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Times are a Changing… Greetings, fraters! I have the pleasure of writing you during a great period of change and growth in our chapter and at our school. The year started off on a high note, with eight of our fraters attending Conclave in New Orleans. Once again, our outstanding chapter was honored in receiving the Top TKE Award. Our extreme efforts last year in scholarship, recruitment, and service paid off. Our goal this year is to continue down that path of excellence, ensuring our chapter’s growth in greatness, despite any setbacks. This semester, we decided to break our normal tradition of having a fall party to open the year and decided instead to host an on campus event: TKE Laser Tag! The event was a huge success, very well received by the students and administration. It was a huge boost for our public image and morale, so much so, that TKE Laser Tag is now being talked about as a potential annual event. Radical change is also happening within the Greek Community. The Spring Hill Community, Greek Office, and IFC decided last spring to move forward and establish a third fraternity for spring 2010. This semester, I and several other Greek representatives were selected to be on the fraternity expansion committee. After several meetings of reviewing pamphlets and binders from a dozen different fraternities, the committee narrowed their decision down to three: ΦKΨ, ΔX, and ΦKT. After viewing presentations from their expansion officers, the committee selected ΔX as the newest fraternity to be apart of Spring Hill’s Greek community. They will begin recruitment and colonization in the spring. But perhaps the biggest change facing the Spring Hill community is the newly inaugurated President of Spring Hill, Fr. Richard Salmi. Through his daily interactions on campus to the “town hall” meetings he initiated with the students, Fr. Salmi has made it apparent that student concerns are one of his priorities. He wants us to have a bigger voice and be able to more directly impact our college experience. With Greeks, he has expressed desires to hire a male Greek advisor, specifically for the fraternities. We anxiously await the positive changes he will bring to our college. Again, this semester and this year, offer a host of great changes. And I am positive this chapter will succeed in facing them with our usual spirit of energy and drive. We are continuing to move forward with our endeavors in building the world’s greatest chapter of the world’s greatest fraternity.

STATE of the CHAPTER by Frater Ryan Nocito, YA 156 Prytanis

April 16-18th It’s time to come back and see what you have left behind.





Catch up with old fraters you haven’t seen in who knows when. Check out what’s going on with Upsilon Alpha and see what it’s currently like to be a frater at Spring Hill College. 2010 Grand Reunion is a weekend filled event with a number of opportunities to reminisce and reconnect. Questions? Call the Histor at (251) 648-6311 or e-mail



Actives vs Alumni Dorn Field 12:00 pm



Phoenix Fall 2009  
Phoenix Fall 2009  

TKE-YA Phoenix Fall 2009