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If you are suffering from burning eyes, a runny nose, a dull headache or all of the above due to pollen related hay fever, a high efficiency particle arresting air purifier should be in your future. A high efficiency particle arresting or HEPA air purifier can relieve your hay fever symptoms by removing the pollen and other hay fever triggers from your indoor air. Here are 4 features to choose when selecting a HEPA air purifier to help with you manage your hay fever forever.

Select an air purifier that can remove pollutants at least as small as .3 microns in size. This will insure that your air purifier is effective in removing the pollen as well as dust, dust mites and other pollutants that can also contribute to triggering hay fever symptoms. Choose an air purifier that is designed to run quietly and economically 24 hours a day. Letting the air purifier work 24 hours means that pollen and other pollutants will be constantly removed from your air creating a safe haven that you can count on to be free of pollutants that trigger your hay fever. Opt for a low maintenance air purifier. Before investing in an air purifier, find out how often the filter needs to be changed and what the filter changing procedure is. Compare your lifestyle with the time involved to change the filter, and make sure the two are a good match before finalizing your decision. Look for a manufacturer with a terrific track record. A purifier that has a long-term guarantee from the manufacturer, and possibly a filter guarantee as well indicates a well constructed purifier that is built to last and will give you years of relief from pollen and other pollutants that trigger your hay fever.

Having a HEPA air purifier create a space that you can count on to be free of the airborne pollutants that trigger your hay fever will lower your anxiety, improve how you feel, and increase your quality of life.

An excellent resource for a HEPA air purifier to remove hay fever pollen from the air in your home or office is offered by the Hay Fever Purifier at

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==== ==== For Great Information on Nutritions for Diabetes Patients, ==== ====

How to purify your hay fever  

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