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==== ==== Check Out Shed Plans Now! ==== ==== Build a Garden Shed with Plans Why do you need garden shed plans? You have a beautiful garden, after all. Your flowers are blooming, and your vegetables are growing. So whats the problem? The problem is all of the garden tools that are laying against the house; exposed for all to see. You cant put them in the garage because it would displace your car. Instead they end up lumped together in your backyard. Wouldnt it be better to store your garden tools in a shed? Naturally, you want your shed to match the garden that you have worked so hard to perfect. Each of us has a style of our own, and the garden shed should match yours. You can try a store bought unit, and it will probably work just fine. The price may be higher, though. An economical, and downright fun, way to solve your garden storage needs is to build your own garden shed from plans. You will be surprised at how easy it is to find the perfect plans for your situation. Before you go on your quest to find the perfect garden shed plans, get a good idea about how much space you will need. If you have a smaller yard, for instance, a lean-to shed may be a great option. This type of shed can be built up against a fence or home to maximize your storage space and your yard space. Lean-to sheds are also easy to tuck away against a little visited side of the house. Whatever the case, you can find plans for a garden shed that will perfect for your individual space. If you have a larger back yard, then the sky can be the limit. There are all sorts of things you can do with a shed. Maybe you want a shed that can house everything from your riding lawnmower to your garden glove. Or perhaps, you want to have a 2-level shed. This is absolutely possible if you have the space. Think about it. You can have a spot to wheel in that nice lawnmower. Your tools can be hanging neatly on the wall. The second level can house the stuff that does not need to be used all of the time. Essentially, it will be your own playhouse. It is exciting just thinking about it. After picked out your garden shed design plans, you need to think about the type of foundation that you will need. If the space where you want to build is on hard, solid soil that is even, you may be able to forego a foundation. If that is not the case, you could think about using concrete as a foundation. A concrete slab is a good choice because it will give the shed a very solid base. You can also think about using treated wood posts for your foundation. Whatever you decide, always remember to check with your local building codes. Municipalities will often setup regulations based on the type of foundation, the square footage, or other criteria. You dont want to have to tear down the wonderful shed you have built, so be sure to play by the rules. Above all, have fun with this project!

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Check Out Shed Plans Now! ==== ====

Build a Garden Shed with Plans  
Build a Garden Shed with Plans  

What you need to know to build sheds with plans.