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Remote staff support




Remote staff support A complete approach to supporting remote and travelling staff.




GPS location data and intelligent alerts make managing staff safety quick, easy and effective.

Using simple texts, Staff Guardian streamlines welfare and assistance checks for travelling staff.

GPS data delivers revolutionary analytics supporting effective performance and management of remote staff.

You can

instantly tell

where your people are, help them more quickly than ever before and give peace of mind that a remote protection system is in place




saving. Staff Guardian creates a check in system allowing staff to monitor their own safety reducing management.



us prove

and improve. Travel expenses, time sheets

and location accurately recorded delivering high quality management reports.

Remote working - an overview. Remote working presents unique challenges to businesses seeking to maximise staff efficiency and create safe working environments. With Staff Guardian GPS tracking and simplified mobile communication technologies combine to deliver an effective solution. Staff Guardian provides a constant connection with your remote staff. Updated in real time every 10 seconds, this live mapping shows with pin point accuracy the locations of your staff and their routes.

Staff Guardian creates a digital check-in service using text messaging allowing staff to set up automated welfare checks. Staff Guardian’s mileage reports validate and automate expense claims in your business whilst location and route reports prove the time spent on the road and at particular locations.

When immediate assistance is required, Staff Guardian’s SOS function delivers precise location data from anywhere in the world within seconds.

Ultimately, automating business process in this way saves time and money. In addition, Staff Guardian’s technology builds bridges between remote and centralised staff, creating open, viable and real time connections to improve safety, enhance transparency and promote increased productivity.

Users and managers can also take advantage of Staff Guardian’s automated back office functions to save time and money.

Staff Guardian is delivering real value and is priced from 41p per user per day.


Enabling technology Staff Guardian works by harnessing mobile data connections and GPS tracking.

User’s GPS Device

User’s Mobile

Staff Guardian uses GPS devices to track staff. These devices locate themselves using up to 36 GPS satellites, transmitting globally every 10 seconds. This data is streamed to our servers and used to create Staff Guardian’s safety, assistance and management capability. Devices use mobile networks to communicate location data to Staff Guardian. To do this our devices use multi-network roaming to offer the best possible mobile coverage. Staff Guardian is unique in this capability.


Manager’s Laptop

Manager’s Mobile

Our system provides managers with simple and secure online access to your data. Staff Guardian is cloud based allowing you to access any device, any time, any where providing managers with an instant and live overview of staff locations and travel data.

GPS Device

Small, silent and simple.

Functionality comparison: personal GPS Device vs Smart Phone application SG GPS connects globally to any GPS and mobile network.

7.5 cm

Interchangeable between users. Robust battery life designed specifically for application. Flexible and competitive pricing. Undesirable to thieves.

4.5 cm

SG GPS enjoys priority traffic on an enterprise roaming sim card. Secure and encrypted. Light, small, simple to use. SG GPS creates a constant connection with our servers delivering live data.

Mobiles are restricted to 1 mobile network provider in the UK and abroad. Mobiles tend to be more personal. Continual data connections deplete battery life rapidly. High cost. Highly desirable to thieves. Mobile sims operate on domestic network connections. Connection security more vulnerable Complex to use. Mobiles only ping the GPS and mobile networks periodically.

Discreet in challenging or risky situations.

Less discreet, higher value.

1 press SOS button.

No dedicated SOS button.

100% of the processing power dedicated to tracking 100% of the time. Dedicated GPS and data connection.

Processing power is shared across applications and operating system. Shares connection with SMS and voice, less reliable.


Safety Responsive staff welfare and remote worker emergency management.

Protection for individuals Staff Guardian brings you much closer to your staff in the field. Devices are carried by individuals to give them a direct SOS line back to their manager(s) together with location and status updates. Response to difficulty becomes quick, simple and effective.

Alert management When SOS alerts are generated, Staff Guardian handles your alert intelligently. A call, text and email to the manager and other designated personnel alerts them with location and user details. Multiple managers are contacted in order of priority and Staff Guardian continues to alert until the SOS is received and actioned.

Precise GPS Quality location data allows swifter emergency response together with the peace of mind you can locate any member of staff any time, anywhere. When SOS alerts are raised an immediate location check occurs providing address, postcode and latitude/longitude coordinates.

SOS to manager in seconds SOS generated

Device contacts Staff Guardian Automated response

Contacts managers

+ Call

+ Text


Response received

Manager takes action Contacts emergency Welfare call services to user

External processes intiated to resolve the SOS situation

Manager ends SOS alert


Manager unavailable

Continues to contact multiple managers until response is received.

Mapping Staff Guardian shows you where all your staff are instantly upon logging into the app. Pin point accuracy, updated in real-time, means Staff Guardian can locate your staff to within a few metres. Routes are also displayed and updated in realtime together with travel speed and distance.

SOS It takes seconds for you to receive an SOS alert created by a user. Staff Guardian eliminates the need to have an Alarm Receiving Centre to manually deliver alerts to you making the process much quicker and ultimately safer.

Richard has pressed the SOS button and is located at TKIT Head Office, BS24 0BT.

SOS alerts let you know where your user is with address, postcode and coordinates.

SOS text

Managers are continually alerted until one of them answers. The manager that responds to the SOS call can then end the SOS as appropriate to let others know the situation has been resolved.

Online SOS notification



Tools to make remote staff support easier.

Check-in Our simple text based solution makes radical efficiencies on traditional paper based buddy systems. By creating a digital buddy check in system Staff Guardian enhances staff support and welfare whilst simultaneously cutting cost.

Location aware notifications You can now interact with your staff in the field like never before. By creating locations (known as geo-fences) around the places that matter to you and your customers, Staff Guardian can measure time spent within these locations and also generate text notifications as users enter and leave. You might ask Staff Guardian to text your user an access code upon arrival at a location creating an efficient, resource-light solution to maintaining security.

Clocking on Privacy for the individual is an important consideration. Staff Guardian allows users to clock on and off by setting working hours within Staff Guardian online. For staff working shifts or flexi time, Staff Guardian allows users to clock on and off by text. Tracking data is only recorded when staff are clocked on making management of privacy and working hours for flexi and shift work simple and fully compliant with relevant European legislation and directives.


SG data centre

Entry text: “Today’s door code is SG3347.” Exit text: “Safe journey.”

Geofences in the Staff Guardian app.

Geo-fencing Geo-fences are location markers on your map that can understand when a user is within the geofence boundary. Placing geo-fences around the locations that matter to you is easy using post codes, addresses or latitude and longitude coordinates. You can start to find out how long staff spend inside the geo fences you create. Geo-fences are also great for placing at the start and end of journeys. In reports, users can be seen entering and leaving geo fences at precise times. Managers create locations inside the ‘locations’ tab on the Staff Guardian app and they can be created anywhere.

Logging Every interaction with Staff Guardian is recorded for your use. In reports you can access detailed logs of your staff’s check ins, SOS requests, incoming and outgoing texts.



SG Data centre

The tools to make use of accurate route data to more effectively performance manage remote staff.

8.4 mph

Routes Staff Guardian shows you where, at what time and at what speed your staff members travel. Combined, you receive reliable route reports detailing mileage travelled.

62.1 mph

Mileage Expenses

38.7 mph

Staff Guardian automates mileage expense reports. Now you can see exactly what you’re paying for. Not only that, staff can work in the confidence knowing that their expense claims are supported by the data they generate.


Summary Arrived


Av Speed

SG Head Office 9.10 am

SG Data centre 9.49 am



45.6 mph

A powerful tool delivering instant data in a presentable report. Over time, Staff Guardian builds a catalogue of activity allowing for comparisons and data analysis over current and historic data.

Status Has been at SG Data centre for 43 minutes

22.5 mph

Management Location data makes managing multiple staff in multiple locations much simpler. Assessing route choice and travel speeds can help you make operational decisions to improve efficiency and save cost.


17.6 mph

SG Head Office


Management tools

Staff Guardian assimilates all of your data into useful reports and allows you to choose how it is presented. You can choose data reports by day, week, month or year and by user or user group in a visual or database form. Report formats are flexible and allow you to view locations visited with timings, roads driven, miles driven and average speed. Comparing users and historic data is simple. Exporting data is also easy. Staff Guardian prepares route and mileage reports in PDF and Excel / Numbers format.

Strength in Numbers Staff Guardian grows stronger the more people use it. The larger data set you have to analyse, the smarter your business performance analysis becomes. Think of it this way: If cars on the M25 drove by only occasionally, it would be tough to distinguish the ones speeding from the ones travelling within the limit. But on a crowded motorway it’s easy to spot the reckless driver. Likewise, the more Staff Guardian users you have, the easier it is to identify both poor and star performers.

Demo Route Report

Staff Member Name: Kevin Parkman Demo Route Report TKIT Route Report Report Date: 19/06/2012

Staff Member Name: Kevin Parkman Report Period: 19 June Report Date: 19/06/2012 Device Number: 000020 Report Period: 19 June Device Number: 000020 Start


Average Speed

Left Kevin's HouseStart


Arrived at CFS Solutions End


16.56 Mileage

29.53 mph Average Speed

LeftKevin's CFS Left Solutions House

09:10 07:21

Arrived at TKIT CFS Solutions

13:07 07:55

47.74 16.56

12.07 29.53 mph

Left TKIT CFS Solutions

13:41 09:10

Arrived at TKIT CFS Solutions

13:42 13:07

0.03 47.74

2.51 mph 12.07 mph

Left TKIT CFS Solutions

13:42 13:41

Arrived at TKIT CFS Solutions

14:48 13:42

8.69 0.03

7.89 mph 2.51

Left CFS Solutions


Arrived at CFS Solutions


Staff Member


Total Number of Miles: 73.02 72.99 8.69 7.89 mph Total Number of Miles: 73.02

Signed: Staff Member Kevin Parkman Name: Signed: Date: Kevin Parkman Name: Line Manager Date: Signed: Line Manager Name: Signed: Date: Name: Date:


Staff Guardian plays nicely Integrating your existing technology with Staff Guardian’s solution.

Bespoke client development Staff Guardian’s Application Programming Interface (API) supports easy integration of existing technologies with Staff Guardian’s valuable functionality. The integration and development possibilities are extensive and we are working with clients on a number of bespoke development projects. If you have an idea, please contact our development team.

Supplier partnerships At Staff Guardian we are always striving to achieve the best possible solution what ever platform it lives on. We partner with supplier companies and solution providers to continually innovate and deliver the best possible solution for the end customer. If you would like to become a Staff Guardian supplier partner please contact us.




From 41p per user per day.

We are proud of the fact our solution creates real value to businesses at a competive price. Staff Guardian is an innovative and market leading product that can improve efficiency and deliver significant cost savings. For most businesses we beleive Staff Guardian can be self financing.

Our pricing model provides flexibility and simplicity with 100% of functionality and service included as standard. This includes: • 12 month guarantee on SG GPS device • Online and telephone support desk • Security and encryption across all data transfers

Number of user devices.

Contract length (months).

One off advance payment: nil



0 - 25

12 18 24










25 - 99

12 18 24










12 18 24










• Multi network roaming SIM enabled • Standard software license and updates

Price per user device per month.

• Designated account manager • Unlimited manager and report viewer accounts

99 + Pricing is subject to VAT.


Test drive today See how Staff Guardian can work for your business. With direct support from our client account managers, roll out devices anywhere in the UK. 0800 862 0319 Staff Guardian is a registered trademark.

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