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i. introduction ii. experts iii. services iv. charter v. clients

i. introduction

Meeting our customers’ needs Bobby Gracey, Chief Executive

The world is changing, but our values are not. Since 1970 IFIC has been responding to our customers’ needs and in doing so we have built a robust business which is now a leading player in the International forensic investigation sector. Whether you are an insurer, loss adjuster, lawyer, P & I Club or a corporate multinational, you can be assured that IFIC has created a professional response to match your specific requirements. Whilst IFIC is an International forensic company we remain very proud of our origins in Scotland which ensures we continue to think globally whilst acting locally. This approach ensures that we always listen to our customers’ requirements which is at the cornerstone of our ability to innovate.

Dr J F Lygate, Principal Fire Investigator My interest in fire investigation was prompted by lectures in to fires aboard ships given by Dr Frank Rushbrook our Founder when I was a master's student at the University of Edinburgh's Department of Fire safety Engineering. As top student I was invited to continue my studies and I was sponsored by Conico the operators of the Murchison platform in the North Sea. Despite coming from a family of Chartered Surveyors (now in its fourth generation) I went to work for one of the UK's foremost marine consultants. I was responsible for reviewing the fires aboard HM Ships during the Falkland's Campaign. In 1991 after a spell in the family surveying business Dr Rushbrook invited me to join him and I jumped


we can because we care.

We are proud to have created the first ever forensic customer service charter and we are confident that IFIC is now leading this particular debate at an industry level on behalf of all of our customers. Our website and brochure highlights some of our key personnel who are at the heart of IFICs tremendous success. We believe that our people are our most significant business assets and we continue to invest in them, their ongoing development, succession planning and creating the forensic stars of the future, via our graduate program.

at the chance of being mentored by one of the world's lead marine fire investigators. We quickly found despite the difference in age that there was a synergy between the experienced fire fighter and fire scientist which was stronger than the sum of the parts. That synergy is a model which IFIC continues to employ today. In the last 20 years clients have appointed me in the knowledge that as an expert my first duty is to the court in which I might eventually appear. That sense of accountability informs the investigation process and no ends are left "loose".

IFIC will never lose sight that we remain a traditionally owned family business who understand the needs of customers and respects the value of “team and partnership”. As we like to say, “Meeting our customers` needs... We can because we care” In this ever changing world, with the challenges that we all face, there will always be one constant in forensics, IFIC and our commitment to providing a professional product and market leading customer service in everything we do. We look forward to working with you in the future and as CEO of the business I would like to personally thank you all for your fantastic support of IFIC Forensics now and in the future.

the wider fire safety environment in which those fires have occurred. This holistic view has served my clients well as most fires are not the simply the result of an ignition source meeting fuel but the unhappy coincidence of many factors. There is an old adage that the three most common causes of fire are men, women and children to which might be added "and most of them smoke!" Whether deliberately or inadvertently I have found over the years it to prove true.

As a Chartered Fire Engineer and Chartered Surveyor I am uniquely placed to take a holistic view of not only the origin and cause of fires but


i. introduction

Similarly, customer service and cost control are areas that I am very passionate about. It is so critical in the current market that service delivery is completely aligned to our professional and commercial standards.

ii. experts

Our Experts Our team are at the heart of IFIC’s expertise and operation. We are fortunate to work with industry leading experts as well as the next generation of forensic trainees developing skills for a sustainable future in investigation. We give you first choice from our collection of investigators and subject specialists to work on your investigation. The breadth of our skills matrix means we can deliver experts able to cope with any kind of forensic need. Management Team

Subject Specialists

Bobby Gracey, CEO Dr James Lygate, Principal Fire Investigator Lesley Whitefield, Director Richard Turner, Global Sales Director Alastair Russell – Finance (R & R) Bill Speirs – Legal (BTO)

Dr Frank Rushbrook – Marine Stephen Brooker – Nuclear, Offshore Oil & Gas Iain Smith – Electrical Marc Dekenah- Electrical Dr Fred Ashmore – Offshore, Oil & Gas, Petrochem Dr Alex Galloway – Metallurgist Dr Guillermo Rein - CFD Dr Ricky Carvel – Fire Testing Professor Brian Gray – Self heating Bob Gustar – Battery Specialist Professor Claire Grey – Battery Specialist Prof Jose Torero - fire safety engineering

Investigators Dr Jim Lygate – Principal Investigator Douglas Grant - Senior Investigator Deon Webber – Senior Investigator David Townsend – Senior Investigator Ian Thomson – Senior Investigator John Gow – Senior Investigator Maurice Dallaghan – Senior Investigator Jon Stewart - Investigator Eva McKiernan - Investigator Barry Wheater - Investigator Kiera Biggins – Graduate Investigator

Laboratories University of Edinburgh – Cone calorimeter BRE – Large scale burn hole/Fire reconstruction FPA – Fire testing Glasgow Scientifics – GCMS Accelerant SPSA Forensic Lab – GCMS DNA Marks

Central Support Services Team Lorraine Moir - Finance Judy Lott - Admin

Alison Mannis - Finance Barry Clark - IT

Carole Campbell - Admin Cammie Loggie – IT

Across the UK & Ireland IFIC are uniquely placed to serve both the UK and Irish markets with forensic services with our team of experts located around the region. With investigators placed all over the UK and Ireland we are able to reach any instruction given within 8 hours.

GLASGOW Rushbrook House 220 Ayr Road Glasgow, G77 6DR Tel: +44 (0)141 639 6611 Fax: +44 (0)870 134 0539

BELFAST 54 Elmwood Avenue Belfast BT9 6AZ Tel: +44 (0)28 9068 6754 Fax: +44 (0)870 134 0539

MANCHESTER 111 Piccadilly Ducie Street Manchester, M1 2HY Tel: +44 (0)161 408 3303 Fax: +44 (0)870 134 0539

DUBLIN Citywest Business Centre 3013 Lake Drive Dublin 24, Ireland Tel: +353 (0)1 466 3333 Fax: +44 (0)870 134 0539


ii. experts

Blackwell House Guildhall Yard London, EC2V 5AE Tel: +44 (0)20 8816 8744 Fax: +44 (0)870 134 0539

iii. services

Products & Services Fire & Explosion Investigations IFIC Forensics provides a UK wide expert capability in cause and origin investigations associated with fire and explosion. This sector represents the largest proportion of our work and we are ideally placed to respond to all types of fire and explosion investigations including complex losses that require other associated disciplines to be covered. Our proactive approach ensures a consistent and high quality service delivery which focuses on 4 key areas:• • • •

Collation and protection of the evidence/facts. Careful and detailed analysis of the evidence/facts. Determine conclusions on cause & origin. Provision of expert & reliable testimony.

Marine We are able to provide a global response to the investigation of Marine claims which covers the following specialist areas:• Fire & other peril damage to hull claims. • Technical support on causation. • Technical support for the management and handling of hazardous cargoes.

• Forensic sample analysis. • Advice on cargo damage/ contamination. • Expert testimony.

Legal – Expert Court Witness Working in collaboration with insurer’s appointed solicitors on high value, complex and /or contentious cases providing support in the following key areas:• • • • •

Undertaking detailed and extensive forensic investigations. Provision of privileged and specialist reports to the Insurer’s appointed solicitors. Attendance at case review meetings and conference calls. Contributing to strategic approach with the case. Trial attendance as directed.

Escape of Water & Chemical Spills Leaks from pipe work, tanks and other containers can result in the escape of water (mains & foul water) and chemicals with associated contamination with the added potential for gas explosions. These incidents can arise from a range of causes including the following:• • • • • 6

Poor design. Poor workmanship. Manufacturing faults. Impact/mechanical damage. Temperature variation including the effects of frost.

• Pressure variation. • Gradual deterioration including corrosion.

Engineering Our expertise across the engineering sector extends to include the following:• • • • • • • •

Mechanical breakdown. Machinery inspection & analysis. Electrical failure. Product liability. Structural failure. Process analysis. Motor vehicle accident reconstruction. Material testing.

Environmental Our environmental capability is designed to minimise the impact of spills and contamination as well as support compliance with all environmental regulations and legislation. We are experienced in the following types of environmental incidents:• • • • • •

Post-fire. Post-flood. Asbestos. Oil spills. Chemical spills. Land contamination.


Personal Lines

Fire and Explosion Personal Injury Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Chemical Engineering Gas Engineering Metallurgy Marine Engineering Marine Cargo Contamination Assessments Transport Collisions Ports and Terminals Aquaculture Petrochemical Pharmaceutical Escape of Water



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iii. services

IFIC Capability Matrix

iv. charter

Customer Charter Our mission

• To be regarded as the premier forensic supplier of choice. • A commitment to deliver technical quality and excellent customer service in accordance with our customer service charter.

• Constantly strengthen our range of forensic services and systems to improve customer satisfaction and meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Our charter promises All staff at IFIC are fully committed to delivering service excellence and operating in accordance our recently launched customer service charter detailed below:




Charter objective

Telephony. Answer new instructions.

Within 30 seconds


Forensic investigator appointed following new instruction

Within 30 minutes


New instruction added to IFIC case database

Within 30 minutes


Be on site following receipt of new instruction

Within 8 working hours


Verbal report

Contact instructing person on day of site visit


Produce immediate advice report following site inspection (on screen)

Within 8 working hours


Produce forensic screen report

5 working days from site visit


Produce full forensic report from date of site inspection

Within 15 working days of site visit


Return of phone calls

Within 2 working hours


Respond to correspondence

Within 3 working days


Case updates issued

Every 20 working days


Exact root cause analysis

In every full investigation report


Complaint resolution

Within 12 hours


Quality Assurance Why our clients chose IFIC

• We establish a definitive view on causation. • We fast track genuine claims. • We gather appropriate levels of evidence to support repudiations . • We undertake rigorous fraud & arson checks. • Appropriate escalation & involvement of independent specialists. • We provide effective cost control. • We provide full regulatory compliance & high levels of corporate governance. • Provision of meaningful management information. • Successful track record (empirical evidence & testimonials). • We provide added value (accompanied site visits, training, white papers, thought leadership).

Quality • Methodical, Scientific process. • ISO 9001, 17020. • Peer review & escalation.

Competence • Qualifications and Expertise. • Licensing. • CPD.


• • • • • •

Customer service charter. Relationship management. Access to the CEO. Pro-active case management. Plain English, easy to understand reports. Easy to do business culture.

Cost • • • • •

Accurate recording. Transparency of billing. Certainty of pricing. Monthly reporting. Client control of pricing options.

What The Judges Say The opinion of Lord Brodie in the Outer House Court of Session "It appeared to me that all those who had investigated the fire and who gave evidence, Mr Smith, Mr Grant, Station Officer Hannigan and Dr Lygate, were qualified by reason of relevant study and experience and an informed investigation of the scene to provide an opinion as to the area of origin of the fire and its source of ignition, and therefore might be described as expert witnesses. Dr Lygate is more the scientist or engineer. He is academically and professionally well qualified. He was a particularly careful witness. He was precise in the way he answered questions. He provided detailed reasons for his opinions under reference to the findings of the fire investigation." United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia Atlanta Division found that:

William S Duffey, JR. United States District Judge.


iv. charter

'Plaintiffs failed substantially to meet their burden of proof in this case. Accordingly, and based on the court's Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law that judgement was entered in favour of IFIC’s client the defendant, Oilmar Co Ltd. It was further ordered that the attached freights, paid into the court's registry in the amount of $580,000.00, together with the interest that has accrued, be released to Oilmar.'

v. clients

Delivering Real Client Value

IFIC is committed to delivering a class leading professional forensic service to all our clients. Our intention is to work closely with you to formulate a solution which supports your value and philosophies. We will always act responsibly, with honesty and integrity. Our aim is to deliver client services and performance levels which demonstrate consistently the following key attributes.

Meaningful Relationship Management At IFIC we recognise the critical importance of proactive relationship management. We adopt professional and innovative key account management disciplines to ensure the services we provide meet and routinely exceed client expectations. We always seek to provide :• Client tailored products - we listen first, then provide you with exactly what you need. • Strict cost control - claims and portfolios managed to agreed budgets. • Common simple language - use of simple English and client tailored reporting formats. • Easy to do business with - responding to the business challenges our clients face in a proactive and innovative way that sets us apart from the competition. Relationship management and business development is led by Richard Turner who has a successful 25 year track record in the insurance / claims industry. Richard would welcome direct contact to discuss your requirements.


Richard Turner ACII, ACILA

Global Sales Director +44 (0) 141 639 6611 +44 (0) 7714038651 e Rushbrook House, 220 Ayr Road Glasgow, G77 6DR

Reliable • • • • • • • •

Full executive sponsorship and support. Highly trained and qualified staff. Detailed investigation process and scientific investigation process. Professional peer review. Pre-planned business continuity and surge response. Full national and international coverage. Predetermined service level agreement. Forensic investigation and attention to detail is at the heart of everything we do.


Flexible • • • • • •

Forensic investigators capable of handling various claim type scenarios. Bespoke business model for your needs. Management information on demand. A learning organisation and culture, sensitive to bespoke service delivery. A complaints process driven by delivery of client satisfaction. Strategic business to business partnership to facilitate open debate of developments.

Proactive • • • •

IFIC aimed at identifying recovery and repudiation opportunities. Forensic claims management platform designed to ensure pro-active case handling. Regular liaison on changing market trends. IFIC are leaders in forensic compliance and quality control.

• A focus on immediate root cause & origin analysis. • A focus on genuine events to ensure they are paid promptly but high risk cases are immediately escalated. • Financial return on investment for our customers, increased recovery, repudiation, fraud detection. • Competitive pricing strategy. • Willingness to share best practice. • Investigation strategy for each instruction. • Clear service, products and process. • Use of technology to create process efficiencies/cost savings. 11

v. clients

Cost Effective







Blackwell House Guildhall Yard London, EC2V 5AE Tel: +44 (0)20 8816 8744 Fax: +44 (0)870 134 0539

111 Piccadilly Ducie Street Manchester, M1 2HY Tel: +44 (0)161 408 3303 Fax: +44 (0)870 134 0539

Rushbrook House 220 Ayr Road Glasgow, G77 6DR Tel: +44 (0)141 639 6611 Fax: +44 (0)870 134 0539

54 Elmwood Avenue Belfast BT9 6AZ Tel: +44 (0)28 9068 6754 Fax: +44 (0)870 134 0539

Citywest Business Centre 3013 Lake Drive Dublin 24, Ireland Tel: +353 (0)1 466 3333 Fax: +44 (0)870 134 0539

Company No

SC 289 747


865 9210 02

Meeting our customers’ needs we can because we care.

@ificforensics 0800 862 0511 UK 1800 816 056 Ireland

IFIC Brochure  

IFIC Brochure

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