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December 2013


Simply Universal Global Tech LED is an LED lighting design and manufacturing company based out of Naples, FL. Our success is attributed to quality products, sound business practices, and loyalty to our national and international rep firms and distributers. Our company strives to always uphold our motto “Simply Universal�. Our Solstice LED modules are perfect for LED retrofit kits and for new fixtures for commercial and industrial lighting applications. Of the 500,000,000 HID bulbs in the USA alone, Solstice modules 5498 and M21, can replace every one of them, while producing the highest quality light in any fixture.

With the introduction of Life Sync smart technology, our modules are now intelligent. Monitoring their environment, Solstice modules run at optimum settings without damaging themselves, thus extending their life expectancies. Life Sync also takes care of lumen depreciation issues by slowly ramping lumen output to supplement any losses resulting from natural degradation.



Solstice modules have the benefit of being completely scalable by allowing multiple modules to be installed in one fixture, if necessary. Both retrofit fixtures and brand new Solstice LED units are ordered and built for the requirements of each application. Advanced optic lenses in our Solstice modules provide the ability to customize light output to the modules’ surrounding environment. These specialized lenses can send light directly where it is needed, reducing dark spots, wasted lumens, and unwanted light pollution. Boasting such features as universal compatibility, Life Sync smart technology, complete scalability, and advanced optics, our Solstice LED modules are Simply Universal!

Roadway Lighting Street The Global Tech LED Cobra Luminaire, with an IP65 rating and a life expectancy of 100,000+ hours, offers more than 15 years of reliable service. These efficient LED Cobras yield up to a 70% reduction in system energy requirements when compared to standard HID systems. These features significantly reduce maintenance frequency and expense. U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) research studies show that simply shifting the color of lamps from the warmer yellow end of the color spectrum to the cooler blue end of the color spectrum, allows people to see things more clearly and spaces to appear brighter. By changing the spectrum to mimic daylight, lighting levels can be reduced to save energy while still achieving the same visual acuity. Conventional roadway practices use lamps with a Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) of 2,700K. Our spectrally enhanced LED Cobra Luminaire nearly doubles that with a CCT of 5,000K. The higher CCT of our fixtures causes the aforementioned shift in the color spectrum, translating to improved visual acuity and nighttime visibility.

High Mast

Global Tech LED is the first to develop high mast retrofit lighting systems, and is now pioneering type 2 and 3 high mast systems as well. These new and innovative modular LED systems provide up to 25 years of operating life and up to 70% energy savings when compared to traditional high mast products. With customizable optics, Global Tech LED offers customer choices on light levels and distribution. Trusted by the United States Department of Transportation and various ports around the world, Global Tech LED now invites you to secure your LED investment with the worlds’ only LED high mast retrofit kit as well.

Post Top Lights with screw top finials are common in decorative lighting. Our Solstice LED modules can easily be mounted to decorative street lights using our unique finial or Y bracket attachments. The option to mount our modules directly to prismatic glass refractors is also available, allowing the existing fixture to use the light distribution pattern already in place.

Warehouse and Factory

Global Tech LED’s retrofits for high bay fixtures were designed specifically to replace conventional HID bulbs in a wide variety of industrial applications. The introduction of type 2 and type 3 optics to our Solstice modules allows for control over distribution of light down aisles and walkways. By optimizing light distribution to the application, the Solstice modules deliver more lumens where you need them and less where you don’t.


Customer safety and reduction of glare are paramount when designing lighting systems. The side emitting optics for Solstice modules produce even distribution, thus eliminating dark spots. Using optics, rather than traditional luminaire design with reflectors, eliminates glare and sky glow, and also reduces backlight.


Beyond immediate energy savings, the Solstice unit, when used in a garage, brings safety and peace of mind. Uneven light distribution and shadows are eliminated by taking advantage of our modules optic lenses and higher color spectrum.

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