter because I learned blocks, creative forms, weapon forms, self defense, and also my kicks and punches. I have been in karate for 4 years and my goal now is to get my black belt. I understand that I am responsible to know my forms, katas, self defense and sparring. Therefore I know that I have to put in practice what my instructors have teach me. One day I will show my friends, cousins, and everybody how karate has impacted in my life by teaching me discipline and hard work as long as I keep practicing hard and working hard every day. I try not to worried about anything in karate, but when I do, I just remember to believe in myself that I could do anything by pushing to the limit. I will work so hard in the test that I will earn my black belt. Everyone is counting on me, so I know it will be hard but I will try my best to earn it and make everyone proud. My instructors and team mates have worked so hard to get me prepared for the test on Sunday 26, 2012 and as I want to move on, I do my best on everything, even when it gets difficult. The harder I work for it, there is a better chance of passing as long as I feel confident. Getting my black belt means a lot to me. It’s a new beginning that will encourage me to work even harder to better myself and be able to teach other kids what I know like my instructors did to me. Also I would like to keep going to a second, third degree and on as far as I can, to get more skills and keep growing.

I started karate when I was only four years old. When my mom told me that I was going to start karate, I was very excited. Since my first day, karate has helped me to stand up for myself. It has also made me a lot more confident. Of course, I didn’t do this on my own. There were several people who helped me come to where I stand today. I will always remember one thing Master Wayne taught me, the round kick. He always had confidence in me: I remember he would always cheer for me, “Go Cameron, Go!” Thank you Mr. Joseph for all of the time you have spent helping me prepare for this day. These past three weeks have been very challenging, but I kept pushing. A month and a half ago, I was getting ready to quit karate. My mom was not very happy. She kept insisting that I stay in karate and try to get my black belt. I am glad that she kept pushing me and never gave up on me. My family and friends know that I am the type of person who is always up for taking on new challenges. This is exactly why, when I grow up, I plan on accomplishing a lot of great, new, and challenging things. I have a whole list of goals that I plan on accomplishing, but I will pursue my dreams to become the world’s best baseball player and setting a world record for the most homeruns in a season. I am going to use my valuable characteristics of strength, dedication, and confidence that I gained from my time at Gallio’s Texas Karate Organization. Without these characteristics, I would not be able to achieve any of my goals. In the beginning, I did not know what to expect to gain from karate. But my sixteen trophies are each a symbol of my journey of success in karate. My very first tournament that I competed in was both intimidating and nerve racking. But ever since then, I went into each and every battle more confident then the last one. Again, I want to recognize each person that has guided me through and never gave up on me. Master Wayne and Mr. Joseph, thank you for always being there for me, I really appreciate it. I know sometimes, I kept messing up or did something wrong, but you guys were very patient with me and would not stop until I got the moves right down to perfection. And last, but no least, Mom, I could have quit karate if I wanted to, but you succeeded to let me not be a quitter and finish what I started. Because of you, I can say that I am a black belt and I’m only seven years old; how cool is that? Now I know that if I ever feel like I want to give up, you will be there, behind me, pushing until the end.

My TKO journey actually began with KickStart Kids when I started Middle School and met Master Wayne Nguyen. After my first year of KickStart, Master Nguyen was transferred to another school. I was very upset he was leaving not knowing who would replace him. There was just something about Master Nguyen that I enjoyed working under his direction. In talking to Master Nguyen I learned about TKO and began going to the TKO dojo. Master Nguyen has been such a positive role model in my karate and personal life. Little did I know how much I would learn and grow and what an impact karate and Master Nguyen would have in my life and make me the young man I am today at 16 preparing for my Black Belt test. I wanted to join karate to learn self defense as I was a small frame boy at that time. TKO has built my self esteem, confidence and being a person with dyslexia, karate has helped me focus on my school work and my grades have continued to improve each year. I found my talent in karate through TKO and Master Nguyen. TKO has taught me karate forms, self defense, sparring techniques and how to handle the double nunchuck weapon. My favorite part about Karate is learning nunchucks and performing with them. As a TKO Black Belt my future goals are to go to College once I complete High School. But until then I want to help Master Nguyen teach class and someday have my own Karate School so that I can be a good role model to other young people and make a positive impact on their lives as Master Nguyen has made in my life. I would like to thank my father for always encouraging me, but most of all to my mom who takes me to karate class twice a week, has been to all my tournaments and all my belt ceremonies. She made sure I always had what I needed and encouraged me and let me know I could do whatever I put my mind too. I would also like to thank all my family and friends who encouraged and supported me along the way. I would like to take this opportunity to also thank two other TKO instructors who have helped me along the way, Joseph Pruitt and Jocelyn Joya. Thank you so much for all you have done for me. Also special Thank you, to Master Wayne Nguyen who has encouraged me over the years to be the best person I could be. He has taught me respect, discipline, honor, integrity and what hard work can accomplish. I hope I can make him proud of me today and in the years to come. I want to end by giving thanks to GOD for without him none of this would have come to pass. He has kept me strong and healthy and put TKO and Master Wayne Nguyen into my life.

Karate is something I always been in love with since I was a 6 years old. I grew up always watching Chuck Norris, Bruce lee and many more martial arts movies. I always said “that’s going to be me when I grow up” and now 11 years later I can say that. I would have done anything just to learn karate. At that time all I cared about was learning how to fight, but now that I have been taking it I learn that is just more than just knowing how to fight but to gain confidence, respect, courage, discipline, and inner strength. After all my 5 years of doing martial arts I actually found out what I really want for my future and that is to become an instructor for Kickstart Kids. The program that change my life and made me for who I am today. I want to make another kids dream come true like mine did. I want to teach them what karate is really about. I would like to thank Master Nguyen for creating the TKO program for giving the opportunity to be part of his program and receiving my black belt. Also my family, they have been my biggest support I honestly didn’t think I could have gone this far without them being on my side. And last but not least Master Nguyen, he has been my biggest inspiration. He’s my has been my only role model in life because I always have been wondering who I want be like in the future and he’s an example for who I want to be in the future. If it wasn’t for them I have no idea where I would have been in this world today. I am very grateful for all the support and encouragement from my parents , they always have made time for me. By taking me to all my classes, practices, tournaments. Even when times are tough they always manage a way to keep me in martial arts. My father always told me ''To keep on trying, Work Hard and Never give Up!”

DOB: 12/01/1955 (56 years) Marital Status: Married 31 years to Anna Caroline (Cissy) Wong Children: Shanna, Michelle, Christa, Tammy Grandchildren: Meilinh, Kailee, Jose Jr., Gaberiel, Ayva and Marley Family and friends, the martial arts in some way or another has always been a part of my life. I was born in San Antonio, Texas to Federico and Lydia (Vasquez) Wong who taught me the meaning of respect and honor. My father was a 3rd Dan, a rank he attained while serving our country with the 82nd Airborne, the United States Air Force and later as a Federal Security Guard at Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio. He was my first teacher. The first formal Karate school I attended was studying Kenpo under Sifu Richard Rainey in San Antonio in the early 70’s. In 1980, I moved from San Antonio to Houston, Texas where I met and married Anna Caroline Samuel. In 1993, out of curiosity, I walked into this small Karate studio on Clay Road across from the Harris County Courthouse Annex. It was there in that small dojo with indoor-outdoor carpet and a single hanging heavy bag that I met my teacher, mentor and friend, Master Wayne Nguyen. I studied with Master Nguyen until 1995 when an injury forced me to suspend my training, leaving with a rank of 2nd degree brown. It has always been my belief that everyone should have the opportunity to be able to study a martial art; to see and understand that the martial arts are for everyone, young and old alike. I want everyone to see the beauty of the art and realize that it is not all about fighting. Through honor, respect and discipline which the arts teach, we can become better individuals who can make a better world. Fifteen years later I brought this idea to Master Nguyen and after several meetings and discussions; Cross Training Martial Arts Ministry became a reality in this community and just celebrated its second anniversary this past June. Martial Arts – Honor, Respect, Discipline! Thank you to everyone, for being here today. Your presence is greatly appreciated. Thank you to the following: All the black belts in attendance and especially those who sit on the review board. Thank you for your wisdom, knowledge and experience All the parents, family and friends for your support and encouragement. Every teacher, students, fellow students and black belts who pushed me and encouraged me to make this day possible. Master Nguyen and Jenny for your support and encouragement. Master Nguyen, thank you sir, for never giving up on me; for pushing me when I couldn’t go anymore, for bringing out the good Karate in me. Sir, you are my teacher, mentor, friend and brother. We are family. To my family: Cissy, thank you for bringing this dream back to life. Shanna, Michelle and Christa, your ‘You can do it Dad!’ attitude keeps me going. To my grandkids, Meilinh, Kailee, Jose Jr., Gaberiel and Ayva, thank you for the nickname ‘Po’ Kung Fu Panda. You are my jewels that make Grandpa sparkle. This is for you! And last but far from least, thank you Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior who made this day possible. To Him be the glory! (Philippians 4:13)

Growing up I have always loved martial arts, watching all the Chuck Norris and the Jean-Claude Van Damme movies, I loved the thrill and the excitement of all the movies which really got me hooked. I never thought i would be able to afford "good" karate until some of my middle school friends told me about a martial art program in katy, The program was TKO (Texas Karate Organization). I didn't really know to much about the program all I knew was that all of my friends were in the program, after joining the program I found out that TKO's founder was Wayne Nguyen i knew him from the Chuck Norris movie Side-Kicks, I knew that the program would aim for everything Master Nguyen believed and how he would want us it and passed it on. TKO had a huge impact on my life after joining the program I was able to built self confidence, discipline and respect. My grades went up, i had perfect attendance, my conduct was excellent and it helped me stay away from bad things like drugs, gangs and peer pressure TKO benefitted me by doing everything that was said in the creed those words changed my life, those words got me as far as I'm today and helped me build a good character. Now that I'm testing for my black belt in the program some of my goals as a TKO black belt are giving back to the program that started everything for me, competing as a TKO black belt and finally becoming a TKO instructor, becoming a world and National champion under TKO and Master Nguyen also Helping other students and leading them through the right path to discipline, respect and inner strength. Their are numerous amount of people i would like to thank, first I would like to thank god for leading me to the right way to choose TKO. I would like to thank the whole TKO organization from Houston all the way to Dallas for helping students build a strong moral character and setting up great tournaments to prepare students for bigger ones in life, Last but not least i would like to thank the man behind the plans Master Nguyen for bringing something in my life that wasn't their, he give students a great hand picked instructor and thought all of his passion through martial arts and for that i thank him and everyone who believed in me.

It has has been three years since I obtained my 1st degree TKO black belt. To earn a black belt had always been my goal since leaving karate back in Mexico. My accomplishment of obtaining my black belt came at a much needed time when I came off an awful freshman year. However, the boost of confidence obtained from four years of hard work was enough to make some great memories for the rest of high school and in general. Being a black belt also gave me extra opportunities such as tutoring some of the underbelts, competing at a higher level, and judging katas and sparring rounds at karate tournaments. Some of my good friends came out of working hard together for years. That being said, my involvement in martial arts hasn't been much lately. I have helped a few times, but my training only consisted of going through my katas and jogging every once in a while. While my main priority at this point is doing well in college, I don't want to leave martial arts behind which is why I made the late decision to test for my 2nd degree. I want to keep continuing in martial arts, at least partially and helping out my school whenever I can. I plan to continue practicing martial arts at College Station to regain my maximum level and keep it there until I need it, whether I feel like competing again or teach. I think it's also cool that I'm testing with some of the people I shared my 1st degree black belt test. I only hope that my college studies go well so I can keep on practicing without worry. After my 2nd degree, I don't know what I'll do next martial arts wise besides the training at College Station. I am considering however to test for my 3rd degree in Kickstart, but I still have half a year for that decision. I would like to thank my parents for always pushing me into karate and always providing me with any equipment or items that I need it. I thank my friends for sticking with program with me and providing me with full support in karate and in college stuff. Lastly, I thank my karate teacher Mr. Nguyen for not only for the full support he gave me in pursuing my black belt, but also for giving me the opportunity to test for 2nd and teaching me sword in just one day!

I am now entering my eighth year of practicing the art of karate, and all I can say is that I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. I started karate upon entering my seventh grade year in school as I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn to defend myself if I ever needed to. I started karate with the intention that I would become a black belt and it would end there, completely unaware of that fact that there were degrees farther than first. When I left middle school I had only obtained my blue belt; and it took me another two years before I tested for my first degree black belt. Now I am starting my junior year of College with the opportunity to test for Second Degree. A second degree black belt honestly means a lot to me as it shows me how much I have gone through to get to where I am today (both in karate and in my education). I have pushed myself to great extremes and I have martial arts to thank for that. Never in my life did I think I would have the opportunity to test for this rank. A few years ago I had to quit karate in order to focus on my academics. It was one of the hardest decisions that I ever had to make in my life, but one that I felt necessary if I wanted to have a good future in the world of academia. At the time that I quit, my four other friends tested for their 2nd degree black belt through the KICKSTART program. Those four guys were like my brothers, and if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have tested for neither my KICKSTART nor TKO 2nd degree black belt. We would always say that we formed a brotherhood the day that we all got our black belts, and to this day I continue to think that it’s true. So too Sherlock, Steve, Cesar, and Jonathan I have a lot to thank. Upon everyone who has taught me martial arts, Master Nguyen has had to put up with us the longest amount of time. He saw us grow up from teenagers to the young adults we are today. He has pushed us to try are hardest/best in everything we attempt to do. Whether it was a school related or karate, he was there to support us with his fullest potential. We all have so much to thank him for as without him dedicating time to train us, we would not know all the knowledge which we currently possess. Family has played an extremely big role in my martial arts experience. Starting with my parents who have been to every one of my exams, taken me to every tournament when I didn’t have the potential to drive, and were there when I received both my first degree black belts. Sometimes (or always for that matter) it’s important that we tell them how much they mean to us, even though they already how we feel. I love my parents as they have shaped me to be the person I am today. Though we have had our differences, it’s truly important they know how much I love them. I know they will continue to support me in whatever it is I choose to do. If I choose to continue testing for my higher degrees, I am sure they will be at all my exams. Among my parents, many others have played an important role in helping me get where I am today. My brother and sister in law have been role models to me and have shaped me to have the attributes I currently have. My aunt, uncles and cousins who have been a great support in helping me achieve this honor. My grandparents who since day one have taken care of me and shown me all the morals I have come to learn. In my first year of college I lost my first family member ever. My uncle Manuel was a huge supporter in what I did. He cheered me own during my first degree black belt exam while I went through my fifteen rounds of sparring. Not having him here has affected me greatly, and is a pain that not many can understand. I would have greatly enjoyed his presence at my exam, but I know he’s watching over me spiritually now. Sometimes it’s just hard to get over the fact that in an instant, your life can change dramatically. With my second degree black belt I want to continue teaching martial arts at Texas A&M. A few friends and I decided to open a small organization to teach our knowledge to other students. It has always been a love of mine to teach; and having the opportunity to teach something that I love makes it twice as great. Though I have put countless amounts of hours into karate, I know it’s time well spent. Through family, my friends, my instructors, and God, I have been able to accomplish great deeds. I hope to continue being part of the TKO family for as long as I am given the ability too.

Training with Master Nguyen and becoming a black belt has given me the opportunities to learn how to be an instructor, not just any instructor, but a better instructor and in many different areas. After becoming a black belt, I continued training branching out into Cross-Fit and MMA. My ambition drove me beyond martial arts into a new arena of training. I trained with Jose “Picante” Blanco of Cross-X Fitness, a certified Cross-Fit trainer. I trained and worked closely with Blanco to learn about the wide varieties of functional movements that strengthen and condition the human body to reach its full potential. I became a Cross-Fit trainer and an MMA instructor. I used my Cross-Fit to condition and train MMA athletes and martial artists who actively competed with great results and marked improvement in their tournament skills. My knowledge and selfconditioning in Cross-Fit helped me to succeed in my own MMA training at 4 oz. Fight Club. I trained at 4 oz. and also instructed a kids MMA program teaching them Tae Kwon Do and jiu-jitsu. I took those kids to tournaments coaching them through their firsts competitions with many of them winning 1st place gold medals. Iron Sports followed becoming my newest obstacle course, testing my muscles in new ways as never before. Sam Sann’s indoor obstacle course has provided a new playground for my mind and muscles and the opportunity to incorporate all his methods for maximum performance and results. Receiving my 2nd Degree Black Belt is a great honor and is the next logical step in my quest to keep learning and improving my skills. I will always teach. Teaching is my passion and my dream. One day in the near future with the support of my wife, I will open and run my own school. I know that we can make that dream a reality.

When I was in sixth grade I had the choice to either join gym or the kick-start karate program, it was obvious that I chose gym. About a month into the school year I got bored of doing nothing in gym so I decided to try karate. Thinking, it would be cool to learn how to beat people up. As the year passed I learned that karate isn’t just about fighting or beating people up. Eighth grade is when I met Master Nguyen. At first I didn’t like him very much because he was very bossy. This isn’t just me saying it, everyone in my class didn’t like him. Half the class left because of Master Nguyen. I had decided to stick around and see what I could learn from Master Nguyen. Looking back, if it wasn’t for Master Nguyen I don’t think I would be the man I am today. I wouldn’t have met my best friends Steve Martinez, Adrian Heredia, Cesar Chavira, Johnathan Garza, who later become part of my family. We had our rough patches but like family, we forgive and forget. Even though we have grown up and taken different paths, we still manage to make time for each other (like our GAME DAYS on Saturdays). My four brothers and I went for our first degree black belts in TKO together and today we still stand together for our second degree. We’re short one but still here. If it wasn’t for Master Nguyen I wouldn’t be disciplined, responsible, and respectful, to my family and friends. Master Nguyen taught me not only to just have a goal, but accomplish my goal and reach for something bigger and better. If it wasn’t for Master Nguyen I would have stopped at first degree, but if you know master it goes through one ear and out the other. Even til this day, Master Nguyen likes to critique our choices of paths, careers, schools, even our CARS. As long as I get my super bowl of PHO he can critique me all he wants. I plan on continuing my training with my four brothers and get our third, fourth, fifth, and so forth, whatever makes Master Nguyen happy. I would like to thank my mother the most for supporting me, taking time off of her schedule to take me to practice, buy me the things I needed for practice, and being there for me whenever I needed her. I would also like to thank my four brothers for being by my side, giving me good advice and putting up with my craziness. And thank you to their parents who have been like my second moms and dads. But the mostly I would like to thank Master Nguyen for being there for all of us, staying after class, and coming on the weekends to train us so we can become better martial artists. Also, for making fundraisers to help us pay for tournaments, karate uniforms, providing transportation for us, and other things we needed. I don’t know how I could ever repay everyone for all the help they have given me. Thank you.

Ever since I was a child I’ve had a strong urge for karate. I was so amazed at all the fighting and tricks that I saw on TV and movies that I decided that I wanted to join karate so I could learn those things too. In middle school I finally got the opportunity to learn karate with several instructors, including my favorite instructor Mr. Nguyen. Though I soon learned karate was nothing like what the media made it seem from him, I have loved everything that I have learned from karate these past seven years. If being in karate has taught me anything, it is how to build good character. Karate has taught me how to be responsible with my actions and decisions. What I do in life not only affects me, but they affect the people around me. I have to make wise decisions to make a positive influence on myself and others. Responsibility in turn has taught me about self-discipline. I learned how to set and accomplish goals, how to train and improve my skills, and how to take initiative. I probably wouldn’t be the person I am today without the help of karate. Opening a karate school with my friends is a major dream of mine. But because of school, opening a school is not within reach at the moment. But that has not stopped me and Adrian from opening a karate club at Texas A&M. Though our club at the moment is small, it is growing with many more additions to our group this fall, including Cesar. Though it is a club now, I hope one day it will grow large enough to turn into a real karate school with many prosperous students, including one day our own distinguished black belt. I would not be here today if it was not for some very special people who have done more than enough for me these seven years. Mr. Nguyen has helped me more than he knows. Teaching karate is a big part of how he has helped me, but I think the friendship and knowledge he has offered me has been more important than anything he has taught me. My friends have also been a major part of my life. We have seen each other grow from our middle school days; from dealing with girls and school to now with college, jobs, and yugioh. We have become a family which will probably be together for many more years. But my mother is my greatest and most important influence. Though she is bad in health, she does whatever she can to make sure I am happy. Though she could not make it to see me test today for my second degree, I want her to know that she is the greatest person in the world and that I love her very much.

Many people feel as though once they have achieved the rank of black belt that it is the end of their progress as a martial artist. Personally I believe that there is no end to progressing as a martial artist and that there is always something new to learn or perfect. Although being a martial artist is mostly about having the physical abilities expected of you, a martial artist must also be able to demonstrate the behavior expected of one who has achieved such a high rank. Being a second degree black belt means accomplishing the physical aspects required of you, being able to demonstrate character expected of a black belt, and being able to balance all the different aspects of your life while still receiving maximum benefits. One of the most important aspects of being a second degree black belt is being able to compete and train on the level of a second degree. Competing in tournaments is a valuable way to test yourself and see how you compare with others who at your level and higher. Thanks to the opportunities presented by my instructor Master Pettway I have been able to do just that on both a national and international level. I have competed against and beat many talented martial artists many of whom have been training just as long if not longer than I have. In practice I always try to push myself as hard as I can as well as motivate and help my fellow classmates in the school. Demonstrating black belt like character at all times is a very important factor when it comes to being promoted. Weather it is at home, at school, or even at work people should be able to tell that you are a disciplined and respectful person regardless of the location. However we are all human and sometimes or emotions or stupidity will get the better of us, but it is important to be able to admit when you are wrong and apologize to those you have offended. Balancing the different aspect of your life is an essential part of being a black belt. Especially now being an adult I see that being able to work, go to school, and practice at the karate school which is thankfully down the street from where I live now and still find time to sleep is a tiring endeavor. Luckily for me it all has fallen into a routine which allows to do complete all of the activities successfully and to the best of my ability. In conclusion second degree blackbelts should have all physical aspects required of them, have a strong character that influences them to be the best they can be, and balance their life successfully. I would like to thank my family and my instructor for motivating me to fulfill these criteria and always being there for me. I would especially like to thank my instructor Master Pettway for always being there for me weather it be with rides or helping me pay for a tournament he is truly a wonderful person to have in my life. Even though he want to roundhouse kick me in the face sometimes I know that he really cares about me and the rest of his students.

Good Luck Jonathan on Your Test!!! From Your Uncle Hugo

Good Luck Arnold! Love Mom and Dad

Good Luck Marcos! Very Proud of you son. Love Mom


Marcos on your Black Belt!

We are proud of you Jonathan! Love, Mom and Grandma


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GOOD LUCK Pastor Wong!


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Good luck Jonathan! Do your best on your test! From Aunt Claudia

2012 TKO Black Belt Test  

1st and 2nd degree